Sunday, September 18, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-One // If at first you don't succeed...

*September 17th, 3pm*

"She's so bipolar, i swear to god, one moment she want's us to be friend's since we're roomies and we have a storyline, then she absolutely hates my guts and thinks I'm the worst athlete to ever step foot in a wrestling ring," I Sighed.

"You're better then her AND one of the top stars, shouldn't you just complain to management and get her fired?" Sarah said as she was pulling into the mall.

"I Know i'm the best, but right now she's champion," I Said.

"Because the ref screwed you," She said.

The Wedding has come and gone, just like Summer. For me, nothing big has been going on with WWE. I'm still doing my storyline with Michelle, and she's still constantly making me want to strangle her until her eyes pop out of her head. Night Of Champions was this past weekend in Buffalo. I Visited Erica and spent the day with her---Like i said, me and her have become GREAT Friends since i met her---And then for the Pay-Per View, i 'Lost' to Michelle. I Had my foot on the bottom rope for the 2count, but the ref didn't see it. Since then, i've been doing my "There's a conspiracy against me" Gimmick about how WWE Doesn't want me to be Champion because i'm not a former Playgirl or human Barbie Doll. It's sadly somewhat like what Punk and Orton are doing with the world title, but i'm doing my best to make it more original....even though it really isn't.

The Blackhawks just got done with Training camp. Yesterday they addressed the media and did fitness testing. Today, they headed back to the U.C- except for Sharpie. Sadly, he and the boys were at a golf tourny the other day and he didn't feel too good and when he went to go get checked out, he found out he needed his appendix removed. Sarah went through how i felt when Patrick needed surgery on his wrist- worried as fuck, but he's doing better now, but still not fully recovered.   Pre-season starts on Wednesday. Both me and Patrick are back into Working mode basically. There's about a week or two left until Regular Season.

Back when Sharpie scored the winning OT goal in Game four against the Bolts back in June to win us the cup, when we had the Parade, after that, Patrick, Me, Sarah and Sharpie went to the Pier for the night to celebrate some more, and we talked about going on a boat for the night before the season started as our final remembrance of the Summer of Stanley 2011, and tonight's that night. The Boat's called 'Spirit Of Chicago' and it's leaving at 7:30pm tonight and won't be back until 11pm. Sad for Sharpie, he can't eat certain foods since he just got his surgery less then a week ago, and he probably can't eat too much of the Buffet, depending on what they serve. To get on the boat, however, there's a dress code, and we have to dress formal, and be honest- do us four really seem like we could possibly own formal clothing? Okay, Sharpie has a couple formal clothing, but Sarah, Kaner and I? We're heading to the mall to pick up some dresses and I'm picking up something from Patrick since he's at home napping from the long, hard day, especially since he's not 100% with his splint still on and today was one of his first times on the ice since the surgery.

"Michelle is just so annoying," I Said, as we were walking into the mall. "I Really want this storyline to end, i just can't work with her."

"Just do what i do when i'm surrounded by bitches," Sarah said, sniffing out some perfume, before making a disgusted face and putting it back. "Grow a pair and deal with it."

"If i'm getting money in my wallet by the end of the day, i will, but they're not paying me enough to deal with her bullshit," I Said. "Look at this," I Said, lifting up my shirt slightly.

"That's not public appropriate," Sarah said. "But DAMN that's a huge scar."

"The Night before the tapings, it was like midnight and we just got to the hotel and i was watching the 90s are all that block since it was on in bed," I Said. "Apparently i had it up too loud and instead of asking me to turn it down like a normal person, she grabs the lamp next to her and throws it at me."

"You for real?" Sarah asked as we stepped on an escalator.

"I Wish i was kidding," I Rolled my eyes.

"Seriously, man up and just go switch roommates! What about the Kathryn girl?" Sarah asked.

"EW, just....EW!" I Said, shivering by the last ew. "You know EXACTLY how i feel about her yet your expecting me to room with her?"

"SUGGESTIONS," Sarah said. "Gosh. But seriously, you and Michelle have a super un-healthy friendship."

"I Don't think you can even call it a friendship anymore," I Rolled my eyes, as we started walking again. "She's really making it easy for me to not feel bad about being heel and hurting her."

"Hurting her? I Thought she just selled it?" Sarah asked.

"Sometimes she is," I Rolled my eyes, and flipping my hair.

"Whoa," Sarah said. "When did you dye your hair?"

"It's been dyed since i got in the car with you, dumbass," I rolled my eyes.

Because of my new "Avenged Angel" Like gimmick i'm pursuing, i'm somewhat changing my look too, and i decided to dye my hair dark black, and next week, i'm planning on having Jewel--Shannon Moore's wife and the head of design in WWE--- design me a new attire in all black, and i'm gonna start wearing dark eyeliner as well. I'm taking a pretty big turn, to say the least.

"I Know that, but like, when?" She asked.

"Oh i got it on the road with 'Chelly," I Smiled, referring to Michelle. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks and raised an eyebrow at me.

"And this was after she threw a lamp at you?" She asked.

"She felt sorry," I Shrugged.

"You have absolutely no back-bone with her," Sarah said. "One minute you can't stand her, the next you're best friends."

"Let's just stop talking about her."

"I Never even wanted to start talking about her, so i'm cool with that," Sarah said.

We then walked into one of the clothing stores where they sell dresses at. We started looking around at dresses, and it wasn't too long before Sarah found a black dress, but she didn't want it. I, however, did. I Was gonna go try it on, but then she found a beautiful dress that was just her size and went to try it on before me real quick. She came out and it was a PERFECT Fit.

A Couple minutes later, I Went to go try on that black dress, but it didn't fit.

"That's weird," Sarah said as i walked out of the dressing room with the dress.

"What's weird?" I Asked, putting the dress back on the rack.

"That's the same size as the dress i'm getting," She said.

"Your point?" I Asked, starting to look at other dresses.

"You and i have been the same size literally since we met," Sarah said. "And that doesn't fit you."

"I've been eating slightly more then usual," I Shrugged.

"You went up a whole size," Sarah said. "You've been eating WAY More then usual."

"Whatever," I Rolled my eyes, before seeing this BEAUTIFUL Red dress that was one size bigger. I Grabbed it and went to go try it on- Perfect fit.

We paid for the dresses, then headed across the mall to a men's clothing store so i could get something for Patrick.

"He's not a suit kind of person, so i think i'll just get him a white collar t-shirt with some-" I Began, but stopped after "Moves Like Jagger", My ringtone started playing. I Rolled my eyes, but stopped when i saw the caller ID. "ARGH."

"Who is it?" Sarah asked.

"Stephanie McMahon," I Rolled my eyes.

"What did you do this time, eh?" Sarah smirked.

"Ugh, shut up, i'll put it on speaker," I Said as i answered, only to realize it was a pre-recorded message, so i can't really say anything but just listen.

"Hello, Kat. This is Stephanie McMahon, WWE's CEO in charge of  Creative Development and Operations."

"Like you forgot who she was overnight," Sarah rolled her eyes, as did i.

"As you know, right now you're involved in a huge storyline, basically the only one in the Women's division right now, it's big," Stephanie said. "Because it's so big, we're expanding it outside of the WWE Ring. Monday after noon in Chicago, a private jet will be sent to pick you up and take you to Washington D.C. Tuesday afternoon, you will head to the white-house to further this storyline. Instructions on exactly what you'll be doing there will be given monday afternoon, but for now, just make sure you have nice formal clothes to wear, you will be at the White-House, you know. See you then!"

My jaw was just dropped after that.


"I'm gonna screw this up big time," I Sighed, going back to look at shirts.

"And i'm gonna sneak on that jet to see you screw this up," Sarah said. I Rolled my eyes.

I Picked out some pants and a shirt for Patrick and purchased them, then we left the store

"I Think we should hit up the food court before we go, i'm STARVING," I Said.

"Alright, but make sure you keep the Reciet for the dress," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Because you'll probably go up another size," Sarah said. I Just rolled my eyes as we walked into the food court and got some food.


"How long does it take a girl to get ready?" Patrick yelled at me from downstairs.

"Forever," I Shouted back at him, upstairs putting on some make-up.

"They're already here!" He shouted back at me.

"Make them wait!" I Shouted.

"They have the tickets for the boat, we keep them waiting they go without us," Patrick shouted.

"UGH, I'm coming, gosh," I Rolled my eyes, finishing up my make-up.

After that i started making my way downstairs and saw Patrick in Black dress pants, black dress shoes and the new White collared shirt i picked up for him today. He was just leaning up against the door, playing with his cell-phone or something, then he saw me walk down the stairs and stopped and just looked at me.

"You look beautiful," Patrick said. "I Feel like i just won the lottery," He said as i started blushing slightly.

"Come on, Sharpie's outside waiting," I Said.

Patrick opened up the front door for me and we went outside and got into Sharpie's car. Him and Sarah were up front so Kaner and i got the back.

About 20 minutes later, we arrived at the Navy Pier and got into a line for the boat we were going on. We actually had to wait another 30 minutes so we could get on the boat. When we do though, we were told we would be on the lower deck so we had to go downstairs to get there.

"So, ladies," Sharpie said. "Whatcha think eh?"

"I Love it," I Smiled, looking around.

"I'd love it even more if i saw some food around here," Sarah said. Sharpie chuckled.

"Once the boat docks off, there's gonna be a buffet right over there," Sharpie said, pointing to the open space. "And right here," He said, leading us over to a table for four near one of the windows. "Is where we will enjoy our night down here."

"Of course, we can go to the upper deck if we choose, but we'll definitely head up their for fireworks," Kaner said as we sat down.

"You boys really went all out,"Sarah said.

"We're MEN, not boys," Sharpie said.

"You still act like boys," I Said.

"If we're old enough to have girlfriends, we're men," Kaner said.

"My niece is in Pre-K and already has a boyfriend," Sarah said.

"Your niece gets more action then you, doesn't she?" Kaner smirked as Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I Bet the boy doesn't have balls like we do," Sharpie said.

"Are we really fighting whether you men or boys?" I Asked, sighing.

"No, we're just having a disagreement, and you girls have a very invalid argument," Kaner said.

"It's called BOYFRIENDS, not MENFRIENDS," I Said.

"Well, Kaner's you're Boyfriend, i'm her Fiancee', so....yeah," Sharpie smirked as Kaner sighed, then rolled his eyes.

Then, some guys who work on the boat came out and talked for a while, then the boat took off. The buffet was gonna open soon, but not yet, but the bar is open.

"What do you girls want?" Patrick asked.

"Champagne, it's classy," Sarah smiled.

"Unlike you," I mumbled. "Same with me."

"Coming right up," Sharpie smiled as he and Kaner got up and walked across the room to the bar.

"What if the boat crashes and sinks?" I Asked Sarah.

"Like Titanic?"

"Yeah. I hate water, i'll drown to death...Oh My god i need to get OFF, Now," I Said, about to run away until Sarah grabbed my arm.

"I've seen Kaner swim, the ship drowns he'll save your life while leaving me and Patrick fighting for our lives, trust me..." Sarah said.

"Here you lovely ladies go," Kaner said with two glasses of Champagne in his hand as he handed them to me and Sarah. Sharpie had two in his hand for him and Kaner.

"Why thank you," I Smiled while taking a sip.

"Anything for you," Patrick smiled back at me, before taking a sip himself.

"OOH, the buffet's finally open," Sarah said.

"OH THANK YOU JESUS," I Said, quickly running toward the buffet to get some food.

"Someone's hungry..." Sharpie commented as i ran over.

"She's been eating a lot all day," Sarah said.

"I Know she has a thing for food, but i've never seen her eat this much..." Patrick said, as i was walking back with a piece of Garlic Bread, mashed potatoes, a small side of salad and two ribs.

"Like i said, someone's hungry..." Sharpie commented again.

"Whatever," I Said, with a mouth full of food.

"That is a lot of food..." Kaner said.

"I'm not sharing," I Said, after i swallowed.

"I Learned that the hard way," Sarah mumbled right before rolling her eyes.

Then, the other three went to go get food, and when they came back, we started eating and talking.

"So, have you two been thinking about your wedding yet?" I Asked Sarah and Sharpie.

"As of right now, we should be married by this time next year," Sarah smiled.

"July, August or VERY earlier September wedding for sure, maybe depending on how early our season ends next year, could be a spring wedding," Sharpie said.

"No official date though, but i wanna head back to the Bahamas since that's where you proposed," Sarah smiled at him.

"You two gonna buy all the guests plane tickets there?" Patrick asked them. "Plane tickets to the Bahamas AREN'T Cheap, and usually theres at least 200 people at a wedding."

"You know maybe we could have it somewhere in Chicago or Thunder Bay," Sarah said after having the thought of being responsible for getting 200 people out of two separate countries for a day or two.

"What about a wedding dress?" I Asked with a mouth full of ribs.

"Mouth closed, please," Sarah said, handing me a napkin, "And like i said, the wedding is almost a year away, but i want Vera Wang."

"Beautiful," I Said, wiping off the sauce on my face. "You still eating that?" I Asked, pointing to some garlic bread on Sarah's plate.

"Actually i-" Sarah began.

"Good," I Said, snatching it away.

"Actually, i was gonna eat that," Sarah said, annoyed. "BUT NO, go ahead, Kat, whatever feel like..."

"Exactly," I Said, stuffing my mouth with the garlic bread.

We continued eating, then they started playing some music. At first, i didn't care for it, but then they started a conga line.

"OOOH Conga line!" I Smiled. "Come on," I Said, grabbing Patrick's hand and running over there.

"Someone's excited," Patrick smirked after he and i got in the conga line.

Eventually, Sarah and Sharpie joined our conga line, but then they slowed things down and played 'Today was a fairytale' by Taylor Swift. Patrick and i broke apart from everyone else and just slow danced together to that song.

"Did i ever tell you how much i loved Taylor Swift?" Patrick whispered. "Makes sense i slow dance with you to one of her songs."

"You said that same thing back in June when we were dancing to BSB," I Giggled.

"Mad love for BSB," Patrick said. "But Taylor...she knows how to capture a heart."

"Totally," I Smiled.

We danced to a couple more songs, then it was 10pm, and in 30 minutes, fireworks would be going off across the Navy Pier, so we went up to the top upper deck of the boat and there was a table with four seats. We grabbed them and put them at the front and sat there and continued talking as more people came up.

"Is it me, or do i just not feel like sitting anymore," Patrick said.

"Just you," Sharpie said, as Kaner elbowed him in the gut. "Yeah i'm feeling in the mood to stand all of a sudden."

"Same," Sarah said.

"Eh, whatever," I Said. We all pushed our chairs to the side and stood up.

Pretty soon, the fireworks began. Sharpie's arms were around Sarah, Kaner's around mine, but soon, i felt them get off of me, but whatever. I just continued watching fireworks.

Then, i saw a firework go off in the shape of a heart, with the initials K.D right next to it. I Just smiled. Then, there were more words. One word after another, until eventually it said, 'Will You Marry Me?'. Everyone watching on the boat let out a bunch of "Awe's" and "Ooohs" after that and tried to figure out who was proposing to who.

"Aww," I Smiled, still watching the fireworks. "Someone asked a girl with the initials K.D to marry him via Danny did in Full House," I Giggled. "So cute."

I Waited a moment for Patrick to agree with me like he always does, but no response out of him. I Shrugged, then, i saw People were looking at me- well no, behind me to be exact. At first, i thought they were pervs, but then, i noticed Sharpie and Sarah were also looking behind me, and well...that would just be wrong of them to look back there, so i figured there was something interesting behind me, so i shrugged then turned around, and just gasped.

Behind me was Patrick, kneeling down on one knee, with a ring in his hand. I Was just frozen. Absolutely frozen.

"I Love you so much," Patrick said. "You're my best friend and the only person who actually knows what it's like to be me, you get me, and you actually like me for me, Patrick Timothy Kane, not Patrick Kane that womanizing guy on that hockey team. You've been there for me when the world shut me out, forgave me for all these childish mistakes i've made, About a year ago it was that rainy night in Chicago where i had you stay the night with me, and the very next day i asked you to be my girlfriend. In this past year, we've been through so much, and our love keeps getting stronger, and i want it to continue to keep getting stronger. Katrina Alexis Dawson, i love you with all my heart and i want to spend the rest of eternity with you. Will you marry me?"

I Was still frozen, but i could feel tears strolling down my face, as i grew a smile on my face.

"Yes," I Managed to choke up.

He quickly got up and slid the ring on my finger, wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed. I Could hear everyone around us clapping and the sound of the fireworks still going off, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was that i was in Patrick's arms.

"I Can't believe we're engaged," I Smiled, as we broke apart from one kiss.

"I've tried to propose before, but everything kept getting in the way every time when i spent countless hours planning it," Patrick said. "So today, i just slipped the ring in my back pocket, talked to the firework guys and told no one else and just did it."

The fireworks were having their big finale and Me and Patrick watched that, then when they ended, we continued kissing.

"Picture!" Sarah said with her camera in hand. Sharpie had his camera phone in hand too, so i'm guessing he would take a picture to forward to me and Patrick so i could send it to my other friends.

Me and Patrick posed together, My back to his chest. He had his arms around my waist and was kissing my right cheek as i smiled and showed off my ring as they took a picture.

"I'll forward it to both of you," Sharpie said.

I Quickly took out my cellphone after i received the picture mail. I Sent it to my Twitter and Facebook page and sent it to all my contacts with the message 'First Step To Forever...'. The people who i sented it to included Phil and Kristen, Jammy, Heather, Adam, Nikie, John, Jenny, and i also sent it to Erica, i didn't have Donna's number but I'm sure Erica will show her. Quickly after that, my facebook and twitter blew up with mentions and i kept getting messages, but i ignored them.

The only person i didn't send it to was Justin. I Don't really care about everyone else like i care about Justin, and i'd rather tell him in person.

By now, it was time to board off the boat. They got it tied up at the dock, then let us all off and handed us each homemade cookies as we got off.

"Man...what a summer," Sharpie said.

"Who would of thought that by the start of the 2011-12 season that Chicago's Most Beautiful Man and Chicago's head Womanizer AND Two goal scorers of Stanley Cup winning games would end up starting the season engaged to the most beautiful girls in Chicago," Kaner said.

"I Sure didn't," I Smiled, taking a bite of my cookie.

"Seriously, best summer of my life," Sarah smiled, glancing down at her engagement ring.

"This feels like a dream," Sharpie said. "I Never thought i'd get to be so blessed growing up."

"Me neither, especially with how hard of a time i gave my Parents," Kaner said as we all began laughing.

"You realize that now that word's out me and Kat are both engaged to you to we have become the most wanted girls among puckbunnies, right?" Sarah said.

"Let them talk and hate and wish they were you girls," Sharpie said. "It doesn't matter at the end of the day."

"You're right," I Smiled. "It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of us."

"Exactly," Kaner said, before kissing me.

"Come on, it's super cold, let's get back to the chevy and head home and cuddle," Sarah smirked, looking at Sharpie.

"I agree with her," I Said, looking back at Patrick.

"Alright," The boys said.

Then, Me and Sarah got on their backs and they took off full speed toward the Chevy. Sharpie unlocked all the doors and he and Sarah got up front while me and Kaner got in the back. After i got in and buckled along with Kaner, Sharpie started the car as i laid my head on Patrick Shoulder and cuddled up close to him.

"Today was a fairytale."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty // Where do we go from here? / Part Three

"I Trust you with my tears, and my secrets never told, i trust you with my hopes and fears, and this hand i hold, i know you'll be true to me, whenever we're apart, in a world filled with un-certainty, i trust you........i trust you with my heart..."

We were at the reception and John and Nikie just made their first appearance as Mr. and Mrs. John Cena. The Speeches from the Best Man and Maid Of Honor were just made, and now John and Nikie were having their first dance to their song- I Trust You by Cassie Steele. It was beautiful- Besides the fact that Patrick was at my table, along Krissie and Punk, Heather and Her Plus one, which was Adam apparently, Jamila and her half brother Marc- John's other cousin, and the guy who did a rap in John's theme music in WWE- and Justin. Jenny and Cody sat at the table next to us along with the Bride and Groom themselfs. It was awkward sitting at a table with my ex, but i tried not to pay much attention to him, i just watched John and Nikie slow dance. It was so beautiful, as was the song. After it was over, dinner was served, and it wasn't long after that that the DJ Started spinning again, it was pretty fun. Then, Nikie was ready to throw her bouquet.

"No one else better catch this," Jenny gritted through her teeth as she got up.

"I have no intention on it, don't worry," I Rolled my eyes as i leaned back in my seat.

"Why not? Oh Yeah, that's right, Little Peek-A-Boo over there screwed you over," Adam said, laughing and pointing to Patrick. He rolled his eyes, as did i.

"I Personally think you should at least try and catch it," Justin said to me.

"Why? God knows i won't be getting married anytime sooner," I Said.

"Wasn't supposed to be that way..." Patrick mumbled. I Just looked at him, but quickly turned away.

"Well whoever catches it is gonna get married next," Kristen said. "I Caught it at my brothers wedding in mid 2009, and a little over a year later i walked down the aisle."

"Did you catch the Bouquet at your last wedding you attended, Heather?" Adam smirked.

"Oh, hahahaha, Very funny," Heather rolled her eyes, taking a sip of wine.

Then, a whole pile of lonely girls piled around Nikie as she threw her Bouquet.

"Jenny's gonna catch it, i just know it," I Said to myself.

I Was so wrong.

Nikie's aim was WAAAAY off when she threw it and it landed NOWHERE Near the girls surrounding her, and instead, it landed RIGHT Infront of me onto the table, then rolled off onto my lap into my hands.

"What the fucking hell?" Jamila asked. "How the FUCK Did you catch that when Nikie's all the way over there!?!"

"I Don't know," I Shrugged, just looking at the bouquet laying in my hands.

"KAT Caught it!?" Jenny yelled. "FUCK."

"John and Nikie are gonna be doing a LOT of that later tonight," Punk said.

"They already have been," Heather said. "Nikie's pregnant."

"Already? Damn," Punk said taking a sip of whatever he was drinking.

"So Kat," Kristen said. "When should we start planning your wedding?" She laughed.

Instantly, i smirked and looked over at Patrick to make sure i had his attention, A Moment later, he must have felt my eyes staring at me, because he looked right back at me.

"We'll start planning it right after i finally get together with Justin," I Smiled, and said a little louder to get Patrick's attention.

"I Need a drink," Patrick said, instantly getting up and heading to the bar area.

"We all know you do," I Yelled back at him as he left, only causing him to walk faster.

"Are you serious?" Kristen asked me.

"About Justin?" I Asked.

"Yeah, you're just gonna use him to make Patrick jealous?" She asked.

"Kinda looks that way," I Said.

"I Know you're a bitch, but seriously? You know how much Justin likes you and you're just gonna toy with his emotions?" She asked.

"Correction," I Said. "I Know how much he USED to like me. After that whole Home Opener incident, yeah, nope."

"You honestly have no idea what you're talking about," Kristen said.

"What?" I Asked.

"Nevermind, just, don't," Kristen said. I Looked at her for a moment, before shaking my head and walking away.

It was then time for John and Nikie to cut their cake. Continuously, Nikie told John she didn't like cake so he couldn't smash it in her face, and he kept telling her he wouldn't, but of course, he ended up smashing it in her face while they fed it to each other, only causing Nikie to do the same.

"This cake tastes like ass," Punk said, spitting it out onto his plate.

"In a napkin, please?" Jamila said.

Punk then took another bite of the cake, chewed, then, he leaned over across the table and spat it out onto Jamila's cake.

"My Bad," Punk said.

"I'm switching tables," Jamila rolled her eyes, getting up.

"You're so gross," Heather rolled her eyes at Punk.

"I Would have done the same thing if i was him, to be quite honest," Adam said.

"Of course you would, Bur," Patrick commented. He never did get a drink, he just walked over there, then back over here.

"You know that first-hand, don't you?" Adam smirked at him, as Patrick rolled his eyes.

Then, the DJ started playing Lovestory by Taylor Swift. I Just smirked, this was technically mine and Justin's song you could say. PERFECT time to show Patrick what he's missing.

"Justin, wanna go dance?"I Asked him, standing up.

"Um...Sure!" He smiled, getting up and taking my hand as we headed to the floor to go and dance.

"God Dammit," Patrick mumbled under his breath as he saw me and Justin dancing.

"What's wrong with you?" Punk asked him.

"What's wrong with me is that i came all the way here to try and win Kat back but she's just ignoring me," Patrick said.

"You're not trying to win Kat back, i've been watching," Punk said. "You're just sitting on your ass hoping she'll come and talk to you and work things out, you aren't doing shit," Punk said, before taking Kristen hand and walking over to the floor to dance with her as well. Patrick just sighed.

"You know, i really am sorry things didn't work out between you and blondie," Justin whispered to me as we were slow dancing to Lovestory.

"Eh, i am too," I Said. "But after that, i just couldn't."

"If i was dating a girl who did something like that, i would've dumped her in a heart beat, you did the right thing Angel," Justin said to me as we continued slow dancing.

"FINALLY!" Jenny yelled at her table.

"What?" Nikie asked her.

"Look!" She said, pointing to me and Justin. "FINALLY, they're together!"

"No their not," Nikie said. "I Was talking to Kristen earlier, Kat's just using Justin."

"I Don't care, they're dancing right now, and pretty soon, i'm positive they'll be doing much more the slow dancing," Jenny smirked.

"I Thought you liked Justin?" Nikie asked her.

"I Do," Jenny said.

"Well if you liked him like you say you do, wouldn't you want the love of his life to be with him because she WANTs to, not just to toy with his heart?" Nikie asked.

"For all you know, Kristen could have it ALL wrong," Jenny said. "I Want Kat and Justin together, badly, and right now, they're together. I Don't care if he's rebound, if she's cheating or what. They're together, so i'm good."

"Well i'm not," Nikie said, getting up out of her seat and walking over to the DJ. "Do you mind if i make a request?"

"Anything for the lovely bride," The DJ Smiled.

"What song are you playing after this?" She asked.

"The Cha-Cha Slide," The DJ Said.

"After that, can you play Common Denominator by Justin Bieber?" She asked.

"Of course," The DJ Smiled as the song was ending and he switched to The Cha-Cha Slide.

Almost everyone was out of their seats doing the Cha-Cha Slide, but mid-way through, Heather, Kristen and I headed back to our seats.

"Probably not the brightest idea to do that in a dress and high heels," Heather said.

"I Went to Criss-Cross and almost ended up doing the splits," Kristen said.

"I'll end up breaking my vagina if i even dare try to do the splits," I Said as the song was ending and people started making their way back to their seats.

"Alright," The DJ Said. "By request of the lovely bride, we're gonna start to slow things down in here..." Then, i just gasped.

Out of all songs, Common Denominator started playing. Mine and Patrick's song, and everyone knew it was our song. I Just looked at Nikie.

"How could you?" I Asked her, before standing up then just running out of the room and out of the whole hotel.  I Couldn't stand to be in here anymore.

I Ran outside as fast as i could wearing heels, then i just sat down on the pavement and started crying to myself. It was freezing outside, but i didn't care. I Just couldn't believe that after she KNEW what Patrick did to me she would even DARE to tell the DJ to play that song. I Couldn't believe it. It was freezing, but soon, i felt warmer, then noticed someone had placed a jacket on me, and then someone sat next to me.

It was Patrick.

We were just sitting there for a moment. I Tried to stop crying and catch my breath, and eventually i did.

"My dad grew up in Queens without a dad, and his life was hard, he had no guidance and he made life hell for my grandma, so when he grew up, he swore he'd never leave a child behind," I Said. "He met my mom in college and they eventually moved to Chicago and had my older brother and sister. Things were great for those four, then i came, and things weren't so great. I Had huge behavior issues since my family was so fucking dysfunctional. My parents were arguing every night and i was pretty much raised by my siblings. He would go out, then get drunk and come home and hit me, every night."

"Every night?" Patrick asked.

"Every single night, unless he got so mad at my mom he never came home," I Said. "No matter how hard i tried, i never was good enough for him, and when i dared to ask him why he did that, his response was that i was basically a spitting image of him, that's why. It only got worse as i grew older, especially after Savannah and Craig were off to College and my mom died from Cancer. Two years after that i graduated, and the next morning, he left me. He said he wouldn't leave a child behind, and even though i wasn't 18 yet, i was a high-school graduate, so i technically wasn't a child anymore, so he just used that as his excuse to run off. I Had no one, it was a hard time for me and it took YEARS for me to move past it, and it wasn't until i signed my WWE Contract i did. I Don't like talking about it unless i really have to, that's why i never talked about it with you."

"If i knew, i never would have even thought of going to the Bahamas to meet him," Patrick said.

"Just, tell me one thing," I Said, adjusting myself on the pavement so i was finally facing him. "Why did you go meet him?" Patrick sighed.

"I Can't tell you the exact reason, i really can't, but you got to trust me that i didn't go to unveil your past, i had a purpose that i just can't say," He said as i sighed.

"I Trust you, i guess," I Said.

"Look," Patrick said, taking my hands. "I NEVER Met for it to turn out like this whatsoever. When i met your dad, he said so many bad things about you, so i knocked him out."

"You knocked him out cold!?" I Asked.

"Yeah," Patrick said. "I Couldn't stand listening to what he was saying about you. But anyway, my life's been a wreck without you. I Literally have no self control, i'm all depressed, and i started drinking again.

"You're drinking again?" I Asked.

"I Didn't know what to do," Patrick said. "I Just really missed you, and i thought if i came up here and explained it all, maybe, just maybe you'd take me back. If you don't, i get it, but Kat, i Need you, more then you could ever know."

"In all honesty, i couldn't stop thinking about you at all these past two weeks," I Said.

"I Missed you, a lot," Patrick said.

"So did i," I Said.

Then, Patrick put his arms around me as i buried my face into his chest for a moment, then, we kissed.

"I'm sorry, for everything," Patrick said.

"I'm sorry for making you drink again," I Said.

"I'd be stupid to ask if we could just forget this whole thing, but...Can we know..." Patrick said.

"Give us another shot?" I Asked.

"Yeah, that," Patrick said, as i just smiled.

"What do you think?" I Asked, before leaning in and kissing him again. After, Patrick just smiled, then stood up and grabbed his Jacket off of me and put it back on, then extending out his hand.

"Come on, let's go dance," He smiled, as he pulled me up onto my feet and put his arm around me and lead me back inside the hotel.

When we got back in the hotel, one of the songs was just ending, and another one just started- One Saturday Night Away by Cassie Steele and Michael Seater. Personally, i've loved this song ever since i heard it in Degrassi, and it was somewhat of a perfect song for me and Patrick to slow dance to because of the lyrics, because well, it really described our relationship somewhat. While we danced, Justin just looked on from his table, then sighed.

"I Was So close..." He said as he watched me and Patrick.

"Trust me," Kristen chimed in. "You really weren't..."

Me and Patrick were just slow dancing, when the song ended and "S & M" by Rihanna started playing.

"I'm sorry, but this song makes me horny," Patrick whispered.

"Me too...." I Said.

Then, before we knew it, by the time the chorus came, me and Patrick were running off until we found a supply closet, then we ran inside, locked the door, and made love to Rihanna.  Who doesn't love weddings,eh?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty // Where do we go from here? / Part Two

*The Next Morning, 7 HOURS BEFORE THE WEDDING, Kat's POV*

"Alright, so keep those in and you'll have your hair slightly curly," Jenny said to Nikie as she just put these pink curlers in Nikie's hair.

"Damnit Jenny," Jamila said walking into the room in her Light Blue bridesmaid dress. "Why the hell aren't any of your brother's answering? We gotta find out when to head down to the church, and the hotel for the reception to check on things."

"My wedding planners already at the hotel making sure tables are set up, and as for the wedding, it's on a church, so we don't need to arrange stuff," Nikie said.

"OH MY GOD NIKIE," Heather said, walking down stairs as fast as she could- she was in heels and her light blue dress. "Your wedding dress is so BEAUTIFUL!!!"

"Randy's not answering either!" Jamila yelled. "THE GROOM, THE BEST MAN OR THE GROOMS MEN ARE ANSWERING, lovely."

"I'm sure everything's fine," I Said, in the living room as Jenny was french-braiding my hair, she's handy at these kind of things.

"What if they aren't?" Nikie asked. "What if there's a reason none of the guys are answering!?"

"Calm your tits," Jamila said. "I'm POSITIVE Everything is-"

She was cut off by John opening the door and rushing in, with a not so happy look on his face. He walked straight past Nikie and into the kitchen.

"Whoa, we aren't supposed to see each other until 3!" Nikie yelled. "And we've been trying to reach you all morning!"

"Oh yeah?" John asked, opening the fridge and grabbing a Coolers Light. "Well you clearly weren't trying to last night! Why? Oh yeah, that's right because last night it was my little brother talking to me and not you!

"What?" Nikie asked, confused.


"Wait...Did Dan tell you i was Pregnant!?" She asked.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!?" Heather, Jamila and I Yelled at her the same time in shock.

"You Told Dan AFTER I TOLD YOU NOT TO!?" Nikie yelled at Jenny.

"Don't bring my little brother and sister into this!" John yelled back. "This is about You and me! How could you not tell me you're pregnant!?"

"We need to talk," Nikie said firmly. "But we are NOT doing it here."

"We need to talk alright," John said. "RIGHT NOW."

"NOT HERE," Nikie raised her voice.

Then, in Pajama pants and an old Jon Bon Jovi 1988 concert t-shirt and Pink curlers in her hair, Nikie just stormed out of the room and out the door. John sighed, then followered her out the door, leaving the Groomsmen, the Best man, Me and the rest of the Bridesmaids, and the Maid of honor left alone in John and Nikie's house, wondering what the hell was going on, where the bride and the groom went, and if there will even be a wedding in 7 hours.

*Noon, Local Church, 3 HOURS BEFORE THE WEDDING*

"Why am i wearing a suit." Punk huffed as we were walking inside the church John and Nikie are SUPPOSED to get married in, but we still haven't seen them since they left at 8am.

"Because it's a wedding, that's why," Kristen sighed, trying to fix her Sparkly red dress- the wedding colors were Red and Light Blue, so the guests were asked to wear one of the two.

Again, it was noon, and the wedding is in 3 HOURS. All the guests are arriving- family, friends, etc, yet STILL No Groom or Bride. I'm starting to question if this wedding is going to happen, but i'm one of the bridesmaids, so i'm staying here until three, and lucky for me, i rode here with Kristen and Punk and got to listen to Punk whine about having to wear a suit. Joy.

"Do you see this?" Punk asked, pointing to his tie. "Do you not know how Dangerous these are!? Someone could grab this and CHOKE ME OUT!"

"If you don't shut up about wearing a suit i will grab that tie and Choke you out myself," Kristen said to him, annoyed.

"You know wearing a suit isn't too bad," Punk said, walking away.

"So, since the big scary guy is gone," Kristen said. "How you holding up?"

"About Patrick?" I Asked. "Ugh," I Rolled my eyes.

"I'm gonna guess you're not holding up too well?" She asked.

"He brought up a part of my life that took forever for me to move past, i wanna absolutely hate his guts for that," I Said, before sighing. "But i just can't, but i do know i don't wanna be with him," I Said. "But....every where i look, it's like i see his face. Like that guy!" I Said, pointing to a guy who looked like Patrick. "For me, he looks EXACTLY like Pat!" Kristen then bit her lip, then sighed.

"Um...Kiddo..." She began. "I Really hate to tell you this..but uh...That IS Patrick."

"Wait WHAT!?" I Asked, before looking at him again. "Good lord...That IS Patrick!!!"

"What the hell is he doing here!?" Kristen asked.

"I Don't know, but he won't be here for long," I Said, walking over to the usher. "Excuse me, but that blonde guy over there isn't supposed to be here."

"Alright, let me grab the guest book and check things out," The usher said as he walked over to Patrick. I Smirked. "See Kristen, soon, this will be fixed," I Smiled.

"How soon exactly?" She asked.

"Right about now," I Smiled, dazing off.

"Doesn't look that way," Kristen said. "You know, considering Patrick's still there, and the usher is walking back here."

"What," I Immediately said as the usher walked back.

"Sorry, miss, i checked, his names on the guest list," He said, handing me the guest book.

I Looked through it and to my surprise- Patrick's name WAS on the guest list. I Sighed as Alanna Orton, Randy Orton's---The Best Man---  3 year old daughter waddled over to me.

"Hi sweetie," I Smiled as i saw her and bent down on my knees.

"Mister Patrick told me to give you these," She said, handing me a couple of flowers. I Looked and Saw Patrick somewhat looking on. I Sighed, then handed them back to Alanna.

"Sweetie, go and give these back to Patrick, tell them he can shove these right up his ass then kick him in between his legs," I Smiled.

"Okay!" She smiled back, running to Patrick as i stood up and watched on.

"Sweetheart, you were supposed to give Kat the flowers," Patrick said.

"Kat told me to tell you to shove these right up your ass!" Alanna said before kicking him right in his nuts as hard as a three-year old could. All the people in the room- including me- laughed as Patrick went DOWN.

"I'll hear shit from Randy about it this Tuesday, but whatever," I shrugged.

"That's a nice thing to do to your boyfriend," Justin said, walking up behind me in his suit. He shaved and had his hair slicked back, and he looked rather dashing.

"Who said he was still my boyfriend?" I Smirked. His eyes lit up.

"You two broke up!?"  Justin asked.

"He was being an Asshole, so i dumped him," I Shrugged. Justin was smiling, and somewhat shaking. "Um...are you okay?" I Asked.

"Oh, uh, what?" Justin asked as he stopped shaking. "Oh yeah, i'm fine," He smiled. "Um, i'll be right back," He said, rushing off. I Just shrugged, as i saw Patrick limp up to me, not looking to happy.

"Do you want a juicebox and a blanket for naptime? You know, since you're acting like a little kid," He said to me.

"Me? A Little kid?" I Asked, shocked. "I'm shocked you would accuse me of acting so immature! I'm 22 years old and i happen to be VERY-"

"Kat!" Jamila said, walking up. "Since there probably won't be a wedding, Cody and i are gonna head outside and suck the Helium out of balloons to sound like Chipmunks, wanna join us!?"

"Oh Hell yeah!!!" I Smiled as i ran outside of the church with her to go suck out helium. Patrick turned around and watched us, then sighed.

"And you say you aren't acting like a little-" Patrick began, but stopped when he turned around and Saw Justin's 6'2 self standing infront of him, looking down at him. "Um...can i help you?" Patrick asked, a little weirded out.

Justin just stared at Patrick for a moment, then walked away, laughing, leaving Patrick confused.

*15 minutes Later, Nikie's POV*

The wedding is in less then 3 hours, and me and John are no where close to the church. Instead, we're at this local Boating dock just walking around and we've been talking for HOURS now, yet we're getting no where.

"I Just found out yesterday," I Said.

"Then you should have came to me and told me," John said.

"I Know!" I Said.

"To hear from Dan at like, 1 in the morning..." John shook his head.

"Do you REALLY think i'd tell your little brother to tell you i was pregnant in the middle of the night!?" I Asked.

"Sometimes i feel like you and My siblings are the couple, not you and me," John said.

"Jenny's my best friend and hopefully my future sister in law, and i didn't mean to tell her, she just walked in," I Said.

"Well if this is gonna work, somethings are gonna have to stay private!" John yelled.

"Well i don't like secrets, John!" I yelled.

"Clearly i don't either," John said as we continued walking around the dock. "Sure you're not having doubts."

"John," I Sighed, looking at him.

"This is all happening pretty fast," John said as we stopped walking to talk.

"We've known eachother for years now," I Said.

"Yeah and for years we were friends, Just friends," John said.

After that, there was a moment of awkward silence.

"Maybe we're supposed to keep it that way..." John said, before he walked away, just leaving me standing there.

*10 minutes later back at the church, Kat's POV*

 "Celebrate good times come on!" Cody said, with his voice super high from the helium, jumping up and down snapping in his suit as me and Jamila laughed on, sucking out helium as well.

"That's a dumb song, brokeface," Jamila said, all filled up with helium as we all laughed.

I Stopped sucking helium out and saw Jenny just standing there, with her arms crossed. I'm guessing she's annoyed her brother and her best friend have yet to even be at their own wedding yet. I Coughed a little, trying to get some helium out of me, then walked over to her.

"There's still a little less then 3 hours before they're supposed to walk down the aisle," I Said. "I'm sure they'll be here, but we gotta keep going as if the weddings happening.

"Says the girl sucking helium out of balloons," Jenny rolled her eyes. "And as if the weddings happening...which of course, means it's not," She sighed.

"Come on, Babe," Cody said, back in his normal voice. "You don't know that, i bet John and Nikie are on their way here right now."

"You don't know that either!" Jenny shouted. "Just forget it, there's no wedding, all of this was for nothing!"

"Jenny, stop being a baby and just get ready for your brother's wedding," Jamila said, causing Jenny to turn around, arms folded.

"Oh Jamila," Jenny began. "Mind your own business."

"Oh really?" Jamila began. "You're the one telling people to mind their own business when you can't?"

"I Just do what i think is right," Jenny said, arms still folded.

"Last night you were yelling at me because of a joke, but you telling Dan that Nikie was pregnant was much worse," Jamila said.

"I DIDN'T TELL HIM!" Jenny snapped.

"THEN WHO DID!?" Jamila snapped back.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Adam said, running out from the church with Heather by his side. Right now i wanted to ask why he was here and not in Dallas, but i'll wait. "This is a church, this is the holy house of Lord Jesus his self, and i'm pretty sure the bible has no book or chapter or verse that condones fighting."

After that, there was an awkward silence outside of the church as Jamila just stared at Jenny in her t-shirt and jeans and Jenny stared back at Jamila in her bridesmaid dress.

"Some Maid Of Honor you are," Jamila said to her.

"Oh Gee, Jamila," Jenny said. "Some cousin you are," She said, then shaking her head and walking back in the church.

"Just take it easy ladies," Adam said. "Papa Bur's in the house now, and i just know everything will be fine." Jamila paid absolutely no attention to him and just Kicked the tire of one of the cars.

"Don't kick my car," Cody said.

"Don't tell me what to do, brokeface," Jamila said, walking away, as did Cody back in the church, probably after Jenny.

"Shouldn't you be in Dallas? You know, since i hear the Stars are going to be starting to train for pre-season soon," I asked Adam.

"I'm going back to my condo tomorrow," Adam said. "But i decided to come here for today."

"With Heather...?" I Asked.

"We're still working stuff out," Heather shrugged.

I Rolled my eyes and turned around to head back into the church, but stopped when i saw Patrick outside standing in front of me before once again rolling my eyes and folding my arms.

"What do you want?" I Asked him.

"You look super beautiful," He said me.

"Don't you dare even start with me," I Gritted through my teeth.

"You know...this could have been us," He shrugged.

"Patrick i swear to god if you say one more thing i will castrate you in front of Jesus," I said. He sighed, then just walked away, just hanging his head in defeat. "Oh jesus please forgive for saying that," I Mumbled to myself. I'm a christian, so i didn't feel TOO Comfortable saying that, but if i had to do that, i would, and i'd do it without feeling bad about it whatsoever.


"Where is the bride, and where's the groom," Cody sang to the sound of the church bells ringing.

"No bride, No groom, and the maid of honor is in a horrible mood as well," I Sighed.

30 minutes, 30 MINUTES Before John and Nikie's wedding, still a no-show for either. EVERYONE Is here, all 200+ people. Most of them are waiting inside the church, along with the pastor, but the Bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man and immediate family are outside, holding hope that John and Nikie will be running up anytime now. We even went home to get Nikie's dress and John's Suit. Faith is running out though.

*Same time, Nikie's POV*

"I Just don't get how this happened," John said as we were sitting at the edge of the dock, just looking at the water together, STILL talking.

"You were there," I Said.

The wedding time is nearing. I Have no idea how close we are to the church and if we're still getting married. But time's running out.

"I mean i thought you were on the pill," John said to me.

"Yeah but it's not 100% effective, only 98%," I Shrugged.

"Oh, so we're in the unlucky two percent then," John sighed, as did i. "That's just great."

"Sometimes couples would think of this as a blessing, like i do," Nikie said. "It's too bad you're against kids..."

"I'm not against kids, whenever i'm not wrestling, training or with you, chances are i'm WITH Kids at the make-a-wish foundation or doing a signing with kids," John said. "I'm just not ready yet to actually be a parent full-time."

"As if i am?" I Asked him.

"Look, we both have a lot of stuff on our plate," John said. "And we have a lot of adj-"

"I Know we have a lot of adjusting, John," I Said. "But life doesn't wait for you to get adjusted and out of all people, you should know that. Look at me, i wasn't planned at all but i still came. Kat wasn't planned either and now she's a role-model for girls everywhere and representing women's wrestling. And what about you?" I Asked him. He sighed.

"I Wasn't planned either..." John sighed.

"But now you're a house-hold name, a 10x world wrestling champion, you have your own Rap CD out, you're the definition of Success!" I Said. "Bottom line, this baby wasn't planned, but maybe someday this baby could do something for the world, but we'll never know if we just give up on it."

John sat there, thinking for a moment, before looking at me.

"You know what?" He began. "You're right. You're absolutely right," He smiled, and i couldn't help but crack a smile back. We got up from sitting on the dock, stood up and looked at eachother, before John looked down at my stomach area. "It's hard to believe there's a little one right there."

"9 Months and it won't be so little as it is now," I Smiled. He looked up at my face, and smiled back.

"So which one of us doesn't want to have this baby?" He smirked, and i smirked back.

"Not me, hopefully not you either," I smiled, before he kissed me.

"Come on, i think we have something we're supposed to be doing about now," John smiled, before picking me up and putting me on his back as he ran off the dock toward the church. Here comes the bride, all right.


"It is getting quite late," Pastor Dave said to me.

"It's only 2:50, the wedding doesn't start until 3:00, just give them time, i'm POSITIVE they'll be here," I Begged the pastor.

"I married your parents and your oldest brother," Pastor Dave said. "Therefore, i'll marry your other older brother and his fiancee', but if they don't get here soon, then i'm sorry," He said, walking to the front of the church to get some stuff ready. I Sighed, then walked out of the church to get some fresh air.

My brother and my future sister in law are STILL Missing 10 MINUTES BEFORE THEIR OWN WEDDING! I'm just so pissed, so confused....UGH. I Was in my dress, so i didn't feel like sitting down on the pavement, so i didn't. I just stood outside on the concrete, arms crossed and pissed. EVERYONE was here except them. I'm just so pissed off at both of them right now, but then, those feelings of anger were replaced with excitement as i started screaming in joy and jumping up and down as i saw John and Nikie running toward us.

"Whatcha standing their for little sister? WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!" John yelled as they were coming toward me.

"I Have the dress and Randy has the tux," I Smiled as we ran back into the church together.

We had a couple minutes before they were walking down the aisle, so John changed into his tux real quick and the girls and i helped Nikie get into her BEAUTIFUL Wedding dress and got the pink curlers out of her hair from this morning. Before we knew it, it was time for us all to walk down the aisle.

*No POV*

"Do you, John Felix Anthony Cena take her, Nikole Anne Cameron to be your Wife? Through Sickness and Health, rich or poor, good times and bad times, death til you part?" Pastor Dave asked.

"I Do," John smiled as he placed a ring on Nikie's finger that was handed to him by Randy.

"And do you, Nikole Anne Cameron  take him, John Felix Anthony Cena to be your Husband? Through Sickness and Health? rich or poor, good times and bad times, death til you part?" Pastor Dave asked her.

"I Do," Nikie smiled, placing a ring on John's finger.

"Because of your desire to make a love for the ages and commitment to each other, it gives me the honor to now pronounce you husband and wife," Pastor Dave said. "You may now kiss the bride!"

After that, John Cena kissed the new official Mrs. John Cena, as the wedding goers clapped and cheered. Then, John picked Nikie up off of her feet bridal style, of course, and carried her out of the church and into a limo awaiting outside that would take them to a hotel in which their wedding reception was at. Soon, others cleared out. Kat was contemplating which way to go out so she wouldn't run into Patrick. She questioned why he was here, and Patrick questioned if coming up here was worth it. As all the other's cleared out, two stayed behind- Adam and Heather. They walked up to Pastor Dave.

"Um, excuse me?" Heather said to him. "Hi, i'm Heather, i was one of the bridesmaids."

"Ah yes," Pastor Dave said.

"We were wondering if we could ask you something," Adam said.

"Ask away!" Pastor Dave said.

"Well, see, about a month ago, we were in Vegas and got hitched," Heather Said. "We were planning on divorcing, but..."

"We got to actually know each other, and well, we're in love," Adam said. "And we were wonder if you could REALLY marry us, a couple of weeks from now."

"You want me to re-marry you two?" Pastor Dave asked.

"If you wouldn't mind," Adam said.

"Just give me the date, place and time," Pastor Dave smiled, as did Heather and Adam, who apparently would soon become Heather and Adam Burish.

To Be Continued....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty // Where do we go from here? / Part One

***So technically, this is my 30th chapter!!! :) Yaay. It's sad to think that this story really is reaching the end soon...Sad, right? Bahaha. Anyway, without further delay...The big 30th Chapter!!! Are Heather and Adam gonna divorce like everyone wants them to, or do you think maybe they'll give them a shot? Will Kat FINALLY Go to Justin after over a year of keeping him waiting, or will somehow Patrick win her back? And more importantly...It's John and Nikie's wedding! Will it go as planned, or will their even be a wedding? Find out!***

What am i supposed to do
When the best part of me was always you?
What am i supposed to say
When i'm all choked up and your okay?
I'm falling to pieces...
One's still in love while the other one's leaving
I'm falling to pieces...
Cause when the heart breaks no it don't break even... 

Ever have those days when your life just sucks so fucking bad? Or one of those days when you just feel like your whole life resembles one three or four minute song? Well, it's the last day of August before it's September, and it's been two weeks since i left Patrick, and these past two weeks my life's sucked SO Bad and it feels like every song i listen to reminds me of my poor love life. Especially songs by The Script. From Breakeven to Nothing to The First Time. I've been staying with Sarah and Sharpie for the past two weeks. They've both tried to make me feel better. But whenever i'm not on the road and in Chicago, i'm up in my guest room listening to sad songs on my IPod, like i am right now. Life's hard. I Just keep imagining If Patrick's already moved on from me. I Can't help but just wonder what the hell's going on with him. I Had The Script's songs on repeat on my Ipod and i was listening to Nothing right now, when i felt my headphones get pulled out of my ears.

"HEY," I Yelled as i saw Sarah with my headphones. She just sat down at the end of the bed.

"So, Once again, for about the 2nd straight week, It's sunny outside and 75, and instead of doing something productive, you're in my fucking house, eating my food, drinking my drinks and sitting on your ass listening to sad songs," She said.

"In my defense, i just got back from a road trip across the country," I Said.

"You didn't stay there why?" Sarah asked.

"Why would i wanna stay in some stupid Hotel when i could be in this loving house?" I Smirked slightly.

"Okay look," Sarah said. "You've been my best friend for years now, so you know i'll be here for you like, no matter what, but the seasons gonna be starting again in about a month and Training Camp is only a couple weeks away, i need Patrick in a good mood, and i don't think having someone all depressed in our house is helping him."

"Sarah, relax," I Said, turning off my ipod. "Right now, i'm amazing, i feel like i'm on cloud nine and just got rid of all this weight on my shoulders," I Lied. "I'm like that guy who's always happy, that guy from China...or Korea...Or Japan...Something like that," I Shrugged. "But bottom line, everything for me is amazing. It's all Goo-OW WHAT THE FUCK BITCH!?" I Yelled immediately holding my head and turning towards the doorway where i saw Sharpie and a soccer ball.

"I Wanted to go outside and play a little soccer or two with Hammer," He said.

"Hammer's back in Chicago? I Thought he would've been back from Sweden next week," Sarah shrugged.

"Me too, but he's back now," Sharpie said. "Anyway, you girls wanna play a little two on two with us? Heather and Adam are downstairs packing to go wherever they both need to go, we might get them to join us and maybe do boys vs. girls."

"I Hate soccer," I Rolled my eyes.

"Then you can be goalie, duh," Sharpie said. I Rolled my eyes. "You seem good with your hands anyway."

"They're handy," I Said.

"I see what you did there," Sharpie winked. "I'll go see if Adam's done Packing and when he has to be at the O'Hare, hopefully we can get in one game or so outback," Sharpie said, as he left.

"Shouldn't you be packing to?" Sarah asked me.

"I Should?" I Asked. "I Already have my bag filled with my wrestling stuff washed and packed for next week."

"No, i mean don't you have a wedding this Saturday?" Sarah asked.

"Oh yeah!" I Said. Nikie and John were FINALLY tying the knot. "I Don't have my dress yet, i'm getting it when i get to West Newbury, but i hear it's a light blue dress."

"Oh, that's nice, but you still have everything packed?" Sarah asked.

"Everything?" I Raised an eyebrow. " think after the wedding, i'm leaving?" It was silent for a moment as Sarah bit her bottom lip for a moment.

"Um... No!" She said. "I Meant everything as in...everything you'll need for Friday and Saturday!"

"Oh! In that case, yeah," I Smiled. She just slowly smiled and nodded her head back.

"Greaat!" Sarah said. "I'm know...head outside.." She said, getting up and leaving the room.

I Was putting my IPod back on, when i heard Sarah yelling outside the door.


After hearing that, i rolled my eyes then sighed as i turned back on my IPod and switched songs to 'For The First Time' by The Script.

She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart, while i'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, and we don't know how, How we got into this mad situation, only doing things out of frustration, Trying to make it work but man these times are hard. She needs me now but i can't seem to find the time,  I Got a new job in the Unemployment line, and we don't know how, How we got into this mess is it gods test? Someone help us 'cause we're doing our best. Tryna make it work but man these times are ha-

After that, i couldn't take it anymore and i switched the song.

"If only it was that easy with me and Patrick..." I Sighed, laying back down in bed, putting the pillow over my face and putting my Ipod on a different song.

*Patrick's POV*

 "Ugggh," I Moaned, holding my stomach in pain on my couch.

I Was out at a club last night, underground. I Just got my cast off yesterday for my wrist, so i decided to not go to the crappy local bar and head to Underground instead. In my local bar, i had about a shot or two of Whiskey every night, but at Underground, i went overboard, and i couldn't even walk up the stairs to my bed, so i crashed on my couch, and boy, am i feeling the side effects. I Managed to turn around so i was on my stomach, and i also saw a picture of Me and Kat framed on the coffee table. I Just moaned again.

"My lifes been complete hell without you," I Moaned, looking at the picture. Then, i heard my front door opened. I Tried to turn back onto my side to see who it was, but i just couldn't.

"Hey dude," I Heard Jonathan said. "Me and-what the hell man?" He asked, slamming the door shut. "You still haven't picked up the remainings from hurricane Kat?"

"I'm not stable enough," I Said, as i felt Jonathan grab my arm and pull me up, and i moaned even more before sighing.

"Look at this," Jonathan said pointing to the ground. "You spilled Oatmeal on the ground and didn't even clean it up."

"That's not oatmeal," I Said.

"Then what the hell is i-" Jonathan began, before realizing what it was. "OH COME ON KANER," He yelled, face palming.

"What do you want me to do?" I Yelled, actually standing up.

"I Want you to move on," Jonathan said. "Dude, every night you've been out at bars drinking, you're developing old habits that got you in BIG Trouble in the past, all because of a girl?"

"All because of a girl i was about to propose to," I Said.

"You can't live like this, bro," He said. "Especially with the training camp starting soon."

"Well i can clean up when in public, i've done that for years clearly," I Said.

"Yeah, clearly," Jonathan said.

"Don't you see?" I Sighed, sitting back onto the couch. "Kat changed me for the better, she's gone, and i've changed again, for the worse. I Miss her and want her back."

"I Get Kat changed you, but it's up to you to learn from whatever she did to change you to keep up with it so you can live a full, healthy life and keep yourself grounded," Jonathan said, heading to the kitchen and going to the fridge and grabbing to water bottles, then shutting it. "Look, i know it's gonna be hard, but you're gonna have to forget about-"

Then, Jonathan immediately turned around and snatched this paper or whatever that was hanging on the fridge and then turned around, smirking and looking at it. Then, he looked at me and continued smirking.

" want Kat back, eh?" He asked.

"What the hell,man," I asked. He came running back over and flopping onto the couch next to me and showing me the paper. "What's this?"

"A Wedding invitation, this Saturday in Massachusetts," Jonathan said.

"Oh yeah, that was for Kat," I Said.

"AND For you," Jonathan said.

"What?" I Asked.

"It says right here," Jonathan said, pointing at the invite. "'You, Katrina Dawson AND Patrick Kane are invited to our special day; John Felix Anthony Cena and Nikole Anne Cameron get married.' Then it says a bunch of wedding details, blah blah blah. So technically, you have as much right to be at that wedding as The Bride and the Groom do."

"Whoa, get out," I Said, standing up and looking at the card, and it was true, it did technically say i was invited to the wedding, NOT As Kat's Plus One. "This is GREAT!" I Smiled.

"Yeah, it is, so don't screw it up, we need you at your best this season," Jonathan said.

"Trust me," I Said, still smiling at the invitation. "Out of all the things i could possibly screw up, this won't be one of them."

After that, i turned on my tv and VH1 was on, they were doing some unplugged thing i guess with this band called The Script. I Didn't know what song it was, but hearing the lyrics made me smile and think of Kat.

Oh, these times are hard, and they're making us crazy don't give up on me baby....Oh, these times are hard, and they're making us crazy don't give up on me baby......

*September 2nd, 2pm, 25 hours before John&Nikie's Big Day, Jenny's POV*

"I Don't see why we aren't getting strippers," Cody said as he was helping John, Dan, Sean, Matt and Steve.

"Because, even though it's my brothers last day as a free man, he's grounding himself," I Smiled, also helping my 5 brothers load some bags into the car.

In just a couple of hours, John's getting my best friend. I Couldn't be more then happy, especially as sister of the groom AND Maid Of Honor. AMAZING!!! There's a bachelor party tonight of course, thrown by Randy, John's best man, and my 4 other brothers, who are serving as the Groomsmen. Though it's being thrown by Randy, it's at Dan's house. Right now, we're loading all these bags into Sean's jeep for him to take to Dan's. The girls, however, are staying here at John and Nikie's for the night. The weddings at 3, so they won't see eachother until then.

"I Voted Strippers, but John said no," Dan shrugged as we headed back into the house.

"That's because i'm not a stripper type of person," John said, handing his one bag to Sean to take back out to the car.

"No, you're not a fun type of person," Dan said. "Strippers are fun, you don't like strippers, you're simply not fun."

"Grow up," John rolled his eyes. "Where's the future Mrs. John Cena anyway?" He asked, taking a sip of his O.J.

"I Don't know," I Shrugged. "Let me go check," I Said, running upstairs.

*No POV*

"Nikie!" Jenny yelled, running upstairs looking for her future sister in law. "Nikie!" Then, she walked past one of the bedrooms, and saw Nikie sitting on her bed, holding a pillow and a box in her hand. "There you are!" Jenny shouted, jumping onto the bed.

"Oh...hi," Nikie said, all gloomy.

"Why so gloomy?" Jenny asked. "You're wedding day is TOMORROW!!!"

"I Have bigger issues to worry about..." Nikie said.

"Since when is your wedding day an Issue?!" Jenny asked. "A Wedding is not an issue, it's a SPECIAL EVENT THAT LASTS A LIFETIME!!! Besides, what could be more important then your wedding!?" Nikie sighed, and took something out of the box she was holding, revealing a pregnancy test.

"It's positive," Nikie said. "I'm pregnant."

Jenny sat there next to her future sister-in-law, in complete shock.

"Well...not all pregnancy tests are positive though..." Jenny shrugged, only to see Nikie grab a bag FULL of positive pregnancy tests from the table stand next to her to only dump them out on the bed.

"Yeah...I think it's Positive alright..." Nikie said, before sighing. "John and i talked it over, we don't want kids until at least a year or two of marriage. This is fucked up..."

"Okay, look," Jenny said. "I Know this is scary and un-settling, especially considering you two didn't plan this, and John is always on the road...But this isn't the end of the world, this may actually be a blessing in disguise." Nikie just buryed her hands into her face and ignored Jenny.

"I'm fine with this, and you've seen John with kids, he LOVES Kids, he'll be fine with it too," Jenny tried to reassure her. "You just need to convince him."

"Convince him?" Nikie asked, looking up. "How?"

"I Don't know," Jenny shrugged. "Just...convince him having a baby will be an amazing life changing experience."

"If i even have this baby," Nikie uttered, causing Jenny to raise an eyebrow.

"WHOA, What!?" Jenny asked. "No! You Can't!"

"Well if you were in my situation, what would i do?" Nikie asked her.

"It's called taking responsibility of your actions, Oh, and it's also called ADOPTION," Jenny yelled. "You CAN'T Have an Abortion."

"Why not?" Nikie asked.

"Because...You can't! Do you know what would happen if John found out you got an abortion?" Jenny said.

"Do you know what would happen if John found out i was pregnant before we even got married!?" Nikie shouted back, before sighing. "Look, i just found out i was a while ago. I Still have about 9 months, i don't know what i'm doing, but John CAN'T Find out until i make my decision."

"Whoa, what?!" Jenny asked.

"You heard me, You can't tell your older brother about this, AT ALL," Nikie said.

"But its-"




"Fine," Jenny rolled her eyes. "But ANYTHING But abortion."

"No guarantees..." Nikie said. "Just, don't tell John."

"Alright," Jenny sighed.

Little did they know, standing right outside that door was John and Jenny's loud-mouth of a little brother, Dan, who heard every single word between the two girls...

*Later that night, 12am, John's POV*

"I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT STRIPPERS!" I Yelled at my brothers, taking another drink of beer.

"Well, we got chu some anywaay," My brother Dan said. He was super wasted. He couldn't talk or walk.

"Bastards," I Rolled my eyes.

"chu wannatalk about BASTARDS?" Dan slurred, trying to walk over to me, but fell flat on his face. I Just laughed as i helped him up.

"What about Bastards, Dan?" I Chuckled. He took a deep breath, paused, then laughed.

"It's about your girl," Dan said, leaning on John for support.

"Oh, what about her," I Smirked, just thinking about her.

"She...she....She..."Dan began, before bursting out laughing. "She's got herself a bun IN THE OVEN!!!" Dan bursted out laughing, but i didn't laugh. "She is holding a YOU!"

I Was completely frozen, with a frown on my face as my Drunk brother just told me my future wife was pregnant. 

I'm getting married tomorrow, i'm at my Bachelor part now, and i just found out from my Drunk little brother my own Fiancee' is Pregnant. To say i'm pissed would be the least of it.

To be continued....