Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Extreme Career-Year One Week Twenty Seven(Til' I Forget About You) Part Two

After i walked out of Kristen's front door, I paused for a moment, then, to my surprise, i actually like, just collapsed right on the porch of her and Punk's house. I had A LOT on my mind before, But Now...My Head was like, about to explode. I Just needed to clear me head. But for now, i was just laying their, on her porch, confused. About 5 minutes later,  i got up, and held my head. I Just needed a breather i guess, so when i was walking back home, i took a different, and kinda longer way and i walked kinda slow. It ended up taking me...maybe, about an hour to get home, but it was alright, it wasn't a bad day in Chicago Weather wise, so no problem, and i got some time to clear my head, so yeah. When i finally got home, the Apartment was empty, i'm kinda guessing maybe they were still at Practice or something. I Was kinda hungry, since i haven't really eaten yet today, so i went over to the Fridge to look for something, but then i noticed that a Drawer was cracked open a little with something sticking out.I got Suspicious, so i opened it only to see like, A Million Bags of Twizzlers in their. I Raised an Eyebrow and was confused for a moment. Then, Sarah Came downstairs...

"Look Who's back!" She said.  "Bout time, Kaner's been waiting for you," She said, winking. I Didn't pay attention to what she just said,  just kept staring at all the twizzlers, then picked them up, and looked over to her, with the Twizzlers in hand.

"OH, THOSE!" She said. "Kaner wanted to go get some on the way home, he's starting to become addicted to those things," She said,  I Just raised my eyebrow again, while looking at them again. Then, Kaner came downstairs, but instead of like, usual, he was, like,actually, dressed. Like, in a suit or something.He doesn't look like this like, all the time, so this was new.

"Why are you dressed like, a business man?" I Asked. "Your No-where near a man Business, so why do you look like one?"

"You know how the game's tomorrow?" He said. "Before the game, we have the Red Carpet Event on Madison Street, and i wanna actually like, look good, so i picked up a suit and stuff on the way home," He said, smiling. God how much i love that smile.

"AH I See," I Said. "But uh, What about these?" I Said, pointing to the Twizzlers. He took a little while to respond.

"I'm a hard-working Man, Kit-Kat, I Deserve a treat every now and then," He said, snatching a bag from me, opening it and putting one in his mouth. I Couldn't help but laugh. Then, i remember that the Photo Shoot for WWE I Did Back in Toronto Should be up today, so jumped over the counter and headed over to the computer desk.

"You were Seriously Too Lazy just to walk Around the counter?" Sarah said. We both laughed a little. Then, her and Kaner came over to me to check out my epic photo shoot. But then, i looked at Kaner when he got over here. he looked confused.

"What's wrong?" I Asked

"Why does it say the Luke Schenn And Kris Versteeg 'Came By and Helped Out' In Your Photo Shoot?" He Asked.

"Because they did," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes, then stick his tongue out at me.

I Looked Back over at the computer, and went through all the photos. I was Amazed by how they turned out. They were Incredible.  Though Next Time, I Hire the Photographer, haha. They got good Shots and stuff. But then, when we got to the part where Luke and Kris joined in, Kaner raised an Eyebrow.

"First, Why Are Luke's Arms around You like that? Second, Why is He Smiling like he is Very much enjoying that? And Why are you doing that too?" He said. I Looked at the pic, i was actually blushing a little, and you could Certainly tell.

"NEXT PICTURE!" I Said, quickly switching to the one me and VerBeauty Did. Kaner's eyes popped open.

"Oh My Gosh...What is he doing?" He said, smiling a little.

"Toews Face," I Said, trying not to laugh. He did master it, don't get me wrong, but it just looked so funny.

"Wow..." Kaner said, also trying not to laugh. "And are you trying to make face of something?" He asked, obviously refering to me having the mouthpiece that was supposed to be in my mouth hanging out, just like Kaner does.

"Why Yes, Yes it is," I Said, Smiling.

"I Do it way better..." He Said, then he stuck his tongue out at me, i rolled my eyes, and did the same, then we kissed real quick.

"Wow, that's really nice to do infront of a guest...really guys," Sarah Said Sarcastically. Hate it say it, but i'm starting to know what Kristen Probably feels like whenever i make comments about her and Punk making any kind of Sexual Contact or anything sexual together. It's annoying, very. Then, we came to the last picture, the one with Me, Luke, Kris and the Title. Probably my favorite picture i've EVER Had taken of me in my life.

"Wow, you know," Sarah said. "When the Leafs Win the Cup sometime, and well, you'll probably still have your Championship, so you guys should go do another photoshoot together or something, the same way, except with Kris and Luke holding the Cup! That would make this picture like, epic,"

"Yeah, it would!" Kaner said agreeing. "To Bad it'll never happen, no way Leafs are winning the cup this season, The Hawks are gonna do it again," He said, being pretty cocky. Then, me and Sarah looked at eachother, then back at Kaner. Then, we just bursted out laughing. HOWEVER, Kaner wasn't amused.

"Wow, Nice to know i'm dating a girl who, along with her friend, Have no faith in their own Hockey team," He said, pouting, which i found kinda cute.

"No No No," I Said. "We Still Love You, But it's been over like,10 years since a Hockey team has won back-to-back Stanley Cups, it'd take a Miracle for the Hawks to do it...Though it'd be awesome to see you do it though."

"Well Said!" Sarah said. "HOWEVER, you said 'WE' Love Him....Yeah, no. Sorry Kaner, I Like the Hawks, but well...your just not my type," She said. I Rolled my eyes, and Kaner looked shocked.

"I'M NOT!?" He Said. "OH MY...2012 HAS COME EARLY...I'M NOT SARAH'S TYPE KAT, MY HEART IS BROKEN, I CAN'T GO ON ANY LONGER..." He finished up, EXTREMELY Sarcastically, and pretty much Owning her. I Just laughed. She wasn't amused.

"Well, i'm gonna go take a Power Nap," I Said, getting up and heading upstairs.

"OoOoO What makes it so Power-ful?" Sarah Asked.

"I Don't know...I Just need some fucking sleep," I Said, Flipping my hair, like Justin Bieber does, and it was actually a good hairflip. yeah.

"Alright, Have a good Nap," Kaner said.

"Thanks, love you," I Said, heading.

"Love You Two," He said, as i was heading upstairs.

Once i got to our room, i actually switched out of my Jeans and put on some Pajama Pants. Then, i jumped into mine a Kaner's bed and just cudled up under the sheets. Since Kaner wasn't their to hog them, i like, wrapped myself around them. I Was tired and cold. It took like, less then 5 minute for me to fall asleep. I Was seriously, SO TIRED, i never woke up. Didn't wake for Dinner or anything. It was only, 3:30 or something, but i slept from then til' 8:00am Saturday Morning...Like a baby.

*The Next Day, 8:00am, Mine and Kaner's apartment*
I Woke up pretty early. Only 8:00am. I Honestly just wanted to go back to sleep, but then i remembered, i've been sleeping for about...almost 17 hours. So i got up and was about to get out of my Pajama's, then, i realized that it was Saturday. But not just some Ordinary Saturday. In 9 hours from now, The Blackhawks Would Be walking a Red Carpet to the U.C, and in about, 11 hours or something, it would be time for the Banner Raising Ceremony, something that we've like, been looking forward to all summer. Then, after that, it was time to play some Hockey. I Started growing a HUGE Smile on my face, just thinking about tonight, i was just so exited. Then, i ran out of the bedroom, slid down the stairs railing halfway, then jumped over it onto the floor, ran over to the couch and just jumped up onto it and then jumped on it, like a little kid. Really, i'm excited for this game. My Loud Noise must have Woken Patrick and Sarah up, because they came down stairs shortly after.

"What The Hell?" Sarah said. "Did we like, miss something...?"

"Nah, I'm Just Excited for tonight!" I Said, still smiling.

"Oh..." Kaner said, not caring, at all and heading to the Kitchen, and Sarah did the same, except started heading back upstairs.

"Wow...Calm Down, Guys..." I Said, Sarcastically.

"Well sorry, But i've done a lot of Home Openers before, only difference is that this time, we get to raise the Stanley Cup Banner, So i guess i'm excited about that," He said. "But i don't think it was neccissary to make so much noise and wake us up. We like, only got into bed like,  5 hours ago," He said, while Sarah Nodded.

"You Two didn't get to bed until 3am?" I Asked. "The hell were you doing?"

"Eh...Nothing too special. We just went out to go visit someone," Sarah said.

"That someone would be...?" I Asked.

"None of Your Business," She said, sticking out her tongue. I Just rolled my eyes.

"I Think i'm gonna go like, get a hair cut or something before the game in a bit, so can i take your chevy?" I Asked Patrick.

"Sure, but why do you wanna cut you hair?" He asked.

"It's a little too long," I Said. It was a little past my shoulders, and i wanted it cut, like, up to my neck, but not too short.

"Okay," He said. "The Key's should Be On The Desk."

"Alright, I'm gonna get changed then i'll head out." I Said.

"I Need some new stuff, So I'll come with you," Sarah Said.

"Kay," I Said, heading upstairs to change.

I Got on Some Jeans, DC Shoes and a Nexus Shirt. When i came back and Kaner saw it, he just looked at it for a moment..

"Nice Shirt..." He said. He didn't hate Nexus Really, But Justin gave me this Shirt. And well, Kaner and Justin Absolutely Hate Eachother, so yeah.

"I Know you hate him, but their's nothing else to wear. What else do you want me to wear?" I Asked.

"Kat, I Don't care if you went out in pants and Just A Bra...To Be honest, i don't think anyone would really care," He said, before pausing. Then, he had a look on his face, And I Actually think that Idiot was Fantasizing me in just a Bra. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Get To The Point," I Said, with my arms crossed.

"Alright, alright," He said, trying not to smile. "Point is, you know who gave you that. And...Well, i just don't-"

"I Know...I Know..." I Said, rolling my eyes. "Tell you what, i'll pick up a new shirt at the mall."

"Good," He said.

Then, Sarah came back downstairs, i grabbed the keys to Kaner's Chevy and we headed down to the Buildings Garage or...Whatever, and headed over to my favorite mall in the state, The Westfield Mall. It was like, a little less then an Hour away from Chicago, but oh well. When we got their, the first thing we did when we walked inside was head into this Hair Salon they had and i got my hair cut. I Took about...maybe 15 minutes because i had them wash it before they did it, then it took 15 minutes after that to cut it, then like, 5 minutes to blow dry it. In the end, i actually liked it. Not too short, not too long anymore either.

" good!" Sarah said.

"Thanks," I Said, running my hands through my hair. It felt soft, and i was really liking it.

"So, Kaner's making me get a new shirt, since he doesn't like this one," I Said, rolling my eyes and pointing to it for some reason, like she couldn't see it. "So, i'm thinking about maybe going to that Blackhawks Store before the Red Carpet later and getting some stuff, you in?" I Asked.

"Oh, HELL YEAH," She said, smiling.

"Aight'," I Said. "But first, i need some new shoes," I Said. I've had these one's for like, over a year now.

We headed upstairs to this store called "Journey". It was SUPER EPIC. They had a flat screen that played like, the coolest Music Videos. The people their were nice. And of course, the shoes and etc were incredible. They were one of the stores that sold "DC Shoes"...The only shoes that have the proud honor of my feet. Then, i found these kick-ass shoes, mostly black, and it had a dash of hot pink in a cool design. They were epic and only $60 dollars. I Tried them on they fit PERFECTLY.

"Hey, should i get these?" I Asked to Sarah, but she wasn't paying any attention.  I Looked over,and apparently, she had her eyes on some Nirvana Shirt. It's been too long, so i Completely forgot she like, loved Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. I Went over and got a better look at it.

"If you want it, just get it," I Said.


"Look, i got Kaner's Credit Card. He has enough money on this to last us like, forever. We'll be good. And i also have mine like, $200 back in the chevy, so don't worry," I Said.

She just smiled and grabbed it from the rack, and i took off the shoes and was about to get them ringed up and pay for them...but i spoke to soon. I Looked over and saw i shitload of Hoodies. I Went over and looked at all of them, then i found this Black and White Lepord Striped one, which also was $60 bucks, but whatever. I Got The DC Shoes, the DC Hoodie, and Sarah's Nirvana shirt. Then we headed out of "Journey" And we ran into two familiar faces, and i couldn't believe who it was...

"Oh, Why hello Kat and Girl who's name i have yet to know," Patrick Sharp said, standing next to Brian Cambell with some Shopping bags in hand. I Was just confused.

"It's Sarah," She said.

"Sarah? Pretty Name," Sharpie said, with that Cute Half smile of his. I Could see Sarah smiling a little, and even blushing.

"Why the hell are you two here?" I Asked.

"Last Minute shopping before the Red-Carpet," Soupy said.

"Yeah, Since we both aren't playing tonight, we decided to come and pick up some last minute stuff," Sharpie said.

"WAIT WHAT?!" Me and Sarah both said at the same time.

"I Knew Soupy wouldn't be playing, But you!?" I Said to Sharpie. "The Hell happened!?"

"Upper-body injury," He said, shrugging. "I'll do the red carpet and raise the banner, but no hockey."

"Who injured you?" Sarah asked. "I WANT A FUCKING NAME," She said. We just laughed.

"So, let me guess, that's stuff for the party?" Soupy said, looking at our bags.

"Wait what?" I Asked, confused.

"C'mon Kat...We know your throwing a party to celebrate the Hawks beating the Red Wings tonight, just say it," Sharp said.

"Well, i'm not. No place to have it, Sorry!" I Said.

"Have it at your place!" Sharpie said.
"Too Small."

"I Don't care. I Just wanna party. So you like, need to throw one," He said.

"If you want a damn party so much, throw it yourself!" I Said.

"You Know, MAYBE I JUST MIGHT," Sharpie said. "And my party will be epicier then your Party would be if you were throwing one."

"Good for you, i hope that makes you proud," I Said to him, sarcastically.

"It does, it really does," Sharpie said. "C'mon Soupy, let's go work on an Epic party," He said. Then, they left, but not before they both stuck they tongues out at me. I Just Rolled my eyes at them

"You know Kat," Sarah said. "Patrick's kinda Hot."

I Just looked at her crazy, then back at Sharpie, then back at Sarah, then back at Sharpie, and i noticed that Sarah was like, staring at his ass. I Just continued looking at her like she was crazy, then shook my head, and headed out of the mall and to the Chevy. We ended up heading back to Chi-Town and heading Straight to the Blackhawks Store. And oh my...It was like Heaven.

"Oh...My....Gosh," I Said, walking in and looking around. If it had ANYTHING To Do With the Hawks, it was like, in there.

"This MUST Be Heaven..." Sarah said, also looking around, in awe.

I Like malls, but this has to be my favorite store like, ever. I Ended up Getting a Patrick Kane Away Jersey, A Jonathan Toews Home Jersey, A Patrick Sharp Home Jersey, A Duncan Keith Home Jersey and a Hossa Jersey. That was all like, $600+ right there. Then, you had Sarah, Who got a Patrick Sharp Home and Away Jersey, and Duncan Keith Home Jersey, and a Toews Home Jersey, and a Hawks Jacket. Overall, we spent a total of....about, maybe $1000+. We could have spent more, but we decided to limit ourselfs. Then, we went back to the Apartment and showered real quick, then changed into some new clothes. Kaner was having a limo pick him up, so we could take the Chevy to get to the UC as well. I Of course, wore some Jeans, my new DC Shoes and my Kane Jersey, the home one. Sarah also wore some jeans, and of course, her Sharp jersey.

"You Ready?" I Said, grabbing my cell phone and putting it in my pocket, and grabbing the keys again.

"YEP" Sarah said.

"Alright then, Let's go see some hockey," I Said, smiling as we headed back down to get in the chevy and head to the UC.

*A Couple Minutes later, at the UC*

We wanted to be like, RIGHT Behind the velvet rope to see the Hawks, so, me and Sarah ended up having to get into a fight with Other Hawk fans to make it through. Some women elbowed me in my face, i ended up Back-handing her like J-Woww does. We ended up getting to the front, and waited a couple minutes for the limo's to arrive. The first people to arrive were the Ambassadors---Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Tony Esposito, etc--- Then, slowly the current Hawks arrived, Looking like, really sexy in their suits. Then, Kaner's limo came and i cheered like, super loud. It was only right. He came over by me and we kissed real quick, then he headed into the UC. The women next to me gave me a funny look after that.

"What You Lookin' At Bitch?" I Said full of my pure Kattitude. She just rolled her eyes and looked away. I Rolled mine aswell.

Then, we all headed in. I Went to go get some beer, and then  me and Sarah Found are seats. Seriously, They were EPIC. Like, right behind the glass and center ice. I'm so thankful Kaner got us these. Then, the Banner ceremony started. And Oh My Gosh...It was so beautiful. I'm not only thankful i got to experiance this at The UC, but i'm happy i got to Experiance this, period. This is something i will never forget, nor any true Hawks fan will. Them raising the banner and stuff actually put slight tears of joy in my eyes. After that, it was finally time for some HOCKEY.

*Kristen And Punks House, Kristens POV*

It was like, 8:00pm, i was still at him with the dogs finishing up the Wedding invites, Punk went out to go get some more Pepsi. Then, he walked through the back door with a whole box full of it.

"How those invites coming?" He asked me, as he opened it and got two out, one for him and one for me. He's just too nice to me.

"They should be done in like, 15 minutes," I Said. He smiled, then walked over and handed me a pepsi and kissed me. Then he headed over to the computer and i went back to writing the invites.

"WHOA," He shouted.

"What!?" I  Said, worried a little.

"Come look at this," He said.

I Went over to the computer and i saw that he was on one of those Wrestling Dirtsheets and was reading an article about Kat...

"WWE Diva and current Women's champion Kasey Angel was spotted tonight in Chicago at the United Center, locking lips with Chicago Blackhawks Young Star Patrick Kane (Picture below) It is reported that Kasey and Patrick have been seeing each other since early summer. And on an Interesting note, it's been told Kasey has requested time off from WWE After her match Against Kathryn Prince at Night Of Champions To Spend More time with the young hockey Star. More details to come later"

Punk Scrolled down, and there it was, a picture of Kat and Kaner kissing.

"Looks like she made her decision..." I Mumbled.

"Wait what?" Punk asked.

"Oh...Nothing." I Said.

"You know, Why the hell would they post something like this on a dirt-sheet?" Punk said. "It's just pointless."

"True, but-" I Said. but was stopped. There was a pounding on the door. I Walked over to go get it, and i saw Heather, John, Nickie and Justin. I Was confused.

"How did you all find out where we lived?" I Asked. Then, they all came in.

"Please, COME IN. Make yourselfs at home," Punk said, sarcastically.

"OH JUSTIN," Heather said. "Why don't you tell Kristen and Punk what you told me and Nickie!"

"Yeah, why don't you?!" Nickie said. Me and Punk looked at eachother, confused.

"Okay, well, you both know how i like Kat. And Well, i think i'm ready," He said, smiling.

"For?" I Asked.

"You Know, to take our relationship to the next step," He said, still smiling. "I Wanna ask Kat to be My Girlfriend." Then, i froze, and my eyes met up with Punk, and Heather's Nickie and John's. We all had the same look on our faces.

"A Moment with you all...Except you Justin," Punk said, leading us all into the Kitchen

"Oh My Gosh, Is he serious?!" I Asked.

"YEP," Heather said.

"Kat apparently never told him Kaner asked her out, so he still has absolutely no idea they're dating." Nickie said.

"Well why wouldn't she tell him?" Punk said. "OH YEAH, that's right, she's the world's biggest idiot," He continued, looking pissed.

"OR," John said. "While i do agree she is 25% Idiotic, She obviously knows Justin Likes her, and she decided to be smart...or nice...or whatever, and not tell Justin to avoid Heartbreak. At the time, in that brain of hers, it sounded like a good idea, but now, yeah, no..."

"Well...What the hell are we supposed to tell him?" I Said.

"I Don't know," Heather said. "But-"

"WAIT!" Punk said, eyes popping wide open

"What?" Nickie asked.

"Before you guys came, i was on a site, that had a pic of Kat and Patrick and talking about them dating, and a picture of them kissing,"

"Your point?" Heather asked.

"I Never X'd out of the page," Punk said. Then, everyone's jaws dropped.

"So, Justin could possibly see-" Nickie began.

"Yeah," Punk said, almost breathless.

Then, we all ran out of the kitchen and into the living room to make sure he couldn't be able to see that, but it was too late. We walked in, and saw him just looking at the computer screen, blankly, not knowing what the fuck was going on. All our hearts just stopped, and we were all truly breathless. Then, Punk broke the Ackward silence and walked up to him, and put his arm around him.

"Sorry you had to find out like this..."

*Back at the United Center, Kats POV Again*

The game JUST Ended, and it was AMAZING. It ended up going into a Shootout, and it was just amazing. Toews, Kane and Stalberg all went out for the Hawks, and they all scored,  This night was truly amazing. Then, we decided to head down to the Locker room to congratulate  them, and oh was crazy in there. The cup was their, all the players were there, and they had a bunch of bottles of...Vodka, or maybe Champagne, opened up. It was just CRAZY. I Eventually found Kaner, and he saw me, and we kissed.

"You Guys were AMAZING Tonight!!!" I Said, smiling.

"Why thank you," Kaner said smiling too, then we kissed again, but someone interupted us, by pouring the Vodka or whatever all over us, i looked up, and it was Hossa, who tied up the game that got it into OT and the SO.

"YEAH BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" He shouted, spraying the drink all over people. I Laughed, it was just too funny. Ever since he FINALLY Got his hands on the cup here in chicago, he's been such a different person, it's awesome.

"Alright, ALRIGHT," Someone said, i looked over, it was Sharp.

"Now, i know your all enjoying your self's here, but i say we go back to my place, and have a REAL Party," He said, smirking. Everyone just cheered and headed out, except me, i was just in shock. This fool actually is throwing a party. Then, Sharpie walked over to me, and stuck his tongue out at me, i just rolled my eyes, and he laughed.

"C'Mon Kat, You don't wanna miss my epic party," He said, winking. I Just rolled my eyes again.

*3 Hours Later, 1:45am, Patrick Sharp's house, at his 'Epic' Blackhawks Victory Party*

We've been here for about, 3 hours now. And my gosh...Sharpie was right, this is one hell of an epic party. He had a Hot tub, Music, Flashing lights to dance in, Food, and an Open Bar. And his dog Shooter was there. It was fucking epic. We even had a dance Competition,  and to my surprise,  Sharpie actually danced. Funniest thing EVER. Then they had a Mario Kart competition, and Jelly Belly just kicked ass, along with Soupy, who came in 2nd. Now, i had a few drinks in me, wasn't drunk, but still. Kaner then came up to me, and i'm pretty sure he's drunk as hell, but you can't really tell.

"Having fun, Babe?" He asked.

"Yeah, This party is like, EPIC" I Said. Then, i saw Kaner look away for a moment.

"Hey, Look over there," He said, pointing. I Looked, and i saw Sharpie making out with Sarah over in the hot tub.

"Wow..." I Said. "Well, it makes perfect sense. Two Dumbasses hooking up in a hot tub, it's true love," I Joked.

Then, Sarah and Sharpie got out of the Hot tub, and Sharpie grabbed his robe, then they both came to me and Kaner...

"So, Kat, Anything you would like to say to me?" Sharpie said, smirking a little.

"Yeah," I Said. "Git Er' Done, Son," I Said, in a country accent, obviously refering to him and Sarah. I Laughed after that.

"Haha, Very funny," Sarah said.

"Oh C'mon, We all saw Sharpie getting his tongue down your throat," Kaner said, winking.

"OKAY, enough about that," Sharpie said, kinda blushing a little. "But, Miss Kat, anything you would like to say about my Party?"

"Okay fine," I Said. "I Admit, this party was fucking epic,"

"YEP!" Sharpie said.  "I KNOW IT IS!"

"Did you also know poor little Shooter is over on your couch trying to squeeze through to lay down on it, but can't because Soupy, Brouwer and Tazer are trying to play Mario Kart?" I Said, raising an eyebrow. Sharpie just looked down, then ran off into the living room.

"It's getting pretty late, we should probably head home," Kaner said.

"True that,'' I Said. "C'mon," I Told Sarah.

"Actually," She said. "Sharpie said if i wanted to, i could sleep here until i headed back to Toronto, so i think i'm gonna take him up on that offer."

"AH, i see," I Said, smirking a little. "Just remember, Make sure your using protection," I Said, winking, then running off with Kaner.

Since we were both drinking tonight, we decided to walk home and get the chevy in the morning. It was really peaceful walking back home with him. He had his arm around me the whole time. Chicago sometime's isn't exactly the safest place at night, but he made me feel safe. We don't live so far away from Sharp's house, so it only took like, 20 minutes to get back to the apartment. When we got on our floor, he still had his arms around me, though nothing bad could go wrong. It was too romantic. But then, when we opened the door, it was like an Intervention or something. Kristen, Punk, Nickie, John, Heather and Justin were all there. I Was confused.

"Uh...What's going on...?" I Asked.

"Just know," Kristen began. "This wasn't are idea..." She said, pointing to Punk, Nickie, John and Heather, But not Justin. I Looked at Justin, he was just standing, looking at me. I Was Highly confused now.

"Why are you looking at me like that...?" I Asked, kind of scared. He still didn't answer.

"Well, are you actually gonna answer me or-"

"Be quiet, just be quiet," He said, pretty stern. He took a deep breath, then began talking again.

"Interesting Story. You see, i went over to Kristen and Punk's house earlier today, and this is really funny, but i was reading something. About you, and that dumbass over there," He said, looking at Kaner, who raised an eyebrow. "It said you to have been dating...for months now, and hell, it even had a picture of you two kissing..." He said, putting his hand around his mouth, and taking a deep breathe. I Had no idea what to say.

"Well..." I Said. "Your point is?"

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah, we're dating, We're kissing, and we've been living together for a while now. Is there anything wrong with that?"

"ACTUALLY," Just began. "Yeah, you know, since we've been sharing the same hotel room together on the road, we've kissed, and hell, we always sleep together at night on the road."

"Again, Your point?" I Said.

"REALLY Kat?" Justin said. "We sleep in the same bed, we kiss, we share a hotel AND Locker room together, that doesn't say anything to you!?"

"Oh, of course it says something to me," I Said. "But see, you never said something to me." I Said, before pausing. "Girls don't just wait around forever...''

''And Smart guys don't always try to rush things, Smart guys wanna make sure that they know what they're getting into, and that it's actually worth a shot," He said. This was just overwhelming. I Was breathing heavier, which wasn't really a good thing. Then, Kaner stepped in.

"Look, Dude, I Think you should just leave now. It would be good for all of-"

"Stay out of this you little Blonde Dumbass," Justin said, sounding really pissed off. Then, Justin actually laid his hands on him and pushed him into this table thingy with a bunch of pictures on it, hard enough the table actually broke when Patrick went into it, And Patrick went down fast.

"HEY!" I Shouted at him, before pushing him. "You can't just push my Boyfriend into furnature!"

"Well who's fucking stopping me?" Justin asked. "And why shouldn't i do it after what he's done?!"

"He's done nothing except beaten you to ask me out," I Said, getting kind of serious, but still mad, and really scared.

"Oh really?" Justin said. Then, he stepped back,, cocked his head a little, then back at me. "You know, let me remind you, I'm the one who's known you the longest. I'm the one who cares enough to actually give you advice even when you think you don't need it, but you do. I'm the one who cares enough to always try to make sure your safe. I'm the one you slowed danced with back at your birthday party 2 months ago, I'm the one who actually really likes you," He said. I Was breathless, yet i was still breathing like, really heavy.

"You know, for a while, i thought you would actually be different, i thought you were smart, and hell, i thought you could have been the one," He said. Then, he cocked his head again, then back over. "But boy....You have totally proven me wrong..."

That was it. I Just had enough. I Was seriously about to just burst out crying. I Just ran out of the apartment, and took the stairs down---didn't have time to wait for the stupid elevator--- And i actually ran out of the building, and ran. Like i said earlier, Chicago wasn't the safest place at night, but i was just so...yeah, i just didn't care. I finally felt grass under my feet, so i knew i would be okay..ish. There was a tree by me, so i sat up against it, and just cried. It's amazing. This day turned out to be one of the best days of my life. Then, it instantly went down into flames. There was no way i could forget what happened tonight, even though i deperately wanted to...

To Be Continued....


  1. Bahahaha Sarah and Sharpie <3 Loved the begging of it too cute! and the party <3 and DAMN the end was shocking I wonder what's going to happen next!?

  2. my comment on our blog:I personally think you should stick with Kaner :) he's a sweeter guy, damn justin gabriel went all psycho seriously? If he really likes you, he would respect you, like I respect John Cena :) don't cry KanerGirl, justin's just a nexasshole............. ;)

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