Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen // Part 3 / Viktory March

"Feel like I'm number one, I'm marching to the drums, throw your hands to the sun, we get it done so come on, This is Parade Music, Good grade music, party like you just got paid or got laid music!"

It was Friday morning at 6am and we had the Stanley Cup Championship Parade/Ralley to go to in about 2 hours, that's when NBC Was airing it live. I Was so excited for this, so i'm already ready. I've been up since 4 and i let Patrick sleep, but we gotta get up and moving, so I'm waking him up now by playing "Parade Music" By Down With Webster up loud to get him up.

"Come on, get the fuck up!" I Yelled.

"I'm tired..."He moaned from the bed.

"Too bad, we got a parade to do!" I Shouted, smiling.

"We don't have to be at the United Center for the team picture and to load on the buses until 8," He groaned again.

"Well i wanna be early, and i need to Starbucks while we wait to get on to the bus, then i'll be drinking," I Said. He just smirked.

"We'll have plenty of drinks on the buses, don't worry," He smirked.

"Come on, at least TRY to stay slightly sober this year?" I Said to him. He just shook his head.

"I Love you, but not a chance in hell," He answered. I Rolled my eyes.

"Get out of bed and take a fucking shower," I Said. He rolled his eyes and got out of bed and hopped in the shower.

I Headed downstairs into the laundry room and grabbed Patrick some socks, Jeans for the Ralley when he did his speech, Shorts for the Parade, and his home Jersey. Patrick told me not to wear a jersey, so i just decided to wear a long sleeved red blackhawks shirt along with Short Jean Shorts and some DC Shoes. I Also had my hair tied back in a pony tail and i planned on wearing sunglasses for the parade since it's supposed to be REALLY Sunny outside. Anyway, i took Patrick's clothes upstairs and laid them on the bed for him when he got out of the shower. Then, i headed back down stairs and grabbed my phone. Sarah and Sharpie and Me and Patrick decided to head to the U.C Together and me and Patrick had to pick them up soon, so i was gonna call them to make sure they were up.

"Hello?" I Heard a groggy voice answer. It sounded like Sarah.

"You up?" I Asked. There was a pause for a moment, then she answered.

"No Kat," She said. "I'm talking in my sleep."

"No need to be this sarcastic so early in the morning," I Said rolling my eyes.

"No need for you to be acting so stupid this early in the morning either," Sarah said.

"Look, are you two ready or...?" I Asked.

"Does is sound like we're ready!?" She asked.

"Well it's 6:15 now, Me and Patrick are already ready," I Said. "We'll give you to about an hour and should be at your place around 7ish."

"Alright," She said. "Later."

About 15 minutes later, Patrick came downstairs in Shorts, his Jersey and a backwards baseball cap. Then we got in the Chevy and went to a local Starbucks and i got myself a Double Chocolaty Chip, then we arrived at Sarah and Sharp's place at 7:05am. Sarah and Sharp were sitting outside on the porch waiting for us. Sharp was also in shorts and his jersey and he must have shaved this morning or last night because his beard's gone. As for Sarah, she was pretty much wearing the exact same thing as me, except her hair was down and she had on a different shoe brand.

"You two look like twins," Sharp joked as he and Sarah got in the back.

"No we don't," I Said, taking a sip of my Starbucks.

"That looks yummy," Sarah said, staring at it.

"It is, it's very yummy," I Said, taking another sip.

"Stop taunting her," Kaner laughed.

"I'm not!" I Said.

"Whatever," He said.

Then, we turned on the radio and about 15 minutes later we arrived at the U.C. We also got a glance of where the Parade would basically be, and DAMN. Cops were everywhere trying to control the crowd. Last year it was 2million people at the parade, this year it looks like a LOT more.

"Shit, this Parade's gonna be fun," Kaner smiled.

"Your gonna get drunk out of your mind, i just know it," Sarah said to him.

"Damn straight i am," Kaner smiled.

"I Wonder what buses we'll be on though," Sharp said.

"We're about to find out," I Said as Patrick pulled into the United Center.

When we got in, almost all the management was their already including the Stanley Cup. Player-wise, however, Sharp and Kane were the first players here.

"Well, Sharpie, you got upgraded this year," Kaner said. "You get to ride on the top bus with me and Tazer and the Cup."

"That's nice," Sharpie said. "I Think that they already have the Cup schedule up."

"Well go check!" I Said.

Sharpie and Kaner then headed over to check to see when they would each be able to spend their day with Lord Stanley. A Moment later they came back.

"Babe, We should head up to Thunder Bay soon," Sharpie said. "I Got the cup at the end of next week after Jonathan."

"Really!?" Sarah asked. "Shit, now i don't even have a week to plan your party!" Sharpie just laughed.

"Relax babe, it'll all be fine as long as I Spend my day with the Cup with You and my friends and Family back in Thunder Bay," He smiled before kissing Sarah on the forehead.

"What about you?" I Asked Patrick.

"Mid August," He said. "About two weeks after your birthday. I Think i'll Spend the week in Buffalo with my family and you, then we have the cup on Friday August 12th, i'll spend that day in Buffalo, and i think i can get another day if i spend it in Chicago."

"I Should ask if i can get another day with the cup, that'd be awesome," Sharpie said. "I'd love to take the Cup up on the ledge in the Skydeck."

"OH That's a good idea!" I Said.

"The ledge is scary," Sarah shrugged.

"No it's not!" I Said. "What's the worse that can happen, you can fall?" She just shot me a look. "What? Unless your like, super fat and jump on it, then yeah it may break."

"Just shut up," She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Man, i just noticed we were the only one's here," Kaner said.

"Not even Tazer or Crawford? They're usually the first ones here," Sharpie said. Kaner just shook his head.

"Well that's weird," Sarah said. We all nodded in agreement and continued walking and talked with Coach Q for a few, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The team picture was being taken in thirty minutes, then we'd all head on the double decker buses and drive for a few until we got to where the whole parade was, then we had the ralley. I Was so excited.

*Same time, Chicago, IL, Corey Crawford's Apartment, No POV*

For the past 30 minutes, Chicago Blackhawks goaltender and Conn Smythe winner of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, Corey Crawford, has been up getting ready for the Chicago Blackhawks Championship Parade and Ralley around Chicago. He had just gotten out of the shower and into a bath robe and headed back into his room to get dressed. While he was looking in his closet for his jersey, he noticed some moaning coming from his bed and he just smirked, knowing it was his girlfriend and turned around and walked over to his bed real quick, then sat down on it.

"It's about damn time your up," He laughed.

"Oh Shut up," His girlfriend said to him. "It's only 7am, that's actually early."

"Whatever you say, Jamila," He smirked, getting back up and heading back to the closet.

"What time do you have to be at the U.C?" Jamila asked her boyfriend, as she got out of bed and started stretching.

"WE have to be their by 8am for the Team picture, then we load up on the double decker buses and we're off," He said, emphasizing the word We, as he got on some tan shorts and his Jersey.

"Yeah...about the We part..." Jamila shrugged. Corey just sighed and looked at her.

"You can't come, can't you?" He asked. Jamila just sadly shook her head. Corey sighed. "Unbelievable." He said, before grabbing a pair of sneakers and walking out of the room and downstairs. Jamila quickly followed.

"Come on, you know if i could be there i would," She said to him.

"You Can!" He said back as he grabbed a carton of milk out of his fridge and took a sip of it before putting it back in. "Your just not going because you don't want Kat to know we're dating."

Back in Late April, Patrick Kane---One of Corey's teammates--- And his girlfriend Kat---One of Jamila's best friends--- Had bought a new house together and they had a house warming party in which both Jamila and Corey attended. Late that night of the party, the two met, completely unaware of each other's existence until then---Corey didn't watch WWE and Jamila didn't like the sport of Hockey---. They met and immediately hit it off, exchanged numbers, and slowly started to feel feeling for each other-Secretly. Jamila didn't want her friend to know she was dating one of her boyfriend's teammates for whatever the reason, and Corey completely respected that. However, it's gotten a little out of hand. Because of Kat and all this stuff, Jamila refused to go to any of the games to avoid her and now she's not going to the Parade with Corey because of Kat as well, and Corey's getting quite sick of it.

"Babe, i promise, I'll tell Kat soon," Jamila said to Corey as he went over to the sofa to get his shoes on.

"Yeah, you also said that a month ago," Corey said. She just sighed.

"I Mean it this time," Jamila said to him as she walked over and sat next to him."I Don't know exactly when, but i'll tell her soon."

"I Don't see what the big deal is, to be honest," Corey said.

"It's a long story..." She shrugged. Corey pouted for a moment. "Look, i may not be with you at the Parade, but i promise I'll be watching right here and I'll wear your away jersey, i promise," She said. Corey grew a little smile on his face, but then shrugged.

"It's still not gonna be the same though," He shrugged.

"I Promise, this is gonna be the last event i blow off, cross my heart," She said to him. Corey just smiled.

"I Just can't get mad at you," He smiled, turning towards her, then he started to kiss her.

That lasted for a moment, until Corey noticed the time on a clock across the room.

"Shit!" He yelled, quickly breaking away from the kiss. "I Gotta head out, Love you babe, I'll be home at noon and i'll take you out to dinner later tonight," He said, getting up and grabbing the Conn Smythe trophy on his way to the door. "Love you!" He shouted before opening the door and leaving.

"Love you too!" Jamila shouted from the couch real quick before he left. She just smiled, then got up to go make some breakfast real quick.

*Regular POV, U.C*

The team picture was just taken, and now everyone was getting on the buses. Kaner and I along with Sarah and Sharpie took some seats in the back as well as saved one for Tazer.

"I'm SO Excited!" I Smiled.

"It's gonna be fun for sure," Sarah smiled as well.

"Just watch out for Kaner, he's gonna get drunk, big time," Sharpie said as he pointed to a cooler full of beer.

"Oh yeah!" Kaner smiled, as he kneeled down and grabbed to beers. He opened one with his teeth and took a big drink out of it, then handed the other one to me. "For you, my lady," He smirked. I Just took it and opened it and took a little sip out of it.

"While you two get drunk, we'll just sit back and enjoy some lovely bottled water," Sarah said, as she got into the cooler and grabbed three bottles of Water. "Along with Tazer of course."

"BORING!" Kaner shouted as he took another sip of beer. Then Tazer got on the bus with the Stanley Cup.

"Morning guys," He smiled, placing the stanley cup at the back of the bus and taking a seat.

"Morning Jonathan," I Said to him.

"Hey Sarah, can i have to bottle of water you got there?" He asked her.

"TOLD YOU," She shouted at me and Patrick. We just rolled our eyes.

"Kaner, your a good friend and stuff, but last year...yeah, i don't wanna end up like that," Jonathan laughed taking a sip of his water.

"No one should get that drunk, EVER," Sharpie said, putting on his sunglasses.

"Hey, maybe i got a little too drunk, but i had fun, and that's all that matters," Kaner said, taking another sip of beer.

Then, the parade started. It took us a couple minutes to actually get to where the parade would be, but already we were being chased by Blackhawks fans. Then, we got on Michigan Avenue and WOW. Fans were EVERYWHERE and it was so loud. Fans were by the sides, and some fans were still chasing us. Tazer and Kaner ended up getting up and going to the back and lifting the stanley cup up above their heads for the fans chasing us so they could get a good Picture. Then Kaner lifted the cup above his head and Jonny asked for the cup and Kaner was about to give it to him, but at the last second he pulled it away and continued lifting it. Jonathan then punched Kaner in the back for that, and i swear, Kaner ALMOST dropped the cup when Jonathan punched him, but he got a grip of it just in time. It was just crazy, black and red confetti was everywhere, and as for Kaner...he was super drunk. He was drinking, dancing, and all sorts of things. Then when then parade ended and we got to the staging area for the ralley, he was gonna be the last person off the bus with the the Cup in his hand, and i was literally so worried he would drop it, but he didn't.

Then the ralley started. Along with the other families and girlfriends, Sarah and I got up int he first row for the ralley. Coach Q, Rocky Wirtz, Stan Bowman and DA MAYOR took the podium first, then they started introducing the players. Then, the 4 top guys came up. First Duncan Keith, then Sharpie...

"This man lead the the team in goals this season, wear's an 'A' on his jersey, and we're just gonna call his overtime goal the other night, THE GOAL, you know him as Sharpie, Good ol' Number 10, PATRICK SHARP!" Eddie Olczyk said as Sharpie walked up.

"HEY CHICAGO!" Sharpie yelled. "Who Want's P.Kane's Phone number!?" He asked, taking out his cell phone. I Looked over at Kaner real quick, and he was just laughing. "Alright ladies get ready, 501-50-" He began, but then, he purposely dropped his phone onto the floor of the staging area. Then he shrugged. "Sorry, guess i'll tell you his number next time," He shrugged. "Anyway, i came to Chicago via a trade from Philly back in 2005, back when Home games didn't even play on TV and barely anyone came to the games, and i can honestly say I've loved every second of being here and being able to witness the rebirth of this organization and i love being here in Chicago and i hope to stay here for a couple more years," He said. "Thanks, later." He said, getting off the podiem and joining the rest of the team already called up.

"I'm being told we have a special guest right now," Eddie Olczyk began. "Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome, The MVP of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, COREY CRAWFORD!" He said as Crawford came up, not with the Conn Smythe, but with the belt.

"Alright, see, on the team, we have this belt and after every game, we pass it out to the person who worked the hardest and did the best in the game, but see, after our last game, we got a little caught up in the moment, and i was never able to hand this out," Corey began. "So, uh, Canada, watch out, because this summer, Patrick Sharp's taking home the title," He said, as he handed the belt to Patrick Sharp.

"Alright, this guy lead the team in Assists and finished the season with 73 points, You know him as Kaner, Number 88, PATRICK KANE!" Eddie said as Kaner walked up. You could totally tell he was drunk...very drunk.

"CHICAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He yelled into the mic. "Come on, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! But uh, wow. This is amazing. I'll tell ya one thing, this is the best experiance i've ever been through and i couldn't have picked a better city to go through it with or a better team,and it's really a treat to be here. I'll tell you one thing, i'll try to keep my shirt on all summer, just for you guys, your welcome, and Cab Drivers, I Love Ya! These guys back here are just unreal, I Got my girlfriend down here and that's amazing, but uh, these guys are the guys to do it with, that's for sure. Thank you!" He yelled as he went with the rest of the team.

Then, Jonathan was the last person to take the podium with the Stanley Cup. He talked for about two minutes, then ended his speech.

"You guys are the greatest fans in the world, Thank you very much," Jonathan said. Then, he grabbed the Stanley Cup and lifted it above his head as Chelsea Dagger started playing and Confetti was released into the crowd and throughout the song, each of the players took turns lifting the Cup. Then, the Ralley ended and Sharpie, Kaner, Sarah and I Met up.

"I Think we should go home and relax for a while, then later tonight head to the Navy Pier," I Said. "I'd say we go now, but i'm tired,"

"Well you've been up since 4am, of course your tired," Patrick said, wrapping his arms around me.

"Alright, I Think we could all walk over their since we don't live too far away from their," Sarah said. "We could all meet up their around 6, have dinner and hit some rides."

"I Like that idea," Sharpie.

"Alright, We'll head home for a couple hours then meet up at the Navy Pier at 6," Kaner said. Then, we head into the Chevy and drove Sharpie and Sarah home, then we headed home and we both went back to sleep and took a nap before we had to head to the Pier.

*6pm, The Navy Pier, Chicago, IL*

"I Want a Chicago Style Hotdog!" I Yelled as we were walking down the Navy Pier.

"Alright, you and Sarah can go find us a table and me and Sharpie will go get Hotdogs and some drinks," Kaner said. I Nodded and Sarah and i went over and grabbed a table over by the boats and stuff.

"Look at all these Pigeons," I Said.

"Yeah, there are so many here," Sarah said. I Just smirked.

"I Dare you to go catch one," I Said to her.

"What?" She asked.

"You heard me," I Said.

Then, about 8 feet away from us, a Pigeon landed.

"Go catch that Pigeon over there, i dare you," I Smirked.

She thought it over for a moment, then she shrugged and got up and kind of just stared down the Pigeon for a moment. Then, when it turned around, She ran at full speed toward it, then lunged to try and catch it, but the Pigeon immediately flew off, leaving Sarah on the ground in pain. I Couldn't stop laughing.

"I HATE YOU KAT," She yelled. I Was still laughing.

"What the fuck is going on?" Sharpie asked coming over to us with Two hotdogs in one hand and two drinks in another, as did Kaner.

"Kat made me go catch a fucking pigeon," Sarah said, getting up and rolling her eyes.

"NO," I Said. "I Dared you too, you were the one stupid enough to do it," I Said, sticking out my tongue. Kaner just laughed and handed me my hotdog and a margarita.

"I Love you so much," Patrick said, sitting down next to me as Sharpie and and Sarah sat across from us.

"Cut that lovey-dovey crap you two," Sharpie said, handing Sarah her hotdog and Margarita.

"Whatever," Kaner said, taking a bite of his hotdog.

Then, one of these boats passed by us.

"That's a BIG Boat," Sarah said.

"Yeah, it is," I Said.

"You know, Before the Season starts again, us four should come back here and spend the night on the boat watching the fireworks," Sharpie said.

"Aren't we watching the fireworks tonight though?" I Asked.

"Yeah, but seriously, we should go on the boat for dinner and stuff, that'll be fun," Sharpie said.

"Yeah, how about in September before the Pre-season?" Kaner suggested.

"We'll book it later tonight," Sarah smiled.

"YAY!" I Shouted.

We ate and talked for about two hours, at 8 it started getting dark, and we decided to just kind of walk around for a while, then we did a couple of rides, then watched the fireworks and then we ended our day going onto the Ferris Wheel, Me and Kaner and Sharpie and Sarah. Then, we headed home. The Summer Of Stanley is just beginning, and it's gonna be one hell of a summer for sure.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen // Part Two // You Mess With Her You Mess With Me

After the airport, me and Patrick got back to our place around 5am, and surprisingly, some of our neighbors were actually outside to greet us and congratulate Patrick on the win. Then we got inside and i went straight upstairs, changed into an old t-shirt and pajama bottoms and went into bed. Patrick got in bed too, but i don't think he actually fell asleep. Then around noon, all the boys met up and they were all just gonna go around Chicago with the cup for the day, then at 10pm, the boys were invited to a Bar---Yeah, INVITED. They're getting paid just to go. What can i say, Chicago loves their sports teams...especially the good sports teams. Same schedule for tomorrow, except no bar, we gotta wake up early friday morning for the Parade. That's gonna be fun. Anyway, it's about...2pm now i think, and i'm just waking up, just like the good old days. I Took a quick shower then got dressed, and i had about 2 hours to kill until Patrick came back home and we had to get ready for the bar, so i decided i was gonna go hang out at Kristens...You know, since she and Punk decided it'd be fun to move closer, so i'll just walk over. About 5 minutes later, i arrived at their house.

"Yo, Bitch, Open the fuck up!" I Yelled, knocking as hard as i could on the door. Kristen didn't open it though, Punk did, and he didn't exactly look too happy.

"May i help you?" He asked.

"Get out of my way," I Said, pushing him and walking in right past him and I Saw Kristen on her couch watching TV while petting one of her dogs...I Think Pepsi---Yes, these bitches actually named one of their dogs after a fucking soda brand.

"Why the hell are you in my house?" Punk yelled at me across the room.

"I just woke up and-"

"Bitch it's almost 3 in the afternoon and your just getting up?" Kristen asked.

"I Didn't actually get home until 5am, dumbass," I Said to her, rolling my eyes and sitting down on the couch.

"Again, why the hell are you here?" Punk asked.

"I'm bored, that's why," I Said.

"Shouldn't you be with Patrick then?" Kristen asked.

"He's out with the team and Lord Stanley," I Smiled.

"OH! That reminds me!" Punk began. "I Was told to give you something. Hold on."

Then, Punk went out to the garage real quick, then returned about a minute later with two sheets of papers in his hand.

"Here," He said, handing them to me. I Just looked at them.

"What the fuck is this?" I Asked.

"One is hate mail from certain WWE Superstars and Divas," He said. "Apparently they take they're Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey seriously." I Just rolled my eyes. "The next one is the New Summer Smackdown Schedule."

"Lovely," I Said, rolling my eyes. I Crumbled up the schedule and was about to put it in my pocket.

"No, i think you should check that, at least the august part," She said. I Rolled my eyes because August was my birthday month, and this year my birthday was on a Saturday, and that meant chances are, i have some sort of House show or something to do.

"Oh look, A Supershow Houseshow the night of my 22nd birthday, lovely," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Check where it is," Kristen smirked. I Rolled my eyes again, sighed, then checked.

"WWE Supershow, August 6th, 2011," I read out loud. "Location is the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada..." I read. Then a moment later i realized exactly what i had just said. "Wait, LAS VEGAS!?"

"Yeah," Punk said.

"We're partying in LAS VEGAS for your birthday!!!" Kristen yelled.

"YES!" I Yelled out, while jumping in the air, fist pumping.

"Your hair like, bounces with you when you do that," Kristen laughed.

"I Know," I Said. "I've been needing to get it trimmed a little, but haven't had the time yet."

"I Know how you can get it cut for free," Punk smirked.

"First, i want it trimmed, NOT Cut," I began. "Second, how?"

"Let Krissie cut your hair," He said. I just looked at Kristen and she shrugged.

"My older brother's married to a girl who cuts hair for a living up in Jersey, I know how do stuff like that," She shrugged.

"I would never trust you with my hair yet alone a pair of scissors," I Said. She rolled her eyes.

"I could get it done for you, free," She smirked.

I Can't believe it, but i actually THOUGHT about letting her trim my hair. Then, i sighed.

"Can't," I Said. "Patrick loves my hair this way, he'd flip if i trimmed it without notice." Then out of nowhere, Punk burst out laughing.

"Yeah, Billy Ray Cyrus is sure one to talk," He said, all cocky. Then he went back to laughing. I Just smirked.

"That's EXACTLY what i call him with that mullet," I Laughed. "He looks like a rat with that, he's gotta cut it off."

"Then cut yours!" Kristen said. "If you cut yours, he'll get upset, then cut his." I Thought about it for a moment, and she made sense.

"You think it'll REALLY Work?" I Asked. She nodded and i just sighed.

"I Will let you cut off ONE inch, that's all," I Said.

"YAY!" She smiled, clapping. "Get up stairs."

"Why not cut it down here?" I Asked.

"I Will, but i'm only cutting an inch off of it," She said. "So, i at least wanna like, wash your hair a little to get that Salon feel."

"Bitch i only washed this like an hour ago!" I Yelled.

"Well I'm washing it again!" She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"If you don't want me to do it, how about Jamila?" She asked. I Gave her a funny look.

"Jammy ain't even in Chicago, she's in New York or something," I Said.

"No she isn't," Kristen said. "She tweeted she was out in Chicago."

"You stalk her tweets?" I Asked.

"It was on my timeline," She shrugged. I Rolled my eyes.

"Ain't no way she's going to come over here and wash my fucking hair," I Said.

"We'll see..." She winked.

She called up Jamila and they talked for about two minutes, then they hung up.

"She'll be over in ten minutes," Kristen smirked. I Rolled my eyes.

"I'm heading down into the basement to find our flip camera," Punk said. "This is gonna end up being comedy gold!" He yelled, running down the stairs to the basement.

Ten minutes later, Jamila arrived at Kristen's and we all headed upstairs to her bathroom.

"Now, exactly what the hell am i doing?" Jammy asked.

"Get in the tub and wash my hair," I Said.

"YOU AND ME IN THE TUB!?" She asked, freaked out.

"NO!" I Yelled. "I'm sitting on the floor outside the tub, but i'm gonna lean back so my hair's in it, you just take that thing and the shampoo and conditioners and wash my hair."

"Um...okay," She shrugged.

She got in the tub, and Kristen showed her how to work the thing that squirts out the water. She got the water warm, then she started getting my hair wet, then a couple minutes passed by and she put in some shampoo.

"I Should have just gone to a fucking salon..." I Mumbled. Kristen rolled her eyes, and Jamila purposely YANKED On my hair as hard as she could.

"OW!!!" I Yelled out loud.

"Stop complaining and shut up," Jammy said. I Rolled my eyes and did so.

A Couple minutes later, we went back down stairs and Kristen sat me in this chair in the kitchen.

"I'll blow dry after it's cut," She said.

"TRIMMED!" I Yelled out loud.

"Whatever," She said, rolling her eyes and grabbing scissors.

"How much you cutting off?" Jamila asked.

"Only an inch," I Said.

"Well that's stupid," She said. I rolled my eyes.

"Just cut it off and get it over with," I Said, sitting back in the chair.

"Just sit back and relax and close your eyes, it'll be over more sooner then later that way," Kristen said.

I Sat back, took a deep breath, then closed my eyes and relaxed, but i actually end up sleeping. No big deal though, right?

WRONG! That was SUCH a bad move by me...

"TA-DA!!!" Kristen said, getting me up and dragging me over to a mirror, and when i saw my hair, my jaw dropped.

"This is NOT an Inch!!!" I Yelled, running my hands through my hair. She ended up cutting it up to my shoulders, Almost to my neck.

"Yeah, i know," She smiled.

"SEE," Jamila began. "We cut off one inch, but you didn't look different, at all."

"That was the point!" I yelled.

"Well, we were gonna leave it that way, and we asked you if you wanted it to get cut off more, and you didn't answer, so we took it as a 'Yes, please cut my hair four more inches' And that's what we did," Jamila explained.

"You cut off five inches!?" I Screamed, jaw dropped.

"It's not like it'll never grow back, Kat, gosh," Punk said, still video taping.

"TURN THAT OFF!" I Yelled at him. He jumped a little, but didn't roll it off.

"Take the kid up stairs and blow dry it, maybe she'll like it better dry," Punk said, rolling his eyes.

"Come on, Kat," Kristen said, taking me back upstairs.

For 10 minutes she blow dried my hair, and Punk was actually right, my hair looked better.

"Like it now?" Kristen asked. I Shrugged.

"Eh," I Said. "I'll get used to it i guess..."

"Good," She smiled. Then, i focused my attention on Jamila.

"Why you in Chicago?" I Asked her.

"What?" She asked, startled.

"Why you here in Chicago?" I Asked again. She paused for a moment, then answered.

"Came to visit a friend THAT YOU DON'T KNOW," She said, emphasizing that last part. I Just rolled my eyes.

"I'm heading back home, see you guys next tuesday," I Said.

"Alright, later,"Punk and Kristen said as i walked out.

*Hours later*

It was about 10pm, and we were getting ready to go the bar. Sarah was coming over to my place, and Her, Sharpie, Tazer, Kaner and I Were all taking a limo together the bar and other groups of Hawks were taking other limo's. I'm starting to get used to my new hair cut, and it's pretty good actually. I Got dressed in some sandals, short jean shorts, and a white blouse. Then, Sarah walked into my house, and she took one look at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Um...what happened to your hair?" She asked.

"It's a long story..." I Sighed.

"Kaner's not gonna like it," She laughed.

"If i can deal with his Mullet, he can deal with this," I Said.

"Well he said he was cutting it off Saturday after the parade, Kat," She said. "You didn't have to cut yours."

"I Wasn't gonna!" I Said.

"Then why did you!?" She asked.

"I Told You it was a long story!"

"I Got time!"

"No You Don't!" I Said.

Then i pointed out the window and there was a limo outside waiting. Then before we knew it, Sharpie and Kaner were walking up the steps and knocking on the door. Sarah opened it and we saw The Patrick's standing out their, smiling.

"Evening, ladi-" Sharpie began, then he looked at me. "What the fuck did you do to your hair?"

"I Just cut it, no big deal," I Said. He rolled his eyes, then put his arm around Sarah and walked back into the limo with her,and Patrick did the same with me.

"What the fuck did you do to your hair," He whispered to me.

"I was gonna get an inch off, ended up being five," I Shrugged.

"How?" He asked.

"Kristen cut it off," I Shrugged again.

"I'm gonna kill her," He said, i laughed. "But honestly....Why did you want it cut?" He asked.

"It's summer and it's getting hotter, i was meaning to cut it a little for a while now, and Kristen said it would make you upset and you'd cut off your mullet," I Said. He sighed.

"You hate my mullet THAT Much?" He asked. I Just nodded. He rolled his eyes, then, we got in the limo.

"Wow Kat, Sarah," Jonathan said as we got into the limo. "You two look lovely tonight."

"Can it Tazer," Sharpie warned, Kaner just nodded as me and Sarah laughed.

"So protective," Sarah said, sticking her tongue out at Sharpie which later lead to a kiss.

About twenty minute later, we got to the bar and there were a whole group of people around us. Male fans were shouting things at the boys like hockey fans do, like, "Congrats!" And stuff like that, and REAL Female Hockey fans did the same, but the Puckbunnies who wanted to try and hook with one of the 'Big' and attractive players didn't say a word and instead of paying attention to the players like they should have, they actually glared at me and Sarah like we just committed a crime or something. I Was used to stares from people, since i have about 10,000 people watching me in an arena every week and about a million people at home watching, so i'm used to it, but i don't know about Sorry. I Looked over at Sarah, and she was just pointing and laughing at the puckbunnies waiting outside the bar looking for a hockey player to hook up with glaring at us. She totally had that 'YOU MAD!?" and "Be Jealous, bitches" Look on her face. I Just laughed at that. Then we actually got into the bar and there were SO MANY people in there.

You had Jonathan who was actually trying to stay slightly sober and buying these girls drinks and then you had all these other people on the team, drinking and getting drunk and hitting on Slutty Puckbunnies, or dancing on random places---Like Patrick is. He's on a table drinking and dancing a little, and Sharpie's on the ground literally holding his feet so he doesn't fall. Then, they started playing Get Down by the Back street Boys. I Just laughed. I Grew up in the 90s and of course LOVED BSB, and this was the first song i heard from them when i was like, 7 years old, and despite it being like, 15 years, to this day it's one of my favorite songs. Then  Kaner jumped off of the table and He and Sharpie came near Sarah and I.

"Wanna go grind to the gayest group of all time?" Sharpie asked.

"Dude shut the fuck up!" I Said, rolling my eyes. I Hated people saying that 'Gay' stuff, and i hated people talking shit about my favorite boy band of all time.

"Relax he doesn't mean it, he's just drunk," Sarah laughed. I Rolled my eyes, and we ended up heading on the dance floor to grind.

"You know," Patrick whispered to me as we were grinding. "Backstreet Boys are favorite my band of all time, so it only makes sense i dance to them with my favorite girl."

"Aw, how many times have you said that to a girl before?" I teased, sticking my tongue out. He rolled his eyes and we continued grinding.

After the song ended, the boys continued partying with the other teammates, and me and Sarah headed back over to the open bar to continue drinking.

"Look what we have here..." A Girl said behind us. "The Two biggest whores in Chicago..."

"Your right," I Said. "Sarah, meet the two biggest whores in Chicago," I Laughed, pointing at these two slutty girls behind us.

One had Dirty Blonde hair, and the other was a Brunette. Both had on Short Jean Shorts like Me and Sarah did, and they were wearing Jerseys---except, they actually CUT parts of the jersey off for more exposure. They cut a part of the bottom off so you could see part of their stomach, and they cut it off around the shoulder area as well. I Think they did it to look...'Cuter', but they looked so slutty.

"Slut Number One And Slut Number Two," Sarah said, pointing at each of them and laughing as did i. The puckbunnies weren't so amused though.

"You two think just because your dating two of Chicago's top athletes your all that?" The Dirty Blonde slut said. "Don't act like you didn't know they cheat on you whenever they're on the road..."

"We've both been dating our boyfriends for almost a year now and both of them have stayed faithful ever since, thank you very much," Sarah said for us.

"Just because they SUPPOSEDLY don't cheat on you doesn't mean your any better then them..." The Brunette said. Then, she looked directly at me. "Patrick Kane can do WAY Better then a girl that lands him in jail..." She said, bringing up that night with Justin and all off that drama. That pissed me off.

"I'm not the one who put him in jail, idiot. I Wasn't even conscious to make any phone call with the Chicago Police. I Got knocked out after he accidentally hit me and i woke up the next morning in a hospital bed and he was already gone. Don't talk about stuff when you don't even fucking know the story," I Snapped.

"Yeah, he 'ACCIDENTALLY' hit you..." The slut laughed, as did her slutty friend.

"I'm about to Accidentally hit you," I Said, winding my fist up and about to strike, but for some reason, Sarah stopped me. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Whatever," The brunette said, rolling her eyes. Then, the Dirty Blonde Slut focused her attention on Sarah.

"What? You think just because you used to be with Kris Versteeg and now your with Patrick Sharp your all that? They only dared to get with you because they feel sorry for your ass since you obviously can't get a real boyfriend,"  She said to Sarah.

"I'M The one who can't get a real boyfriend?" Sarah asked. "Look at you and what your wearing! Your dressed like a fucking slut!  You Obviously are crying for attention looking like that and have in-security issues..."

"Oh honey, trust me, i can get a real guy and my personality isn't effected by what i wear," She said. "Your just jealous of me because i don't need to get symphony from a bunch of guys, i get what i want, WHEN I Want because i'm just that good and not some little whore like yourself."

Then, out of nowhere, Sarah just KNOCKED This bitch OUT COLD. No joke. She literally just SNAPPED when she called her a little whore and then she punched her right in the face and then the slut went right on the ground, unconscious. The other slut quickly started freaking out and screaming, causing a scene. Before we knew it, we were causing a scene and all eyes were on us and Sharpie and Kaner were running over by us.

"What the hell just happened?" Sharpie asked.

"Sarah just punched this bitch out cold!" I Shouted, with a huge smile on my face. Sharpie just looked at Sarah, jaw dropped.

"What? I don't look tough on the outside, and I'm not, but mess with me, I'll kick ass," Sarah said. Sharp just smiled.

Then, a big guy walked over to us, grabbed Sarah and put cuffs around her wrists.

"What the hell?" Kaner asked, confused.

"The girl's under arrest for assault," The man said.

"How the fuck was that assault!?" Sarah yelled.

"You Knocked her unconscious!" The man yelled back. I Just sighed. I Gotta do the right thing here i guess.

"If your gonna arrest her, your gonna have to arrest me too," I Said.

"Why?" The Man, Sharpie and Kaner asked.

"Cause of this," I Said.

Then, i grabbed the Brunette slut by her jersey and then, i knocked her out. One punch. That's beast. The guy immediately grabbed me and put me and handcuffs just like Sarah. I Just looked at her.

"Your such a good friend," Sarah said. I Shrugged.

"Eh, i've always wanted to get a mug shot anyway," I Said.

"We can be cellmates, that'd be awesome," She said.

Then, we got out of the handcuffs, we were confused and looked over at Sharp and Kane.

"We bribed him with Stanley Cup pictures," Kaner shrugged.

"You girls aren't going to jail," Sharpie said. "But you guys are being kicked out."

"Eh, whatever," Me and Sarah said.

"We'll be home in an hour," Kaner said. "Here's money for a taxi or something."

"Thanks," I Said.

I Kissed Kaner goodbye and Sarah did the same with Sharpie. Then, we left the bar and headed home.

*Bar, No POV*

"Damn, can you believe the girls actually got into a fight over us?" Patrick Sharp asked Patrick Kane as they went back to drinking from this little fight their girlfriends got into.

"They really must love us," Kaner laughed. "If someone said something about Sarah, would you kick their ass?"

"Depends, if a guy said something about her, i'd hurt him, but if it was a lady, i'd call up Kat and tell her to kick her ass, i know she'd have no problem doing that," He replied.

"True, very true..." Kaner laughed.

Then, both of the men took down a shot of Alcohol, and then, Patrick Sharp quickly remembered something important.

"KANER!" He shouted. "Remember back in Late March Sarah and I were helping you and Kat with your new place?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Kaner asked.

"Remember when the girls were fighting?" Sharpie asked. Kaner just smirked.

"Oh hell yeah i do..." He smirked, taking a small sip of Champagne.

"Remember what WE Were talking about when that happened!?" Sharpie asked. Kaner thought back for a moment, then he remembered.

"Oh yeah...that..." Kaner said. "What about it?"

"Well, we made a deal that if The Blackhawks won Lord Stanley, then we know..." Sharpie shrugged.

"Well, we won the Cup," Kaner said. "So, you think we should go through with the plan?"

"We made a deal and we said that if all of this happened, it was a sign, and that we should, so....i think we should," Sharpie said.

"I Guess if is meant to happen, it will, and so far, everything has happened," Kaner said.

"Your right," Sharpie said.

"So, we're REALLY going through with this?" Kaner asked.

"I Guess we are..." Sharpie shrugged.

Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp were making a decision that will effect their entire life's and would require some serious shaping up from both of them. It was risky, but they said that if things were meant to happen, they would happen, and that's been the case so far. Then, Sharpie swallowed down another shot of Whiskey, and turned over to his friend Kaner and spoke up.

"So...When you wanna go shopping for the engagement rings?"

To Be Continued...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen // We Are The Champions/ Part One

"Stop bringing us down," Jonathan sighed, laying on his bed after practice earlier this morning.

"How am i bringing you down?" I Asked, laying down in my bed next to Patrick as well.

"Your all moody and stuff," He said. I Rolled my eyes.

Game four's tonight, and it's a little stressful right now with the team, and i'm not doing any better myself. I'm still pissed off and mad about the draft, and i'm praying to god the Boy's get the sweep tonight. Stress is just everywhere, and it's the exact wrong time for everyone. Right now, Jonathan and Patrick are actually bitching to me about my stress and saying how i'm giving away Negative energy or something, but it sounds like something i saw on this one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Khloe isn't allowing certain people into her and Lamar's house to keep away 'Negative Energy' During Playoffs.

"All he's saying is out of all times," Patrick said, "We  can't have negative energy around us for our most important game of the season."

"How am i being negative!?" I Shouted.

"Just look at yourself," Jonathan said. "Your all like, mad, and...negative."

"Just shut up," I rolled my eyes.

"Did your girl just tell me to shut up?" Jonathan asked Patrick, raising an eyebrow.

"Let it go dude," Patrick said.

He turned on the tv to NBC to watch the fucking news. Lovely. Then, i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Thank god. I Don't know who it is, but whoever it is, it's better then watching the news. I Thought wrong.

"Guesssss What ;)" Kristen texted me.

"What???" I Texted back.

"-_____- I Said Guess!"

"I Did, I Guessed what, idiot."


"Anyway, what?"

"Did you check lately?"

"I Never visit that dump of a website."

" should ;)"

"Stop putting winky faces at the end of your texts. It's creepy."

"Shut up you whore."

"Look, what's so important i gotta visit for?"

"Er... Two of your good friends just got drafted to Smackdown with you ;)" She texted.

"Just tell me who!!!" I Texted back, anxious.

"Please be Jammy or Heather..." I Said to myself.

See, Nikie and John alredy got drafted BACK To RAW. Not them. Jenny coming to She'd do nothing but flirt with Cody the whole damn time and just make me miss Patrick. Kristen and Punk...I Already see enough of them. I Don't need to see them anymore. Jammy and Heather can't stand each other, but they're the only one's who don't constantly annoy me and i could have a good time with. Then, she texted back, and i just sighed.

"Me and Phil!!!! :D" She texted.

"GREAAAT!" I typed back. Hopefully she doesn't sense my sarcasm.

":D" Was all she texted. I Then put my cellphone back in my back pocket and sighed.

"Ain't this some bullshit," I Sighed.

"And your trying to say she's not negative," Jonathan said. I Grabbed my pillow and threw it at him across the room, but he dodged it and it hit a lamp, knocking it over.

"I'd say that'll cost about...a good $20," Patrick said. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Okay, you know what," Jonathan said. "I Can't believe i'm saying this...but this calls for drastic measures." He said gulping.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"Kaner, i need you to get that women laid," He said. I Quickly sat up and went bug-eyed at him.

"What the hell man?" Patrick asked, confused.

"Damn it, i'm the captain of a team in the Stanley Cup finals, i'm leading this team to the championship, i can't take Negative energy, and she's giving me negative energy!" He yelled. "MAKE HER HAPPY."

"Relax, man, i know an easier way," Patrick said, winking.

Then, he reached over and grabbed his bag and dug through it for a moment until he found something. Then, he pulled out the 'Justin Bieber :Never Say Never" DVD.

"Oh God no," Jonathan said.

"You want her happy?" Patrick asked him. "She's got Bieber Fever, this will shut her up for the next hour or so."

"Come on, i'm sure she'd rather have sex," Jonathan said. "Wouldn't you Kat!?" He asked me. I Could see him crossing his fingers by his side. I Just bit my lip.

"I Haven't had time to listen to Biebs in a while..." I Shrugged.

"NO!" Jonathan yelled out loud.

"YES!" Patrick shouted with a big smile on his face, jumping up and running over to the tv and popping in the DVD into the player. Jonathan just looked at him.

"You seriously have bieber fever too?" Jonathan asked, in disbelief. Patrick just shrugged.

"The kid's got mad swag," He smirked. Jonathan rolled his eyes and laid back into his bed as Patrick came back over to me to watch the movie.

"What the hell is up with his hair?" Jonathan asked, as they were showing a clip of a 12 year old Biebs singing 'With U' By Chris Brown.

"Long story..." I Said. Jonathan rolled his eyes again.

"If we don't win tonight, I'm blaming Bieber," He said. I Laughed.

"If we do...?" Patrick asked.

"If we do, it's all because of team effort, not because of some little kid," Jonathan said.

"He's almost 18 years old," I Said.

"I Don't care," Jonathan said. "I'm taking a nap, wake me up when the movies over."

"Alright," Patrick said.

Then, Jonathan took his nap, and me and Patrick just watched Never Say Never. There was so many memories for us with this movie, one of the first movies we ever watched together, and the day we did was Valentines Day Weekend. Patrick doesn't like Justin Bieber TOO Much, but it doesn't change the fact this movie is important in our relationship. A little after an hour later, it ended, and we went to wake Tazer up and then we all took showers and got ready for the game. They both got into suits to enter the arena in, and i just put on some simple jeans and Patrick's home jersey. Then, we were off to try and win the Stanley Cup...again.

*St. Pete Times Forum, Game FOUR*

"Why the hell are you jumping?" I Asked Sarah.

"Because i'm nervous, and when i'm nervous i can't fucking sit still," She said, still jumping.

All these families and stuff from the Blackhawks had a box suite up here all together. Wifes, Girlfriends, Families, and must families flew half way across the country to get up here in Tampa to watch the boys play in hopes to see them skate down the ice with lord Stanley once again. However, due to bad storming conditions in Buffalo, Patrick's family isn't here, so tonight, i'm the only P. Kane supporter here.

"Well stop, they're about to drop the puck, gosh," I Laughed at her. She looked like such a retard, seriously.

"I Need a drink then," She said.

"You've already drank enough," I Said. "Grab some water."

"Nah, i'm good," She said, coming back over with a beer. I Rolled my eyes, then focused my attention on the game.

Throughout this whole game, i was nervous and i just couldn't sit still the entire game. I Didn't care when the Hawks scored, because quickly after each goal, the Bolts tied it. I Couldn't sit still, i was jittery the whole time, i even started biting my nails, which i never even do. Going into the third, it was tied, 4-4. Hawks scored early, but i still wasn't TOO Sure. Then, we got down to the last two minutes of the period, and i loosened up a bit. Then, the "One Minute Left in Regulation" Announcement was made, and a big smile just grew onto my face. LORD STANLEY'S COMING BACK TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Spoke too soon.

Fucking Marty St. Louis had one left in him, and with 13.5 seconds left in regulation, that bitch scored and tied it up and took this game into Overtime.

"So, it there a new rule in which every SERIOUS Blackhawks play-off  game must go into overtime?" Sarah asked. "EVERY TIME They have an important game like this, it's always going into OT, like Game 6 and 7 in round one and Game 4 in round three."

"I've never felt so nervous before," I Said, taking a drink of wine.

"And your drinking," She smirked.

"Shut up," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"I Wouldn't blame you though, this is stressful, and i'm fucking nervous," Sarah said.

"Me too..." I Said, biting my nails again.

Those 15 minutes went by fast, and before we knew it, Overtime was under-way. There were SO MANY Close calls for each team. Hossa came close to getting the job done and had a possible goal that actually went under video review, but it was determined as a no goal. And Stamkos had an excellent break-a-way he could have scored on against Crawford, but uh, Craw said Naw. Haha, but seriously, this was so stressful. When we exactly reached the half-way mark, we got Offside, and Coach Q Sent out the first line---Toews, Kane and Sharp--- and Keith and Leddy for the face-off, which was in The Bolt's Zone. Sharp took the face-off and won it, made a pass to Leddy, who held it for a while, then passed to Kane who passed to Duncan, who held it for a while as did Leddy, but then he passed it to Jonathan and right when Jonathan got that pass he shot the puck as hard as he could, but Roloson stopped and gave a rebound and Kane got the puck, took a slapshot with it, Roloson stopped again and again gave out a rebound for Sharpie. He also took a slapshot, but was stopped by Roloson, who held the puck.

WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. HOLD UP. I Have no idea what's happening. Sharp, Kane, Toews, Keith and Leddy are skating across the ice, throwing off their gear and skating straight over to Corey, and the other players are getting off the bench and doing the same. The whole Arena is just dead silent. Did Patrick Sharp ACTUALLY Just score!? It's not like Kaner's goal last year, but...this is all just happening fast, i can't process it all.

"Oh My God..." Sarah said, standing up. "IT CROSSED THE CREASE! IT'S IN!!!!"

"SERIOUSLY!?" I Asked, standing up. She couldn't even speak, she just looked so frozen, she just nodded real quick. Then, i looked up.

They were just showing what just happened. From Toews Shot, to Kane's shot, and Sharp's shot. I Paid REALLY Close attention to the puck in Sharp's shot, and i can't believe it. Patrick Sharp had just won Chicago the Stanley Cup.

I Was just speechless, i stood up, just looking down at the ice. All the media was already flooding into the ice, and the boys just kept hugging each other. Before i knew it, Jonathan came back onto the ice and he had a "Chicago Blackhawks 2011 Stanley Cup Champions" Hat on, and started passing some of the hats out to the team. I Couldn't fucking believe it. The Blackhawks just won the fucking Stanley Cup!!!

"We Should get down on the ice to congratulate them," Sarah said, quickly running off to get downstairs onto the ice, as did i shortly afterward.

The Media was all over the ice, and before you know, so were the families. Sharp was the man of the hour, so he was getting most of the attention from the media, but the most important attention he was getting was from Sarah, who literally jumped into his arms and started kissing him like this was a movie. Kaner saw Sarah on the ice, and then i saw him looking for me. Then he saw me and he smiled, then skated over to me as fast as he could. When he got over to me, he just picked me up into his arms and kissed me, and it was one of the most passionate kisses i've ever experienced.

"You just won the Stanley Cup!!!" I Shouted to him, hugging him.

"I Did!!!" He yelled back, with this big, goofy smile on his face. I Just kissed him again.

"Last year, you scored the goal, this year, your getting an assist," I Smiled.

"You know me, babe, i always show up when i'm needed," He winked. Then we kissed again.

Then, NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman walked onto the ice, of course being booed by the remaining Lightning Fans in the arena, and the group of Blackhawks fans who traveled here from Chicago. First, he was doing the Conn Smythe trophy, the thing about this trophy is that you don't have to be from the winning team to win it, your team could have lost and you could still win it. It's not about team effort, it's about who did best in the Playoffs. Crawford ended up winning it, and he deserves it, especially since he wasn't nominated for the Caulder. I Swear, if it wasn't for Crawford, none of this wouldn't be happening now. He's saved Chicago's asses SO MANY Times this season and throughout the playoffs. Truly no one more deserving. Then, the moment of truth came. The Stanley Cup was being brought out, and i for one was in awe just being this close to Lord Stanley.Then, the moment had arrived...

"Jonathan Toews," Gary began. "For the second year in a row, please, come and hoist the Stanley Cup!"

Jonathan made the skate over there to Gary. He then Shook his hands, and the two took a picture together with Lord Stanley. Then, Gary looked over at Tazer and gave him this look, and that look was the 'Go Skate Off With Lord Stanley' Look, because that's exactly what Tazer did. He grabbed the Stanley Cup and put it high above his head and skated across the ice with it. Sharpie was the next one to get the Cup, of course. Sharp's had an incredible season this year, and this was just an amazing way for him to top it off. Then, Sharp handed it over to Corey, and from their, it made it's way around other members of the team- Some holding it for the 2nd team in only a little over a year, some for the 1st time ever. Then, mid-way through, Patrick got the Cup, and he just skated all around with it, screaming in joy with the biggest smile on his face, which made me smile. Then, he gave the cup off to Jelly Belly, and then Skated back over to me and picked me back up in his arms.

"Last year for me was the Summer of Stanley, and it's still gonna be the Summer of Stanley for me this Summer, but more importantly, i promise, this is going to be OUR Summer," He said, before kissing me again. Then, a group of reporters came up.

"Patrick! Can we have a word with you!?" A Reporter asked.

"Sure," He said. I Was gonna skate off and congratulate Sharpie, but He just held onto me. "Stay," he said, smiling at me.

"Patrick compared to last years Cup win, what's different and which win was better in your book?" A Reporter asked.

"Well, the big difference is the team, we lost a lot of members from our winning team last year, and at the start of the season, we had trouble getting used to all these new guys and stuff, i guess, but during the middle of the season, we realized that if we wanted to even have a chance at the Playoffs, we needed to get it together, so, this Cup win was more harder, personally and as a team, but i couldn't pick which win was better, they're both great," He said.

"Who did you bring up to Tampa to watch the game with you?" Another reporter asked.

"My family was supposed to come up, but because of storms, they couldn't, but i know they're watching right now on tv, so that's cool," Patrick said.

"Who's this girl?" The same reporter asked. Patrick just smirked.

"This is my girlfriend, Kat," He said, turning to me and smiling. He's never really referred to me as his girlfriend before. I Was shocked to be honest. "We've been on since the beginning of the season, she's been with me through the good and bad times, and honestly, i couldn't have picked anyone else in the world to be here with me to spend this moment with." He said, before kissing me on LIVE TV right on the forehead. Oh My.

"Patrick, we're gonna let you enjoy yourself now with your girlfriend," The reporter said, "But remember, BEHAVE At The Parade Later this week." Patrick just smirked.

"Not a chance in hell!" He shouted with a smirk on his face. Then he picked me up off of my feet and we skated away.

While skating away, we were behind Sharpie, who was doing an interview real quick with Sarah under his arm.

"Honestly..." He began, but then stopped, and took a deep breath, then smiled. "I Am the luckiest guy alive right now. This summer, I'm taking him two of the best trophies alive...The Stanley Cup, and this girl right here," He said, referring to Sarah.

"Dammit i should have said that!" Kaner said. I Just laughed.

"I Still love you," I Said, kissing him again.

"TEAM PICTURE!!!" Someone shouted, as everyone on the team- from the players to management- piled into center ice to take a team picture with Lord Stanley. I Grabbed my Blackberry out and took a picture as well.I Couldn't help but smile as i took it.

Then, all the Bolts fans started leaving the arena and heading home- definitely not too happy- And all the people left were the Hawks team and management, their families and friends, and a group of fans from Chicago. By now, we were about ready to have this party continue in the locker room.

*Locker room, 11:45pm*

We're have about 45 minutes until we got a plane back to Chicago. We probably won't arrive back until like, 3 or 4am...maybe even 5am. Who knows. Depends i guess. Anyway, right now we were all loading into the locker room. Players were either Shirtless---One of them being Kaner, which is just lovely,right?---Wearing the New "Chicago Blackhawks 2011 Stanley Cup Champions" T-Shirt, or some players were still wearing Jerseys. Either way, all of them are changing into suits or whatever for the plane ride back. Again...ANYWAY, when we got into the locker room, some players were given Super Soaker Guns filled with beer and Sharpie was gonna be the last person in the locker room holding the Stanley Cup, and all the players with the Guns were gonna squirt Sharpie them once he got in. As long as i didn't get covered in beer, i'm cool. I'd rather have it in me, not on me. Then Sharpie walked in, and everyone covered him with Beer and he just screamed while holding Lord Stanley in the air.

Before we knew it, ALL These camera's were in here for interviews and stuff, and beer and Champagne bottles were open to drink out of the cup, but not before Toews and Kane took a quick picture together with The Cup, then got pelted with Beer from the squirt guns. After all that, i made my way to Sharpie...and actually...Hugged him, to my surprise, but hey, he made this possible, it's kind of....a moment. I'll get over it soon.

"Sharpie i am SO Happy for you!" I Said as i hugged him.

"Thanks Kat," He said, smiling after wards. "How much you been drinking tonight for you to say that?" I Just laughed.

"Only a little, relax, i actually mean it," I Said.

"Wow really?" He asked. "Guess i'm not used to you being so...nice to me." He laughed as did i.

"Relax, everything will be back to normal in a few days," I Said.

"Good," He said smiling. Then, he went off and grabbed some beer and went over by Kane and Toews.

"YO, SHAWTAYS!" I Heard a Swedish Person say. I Thought it was Viktor, but it was Jelly, with Viktor next to him, with the Cup and Beer. I Was surprised to here him say Shawtay. I Turned around and looked at him weird, and realized he was looking at you.

"We're talking to you Shawtay!" Viktor said looking at me.

"You Too!" Jelly said, looking across the room. I Found out where his eyes were looking, and he was talking to Sarah. They both motioned for us to come closer, so we did.

"'Sup Jelly and Viktor?" Sarah asked.

"You girls wanna drink out of the cup? You can sit down and we can hold it up for ya," Jelly said.

"Really?" I Asked.

"Yep, come on, it's only bad luck if you touch it and not win it," Jelly said. "Your just putting your lips on it, and besides, we won it and we'll have our hands on it, so you'll be fine."

"Alright," We both shrugged.

"You go first," I Said to Sarah. I Was too nervous to drink out of it first.

"Aight," She said, sitting down on this chair.

Then, Jelly and Viktor each took one can of beer, opened it and poured it into Lord Stanley until it was full, and i mean COMPLETELY Full.

"Drink all of it, we got plenty more for Kat," Viktor said to her.

"Alright," She laughed.

Then, Sarah opened her mouth wide open---Which, believe it or not, was VERY Wide open, makes perfect sense, since she has a big mouth--- and Jelly and Viktor grabbed the cup, and slowly started tipping it over to pour it into her mouth, and it was priceless and it looked like she was enjoying herself. I Have no idea why i was nervous.

"Holy Shit," Sarah said afterwards, "That was AWESOME!"

"Knew you'd like it," Jelly smiled.

"Now you, Kat," Viktor said.

Sarah got up and i sat down next. Viktor and Jelly smiled then grabbed two more cans of beer and filled up Lord Stanley for me. Then i opened up my mouth---not as big as Sarah's, of course--- and they tipped the Cup over and i drank out of it. It was extreme awesome and i felt like a total Badass.

"See, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Jelly asked me after.

"No, it wasn't," I Laughed.

Then, me and Sarah decided to make our way over by Sharpie, Tazer and Kaner.

"So, uh," Sarah began, "Now the Playoffs are over, you guys gonna shave off the beards?"

"And uh, Billy Ray?" I Asked Patrick, who rolled his eyes. "You gonna get rid of that mullet?"

"I Think we'll shave it off when we get back into Chicago tomorrow before we take a quick nap, then after that, we're gonna go around Chicago with the Cup tomorrow, and Thursday," Jonathan said.

"And I'll keep this until after the Parade and Ralley Friday, so i'll probably get it off Saturday," Kaner said.

"So, what time's the Parade Friday?" Sarah asked.

"I Think NBC will start airing it at 8am, but i don't think we'll actually get into the Double Decker Buses around 9am, and we probably won't actually get around to the parade area until 15 minutes, and that'll take like, forever, and then the ralley...who knows when that'll start, but hopefully it'll all be over by Noon," Sharpie said.

"Alright," I Said.

"You girls wanna ride with us?" Kaner asked.

"What?" Me and Sarah asked.

"We don't know what buses we'll be on, but i'm sure we can get you on with us," Sharp said.

"Yeah, i don't think anyone will mind, I think Kopy had his family on with him last year," Jonathan said.

"If we can, sure!" I Answered for us both.

"Great," Kaner smiled.

An Hour flew by and it was time to board the plane to Chicago. The boys were all in Suits and well dressed. Lord Stanley even had it's own seat, so as the boys passed by to their seats, some of them took pictures of the cup. Ultimately, Jonny sat next to the cup. Sharpie was next to Sarah, and Patrick was next to me. After the Plane took off, i fell asleep on Patrick's shoulder, but he woke me up around 4:30am when the plane arrived in Chicago. Police were everywhere to help escort the Hawks off of the plane and into the airport, and when they got in the airport, they received a round of applause from all those in their, and each of the Hawks held the Cup again.

Right now, everything was Perfect, and the Summer Of Stanley for us had officially begun. But little did Sarah and I Know it, this wasn't just the Summer of Stanley, this was going to be much more then that and end up being a summer that would change BOTH Of our life's FOREVER...starting tomorrow night.

To Be Continued...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Year Two Week Sixteen // A New Divide

"Babe, Wake up," Patrick whispered to me in bed.

So it's about Mid-June now, Monday, June 18th to be Exact. So much has happened in the past two months since that night in Atlanta. I'll get to each at a time though. Right now, i'm gonna focus on Me, Patrick and the boys. After a tough regular season, The Blackhawks managed to capture the 8th seed in the playoffs. In Round One, they faced the Canucks. That series didn't start out so good. The Hawks dropped the first three games, so if they wanted to win the series and advance, they had to take it all the way to a game 7 and win the rest of the games. After a nervous Overtime in both Game 6 AND Game 7, The hawks came through and beat the Canucks to advance to round two. In Round Two, they had the Predators. This was the first time in franchise history that the Preds had advanced to round 2, and it didn't work out so good since, like in round 1 last year, they lost to the Hawks in Game 6. Then in round 3, they went against the good ol' Dead Wings. That series was probably the toughest so far physically. Detroit defense was hard and did a lot of hits throughout the series, but they didn't get many pucks past Crawford like the Hawks got past Howard, and in Game 5, The Hawks took it all and advanced to the finals against the Bolts. However, due to games and stuff, the finals actually started late this year. We're in mid June and Game 4 is actually tomorrow here in Tampa. In Game 1 and 2 in Chicago, Crawford got back-to-back shutouts, and in Game 3 Saturday night, He only allowed two goals in a 5-2 Hawks victory. Game 4 is tomorrow, and if they win game 4, it's all over, The stanley cup comes back to Chicago again for the summer.

WWE's been very fair to me. So far, i haven't missed ANY Of the final games against the Bolts since Stephanie has given me time off so i could come and support Patrick and the team with Sarah, but the draft is tonight, and i may head to smackdown,so i'm kind of hoping they get the sweep since i already have tomorrow off and i'm not exactly sure if Teddy Long would give me time off if i get drafted. ANYWAY, last night we had a Pay-Per View here in Florida, and the boys were already in florida, so i got to stay with them for the weekend. Later tonight RAW's in Clearwater, so i'll make the 30 minute drive there later tonight. Enough of WWE for now though. Throughout the Playoffs, i've done my best to make sure Patrick's been nothing but relaxed. I Don't need to have him have anymore stress on him.  I've basically been catering to his every need- getting him food, doing his laundry, taking care of stuff like that, and if we were ever together in between my WWE Schedule and his play-off road schedule, i'd even let him get lucky whenever he wanted. For me, this is much more then what it really is. For me, it's a test for our future. I've survived the tough regular season from wins and loses and injuries, and now, if i survive the playoff craziness as a Hockey Girlfriend, i have a good feeling about mine and Patrick's future together. ANYWAY, now, we're in the team hotel, our room. I Don't know what time it is, but Patrick's trying to wake me up, and i have a feeling it's 8am because that's when he's usually been waking up lately.

"Five more minutes..." I Mumbled under the sheets.

"Come on babe, wake up," He said, starting to get on top of me.

Then, he started kissing my exposed shoulder, and i just smiled in pleasure.

"You like that?" He asked while doing it.

"I Love it," I Mumbled out in pleasure.

"Oh Good lord," I Heard a voice say. I Turned over and i saw it was Jonathan across the room."NOT This early in the least wait until 8 when i get in the shower."

"Oh relax Jonathan," I Laughed. "We wouldn't do that with you in the room."

"We wouldn't?" Patrick asked. I Just laughed as Jon rolled his eyes.

"Knock Knock!" Sharpie said just walking in, with a video camera. "Oh, Hi there, Toe-s, wanna put a shirt on?"

"What do you want," Jonathan asked, grabbing a shirt from the floor, the same one he had on last night. "Wait...why do you have a video camera?"

"Well, i was talking to Brent and he said you were missing your bag, eh?" Sharp said.

"Put the camera down or i swear to god-" Jon began

"Okay, gosh!" Sharpie said. He then put the camera down to his side.

"What about my bag?" Jon asked.

"I Just wanted to let you know that your not alone, Brent's bag is missing too,and since i'm a nice person, i'm gonna help you both find your bags," Sharpie said. Jonathan just frowned then sighed.

"Where's my bag, Sharpie," Jonathan said.

"I Told you, i don't know!" Sharpie said.

Jonathan just shook his head, then walked over and pushed Sharpie onto our bed and walked out of the room toward Sharp, Sarah and Brent's room.

"Can you two believe him?" Sharp said, turning off the camera. "I Just came in here to capture some footage for BHTV, you know, for our fans, and he has to be Mr. grumpy and ruin it!" He said, shaking his head.

"Uh, yeah..." I Said. "That's a damn shame."

"Damn straight it is," Sharp said. "Can i capture footage of you Kaner?"

"Sure, Kat get under the sheets," He said to me. "This is going up on the website, i don't want Puckbunnies to see you in my bed and start hating you more then they already do."

"Alright," I Laughed real quick, before snuggling up under the covers as Sharp turned the camera on.

"So, Kaner,we have game four tomorrow, and so far this series, you only have one clumsy point. You have any explanation?" Sharpie asked.

"You shouldn't be talking," Kaner said. "I Still got more points then you in the playoffs."

"Shut up Kaner," Sharp said. "Game four's gonna be my game, just wait and see, boy."

"What ever you say, pretty boy," Kaner said. "All the looks, no talk, no skills..." He smirked. Sharp paused for a moment, then smirked.

"So, uh, Kaner, whatcha got under the sheets?" Sharp asked,starting to pull the sheets to reveal me.

"GET OUT SHARPIE!" Kaner yelled right after that. He then actually got up and shoved Sharpie out.

"I TRY TO BE NICE AND THIS IS WHAT I GET!" Sharpie yelled as he was being kicked out. Kaner slammed the door shut, then came back over to the bed.

"I'm gonna kill him," I Said to Him, talking about Sharpie.

"He needs to start minding his own business, i'm sure he wouldn't like it if we showed up in his room with a video camera on him and Sarah," Kaner said.

"Well if we went into their room with a video camera to record them, that would technically be called a sex tape," I laughed.

"I Don't get it," Kaner said. "I Know he's overall one of the sexiest people in chicago according to magazines and shit, but honestly, with that is he getting any action?"

"Your one to talk, Billy Ray Cyrus," I Said sticking my tongue out, referring to Kaner's Playoff Mullet.

"I Look NOTHING Like Billy Ray," Pat said. "Besides, my mullet is sexy, his isn't."

"Of course it's sexy..." I Said, rolling my eyes and sticking my tongue out again.

"You know you love it," He smirked, starting to pin me down in bed again.

"You look like a rat with that," I Laughed.

"Then you must like rat's then,"He said, starting to kiss my neck.

"I Hate rats," I Giggled.

"Well i'm a good looking rat then," He smirked.

"No your not!" I Laughed.

"Don't try to deny my sexiness, Kat," Kaner said, right before pinning me down and kissing me.

Then, we heard the door open, and Kaner then stopped kissing me, sat up and rolled his eyes.

"I Told you, STAY OUT!" He yelled at the door.

"What the...?" Jonathan asked, very confused, coming in to the room with his bag. "What are you talking about, Billy Ray?"

"TOLD YOU!" I Yelled at Patrick, sticking my tongue out. He just rolled his eyes at me.

"I Thought you were Sharpie," Pat said to Jon.

"Oh...him..." Jon said, rolling his eyes. "I Just got into a fight with Brent since He was the only person who knew where Sharpie hid my bag."

"We need to start getting him back soon," Patrick said.

"Yeah, we do," Jonny said.

"Please, you guys couldn't prank Sharp even if your life's depended on it," I Said, getting up and heading into the bathroom.

"Yes we could!" Jonathan shouted at me on the other said. I Was brushing my teeth, so i didn't reply.

"Tazer and i have actually been slowly planning out a prank to get back on him, we just gotta finish it," Pat said.

"We should get him after the finals end whenever that may be," Jonathan said. "We don't wanna hurt him too bad."

"What!?" I Yelled to them in the bathroom, but i had toothpaste in my mouth, so you could hardly hear me clearly.

"The hell?" I Heard Jonathan say, confused. I Spit out the toothpaste and rinsed out my mouth, then got out of the bathroom.

"You said you were gonna Prank Sharpie, Not Hurt him!" I Said.

"Babe, Just relax," Patrick said, getting out of bed and running his hands through his mullet.

"Whatever," I Rolled my eyes. "I'm gonna go downstairs and get some coffee," I Said.

"What time are you leaving tonight?" He asked.

"Uh,  i think i'll go to the gym here, and i gotta be in Clearwater by 6pm, so, i'll probably leave Tampa by 5pm," I Said.

"Hopefully you wrestle tonight," Jonathan said. "Kaner and i are actually planning on catching your show tonight since we don't have a game tonight...or anything panned tonight."

"Sweet," I Smiled, grabbing my wallet and heading out of the door.

I Headed downstairs and went to this little coffee stand and got myself a cup of coffee. I Was going to head back upstairs with the boys, but then i saw Corey just standing alone in a corner, so i decided to go talk to him real quick.

"Hey Corey!" I Smiled walking up to him. He turned around and saw me, and he jumped a little and went bug-eyed, and he was also on the phone apparently.

"Oh, Uh...Hi, KAT," He said, emphasizing my name right into the phone. "Um...Yeah...I'll talk to you later...Bye," He said into the phone. I Just looked at him weird.

"Um...was i interrupting something?" I Asked, entirely confused.

"Uh...No...." He shrugged. I Just stared at him for a moment.

"So...I'm going to pretend this conversation didn't happen..." I Said, slowly walking away. How weird. He sounds like he's trying to hide something...and from me...weird.

I Got into an elevator to head back upstairs and when i got up their, i saw Sarah just walking around wearing these sunglasses, i decided i wanted to bug her, so i walked up and snatched her glasses off. Then, my mouth dropped.

"The hell did you do last night?" I Asked looking at her. Her eyes were bloodshot red.

"I Went out," She said. "Am i not allowed to do that?"

"And i take it you just got back?" I Asked. "You seem tired and angry."

"I got back at like, 2am, but i haven't been able to sleep since," She said, rubbing her eyes.

"Six hours and nothing?" I Said.

"Nope," She rolled her eyes. "I Just laid in bed for a while trying to fall asleep, but after 2 hours, i gave up and turned on the tv, then an hour later,i started throwing up."

"That's nice..." I Said, rolling my eyes and taking a sip of coffee.

"OH Give me that!" She said, snatching the coffee out of my hand and taking a drink. My mouth just dropped.

"Are you serious?" I Asked.

"What?" She asked as if there was nothing wrong with she just did. "It'll help my hangover..."

"No it won't!" I Shouted. "It'll help get rid of the head-ache for a while, but if you want to help cure it, get some fucking water!"

"Well i don't got no damn water!" She shouted back.

"Then stop being a lazy-bum and go get some you crazy bitch!" I Yelled at her.

"Would you two SHUT UP!?" I Heard someone yell behind me. I Turned around and it was Brent, but you could hardly recognize it was him with that playoff beard. It was long and bushy, but nothing compared to Nick Leddy's.

"Yeah, he was out with me for a little bit before coming back," Sarah explaining.

"I Can see that," I Said.

"Let's stop talking about my night," Sarah said as we started walking down the hall toward our rooms. "Sup with you?"

"Back to business," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Man, you've been complaining a LOT about WWE Lately..." Sarah said.

"Well would you blame me?" I Said. "They're not using me! They have me as champion, but i'm hardly on shows, and if i am, my matches are against jobbers and only two minutes or i cut a crappy promo!"

"Why the hell aren't they using you?" She asked.

"Because i injured my opponent all the way back at April, and they didn't wanna forget about the program we had since we still have like, one more match planned," I Said. I'll explain more about Kathryn and I Later. "Hopefully she's back in time for Money In The Bank though, it's in Chicago and on the day of Mine and Patrick's one year anniversary and he already has tickets, i wanna fucking wrestle."

"OH I Wanna come!" She said.

"Why? And your staying in Chicago during the off-season?" I Asked.

"Because, once hockey is over I'll be starting to catch up on WWE," She explained. "And most of the time we'll be here, but we'll also be going to Thunder Bay every now and then to go visit his family and-"

"And Kris?" I Asked, sticking my tongue out, referring to her little 'Summer Fling' She had with Steeger last year as he was moving his stuff from Chicago to Ontario.

"Shut up, Kat," She said, rolling her eyes. "You don't see me bringing up your relationship with-"

"DON'T EVEN," I Said, knowing exactly where she was going- The relationship with Justin, which has gotten weird since the after-party with him confessing everything about Patrick to me, but more about all of that later.

"At least when my thing with Kris was happening, i was single and didn't even know Sharpie personally..." She said.

"AH Yes, i still remembering when you two met, at the mall while we were shopping for stuff for the home opener and he and Soupy were getting shit for a party afterwards," I Said. "You know, the party where you let him get to second base after only knowing him for a couple of hours."

"Okay you need to shut up," Sarah said. "Stop making me look like such a whore."

"Well it's not that hard," I Joked. Then, she elbowed me as hard as she could in the gut.

"MOTHER FUCKER!," I Yelled in pain.

"You deserved it you little bitch!" She shouted as she started running down the hall into her room.

I Rolled my eyes and then started heading into my room. The door was open so i just walked in and grabbed my stuff and was about to head out, when i realized Sharpie was in there, and was wrestling Jonathan on the bed.

"Sharpie stop acting like a little kid!" Jonathan yelled, kicking Sharpie in the gut and off of him.

"Tazer we aren't playing hockey and don't have practice until tomorrow morning hours before Game four, stop being so serious," Sharpie said.

"Force of habit for him," Kaner laughed. Then, Sharpie cocked his head and noticed me, and smirked.

"Kat could kick your ass, Jon," He said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Shut up and go take care of your hungover girlfriend," I Said.

"I Already did," He said, winking. I Rolled my eyes again and gagged a little as did Kaner and Tazer. "But in all serious, i did. I Told her to go get coffee to help cure it." I Raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, really?" I Said. "Well then, you owe me a coffee soon."

"What?" He asked, confused.

"Just get me a coffee later," I Said.

"Whatever," He said. "I'm gonna go and annoy Brent."

"He's a little hungover too," I Said.

"Oh, i know," He winked. "I'll see you later tonight or tomorrow at practice, boys, and i'll see you after the game tomorrow Kat, hopefully on the ice, celebrating another Stanley Cup win."

"Let's hope," I Smiled.

"Later," He said, walking out.

"I'm heading out too," I Said. "Gotta go to the gym, you coming?" I Asked Patrick.

"Sure hold on," He said.

Then,he went into the bathroom and changed out of his pajamas and put on a white shirt and some gym shorts and tennis shoes and we headed out to the nearest local gym together.

*Later that night, RAW Arena, 6pm*

"How the fuck are we supposed to even BREATH!?" I Asked to Kristen as we were viewing the Gorilla Position, Filled with Chairs for both the RAW and Smackdown crew. Overall the Gorilla Position wasn't TOO Big. "Man i'm Claustrophobic, i can't fucking sit down in between all these bitches."

"Then don't," She said. "Stand up."

"Smart ass," I Said, rolling my eyes. She just stuck her tongue out.

Since Wrestlemania, my career in WWE Hasn't been going good. You know how i broke a rule and hit Kathryn over the head with a chair? Well i gave her a BAD Concussion, so she's been out dealing with that. A Couple weeks ago, she took one of those Impact Concussion test, but i haven't heard whether or not she passed or not. I Also botched a move and she damaged her Larynx, so that's also another reason she's out. She's not the only between the two of us hurt, though. My Wallet is hurt. I Had a big ass fine i had to pay for the chair shot to the head so i didn't get suspended or stripped of my championships. Kathryn and i had something good going, so WWE Doesn't want to get me involved with any other diva and start a feud, so lately, i've just been...there. I Haven't done anything big, and i haven't been put on RAW for a while either. Lovely.

And it's not any better with the gang. I'm not sure what happened, but Jamila and Heather just can't stand eachother anymore. Not so sure exactly what happened between them, but lot's of rumors going around. The most realistic one was that Jamila got drunk and started talking shit about Heather, and Heather was too dumb to realize she was drunk and PROBABLY didn't mean it and they've basically started World War III here. Nikie's been separating herself from the group lately. Her and John's 'Big Day' Is coming up soon in...September i think, and she only has about three months and she still has a lot of work to do. John's been John, of course, nothing big changing with him. Jenny and Cody...don't get me started on those two. I Thought they were in the 'Honey Moon' Stage before, but now, they're Seriously getting SERIOUS, and i honestly think Cody's going to propose soon, not so sure though, but with the way things have been going as of late, seems as perfect timing. Punk and Kristen obviously have made up, and with how they've been, you wouldn't ever think that she actually was thinking about a divorce two months ago. They also moved into a new house in Chicago, more close to mine and Patrick's. Isn't that just great? Then you have Justin...and me.

Both of us certainly haven't forgotten about everything that happened, but by the way we're acting, you wouldn't know it. He's just been moving on with everyday life, and i've been too focused on the Blackhawks to worry about what happened.

"You think your getting drafted?" She asked me.

"They haven't told me shit," I Shrugged. "But i wouldn't mind it, not like i'm getting anything done here."

"Last year, you didn't wanna leave RAW because of how big you were being pushed. Complete opposite now," She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"I Doubt they will though unless Kathryn gets drafted. She gets drafted, i probably will," I Said.

"You don't look good in blue," She said.

"I Wear Blue Jeans all the time!"I Said.

"You know EXACTLY What i mean," She said. I Nodded. Speaking of Blue...

We had just walked in the locker room area, and a group of Superstars and Diva's were playing darts. I Didn't mind at first, but then, i saw the background of the dart board- The Blackhawks indian head logo.

"What the hell is this!?" I Yelled, feeling as if someone had just stabbed me in the heart.

"Oh, Hey Kat," Christian waved over at me, before shooting the dart. "RIGHT ON THAT BIG ASS NOSE!" He shouted when it landed.


"Just playing a friendly game of Darts," Nikki Bella said as she walked up to take a shot.

I Just ran over to the dart board and took off the picture of the Indian Head.

"BOO!" Justin shouted, as everyone else eventually shouted.

"Sorry Kat, but you should know that your team sucks," Christian said. "Bolts are gonna come back in Game 4 and then win the Cup."

In Florida, this is where they have the best airports in the country, so most Superstars live here, so of course, the majority of the Locker room is Bolts fans, and i'm probably the only Chicago Blackhawks fan here.

"HA, very funny," I Said, laughing.

"Hey, We got Stamkos and St. Louis, what does Chicago have?" Justin asked.

"Let's see," I Said. "We got Kane and Toews, Keith and Seabrook, Patrick Sharp, and we also have Corey Crawford, best goalie in the NHL."

"Whatever," They all said.

"Ain't no way Chicago's getting another Stanley Cup," Christian said.

"Oh, trust me," I Smirked. "They're gonna bring back Lord Stanley for another parade in the Windy City. Just wait and see..." I Said, smirking and walking away with the Indian Head and Kristen next to me.

"What the hell was that about?" She asked.

"It's a Stanley Cup finals thing, but you wouldn't get it since your hockey team sucks," I Said.

"The Ranger's don't suck!" She yelled in my ear.

"Yeah, they do," I Said. She rolled her eyes. "Speaking of People who SUCK," I Said as we were walking into the Diva's locker room and seeing Jenny stretching and the floor and Jamila kind of just curled up in a ball on the floor, texting.

"Shut up Kat," Jenny said, rolling her eyes. "Your so annoying."

"City people aren't annoying, Country people are," I Said. Kristen looked confused.

"But your always listening to that one country song," She said confused. I Just elbowed her in the gut. Jenny smirked.

"What song?" She asked. I Just rolled my eyes.

"It's by Luke Bryan, that one about him telling girls to shake it," I Sighed.

"Country Girl Shake It For Me?" She asked.

"Sure, whatever," I Shrugged.

"I Knew you had a hillbilly bone," She said, sticking her tongue out at me. I Rolled my eyes, then turned my attention to Jamila.

"The hell you doing?" I Asked her. No response. I Looked back at Jenny.

"She's been like this all day," Jenny said. "She's either texting a guy or on the phone with the guy like she was at like, 8am this morning."

"That's funny," I Said. "Corey Crawford was on a funny phone call around that time earlier today..." I Said. That immediately caught Jamila's attention

"Who the fuck is Corey Crawford!?" She asked out of nowhere.

"He's a hockey person, you wouldn't know him," I Said.

"Uh...yeah...i wouldn't," She said. "Because i don't waste my time watching hockey."

"You mother fucking bitch," I Said to her, glaring. She rolled her eyes and got up.

"What's so manly about skating around wearing gear?" She asked.

"She's right," Jenny said. "How the hell is hockey different from any other sport?"

"Well, unlike other Athletes," I Began. "Hockey players don't play with balls, and they're great in bed," I Winked.

"Oh God," Kristen said.

"Hockey players can't bang," Jenny said.

"They know when to play it rough, they can score from any position, they always wear protection, they like to hit it from behind, and they don't play with balls, they play with sticks, BIG Sticks," I Smirked.

"I'm forever scarred for life," Kristen said, bug-eyed.

"Please tell me that was supposed to sound dirty," Jamila said. "Because if not, i'm thinking really disturbing thoughts..." I Just laughed.

"Bottom line, Hockey players get the job done, other athletes can't," I Said, starting to walk away.

"Wrestlers get the job done..." Kristen shouted behind me real quick.

"Oh, damn straight!" Jenny agreed. I Stopped Dead in my tracks.

Suddenly, i was starting to get a very disturbing image of both Cody Rhodes and CM Punk in my head.

"I'm going to go vomit violently, i'll see you all later," I Said, running out.

*Heathers POV*

I Had just arrived to the arena and i was running on no sleep and no food, so i went straight to catering to look for a monster energy or something and then some food.

"HEATHER!!!" I Heard a voice behind me say. I Turned around and it was Alex, and he had something in his hand.

"If i were you, i wouldn't take another step closer to me unless you want me to call the cops," I Said. "We do have a restraining order, you know..." He just sighed.

"What's this?" He asked, holding up a magazine that had writing on it.

"Well, that's the June issue of playboy, with me on the cover," I Smiled.

"Why was it in my mail-box this morning?" He asked.

"I Don't know," I Lied. "I Don't know what you like to do in your free time you fucking pervert!" I Yelled walking away.

"WAIT!" He yelled. I Rolled my eyes and turned around to him, crossing my arms.

"What?" I Asked. He paused for a moment, then, he shrugged.

"You don't look too bad in this," He admitted, to my shock. I Just smirked.

"Shows you what your missing..." I Said.

"I Was a fool," He said. "I Shouldn't have cheated on you, and i shouldn't have hit you."

"Your just now apologizing?" I Asked. "Where the hell was this damn apology when i was crying myself to sleep? Where the hell was this damn apology when i was in the hospital with a concussion because of you!? Your only apologizing now because your just now realizing what your missing out on, you don't actually mean it. Go fuck yourself, bastard." I Said, flipping him off before storming off. Alex was just speechless and couldn't believe i had to balls to tell him off. He better believe it, because he just got owned by a playmate.

*Almost halfway through RAW*

"YEAH YEAH YEAAAH, IT'S A PARTY OVER HERE IN THE BLUE," John Sang out loud as all the RAW and Smackdown rosters were in the gorilla position for the draft- RAW Stars on one side each wearing red RAW Shirts, Smackdown stars on the other each wearing blue Smackdown shirts.  John had just gotten drafted to friday nights, and the Smackdown bitches made us well aware of that- including himself.

"Looks like Smackdown's finally the better show!" Nikie said next to him, sticking her tongue out. Nikie was just a manager for Cena behind the scenes, not a wrestler, so if John went, she went.

"Shut up," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Why should we?" John shouted. "Smackdown's got me, Orton, and we're about to get another one...." He said, putting to the screen we were watching the draft on.

The team of Lay-Cool had just beaten RAW's Tamina and Alicia Fox, earning Smackdown yet another draft pick. RAW needs to start getting their head out of their asses and win some matches, and my match isn't until later tonight. We were anxiously awaiting to see who was going to get drafted, but right before it was revealed, someone from the staging crew came up to me...

"What are you doing?" He asked me.

"Uh, sitting?" I Said, dumbfounded.

"Well get up!" He said. Then he yanked my arm and pulled me over to the curtain.

"What the hell are you doing!?" I Yelled at him, grabbing my arm away.

"And why don't you have a shirt!?" He yelled.

"Seriously, what in god's name are you talking about!?" I Yelled back. Then, he just looked at me.

"They didn't tell you?" He asked.

"Tell me what!?" I Yelled back. Then, he just pointed over to the big screen.

I Looked over to the big screen and Michelle and Layla were just prancing around the ring now, taunting the person being drafted, who wasn't revealed yet. Then, the draft logo went up, and they were showing these RAW Superestars all over again showing who was up for draft-including Michael Cole, which i don't get at all for the record- Then, they revealed the draft pick to Smackdown.

It Was Me.

"Here, you gotta go out there for about 30 seconds, then you're done," The guy said handing me a blue Smackdown t-shirt as my music started playing.

I Was so confused, but nonetheless i went out onto the ramp in front of the crowd for a couple of seconds and put on the shirt. Lay-Cool was still in the ring, but they just smirked, and they weren't even looking at me. They were looking directly at my championships.


"And making her way to the ring, From Chicago, Illinois, She is your undisputed Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!" Justin Roberts said into the mic as i was making my way to the ring for my match...on RAW, but as a Smackdown Superstar against RAW's Melina. I Never liked her. Not her Character, and not her personally, she's one of the biggest bitches in the company off camera, which is why she's never really being pushed as of late.

The match wasn't supposed to be TOO Long, only about a solid 10 minutes, but near the 8 minute mark, i felt something hit me over the head. Melina was already down, so it wasn't her. I Went down fast, and things were kind of blurry. I Could hear the bell ring, and the crowd was booing. What the hell is fucking going on?

"Your winner by way of disqualification and earning a draft pick for Friday Night Smackdown, Your Undisputed Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!" Justin Roberts announced.

I Managed to turn around onto my back, but things were still blurry for a moment. Then, things started getting clearer for me, and i noticed someone standing above me. I Then realized who it was once things were clearing up for me- It was Kathryn Prince, with a Steel pipe in her hand, standing above me and looking down, smirking.

"Miss Me, Angel!?" She asked, smirking.  Then, she threw the pipe to the side, and leaned over at me and grabbed me by my hair then pulled me to the center of the ring.

"Look up!" She shouted in my ear, pointing to the big screen.

I Looked up at the big screen, and they were about to reveal the draft pick for Smackdown that i just....'won' them. Then, a moment later, it was revealed- Kathryn had just been drafted back to Smackdown after a year on RAW, making my life hell.

"Don't get too attached to that title, because that's coming back to me soon..." She taunted, before shoving me back down onto the mat and leaving the ring.


"You didn't even think to tell me not only was i going to be drafted but Kathryn was gonna come back and hit me over the head with a steel pipe?!" I Yelled to my boss, Hunter Helmsley, or Paul, whatever he chooses to be called.

"Well, see," He said to me, taking a seat a seat as his desk. "You decided to hit Kathryn over the head with a chair at Wrestlemania without letting her know, or management for that matter-"

"It was an accident!" I Defended.

"You know damn well we banned Chair Shots to the head, Miss Angel!" He yelled back. "And when you two were planning the match with Jim backstage before the show, you were supposed to just kick her in the gut with the chair and NOT Hit her over her damn head!" I Just rolled my eyes. "Not to mention you also decided to botch a move and damage her Larynx, and i feel her pain since back around the early 2000s Chris Jericho did the same to me."

"I botched a couple of moves that injured her, so that means i don't deserve to know i'm being drafted and not know i was going to get hit with a Steel pipe!?" I Asked.

"Look, Angel," He said. "Another reason i decided to draft you is because i don't wanna deal with you anymore. I have your contract, so technically i'll always have to deal with you until the day your contract comes up and you decide to not resign, which if your interested, your contract is up for renewal next January, but anyway, your not really my exact problem anymore. Your Teddy Long's problem along with Kathryn, so please, go bitch to him." I Just sighed, then, rolled my eyes. Then he sighed too.

"You know, maybe you should stop bitching about how bad this is and realize that maybe this trade is actually going to lead to something for your career!" He said.

"Whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes and walking out of his office.

By now, RAW was about over and people were starting to leave, and the gang was over in the locker room, getting their stuff together. I Walked in, sat down in my stall on my bag, and just sighed.

"I've been on Smackdown before, it's not THAT Bad..." John said, who actually fucking got drafted BACK to RAW. Lovely.

"Patrick and i are just getting used to my schedule on the it's all fucking ruined," I Pouted.

"Whoa, your more concerned about a stupid boy then your friends!?" Jammy yelled at me. "What about us!?"

"True," I Sighed. "I'll barely even see you guys, only on pay-per views, maybe, and at Supershows i guess," I Sighed.

"It'll be fine, relax," Jenny said. "I Deal with Cody away with Smackdown all the time, we still see each other at least once a week and talk on the phone everynight we're away from each other, and we're always together in international tours. It'll be fine." I Just rolled my eyes.

"Maybe one of us will get drafted tomorrow at noon in the supplementary draft on" Heather suggested. I Just shrugged.

"I'm gonna miss you," Kristen pouted.

"Bitch how the hell you gonna miss me when your house in Chicago is only five fucking minutes away from mine!?" I Yelled at her.  "You two are such stalkers," I Said to her and Punk.

"Kid, how the hell are we stalkers?" Punk asked, spiking up his hair. I Saw Zack Ryder give him a thumbs up in the corner of my eye, but whatever.

"I Saw you two peeking over at me and Pat putting up our pool the other day!" I Yelled. "And i saw some dog shit in my yard the other day too!"

"What's that got to do with anything?" Nikie asked.

"We don't have a dog!" I Yelled. Kristen just rolled her eyes.

"Come on, let's just go to Denny's with everyone else, I'm starving," Heather said.

"Go without me," I Said, standing up and grabbing my stuff. "I'm heading back to Tampa."

Then, i just stormed out of the locker room and was on my way out, when i raw into Teddy Long.

"Oh, Miss Angel! Pleasure to meet you!" He smiled, extending his hand as i shook it. "You were just the person i was looking for actually. I Need to talk to you about something."

"What about?" I Asked, talking off my sunglasses.

"See, i'm a sports person, and i'm very well aware your boyfriend Patrick Kane and his team are in the Stanley Cup finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning," He said.

"Okay?" I Asked, a little confused.

"I Was told you were given time off from WWE During those Cup final games, and see, while i respect Stephanie's decision, i don't like it," Teddy said. "On Smackdown, i only give people time off for emergencies, like injuries and stuff, and personally, i don't think a Sporting Event is an emergency."

"Wait, so i got to go to the tapings tomorrow!?" I Asked.

"No, Stephanie gave you the rest of the week off, so you don't have any tapings or houseshows for the week, but you better hope your team wins or loses the Championship before Next tuesday, because Next Tuesday, you will officially debut as a Superstar on my show," Teddy said. "Do i make myself clear?" I Just sighed and nodded. "Good, i'll see you next tuesday, Miss Angel." He said, walking away.

Ain't this some bull.

A/N- Gonna start updating this A LOT MORE. This summer, well, me. It'll be interesting with LOTS of surprises you guys didn't expect, and you won't wanna miss it ;)