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Authors Note- 12/27/11

Hmmmmm. How do i begin this? Funny, i don't even know how. Brilliant Kat, Brilliant.....

Alright, how about thanking you...? Yeah, let's start off with that.


I started this out i think...Late January of 2010? So, almost 2 years ago actually. This brings me to my first thank you, to actually one of the main characters, Kristen...though most of you may know her as KrissieCaldi.

She was writing stories about what it would be like to be a professional wrestlers, and i became friends with her and started reading them, which inspired me to write this. So if you like this story, you should thank her. Bahaha.

ANYWAY-Yeah, 2 years ago on this site called the WWE Universe i started writing this, which brings me to my second personal thank you...kinda.

I guess i kinda need to thank Sarah, because WWE Universe ended up closing down in the middle of this story, and if she hadn't showed me this site, chances are this would have probably ended already. Bahaha. So thank you.

Again..ANYWAY- this story was fun to write. Kind of think what life could be life when i'm older. Though of course- i doubt Patrick Kane  and Jonathan Toews will still be repping the Indian Head when I'm 22. I think their contract ends after 2015....? Maybe they may resign and play the rest of their career in Chicago, or they'll leave, who knows. But yeah, i enjoyed writing this, and i actually met a couple of my friends through this story, believe it or not. Weird right? bahaha.

ANYWAY- yes, thank you all for sticking with this story and reading it :)


I don't know who gave me this idea- but someone pitched the idea of maybe a Sequel to this story, to show what happens AFTER The scene in the airport, bahaha. I've kinda been TEASING a Sequel to some of you guys, and i've been getting good reactions...with that being said, i MAY do a sequel. MAY is the keyword there. It depends on stuff.

1)How my grades are.

The past two years...well, i have had horrible grades.Partually because i suck at school. Partually because i'm a horrible student. Partually because my minds drifts away while i should be paying attention. But this year's different- I'm actually currently passing ALL My classes. ALL of them. I want to keep it that way and actually pass this year. Anyway, if my grades are still good in April, probably a Sequel. BTW, Has anybody ever read this book called 'Speak', you know, the one about a girl who got raped at a party? If so, CONTACT ME, i have a book report to do on it and i'm having trouble :\ A sequel also depends on-

2)If people would actually read it

I literally have most of the story pieced out. It'd start early April, end mid-august. Probably 30 chapters maybe? bahaha. Like i said- most have been Positive reactions, but still. 

I GUESS If you'd like to see a sequel and would read it....let me know? Good reactions to that possibility AND good grades for- i'll do it. If not- i'll write an Epuloge or...whatever it's called. I'm not that mean- you think i'll honestly leave you hanging? No, i'll at least let you know what happens. So yeah, just let me know if you want a sequel, bahaha.

And now....i say good-bye. Again- i think most of you guys have my phone number or my twitter, so you should be able to keep up with me, bahaha. So yeah- THANK YOU FOR READING THIS STORY AND STICKING WITH IT. YOU GUISE ARE AMAZING. bahaha. Thank you.


Week Forty-Five//Chasing Kat/ Part Three [FINAL CHAPTER]

*I can't believe it...but this is the FINAL Chapter in The Extreme Career. Wow..just...wow.I Could go on and on about stuff, but i'll save that for the Authors Note that will go up later tonight or tomorrow, depends. Anyway..without further delay....The Final Installment of The Extreme Career, enjoy :3*

"You're moving to the United Kingdom!?" Patrick asked me.

"I called my sister on the way here, she said she has a spare room i can use," I Said. "I also called Dr. Reese and he said it's safe to travel."

"You can't just pack up and move when times get rough!" Patrick said.

"It's not about me being a coward, it's about me wanting to be with my family!" I Said.

"You can't go!" Patrick yelled.

"Excuse me!?" I Asked.

"NOT WITH MY BABY!" He yelled.

I sighed as i got what he was saying and what he was afraid of.

"I also kind of stopped at the O'Hare on my way here to get plan tickets to the United Kingdom, i leave late tonight, at like, 9pm i think," I Said. "But right now i'm only going to get settled, i'll be back next Friday, just in time for the next doctors appointment and i'll be flying back in for all my appointments and i'll be back full time once I'm 8 Months pregnant."

Patrick sighed.

"You won't leave me?" He asked me.

"Not forever...just to clear my head," I Said. He bit his lip and sighed.

"That's my baby too," Patrick said. "Take good care of him or her..."

"Trust me, it's a girl, i swear to god it is," I Said. He just smiled at that.

"Jenna Kane?" He said, referencing to the fact the kids name will be determined by a TV Show. I smiled.

"Maybe Fiona Kane," I Smiled.

"Whatever name, it'll be beautiful, just like our child," Patrick smiled, before we hugged.

"I'm gonna go get my stuff upstairs," I Said, heading upstairs. 

Patrick sighed and Erica came out of her room and just looked at her brother.

"So...that's it?" Erica said. "She's really leaving?"

"Yep....and nothing i can do to change her mind."


I Got most of my stuff packed with help from Patrick and Erica and they helped me get it into my car.

"Take good care of my Niece...or Nephew...take good care of my whatever," Erica said as we said farewell.

"Don't worry, i will," I Smiled, hugging her. Then Patrick.

"What she said," He smiled.

"I'll see you next week," I Said, hugging him too. Until that birth and delivery, this while probably be the closest i'll get to him.

After that, i got in my Range Rover and drove off to the O'Hare. I board onto my flight in about 50 minutes, but it'll take a while to get through. The flight's about 7 hours, in London time i should be arriving there at 10am. No turning back now....

*8:35pm, Patrick's house, No POV*

Kat's been gone for a while now, Patrick and Erica where grasping what life would be like without her. It was more harder for Patrick then Erica, of course. They decided to watch Finding Nemo since was on TV, and it was one of their favorite movies from Disney. After the part where Nemo gets captured into the net, the door bell rang and Erica got up to see it, but was rather confused when she opened it.

"Um..hi?" She asked. "Who are you?"

"Justin," He said. Her eyes popped open.

"Justin...Justin as in...Oh god," Erica said, realizing who he was. "PATRICK! It's for you...kind of." She shrugged, then walked away. Patrick turned around and saw him and rage shot through him.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Patrick asked.

"Gee, you just won Kat, you think you'd be more happier?" Justin said.

"I didn't win Kat, dumbass," Patrick said.

"What? Then who did?" Justin asked.

"YOU, dumbass..." Patrick said.

"What are you talking about?" Justin asked, pretty confused. "She never even came by."

"She did, but you probably didn't see her, you know, since you were sucking face with that slut," Patrick said.

Justin froze and he couldn't believe it.

"Wait...she picked me, but she came to tell me RIGHT When Lara kissed me and she thinks i chose Lara over her?" Justin asked.

"Lara kissed you?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah! She came to my room and i broke up with her, but she kissed me to try to change my mind," Justin said.

"Well Kat thinks that you think she's a piece of shit and she's running away," Patrick said.

"Running away....?" Justin asked.

"She's leaving to country and going to the UK to be with her Brother and Sister," Patrick said.

"WHAT!?" Justin asked.

"I'm not happy about it either," Patrick shrugged. "But she's going."

"She can't!" Justin said.

"You're the reason she's leaving!" Patrick yelled.

"Maybe i can be the reason she stays..." Justin said, thinking.

Patrick sighed again, then looked at Justin.

"You want her, she wants you," Patrick said. "Go get her."

Justin just looked at him, then nodded, and ran out the door. He had a girl to chase after.


*Chicago O'Hare, 8:45pm, 15 minutes before flight to London takes off*

I Have about 5 minutes before i board onto my plane. I got all my luggage situated, went through security, all that fun stuff. Now i was just sitting on a bench and listening to my IPod, waiting. Lovestory by Taylor Swift was on. Knowing the history with this song, i wanted to turn it off, but i didn't. I love this song to much. I turned it up all the way to just block the whole world out.

"I got tired of waiting...wondering if you were ever coming around, my faith in you is, fading..."

Without a doubt, this is my favorite part of the song. It's funny though- i swear to god i heard my name being shouted. Probably just imaging it. I heard my name again. I'm not imagining it. I took out my headphones and looked up and i saw Justin, running toward me in full speed.

"Justin...?" I Asked.

"KAT!" He yelled again.

Then, he almost tripped, but recovered and ran toward me and got down on his knees.

"What are you doing...?" I Asked.

"Me and Lara are OVER," He said.

"But i saw you two-"

"She kissed ME, if you stayed a little while longer you would have seen me push her off of me. Angel, i love you, not her."

"Well, uh, it's kind of late to tell me that..." I Said.

"Don't go, please," Justin pleaded. "Give us a chance, please. We can be amazing together, downright amazing."

"My sister-"

"Your sister can see you later," Justin said. "Stay with me, be with me, please."

 "I Don't know..." I shrugged.

Then, he grabbed my left hand and pulled something out of his pocket- that silver tin thing on Pop cans that open them up.

"I know it's not much, but Angel, Please," Justin pleaded. "Stay Here, Stay With Me, Marry Me, Say Yes, Please."

"Marry you!?" I Asked, shocked.

"Marry Me."

"It's a love story, baby just say....."


The End. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Week Forty-Five // Chasing Kat / Part Two.

The air was crisp. It was cold. I could see my breath. I'm never up this early. Never. NEVER. But am i today. Last night, i made my choice, and now, i had to go tell him i didn't choose him. 

He was one place,  He was at another place. Both places weren't too far away from another.

He was up. He opened the door letting me in, expecting good news. He was heartbroken when i broke the news to him.

 "So....i'm not the one..." Patrick sighed.

"I'm sorry..." I Said, taking off my engagement ring from him.

"But...the kid..." Patrick began.

"I grew up without my dad their for me, i'm not letting this kid grow up without it's father," I said. "You'll still be apart of me and this kid, just not romantically with me."

"So...we'll still keep in touch?" Patrick asked.

"Of course we will," I smiled.

Despite the news, he cracked a smile and accepted it, then we hugged.

"Go get your man," He smiled. I smiled back, and did what he said. I got my man.

*Across town*

"5th floor....4th room down to the right..." I said, trying to remember where Justin told me he'd be staying at.

I had all the confidence in the world. I was walking to my future right here. This was the right choice. For me, and Baby Kane. Not a doubt in my mind i was making the right decision.

The door was wide open, it's like he knew i was coming. Weird. I Walked in, with a huge smile on my face...that quickly turned to a frown.

I walked in, and i saw Justin....and i saw Lara. They weren't talking, at all. They were making out. I quickly walked out and back into the elevator, then cried. This isn't how it's supposed to be. I told him about her, and he's kissing her? He told me how he felt, and i chose him and turned down my baby's dad and he does this? This isn't how it's supposed to turn out. Not even close to how it's supposed to turn out. Not even close....

*No POV, a couple minutes before Kat walked in...Justin's room*

Justin was staring at the door, waiting for Kat to knock on the door telling him he was the one. That he was the one she wanted. That's all he wanted. Then, there was a knock and his face lit up, like a little kid in a toy store. He jumped off the bed and ran toward the door and opened it with a smile on his face that quickly turned into a frown after he saw who was standing outside that door. 

"Lara..." Justin said, disappointed.

"Hey babe, how come you didn't tell me you would be here?" Lara said, just letting herself in the room. "I had to find out on twitter you were in Chicago."

"Why are you here..." Justin asked her.

"Because, i wanna be with my sexy boyfriend," She smirked to him.

"Who's he?" Justin asked as Lara laughed.

"You're so funny!" She laughed.

"I Wasn't trying to be funny," Justin said. "I'm serious."

"What are you talking about?" Lara asked, completely unaware of what had happened that previous day.

"I had a conversation with Kat yesterday..." Justin said.

"Oh god, what did that slut tell you?" Lara asked.

"She's not a slut," Justin said to her.

"She's not married and pregnant with someone's child, she's like one of those sluts on MTV except she's all old," Lara rolled her eyes.

"She's younger then you..." Justin told her.

"Still..." Lara said. "Look babe, just tell me what she told you!"

"I'm NOT your babe..." Justin told her again.

"What did she tell you!?"

"She told me your using me, that's what, and she told me she stills loves me, and i still love her too."

Everything was silent.

"You...love her?" Lara asked.

"Yes, and i don't feel that same way about you," Justin said.

"But...everything we've been through..." Lara said, walking toward Justin. "We have history and memories..."

"Bad ones...." Justin said.

"You can't just throw this away...not again..."Lara said.

"There was a reason we broke up before, not just because of my wrestling career," Justin said.

"You can't throw this away..." She said, getting closer.

"I'm about to, once and for all," Justin said.

"You really wanna say good-bye to this?" She asked.

Then, with the door wide open, she kissed Justin, long a passionately until he pushed her off.

"Bye, Lara, for good," Justin said to her.

She just pouted, then rushed out of the room, slamming the door shut, as Justin took a deep breath, and rubbed his lips, trying to get the scent of her Cherry flavored lipstick off, then he flopped down onto a bed, waiting for Kat.

*Later that day, Starbucks, Kat's POV*

"Let me guess...Medium Double Chocolatey Chip?" The girl behind the counter asked me.

"Have i really been coming here THAT much?" I Asked.

"Let's just say i've seen you around here as a pregnant lady more then i've seen you as a non-pregnant person..." She said, getting my drink ready.

"What can i say...it relaxes me, and i'm craving it," I shrugged.

"You know," She said, handing me my drink. "You're supposed to be craving a lot of chocolate stuff like this when your pregnant with a girl."

"I find out the sex next week, but i have a good feeling it's a girl," I shrugged, paying her then taking a table.

It wasn't long after that that Sarah and Sharpie walked in, both with smile's but Sarah's was way bigger.

"Since i'm here, i may as well grab something, but you girls just talk," Sharpie smiled, going up to order while Sarah sat down, still smiling.

"I know you wanted to talk, but real quick, look at this!!" She smiled, handing me a piece of paper.

I took the paper from her hands after one more sip, then i read it. I couldn't believe it.

"You're going to the police academy!?"  I said.

"I leave February 8th and i'm gone for three months," She smiled.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" I Smiled, getting up and hugging her real quick. "It's what you've always wanted to be."

"Which is weird because i have done a LOT of illegal stuff," Sarah said.

"True," I Said. "But still, you'll be a great cop," I Smiled.

"Well of course i will," She smirked back. "Anyway, what's going on?" I sighed.

"A while ago...i kind of told Justin-"

"Canada Justin or South Africa Justin?" She asked me.

"South Africa Justin," I said.

"Okay, continue," She said.

"I kinda admitted i loved him..." I bit my lip.

"Oh damn..." Sarah said.

"In front of Patrick," I said,.

"OH DAMN!" Sarah said, jaw dropped.

"And now they're making me choose between them..." I sighed.

"Well, you chose Patrick right?" She asked me. I just looked at her. "OH MY GOD YOU CHOSE JUSTIN!? But you've actually dated Patrick and he's the father of your baby!"

"Not ALL Parents get together!" I said.

"Likes yours?" She asked. I rolled my eyes and she sighed. "So, you're with Justin now....?"

"No..." I sighed as she raised an eyebrow. "I went to tell him he was the one, and i saw him making out with another girl..."

"That's great!" Sarah smiled. "Don't you see? This is like a sign that you're supposed to be with Patrick! What are you doing talking to me? Go talk to Patrick!"

"I already told Patrick he wasn't the one," I sighed.

"Oh...." Sarah said. I sighed again.

"You know, last night i talked to Phil, and he told me my mom used some o her final words on me," I said.

"She did?" Sarah asked. "Wow."

"I just miss her so much in times like these...i miss my family all together," I Said.

"Don't your brother and sister live in the UK or something?" She asked.

"London," I said.

"Well, if you miss them, have them come out here," She said.

"Craig's touring with his band and Savannah's married with a One year old," I said.

"Wait Savannah's Married and a mom!?" Sarah asked.

"She had a fling with this guy who's condom broke off, and now she has a new family," I rolled my eyes.

"Wow..." Sarah said. "Well...if they can't come to you, go to them."

"What?" I asked.

"Maybe you're right and you need some family time," Sarah said. "So go to the UK to be with them."

Go to the U.K...?

*A while later, Patrick's house*

I needed to talk to Patrick, badly. After Starbucks, i drove straight to his house and started knocking on the door and Erica opened it.

"Hey Kat," She said.

"Please tell me your brother's home?" I asked.

"He's watching The Bulls game," She smiled letting me in.

"Hey, Patrick," I Said, he paused the game, then got up.

"Hey," He said. "Everything okay?"

"Actually...i really, REALLY need to talk to you," I Said.

"I'll let you two be," Erica said, before walking away.

"What's up?" He asked.

"So uh, i went to go see Justin and tell him he was the one..." I Said.

"Luckiest guy on the planet," Patrick said.

"I saw kissing Lara," I Said.

"He was what?" Patrick asked.

"He was kissing Lara as if he completely forgot about yesterday," I Sighed.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," He said to me.

"I just got done talking to Sarah," I Said.

"Sarah's good people," Patrick said.

"She helped me realize something," I Said. "I have no one here."

"You have people here," Patrick said. "You have me, Erica, Sarah, hell even though we aren't together, the whole team and front office love you."

"No, you don't get it," I Said. "I Don't have family here. I Don't even have family in this country. You have Erica, Sarah's family doesn't live that far away from here, everyone but me."

"Well, just fly you're brother and sister out for a while," Patrick suggested.

"It's not that simple," I Said. "But i do need to be around my family."

"So..what are you gonna do?" Patrick asked.

"They can't come to me," I Said. "So i'm going to them." Patrick's eyes popped open.

"But, don't they live in the United Kingdom?" He asked.

"Yeah, they do..." I Said.

"Wait...so...does that mean you're-"

"Patrick, I'm moving to the UK."

To Be Continued...

Week Forty-Five// Chasing Kat / Part One

*January 25th, 2012. Noon, Kane Residents*

20 weeks. 20 weeks. 20 weeks i've been carrying this kid in me, and next week i get to find out exactly what this kid is, and even though we aren't revealing the sex of the baby to anyone else, i'm curious. If it's a girl then i'll need to start praying that when she's born, the Degrassi episode that airs that night DOESN'T have Clare Edwards in it. Ain't no way in HELL i'ma name my baby girl after a bitch like her. Yeah she's perfect and all but i can't stand her. But i'm still hoping for a boy, but still, feels like a girl. Bleh. Erica has class at Northwestern today, but she said she'd pick me up some Mint-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on her way home since i've been craving it. Basically, she's the only female friend i have anymore--- and Sarah of course. After my little episode with the WWE Gang...i can just forget about everything with them, even if i dare try to apologize...HA. They'd laugh in my face. My only friend now is myself.

My ass and my couch had a date today. TeenNick had a Degrassi Marathon since the premiere of Season 11.5 is premiering soon....by 11.5 they mean the other half of season 11, which i personally think they should just make season 12 since it's gonna be a new school year. But whatever, not like i'm a writer for the show or anything. Whatever they feel like. Right now i was in the middle of season 10, part 2 of the Vegas night episode. RIGHT after Simpson announced the school was on lockdown because Fitz had a knife and was looking for Eli, the door bell fucking rang.

"Son of a bitch..." I mumbled, as i tried getting up. The Baby's gaining weight along with me and it's getting harder to do stuff skinny non-pregnant people can do.

I got up to open the door, and i couldn't believe who it was.

"Justin..." I gulped when i saw him.

"Um, hi...can we talk?" He asked me.

"Patrick's not home..." I said.

"Well, can we still talk?" He asked.

"Depends," I Said. "You know how to make Coco?" I asked. He laughed.

"Is this your way of you asking me to make you Coco?" He asked.

"If you wanna talk, get in the kitchen," I winked, letting him in.

He made me Hot coco as i continued my Degrassi marathon, and after he was done, we started talking.

"So...how's life?" I asked him.

"Okay, can we be real?" Justin asked. "Two weeks ago, in Detroit...what was that?"

I bit my lip and sighed.

"Lara was telling me stuff, that made me mad...and it just came out. I didn't even know i still felt that way about you," I Shrugged. He shrugged too.

"What'd she say?" He asked. I sighed again.

"She's flat-out using you," I Said. "She's trying to get that contract with WWE, then after she gets what she wants, she's leaving you.."

"Oh...wow," He bit his lip, shrugging.

There was that awkward silence after that as he grasped onto what i just said.  Then he started talking again.

 "Well...uh....honestly, the only reason i got back together with her was because I heard you were engaged with Patrick from someone  WAY before you even told me. I got mad, and i decided to get back with her...you know, to make you jealous, and to uh, move on from you."

"Wait," I Said. "So...does that mean..."

"I'm still in love with you, Angel," He said, as i gulped.

It was silent, until i heard a door creek open. Erica still has like, an hour until her class is over...so hat narrows it down to one person who could have walked through that door, uh-oh.

"JACKASS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" I heard Patrick shout as he saw walked in and saw Justin.

"I'm talking to the girl who loves me that's what i'm doing!" Justin yelled back, standing up as Patrick ran over.

"LOVES YOU!?" Patrick yelled again. They were nose-to-nose now, and i'm right in the middle. "She's wearing MY Ring and carrying OUR Baby, NOT YOUR'S."

"Oh yeah?" Justin asked him, with a cocky smile. "Well last time i checked, she was telling me how much she loved me NOT YOU."

"She's never SCREAMED Your name at the top of her lungs in bed!" Patrick yelled back.


"HEY!" I shouted back, standing up and grabbing their attention. "WOMEN WITH CHILD HERE!"

"Women with MY CHILD," Patrick shouted to Justin.

"Women with child who LOVES ME," Justin shouted back.

"It's MY KID, that makes her MY GIRL," Patrick shouted back at him.

"No It doesn't!" Justin yelled.

"Yes it does!" Patrick yelled.

"ACTUALLY, not all parents are together, my parent's weren't," I shrugged.

"That means she want's me!" Justin smirked to Patrick.

"No It doesn't," I Said.

"That means she want's me!" Patrick yelled back.

"NO IT DOESN'T!" I yelled back

"THEN WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?" They both yelled at me.

"IT MEANS I DON'T KNOW!" I Yelled back.

"You don't know!?" Patrick asked. "YOU DON'T KNOW!?"

"Seriously, Kat!?" Justin asked me.

"Your both springing this on me! What do you want me to do?" I Asked.

"I Want you to do what you KNOW you've wanted to do for a long time," Justin said. "Dump his sorry ass and be with me!"

"I Want you to stay with me- your fiance' and the father of you're first child," Patrick said.

"What about what I wanna do!?" I asked.

"Well what do you wanna do?" Patrick asked.

"That's the thing," I Said. "I DON'T KNOW!"

"How can you NOT know!?" Justin asked.

"I JUST DON'T!" I Yelled. "I'm 20 weeks pregnant, this baby is my concern, not this!"

"We get that," Patrick said. "But you can't use the pregnancy as your excuse for not knowing who you wanna spend the rest of your life with!"

"You gotta choose," Justin said.

"Me, or the foreigner," Patrick said.

Everything's scrambled all right. Am i really pregnant? Am i really where i think i am? Am i really who i think i am? I can't even answer those questions, because i don't know. Everything's scrambled. 

"Who's it gonna be?" Justin asked.

I Paused and bit my lip, then sighed.

"I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled. "I need some time....i need that time to be away from both of you," I Said.

Then, i left. 

*Brooks household, late at night*

It's freezing cold outside. It's times like this i'm glad i have a zillion random hoodies to wear. After....'that', i ran over to Phil and Kristen's. Kristen wasn't home, she was visitng her friend Jessie, who's having a kid soon or something, so it was only Phil, which is good cause i didn't really wanna speak to her. Not yet. She knows i'm here since she's home now, but she's inside. I'm outside, on their deck sitting at the table they have, looking at the stars all cuddled up in my hoodie trying to figure this all out.  I heard one of the dogs bark, so someone must be coming.

"Hot chocolate?" I heard Phil say behind me, with a cup in hand as he shut the door and one of the dogs came out with him to do his business. "Kristen just made it."

"Take a sip first," I Said, wary. He looked at me as if i was an idiot, then took a sip of it.

"Now what?" He asked.

"How's it taste?" I asked.

"It taste like hot chocolate dumbass what else would it taste like?" He asked me. I Rolled my eyes and took it.

"Just making sure..." I sighed.

"Seriously, how you holding up?" Phil asked.

"I Only had my mom for 14 years, not once did she tell me what the hell to do when i got pregnant and had to chose between two men..." I sighed, taking a sip.

"You know, your mom was fucking hot," Phil said. "Even after three kids, she had a perfect figure and you just totally wanted to bang her."

"Oh well thank you for putting that image in mind of my mommy," I rolled my eyes.

"The point of me saying that is to say that chances are, after you have this kid, you'll get your hot figure back and go back to having creepy guys wanting to fuck you," Phil said.

"What was the point of that?" I said, smiling.

"There was no point, but it actually got you to smile," He said, causing me to smile even bigger. "But seriously, because she was so fucking hot, i tried to...you know, spend time with her."

"You tried to make the fucking moves on my mom!?" I asked.

"NO!" Phil said. "Just...you know how i used to eat dinner here some nights and how i was with your sister for a while?"

"Yeah..." I said.

"All that to get closer to her fine ass," He smirked.

"Oh good lord," I gagged.

"But seriously, since we had a good relationship, she was one of the people i kept in touch with after i graduated and went to train with Ace," He said. "And i was actually one of the last people she talked to before she died, and she told me something to pass along to you when you got yourself into this mess."

"WHEN i got myself into this mess?!" I raised an eyebrow.

"She had a feeling you would be the one of the three kids to mess up this big," Phil said.

"Figures, i was the worst one of her three," I Said.

"She thinks Savannah's the one most likely to get arrested for being an idiot and Craig's the one who's gonna end up having a women show up claiming he's her baby daddy," Phil said.

"I'm pretty sure that's happened to both of them already," I Said.

"Anyway, she told me this," Phil said. "Listen to you're heart, not anyone else. It's easy."

I looked at him, dumbfounded.

"That was her last words involving me? THAT?" I asked.

"It's actually good advice!" He said.

"That's HORRIBLE advice! How the hell is that gonna help me!?" I asked.

"Just think about it, like she said, it's easy, you'll be okay," Phil said.

Then, he got up, opened the door and let the dog inside, and he shortly followed, leaving me alone again.

Listen to you're heart, not anyone else. It's easy.

That kept going through my mind, trying to figure it out. I'm being forced to choose between two guys, not only for me, but for my unborn child. Everything got even more scrambled. I Wanted to scream, but i didn't. I just knocked over my Coco and started yelling to the sky.

"You said listening to my heart was easy! SO WHY THE HELL AM I STRUGGLING SO MUCH WITH IT!" I screamed up at the sky to the heavens.

I sat back down and started taking a couple deep breaths, then i curled back up into a ball. 

I believe in afterlife, and i don't know if my mom heard me or something, but after that, everything changed.

My mind cleared up, i could think straight again, and it clicked in for me. I only saw one guy in my mind.


I saw Him in my mind.

The one.

Suddenly, my mind was made up, and for the first time in a long time, i know what i want and what's best for me.

I knew EXACTLY which one it was. Exactly.

To Be Continued....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week Forty-Four // To A Friend

I Stay in time and watch you pass by... I draw this line and hope you take my side...you shouldn't have to fight alone...it's nobody's battle but you own...

*January 16th, 2012, Noon*

"So, you can find out the sex of the baby next week, but you still got to wait?" Sarah asked me as we we're walking up some steps.

"Yeah, we're waiting to find out the sex until our next appointment," I Said. "And that's in about two weeks, so i won't be waiting that long,"

"Still, if i was you i'd go get that Ultra-Sound as soon as i could," Sarah said.

Sarah and i have been taking walks in the downtown area lately.  It's becoming a stress reliever for me, so yeah. Today, we walked over to the place Corey was living at. It seem's Corey's been struggling lately. Something just isn't right. It's like his mind's drifting away. He barely even talks to anyone anymore. He's clearly having his life held together by tape now, and since Sarah and I are queens when it comes to making someone else's business our business, we decided to try and help him. We got to his place and i heard a crashing sound.

"DAMN," Sarah said after she heard it.

"It sounds like shattered glass," I Shrugged.

We saw that the door was wide open, and then something was being thrown at us. We quickly ducked to the ground.

"What the fuck was that!?" Sarah asked. I Ran over and picked up the thing that was thrown at us. It was a picture of Corey and Jamila.

"Okay...yeah something's wrong," I Said as we ran inside.

It was hurricane Corey inside. Stuff was all over the place and it looked totally vandalized. Corey was going Apeshit. Totally Apeshit.

"What the hell!?" Sarah asked.

Corey noticed us, then put an object down gently on the ground and tried to calm down.

"Oh...hey," Corey said.

"What the fuck happened here!?" I asked.

"I just needed to blow some steam..." Corey shrugged.

"So you destroy your house...?" Sarah asked him.

"Too many bad memories..." Corey sighed, then pointed to the couch. "We'd always make out there and other stuff," Then he pointed to bed sheets that had completely been torn up. "And the stuff we would do on those sheets upstairs..."

"Okay, what the hell are you talking about?" Sarah asked him. He just looked at me.

"Your little friend...Jamila...." Corey mumbled out.

"What about her?" I asked.

"She fucking broke my heart," He growled, before grabbing another object and throwing it up against a wall.

"She broke up with you?" I asked.

"I WISH," He yelled again. "She fucking cheated on me!"

"She cheated on you!?" Sarah gasped.

"That's not even the worst part," Corey said. "She cheated on me with another hockey player in the NHL."

"From here in Chicago!?" I asked.

"No, Vancouver," He sighed, trying to calm down again. "Number 3." Me and Sarah thought for a moment trying to figure out who wore the 3 in Vancouver, and once we figured it out, we couldn't believe it.

"Bieksa!?" Sarah asked.

"Doesn't he have a wife and kids?!" I asked.

"He doesn't have a wife and as for his kids who knows the kind of relationship he'll have with them now," Corey said.

"She really cheated on you with him?" I asked.

"Here in Chicago after we beat Vancouver 6-2, while i was talking to the media or something after the game, she went into a closet with him and he got lucky," Corey cringed, just talking about it made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I Was processing this. After it was all processed, i picked up a picture of Jamila, a good one. Then, i threw it across the room against the wall and it shattered into a million pieces.

"Whoa, what the hell!?" Sarah asked. "She's your friend! I Don't like what she did, but you!?"

"I need to start re-thinking my choices when it comes to friends...." I mumbled.

*A Couple Hours Later, some abandoned place in Chicago*

Weird. I got this text from Kristen and she marked it as Urgent. Really weird. She sent me some address to this place i've never heard of, and i grew up in Chicago, hell i know every single alley throughout this city. This is weird. I stopped for a hotdog, then i drove to the address. When i pulled up, i realized it was basically the middle of nowhere. What the fuck. I Saw a couple other cars, one being Kristens. I couldn't figure you the other ones, but they look familiar. I Walked inside and coughed, it smelled like smoke. Maybe it burned down, that's why it looks so tacky. I looked around, and then i saw my friends back from WWE. I've done my best to avoid them all, so this fucking sucks.

"What the fuck is going on..." I asked, confused.

"Either you've been eating a LOT of hotdogs, or you're pregnant...." Jamila said, staring down at my bump.

"Didn't you hear?" I asked. "It was in the tribune. You're boyfriend's in Chicago so uh, shouldn't you have seen it?" I Said, rolling my eyes after that. Out of them all, she was the last person i wanted to see.

"Boy or girl?" Nikie asked, looking at me.

"How the hell should i know? I haven't had an ultra-sound yet and it's impossible to tell if it's high or low..." I Said to her.

"Damn.." Jenny said,. shocked a my attitude.

"What the fuck is this? An intervention?" I Asked, looking at Kristen. She looked serious.

"Actually...it is," She said.

"WHAT!?" I Yelled. "What the fuck!?"

"You've been distance and it sounds like somethings wrong, we just want to let you know that it's okay to share," Kristen said.

"What the hell is this, Group Therapy Session!?" I Asked.

"Don't worry, i hear that's the usual reaction for interventions at first," Heather said to Kristen.


"Denial, something they all do through," Heather said to her again.

"Bitch you better shut up!" I Yelled at Heather. "Or i swear to god i wi-"

"YOU KNOW," Nikie interrupted. "I don't know how far along you are, but my Baby's developing hearing and can hear nearly everything you say, so uh, could you lighten up on your swearing?"

"Not my baby, not my fucking problem," I Said.

"Okay, something's wrong with you," Kristen said. "Just tell us so we can help!"

"You wanna know what's wrong with me? IT'S YOU PEOPLE!" I Yelled.

"US?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, YOU PEOPLE," I Yelled again.

"What the heck did we do!?" Jenny asked.

"Let me politely go down the line," I Said.

Then i walked toward them and started off with Jenny.

"You had to make me go on a double date with Justin, You and Brokeface at a club, Leave me and Justin alone and make something happen between us, and now my relationship with not only my fiancee' but my BABY DADDY Is in jeopardy just because you get too involved in others love-life! If my baby grows up having his parents hate each other and going to a different house every other weekend, i'm blaming you," I Said, looking her in the eye.

Then, i moved to Nikie.

"YOU'RE A FUCKING PREGNANT BITCH!" I Yelled. "I Don't care if your pregnant, that's doesn't mean JACK to me. You had to go request my song at your wedding and ALSO get involved in my love life, i don't know if it's something about you Cena Girls, but you have no idea how to fucking mind your own damn business!" I Screamed.

Then, i moved to Heather, and just sighed.

"You're a fucking slut," I Said. "The day of my birthday not only do you have a court-case, but when you actually make it to my birthday, you get into a fist fight with a bartender and cause a scene all while i'm almost RAPED. Good to know that's what you prefer doing while your friend's in danger like that. NOT ONLY THAT, but then you once again try to steal my moment and get drunk and marry one of my friends!? I don't care how drunk you were! Out of EVERYONE, HIM!?"

"HE AND I ARE ACTUALLY IN LOVE," She yelled back.


"WE WERE HITCHED BY A WOMEN," She yelled back again.

"LIKE I GIVE A RATS ASS!" I Yelled back.

I took another deep breath then, moved on to Jamila.

"You think you're better then Heather, but you aren't, you're just another fucking SLUT," I yelled.

"EXCUSE ME!?" She yelled back.

"I was just at Corey's place a couple hours ago and i heard EXACTLY what happened!" I yelled. "The back of a closet with a Canuck, is that how they define classy in New York? Here in Chicago, that's just slutty."

"You have NO Idea what that was all about, that's just his side of the story," Jamila said.

"Oh, okay, what's your side?" I asked.

"I Was tempted, he came on to me..." She shrugged.

"Three words," I Said. "JUST. SAY. NO. OH, and keep your legs closed. It's pretty simple to do, actually."

I Had enough of her. I moved onto the last one- Kristen.

"Before you even begin," She said to me, before i even opened my mouth. "You've changed. A LOT. I know you're pregnant---which was FUN Learning about in the newspaper instead of actually hearing you say it--- But like you told Nikie, that's no excuse to be a fucking bitch and change."

"Well SORRY for changing, but i'm glad you've stayed the same!" I Smiled, but quickly that smile faded away. "You're still a bitch."

After that, i just left. I Couldn't take it. I Had enough of those bitches. I Slammed the door shut and ran over to my car, got in and just drove off. 

After a while, i pulled over to the side of the road, then i broke down and started crying.

I've been telling other guys i love them. Bitching at my only friends. What the hell is wrong with me? 

Everything really is scrambled.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week Forty-Three // Friday The 13th

What is it about Friday The 13th that just spells out hell? Okay, it doesn't really spell out hell, but you know what i mean. Unlucky for me, like lots of people, Friday The 13th's are just not my day, it all started after i got my Mom a traffic ticket back when i was 10 because i was bitchy and refused to put on my seatbelt, since then, Friday the 13th's get worse for me, year after year...As for what's in store for me this year...nothing can compare.

*Detroit, MI, Blackhawks Team Hotel, Friday The 13th, 4pm*

"ZIP IT UP!!" I Yelled.

"I'M TRYING!" Patrick yelled.

"Could you two keep it down?" Jonathan asked.

"SHUT UP," Patrick and I both said.

"Damn..." He said.

"I TOLD you this size was too small..." Patrick mumbled, trying to zip up the back of the dress.

"And i told you to mind your own DAMN BUSINESS!" I yelled back.

"IT WON'T ZIP UP!" He yelled.

"Let me try," Jonathan said, getting out of bed and trying to zip me up.

"Good luck but-" Patrick began, but then stopped.

Jonathan was able to zip me up. He wasn't.

"You just got lucky,"  Patrick mumbled.

"I got the magic touch with these hands," Jonathan winked.

"No you don't," Patrick rolled his eyes.

"That's not what Erica was saying last night," Jon smirked. Patrick's face turned that red color, you know, the shade Coach Q turns during games.

"BIG TIME BURN!!!" I laughed.

"Let's just go get this night over with!" Patrick grumbled, as i tried to stop laughing.

Justin called me last night and said he was able to book this condo or something for us tonight. It wasn't a hotel, but it was a condo. Hmph.  It took us about 15 minutes to get there, when we showed up, me and Patrick just took a deep breath.

"Be good," I said to him as we walked toward the door.

"I'll do my best," He sighed.

We walked up the steps, and took another breath in before i knocked on the door and Justin opened it. He shaved. He SHAVED. She got him to SHAVE. Oh my gosh. He really is in love.

"Hey!" He smiled, letting us in.

"Hey!" I smiled back, coming in.

"Nice place..." Patrick said, looking around and trying not to make direct eye contact with Justin.

"Thanks," Justin said, doing nearly the same thing.

Then, a very fit blonde girl walked into the room. She looked like a freaking tramp. She must be like, i don't know, a waitress or something. Then, Justin smiled and kissed her.

He kissed her.

That's when it clicked in- That tramp was Lara. I heard stuff about her, but wow....All i can think is how many time's she's bleached her hair and what age she'll begin to start wearing wigs because her hair's falling out.

"Hi, i'm Patrick," Patrick said, introducing himself to Lara.

"Lara," She smiled at him, looking all...you know, blonde and trampy...like one of those girls in high school who thinks she's the fucking shit when in reality, people wish she'd finally get AIDS or an STD and die. Yeah, that's how she looked.

"My name's Kat..." I said to her, wary.

"Lara...."She said back, also looking wary. "I've heard a lot about you..."

"Funny, so have i...." I Said.

We stared each other down a moment. We just met each other, and we already can't stand each other. It's gonna be a long night...


"And then, she came over for a little movie night, and i asked her to be mine," Patrick smiled, taking a sip of Champagne. I Was drinking Milk. Chocolate Milk. I Envy him and those other two.

"Keeps getting more romantic every time you share that story..." Justin gritted through his teeth, while also pouring some more champagne into his glass.

"That day seems just like yesterday," I smiled as Patrick, taking a sip of my...Milk.

"I still remember when we first met," Justin smiled toward me.

"Most awkward moment ever!" I laughed, but stopped after i saw how uncomfortable Patrick looked.

"It's still not as romantic as when we first met, Pauly" Lara smirked at Justin, who's eyes popped wide open. I Almost forgot his real name was Paul until she said that. He clearly looks more like a Justin.

"Uh...yeah...that was pretty romantic...." Justin said, with an awkward smile.

"Oh., well how did you two meet?" I asked.

"You don't wanna know..." Justin said, with a nervous smile now.

"Yeah, we do," Patrick said.

"It's not that great of a story...." He shrugged.

Then, Lara got the hint that he had absolutely no clue when the hell they met. Not at all. She rolled his eyes, then to my surprise, Patrick actually saved his ass.

"Uh, how about we go into the kitchen real quick?" Patrick asked him.

"Yeah... i like that idea," Justin said, as the two quickly got up, just leaving us two ladies alone.

"So...You and Justin..." I Said, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah..." She shrugged.

"You seem perfect for each other."

"I Guess you could say that...."

"You guess?"

"Oh come on, you know you want him."

"I'm pregnant with someone else's child and engaged."

"Not even married and pregnant? Someone's a whore..." Lara said.

That triggered me.

"I'm the Whore? Have you taken a look in the mirror lately?" I asked.

"Honey, the way i look doesn't make me a whore, admit it, you want Pauly, don't you?" She asked. "But don't worry, you can have him...After i'm done with him."

"After you're done with him?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Meanwhile...in the kitchen.....

"So uh...." Justin said, grabbing another bottle of champagne. "It's nice that you and Kat a-"
"Oh cut the crap your foreigner..." Patrick said to him, rolling his eyes.

"What?" Justin asked him.

"I'm not an idiot and i'm not fucking blind," Patrick said.

"Okay, feel like catching me up here?" Justin asked him.

"You invited us over here to try and win Kat back again, you know you did," Patrick said.

"Did you not see my girlfriend out there?" Justin asked him, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, i saw the whore," Patrick said. "What, did you get back together for her just for this moment? To try and make Kat jealous to get her under your arms?"

"Whoa, look i-"

"No you look, jackass. This summer, not only will Kat and I be having a child together, we're walking down that aisle and starting our future together, a future WITHOUT you. The game's over. She's MINE. No matter what, we're gonna be together forever. Just do yourself a favor and stop trying, it's just making you look like a fucking fool."

"I'm happy you two are expected and i'm not gonna try and ruin your family," Justin mumbled.

Back in the living room...

"You heard me right," Lara said, taking a sip of champagne.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"I mean that jackass broke my heart," Lara said. "He broke up with me for his stupid wrestling career and left me all alone. With nothing. Making me pick up all these shattered pieces to my heart that left on the ground. Now, i'm back and ready to get my life back in control...starting with hurting him just like he hurt me for his career."

"So, you got him head over heels in love with you, and you're just using him to get a wrestling contract?" I asked.

"Exactly!" She smiled. "After i get my contract, you can have him."

"You can't do that to him," I said.

"Why not? He deserves it!" Lara said.

"No, he doesn't, he's actually a good person," I Said. She just laughed.

"That's a good one, Kat, that's a good one..." She laughed, taking another sip.

"If you're gonna break up with him, do it now and don't lead him on and break his heart."

"He broke my heart, now i'm breaking his," Lara said.

"You know, maybe he dumped you because you're a fucking bitch, not because of FCW," I said to her.

We had a long stare down.

"You're not breaking his heart, i won't let you," I Said to her.
"You won't 'Let' me?" She asked me, standing up, as did i. "Why? Why?"

"Because i fucking Love him, and there is NO WAY in HELL I'm letting you break his heart you filthy bitch!" I Screamed.

I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't. I couldn't believe i just screamed like that. But that wasn't even the worst part.

Right as i said that, Justin and Patrick walked into the living room again.
BOTH of them heard exactly what i said.

This can't be happening...this can't.
My mind's scrambled. So many thought's are running through it, i can't hear myself think or anything. What am i even doing?

I just walk out. Out of the room. Out of the house. Onto the streets of Detroit. I don't know why, anything to get away from here.
Now- i realize why Blackhawks fans chant 'Detroit SUCKS!' whenever they visit the United Center. Not only do the Dead Wings suck, but Detroit all together sucks. The streets are filthy, and it's freaky. Who the hell would wanna live here?

I kept walking, and walking, and walking until i found a starbucks.
"One Medium Double Chocolatey Chip," I Said, handing the girl money. I've been getting those recently since it's just chocolate, not actual coffee.

"Coming right up," She smiled.

I sat a table, all alone, drinking my Double Chocolatey Chip, processing what i just did. My thoughts were still scrambled as i tried to piece it all together. Then it set in EXACTLY what i did.

I wanna blame this on my raging pregnancy hormones, but come on... 

Everything's scrambled.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week Forty-Two // Whatever it takes..

New Years has come and gone, and it's officially 2012. Everything's changing. I'm more pregnant, Sarah and Patrick are in full on wedding mode and i'm growing more distance between everyone from WWE. From where we all were not only last year but two years ago, stuff's changing, and for most- it's changing for the worst.

*January 3rd, 2012, 9am, Chicago, IL, Corey Crawford's Downtown Chicago Condo, No POV*

"3 more reps..." Corey said, breathing heavy as he was working out.

Things hadn't been going his way lately. He's the Head goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, but lately, he's been sitting on the bench while back-up goalie Ray Emery has been taking his spot. Ever since the whole Jamila thing, Corey hasn't been playing like he should, and he's vying to get back to being that top goalie, the guy that was so good he was immediately signed to a new 3-year deal after the Hawks clenched the Stanley Cup last season.  Later tonight the Blackhawks are traveling to Philly, and Coach Q isn't making the decision on who starts out in net until after tomorrow's practice, and he's hoping to impress  and for the first time in what seems like forever to him, starts out the game and snags a win. 

While he was in the middle of a rep, his door bell rang so he put down the weights he was lifting to go answer it.

"Why are you here, i kicked you out," He said, as he was staring at his ex- Jamila.

"I just really need to talk to you," She pleaded.

"Why should i even waste any of my words on you?" He asked her.

"Please?" She asked.

"You're not coming in," Corey said. "But if you really got something to say, say it now, quick."

"I'm REALLY, REALLY Sorry," She said.

"That's all?" He asked.

"No," She said.

"What part of make it quick don't you understand?" He asked.

"Will you even give me a chance to explain!?" She asked.

"Why should i!?" He yelled. "It's pretty clear and easy to see, you got bored, sneaked around and got caught."

"It's not JUST That!" She yelled back.

"THEN WHAT IS IT!?" Corey yelled back.

"I WAS TEMPTED!" She yelled.

"How the HELL is that any different or better!?" Corey asked.

"Look can i pl-"

"No, now go away and never come back, EVER," He shouted at her, then slamming the door shut.

He was mad now. Mad. He took in a deep breath, then shook his head and went back to his rep.  He just needs to forget. Forget everything except being Chicago's best goaltender.  

*January 6th, after morning skate, Kat's POV*

"I'm not doing ropes," Sarah said.

"Why not?" Sharpie asked her.

"Because i hear they make your arms feel like jello!" She said.

"Babe, that's what it's supposed to do," Sharpie sighed.

"It means it's working," Kaner said, weight lifting.

Tonight at the United Center, the Colorado Avalanche are in town to take on the Blackhawks- who are 1st in their division and 2nd in the Western Conference, right behind Minnesota. Ray Emery has been kicking ass in between the pipes lately while Jonthan's being consistent and making stuff happen on the ice. We're doing way better then they were around this time last year, but there's still 3 more months left until Playoffs. 

The Morning Skate and Media got done a while ago and most of the team left to go home and do whatever they do before games, except The Sharps, Me and Patrick. 

Sharpie's now officially on board with Sarah becoming a cop, so on board he's actually helping her train and get in shape. It's also good because he's working side-by-side with her too, so he's getting in a good workout too. Sarah's very lazy. VERY Lazy. Me and Kaner know that, so we stayed after the skate to watch. It's been entertaining so far.

"The ropes actually do help a lot for arm strength," I Said.


"BUT JELLO IS GOOD," Sharpie said.

"I DON'T CARE!" Sarah yelled. Then, she grabbed Kaner's two weights. "I'll stick to these."

"Bitch, i was using those," He rolled his eyes.

"Clearly not anymore," Sarah said.

"Bitch," Kaner sighed, before coming over to me. "Whatcha looking at?" He asked, trying to sneak a peak at the magazine i had opened.

"A Fashion magazine," I Said.

"Really? I didn't think you were into that," He shrugged.

"I'm not," I rolled my eyes. "But i need a dress."

"For what?" Patrick asked.

That's when i realized- i forgot to tell him about our little dinner date with Justin and Lara.

"For uh...you know...a date," I Said.

"A date? Where?" He asked

"Next friday night, the day before your game in Detroit," I Said.

"Oh really? With who?" He asked.

"You know...you..," I Shrugged.

"Just us?" He smirked. "I Like that idea."

"Actually uh, two more people," I Said.

"Who?" He asked.

"You know..." I Said. "Justin and Lara."

After i said Justin's name, Patrick's mood completely changed and anyone who saw his face could see that.

"That...one guy? The one i that's tried breaking us up nearly forever and the guy who put me in jail after we got into a fist fight? A double date with him?" He asked.

"So uh...we should go..." Sharpie said.

"But this is interesting," Sarah said, putting down her weights.

"Let's go," Sharpie said, grabbing her and rushing out.

"He came by the house while you were at the holiday party, and i wanted to say no but..." I Shrugged.

"So...you want me to be in a room with a guy i can't stand and a guy who can't stand me?" He asked.

"Please just tough it out?" I asked him. "For your 17 week pregnant fiance'? Please?"

"You'll owe me big time," He said.

"We can put those condoms Sarah got you for christmas to good use," I smirked.

"More then that," He said.

"Wow..." I shrugged.

"Yeah, big time," He said.,

"Whatever you want, just please be good?" I asked him. He sighed.

"Fine," He said.

"Yay!" I Said, before kissing him. "Now come on, i'm tired and need a nap," I Said, snuggling my face into his shoulder as he picked me up bridal style.

"Is this how it's gonna be when the baby comes?" Patrick laughed.

"Don't worry, you get diapers and i'll deal with nap time," I Said.

"I wanna trade," He said.

"Too bad, bitch," I smirked at him, he just rolled his eyes again as he took me out to his chevy to go home.

Right after i got into the car, i felt something, and my mouth dropped.

"Patrick!" I Yelled.

"What?" He asked, getting in the drivers seat and buckling up.

"The baby," I Said, trying to grasp this.

"Is everything okay?" He asked.

"It's kicking, i feel it kicking," I Smiled.

"Oh my god," Patrick said, his mouth dropping to. He immediately put his hand over my bump and felt what i did.

"This is the first time it started moving," I smiled.

"We find out the sex soon, and now, wow," He said, speechless, but a huge smile on his face. "This is just surreal."

"I Know," I smiled.

Then, we kissed again as we felt the baby moving still. Everything's FINALLY starting to fall into place.

*Kristen's POV*

"I hate being pregnant!" Nikie yelled.

"You find out the sex next week, tough it out," Jenny rolled her eyes.

"SHUT UP," Nikie yelled back at her.

"Let's just sit down, babe," John said.

Nikie hasn't exactly traveled with John or anything ever since she found out she was pregnant. But pretty soon she finds out the sex so she's with him for the week. I also got Heather to come back. I just really need to figure some stuff out.

"So, we'll see you girls....you know, later?" Phil asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Alright," John said. "Love you," He said, before kissing Nikie.

"Sorry i'm late..." Jammy said,. all mopey.

"You should be sorry," Phil said to her.

"White boy shut up," She rolled her eyes at him.

"Damn girl," He said to her, shaking his head as he and John walked away.

"Why are we here?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah i had plans tonight with Adam," Heather said.

"He didn't divorce you already? Shocker," Jammy said to her.

"Look, somethings wrong with Kat, really wrong," I said.

"Oh my god," Nikie said. "I came here because of her?"

"What do you mean because of her?" I asked.

"I mean i love Kat but come on, i'm 19 weeks pregnant, i wanna be at home in bed watching my Soaps!" Nikie said.

"Look, Kat's a big girl, whatever's wrong she'll figure it out," Jamila said.

"She's acting strange!" I Said.

"She IS Strange," Jenny said.

"Agreed," Heather said.

"LOOK," I Said. "We're some on Kat's best friends and something's wrong, we gotta figure out what it is!"

"Did you ever think that maybe there's a reason she's not 'opening up'?" Jamila asked. "Maybe she doesn't wanna share what's going on in her personal life?"

"What personal life?" I asked her. "She still texts me bragging whenever she has sex!"

"How child-like," Jenny snickered.

"Look, something's wrong, i just wanna know what it is," I said.

"How about asked her?" Nikie asked.

"As if i haven't tried!" I yelled.

After that, it was silent...until Jamila sighed.

"You think something seriously is wrong with her?" She asked me.

"Yeah, i do," I sighed.

"What can we do then?" Jenny asked.

Then, i told them my plan. Knowing Kat, maybe it's not the wisest, but whatever it takes....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Year Two Week Forty-One// Twas the one on Christmas...

*Christmas Day, 8:30am*

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Jessica yelled, busting open mine and Patrick's door and waking us up.

"Thanks for the wake-up call..."Patrick mumbled.

"The baby isn't happy," I mumbled back as well.

"You're 16 weeks, you can't tell if the baby's happy or not!" She shouted back and i opened my eyes then rolled them.

I rolled my eyes, then turned over onto my side to look a Patrick as he was slowly waking up along with me.

"Merry Christmas babe and lil babe," He smiled, kissing me and rubbing my stomach.

"Is this my present?" I Smirked afterward.

"I did get you something...but if you like this better-"

"So this isn't a christmas present?" I Said quickly afterward, then smiling as well as him.

"Come on, let's get dressed and go downstairs," Patrick smiled. "Our other guests should be arriving any moment."

We Got dressed...into our PJs. Both of our families have a 'Stay in your PJs all day long' Christmas tradition so last night before we went to bed, we all opened one present which of course was PJs.  After me and Patrick got dressed, we went downstairs and saw Pat Sr. and Jackie sitting in the living room watching a christmas parade on tv, Jessica over by the Christmas tree organizing presents since once everyone got here, we were opening them, and Donna and Erica were over in the kitchen setting up the table for Christmas dinner so they wouldn't have to do it in 8 hours when dinner was ready i guess.

"Merry christmas," Patrick yawned as we walked downstairs.

"Merry christmas, honey," Donna smiled, taking out the turkey.

"When are we opening presents?" Jackie asked, with her attention drifting away from the parade to the tree.

"Once Pat and Kat's other guests show up," Pat Sr. said.

"And Erica's special someone," Jessica mumbled as Erica's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"Who?" Donna asked her daughter, right as the door bell rang. I'm guessing Patrick and Jess are the only Kane's who know about Jonathan.

"That's probably him now," Erica smiled, running over to the door.

She opened it and Sarah and Jon were outside.

"We just got here a moment ago so yeah," Sarah shrugged as she shoved Erica out of her way to get it the house.

"Someone got coal in their stocking..." Patrick whispered in my ear as Sarah came toward us with three presents in her hand.

"Alright here's your damn presents," Sarah said, handing them to Patrick. "Now i gotta go take a cig break, i'll be out back if you need me," She said starting to walk out back, but stopped in her tracks and turned around real quick. "DON'T Need me...." Then she turned back around, went out back and slammed the sliding door shut.

"She definitely got coal in her stocking," I whispered to Patrick as he handed the presents to Jessica.

"Well...she's interesting," Donna said.

"Is that your bitchy sister you complained about?" Jackie asked.

"No, but she's acting a lot like her today..." I Shrugged.

"Hey babe," Erica said, wrapping her arms around Jon as they kissed. It kind of reminded me of Kim and Kris...

"Hey babe, merry christmas," Jon said, before kissing her again.

"Really guys? Really?" Patrick scowled.

"Very funny, Kaner," Jon said, shutting the door.

"Why did you shut the door?" I Asked Jon.

"Because i think i speak for everyone when i say we don't wanna freeze to death," He said sarcastically.

"Very funny," I rolled my eyes. "I Mean isn't Patrick out there?"

"No, Sarah came alone," Jon said.

That's when i figured out was wrong.

"I'll be back in a while..." I Sighed.

"Take your time," Erica said, in between kissing Jon.

I Walked outside, and it was FREEZING Cold, and then i coughed after Sarah took a puff from her cigarette. 

"Really, on my property?" I asked her.

"These are my new best friends," Was all she said.

"So ugh, how come Patrick's not here?" I Asked, she just rolled her eyes.

"I Really don't care about him," She said.

"You don't?" I Asked. She just sighed.

"Answer this," She said. "Say...you uh..you...You got a chance to be Justin Bieber's girl in one of his music video's."

"I like this question so far," I Said, resting my hands on top of my very noticeable baby bump.

"You would get close with Justin and even kiss him," Sarah said. "But Patrick found out, got mad and basically forbid you to do it. What would you do?"

"I'd tell him to fuck off and that it was my life and my decision not his," I Said.

"EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!" Sarah said as i raised an eyebrow, she sighed again. "I Wanna FINALLY head into a police academy that's starting up in February for three months, and at first he was supportive, but when he found out i'd be away for three months..."

"Ohhh," I Said.

"He's mad because we already set a date for the wedding and by the time i get back, there will only be about a month left before the wedding," She rolled her eyes.

"When it's the wedding?" I asked.

"Saturday May 5th," She said. "Since 5+5 is 10...it was kinda his idea."

"I Can tell," I Said. "But anyway, why don't you just go over the MAJOR details of the wedding, like the location, invites, all that stuff, and write it down so while your gone he can work on that with the wedding planner and when you get back all you'll have to do is get a dress, pick out the song for the first dance and walk down that aisle to your future."

"You know, that's actually not a half-assed idea!" She said.

"Thank me by putting out your cigarette?" I Asked, as she did.

"But you can share that fine idea with Patrick," She said. "I'm still not talking to him anytime soon."

"Alright, just come inside and hope he gets here soon," I Said.

"Why would i want him to get here soon?" She asked.

"Because the Kane's have a tradition that we don't open presents until everyone arrives, and Jackie's already getting impatient," I Said.

"Oh," Sarah said.

"Come on, me and this baby are freezing, let's head back inside," I Said.

"Totally fine with me," Sarah said as we headed inside.

"Is that one guy gonna be here anytime soon?" Jackie asked, staring at her pile of presents under the tree.


*3pm, Christmas Day, Brooks household, Kristen's POV*

"BENTLY THAT IS NOT A TOY!" Phil yelled, chasing my little nephew around the house. Bently was able to find Punk's WWE championship that he spent hours trying to hide...he needs to work on his hiding places. "KRISTEN, HELP?"

"KENNY, YOUR SON'S TANTALIZING PHIL," I Yelled at Kenny who was busy under the Mistletoe with his wife, Katherine.

"I'm Kinda Busy," He said real quick, before continuing to make-out with her. Then Amber started crying.

"AND YOUR 8-MONTH YEAR OLD IS CRYING," I yelled at him again.

"Maybe it's because you're YELLING!" He said real quick again.

I grabbed my niece and just picked her up and kissed the top of her head, trying to get her to stop, when i noticed Phil and Bently were upstairs, and as he was chasing him i noticed something in the back of Phil's pocket.

"PHIL," I yelled, getting his attention, and then i realized he was holding Bently over the railing upside down, yet Bently still had to championship in his hands.

"I know this looks bad but HE WON'T GIVE ME MY CHAMPIONSHIP!" He yelled.

"It Looks Better On Me!" Bently yelled.

"You want me to drop you?" Phil asked him. "It won't be a nice soft fall."

"PHIL," I Yelled again. "What's in your back pocket?"

"This?" He asked, letting one hand go of Bently to reach into his back pocket and pulling something out, then throwing it down to me.

"What the fuck?" I Asked, as i freed one arm to catch it. "'Say it right, Spanish'?"

"It's teaching me spanish," He said.

"Since when are you interested in Mexicans?" I asked.

"Kat got bored the other day and called me and ended up cursing me out in Spanish, so now i'm learning spanish," He said. "Pretty soon, two will be able to play that game!"

"Okay first, after glancing at the first couple pages of this book, it's clearly a rip off and not worth the $20 you paid for it," I Said. "Second, She CALLED You?"

"IT IS NOT A RIP OFF!" He shouted. "And yeah, Patrick wasn't home, she got bored so yeah. I figured you weren't answering or something."

"IT IS TOO!" I yelled back. "And she never called me..."

"Maybe you were PMSing and she was smart and avoided you," He said.

"If so, i must have been PMSing for over a month now..." I Shrugged.

"I didn't wanna say anything, but since you mentioned it you ha-"


"Relax, he's fine," He said.

"His eyes are closed and his face is purple," I Said.

"Well that doesn't me- OH SHIT!" Phil said after he saw Bently's face, then pulled Bently back over the railing and got him on his feet. "Okay Bently, let's play a game called Wake Up So Mommy And Daddy don't sue the hell out of Uncle Phil."

Not only is something wrong with Kat---she's been ignoring me for about a month now, not normal for her--- Something's highly wrong with my brother and Katherine.  There 6 year old son is unconscious and they haven't even noticed- they're still under the mistletoe kissing.

"You two are such horrible parents...."

*Back at the Kane house, 5pm, Christmas Dinner, Kat's POV*

"It's been HOURS and he still isn't here!" Jackie shouted. "Can't we open the presents yet?"

"That's what you get for inviting Sharpie...." Jonathan mumbled as he walked past us to the dining room...it's not exactly the dinning room, it's just a table set up in between where the kitchen and living room intersect, where the pole used to be.

"If he's not here by the end of christmas dinner then we'll just open them and mail his presents to him or something," I rolled my eyes as i put the last of my special homemade Christmas cookies in the oven.

"He better show up soon..." Jackie rolled her eyes.

These batch of cookies have another 25 minutes until they're done and Donna, Erica and Jessica were able to get all the food on the table, so it was time for dinner.

"Before we begin eating," Donna said. "Knowing Kat's religious beliefs, i believe it would be right to say a quick prayer. Kat, would you do the honors?" I froze.

"I've never said prayer before..." I gulped.

"You said it once," Sarah laughed. "Even Adam says better prayer then you, and he's Adam!"

"SHUT UP!" I Yelled at her across the table. She rolled her eyes, then laughed some more, but eventually stopped.

"Alright, whenever you're ready Kat," Donna said. I Took a deep breathe.

"Dear lord thank you for this day and the privilege to be able to spend it with family and friends. We gather here today to celebrate your birthday dear lord. Bless us for us not to get wrapped up in all these materialized items we will all receive after this fine dinner and not forget what christmas is really all about. Lord ple-"

Right in the middle of my prayer. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PRAYER. The doorbell rings. Sarah just bursts out laughing.

"For suck a spiritual person, these things don't go right for you, do they?" She laughed.

"SHUT UP," I Yelled at her as i got up to open the door.

I Was so pissed this bitch interrupted my beautiful prayer. So Pissed. But when i opened the door....

"Oh my damn," I Said.

"HO HO HO, Sharpie Clause here!" Sharpie said, dressed up. As Santa clause.

"AND SHARPIE CLAUSE'S LITTLE HELPER, CARBOMB!" Carcillo said, popping out of nowhere dressed up as an elf.

"Oh my damn," I Said again, staring at them, as was every one at the table behind me.

"For the love of god," Jonathan sighed over at the table.

"Have no fear, Sharpie Clause didn't come alone nor empty handed," Sharpie said. "He brought a bag full of gifts!"

"YES!" Jackie shouted from the table.

"Well...Sharpie Clause," I said, rolling my eyes. "Put your bag of toys over by the tree, and you..." I Said, looking at Carcillo. "Why you here?"

"My plans changed, and i have no wear to go," He bowed his head as i sighed.

"Come on in.."

"AW YEAH," He said running past me to the table. I rolled my eyes, then cracked a slight smile and joined everyone back over at the table.

*Sarahs POV*

"Can we talk?" Patrick asked me.

"I'm busy eating my turkey," I Said.

"Hey Kat, want some turkey?" He asked Kat, picking up my plate.

"GIMME!" Kat yelled, grabbing the plate.

"You son of a bitch," I Said to him.

"Can we please talk?" He asked.

"There's a guest room down the hall opened," Kaner said with a mouth full of food.

"Lovely," I rolled my eyes.

"Please?" He asked again. I Gave in and went with him.

"I'm hungry, so if you could be oh-so kind to hurry this up..." I Began.

"I'm sorry," He said.

"How many times this year have you told me that?" I Asked him.

"I Know i keep saying it more often then i should have to," He said. "But i really am sorry."

"You have a really weird way of showing it..." I Said.

"I know," He sighed. "Look, i just don't wanna lose you."

"I'm going to a police academy not Afghanistan," I said.

"I Mean, it kinda feels like that whole Kim Kardashian and Kris thing, they have something good, but the next thing you know they aren't even in the same house or same state and they're always arguing because of their careers, and you know how that turned out," Sharpie said. "I Love you, and i don't want that to be us. I Want you to get a job and do what makes you happy. But i just don't wanna lose what we have in those three months.

"We're engaged and getting married a month after i get back," I Said. "We WON'T Lose what we have, it'll just make us stronger."

"But still," He shrugged.

"I already know how to keep our wedding perfect," I Said, cracking a smile.

"And that's all i want, to give you your perfect, dream wedding," He said to me. "Wait...how?"

"Kat gave me a pretty good idea," I Smiled.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"I'll tell you about it tonight, but for now i just wanna get back to the dinner and eat, i'm starving," I said.

"Food's all you think about," He laughed.

"I'm not ashamed," I smiled, right before he kissed me.

*Kats POV*

"Kat, these cookies are amazing!" Dan said to me, stuffing his mouth.

"Thank me by chewing with your mouth closed, I Said, with my new BIG hoodie on.

We FINALLY opened all our presents. Everyone got what they wanted basically- including me. Since i've been gaining weight from the pregnancy, i basically got new clothes like i asked- Sweats, HOODIES, BOOTS, all that stuff. {Patrick even bought me a new #88 Home jersey in a bigger size so i could wear it if he's out on the road, so it'd be like he was still SOMEWHAT there, since i have that problem with sleeping in a bed alone. I Almost got some new Music Albums. That's love. Patrick was the last to open presents, and he loved his as well of course, and the last one was from Sarah.

"I think you'll like it," Sarah smiled.

Patrick opened it, and couldn't believe it.

"Sarah these are condoms," Patrick said.

"Not ordinary condoms!" Sarah smiled. "I Went to Kat's friend Phil to find out what brand he uses because apparently he does it a million times a week and it NEVER Breaks. And you know, your having that baby around may and your having the wedding shortly after, i figured condoms was the perfect gift, so when you're celebrating the marriage, you're also not celebrating giving your child a little brother or sister."

"That's actually a good present..." I Said.

"You're welcome," She smiled.

"What's that pile?" I asked, pointing to one more pile of presents.

"That's actually a pile of presents for the baby," Jessica smiled.

"AWWW," I Smiled.

"It's not even born and your already spoiling my child..." Patrick shook his head.

"Well we need to since it's parents will be too tough on it," Sharpie said.

"We will not," I rolled my eyes.

"But still, as the aunts it's our job to spoil our niece or nephew," Jackie smiled.

"Besides, we'll be it's only biological aunts since you seem like you hate your sister," Jessica said.

"And mom and dad will be the only grandparents," Erica said, with her head on Jonathan's chest.

"Since we're on the topic of my grand child..." Donna said. "Are you giving me a Grandson or Granddaughter?"

"We're not gonna be able to find out until early February," Patrick said.

"BUT...we've made a decision," I Said.

"What?" Erica asked.

"Only us two will know the sex of the baby is, you guys find out after i pop it out," I Said.

"WHAT!?" Donna yelled.

"You're not telling us the sex?" Sharpie asked.

"Nope," I Smiled.

"What about the baby shower!?" Erica asked. "What if it's a boy and i buy a hot pink outfit for it and what if it's a girl and i buy a black outfit or something!?"

"Relax, we're only allowing certain colors," I Smiled.

"You're not telling us the sex of our first grandkid?" Pat Sr. asked.

"Sorry, it's what we want," Patrick shrugged.

"Asswipe," Sharpie rolled his eyes.

We had one more major announcement about the kid, but after how they took this...i think we'll keep it to ourselfs.

*Later that night, Midnight*

All the guests left and the Kanes are all asleep- except me and Patrick. He lead me downstairs to the basement and i saw he set up ANOTHER Tree with a present under it.

"Wait here," He said, running over to grab it, then running back over to me. "Merry Christmas, babe."

"Oh my god," I Said when i opened it. It was an engraved locket he got me. I love Lockets, i just do. He engraved it with lyrics from our song, and it was in the shape of a heart. I embraced him, then kissed him.

"You like it?" He smiled.

"I LOVE IT!" I Smiled.

"Good," He smiled.

We haven't had alone time lately with Erica moving in and all, so we finally got our alone time. He dimmed the lights and put on Common Denominator and we slow danced to it.

"I Don't wanna kinda kill the moment...but why didn't we say how we were naming it?" Patrick asked.

"You SAW how they reacted when i said we weren't giving out the sex, imagine how bad it would be if we told them our child was being named after the first same-gender character i see on Degrassi!" I Said.

"Well lots of those Degrassi kids have nice names. Holly J....Declan, Jenna, Emma, Sean, Paige...." He said.

"Still," I Sighed.

YEP. After the baby's born, i'm going to find a tv and turn it onto TeenNick. Knowing TeenNick, chances are a episode of Degrassi will be on. The first character i see as the same gender as the baby- BAM. That's the baby's name. Unless it's a boy and It's Craig Manning or Jay, and if it's a girl and it's Manny. I Love Manny but i am not naming my child Manny or Jay. And i'm brother's name is Craig, so yeah. But yep,  The name of my baby will be picked out by a tv show. 

"It's an easy process though, we just turn it on and BAM!" Patrick said.

"Still," I Said.

Then, we kissed again.

"I love this so much..."

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