Thursday, July 28, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Three // Steal Your Heart / Part Two

"Kat, there's something i just need to get off my chest," Justin said to me, taking my hands and holding them and looking me straight in the eye. "There's something i need to tell you that i've been trying to tell you for such a long time but something keeps getting in my way."

I Just looked at him and nodded a little and let him continue talking.

"Kat," Justin began. "I Still love you."

"What?" I Said, softly.

Then, Justin put his arms around me and kissed me, with an incredible amount of passion, then broke away after a moment or two.

"Kat, I Still Love You."
Ouch. I Just fell right on the floor....hard. Then, i opened my eyes, and just saw Sarah standing over me, looking a little weird.
"Do you always make moaning noises and kissing faces when your sleeping?" She asked me.

"Wait..." I said, immediately getting up. "Sleeping? I Was sleeping!?"

"What the hell did you think you were doing?" Sarah asked.
"What day is it?!"
"Still Tuesday..."

"What time is it!?"

"It's 6:30..."

"Oh my god..." I Said. "THANK GOD," I Shouted, relieved.

"Okay, what the hell happened?" She asked.

"You will NOT believe this," I Said. "But i just like, well, i think i saw a vision into the future or something..."

She just looked at me for a moment, highly confused.
"Um...yeah," Sarah said. "Are you high or something?"
"No," I Said, dumbfounded. "But seriously, i had a dream that i was at the club with Justin, and he told me he loved me."

"Wait what!?" Sarah asked.

"I Know right!?" I Said.

"Okay, you can't go with him tonight," Sarah said.

"I Know i can't," I Sighed, grabbing a Mountain Dew from my fridge. 

"If Patrick found out you had a dream about another guy saying he loved you, he'd FLIP," She said.

"Which is exactly why we're not telling Patrick," I Said.

"Fine, but seriously you gotta cancel," She said.

"I Know i do," I Sighed again. "What do i tell him though?"

"Um..." Sarah said, trying to thinking. "OH! Fake sick!"

"GREAT IDEA!" I Smiled. 

Then, i ran over to my coffee table across the room and grabbed my cellphone, then started calling Justin.
"Hello?" Justin answered. "Oh, hey Kat," He said. I Guess he recognized my number.
"Hey Justin," I Said, all groggy. "I Can't go to the club tonight."

"Why?" He asked.

"I'm siiick," I Grogged.

Then, Sarah started making these motions with her hands, and mouthing something, i didn't understand her, so i just mouthed the word 'What' to her, and she continued doing the same thing, as i mouthed the word 'What' to her again, and looked at her like she was crazy.
"Achoo," She whispered.
"What?" I Whispered back, soft enough Justin couldn't hear.

"Achoo!" She whispered slightly louder.

"Bless you," I Said, not whispered. Then my eyes popped open and i realized what she was telling me to do.I'm such a Dumbfuck. She just hit me in the arm.

"What?" Justin asked on the other side of the line, confused.

"BLESS ME!" I Saved. "Bless me," I Saved, going back to a groggy  voice. "I Think i have like a cold, you know colds, mess with your brains."

"Yeah, they do," Justin agreed.

"I Just woke up from a nap, then it hit me," I explained, fake coughing every now and then in between my sentence. "This seems like a bad cold, i'm so sorry, but i can't go tonight."
"Oh well, okay, feel better Angel, i'll see you soon, or at least in five weeks in LA,bye," He said.
"Bye," I Said, groggy. Then i hung up.

"I still can't believe you had a sex dream about someone not your boyfriend," Sarah said to me.

"It wasn't a sex dream," I Rolled my eyes.

"It was still a dreamy about another guy," She said.

"I Know," I Sighed. "I Feel so guilty..."

"You should," Sarah said, looking in my fridge. "Did you take the last mountain dew?"

"Yeah," I Said. "There's Bud Light though."

"Eh, i'll tell Adam to pick something up from the grocery store when he gets home," Sarah said.

"Since when does Adam shop?" I Asked.

"Since i made him," She said. "You know, if he wants to live in my house for the summer, he's gotta at least do something other then sit on the couch all day."

"Since when does Adam live with you?" I Asked.

"He wasn't supposed to, but Patrick said he could, so yeah," Sarah said. 

"Ah," I Said. "I'm gonna go take a shower, i think i'll go see Patrick tonight since i'm not going out."

"Alright, i'll see you later," Sarah said, heading out as i headed upstairs to the shower.

*Punks POV*
"Babe he can't breathe!!!" Kristen shouted.
"You act like that's a bad thing," I Said.

We got into New Jersey a couple hours ago, and already Kristen's parents kicked us out of their house because of a reason i will not talk about, so we're crashing at her brother Kenny's place. He said i couldn't wrestle, so i put him in the Anaconda Vice, much to his and Kristen's dismay. Then i let go and walked over to his fridge.
"Why is there no Pepsi in here," I Asked. "How can you live in a house without any fucking Pepsi."
"Easy, i don't Pepsi, or anything with caffeine," Kenny said.
"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I Immediately asked.
"Babe Calm Down," Kristen said.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM?" I Asked. Then, i sighed. "I Need to just...just...." Then, i just walked away and headed downstairs into their basement and went onto the couch and pulled out my cellphone and just called Colt.
"Hello?" Colt answered.
"It's me man," I Said. "Kristen's family is killing me."
"They're not killing you. If they were killing you then you wouldn't be talking to me now," Colt said.
"HAR HAR HAAAAR," I Mocked. "But seriously, her brother doesn't even like Pepsi."
"What a fucking square," Colt said.

"Yeah, i know," I Said. "I Can't believe i'm crashing at his place for the rest of the week..."

"I Thought you two little horny love birds were staying at her parents?" Colt asked.

"We were..." I Shrugged. "Then, stuff happened."

"What?" Colt asked.

I Just gulped, then sighed.
"Me and Kristen were getting settled in the guest room...and uh...the bed was just freshly made...we were tempted..." I Began. "And uh...we started having sex."
"You had Sex? What's the big deal?" Colt asked.

"Her parents walked in," I Gulped.

"OH DUDE!!!!" Colt shouted on the other side. I Could just picture his big goofy smile on his face.

"Then we got kicked out, and her mom was nice enough to drive us to her brother's house, you know, since she was already on the way to the furniture store in town," I Said.

"You two have been married for nearly a year, yet you two still act like newlyweds," Colt said.

"I Know," I Said. "I'm even about to make a newlywed decision."

"What?" Colt asked.

"We'll still live in Chicago full time," I Said, "But, With all the sacrifices Kristen's made for me over the past nearly 7 years, i wanna do something fo rher, and she's always so happy down in New Jersey with her friends and family, i was thinking, i have the money, why not a buy a house down here that would could come down whenever we have time off or she gets SUPER homesick?"
"You know, i just got a paycheck from a promotion that i did a match in at an event," Colt said. "And you know, i was thinking, you know, going down to the north pole and buying a house next to one of Santa's Elves! Cause you know i love Santa Claus, and I HAVE THE MONEY, So why not?" He mocked me.

"Again, HAR HAR HAAAAR," I Mocked, before rolling my eyes. "Anyway, i already found this nice house, nothing too big, and NOTHING compared to the one in Chicago, but it's good enough to stay at while we visit."

"Well dude, you know what's best for you, so i say go for it," Colt said.

I Was about to answer, but then i felt something on my back, and i looked behind me and saw Kristen standing there, with a water gun in hand.
"Yeah Colt...i gotta go, later," I Said, hanging up. Then  i quickly snatched the water gun away from her. "Oh yes mother fucker, you better start running!" I Yelled as she started screaming. I Smiled, then chased her upstairs with the water gun.

*Kats POV*

I Had just got done showering and got dressed, Blue long sleeved v-neck, ripped white skinny jeans and some sneakers. I Also slightly curled my hair so it was wavier, but not completely curly. Then, i went downstairs, grabbed my cellphone and headed towards the door, then when i opened it, i saw Justin standing outside, Jeans, Sneakers, White t-shirt but a black jacket covering it; he also had something in his hands.

"Um..Justin...hi!" I Said, shocked to see him. "Uh, what are you doing here?"
"I Was on my way to the club with Jenny and Cody and i made them stop somewhere so i could bring you chicken noodle soup because i thought you were sick..." Justin said, a little shocked as well to see me. "But uh...maybe it was like, a 30 minute cold?"

"Uh..Yeah!" I Said. "Yeah! 30 Minute cold! I Haven't gotten one since i was 15, but uh, yeah! Like it was intense at first, but then i threw up and i felt so much better! I was gonna call you, but i figured you already left."

"Well i'm here!" Justin said. "Must be a sign! Come on, let's go!"

"Um....umm..." I Said, trying to figure out what to say.

"Your not gonna throw up again, are you?" He asked, taking a slight step back.

"Uh, No..." I Said.

"Well, come on, you'll have fun," Justin said.

"Um, Okay!" I Said. "I Guess we can't let the night go to waste!"

He just smiled, then took my hand and lead me to Cody's car.
It was about 9pm. Cody was busy teaching Jenny how to play pool, since Jenny opened her mouth and challenged some trucker or whatever to a game for money. Country people, damn shame. I Was over at the bar, drinking a margarita and eating shrimp. I've been doing my best to keep my distance from Justin, and i've been doing fairly well so far, until i saw Justin running over from the Bathroom. 

"Kat you will not believe this but-"

"You went into the bathroom and used the urinal inbetween Derrick Rose and Kyle Korver and Rose autographed your jeans?" I Asked.

"," Justin said, a little confused.

"Oh, Okay, Good," I Smiled. "So uh, i drank, and ate, i did a round of pool, and now i'm tired. Why don't you go ask Cody for his keys and drive me home? Jenny and Cody can just go catch a cab when they wanna leave."

"But Kat, we just got here like, only an hour and a half a go!" Justin said, grabbing my arm to stop me.

When stopped me, a man also bumped into me.

"Oh, i'm sorry Miss," He said.

"It's okay," I Said.

"This your boyfriend?" He asked me, pointing to Justin.

"What? NO NO NO!" I Said. "He's just...He's my best friend, that's all! Run along!" He just looked at me, then left.

"So uh...let's go now!" I Said, trying to leave again.

"Wait!" Justin said, again stopping me. "We haven't even danced yet! Come on!" He said, leading me to the dance floor, where they were in the middle of Roscoe's part in 'No Hands'. Dejavu much?

Me and Justin were just doing casual club dancing. Then, the song came to an end, and 'Lovestory' by Taylor Swift started playing. Oh shit. I Looked over at Cody and Jenny, and they were looking at us talking. I was praying inside that they weren't saying what i think they were. I Just kept club dancing for a moment while Justin stopped, and then i stopped, and we just looked at each other, and he shrugged, then kind of just put his arms around my back and kind of just started slow dancing with me, but i was frozen, and had my arms basically glued to my sides.

"Wow...Your a GREAT Dancer!" Justin said, sarcastically.

"You know what Justin, i think we really should go," I Said.

"Wait, what's going on," He asked, concerned.

"It's just...i feel a little weird, with you and me..." I Shrugged. "And Patrick not here.

"Kat, it's just a dance," Justin said. I Thought it over, and realized it was JUST a dance, then gave him a look, and i slow danced with him.

"You remember the last time we slow-danced?" He asked.

"Yeah, at my 21st birthday party," I Said, then i realized something. "And it was to this song."

"It was like, 6am," Justin said. "The party nearly just ended and everyone else left, and it was just you and me, and the CD was playing this. The Sun was rising and it was right on you and it made your eyes light up bright as can be."

"I Remember that," I Smiled. "You had a 6:30am flight to Florida and you almost missed your plane."

He just stood there for a moment, still dancing with me, but he was silent for a moment.
"Kat?" He said. "Do you ever wonder what would have happened if i did miss my plane?"
I Stood there for a moment too, silent, still dancing though, and i thought about it.

"You would have had to take the next flight?" I said, he just chuckled.

"No, i mean, if i didn't leave Chicago, at all," He said. "If you and I-"

"May i cut in?" A Voice behind us said. 

We stopped dancing and we turned around, and Patrick was standing their in Jeans and a tan v-neck, with a Black cast on his left wrist.

"Patrick," I Said, letting go of Justin, and walking over by his side.

"Hey babe," Patrick said, putting his right arm around me. "Hey, thanks man, i appreciate you taking my girl out to help her relieve her stress over me."

"Oh uh," Justin began. "No problem, i'm just gonna go hang out with Cody and Jenny...See you later," He said, starting to head by the pool table.

"So uh, i thought you had surgery?" I Asked, as me and Patrick started slow dancing.

"I meant to tell you it ended around 8, and then they'd put a cast one, and then i was free to go, but the nurse kicked you out too soon before i could tell you," Patrick said.

"Instead of going home and resting, you came here to be with me?" I Asked.

"Yes," Patrick said. "Look, i love Hockey, i love the Blackhawks, i really do, but Kat, i love you, and you are the most important thing in my life right now."

"Aww," I Said, as i got closer to him and we continued slow dancing.

We were slow dancing in a circle, and when i was turned around, I Saw Justin standing there, just watching. Then, his head bowed down, and he walked over to the pool table.
This whole thing got me thinking. I Absolutely LOVE Patrick, no denying that, and if you say otherwise, i'll put you in the hospital. But, the dream, tonight, the dance, what Justin said. It got me thinking. What if Justin missed his plane to Florida and stayed in Chicago? What could have happened? And why would i have a dream like that if i didn't have any feelings or anything for him?
You know, like i said, I Love Patrick, and he's the most important person in my life right now, but, maybe, deep down inside me, i do have feelings for Justin....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Three // Steal Your Heart / Part One

"You know you've made it in life when you make the front page of TMZ," I Said.

It was tuesday after noon, and i was over at Kristen and Punk's house. I Was bored so i started trolling on their internet, and i found that Them, Colt, Me and Patrick made the front page of because of our little two day after party from Money In The Bank.

"Because everyone dreams of making," Punk said as he grabbed a Pepsi from his fridge.

"I Love how we have a flight to New Jersey in a couple hours and instead of packing we're talking to you," Kristen said.

"Ew why are you going to New Jersey?" I Asked, disgusted.

"It's my birthday present," She said.

"Why would you wanna go to New Jersey?" I Asked.

"Oh i don't know, maybe because i grew up there?" She said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah, that's why you have such low manners," I Said.

"Shut up," Kristen said.

"Exactly my point," I Said, smirking at her, as i turned off the computer.

"You discriminate a lot," Punk said.

"Do not," I Said back. "I come from a multi-cultural background, therefore i'd be a hypocrite if i discriminated."

"OH PLEASE," Punk said, rolling his eyes. "Just because your mom was from Mexico and your dad was from the streets of Queens doesn't mean you come from a Multi-Cultural background."

"Oh yes it does," I Said, getting up and heading the their fridge.

"Idiot," Kristen said. "And stop stealing my food you little freeloader."

"She's not so little," Punk said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I Asked, getting a big chocolate chip cookie out of their fridge.

"You know what i mean," Punk said to me.

"No i don't," I Said. "Hence why i asked you what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"EXACTLY," Punk said. "Do you hear what your saying? Your dropping F bombs. Little people don't drop f bombs.

"Hypocrite," I Said to him. "You accuse me of being discriminative and your sitting their saying Midgets can't cuss."

"I never said Midgets couldn't curse, nor did i say the word Midget." Punk said.

"One, that's how you meant it," I Said. "Two, just did," I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"Oh shut up," Punk rolled his eyes.

Then, i tore off part of the cookie,and chucked it at his head.

"Okay yeah, you need to go," Kristen said, already opening her front door.

"Seriously," I Said, crossing my arms at her.

"Yes," She said.

"Bitch," I Mumbled under my breath as i started walking out the door, but before i did, she stopped me, and took my big cookie away.

"That's my big cookie..." She mumbled as she grabbed it.


"Babe, don't worry, i'll be fine," Patrick comforted me in his bed.

It was 5pm now, and Patrick had a three hour surgery to undergo. I Was so scared for him. The last time i got surgery was when i was younger and had this little accident, but i was too young to even remember it, all i remember was screaming and crying for my parents before they drugged me, needless to say, i'm freaked up by the fact of some person drugging you and then cutting you open, no matter where it's happening.

"What if they take out the wrong part?" I Asked worried.
"They aren't taking out anything," Patrick said. "They're repairing something."

"Still..." I Pouted.

Patrick just used his right arm to pull me closer to him, then he kissed me on the forehead.

"I'm just repairing something in my left wrist, i promise you, i'll be fine, cross my heart," He said. "You just go out with your friends and have a nice time, i promise you i'll be fine." 

I Wasn't exactly too convinced at first, but i cracked a slight smile, then gave him a kiss.

"I'll be here first thing in the morning, i promise," I Told him.

"Actually I-"

"Mr. Kane?" The Nurse said, coming in. "We'll be drugging you for the surgery in about twenty minutes, but for now, i'm afraid you'll guest will have to leave."

 "Alright," I Said. "I Love you," I Said to him.
"I Love you too," Patrick said.

Then, i walked out of the room and into an elevator and went to the lobby and was about to walk out, until i saw someone familiar walk through the doors of the hospital.

"Sarah?" I Asked looking at her, who was shocked to see me.
"Why are you here!?" She asked.

"I Came to drop Patrick off for his surgery..." I Said.

"Oh, right," Sarah said. "Well um...forget you ever saw me."



Then, me and Sarah just stood across from each other, looking at each other, then she walked away to an elevator.

"Well that was weird," I Said to myself as i walked out.

I Just got into some Short White shorts made of jean, a long sleeved light blue v-neck, and some multi-colored sandals, while also spraying on a dash of 'Someday', my new perfume. Then, my doorbell rang and Justin was standing there.

"Jenny and Cody are in the car," Justin said. "You ready?"

"Yep!" I Smiled, as i walked outside and went into Cody's car with Justin.


We walked into the club, music was playing, and people were all over.

"Oh yeah, "Cody smiled, as did i as we walked in, but Jenny stopped Justin real quick.
"Remember, Steal her heart, or i swear to god i'll rip your balls off," Jenny said.

"Um...okay," Justin said, before he gulped, then shivered a little, then he walked in with Jenny.

"Ever learned how to play pool?" Cody asked Jenny.
"Teach me?" She asked. Cody smiled, then took her by the hand and grabbed one of those sticks.

"Alright, you wanna get this white ball to hit all those other balls in these holes basically," Cody said.

"That sounds easy," Jenny said.

"Actually, no, it's not," Cody said, as he helped her.

"I'm gonna go use the bathroom real quick," Justin said to me as he left to use the bathroom.

I Was just over by the bar, observing, and dancing since they were playing 'No Hands'. I Guess you could call it Stripper Dancing, since that's literally the only type of dance i know. Then a moment later, Justin came running over to me with a smile on his face.

"KAT! You will NOT Believe this!" He said, smiling.
"What?" I Asked, while still dancing a little, but i was slowing down to listen to Justin.

"I went to go take a piss, and the urinal i was using was RIGHT In between Derrick Rose and Kyle Korver!!!" He smiled.

"Rose and Korver are here?" I Asked, a little shocked that two of the Bulls top players were here.

"Apparently!!!" Justin smiled. "I Even got Rose to autograph my jeans," Justin said, lifting his left leg up to show me his autograph on his left pantleg.

"Awesome," I Smiled.

"I Know right!?" He smiled as well, again. I never knew he was a Bulls fan, he probably isn't, i don't think he even has a favorite basketball team, but he knew enough to know who two of Chicago's top players were.

"Wanna go dance?" I Asked him.

"Sure!" He said.

Then, we walked over to the dance floor, which was only a couple feet away, and started doing or best club dancing to the end of 'No Hands'. Then when it ended, "Lovestory" By Taylor Swift started playing, and then we stopped.

"I think we're supposed to slow dance now," Justin said.
"Uh, yeah," I Said.

Then, we got hand in hand, and started slow dancing.

"Hey, Country," Cody said to Jenny. "Look over there," He said, pointing to Justin and I slow dancing. Jenny just smirked and crossed her arms satisfied.
"Looks like he took my advice," She smirked. "Operation Steal Kat's Heart is in full effect and doing great."

"Wait..." Cody said. "Operation Steal Kat's Heart?" He questioned.

"I'll explain later," Jenny said.

"Justin," I Began. "Thank you SO Much for taking me here tonight. I Was so worried about Patrick's surgery, but you took me here and helped me let loose and not worry so much. Thank You."

"No problem, Angel," Justin smiled at me. "But all i can say, If i was Patrick, i wouldn't make someone worry so much. I Mean, when your in your deathbed, taking your final breaths, you don't remember little moments, like surgeries to repair your wrist or anything, you remember the important stuff and the people you love."

"That's so sweet," I Smiled.

Then, i put my arms around his neck, and he put his arms around my back, then i buried my head into his chest, and we continued slow dancing, until Justin stopped.

"Kat, there's something i just need to get off my chest," Justin said to me, taking my hands and holding them and looking me straight in the eye. "There's something i need to tell you that i've been trying to tell you for such a long time but something keeps getting in my way."

I Just looked at him and nodded a little and let him continue talking.

"Kat," Justin began. "I Still love you."

"What?" I Said, softly.

Then, Justin put his arms around me and kissed me, with an incredible amount of passion, then broke away after a moment or two.

"Kat, I Still Love You."
To Be Continued...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Two //We built this city

"Did we have to take the earliest flight?" I Yawned.

It was 6am on Saturday and we were hopping on a plane to head back to Chicago for Sunday's big Pay-Per view. My head was feeling better, but i'm not so sure if it's 100%, but i'm pretty sure waking up this early for a plane isn't helping.

"This isn't how i wanna spend my birthday," Kristen pouted. "I Wanted to head back to New Jersey for the day, but no, i'm spending it on an airplane..."

"We can celebrate your birthday later," Patrick said, with our bags, very impatient. "Damn it, where's Sharpie and Sarah?!"

"Does it look like we know?" Punk asked him, while also trying to style his hair or something.

Then, Sharpie and Sarah came running into the airport, Sharpie faster then Sarah though, since she was in red high heels. Why she brought high heels with her to a beachy place, i don't know.

"SORRY We're late..." Sarah said, putting her bags down.

"No need to raise your voice," Kristen yawned.

"Again..." Sarah said, using her left hand to pull back some hair so it was out of her face. "Sorry!"

That's when i noticed something, and i went bug-eyed.

"Is that a..." I Said, staring at her left hand. Before i even finished my sentence, a smile grew on her face, and she nodded. My mouth dropped.  

"I'm Getting MARRIED!!!" Sarah shouted. My mouth was still wide open, but soon, i turned it into a smile, and me and Sarah just started screaming and jumping up and down together.
"Guys, really?!" Kristen asked, looking annoyed.

"Sorry," I Smiled. "But...WOW, you and Sharpie?!" I Asked Sarah.

"No, She's getting married to Bieber," Sharpie said sarcastically. Sarah just gagged at that thought. "Of course she's getting married to me, Kat."

"Wow, that's nice," Kaner said. "But we gotta get on a flight, so save all this wedding shit for later."

"You've been so caught up in Planes lately..." Sharpie said, grabbing some bags to load them on.

"Because i'd actually like to get back in my city," Kaner said, also loading some bags.

"Not like anyone in your city wants you there," Punk said, loading his and Kristen's bags.

"Why don't the three of them get along?" Kristen asked.

"I'm surprised they don't," I Shrugged.

"I Know right," Sarah said. "I Mean, they're all idiots, they should get along just fine!"

"EXACTLY," Me and Kristen agreed.

"We can here you," The boys said.

"GOOD," Us girls shouted back, causing an eye roll from the boys.

"We gotta go," Kaner said.

Then, all our bags were loaded, and we all hopped onto the plane. The Bahamas were fun, but damn, i miss Chicago, and i can't WAIT to get back home.

*Courtroom, New York City, New York, Saturday, Noon, Heather's POV*

"Hows my favorite lawyer?" I Asked, walking into our empty courtroom.

"I Think the question is, how's my client?" He asked me.

"Confident, yeah, that's the word," I Smiled, shaking his hand and taking a seat.

I Had a court meeting going on today due to my trial with Alex going on. Lucky for me, it COULD Possibly end today, depends though, if i can provide enough evidence i'm not guilty, or if somehow Alex can manage to keep lying enough to prove i'm 'Guilty'. If it doesn't end today, we have one next month, and that'll be the end for sure. This has been going on for nearly 3 months, and both sides are getting rather tired, but i'm not resting until i win this case.

Then, Alex walked into the room with his blonde lawyer by his side, and the girl he cheated on me with---well, one of the girls he cheated on me with, and his current girl--- Kathryn. She's there for moral support i guess. I stared down Alex, as he just smirked over at me. We then all took our seats, and the case started. 

"We are now in session," The Judge began, before looking at My lawyer. "Once your client gives a statement,  she will be cross-examined by the defense." Alex then just stared at me from across the table, and i just stared back.

Since it was my time to talk and share my side of the story---also known as the right side---i knew he was scared. He knew he was Guilty as charged, he just knew it, and he knew Karma was about to get him back for what he did to me. From the Physical And Verbal Abuse, To the cheating, i'm about to make sure no girl who dates him in the future EVER has to go through the hell i did with him. Then, i got up and stood at the front of the room.

"Miss Kerwin, please state your side of the story," The judge said to me. I Cleared my throat real quick, then talked.

"Kevin and I Became a thing On February 1st. It was the night after the Royal Rumble Payperview, and we had a Show together the next day, in which both of us became interested in each other, and by the end of the night, it was official between us," I Said. "At first, it was amazing, and i was completely in love with him...But then, about a month later, no, not even a month, about three weeks later, i got in over my head and let him move into my apartment with me In NYC, and shortly after that, i realized his true colors."

"Could you be a bit more specific, please," His lawyer asked me.

"He was never home, he was out drinking and hooking up with Sluts thinking i wouldn't know, then coming home and hopping in bed with me, same deal for when we were on the road. Eventually, i got suspicious, and confronted him about it, that's when he started to get Verbally abusive, but he was drunk, and the next morning when he was sober, he'd apologize and we'd move on," I Explained. Then, one night he went out, and he never came back home until noon, and he was completely sober. When he walked through the door, i simply asked where he was, and he got all defensive, so i started to raise my voice a little, and then, he hit me as hard as he could across the face that did cause bleeding. That was the first of many physical abuse experiences with him, such as pushing me down the stairs, shoving, and more attacks to my face."

"So you allege..." His lawyer said. I Raised an Eyebrow. "Miss Kerwin, like my client, you happen to be a professional wrestler under a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Wrestling requires taking bumps in and out of the ring. Isn't it possible that you could be lying and all the bruises and marks you claim to have could have been from inside the ring?"

"The thing about WWE is it's Sports-Entertainment," I Said. "It's not like UFC, completely different. We follow storylines, pre-plan matches, and unlike in UFC, we don't go out to the ring looking to hurt people, we go out there to entertain fans while wrestling. Are most moves real? Yes, but we conduct our moves in the safest way possible so we don't hurt anyone in the ring."

"Alright then," The lawyer said. "Now, Since we're on the topic of WWE, WWE Superstars and Diva's happen to like to connect with the fans, and the biggest way of connection is Twitter. Now, i'm aware you do have a twitter account and use it as often as you can, right?"

"Yes, that's true," I Said.

"Well, then is it also true that one night, you uploaded pictures of yourself showcasing a black eye you claim was given to you by Kevin?" She said, holding up two pictures, both in which i uploaded to my twitter.

"Yes," I Said. "It's true. I Put them up the night he hit me close by my eye area after i denied him sex."

"Alright then," The lawyer said. "Not even two days later, you were photographed at a Make-A-Wish Foundation event, WITHOUT a black-eye," She said, holding up pictures of me at the event. "Call me crazy, but it doesn't take two days for a black-eye to just disappear."

"It was a Make-A-Wish Foundation event, WWE and Make-A-Wish have a HUGE Partner-ship, i didn't wanna mess anything up or anything, so before i went, i put on a lot of make-up to cover it up," I Said.

"Oh really?" His Lawyer said. "So, if you can use make-up to cover it up, you could also use it to make it look worse then it actually is...or to make it look like you have a black-eye, am i wrong?"

I Kinda froze for a moment after she said that, then i just shrugged.

"I Guess..." I Said.
"That's all i need to know," The lawyer said.


"That's All i need to know," The Lawyer repeated.

Then, i kind of sighed, but i sat down.

"I'm afraid we'll run out of time," The Judge said. "This meeting will reach a verdict hopefully in three weeks on August 6th at Noon sharp. Meeting Adjourned."

"Don't worry," My lawyer told me. "We're not losing this case." Then, he left. I Sighed, then left too.

I Was walking down the sidewalk in NYC from the building to get to my car when Alex and Kathryn greeted me.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked.

"Look, i know we shouldn't exactly talk to you if we're not in court, but i have a proposal," Alex said, handing me a piece of paper.

"What the hell is this?" I Asked.

"Read it, dumbass," Kathryn said. Alex just gave her a look, and she shut up.

"That's a settlement," Alex told me.

"A Settlement?" I Asked.

"Yeah," Alex said. "You take it, then i'll pay you exactly $100,000 dollars, cash, not check. Then, this whole case will be all over."

"Why do you want a settlement?" I Raised an eyebrow.

"Face it Heather," Alex began. "This has been going on for too long, and quite frankly i think we're both tired of it. So, you sign this, it's over, and we can move on with our lifes," He smiled. I Just crossed my arms.

"Your scared," I Smirked. "You KNOW Your guilty and that i can beat you, and you don't wanna take that risk!"

"Or i'm just nice and really wanna end this," Alex said.

"Yeah, we're nice," Kathryn said. "Besides, i'm sure you'd like to win this little case, but i'm sure you'd rather be at your friend Kat's birthday party or whatever happens on her birthday." Then, i froze. "Yeah, i don't know if you remember or not, but We meet again here August 6th, the day of your friend Kat's 22nd Birthday." I Just sighed.

"There's gonna be plenty more birthday's for Kat, but there's only gonna be one time i beat you in court," I Said.

Then, i ripped up the settlement into pieces, and threw it in A-Ry's face, then walked past him and Kathryn to my car. I Got a plane to chicago to catch tomorrow for the Pay per view.

*11:59pm, Saturday, Plane ride, Kat's POV*
"Wake up," Patrick said, as he was waking me up from my nap.

"What time is it?" I Asked groggly.

"Why don't you look?" He said as he handed me his IPod so i could see the time.

When he handed it to me, it was 11:59pm, then, it quickly changed to 12:00am. I Looked at Patrick.

"It's midnight," I Said, handing it back to him. He just smiled.
"That means it's officially July 17th," He smiled. I Smiled too. "Happy Anniversary, Baby."

Then, he put his hand behind my head, then pulled me into a kiss. I Can't believe it's been a year since we met backstage in Buffalo for RAW. It seems so unreal. Despite two particular incidents, this past year was arguably the best year i had in a LONG time, all because of Patrick. I Can't wait for our future together. Then we broke away from the kiss, and i just lay my head on his shoulder and thought about going back to sleep, but we only have about two hours, so i stole Patrick's IPod from him and started listening to his Drake album on it, so that killed about an hour, so then i let it go on Shuffle, when Common Denominator started playing. I Really couldn't believe he put this on his Ipod. I Tapped his shoulder and he looked over, and i showed him it was playing. He smiled, then took one of my headphones out of my ear and put it in his, and i rested my head on his shoulder again as we listened to our song.

"I'm so tired," Kristen yawned, as she was piggy-back riding on Punk's back as we were walking through the O'Hare.
Our flight to Chicago just landed and we were all walking around i guess. Sharpie said he called someone to pick us up. I'm surprised someone agreed to pick us up, since it's almost 3am.

"I Gotta use the bathroom real quick, so i'll be right back," Sharpie said.
"I Can't believe i have to wake up at 8 to head to the arena early," I Pouted.

"And we all get to sleep in," Sarah smirked at me.

"Shut up, i still haven't given you your ticket yet," I Told her. She just rolled her eyes.

A Couple minutes later, Sharpie came running back towards us, and we headed to the parking lot to see our driver. I Thought it would have been a cab, but it wasn't, and i actually was surprised to see who it was.

"Where's the ring?" Adam immediately asked Sarah as he was sitting on the hood of his car with a starbucks in hand. Sarah then held up her hand to show him her ring, and he smiled. "Nice."

"I Proposed Friday night," Sharpie smiled, starting to put bags in Adam's trunk.

"Normally i'd try and make some smart-ass comment, but i'm honestly too tired too," Adam said.

"Good, because i'm not in the mood to come up with a comeback," Sharpie laughed.

"Not like there ever good comebacks," Bur said, getting in the drivers seat, as we all got in as well. "Oh by the way, i'm tired and want sleep, so i'm not dropping you off at your houses, I'm taking you all over Kat and Little-Peak-A-Boos house."

"Wait why?" I Immediately asked.

"Because i'm too tired to drive all around Chicago," Bur said. "Besides, all week you've been bitching about this concussion or whatever and how you gotta show up early for some test, so you should be thanking me."

"We live about 5 minutes away," Punk said. "Just drop us off there, please?" Bur sighed.

"Fine, but i'm not no damn cab driver, that's the only stop i'm making," Bur said.

"As long as we can go to our own house i'm good," Kristen yawned.

"Where are we even supposed to sleep?" Sarah asked, resting her head on Sharpie's shoulder.

"I've been to Kaner's house before, he's got a lot of rooms in their, shouldn't be too hard to pick out a room," Bur said.

"Whatever," Sarah said.

*Patrick Sharp's POV*

"We get our bedroom of course, and you three can go wherever," Kat said as Kaner unlocked his front door.
"Let's take the basement," Sarah smirked. Their basement had a bar, a flat-screen, and was the coolest room in the house.

"I'll take the one at the end of the hall," Adam yawned.

Then, we all headed to our rooms for the night, and when me and Sarah got downstairs, i could tell she wanted to do it real quick, but before we could, i stopped her.

"Wanna do something funny?" I Asked her.
"What?" She asked.

Then, i grabbed my bag and opened it up, then pulled out a pregnancy test.

"Take it," I Said.
"What?!" Sarah asked. "Why would i take a pregnancy test!?

"Because, it's funny," I Smiled.

"How!?" She asked.

"I Just is!"

"Where did you even get it?"

"I Stopped at the store in the airport while using the bathroom. Come on, there's a bathroom right there, please?"

"Well it's stupid, we're always protected anyway."

"I Know, that's what makes it fun."

"Fine, if it'll get you to shut up."

Sarah rolled her eyes, then took the test and went to the bathroom to take the test, and i just had a sigh of relief, but i wasn't so reliefed after i saw Adam on the top of the stairs, watching.

"What the hell?" I Asked him, then he walked down.
"I needed to ask you something," Adam said.

"What?" I Asked.

"Why the fuck are you asking Sarah to take a pregnancy test?" Adam asked. "I Thought you always wore condoms?"

"Usually..." I Sighed, then sat down. "After i proposed and she said yes, we were just in the moment...and we did it...and well, i didn't think after i proposed we'd make love, and i never got a condom on..."

"So, you may have knocked her up?" Adam asked.

"I Think..." I Sighed, burying my face into my hands.

*Sarah's POV*

"Fucking crazy ass canadian..." I Said to myself as i was pissing on a pregnancy test.
A Pregnancy test? How is this fun? I Really don't get what's going on through Patrick's head. After i got done, i washed my hands and just waited in the bathroom, it took three minutes for the results. I Just leaned up against the door waiting. I Heard Patrick talking to Adam, or whoever, but i'm pretty sure it's Adam. I Didn't mean to eavesdrop or anything, but i was leaning up against the door, and it's not so thick, so i could hear them a little.

"Why the fuck are you asking Sarah to take a pregnancy test?" Adam asked. Exactly what i'm wondering. "I Thought you always wore condoms?"

 "Usually..." Patrick said.

Wait...did he just say USUALLY? I just got super interested now.

"After i proposed and she said yes, we were just in the moment...and we did it...and well, i didn't think after i proposed we'd make love, and i never got a condom on..." Patrick said.

"So, you may have knocked her up?" Adam asked.

"I Think..." Patrick said.

Holy shit. What the hell is going on? I May be pregnant!? SHIT. These were supposed to be a fast 3 minutes, now they feel like the longest three minutes of my life. I Can't believe i did it with Patrick unprotected. I Can't believe i might have some little kid running around calling me 'Mom' Soon. Just...WHAT THE HELL!? After three minutes, i just gulped, then, walked over to the sink were i had my test on. Then, i looked at it, and it was negative. I Just sighed in relief.

Then, i felt a sharp pain in my stomach, and before i knew it, i threw up. Weird. I Also threw up on the plane, but that's because i got sick being so high up in the air for so long. This one...i don't know. Then, i realized that not all pregnancy tests are like, Positive. This test could be wrong. Maybe i am pregnant and that's why i threw up...Shit. Fucking Shit.
*Next Day, 4 pm, Kat's POV*

Today's been crazy so far. I Had to get the the Allstate Arena by 8am so i could do some Strength test and shit to find out if i was able to compete tonight. That took hours, then at noon, i found out i passed and could wrestle. Since then, i've been low-key.  It's 4pm, and fans are already all outside the arena waiting to get in. The others are across the street around Target, working on signs or inside target in the A/C since it's hot outside. Everyone on the card tonight's here. The mood backstage right now's Intense. Pay-per view buyrates and reviews haven't been so good lately, so everyone's praying to god that this one will do good. It's intense for sure. I Just got done talking to Jim Ross and Kathryn about our match tonight. We had it planned PERFECTLY. I Doubt the crowd's gonna be bored with this. Right now, i'm listening to my Ipod on a crate backstage, kind of just getting into the mode and focused. I Had 'Forever' By Drake on Repeat. Just fits the mood right now. Then, i felt someone pull my headphones out.

"What the-" I Began, then i saw who did it, and smiled.

"You ready to kick ass?" Kaner smiled at me. "Look what i got," He said, taking off his jacket, and i noticed his left wrist.

"What the hell!?" I Asked, looking at it.

"Oh...that wasn't it," Kaner said. "But i went to the doctor a while ago like you asked me, and i got a scaphoid fracture. Gonna have surgery on Tuesday."

"SURGERY!?" I Asked.

"Relax, it's no big deal," Kaner shrugged.

"No big deal?" Adam walked up behind. "You were blubbering the whole car ride about it."

"When did you get here?" I Asked him.

"Came with those idiots," Adam said, pointing to Sharpie, Sarah and Kaner.

"Shut up Adam," Sarah walked up, smacking him over his head.

"ANYWAY," Kaner said, then he continued to take off his jacket, and i saw him wearing my new T-Shirt they were actually releasing tonight, along with Punk's new t-shirt.

"Aw you got my new shirt," I Smiled.

"You know, gotta support my girl," He smiled back, but i kissed him.

"No PDA in my hallways, Miss Angel," Hunter said, walking by, not even looking at me.

"Who the hell is that bitch?" Sharpie asked.

"My boss," I Rolled my eyes.

"Well he's a bitch," Sharpie said.

"Tell me about it," I Said.

"Oh....look over there," Bur smirked.

Then, he ran over to Heather across the room, who was talking to Jenny and Cody.

"Well...Miss July, We meet again..." Adam smirked, looking at her.

"Um...Who are you?" Heather asked him.

"You have a big mouth," Cody observed.

"Shut up Ugly Duckling," Bur said to Cody. "Anyway...Sweetheart, w-"

"Don't call my boyfriend an ugly duckling and tell him to shut up!" Jenny interrupted.

"You know blondie, you're really hot, and i'd love to tap that, but damn, your bitchy," Adam told her. Jenny's mouth just dropped, but Cody cuffed his hands over before she said something, then Cody dragged her away.

"Anyway, now that we're alone..." Adam smirked at Heather.

"Okay look," Heather said. "I Know your one of Kat's friends and stuff, and we can be cool, but seriously, i'm taken, stop hitting on me."

"Your not taken," Adam said.

"Oh and how would you know? Heather asked.

"I Read TMZ," Adam replied, mentioning those articles on TMZ about Heather lately due to her legal problems with Alex. "Look, i don't know what happened with your last couple of boyfriends, but they were all douches, and not all guys are. Your a nice girl, and you deserve a lot better then those douches in your past."

I Couldn't believe it, but Heather was actually falling for Adam's seductiveness. She actually did get caught up in his eyes for a nice moment. Then snapped out of it.

"Um...I Gotta go," Heather said, quickly running away. Then, Adam shrugged and came back over to us.
"Damn, you must REALLY Wanna tap her," Sharpie laughed.

"Man, you should get an oscar for everything you just said to her," Sarah laughed.

"Come on, let's go find our seats," Kaner said, trying not to laugh as well, as he, Sarah and Sharpie went to go find their seats, but Adam stayed behind for a moment.

"Too bad i meant every single thing i said to her..." Adam mumbled under his breath, before leaving with them.


*Punks POV*

"Look who just won," I Smirked as Kristen came from behind the curtain from her dark match against Beth Phoenix.

"I Did!" She smiled, running over to me into my arms.

"You kicked the blonde out of her hair," I Laughed, before pulling her closer to me for a quick little make-out session, then i pulled away. "Anyway, i have something for you."

"OOH What?" She asked me.

"A Present," I Smiled.

"Well i know that," She said. "What is it!?"

Then, i put my hand into my back pocket and grabbed a pair of tickets, smiled again, then handed them to Kristen, who just looked at them.

"Fives Tickets to the Phillies/Cubs game tomorrow night at wrigley?" She asked, confused. I Quickly took them away.

"Wrong pair," I Said, putting them back in my pocket and grabbing another pair and handing them to her. She read them, then her mouth dropped.

"Two Tickets to Hazel New Jersey!?" She said.

"I New your not from Hazel, but your town didn't have any airports, and that was the closest one," I Said. "Anyway, yeah. I Talked to your brother...whatever his name is, and he's letting us stay at his place during our stay for the week. I Figured since you spent your birthday on a plane and haven't seen your family in a while, it'd be the perfect gift."

She just smiled, put the tickets down on a crate next to her, then kissed me.

"I Love you," She smiled.

"I Wuuv you too," I Mocked. She just playfully hit me on my arm, then we continued kissing. I Was in the main-event, i had plenty of time to get ready before my match.

*Kats POV*

"Hola mis amigos!" I Said, walking right into John's locker room where he was along with Nikie.

"Someone's been watching a lot of Dora The Explorer Lately," John laughed.

"Shut it Smart One," I Said, heading straight to their cooler and grabbing a water bottle.

"By the way, thanks for knocking," Nikie said. "Yeah, it's not like you could have walked in on John changing or anything."

"True, that wouldn't be nice to see, at all," I Gagged, just thinking about seeing John's Little John.

"What do you mean that wouldn't be nice to see?" John questioned. "I know A LOT of women who think differently."

"Ew, just gross," Jamila said, just walking in.

"Again, thanks for knocking!" Nikie said sarcastically.

"Well i had to go somewhere, "Jamila said, sitting down on the floor.

"It's called the Diva's Locker room," I Said.

"I Know, and Heather's in their bitching," Jamila said.

"You two are still fighting?" Nikie asked.

"Well we can't fight if we're not even talking, idiot," Jamila said.

"Dumbass," I Mumbled.

"Little white girl, what did you just call me?" She questioned.

"If you didn't hair me i suggest you get your hearing checked," I Said.

"Shut up," She said.

"God gave me this mouth for a reason and it was not to shut up," I Said.

"Stop arguing," Nikie said.

"That bitch started it," Jamila said, pointing to me.

"Quiet bitch," I Said, splashing a little water in her face.

"Oh, i know you did NOT Just do that," Jamila said, quickly getting up and trying to come after me, but Nikie stopped her.

"Man, i do not need this," I Said, getting off the cooler, "I'm gonna head backstage and watch the pay-per view on one of the screens backstage until my match. Fuck this."

"HEY, no bad language in my locker room," John yelled.

"Shut Up, Pansy Ass," I Shouted as i left.

"Or say whatever you want, i really don't care," John said as i left.


An Announcement was just made throughout the Allstate Arena that the next match was the Divas Match : Kathryn Prince vs. Kasey Angel in an I Quit Match for the Undisputed Women's Championship. Then, a Video Package aired, airing moments from our feud from over the last year. It showed Vicious Moments in the ring, out of the ring. Vicious verbal stuff, Vicious Physical stuff. 'The Last Fight' By Bullet For My Valentine was playing in the background, because that really fit this whole feud, and well, this was our last fight. Made sense. Then, the video package ended showing a clip of me and Kathryn standing across the ring from each other, just staring each other down. After it ended, the crowd erupted in cheers, then started chanting the word 'ANGEL' clearly meaning me. Kathryn's music hit, and wow, she was booed SO Loud, i couldn't hear her music, and i was in Gorilla, shows how loud it was. She got into the ring, and just waited. I Took a deep breath, then my music started playing, and i couldn't hear it either. It was Incredibly loud right now. The Arena was Sold-Out tonight, and every single damn person was on their feet, cheering me on. I Gave it a moment, then went out with my titles around my shoulder and i stood at the top of the ramp and just observed the crowd. To say the least, most signs and t-shirts were mine and Punk's. Every single damn person was cheering from the top of their lungs for me. I Loved it. Then, i just smirked, then walked down the ramp, and up the steps. Then, i got my right foot on the top rope, and my left foot on the middle rope, and then looked around again, then put my hands around my mouth.

"I'M HOOOOOOME!!!" I Shouted from the top of my lungs. 

Then, i took off the shirt i was wearing to reveal the top of my attire, then i threw my shirt over by where Sarah, Adam, Kaner and Sharpie were sitting, then got into the ring, went around all the corner post and got onto the top rope for each and posed, then i handed off my championship.

"The following is an I Quit Match for the Undisputed WWE Women's Championship!" Tony Chimel said. "Introducing first, The Challenger," He began, but immediately he got boos after he said the word 'Challenger', "From Detroit, Michigan, She is the Michigan Born Brawler, Kathryn Prince!!!" He shouted as the crowd erupted in even bigger boos.

"And the opponent, from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS,' He said, emphasizing my hometown,since, well, we were in my hometown. "She is the current Undisputed WWE Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!!!!"

Then, Tony exited the ring and Scott Armstrong, our referee, held up the two titles, then handed them to ringside, then the bell rang.

The Match Started out as Kathryn and I just stared each other down across the ring. Then, we started doing technical stuff- kicks, punches, all that stuff. Then, she threw me into the turn buckle, and when i turned around, she round housed kicked me to the head, and i went down. Then, when i was down, she grabbed me up by the hair, then threw me outside the ring and head first into the announcing table, and i went down again. She got out of the ring again and picked me up by my hair, then smashed me head first into the table, then pulled out one of the monitors, and hit me over the head with it. Then, i stumbled back into the ring and just layed on my back. Then, she got back into the ring, with a chair. She tried to hit me with it, but i stopped her by kicking her in the gut while i was down. She then let go of the chair, i got it and used to to help me get up. Then, i cornered her and kneed her, then hit her in the gut with the chair repeatedly. Then, i threw the chair out of the ring, then grabbed Kathryn by her hair, and tried to do a running bulldog, but while doing so, she pushed me into a turn buckle, then roundhouse kicked me again. Despite coming back from a head injury, so far, she’s really been working on my head. Then, she got out of the ring and went under and grabbed two ítems: handcuffs and a kendo stick. She slid half into the ring, grabbed my foot, then pulled me out onto the apron. Then, she set me up against the ropes and handcuffed me to them. 

Then, she grabbed the Kendo stick and started to repeatedly hit me with it. I Was SCREAMING in pain, and started breathing heavier in pain. I Looked down, and not only was Patrick sitting across from me looking pretty concerned, since i wasn’t even having to sell this since it hurt THAT much, my ribcase área where she was hitting me already had marks on it. Great.

“ASK HER!!!” Kathryn yelled at the ref.

“Kasey Angel, do you wanna quit?” He asked me, then he held the mic up to me as i was breathing heavy from the pain, then i just stopped.

“Is this supposed to hurt or what?” I Said into the mic, smirking at Kathryn. She looked frustrated.

Then, she un-cuffed me from the ropes, then immediately threw me off the apron and head first into the security Wall, right infront of Patrick. Then, she grabbed me again, and threw me head first into the Steel steps. Then, she grabbed the mic and looked straight at Patrick, then smirked.

 “Well…looks like we have a Kasey Angel fan here, now do we?” She asked him. The crowd erupted just hearing my name, and seeing Patrick Kane. Kaner wasn’t amused. He just looked at her, crossing his arms. “I Bet you hate seeing her in so much pain, i mean, just look at her,” She said, pointing to me, nearly passed out onto the floor. “That poor unfourunate soul…You know, she could end this. She could walk away RIGHT NOW with no more damage done to her. All she has to say is two simple Little words, but she’s too stubborned to say them herself. Listening, if you really are a true fan, don’t cause her another injury, just tell your Little hero to quit, NOW, then we can all move on, injury free.” Patrick just smirked at her, then grabbed the mic from her.

“Don’t turn around,” He smirked, then threw the mic away ringside.

Of course, Kathryn turned around, only to get knocked down by me. Then, i repeatedly punched her in the face until i was sure she had enough. Then, i grabbed the handcuffs laying next to her, then i went under the ring and grabbed a table. Then, with the Handcuffs and table in one hand, i grabbed Kathryn by her hair, then dragged her up the ramp and off the stage, over by all the technical stuff. I Set the table up, then i put he ron it. I Then i got under the table with the hand cuffs and grabbed her hands, then i handcuffed her hands under the table so she couldn’t get away. She then started freaking out. I Smirked. Then, i ran over to this part of the stage, that big 30 foot metal thing, then i started climbing it. 10 feet in the air….nope. Not enough. Then, i continued climbing. The crowd was just roaring waiting to see what i would do next. 20 feet, still not enough. And i continued climbing, then Kathryn realized i was literally gonna jump off and hit a 450 on her, and she called for the ref.

“Look…Kasey,” She said, as i was still climbing. “This has been going on for long enough, and for what? Look, i’m sorry. I’m sorry for walking all over you on RAW, i’m sorry for breaking your ankle, I’m sorry for ambushing you backstage, I’m sorry for getting you bad publicity on TMZ, i’m sorry, for everything. I Really am…” She said.

Look how many shits i don’t give.

I Think she expected her apology would get her forgivness, but oh no. I’m not stopping, and i continued climbing. She the realized her plan didn’t work, then sighed.

“I QUIT!!! I QUIT I QUIT I QUIT!!!!” She shouted into the mic, just as i stopped climbing and was 30 feet up in the air. The ref rang the bell and my music started playing as i won. But we agreed i’d take a big bump, and well, i already climbed 30 feet, and i gotta get down someway. Kathryn was perfectly angled on the table. I Couldn’t resist it.

 Then, i jumped off and did a 450 on Kathryn 30 feet into the air and put her right threw the table. I felt like every bone in my body was shattered, and i could only imagine the pain she was in. Lots of people came from backstage to help us. Two of them grabbed me and flipped me onto my back. They were already bringing two stretchers out for us. This was my home town, i wasn’t fucking walking out of here on a stretcher. I Just tumbled out of that área and onto the ramp, then started crawling on my knees over to the big screen on the ramp, stood up against it, then the ref handed me my titles, and i just raised them proudly in the air as i got a standing ovation from the sold out Allstate Arena.


Punk just won his match, and was the new WWE Champion. The Pay-per view just went off air, and me and Punk were just about to do a curtain call as the Hometown héroes for the night. Punk was already in the ring, celebrating. Then, my music played, and i limped out onto the staging área, fully dressed and with my gold, the crowd was still on their feet, cheering. Me and Punk stared each other down for a moment, then i walked down the ramp and walked up the steps, then went into the ring and stood face-to-face with Punk, before we hugged. Then, we both got on top of the corner ropes and raised our gold as we got a standing ovation from our hometown of Chicago. I Just smiled and pointed over to Patrick, who was smiling and cheering as well. Then, we switched post, did the same thing, then hopped out of the ring and walked backstage.

*Justins POV*

“YOU DID GREAT!!!” That hockey player said to Kat, as he greeted her backstage with a hug and a kiss. I Could just throw up.

“Thanks,” Kat smiled at him, before kissing him. Ugh.

I Was just sitting on a crate backstage with my RAW Money In the Bank Briefcase that i won earlier tonight, just watching. Backstage the mood here is big, this pay-per view went GREAT, and we all think this is the event to beat so far this year. Then, Jenny and Cody walked up.

“Aw, look at Angel over here drooling over the girl of his dreams and not doing anything about it,” Jenny said.

“Shut it,” I Said to her.

“Well she’s right,” Cody agreed.

“I Know,” I Sighed. “But she’s taken, what the hell am i supposed to do?”

“Steal her heart,” Jenny said.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Look, WWE events are in Rockford this week, that’s like an our away from Chicago, so Tuesday, me and Cody were thinking of spending the night at some club or something dancing, drinking, playing pool, all the stuff. Come with us and invite Kat!”

“She has Smackdown tapings,” I Shrugged.

“She and Kathryn both got the night off,” Cody said.

“Well, she’ll say no,” I Shrugged again.

“How will you know until you ask?” Jenny said.

Then, she grabbed my hand and pulled on me, then pushed me over by Kat and Patrick, who just looked at me.

“Um…hi,” I Said, nervously.

“Hey!” Kat smiled.

“Yo,” Her boyfriend said. “Nice win tonight, Broski.”

“Thanks,” I Said to him. “So uh, Kat, i Heard you had the night off from the Smackdown tapings?”

“Yep! Well deserved,” She smiled.

“Well uh, Jenny and Cody and i were gonna go hang out at some club or something Chicago Tuesday, and i was wondering…you wanna come with us?” She shrugged.

“I Don’t know, Patrick has Surgery Tuesday…” She shrugged.

“Nah, don’t worry,” Her boyfriend said. “I Don’t want you hanging around mopping in the hospital all day waiting for me. Go have fun.” She smiled at him, then back at me.

“Pick me up at my house whenever,” She smiled. I Smiled back, then went back to Cody and Jenny.

“So?” Jenny asked.

“Can you say…Double Date?” I Smirked.

*Later, Kat’s POV*

“TONIGHT WAS AMAZING!!!” Kristen shouted backstage. It was her, me , Punk and Patrick. We were just leaving the arena.

“Damn straight it was,” Punk smiled.

“You guys did AMAZING!” Patrick smiled.

“Well…you know…” I blushed.

“Hey,” Punk said. “One Stanley Cup winner, One girl who won her dark match, two champions, i say we go celebrate in Chicago.”

“Where?” Kristen asked.

“Ace and Colt are a Mike Ditka mural place a couple minutes away, they have Diet Pepsi, a boom-box, and girls,” Punk smirked. Kristen just playfully smacked him in the chest. “Let’s go party with them!”

“Ace and Colt?” I Asked. “Man, i haven’t seen them in YEARS!”

“Really?” Kristen said. “Because i haven’t seen them in a week!”

“I’ve never even Heard of them,” Patrick said.

“So, you guys wanna go Party with the boys or what?” Punk said.

“LET’S GO PARTY!!” I Yelled.

“Aw yeah,” Kristen said.

“Oh, and i also got Me, Kristen and Colt tickets to the Cubs game tomorrow, you two wanna come to?” Punk asked me and Patrick.

“We got nothing better to do, so what the hell,” Patrick answered.

“Nice,” Punk smiled as we walked into the parking lot and headed to the Mike Ditka memorial.

Oh Chicago…This really is the greatest city in the world.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty One // The Bahamas/ Part Three- PS. I Love You

A/N-Writing this Chapter i only had one big idea for it...which you'll see later as you read this...but anyway, yeah, i had trouble writing it, so yeah, that's why it's short and stuff. haha. And i met to get it up Friday, but with some stuff, yeah, it's up now. lool. well...enjoy


 Me and Patrick were in bed cuddling with each other. It felt so good being in his embrace. We also left the sliding door that lead to the balcony open, so there was a nice, cool breeze coming into our room. This felt so right.

"I Love you so much," Patrick whispered into my ear, making me smile.

"I Love you too," I Said.

Then he flipped over and got on top of me, then pinned me down onto the bed and started to passionately kiss me, until we were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Kaner sighed, then got up to go answer, and i shortly followed. We opened the door and saw Sharpie there.

"Am i interrupting something here?" He asked.

"Kind of," Kaner said.

"Oh well too bad," Sharpie said, i just rolled my eyes. "It's 1pm, aren't we supposed to go down to the beach?"

"Oh yeah," Kaner said. "We forgot."

"Well duh," Sharpie said. "We've been waiting for you two for over 15 minutes."

"Really?" I Said. "Guess we just lost track of time."

"Yeah, you did," Sharpie said.

"We'll go change and head to the beach," I Said.

Then, Kaner and i headed over to our room to change, but Sharpie grabbed Kaner real quick before he got to our room...

"Dude," Sharpie said, grabbing Kaner after i went into our room and shut the door. 

"'Sup man?" Kaner asked him.

"Tomorrow's the day," Sharpie smirked.

"Your...y'know...proposing?" Kaner asked.

"I Think so," Sharpie shrugged.

"You think?" Kaner questioned.

"Okay, yeah, i am," Sharpie said. 

"Wow man," Kaner said. "How's it feel?"

"I Feel nervous as fuck," Sharpie said. "What if she says no?"

"She won't say no," Kaner reassured. "She loves you too much. I Don't know why, but she does."

"I Know she does, but she's still young, what if she doesn't wanna get married?" Sharpie asked.

"Just because she's young and your old as shit doesn't mean anything," Kaner said. "Dude 16 year olds are getting married now a days. Sarah's 23, i think she'll say yes."

"Hopefully..." Sharpie sighed. "I'm just so nervous."

"Don't be," Kaner said. "Your girlfriend doesn't have the devil as her dad, relax."

"True..." Sharpie said. "Hey, does Kat know you went to her dad?"

"Hell no," Kaner said. "I Don't even wanna remember that time, yet alone let my girlfriend know. When i propose, i'll just go ask another family member close to her or something. I Hear her brother lives in London, maybe him."

"When the hell are you gonna go to London?" Sharpie asked him. Kaner just shrugged.

"I Have no idea," Kaner said. "But no matter what, i'm still proposing to Kat by the end of the summer."

"Good," Sharpie said.

"I'm ready!" I Said as i came out of the bedroom in my Purple Bikini and saw Sharpie and Kaner on the couch.

"Alright, i'll go change," Kaner said, getting up and heading to our room.

"Hurry up, Buzz!" I Said to him, smiling.

"How long are you gonna call him Buzz?" Sharpie asked.

"As long as he has a buzz-cut, i'll call him Buzz," I Stuck out my tongue.

Then, Kaner came out in his trunks and a white t-shirt and the three of us headed to the beach to meet up with the other three.



"I Wanna go snorkeling," Sarah said.

"I Don't," I Said.

"You don't wanna do anything involving water," Sarah rolled her eyes. Kaner just looked at me.

"I Don't like swimming," I Said to him.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Swimming means water, water means oceans, oceans mean drowning, drowning means dieing, so basically by not swimming i'm saving my life," I Said.

"That's the most stupidest thing i've ever heard," Sarah said.

"Could you shut up for just a moment?" I Asked her. She rolled her eyes. "I Just don't feel comfortable in water," I Shrugged.

"Don't worry," Kaner said, putting his arms around me, "As long as i'm here, i won't let anything happen to you."

"Aw, isn't that cute," Punk said. "I Could almost throw up."

"That's nothing i wanna picture after i just ate," Sarah said, looking a little queezy.

"You know your a jackass," Sharpie said to Punk.

"Oh really i am?" Punk asked. "Why, i didn't know that!"

"Oh my," Kristen sighed. "Don't fight, please."

"Because the girl i love said so..." Punk said.

"Because i don't wanna go to jail for kicking your ass...." Sharpie said.

"OoOo Your getting feisty," Sarah smirked, clinging onto her boyfriend.

" know," Sharpie said. "When i gotta be a man, i gotta be a man."

"You do realize what you just said, right?" Punk asked him.

"You do realize if you two don't shut up i'll make you,right?" Kristen said. Then, they shut their mouths as we walked over to this reef where we would go snorkeling.


"Two margaritas, right here," Kaner said, with two margaritas in hand, for me and for him, as did Sharpie for him and Sarah.

It was around 5 and we just got out of the water about 15 minutes ago. The sun was setting here in the bahamas, and all of us decided to lay off dinner for an hour our so, and just drink margaritas together on the beach.

"This is beautiful," Sharpie said, leaning back, putting his free arm around Sarah.

"It reminds me of the sunset we had when we got married last year on the beach," Punk smiled. Wow, i've never seen him smile before, well, not a 'Good' Smile. I See vicious smiles.

"Best day of my life," Kristen smiled, as well.

"You know, it's been almost a year since you walked down the isle," I Said.

"Really? Seems like just yesterday," Punk smiled again. Seriously, this is getting creepy.

"Before you know it," Sarah said. "You'll be popping a bunch of little punks out of your coslopus...god help us all." Kristen and Punk just looked uneasy.

"Kids?" Punk said.

"We've only been married a little over 8 months, kids,really?" Kristen said.

"You know," I Said, before taking a sip of my margarita. "I'm surprised you two already don't have a little punk in the oven, considering you do it constantly. You'd think the condom would break by now."

"I Don't feel comfortable talking about my sex life with my best friend, her friend, her boyfriend, and her best friends boyfriend," Kristen shrugged.

"Either do i," Kaner said, putting his arm around me, and thats when i noticed something.

"Babe, your wrist is all bruised," I Said.

"Don't worry about it," He shrugged. "I've just been over-using it lately, it's no big deal."

"I Haven't had something bruised up like that since i broke my wrist in the indies," Kristen said.

"That actually looks worst," Punk said, looking at it.

"Damn Kaner, how the hell did you do that?" Sharpie asked.

"Look it's nothing," Kaner said.

"It's something," Sarah said.

"She's right," I Said. "When i was 9, i broke my wrist, and my wrist was almost bruised and swollen up like yours."

"If it's such a big deal, i'll go see a doctor sunday before the pay-per view in Chicago," Patrick said.

"Speaking of the Pay-Per view," Sarah said. "You guys did manage to get us tickets,right?"

"Ringside," I Said. "Took a lot of work...and by that, i mean asking Stephanie for some when she was drunk."

"Man, i'm excited for Sunday," Punk smiled. "Kid, you and i are ruling the whole Pay-Per view."

"Damn straight we are," I Smiled.

"Gonna be a great way to spend our one year anniversary," Kaner smiled, before kissing me.

"It's gonna be fun for sure," I Smiled, taking another sip of my margarita as i admired the sunset.

*Patrick Sharps POV*

We were all sitting on the beach admiring the sunset and talking about this Wrestling Pay-Per view we were all going to be at Sunday when we get back to Chicago, and i felt my Cell phone vibrate next to me, and when i checked it, i just smiled.

"Bought to hop on my plane...Gonna be in the Bahamas around this time tomorrow!!!"

That was the text message i had just received from my brother Chris. I Booked him a plane so he could come out here to help me set up...Set up for my proposal to Sarah tomorrow. I Was a nervous wreck inside just thinking about this, but i felt a little better knowing my brother was going to help me with this, and that i'd be proposing to Sarah, someone i actually love, and not just some short-term thing. I Just couldn't help but smile.

"Who's that?" Sarah asked, as she saw my smiling at my phone.

"Oh...just Adam," I said. "You know Adam, nothing important, just random nonsense."

She just smiled at me, and i smiled back. Tomorrow was a big day, to say the least. Tomorrow, my life will forever be changed, for the better...hopefully.

*Friday, Patrick Sharp's POV*

"Wow..." Me and My brother Chris said at the same time.

It was about 7pm. Sarah was still at the beach with Kat and Kristen, Kaner and Phil, but i told them i wasn't feeling too good, so i left about an hour ago to go pick my brother Chris up from the airport, and since then, we've been redoing mine and Sarah's hotel room. I Had Candles everywhere, and the sun was setting, and in roses, i made a heart that i would get down in one knee in, and in front of that, i spelled out the words "Will You Marry Me?". Sarah would walk in any moment now to see all of this.

"I Can't believe your about to propose," Chris said to me.

"Me neither," I Said. "But if i wasn't sure i wanted to do this, i wouldn't." Chris just smiled.

"Who would have thought my little brother would fall in love before i did," He laughed, as did i. "So uh, where's the ring?" I Pulled it out of my pocket and showed it to him. "Wow...That looks, expensive."

"You can't put a price on love,"I Smiled.

"How long did it take you to convince yourself that before buying it?" Chris laughed.

"Eh," I Laughed. "How do i look?"

I Turned around and looked in the mirror. I Was wearing tan shorts, a white v-neck, and i kind of spiked up my hair a little.

"You look great," Chris said. "Look, Sarah should be up here any moment, get down on your knee in the heart, and i'ma head out now into my own hotel room.

"Alright," I Said. "Thanks man," I Said, before hugging him real quick.

"Anytime," Chris said. "Now, go make sure Sarah becomes my future Sister-In-Law," He smiled, before patting me on the back, then he left.

After he left, i tip-toed over to the Heart made of roses, then bent down on one knee with the ring out. Any moment, Sarah would walk through that door.

*Sarah's POV*

I Was walking down the hall to my room. Kat, Kaner, Kristen and Punk weren't hungry, but i was, so i left the beach and i was gonna go see if Patrick wanted to go to Dinner early with me. While walking, i swear, i saw Patrick's brother, Chris. Can't be. Chris is all the way up in Canada. I'm probably just seeing things since i haven't eaten much today. Then, i grabbed my room key and opened the door to my hotel room, and i saw all these candles and rose petals everywhere, and i saw Sharpie on one knee with a Ring in his hand in this Heart made of Rose petals, and below i saw the words "Will You Marry Me?" Spelled out in Red and Pink roses. I Just rubbed my eyes, i'm just imagining things now, i really need some food. But then, when i rubbed my eyes and then opened them again, everything was still the same. The Candles. The Rose Petals. Patrick. The ring. This is real life right here. I Just completely froze when i realized that.

"Sarah," Sharpie began. "Since the day i met you at the mall back in October, i had a crush on you. Then, things developed, and something happened to me that's never happened before, i fell in love with someone. After every game loss, after all the hard times, you've always been there to help me move forward, and no one else in my life has done that. Sarah, i've never met Anyone like you. Your one of a kind. Sarah, I Love You, and those three words have my life in them. So, Sarah Lynn Mason, will you give me the honor of becoming your future husband? Will you marry me?"