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The Extreme Career-Year One Week Twenty Seven(Til' I Forget About You) Part One

The Week has Been Hectic so far. After i got back to Chicago Last Thursday Night, Me and Kaner spent the weekend together since all the Pre-Season Games remaining were in Chicago. Then Monday Morning, i had to drive up 3 hours to Green-Bay, WI For RAW, where i got to enjoy kicking Michelle McCool's Ass and Seeing Heather and Nickie team up to beat Kathryn And Pratically, Her "Idol" Layla, And Kristen beat Maryse, good night. Also, Kristen's getting pretty stressed out, since her and Punk's Wedding is like, less then a month away, Nickie and John had to Post-pone their wedding until further notice because of Issues with WWE and Heather's trying to find a guy, but it's not working out just yet.Then,while everyone else did houseshows, i got to go back home to Chicago and Spend Tuesday And Wednesday With Kaner again, Then Thursday, The time finally came and it was time for the puck to FINALLY Drop for the first time in Months and it was time for The Season Opener for the Blackhawks against the Colorado Avalanche, Down in Colorado, so he left pretty early to get their in time. They ended up losing, but oh well, they'll get the Red Wings Saturday Night in the Home Opener. Now, It's Friday, 5am, And I'm lying in bed, trying to fall back asleep, but it's not really working out. Then, i heard a noise, and i sat up, Suspicious. Then, i heard a different noise, and a lightbulb in my head went off. I Jumped out of Bed and i ran Downstairs and i saw Kaner coming through the front door. I Smiled, then i ran up to him and jumped onto him and hugged him. It certainly shocked him, but he just put his arms around me and hugged me as well.

"Please tell me i didn't wake you up?" He asked.

"Nah, don't worry, you didn't," I Said. "I Had trouble falling to sleep,so yeah."

"Okay Good, I Would've felt sad if i woke you up from your sleep," He said. "Your Beautiful When Your sleeping,"

I Just smiled, then, we kissed, And while we were doing it, He actually picked me up and took me back upstairs, Still Kissing Me. Then, he put me down as we got back in bed, started cuddling, and eventually, we both fell asleep, in eachothers arms, couldn't get any better <3

*About...4 Hours Later*

After sleeping with Kaner for a couple hours, i woke up. I Didn't wanna move though, 'cause i didn't know if he was awake or not...

"You Awake?" I Asked in a soft voice.

"Kinda," He said. "Still kind of tired, but can't get back to sleep."

"Oh, Same," I Said.

Then, He flipped over so he was on top of me, stared at me for a moment, then kissed me.

"I Love Days Like This when i get to wake up next to my girl," He said, smiling. I Smiled back.

"And I Love it when i don't have to be away with WWE and i get to be back home with my Boyfriend," I Said, right before Kissing him again.

He smiled, again, and then, he slowly leaned to kiss me again, romantically, then, i could feel him trying to take my shirt off, and considering we haven't done it in a while, i let him do it, Until i opened up my eyes real quick and saw the Alarm clock besides the bed and saw what time it was. Then, i pushed him off of me. And jumped right out of bed

"Whoa, Is Something wrong!? Too Earlier?" He asked.

"Oh What? No, Trust, you have no idea how much i wanted to do it too," I Said. "But's 9!"

"Your point being?" Kaner asked.

"Sarah's Plane is like, Landing Soon, So I Gotta Get My Ass Dressed and out the door to pick her up," I Said. "I'm taking your Chevy"

"Wait Sarah? Why the hell is she coming into town? And You can't take my chevy, I Got practice in an hour!" He said.

"I'm Taking her to the Game," I Said, trying to get on some Skinny Jeans, which was actually pretty hard. "And I'll be back in An Hour, And if i'm not, we only live like, not so far away from the UC, you can just walk or hitchhike or...whatever!"

"You are?" He said. "And I'm not Hitchhiking, or walking, so you better pick her up and get your asses back here," He said, sticking his tongue out. I Just rolled my eyes, and stuck my tongue back out at him, still trying to get my skinny jeans on.

"You know, maybe those are too skinny," He said.

"YA THINK?" I Said sarcastically. "Theirs a reason i've never worn them before."

"Well why are you wearing them now then?" He asked.

"I forgot to wash my clothes yesturday, so this is all i have," I Said, finally getting them on, but they were tight as hell, but oh well. Then, i grabbed a hoodie, some sneakers and put on some Perfume, and i started heading downstairs.
"LOVE YOU!" I Yelled at him while i was sliding down the railings.

"Love Yah Too Babe," He yelled back.

I Ran over to the Table and grabbed the Keys to his Chevy and ran toward the door, but i fell down, right on my face. I Forgot Kaner never moved his bags upstairs last night, so they were still in like, the doorway. Then, i could  hear Kaner's footsteps coming down...

"Yeah..I Should have probably picked that up, shouldn't have i?" He said.

"YA THINK!?" I Said, still on the floor.

After i finally got up, i headed out, down the elevator, and into the Garage thingy for the building and got into the Chevy and i was off, going pretty fast, i was already late, didn't wanna be any more late. Finally, about 20 minutes later, i got to the Airport and found Sarah who had a couple bags with her, And she didn't look to happy since i was late.

"Took You Long Enough!" She Shouted at me while i was getting out of the car.

"Well Sorry, Really, But something kinda came up back at home..." I Said, helping her get some of her bags in the back.

"Excuses Excuses..." She said, shaking her head, then sticking her tongue out as she hopped into the Passenger seat, i just rolled my eyes as i got back in the Car and started heading back.

"So, where do you live?" She asked, looking out the window.

"Uh, I Don't really know how to describe it," I Said. "But it's pretty fucking sweet,"

"We'll see about that when we get their..." She said, winking. I Just smiled, and turned on B96, This Radio Station was just Epic. It always plays all the cool songs that if i wasn't driving, i would totally start dancing to it. 

A Couple minutes later, after whipping are hair back and forth, throwing are hands up in the air saying AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOTTA LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET GOOOOOOOOOO and Singing a long to Chelsea Dagger, which surprisingly played, we got back to the Apartment place. I Took her up to mine and Kaner's place...

"Wow...I'm Impressed!" She said. "This Looks GREAT! And You got like, A Good View of Downtown Chicago!" She said.

"Oh, HELL YES We do!" I Said, smiling. "I Can even see that big Ferris Wheel From The Navy Pier," I said while walking over to go look.

"So, Were can i put my stuff," She asked, looking around.

"Hold On, I'll show your room you'll be staying in while your he-" I Began, but then, Kaner came downstairs with his Practice Jersey on, obviously heading down to Practice, but then He Saw Sarah. Sarah certainly didn't expect to see him, so she was shocked, and even though Kaner knew she would be here, he looked shocked to.

"Um..Hi, Kaner," She said. "Why are you here in Kat's Pla-" Then, she paused for a moment, then, her jaw dropped, and she started smirking.

"OOOH, I GET IT!" She said, winking.

"Oh, trust me, You don't," I Said.

"Oh Really, She doesn't?" Kaner said. "I Think she thinks that we're Dating, and like, doing it with eachother, and well, isn't that what we're doing? If it isn't, then i've just been having thee Best dreams i have ever had in my young life," He said. I Just laughed a little.

"I Gotta Head out, Sorry," I Said.

"Wait what?" Sarah said,confused.

"I gotta head out for a while, but i should be back soon," I Said, starting to head out.

"Well what the hell am i supposed to do?" She asked. I Thought for a moment, then came up with something.

"Go to Practice with Kaner!" I Said.

"What?" Sarah and Kaner both said at the same time.

"What? He's taken me with him to practice, the boys wouldn't mine, just go with him! I'm walking, so you can use the chevy," I Said. "Don't wanna do that, your on your own!" I Said walking out the door.

Then, Sarah Looked over at Kaner, who had a Twizzler sticking out of his mouth.

"What you looking at?" He asked, still with his Twizzler sticking out.

"You heard your Lover, your taking me to Practice with you," She said, getting up and throwing him the keys. "Hustle up Kaner!" She said, already heading out the door. Kaner finished up his Twizzler, then shortly followed her.

*New York City, NY. Heathers Apartment Building, Nickie's POV*

While Kristen, CM Punk and Kat Headed back to Chicago, Me and John Decided to head back to Heathers hometown of New York for the rest of the week. Heather and i have been good friends for a long time, and lately we haven't really had much time to talk, so this was PERFECT. John was currently at the Gym, so me and Heather went back to her Apartment to go talk...

"So, Why did you and John call off the Wedding for a while?" She asked me as she was getting me and her some Coolers Light.

"Well, since he's in a tough spot right now with everything going on with Wade Barrett and Nexus," I Said, pausing for a moment to roll my eyes. I Really hated those dumbasses. "Now's just not the right time for us to focus on something big like that."

"Oh, I Get it, Chica," Heather said, taking a sip of her Coolers Light. "Well, if i were you-"

"But you aren't me," I Said, taking a sip of my coolers light. She just rolled her eyes.

"Point is, I Know Wade, he wouldn't do a thing to John, you two have NOTHING to worry about!" She said.

"I Guess your right..." I Said. "But for now, the wedding on hold.

Then, we heard a knock at the door and Heather went up to get it, and it was Justin Gabriel

"Why the hell are you here?" Heather asked him.

"I Need to talk to you two, it's REALLY Important," He said.

"How'd you find out my address?" She asked him.

"Heather, we dated for a whole year, i know practically everything about you," Justin said, coming through and sitting on a chair across from the couch me and Heather were sitting on.

"Okay, well, What did you wanna talk about?" I Asked him, taking another sip of my coolers light.

"Well, you know how i've kinda been, well, crushing on Kat for a while?" He said.

"Oh Course we do," Me and Heather both said.

"Well, it's been a while and-"

"A WHILE!?" Heather said. "You've been crushing on that girl ever since the Draft when you two first met! It's been WAY More then a while!"

Justin looked a little pissed, but he just cocked his head and inhaled and exhaled, then continued.

"Well, i think i'm ready to take our relationship to t he next step," He said.

"What's the next step?" I Asked him.

"Well, i wanna ask her to be my girlfriend," He said.

Mine and Heather jaw's dropped. At first, We were SO Excited for him and Kat and we started smiling! But then, our smiles quickly turned upside down. We just remembered, Kat's already dating Kaner. And if Justin doesn't know that, when he does ask Kat, he's gonna get his Heartbroken, we really didn't know what to say...

"Well, what do you to think? Should i? Do you think she'll say yes?" He asked us. Honestly, we had NO Idea how to respond...

*Back to Chicago, Kristen and Punk's house, Back to Kat's POV*

With Kristen's wedding coming up and her being under stress to make everything perfect, i decided that being the good friend that i am, i would head over to her and Punk's place and maybe try to help her or something. I Knocked on her door...

"Doors Open!" She shouted. I Walked in and saw her on their couch writing down some stuff.

"Hey!" I Said, sitting down next to her. "Whatcha Doin? And where's Punk?"

"Just working on Wedding Invites, and he's doing his daily jog with the dogs," She said.

"AH I See," I Said. "Anything i can help with?" I Asked.

"ACTUALLY, yes, their is," She said.

"Sure! Whatcha need?" I Asked.

"Who are you bringing with you to the wedding?" She asked. I Froze.

"Well..." I Said, shrugging.

"It's simple. Are you bringing Kaner, the guy your supposedly Dating, Or Justin, the guy who's known you longer, and actually likes, you. So, who?"

I Glared at her for a moment with what she said, then i shook my head.

"Well...I Don't know. I'm dating Patrick, so it'd make sense to come with him..." I Said. Then, she glared back at me.

"Well then...Okay," She said, kinda rolling her eyes when she looked away.

"Okay, what's the problem?" I Asked.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"What the hell did you mean about me and Patrick "Supposedly Dating" And that thing about Justin?" I Asked.

"Oh That..." She said. "Don't Play Dumb Kat, i know you know EXACTLY What i'm talking about." She said. I Was a little confused.

"No...i really don't," I Said.

"Yes You Do," She said back. "You Know how i feel about you and Kaner,"

"Okay, i do know that. But still," I Said. "Ever since you found out we were dating, you've been acting like, different..."

"Well, honestly, i don't agree, at all, with your decision to date him," She said.

"Excuse me?!" I Said, kind of offended.

"Oh, COME ON Kat!" She said. Then, she put all her stuff down. "I Dare you to look me straight in the eye, and say you felt NOTHING whenever your with Justin," I Did look her straight in the eye, but i didn't say a thing.

"I Want you to look me Straight in the eye, and tell me you forgot everything about your and Justin's past and all he's done for you," She said. Again, i was silent.

"And I Want you to look me Straight in the eye, and tell me you don't even remember the day you two met," She said. Again, i didn't say a thing, because i did still remember the day we met, kinda like it was yesturday...


"So, Have you two Set a date for the wedding yet?" Kristen asked me as we were just getting out of the car for the arena.

"Not yet, it's only been two months. And besides, I'm focused on something more important, like where the hell I'm gonna be at after the draft" I Said, Starring down at my ring  and fixing my belt on my shoulder

Tonight was the Draft and word is, I'm wanted in the Smackdown Locker room, yet I'm still wanted here at RAW As Well. It's been 2 months since my match with Hunter at Wrestlemania. Since then... The Following has happened:I Got Engaged, Got a New Dog named Stanley (After the Stanley Cup LOL) , found a new, and bigger house, I had my first lost in WWE since my Career, Still kept my Championship, Had a Riveralry with Liviana and found out i had 2 cracked ribs, but kept competiting. And due to the fact Hunter did not like my name, he made me change it, and i am now "Kasey Angel".

 "Well chances on your gonna stay On RAW, so you got nothing to worry about," She said Grabbing a Pepsi from catering.

"True...But What if it happens? I'm Not Ready to leave yet!" I said a little too loud

"Shut up already!" She snapped. "Your Engaged with a great guy, Your STILL Woman's champion and your career is going great! You got nothing to complain about!"

I Just stood their in shock. She never snapped at me before! "Um..Okay. What the hell is up with you?" I Asked

"Kat!" Punk said, motioning for me to come over to him. I Just glared over at Kristen, then walked over 


"Kristen's been in a bad mood lately" He told me.

"She IS!?!?!?" I Said sarcastically. He just frowned.

"Look, She's just mad because we've been together longer then you and Gabe, and i haven't Purposed yet," He said.

"Well, He's an Idea, Her Birthday is coming up soon, for her birthday, by a ring, get on your knee, and purpose to her damnit!" I Shouted

"Kat. That is Thee WORST Idea i have EVER Heard!" He shouted back,sarcastically.

"Well, It was worth a shot!" I Replied.

"Look, I Have no rush to marry her, It'll happen. Just not now. Just beware of her" He Said Warning me

"Whatever," I Said rolling my eyes and starting to walk away.

Ever since Wrestlemania, things seem different. I'm not really the Under-Dog anymore, and it seems like I'm more Respectable and Likable. I Was walking around like usual,  just observing what was going on backstage. Nickie and John were warming up for their Tag Match tonight against some team from Smackdown. Cameron was hitting on girls Like always, Richie Steamboat--A Guy from Smackdown--Was just Relaxing, Dominik was going threw a bunch of Masks, Jacob Novak--Yet another Smackdown Superstar--  was starring at a mirror, fixing his hair, Kaval was in the gym, throwing Punches and Kicks at a punching bag. Then, i saw AJ Lee in the gym training. She was from Smackdown, and she was my Opponent for tonight. She looked a little intense while training, and i just smirked a little, then continued walking until i got to the Elevator. I Decided to go up and visit the Luxery Suite, or the box, whatever the hell you want to call it. The fans weren't allowed in yet, so I'd have time to relax on the couches, eat good food and drink good beverages, watch TV And watch the crew get the stuff put together for the show tonight in peace. But then i got up there, and noticed that someone already beat me up there-Justin Gabriel.

It looked like he was sleeping and trying to relax before the show,so, i decided to just go and relax in my Locker room, but before that, i wanted to grab a Monster Energy and a handful of popcorn, which was all the way across the room. So, i had to be SUPER Careful. I Tip-Toed my way over, trying not to make a single peep or anything. Finally, i made it over there. Grabbed my Monster and a Handful of popcorn, then started to walk out.

"Hey Kat," Justin said, sounding a little tired, and stretching out his arms from the couch he was laying on.

I Turned around and saw him, and was in shock "How did you-"

"For such a little girl, you make a lotta noise" He said, smiling.

"Haha, Very funny," I Said with my arms crossed and frowning. "But that still doesn't answer my question, How the hell did you know it was ME?''

"Oh, I Didn't know, i took a wild guess," He said, smiling.

I Was still frowning, then i just rolled my eyes

"So uh, why are you up here? Your usually downstairs with everyone else Meditating and Stretching..." I Said

"Well, we got like an Hour till the show starts, and I'm still pretty tired and i didn't get much sleep on the plane ride here" He said yawning. "So, i came up here to try to get some sleep real quick"

"Oh, well, did you get any?"

"Not much, but some. Anyways, I'm heading back downstairs, you can have this to yourself" He said leaving. 

I Watched him walk out, then, i laid down on the couch, and thought to myself.

"Daamn, He's smoking hot!" I Said to myself, smiling. Then, i fell asleep for a little Nap before the Draft started.


As i was remembering about the day we met, I Saw Kristen look at me, then wave her hand infront of my face.

"Heeello?" She said. I Snapped out of it.

"Okay, i get your point," I Said. "HOWEVER, i can still remember and say the same about Patrick," I Said.


After the tour bus got us to the Arena here in Buffalo, Me and Kristen had to head Straight to the Trainers office, she had to get her wrist checked out and i had to get my ribcase checked out to see if either of us would be able to Wrestle tonight.

"Well, Miss Brooks, Your making a fine recovery, but i would give it about, 3 more weeks until you head back into the ring," The Trainer said.

"Alright, so no wrestling for her," I Said. "AS FOR ME, no bruising anymore, i feel no more pain, I'm 100% so that means i can wrestle right? Yes? GOOD!" I Said, trying to get the hell out of their.

"HOLD IT!" The trainer shouted, as i stopped.  "Give it another Week, Miss Angel, Then you'll be good as new," He said. I Rolled my eyes. 

"Looks like i'm gonna end up cutting another stupid Promo..." I Said, heading over to go get a pack of ice for my ribs. I Was lying, they weren't 100% better, i just wanna fucking wrestle again.

"Grab me one too!" Kristen said, heading out. I Grabbed us both some, and i dragged myself out of their and back to the Locker room area. This night was basically pointless...

*Later that night, a little after RAW*

I Was bored, basically did nothing at all tonight. So now, i was just walking around Backstage, reading my Interview i did with WWE Magazine, while sucking on a Blue Jolly Rancher. But while i was doing this, i wasn't paying attention to where i was going, and i ended up bumping into someone.

"HEY! Watch where your go-" Then, i actually looked up and saw who i bumped into, i shut my mouth.

"Oh, My Bad..." Patrick Kane, #88 of My Favorite NHL Team, The Chicago Blackhawks said. I Was kinda In Awe.

"Oh..My..GOSH!!!" I Said. "Dude, Do you know who you are!?" I Said.

"Well, unless my parent's lied to me, i think I'm Patrick Kane, Aren't i?" He said, smiling. I Laughed. "And Your Kasey Angel, The Beautiful WWE Women's Champ," He said. I Kinda Blushed.

"Call me by my Real Name, Kat," I Said, smiling back.

"Kat?" He said. "Like a Kit-Kat Bar?" I Laughed.

"Yeah, Like a Kit-Kat bar," I Said.

"AH I Love those!" He said.

"Me too!" I Said back. "If you don't mind me asking, why are here?"

"Well, i don't know if you know, but i have like, 3 sisters, the only boy in my family along with my dad. Hockey was a family thing for us, But When i was a kid, me and my dad would watch WWF, it was kinda are thing. And Since RAW Came to Buffalo, i decided to get some tickets! Haven't been to a show in years," He said.

"AH, I See!" I Said.

"Now, if you don't mind me asking, how come you haven't been wrestling in a couple of weeks?" He asked me.

"Injured, Cracked a rib, they won't let me," I Said.

"Oh," He said. "Well that sucks,"

"yes, It really does suck!" I Said. Then, i remembered something.

"Hey, we're all going to this Carnival in a while, you wanna come with us?"

"I'd love to!" Kaner said, smiling. 

"Aight, You can just chill, i'll come find ya when we're about to leave," I Said.

"Alright then!" Kaner said, as he went over and sat down on a crate, and i went to go rally the whole gang up.


"WHOA WHOA WHOA," Kristen said, knocking me out of my flashback. "It's good you remember that and all, but remember what happened at the Carnival?"

"Yeah, Justin was rude and told Kaner to leave and Threatened him if he didn't," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"No No No," Kristen Said. "After That, On The Ferris Wheel,"

Then, i paused, and remembered what happened...

"Me and Justin Kissed...." I Said, Looking down.

"You know, Isn't it funny how everything you and Kaner have done can be traced back to you and Justin?" She said. I Didn't answer. I Could hear her sigh.

"You Know what Kid, You obviously need some time to think, so next week, tell me who your bringing to the Wedding, Kay?" She said. I Just nodded, i didn't really feel like saying anything. Then, i got up, and headed toward the door.

"OH!" Kristen said. "And Just so you know, i have room for one more person at the wedding. SO, if for some reason you choose to take Kaner..Your, "Boyfriend" and Not Justin, who's practically your Boyfriend when you not with your "Real Boyfriend", I Won't Hesitate to give that Extra Invite to Justin, And i personally think having your boyfriend and that guy who should be your boyfriend in the same place at the same time could turn out to be a huge mistake, so remember that while your choosing..." She said. I Turned around and glared at her, but she didn't care, she just went back to working on the invites. I Just shook my head, and went out the door and started walking back home...

To Be Continued....

-Authors Note-

I Was gonna say this last night, but i really needed to get the hell off my computer, so i needed to hurry up with my blog, so i skipped this. But i just wanted to let y'all know what was happening...

After this one, i'll work on Part Two, Then Part Three, Then I'll do one more, which will be like, a New Years Eve Party. And then, that's it. That's gonna wrap of Year One Of The Extreme Career. I Haven't exactly decided if i want to do a Year Two. I probably will, but you never know..So, while your hopefully giving me Feedback and stuff, PLEASE include whether or not you would like to see a Year Two of this, thank you :] Basically for the next Two Chapters, it's gonna be CERTAINLY Interesting and turn into something i doubt ANY OF YOU Expected. I Hope you enjoy them, i think you will. Thank you.


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