Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Nine // Better Off Alone / Part Two

*Patrick's POV*

"You wouldn't shut up about that new Justin Bieber music video where he finds a girl he likes, steals her scarf and makes her go on a scavenger hunt to meet him if she want it back, so, you know," I Smiled as i took my last bite of food.

"I Wouldn't shut up about the One Less Lonely Girl video over a year ago," Kat said. "How do you still remember that?"

"I remember nearly everything that you say," I Smiled. She smiled back.

It's time.

"Hey, babe?" I Asked her.

"Yeah?" She asked as she took a sip of champagne.

"There's something i need to ask you," I Said.

"Go ahead," She smiled.

I Got up and reached into my back pocket and i was about to lean down on one knee, but right as i grabbed the box and was taking it out of my pocket, Kat's phone rang.

"Um...i'm gonna go take this real quick," She said, standing up and taking her call. I Sighed. I'm gonna kill whoever's calling her with my bare hands.

"Hey Krissie!" She said answering her phone. She went from a smile, to a look of concern.
 "Whoa....calm down...CALM DOWN...It'll be fine, Patrick and I will be right there."

Hold on, we'll what?

"Um...what?" I Asked. "Where are we going?"

"Cook County Jail," Kat said, starting to make her way up the stairs already. "Punk got arrested."

"He what!?" I Asked, following her.

"She says he got arrested for assault or something," Kat said, grabbing the car keys to the hummer.

"Wow, i know he's an asshole, but i never thought he'd purposely hurt a dude," I Shrugged, grabbing an umbrella as we headed outside to make the drive to the cook county jail. I'm hoping to just get this over with so i can go back and propose.

*Cook County Jail*

"What the hell happened!?" Kat asked, running into this room where Kristen was, looking like she was about to have a fucking heart attack.

"They just came up to our door and arrested him!" Kristen said, trying to hide her face. I Don't think she was crying, but i think she was about to.

"Seriously?" I Asked. "That's stupid."

"It was so sudden," Kristen said. "I Really don't get wha-"

Kristen was interrupted by the door opening and Phil walking in, looking entirely pissed off.

"Baby!" Kristen said, running up to him and embracing him. "What happened!?"

"They fucking took my hands and finger-printed me," Phil said, super pissed off. Then, his eyes caught me, and he looked more pissed off. Then he walked over to me, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to the corner. "Why did you bring her here?!" He asked, pointing at Kat.

"I Didn't bring her here, She brought me here," I Said.

"Look, you gotta get her out of here, NOW," Phil said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"I've known Kat longer then you, i know what's best for her, you GOT to get her out of here," He said.

"Again, Why?" I Asked.

"Because, you just do!" He yelled at me. "Look you don't know who pressed the charges and i do, you gotta get her out of here."

"Who pressed the charges?" I Asked.

"It was-" He began, but was interrupted by a cop opening the door.

"Mr. Brooks, the guy pressing charges would like to speak with you."

"Oh god no," Phil sighed.

Then, i couldn't believe who walked through the door- it was Ken, Kat's dad.

"Look, Phil, i didn't mean to-" Ken began walking in, but stopped when he saw me and smirked. "I didn't mean to press charges against you since you didn't hit me, but i knew that you knew the guy who punched me in the face and he's standing right next to you!"

I Wasn't worried about him pressing charges against me for punching him, i was worried for Kat. She recongized his voice mid-way through that, turned around, and when she saw him, she had the blankest look on her face.

"Dad?" She asked, looking at blankly. He turned his head and saw her, then rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Why the hell are you here?" He asked her.

"Phil got arrested that's why, me and my boyfriend bo-"

"BOYFRIEND? HIM?" He asked, pointing to me. "I Should have known, two idiots together. Perfect fit.

"You know him?" Kat asked, raising an eyebrow looking at me. I Looked down.

"Know him?" Ken asked. "He, Phil and some other guy came to my house in the bahamas and talked to me, then your little boyfriend punched me in the face! I'm here to arrest his ass." I Could feel Kat's eyes staring at me, but i couldn't look back. She bit her lip, then looked back at Ken.

"You're not gonna arrest my boyfriend," Kat said.

"Oh yeah?" Ken asked. "Why not?"

"Because, you put charges against him, i put charges against you," Kat said.

"Excuse me?" Ken asked.

"I Know something you don't," Kat said.

"Oh, what's that?" Ken asked, smirking and crossing his arms.

Kat walked over to him, then whispered something in his ear. As she whispered, that smirk slowly faded away to one pissed off face.

"You wouldn't even dare," Ken gritted through his teeth.

"Try me," Kat gritted through her teeth. I Could see her hand was already balled up into a fist by her side.

Then, Ken grabbed Kat by the throat and actually threw her up against a wall.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN!?" I Asked, quickly running over across the room as well as Phil did over by Ken to prevent him from putting his hands on Kat again. Kristen didn't know exactly what was going on, but she knew Kat well enough to know to go over by Kat and kind of just help her calm down.

"LISTEN," Ken yelled. "I'm your father and-"

"FATHER?" Kat yelled. "As far as i'm concerned you're just the guy who donated his sperm to make me, and even that was a mistake!"

"You're damn right it was a fucking mistake!" Ken yelled. His remarks toward Kat in the bahamas were one thing, but really seeing him say all this stuff to her face AND putting his hands on sickened me.

"What did you do? Sue the condom company!?" Kat yelled back.

"LOOK," Ken yelled. "Don't you DARE-"

"Don't you dare what? Tell you the truth!? It's not my fault no one else in this fucking world has the balls to tell you the truth except me," Kat shouted. "You're nothing but a fucking alcoholic with anger management problems who can't control them appropriately so you just Abuse the ones you said you loved countless times!"

"I Never loved you!" Ken yelled back.

"Whadya know! FINALLY Something we have in common!" Kat yelled back.

Ken tried to break away from our hold on him and just attack Kat, but me and Phil wouldn't let him go. This guy was trying to physically hurt his own Daughter. This man is just a fucking monster.

"Look, you're not pressing charges against Patrick for hitting you unless you want charges pressed against you as well," Kat said.

I Would just like to make a quick observation- last time she said Ken wasn't gonna press charges against her boyfriend, now she said Patrick. Just thought that was interesting.

"You're gonna press charges against me for child abuse!?" Ken yelled. "I Haven't hit you in YEARS! Who the hell do you think will believe you?"

"Well, not only did you just admit you hit me as a child in front of three people in a County Jail," Kat began. "I Have proof. Craig and Savannah saw what you did to me CONSTANTLY. It's called Eye-witnesses. And i have three more here. Now, exactly who the hell would believe you if you said you never hit me?" Ken was just FUMING now.

"THAT'S IT, I'M DONE," Ken yelled breaking free from our grasp and walking over to the door to leave, but stopped midway and  looked back to Kat.

"My life is so much better when you're not in it, so stay out of it, FOR GOOD," Ken yelled before leaving and slamming the door Shut.

Kat looked like she wanted to flip a bitch over and beat the shit out of them, but she managed to cool herself down. I Gulped, then walked over to her.

"Thank you SO Much," I Said to her.

"Don't talk to me," Kat said, immediately walking away, not making any eye-contact. She slammed the door shut as well and left.

"Okay, i'm still confused, what the hell was that all about?" Kristen asked.

"That, my girl," Phil said. "Was Kennedy. Kat's dead-beat dad."

"Dead-beat dad!?" Kristen asked, shocked.

"He's also known as my dad's former drinking buddy," Phil said.

"Kat never talks about him," Kristen shrugged.

"And now you know why," He said, specifically looking at me.

"Okay, i admit, this was all my fault," I Sighed.

"How was it his fault?" Kristen asked.

"That whole little trip to the bahamas was so he could ask Ken for Kat's hand in marriage, when he met him, he was shocked at what Ken was saying about Kat and he ended up knocking Ken out with a punch to the face," Phil said.

"Oh my god...this really IS YOUR FAULT!" Kristen said looking at me.

"I Know it is!" I Yelled, impatiently. "Look, i just gotta go fix things, drive me home? Kat had the keys," I Sighed.

"Take a cab," Phil said.

"I don't have any money," I said.

"Here's 20, should cover it," Kristen said, immediately grabbing a 20 from her pocket and throwing it in my face.

"There's not any cabs nearby though," I Said.

"You're Patrick fucking Kane, everyone in Chicago likes you, Hitchhike," Phil said as he and Kristen walked out.

I Sighed, walked outside. It was still pouring rain, and by the looks of it, no one in Chicago was outside driving. I Just started walking. Maybe someone will recongize me and get me home, the house is about an hour away walking distance from here...

*About One Hour Later, Kat&Pat's House*

I Learned something in the past hour- People in Chicago are very smart, so when Chicago's having one of the worst thunder-storms in history, they're gonna be smart and stay inside instead of out driving, and i think i just lost a pant size or two from all this walking. My only hope is that since it's been an hour, Kat's cooled down. I opened the door...And I realized Kat was the exact opposite of cooled down.

I Walked in and there was stuff EVERYWHERE, and i shortly realized it was my stuff. I Saw Kat at the top of the stairs, and she just threw down more stuff that was of course mine. I Caught a glimpse of her face, and she looked like she was crying and she also looked PISSED.

"Did i miss an earthquake or something while i was gone?" I Asked, grabbing one of my jackets i saw on the ground.

"GET OUT!" I Heard Kat yell upstairs.

"Can't we talk?" I Asked. Then, Kat came running downstairs and got up in my face.

"NOW YOU WANNA TALK? NOW?!" She shouted. "Not when you decided to go meet up with my dad!?"

"Calm down, Babe," I Said calmly.

"Don't tell me to calm down and don't call me babe because i'm not your fucking babe," She said as she started walking away. I Raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, really?" I Asked, following her into the kitchen. "Your ending a one year relationship just because i made a little mistake? That's bullshit Kat."

"Are you being serious right now!?" She yelled turning around.

"Am i being serious? Are YOU Being serious!?" I Yelled back.

"Do you even realize what you did!?" She screamed. "You just brought back a part of my life that took FOREVER For me to move past and you don't even have an OUNCE Of Sorry in you!?"

"Well it's hard to be sorry when your acting like a fucking Bitch!" I Yelled.

"UGH! I'M DONE WITH YOU PATRICK," Kat yelled walking away with tears streaming down her face now.

"Go ahead Walk away, but don't be surprised when i'm not coming after you!" I Yelled back as she walked out and slammed the door shut.

I Was so pissed off, so i jumped onto the counter and sat down, but i quickly got off when i realized i sat on something. I Reached into my back pocket, and realized it was the box with the ring in it that i sat on. That's when it all sinked in.

I Just lost the love of my life and probably the only girl who really loves me for me. She walked out and i didn't even try to stop her.

"You Stupid Boy," I Said to myself, before punching a wall.

I Was just so pissed off at myself now for letting Kat go. I Thought maybe she was still out there, so i ran across the kitchen and opened the door that lead to the car, and when i saw that the space where her Range Rover used to be was gone, that's when it really did sink in that i lost her. I Sighed, walked back in the house, punched the wall again and walked over to the fridge and opened it. I Saw a can of beer in their. I've drank Champagne and stuff like that of course for formal events, like a glass, but that's all. Kat kept me grounded and i haven't had a REAL Alcoholic drink in months.

"Looks like now's the perfect time to start again..." I Sighed, grabbing the beer bottle and opening up, then chugged it down. It killed me to do it, but i just really needed it now. I Really did.

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Nine // Better Off Alone / Part One

*Wednesday Morning, Patrick Sharp's house, Heather's POV*

"OW LET GO OF US," Adam and I shouted as Patrick Sharp was dragging downstairs to the basement.

"What the hell?" I Asked, looking around.

"Listen up you american idiots," He shouted. "It's been over a week since you got hitched and you haven't figured anything out or done anything about it, so now, your both gonna do something about it."

"Oh what's that?" I Asked, folding my arms.

"You're both staying in Adam's room until you figure something out," He said. I Raised an eyebrow and looked at Adam.

"This is your room?" I Asked.

"Only until i go back to my place in Dallas," He shrugged.

"Let me know when you figure something out," Sharpie said. "I Gotta head over to Kaner's and help him out with Tazer and Sarah, i should be back in a couple hours, by then, FIGURE SOMETHING OUT," He yelled before running upstairs and slamming the door shut. I Sighed and flopped on his bed with my eyes shut.

"What the hell are we going to d-" I Began, but then i opened my eyes and stopped. "Why is there a picture of me in playboy up on the ceiling."

"I look at it sometimes when i'm bored and stuff," Adam shrugged. I Rolled my eyes.

"How come it's the one i did covered in all chains and other accessories and stuff and not one of the fully nude ones?" I Asked.

"You act as if i'm a pig," Adam said.

"Aren't you?" I Asked sarcastically.

"Well if you must know," Adam said. "Not that your other parts aren't attractive or fun to look at, but i personally thought that was the best one in the issue."

"Really? I Thought it was the worst one," I Said.

"None of them were bad, but i just really liked this one the most, really brings out those beautiful eyes," Adam smiled at me.

I Looked at him, and saw right through him- he was actually being real. I Couldn't help but smile back. When i first met him, i got the impression he was just a pig basically, but uh, now that we're married...I'm really seeing a different side to him, and i think i'm actually starting to like him.

*Later that day, Pat Kane's POV*

"Alright Duncs and Corey are running around Chicago getting stuff ready, and Patrick and Jon are back at the house in your basement," Sarah said as we pulled into a cementary.

"Alright, good, thank you SO Much for doing this," I Said.

"You should be kissing my ass," Sarah said. "I Had to call Kat's brother to figure out where her mom was buried."

"Didn't you say you were at her mom's funeral though?" I Asked.

"What? I Wasn't at the funeral, her mom HATED me," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Easy, there was an incident involving me, a hockey stick and her favorite lamp in mine and Kat's freshman year," Sarah said.

"Say no more," I Said.

"I Wasn't planning on it," Sarah said.

Before i propose to Kat later tonight, i have one more thing to do. I tried to ask her dad about her hand in marriage, that didn't work out well, obviously. So, i decided to go to Kat's mom, who was dead, so clearly nothing bad could happen, and even if for some reason her mom didn't like me, it's not like she could actually tell me. She can't do anything but listen to me talk all the way up in heaven. Perfect idea, i know. Sarah pulled up to one grave- "Rosa Mary Garcia".

"I Know her mom's name was Rosa since Ken told me when i saw him, but that's not Kat's last name," I Said to Sarah.

"If you were really paying attention to Ken," Sarah said. "He probably mentioned he and Rosa never got married,so her last name never was Dawson."

"Wait," I Said. "So, doesn't that mean technically Kat's last name is Garcia?"

"I Don't know," Sarah rolled her eyes. "But she's been Kat Dawson ever since i met her."

"Whatever," I Rolled my eyes. Then, i got out of the car and walked over to the grave, then kind of just got down on my knees, but then i noticed Sarah got out of the car too- with an umbrella.

"Sarah," I Began.

"What?" She asked,opening up her umbrella.

"It's Sunny and 75," I Said. "Why do you have an umbrella."

"You know," Sarah said. "Just in case Rosa strikes me with lightning."

"Yeah, like an umbrella's gonna protect you from lightning," I Said sarcastically.

"Just do your thing so we can get the hell out of here and back to the house," Sarah said.

I Rolled my eyes away from her, and just looked at the grave.

"You can't say anything, but hopefully you can hear me from up in heaven," I Said. "My name's Patrick Kane, and i'm inlove with your youngest daughter, Katrina. Since the day i met her, she's brightened up my whole world, and there's nothing more i could fear then waking up one day and her not being in my life anymore. I Love your daughter more then life it's self, and i would NEVER do anything to intentionally hurt her, EVER. I tried going to her father and asking for his blessing, didn't go as planned, so now, i'm kind of asking for yours. It's not like you can say anything, but, i just want you to know i'm gonna ask for your daughters hand in marriage tonight," I Said to the grave. I Heard clapping behind, and i turned around and saw Sarah.

"That's nice, Love," She said. "Let's leave now." I Smirked.

"If you give me your blessing to marry your daughter, strike Sarah with lightning," I Smirked.

"HEY," Sarah yelled at me, starting to freak out and running back in the car. I Laughed.

"I Crack myself up," I Laughed. Then i looked back at the grave. "Your daughter completes me, i can't imagine life with her, and tonight, i will propose, i will...." I Smiled, then i got up and headed back into the car and drove home with Sarah.

*5:55pm, Chicago O'Hare, Kat's POV*

My flight from San Jose just landed in Chicago.It felt SO Good to be back home. I Haven't been away from Chicago this long for such a long time, so it felt weird. Patrick said he was picking me up and taking me home, but i didn't see him, at all. I Heard my phone vibrating in my pants, and it was a text message.

"I Know i said i was picking you up, but stuff came up, and i'm at the Icehouse practicing with some of the guys who are here in Chicago, just take a cab to the icehouse and i'll take ya home ;)xoxo"

Oh Patrick...

I Rolled my eyes after reading that, then grabbed my bags and went outside, then whistled for a cab.

"Where to?" He asked.

"Johnny's Icehouse," I Said.

It was about a 20 minute ride down to the Icehouse. I Got out of the cab and walked into the icehouse and only saw Duncan Keith on the ice with the puck, just practicing his shooting i guess. Patrick's probably in the locker room area in here. I headed into the locker, still no Patrick, just Corey.

"Looking for Kaner?" He asked.

"Yeah, have you seen him?" I asked.

"Earlier today, but he's not here," Corey said.

"But he just-"

"He left me this and told me to give it to you," Corey said.

Then, he handed me a red rose with a note attached to it. I took off the note then read it.

Congrats! You found the first clue to the scavenger hunt! Clue number one is where our first kiss was back in September. To find number 2, Go to #2.

"Good luck," Corey winked, before leaving.

"Scavenger hunt?" I said to myself. "What the hell is this boy doing..."

I Went out of the locker room and by the ice area, and saw Duncan standing right at center ice, with a smile on his face, just looking at me, and i also saw a red rose with a note attached to it taped on his stick. Duncan skated over to me, and handed me the rose and the note.

"Your little boyfriend left this," He said, handing it to me.

"Thanks," I Said, taking it from him. When i took it, i also noticed there was something else attached to it- car keys.  

You'll need these for the rest of the clues.

I Was confused, but whatever. I Walked out of the icehouse out the back entrance, and i saw Kaner's HUMMER. He never takes the hummer out unless it was important, and he NEVER let's me drive it. This is just so weird. Oh, and what do i see as well? A Red rose and a note attached taped to the window. I Grabbed it, then read it.  

Go to your favorite coffee shop. Trust me, you'll need a little energizer.

Oh Joy, starbucks. At least now i have a valid excuse to go there. I Hopped in his hummer, then drove to the local starbucks and walked in.

"One medium Caramel Frappicino," I Told the girl behind the counter.

"Coming right up!" She said as she started to make it. "Are you Patrick Kane's girlfriend?"

"Um, yeah," I Said.

"Alright, he came buy earlier and said you'd get this, so he already paid it for you," She said, handing me my frap. "And he said to also give you this," She said, handing me yet ANOTHER red rose with a note attached.  

We kind of had our first date here, despite not making it past the entrance, but still.

I Got back into the hummer, but before taking off, i had to think. I Honestly can't remember our exact first date. The only thing i remember is going to a carnival back in Buffalo, but Because of Justin, Patrick never exactly got in. Maybe that's what he means....But the only carnival type thing here would probably be the Navy Pier because of the Ferris Wheel, that's the only thing that comes to mind.

"Worth a shot," I Shrugged, and i turned the Hummer back on and just drove to the Navy Pier. I Parked up at the edge, got out and just took a step or two in, and there was this B96 truck probably broadcasting live here, and when one of the guys saw me, he stopped me.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Um...Kat," I Said. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked.

"Uh...yeah, his name's Patrick," I Shrugged.

"Alright, he left this for you," He said, handing me yet another red rose with a note attached.  

5th Clue. 5+5=10

"Sharpie's House," I Immediately said, running back to the car.

I Made what seemed like the longest car ride ever to Patrick and Sarah's house. When i FINALLY got there, i ran out of the car without even turning it off, ran through their lawn and just started knocking on the door, but stopped when Sharpie opened it with a Red Rose and note attached to it in hand, smirking.

"May i help you,Kat?" He asked.

"Gimme that," I Said, snatching the rose and note away from him.

"Well your welcome," Sharpie said, rolling his eyes, then shutting the door. 

We became official here during Movie night after that rainy night.

His old 6-piece furniture apartment! That was just about 10 minutes away. I hopped back into the hummer and headed back to that old apartment building, then when i got there i hopped out and ran in and was about to head into an elevator, but i was stopped by our old building manager.

"Mrs. Kane!" He said, stopping me. I Never did correct him on that, no point in doing it now.

 "Hey!" I Smiled, turning around.

 "Patrick stopped by earlier and said you'd be here, and he told me to hand you this," He said, handing me, of course, a red rose and a note attached to it.  

Since your in the neighborhood, why not go around the corner?

I Headed back outside, it was POURING Rain. I Just ran over by the corner and i saw a man there, with some puppies.

"Would you like to see one of my puppies?" He asked, handing me one that looked awfully familiar.

"Aww!" I Said, smiling while holding it. I was trying to figure out who this reminded me of while doing so.

"I'm gonna guess your Kat, and i'm supposed to give this to you," He said, taking back the puppy and handing me another red rose with a note attached to it.

Who doesn't love puppies? Doesn't one of your friends have a puppy or two like this? 

"ACE!" I Yelled out loud, running back to the hummer.

That puppy looked JUST like Ace, one of Kristen and Punk's dogs. I'm guessing that the next clue is at their house. They were only a block away, so i went back to my house first and parked the Hummer, grabbed all 8 of my roses and notes so far, then i ran down the block to Kristen and Punk's house.

I Was gonna go inside and see if they had it, but i saw it was taped to their door, so i grabbed the rose and read the note attached to it.  

Since you're in the neighborhood, might as well go back home now, right? 

After reading that, i took my now nine red roses and notes and ran back home and ran through the door, and looked around. 

"Patrick!" I Yelled. No response.

I Took off my shoes on the rug by the door, then started walking, i was gonna head upstairs and just lay down, but then i saw yet ANOTHER red rose and note- this time, on the wall, and under it, there was an arrow, pointing to the direction of the kitchen. I Grabbed the rose and read the note.

Keep walking... 

I Did as the note said and started walking toward the kitchen, where i saw yet ANOTHER red rose and note right on the door that led to the basement. 

Just a couple more downward steps :) 

I Opened the basement door, it was pretty dark so i took a couple slow steps, holding onto the railing. When i reached the bottom, i saw a 12th red rose and note on the wall to the right. I Sighed, then grabbed it and read the note.

Turn Around, Love.

I Turned around, and i just gasped. I Saw a table with two candles on it, with two plates with steak on it. I Also saw two wine glasses, and a bottle of champagne in the middle. Then i saw Patrick in this white v-neck shirt with old worn out jeans. He had a smile on his face, and one more red rose in his hand, no note.

"You put all this together?" I Smiled, walking up to him.

"Yep," He smiled. "I Had some help setting it up, but this whole idea was mine. And this is for you," He said, handing me a plastic red rose.

"All the other roses were real, this is Plastic..." I Said, a little confused.

"It's also the last one i gave to you," He said, before putting the roses down and taking my hands in his hands. "I'll always love you until the last one dies."   

After he said that, i just smiled, then we kissed. He then broke apart, grabbed the bottle of Champagne, then poured some in both of our glasses.

"The best bottle of Champagne is Chicago," He smiled. I Smiled back.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Why what?" He asked.

"We never do anything like this, why now?" I Asked. 

"I Don't know...maybe it's a thank you for dealing with my family this week, or as a congratulations for how everythings going in WWE..." Patrick began. "Or because i just love you and felt like it."

"Well," I Said, before smiling. "I Like it."

"Good," He said. "Come one, let's eat," He smiled.

He pulled out my chair for me to sit down, then pushed me back in, then went over to the other side and sat down in his chair as well. We just smiled back at eachother and began talking and eating what he made for us.

*Kristen and Phil's house, around 8pm No POV*

"PHIL!" Kristen yelled, coming back in the house from out back. "The fucking swingset just tipped over and the pools over-flowing."

"Seriously?" Phil asked her, while on the floor playing with one of the dogs. "I already had to bring my bike in, i'm not bringing anymore shit in."

"This is probably the worst thunder-storm i've seen since i've been in Chicago," Kristen said, grabbing two diet Pepsi's from the fridge.

"I Swear the powers gonna go off any minute," Phil rolled his eyes.

"Probably will," Kristen said, handing him a diet pepsi and she was about to sit down, but the doorbell rang. The dogs all started barking as the bell started ringing.

"Shut the fuck up," Phil said, rolling over on his back as their dog Ace jumped on top of him and started licking his face and Kristen laughed.

"I'll go get it," She smiled.

Kristen jumped over her husbands body, then walked over and opened the door and saw two police officers standing there.

"Um, can i help you?" She asked.
"We're looking for a Mr. Philip Jack Brooks," Officer number one said.

"Um...okay..." Kristen said, a little confused. She turned around and looked at her husband. "It's for you, babe," She said, walking back over to the couch and sitting down. Phil got the dog off of him, got up and walked over to the door.

"Are you Philip Jack Brooks," The other officer asked.

"Yeah, why?" Phil asked.

Then, one of the officers grabbed him and turned him around, then threw some handcuffs on him.

"You're under arrest," He said.

"WHAT!?" Kristen said from across the room.

"For what?!" Phil yelled.

"Assault and battery charges," The officer said, taking Phil out and rushing him outside in the pouring rain to the cop car. Kristen ran over to the door by the other cop who calmed her down.

"Ma'am, please do not freak out," The officer said. "The man who pressed the charges is at the jail and we hope to get everything worked out as soon as can be."
"Just...who pressed the charges!?" Kristen asked. The cop looked at a sheet of paper.

"It says here someone by the name of Kennedy Dawson."

To Be Continued....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Eight // Looking Ahead, Can't tell where it ends.

*Saturday, 10am, Buffalo, NY*

"I still can't believe you were trapped in mid-air with the Stanley Cup," I laughed as me and Patrick headed downstairs.

"Either can i..." Patrick said, un-easy.

Boo. It's saturday, and me and Patrick are leaving Buffalo. He's going back to Chicago, and i have a flight to LA for Summerfest...or is it Summerslam? I don't even know. These past couple of days with Patrick's family have been SO Amazing, and i don't wanna leave, i really don't, but i have to. I At least had fun, especially yesterday. It was Patrick's day with the cup, and it was AMAZING. Donna got amazing pictures of Patrick and Stanley, and of me and Patrick that she said she'd send me ASAP.

"Well, you two might wanna head off to the airport now," Pat Sr. said.

"You're gonna text me once you land in LA, right?" Erica asked me. Me and her ended up becoming pretty good friends.

"Of course," I Smiled.

"Oh Pat, and Kat, i'll miss you too," Donna said. "Be good in Chicago."

"Oh," Patrick began with a smirk on his face. "Not a chance in-" He stopped after seeing the stern look on Donna's face. "Yes Mommy." I just laughed.

"You guys were SO Amazing, thank you so much," I Smiled at them.

"Anytime, you and Patrick seem like a perfect fit, so you're fine with us," Jessica smiled as i hugged her. Then, Jackie out of all the people here hugged me.

"Sorry i was a bitch for a couple days," She whispered.

"Eh, don't worry about it," I Smiled, she smiled back.

"Alright, we gotta go," Patrick said.

"WAIT!" Jackie said.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"Uh, you know, could you give a message to Jonathan Toews that i'm single?" Jackie winked.

"Okay yeah we really gotta go right now," Patrick said, rushing me out of the house as i was laughing.

"Everyone loves Tazer," I laughed.

"Including my sisters," Patrick rolled his eyes.

"Would you blame them?" I Stuck my tongue out as we got into the cab.

The cab took us to the airport, me and Patrick said our goodbyes and we went our seperate ways- him back to Chicago, me to LA.

*The Next Day, LA, CA, Staples Center, 4pm*

"I really don't like the ending," I Rolled my eyes, coming out of Jim Ross's office with Michelle.

"Well that what JR likes, so we're going with it, got that?" Michelle said in a bossy tone.

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes.

"You're such a bitch," Michelle rolled her eyes before walking away.

"I Think you're getting confused again, honey," I Yelled as she walked. I Rolled my eyes again, then headed down to Catering where i saw Jenny, eyeballing the tomatos. I Just stood next to her, and eyeballed them with her. "Why are we eyeballing tomatos."

"Honestly, i don't know," Jenny shrugged. I shrugged too, and started walking away. "KAT! Hold up," She stopped me.

"What?" I Asked.

"Has Cody talked to know, about me Lately?" She asked.

"I Don't know, why?" I Asked.

"Just wondering," Jenny said as John walked up.

 "There's my little sister and the maid of honor of my wedding and one of the bridesmaids!" John smiled.

"SHIT, i almost forgot you and Nikie were getting married in about two weeks!" I Said.

"September 3rd, 3pm at my moms favorite church, with the reception at our favorite hotel," John said. "Nikie's freaking out, she's just getting the invitations out, we still haven't picked a cake, tuxes and bridesmaid dresses or anything like that, so she decided to stay in Boston and work on that stuff."

"If it wasn't for Cody's match, i'd be up there helping her, you know, since i'm her future sister-in-law, and maid of honor," Jenny said.

"She needs all the help she can get now," John said, grabbing a water. "She's so stressed, i've been trying to help her, whether it was making her favorite dinner, or making love to her, nothing working, at all, and last night, she wasn't feeling too good either."

"Wow," I Said. "I didn't know weddings were that stressful."

"Either did i," John rolled his eyes as he started walking away.

"Glad he's excited about marrying the girl of his dreams," Jenny said sarcastically.

"I Know right," I Laughed as we were walking to the locker room area.

We were walking to the Women's Locker room, but we stopped after we saw two people walk up.

"Um...what?" I Asked, looking at Heather and...Adam?

"We kinda need to talk..." Heather said.

"About why big mouth over there is with you?" Jenny said, pointing to Adam.

"Aren't you that one dating the ugly duckling?" Adam said, pointing to Jenny. Jenny was furious after that comment and tried to attack him, but i caught her.

"You might wanna go," I Told her. She just looked down at Adam, then rolled her eyes and left.

"So...whatsup?" I Asked.

"You know how last week was your birthday?" Heather asked.

"Of course i do," I Said, fiddling around with my wristband.

"Well...after you uh...well, Heather got kicked out," Adam said. "Stuff happened..."

"You both got kicked out?" I Asked.

"Oh... a lot worse..." Heather sighed.

"Well what happened?" I Asked.

"We uh...we...." Heather began.

"We got drunk...and uh...we kind of got married," Adam said.

I Instantly stopped fiddling with my wristband and just looked at them.

"How pregnant is she?" I Asked.

"She's not pregnant at all," Adam said.

"Oh...well in that case," I Said, before running up to Adam and tackling him up against a wall. "WHY DID YOU GET HITCHED TO MY BEST FRIEND!?"

"MAYBE IF YOU GOT OFF OF ME I WOULD," Adam yelled. I let go of him and he went back over to Heather.

"We were in the casino, drinking, won some money playing, and from there, everything's a blank," Heather shrugged.

"Just...the other day, You wouldn't give Adam the time of day!" I Yelled at Heather. "Why him?"

"Well i'm a very-" Adam began.

"Shut up Adam," I Said. He rolled his eyes.

"Like i said, we were drinking, i don't know why i got hitched to him," Heather shrugged.

"Well, when are you getting divorced?" I Asked.

"Divorced? They asked.

"Yeah, haven't you talked to a lawyer yet?" I Asked.

"Well...not yet," Adam said.

"You might wanna talk to one soon," I Said as i walked away over by the staging Area.

Stephanie had managed to get Cee-Lo Green to perform at Summerslam, and not only was he practicing right now, he picked Kristen and Jamila to be onstage with him along with some other divas during "Forget You". Punk just came out from the staging area, kind of dancing, and singing a little.

"I Guess the change in my pocket, wasn't enough, i'm like, forget you, whoo-ho-hoo!" He sang as he got backstage.

"Sing it, white boy," I Said as he walked by. He rolled his eyes.

"I don't see you're red dress, Kat," He said.

"Cause i'm not dancing with Cee-Lo, purely because i actually have a match," I Said.

"Well the girls in the red dresses look HOT," Punk said, as Kristen and Jamila walked by. "Especially this one," He smirked, pulling Kristen closer to him.

"You like?" She smirked, as they put their arms around each other.

"I Love," Punk smirked, biting on her lip. "You are keeping it, right?"

"Of course," She said, before biting his lip.

"Oh good lord," Jamila said. "I'm gonna go puke."

"You go do that," Punk said, not paying attention to her at all.

"Dumbass," Jamila said. "Cee-Lo thought i was the hottest girl up there."

"He's clearly blind," Punk said, still looking at Kristen and her red dress. I Went over by Jamila and put my arm around her.

"Don't mind him, Love," I Said. "I think you look rather dashing."

"Wow Kat, coming from you," She said. "That means absolutely nothing."

Then, Kathryn came down from the staging area in her red dress.

"Looky here, guys," I Said, smirking at Kathryn. "Goes from a championship match, to just being another person in the locker room..." Kathryn turned around, then rolled her eyes at me.

"For your information, i requested to dance with Cee-Lo," She said.

"Why? So you could be on Pay-Per view? You know, it's not like you have a match or anything," I Said.

"I happen to be a very big Cee-Lo Green fan, actually," Kathryn said.

"Oh no your not," I Said. "We all know that everyone dancing with Cee-Lo are the diva rejects who aren't good enough to be seen on Pay-Per View."

"HEY," Jamila and Kristen shouted behind me.

"Oh be quiet you two," I Shouted back, before focusing back on Kathryn. "I just find it amazing one week you have one of the big matches on pay-per view, then you're just completely out of the eye of creative."

"Har Har Har," Kathryn marked. "But don't worry, Kat-"

"Don't call me Kat," I Gritted through my teeth.

"Oh, i'm sorry, But don't worry KATRINA," She said, using my full name instead. I Just rolled her eyes, I'm done telling her to just call me by my stage name. "Soon, the memory of Kasey Angel will slowly start to fade away in the mind of Creative, and Kasey Angel will become nothing but history."

"You know, with all the history i'm already making, it's bound to happen eventually," I Said.

 From there, we got into this long stare-off, before she just left.

"I'm gonna go get ready for my match tonight..." I Mumbled before leaving and heading to the locker room area and running into Michelle.

"Kat!" She said, before sighing. "Look,We're roomies, and we're also doing a program together. I'm tired of all this fighting, it's horrible. So, i wanna get like, like a new start off the right foot. So, tomorrow before we head to San Jose for the tapings, Manni-Peddi? All on me?"

"Um..." I Began.

"Come on Kat," Michelle said. "This program's gonna last for about a couple months, we should at least not hate each other. Besides, i've caused most of the drama. It's all on me. Please?" I Sighed.

"Sure, fine," I Said.

"Great!" Michelle smiled. "Come on, let's go warm up before our match," Michelle Smiled as her and i started walking to the locker room to warm up.

*Later that night during Summerslam, Chicago, IL, Pat Kanes POV*

"Oh Kasey Angel with the suplex off the top rope to Michelle McCool!  She's done," One of those wrestling commentators said as Kat hit a move on her opponent.

"Why is she going for the pin?" Sarah asked. "No, the Suplex isn't gonna keep Michelle down for the three count, get your ass up on the top rope and hit your finisher!" She yelled at the tv.

"Kat's probably just gonna go take her titles and just walk out," Sharpie said.

"Jamila and I were texting earlier and we both agreed the match would end in a DQ with Kat retaining," Corey said.

"I Have no idea what's going on," Jonathan said.

Sarah ordered Summerslam, that Pay-Per View Kat has in LA tonight and Her and Sharpie decided to order in pizza and invite some guys over- Me and Corey because we both have girlfriends in WWE, and Jonathan because like i said, he's been in Chicago a lot lately because of this girl, so why not. Even though it was Kat's match, and she was kicking ass, i had a hard time paying attention despite looking right at the flat screen, because i had other things on my mind.

"Someone's really focused on his girl's match," Sharpie laughed.

"I'm focused on something involving my girl, but not her match," I Said.

"What?" Corey asked.

"Hold on," I Said, as i paid attention to the match.

Kat just hit a move from the top rope, went for a pin and got it and won the match.

"Alright, here's what's going on," I Said as Sarah grabbed the remote and muted the tv. "I think i'm ready." They all just then looked at me.

"For....?" Corey asked.

"To do this," I Said.

Then, i reached into my back pocket and pulled out a box, then opened it and showed them the ring i got for Kat a while ago.

"Wait...what's that?" Sarah asked, looking at it.

"What's it look like?" I Asked.

"Is that really an engagement ring?" She asked.

"Yep," I Said.

"You're finally proposing?" Corey asked.

"It's been over a month since you got it for her," Jonathan said.

"He tried to propose one time, but being him he screwed it up," Sharpie said.

"How?" Corey smirked.

"He took us out to the bahamas and me and him agreed we'd both propose, and well, he got involved into Kat's past and met up with her dad and ended up knocking him out," Sharpie said.

"Ouch," Jonathan said.

"Wait," Sarah said. "THAT'S why we went to the bahamas?"

"Yeah basically," I Said. She looked at me sternly.

"Didn't i tell you NOT to deal with Kennedy because it'd just come back to bite you in the ass?" Sarah said.

"Yeah but i did, and nothing happened," I Said. "He doesn't even know my name, NOTHING'S happened and nothing WILL happen. Anyway, i already have it all planned out on how i'll propose, and i need your guy's help."

"Lay it on us," Jonathan said.

I Told them my huge master plan to propose.

"I REALLY need you guys to help me," I Said.

"Of course we'll help," Jonathan said.

"And i here some of the other Hawks are in Chicago, slowly transitioning," Corey said. "I Know Duncan is for sure, and i think Brent's coming back too."

"Great," I Said. "The more help the better."

"Honestly, I'm gonna kill Kat if she says no after what you do," Sarah said.

"I'm glad you feel that way," I Said. "Because i REALLY need your help with this the most."

"You do?" She asked.

"Yeah, really," I Said.

Sarah just buried her face into her hands, then sighed and looked at me.

"Whatever it takes, i guess," She said. I Just smiled.

"Monday and Tuesday she'll be in California but she leaves Wednesday Morning, and she should get back a little before six, so we need everything done by then," I Said.

"It's a big task, no doubt," Sharpie said. "But i have a feeling we can pull it off."

"Yeah," I Smirked. "Me too."

To be Continued

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Seven // Those Krazy Kanes

*Kinda long, i know. I Go back to school next month and i still have a couple chapters i wanna get up before then, so yeah. And i didn't include Patrick's day with the cup, because really, it would have been a short part, so i'll just like summarize it in the next chapter or something. Anyway, Enjoooy*

*Sunday, Las Vegas, NV, Heather's POV*

Adam and i were still standing across the room from eachother. Me in a white dress and a wedding ring and veil. Him in only his boxers, but wearing a bow-tie around his neck, and a wedding ring as well. We just kept looking at each other. Both bug-eyed, and speechless. Then, there was a hard knock on the door.

"Adam, it's me and Sarah, you decent?" Patrick Sharp asked.

"We got a flight back to Chicago, hurry up!" Sarah yelled.

"Oh, and one of Kat's friends is looking for one of Kat's other friends, Heather or something," Patrick said. "You seen her?"

Adam stood there in his boxers, breathless and soaking in what they said, as was i.

"What do we tell them!?" I whispered. He gulped.

"Uh, i just woke up so i'm not exactly ready yet, but uh, Heather..." Adam said. "Yeah, she's in here."

Adam then walked over to the door, and opened it for Patrick and Sarah, and Sarah was about to say something, but she stopped when she saw me in the background. Both Patrick and Sarah had big eyes.

"Uh..." Sarah began. " looks like you two had fun last night..."

"We had fun alright," Adam said, not smirking, but bug-eyed, and uneasy.

"So..." Patrick began, before a slight little laugh. "Now that we're all together...all you can eat breakfast down the street?"

"Before we detour Las Vegas....there's something we need to undo," Adam said. Sarah then noticed me and what i was wearing.

"Is that a veil?" She asked, pointing at me. I Just slowly nodded my head. "Oh good god...did you two get married last night?"

"Like i said..." Adam said. "Before we leave Las Vegas, we need to undo something...."

*Two Days later, Tuesday morning, South Buffalo, NY, 3pm, Kats POV*

"Alright, now who's this?" Patrick asked me in our cab, showing me a picture of one of his sisters.

"It's Erica," I Said. "You've already showed me pictures of all your family members," I Rolled my eyes.

"I Just wanna make sure you know who's who," He said.

"James is your cousin who looks like you, just taller and sexier-"

"HEY," He yelled.

"Kidding!" I Said. "Erica is the blonde, Jessica has the darkest hair color, Jackie's the youngest one and it should be easy to figure out who she is, and i'm pretty sure i'll be able to tell your parents apart."

"Again, just making sure," Patrick said to me.

Then, the cab came to a stop in front of the arena Smackdown would be taking place at tonight.

"Looks like this is my stop," I Said.

"I'll see you in a couple hours with my family," Patrick said before he kissed me.

"Bye," I Said, as i got out of the car and headed into the arena.


"You know, that's actually pretty good," Kristen said to me before popping in a piece of candy into her mouth.

"I Know it is, i spent the whole plane ride here working on it," I Said, looking over my promo for tonight that i wrote all by myself.

"It took you all the way from Chicago to Buffalo to write that?" She asked, getting up from the crate she was sitting on. "Damn, your really loosing that creative touch you used to have."

"Am not," I Said.

"Yeah, you are," She said.

"Says someone who isn't at all creative," I Said.

"Now, either you take that back or this is gonna end up like the conversation of me not being fun," She said.

"Ugh, I hate you," I Said to her.

"Yeah sure you do," She said as we got to the locker room, then Maryse tossed something at me.

"Oh how i missed the locker room," Kristen laughed at the site of Maryse throwing papers at me, then she went to her stall.

"Um, can i help you?" I Asked Maryse, looking at the papers.

"I Heard you almost got raped by a stalker last weekend, no?" She said, flipping her hair.

"Um, yeah?" I Said, still looking at the papers.

"Well i just got a restraining order against my stalker, you might wanna do the same," She said. "Just a tip."

"Um, thanks?" I Asked. "But not now, i have more concerns."

"Like?" Maryse said.

"No concerns that are any of your business," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"You know, you probably should consider a restraining order against him," Kristen said.

"I Don't even know his name," I Said.

"Yeah, but you know what he looks like, Police have those sketch artists that can draw them, and they could probably identify him," Kristen said, getting into her attire.

"I don't like being around cops though," I Said. I Was cutting a promo, so i didn't have to get into my attire.

"Weren't you in training to become a cop though until you dropped out?"

"Why you think i dropped out?"



We head about an hour until show now and people were coming in the arena. I changed my promo a little, because Patrick and his parents and his three sisters are in the audience tonight and Patrick's introducing them to Kasey Angel before Kat, not the brightest idea, so i'm just trying to make the nicest impression i can.

*45 Minutes into the Smackdown tapings*

I Went over my promo one last time, i had it finally memorized from the top of my head. I had on some DC High-tops, skinny jeans, a light pink plaid shirt, and i also added on some Sun-glasses, to give me the perfect touch. A While ago, When the NXT tapings started, Patrick texted me that he and his family were in the crowd around section 115, row K. Cody just came backstage from a match and just took his mask off.

"I Get hot wearing that," He said.

"And your girlfriend thinks you look like an ugly duckling with that on," I Commented, walking up the steps of the gorilla position, waiting for my music for a moment, then it hit.

I Instantly ran out of the curtain and onto the ramp, and just stood there, observing the Buffalo crowd. They all just booed me, but i really didn't give two shits. I Then walked down the ramp and up the steel steps, went into the ring through the bottom rope, just walked around for a while, before being handed a mic at ringside, then i sat on the top rope in one of the corners. Is it ironic it the corner that would have my back turned to Patrick's family? Anyway, the music stopped and the lights dimmed, and i begun. 

“Last week, Me and Michelle McCool had a tag team match against the team of Alicia Fox and Tamina. In that match, I did AMAZING, clearly, and I was about to finish the match until Michelle decided to tag herself in and try to get the job done. For the past two episodes of this show, I’ve gotten the job done but before I can actually do shit about it, Michelle feels the need to get her Blonde Bimbo ass in the picture and try to get the job done. BUT No, she doesn’t get the job done and screws it up for herself AND for me. Michelle, do you know who I am? DO YOU? I’m Kasey Angel. I am the best god damn WRESTLER…yeah, I said the ‘W’ Word, I Am the best god damn wrestler not only in this little business, but In ALL Of Women’s Wrestling, and you best believe that, Brother.” I Paused, smirking slightly. 

“I’m also the Undisputed Women’s Champion of the world. I’m also the Best Women’s Wrestler in the world. I Can’t have you coming out here and making me look bad. Now, making me look bad is super hard to do, but lately, you’ve been making it look EASY." I Said, then i paused again. "You know, after I beat Kathryn in my hometown of Chicago at Money In The Bank, I wasn’t there on Smackdown after that because I had the night off after a hellacious match against her, but you, Oh Michelle…You were there. And you went out to the ring, you complimented me, you told me everything about me that I already know, and you asked me to be your new tag team partner, because simply, Layla can’t get the job done. That night, I was sitting in bed, icing my back that I highly messed up during my match, and I saw your little offer, and I decided, ‘What the hell, why not?’

Michelle, that was without a doubt the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.

You asked me to team with you because I was better then Layla and you know it! But see, now, your nothing more than the person you can’t stand! YOUR LAYLA! I’m getting the job done and your just ruining it! That’s why after we lost to a team like a bunch of no ones like Tamina and Alicia whatever, that’s why I lost it. That’s why I unleashed all my hidden anger on you. That’s why I showed a new side to Kasey Angel that no one has ever seen before. Since then, everyone’s been talking about me and what I did, saying I have Anger Management issues since I erupted after two little losses, but see, I’m sure all of you people have heard of something called Dirtsheets, that’s the reason why the ratings for this show are so damn low comparing to RAW’s, Not because Teddy Long can’t run his own show, but because you people can’t keep your damn mouths shuts and run around to all these sites and telling them what happens here at the tapings!” I Yelled, then smirked, then continued talking.

“If you keep up with them, you’d know for the past two weeks during Smackdown Houseshows, she’s also ruined my moment in the spotlight and screwed everything up for me. That’s nearly 10+ matches she’s ruined for me because her head’s so far up her ass she can’t realize she’s no good and NOTHING compared to Kasey Angel. Everyone has a breaking point, and It takes A LOT for me to reach mine, but boy, she pushed me long enough, and I reached it. I’ve dealt with Hunter over on RAW, I’ve dealt with Maxine, those two were complete Pansy Asses. I’ve dealt with Kathryn Prince. She’s a real bitch, but she never pissed me off enough to make me reach my breaking point. Michelle, TWO WEEKS WITH YOU, you made me reach it.” Then, I paused and took off my sunglasses.

“For the past two years, I’ve came out to this ring in front of all you ungrateful people and I have given you all a show you will never forget simply because I can. I’ve gotten you talking about this, I’ve made Believers out of every single one of you. After two years, you think you know person. You people think you know me. Well guess what, I’m not an open book, you can’t just look at me and think you know who I am. You people will NEVER know me, EVER. From now on, I’m done playing it safe. I’m done trying to be some Super Hero. Besides, you guys already have John Cena and Randy Orton to act like your super-heros. From now on, You’ll see the new, different side of me that no one has EVER Seen. I’m an Avenged Angel on the hunt, and I won’t stop until I get exactly what I want, And McCool, I know right now, your at your home in Florida, letting your little Deadman take care of you, and I know your watching this right now, And you know what I want? YOU. Hear me now, because I will not repeat myself. I am DONE being a little puppet to all of you Assclowns. I am DONE catering to you guys, and I am DONE trying to be like John Cena and Randy Orton, trying to always please you disgusting people. For now on, Kasey Angel will no longer cater to the WWE Universe.”

Then, I throw my mic outside the ring to the ground, and my music started playing throughout the arena as I was booed. I got up and I was about to get out of the ring, but then, Teddy Long’s music hit, and he came out from the curtain onto the top of the ramp with a mic, and quickly I requested another one as he stood on the ramp and began talking.

"Hold up, Playa," He said immediately. "You're not just going to get out of that ring and move on, oh no, it doesn't work like that. See, let me explain something to you. This sunday in L.A, the twenty fourth summerslam will be taking place."

"I'm highly aware of that, thank you very much," I Said.

"I'm sure your also aware that you have yet to have a match," Teddy Long. "Well, now you do."

"Against who?" I asked.

"At Summerslam, it will be a Diva's match for the undisputed women's title, Kasey Angel vs Michelle McCool!" He said, causing a cheer from the crowds.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA!" I Said. "See what i was talking about earlier guys? About Teddy Long not being able to run his own show?" I said, looking around at the crowd. "See Teddy, your just making Michelle the number one contender for my title, yet she has done NOTHING to deserve a shot at MY Title!"

"You know what, Kasey, Your right-"

"I Know i'm right," I Said.

"If Michelle wants to be number one contender, she earns that right."

"Damn right she does."

"That's why i didn't give her the night off, and she is here in the arena tonight, ready to wrestle, and she'll wrestle against-"

"WHOA," I Said, stopping him again. "Hold on, this may be your poorly ran show, but these are my titles, and i'm only defending them on my conditions."

"Your conditions?" He asked.

"Yes, MY conditions," I Said.

"Alright, well what are your conditions," He asked.

"Condition number one, Michelle's gonna earn her spot as number one contender for my title, in a match, tonight, against an opponent of my choosing for her," I Said. "Condition number two, I Get to be the special guest referee." I Smirked. Teddy Long as stared at me from across the arena.

"What's wrong, Teddy? Do you not trust me? Do you think i'll purposely screw Michelle McCool over? Do you?" I Asked Teddy.

"Actually, I-"

"I Don't care what you think!" I Yelled at him. "Look, these are my conditions, and i will on-"

"No, You don't just make up your own conditions when your under contract on MY Show, playa," He said.

"I Do when i'm representing your poor women's wrestling division," I Said. He just looked at me.

"Fine, you want it, you got it, You will be the special guest referee in the Number one contenders match tonight against Michelle McCool and her opponent of your choosing," Teddy said. "And all that will happen later tonight."

"Of course it will," I Smirked.

Then,his music hit, and he left, as did i.

"You better pray to god Patrick explained the difference between Kasey and Kat to his family," Kristen said to me, as we were changing in the locker room.
"Not my fault i made my official bitch-turn and his family oh-so happened to be in the crowd," I Said, taking off my special referee t-shirt.

Basically, my promo was Bitchy, but oh my. Later that night, i got bitchy. Bottom line- i made Michelle go up against Kathryn, yadayadayada. I tried screwing her over in the match, that lead to a slight physical confrontation, and then, it got bad. very bad. I doubt people will see it on Smackdown friday night even. I Went slightly a little too far, let's just say that.

"You didn't just make a bitch-turn, you made a cunt-turn, everyone hates you, and i mean everyone," Kristen said, putting her sneakers on.

"That's all i want," I Said, zipping up my bag.

Then, a short, brunette girl just entered the locker room.

"Um, who the hell are you?" Kristen immediately said. I Just facepalmed.
"No, who the hell are you?" She asked back.

"Your coming into MY locker room," Kristen said. "Don't you dare be asking who the fu-"

"KRISTEN," I raised my voice.

"What!?" She asked me, annoyed i interrupted her.

"That's Jackie," I Said. "Patrick's Youngest sister," I Said, looking at her, super annoyed. She just looked back at the 18 year old girl, who also looked very annoyed.

"OOOH," Kristen said. 

"Anyway, I'm looking for my older brother's girlfriend," She said.

"Over there," Kristen said, pointing to me. I Just got my shoe on, and i put my bag strap over my shoulder.

"My names-"

"Yeah yeah yeah, i know who you are," Jackie said, rolling her eyes, catching me by surprise. "Come on, the family's waiting outside," She said, starting to walk out. I Just looked at Kristen real quick.

"That's one of his sisters?" She asked, i just nodded. Then, she laughed. "Good luck surviving at his house for the next 4 days," She laughed. I Rolled my eyes.

"COME ON," Jackie yelled.

"Like i said," Kristen said before i walked out. "GOOD LUCK!" I Once again rolled my eyes, and followed Jackie out of the locker room.

Once i walked out of the locker room, i was greeted by seeing the whole Kane family- well, the immediate family- standing outside, in birth order basically--- Pat's Dad, Pat Sr., Pat's Mom, Donna, Patrick, and his sisters, Erica, Jessica, and Jackie. Patrick got out of line and came over by me.

"Alright, here's a more formal meeting. Mom, dad, Ladies," He said. "This is my girlfriend, Kat, and she is not a bitch," He smiled, causing me to giggle a little.
"You sure?" Jackie asked, crossing her arms again and raising an eyebrow. I Just looked at her. I've only known her for about 3 minutes and she's already starting to judge me.

"Shut it, brat," Patrick said to her.

"It's just a character i play out there," I Said.

"You sure do it well, because i really hated you while watching you out there," Donna laughed.

"Looks like i'm doing a good job then," I Smiled.

"Eh, it was ify," Jackie commented. I Just looked at her again.

"Don't mind her, i'm pretty sure she's PMSing," Jessica said.

"I swear," Patrick said looking at Jackie. "I'm gonna duct-tape your mouth if you don't shut it."

"Of course you will," Jackie said, rolling her eyes.

"ANYWAY," Patrick said. "I'll introduce you all once we get back to the house. Let's just get in the car now, it's almost midnight anyway."

I Lead them out of the arena, since i was the only one who knew the backstage area and the exits and all that stuff and we headed to the parking lot and piled in the car. The Kane house was about 20 minutes away, so we got there right as it striked midnight and tuesday bled into wednesday. 

"Alright, it's late so i think we should all just go to bed now," Pat Sr. Said.
"I Was getting tired anyway," Jessica said, heading over to her room.

"Eh," Erica shrugged. "I gotta get up early anyway." She said, walking over to her room as well, leaving just me, Patrick, his parents and Jackie.

"I was gonna pull an all-nighter, but i guess i can go to sleep," She said, she eyeballed me the whole time she said that, and kept eyeballing me for a moment after that, then she finally left.

"Patrick," Donna said to her son. "We're gonna go get the guest room ready for Kat, maybe show her around the house for a couple of minutes."

"Alright, mom," Patrick said, as his Parents went upstairs to the guest room. "Alright this is a small-ass house, so this will be a small-ass tour," He said, i just giggled. "We are right now standing in the living room, here in the house, it is known as the room for living."

"OH REALLY," I Said, sarcastically.

"I KNOW RIGHT," he said back, i just giggled again. "We basically just watch tv in here and me and James are always playing video games here. Moving on," He said as we began walking across the room. "This is the kitchen, the room of making food for us to eat. Over there is the big table, where we eat. I'm sure you can see the glass door, and that leads to backyard where we have a pool-"

"I am not going in that pool," I Said.

"It's not even that big," He said.

"I Dont care i ain't going in water," I Said. He rolled his eyes, then lead me down the hall. 

"This is the door leading into the basement. No one really goes down there except my dad, that's like his man-cave, the place he goes to get away from all the women in here. And down the hall here are my sisters rooms," He said. Then we went upstairs. "Here's the bathroom, that might come in good use to you during your visit," He said. "The room down the hall is the guest room, where you'll be they say."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"Trust me, you won't be sleeping alone in a bed this trip," He winked. "Anyway, here's the highlight of the tour, my room," He said, opening a door.

I Walked in, and i immediately saw all of these trophies and awards hanging up on his walls. I Also saw some of his jerseys from USA Hockey, London Knights and the Blackhawks. His room was basically filled with all of his hockey achievements. He had a big single bed in the middle, with a blackhawks bedsheet at the end of it. Attached to his ceiling, he had something that held up all these hockey sticks. On his dresser, he had more trophies, including a picture of him at the 2007 NHL draft when he was selected 1st overall by Chicago. I Also saw some Sombreros, about 2 or 3 of them over by his dresser, and i also saw some customized Sneakers, one pair that caught my eye said "P. Kane" on them, and another on said "numba 1" on them. I Looked around the room some more. More trophies, awards and pictures.

(Kaner nerd authors note- if your interested). 

"Nice room," I Smiled, holding up his replica caulder trophy.

"Thanks," He said. I Put the trophy down, and put on one of the sombreros, while also looking at a picture of Patrick when he was, maybe 13 or 14 wearing the same sombrero on the ice during...or after, a hockey game. "You look way better in that than i do," He laughed. 

"I Know," I Said, winking, then taking it off. "What about those, eh?" I Said, pointing to the 'Numba 1' on them.

"Oh, those," Patrick laughed, picking them up. "Me and James got these as a joke, you know, since i was first overall in the 2007 draft."

"Oh," I Said. Then, Donna knocked on the door.

"Kat, if your ready, the guest rooms all set up," She said.

"Alright, thank you," I Said. "See you tomorrow morning," I Said to Patrick.

"Bye Babe," He said, pulling me into a quick goodnight kiss. "Love you."

"Love you two," I Said, as i headed out and into the guest room.

The guest room was a normal guest room, you could say. It had a bed, a tv, and a desk which i put my bag on. I changed into some pajama pants, and into a different shirt, then i pulled my hair back into a pony tail, turned off the light and crawled into bed, but it wasn't long before i felt Patrick sneak into bed with me. I'm sure his parent's wouldn't enjoy seeing him in a bed with me, but whatever.

*The next day*

I Was awaken by movement. I felt the bed moving and the floorboard slightly creeked. I sat up and slowly opened my eyes and saw Patrick sneaking out, but he saw me before he did.

"Did i wake you?" He whispered.
"Yeah," I Yawned. "What time is it?"

"6am, my mom's always up by 7am, so i decided to get up now and head back to my room," He said.

"Oh, well i think i'm just gonna go downstairs and get some breakfast," I Said, crawling out of bed and putting on my glasses that were laying on the bedstand next to me.

"I'll go with you, i'm slightly hungry too," He said. "Let me just grab a shirt and some pants," He said, since he was only in his boxers.

Patrick grabbed some random shirt and put on some checkered Sabres colored Pajama Pants--- he plays for Chicago, but grew up a huge buffalo fan---. Then we went downstairs to make breakfast, but when we did, we were shocked to see Erica up and looking through the fridge.

"Erica?" Pat asked, shocked to see his sister up this early.

"Oh, hi guys!" She smiled, grabbing a water.

"How are you so....awake this early?" I Asked, yawning slightly.

"I get up this early every morning to go for a run around the city," she said.

"Oh," I Said.

"We never really met last night," She said. "I'm Erica, I'll be 22 in a couple months," She smiled, extending her hand as i checked it.

"I'm Kat, I just turned 22 last week," I Smiled.

"You seem nice!" She smiled. "Me, Jess and Jackie are going to the mall later today, wanna come with?"

"I Would, but Patrick said he was gonna take me around Buffalo today," I Said.

"Nah, it's fine," He said, grabbing some oatmeal mix. "My day with the cups Friday. Trust me, we'll see all we need to see in Buffalo then."

"Alright," I Said. "I'll go," I Smiled at Erica.

"Great!" She smiled back. "I'll be back in after 8 miles," She said, putting on her ipod as she ran out the house.

"See, my four favorite girls alive are already bonding," Patrick smiled, pouring two glasses of Orange Juice for me and him.

"Whose number one?" I Asked, grabbing the orange juice he handed me.

"You don't wanna know," He said, taking a sip of his.

I Just playfully punched him the arm, and then we finished our O.J and decided to go watch Saved By The Bell, since TBS airs that early mornings,and i also tortured Patrick with my sexual remarks towards Zack Morris. It was a perfect wednesday far.

*Later That Day, Las Vegas, NV, Heathers POV*

"Three days later and i'm still suffering the side-effects of getting hung-over in Vegas," Sarah said as we were walking in the casino i met Adam at during Kat's birthday. "I really think those two should just do this," Sarah said referring to me and Adam.

"We don't always get what we want, Sarah," Adam said. "Especially us two idiots."

"You think i wanted to get Married? And to someone who lives in DALLAS?" I Asked Sarah.

"If you didn't want to, why did you?" She asked.

"Because he got me drunk," I Said.

"I Didn't get you drunk," Adam said.

"Yes you did clearly!" I Said.

"Will you both shut up already," Sharpie said. "You both got drunk and you both said i do, let's leave it at that."

"Just...what the hell are we supposed to do?" I Asked as we kept walking.

"Try to figure out exactly what happened, besides, it's Vegas, chances are the person who 'Married' you wasn't ordained, we just gotta take it step by step," He said.

"We just gotta remember who married us," Adam said, then Sarah turned her head to the right real quick.

"You think it was her?" She said, pointing to a black lady.

"She doesn't look like a person to marry people," I Said.

"Yeah, Sarah," Adam said. "Why would you think that?"

"Oh, i don't know, maybe because theres a bunch of wedding dresses and wedding pictures behind her along with a bible?" Sarah said sarcastically. "Oh yeah, including your wedding picture."

"Wait what," I Said.

Then, we immediately ran over to the lady.

"Hi I'm-" She began, but stopped when she saw me and Adam. "THERE YOU TWO ARE!!!" She smiled.

"You remember us!?" Adam said.

"Of course i do!" She said. Then, she grabbed a picture and handed it to us. "This was your wedding picture, you said you would get it later after you go celebrate the marriage upstairs, but you never came back down, so i kept it."

"Oh, we know we didn't come back down," I Said, looking at the picture.

Adam was in what he was wearing at the casino, plus a fedora and a bow-tie, and i had the dress, the flowers and the veil. It was a picture of that lady marrying us. Me and Adam looked SUPER happy, yet we were SUPER drunk.

"I Wish more couples came here like you," She said. "Committed, and in love."

"Committed and in love? THOSE TWO," Sharpie asked her.

"Okay, look, this is Vegas," Sarah said. "So uh, i bet your not even ordained, right?"

"Oh no honey," She said. "Everyone here is ordained and all marriages are real....unless you go get married by that fat guy trying to be Elvis," She said, rolling her eyes.

"Alright, well then..." Sarah said. "See...this marriage wasn't supposed to happen."

"Oh, it wasn't," The lady said, folding her arms and raising an eyebrow.

"No, so uh," Sarah said. "We were wondering if we could kind of like, get a refu-"

Right as Sarah said that, the lady flipped this sign that said 'NO REFUNDS' on it.

"Let me make myself clear, honey," The lady said. "All marriages are real, and final, no refunds whatsoever. You wanna end this marriage, i'm afraid your gonna have to do it that old fashioned way with a divorce. Besides, these two got a good price."

"A Good price?" Sharpie asked.

"Yep," She said. "$2,000 for the ring and just a little over $500 for that BEAUTIFUL dress," She smiled.

"I Used all the money i won from playing to get married!?" Adam asked.

"Yeah you two are screwed," Sarah said to us. I Sighed, and Adam just shook his head with his hands on his hips. She's right, we really are screwed.

*Back in Buffalo, Patrick's POV*

It was about noon and i was on the couch, watching some TV with my dad and my mom was making sandwiches for us for lunch in the kitchen, when Kat, Erica and Jessica came downstairs.

"We're gonna head to the mall now," Jessica said.

"I thought Jackie was going with you?" My mom asked, coming out of the kitchen.

"She said she doesn't feel too good," Erica shrugged. I instantly Sat up.

"I'll go check on her," I Said, standing up and heading down the hall, knocking on Jackie's door. No answer, so i just walked in and saw her laying down on her bed with her headphones in, i just pulled them out of her ears.

"HEY i was-" She began, but stopped after she saw it was me. "Oh, hey," She said, laying back down.

"Heard you weren't feeling good," I Said.

"Uh, yeah.." She said. I Felt her forehead.

"You don't feel warm, at all, you feel pretty cold actually," I Said.

"Uh, it's not that, it's a stomach ache," She said.

"Oh, i see," I said, not buying it at all.

"Yeah, maybe it's because i didn't eat breakfast, but i'm not feeling too good," She said.

"Oh, you want me to go get you something?" I Asked.

"Sure, a ham sandwich?" She asked.

"Sure, you want a side of not buying it with that or...?" I Asked. She sighed, then rolled her eyes. "Seriously, what's wrong? Why don't you wanna go shopping? You love shopping."

"I Just don't feel like it, is that so wrong?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah," I Said. She rolled her eyes. "Seriously," I Said, sitting on the end of the bed. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just leave me alone," She said, trying to put her headphones back in, but i grabbed them from her before she could.

"Jackie, it's me, not mom or dad, you can tell me anything," I Said. She sighed, and sat up.

"You really wanna know?" She asked. I Nodded. "It's her."

"Her?" I Asked.

"Your girlfriend," Jackie said. "I Can't stand her."

"Why?" I Asked. "I've barely seen you say a word to her."

"Because, i just don't," She said. "I Can already tell she's a bitch and only after you money, like Sydney was."

"I'm sorry, but where were you last night?" I Asked. "She has a job as the Undisputed Women's Wrestling Champion, the last thing she needs is money, and she's absolutley not a bitch."

"Can't you see Patrick!?" She said. "Ever since you came here, it's been all about her. Not mom, dad, or me Jess and Erica! She's changing you! You're not the same person you were last summer."

"You know, you're right," I Said, standing up. "She is changing me. She's making me a better me. She's maturing me. I'm growing up,you may wanna try it sometime," I Said, walking out of the room and slamming the door shut behind me.

I Headed back into the living room in the middle of Jessica, Erica and Kat's discussion, but i paid no attention to it. I Just flopped right back down on the couch.

"Is Jackie coming or what?" Jessica asked.

"No she's sick," I Mumbled, un-muting the tv. "Just go without her."

The girls shrugged, then walked out the door and got into Erica's car to head to the mall.

"Is Jackie really sick?" My mom asked concerned.

"Just go make her a ham sandwich, she'll be fine after that," I Mumbled again. My dad looked at me real quick, but took a hint i wasn't in the nicest of moods, so he let me be and we continued watching tv.


"We're hooome!" Kat said walking in the door carrying four bags, as did Erica.

"Looks like you girls got a lot of stuff," I Said, looking at them.

"No, we only got two bags, the other two we're carrying our Jessica's," Erica said as Kat nodded.

"Why are you carrying Jessica's stuff and she's not?" My mom asked.

"She already had too much stuff to carry so we said we'd help her," Kat said, as Jessica walked in with like, four or five bags. We all just looked at her.

"What? I Told you i needed a new wardrobe," She defended.

"I'm gonna go take these to my room," Erica said.

"Me too," Jessica said.

"Hey Kat, after you put that stuff in your room, meet me out back?" I Asked.

"Sure," She said, heading upstairs.

"You need to talk to Kat about something?" My mom asked.

"Nothing that's any of your business," I rolled my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at your mother," My dad yelled from the living room.

"Sorry," I Shouted behind me as i headed outside and over to the grass and sat in one of my dads lawn chairs.

About two minutes later, Kat came outside and i motioned her over and had her sit on my lap.

"What's this about?" She asked.

"Oh nothing, just thought we could get away from my family for a while, you know, privacy," I Said, as i started kissing her neck.

"At your parents house, really," She asked as i continued.

"Yes," I Mumbled in between.

I Stopped though, as i heard the glass door open.

"Hey Kat," Erica said, running out. "My mom wants to talk to you inside," She said.

"Alright," Kat said, getting up, and i followed. "Can i help you, Mrs. Kane?"

"First, call me Donna," My mom said. "Second, i'm taking the girls out to dinner and i was wondering if you would like to come, it'd be a great opportunity to meet you," She said.

"Sure!" Kat smiled.

"Alright," My mom said. Her, Kat, Erica and Jess were already out here. "JACKIE, COME ON WE'RE ABOUT TO LEAVE FOR DINNER." Jackie then came out of her room.

"I'm not feeling too good," She said.

"Well you can't just not eat," Mom said.

"I'll make something later tonight," She shrugged.

"No, you're eating dinner now," My mom told her. "You're either coming with us you're gonna have to convince your brother to make something for you."

Jackie just looked over at me, and i looked down. I just didn't wanna even look eye-to-eye to her.

"I Think i'm just gonna go over to James' house," I Said.

"Alright, Jackie go get some shoes on, you're coming with us," My mom said to her. Jackie just looked at me, but i turned my head. Then, i walked out and headed to James' house.

*Kats POV*

Donna took us to this restaurant, looked pretty fancy. We got a table for five. Jackie, Jessica and Donna on one side, Erica and i across the table. A Waiter came up and took our order.

"Hi, what may i get you ladies?" He asked.

"I'll take a baked potato," Erica said. "Sour cream, bacon and some cheese on it."

"I'll have a steak, medium rare," I Said.

"Same, but well done," Donna said.

"Same as her," Jessica said, pointing to me.

"I'll just take some water," Jackie said, Donna just gave her a stern look. She rolled her eyes. "I'll have a salad."

"Okay and what can i get you ladies to drink?" He asked.

"Red wine," I Said.

"OOH i want that too," Erica said.

"Me too!" Jessica said quickly. She was only 20.

"Jessica," Donna said, giving her a stern look.

"I'll have some Pepsi," Jessica said.

"Again, i'll take some water," Jackie said.

"Coming right up," The waiter said.

Besides Jackie's weird attitude, dinner was fine. I Haven't really spoken to Pat Sr. Yet, or James, but his sisters and Donna are amazing. Then, BOOM. Donna decided to start drilling down on me with questions about me.

"So where are you from exactly?" Donna asked me after she had taken a sip of her Red Wine.

"Yeah Patrick said you're from Chicago, but where you guys live now with the Hawks and stuff, it's almost all apartments and condo's, no houses or school's nearby, well walking distance," Jessica said.

"I'm from Chicago Heights," I Said.

"Chicago Heights?" Donna asked.

"Yeah, it's basically the ghetto part of Chicago," I Said, taking a sip of my red wine.

"Ghetto?" Donna asked, confused.

"It means bad place mom," Erica said impatiently.

"Ooh," Donna said. "How long have you two been dating?"

"Um, we met like, a year ago here in Buffalo at one of my wrestling events, and we took it steady there, hanging out and stuff, late night phone calls, and i remember, it was late september, he just got done with training camp and he came to pick me up at the airport from my trip to Japan. He took me to the U.C for a surprise and we skated for a while, that was fun, by the time we were done, it was pouring rain and there was thunder and lightning, so he took me back to his place and i spent the night there. When i woke up, i was about to leave, until he invited me to come back over for a movie after he got done going for a light skate with Jonathan. I Came back over about 7, and we were picking movies and he made Popcorn, and he came back over to me and was basically like, "I Have this friend who wants to ask this girl out, but he doesn't know how, advice?" So i told him to tell his friend to just ask the girl out. And then, he asked me to be his girlfriend, i said yes, and then, yeah," I Said.

"That's how you and Patrick started going out?" Erica asked, i just nodded. "This is my brother we're talking about, right? I Never knew he could be a romantic type, at all."

"Well he is," I Smiled, taking a sip of red wine.

"Other then my brother," Jackie said, finally speaking up. "Any other serious relationships."

"Actually, two," I Said.

"How serious," Jackie asked.

"Both you could say were....weirdly serious, i guess," I Shrugged.

"Explain," Jackie said.

"Jacqueline, i'm sure Kat doesn't wanna talk about her exes," Donna said to her.

"No, it's fine," I Shrugged. I'd never really talked about my first serious boyfriend before, for a reason. I Took a deep breath, only to see the Kane girls looking at me ready to talk, so i did.

"My first real boyfriend was named Christian, Christian Jacobs. I Met him around the end of my 8th grade year, and he basically had the Justin Bieber hairstyle before Justin did," I Laughed. "I Had SUCH a crush on him, and he eventually had a crush on me, not until our freshman year though. Then, we started dating on and off. To this day, all i remember about my two first years of High-school were being with him on and off, and he basically was my whole life at that time, especially after my mom died the summer i was turning 15."

"Your mom died?" Donna asked.

"Some type of Cancer," I Said. "She got it early spring, was out by late July. My sister was already in College, my brother was getting ready to leave for College, so it was just me and my dad, and Christian and some friends."

"Oh," She said.

"Anyway," I Said. "After our sophmore year, we just took a break, relationship wise. Still talked a lot though,  but he had another girlfriend for a while. Eventually my 16th birthday was approaching, just as one of my friends parents went out of town, so she saw that as the perfect excuse for a party. She threw me a party, and Christian was their. Lot's of other people that i didn't like, or knew, showed up too, and some bad guys too, but we kicked them out. Anyway, Christian and i talked the whole night, and i ended up getting the wrong impression, and i told him i still loved him. He didn't say it back. I Got mad and left. He tried to stop me, i didn't let him."

"What happened after that?" Jessica asked, really interested.

"To this day, i'm still confused exactly WHAT happened, but this was what his best friend, Justin told me," I Said. "Apparently Christian went up to him, and talked about....toast or something, using kind of like, codenames for me and him, something like that, and by the end of that convo, it turned into Justin talking to Christian and Christian realizing he really did still love me. So, i hear he left the party and went to go and find me and when he went to the car there were some guys, stuff happened, and when he went to go un lock his car door," I paused and Sighed. "I Was nearby and saw two guys running away, fast, i was confused and started walking back, and i just saw him down on the ground, leaning up against the car. I Thought it was weird, so i started walking closer, then i saw his eyes were wide open, but then i stepped in something red, and realized it was blood. I Went into panic mode, got down on me knees and just held him, and then i saw the his back, and it was all bloody and there was a hole, and i found out he was stabbed. We got him to a hospital ASAP, but it was too late. He was announced dead upon arrival," I Shrugged.

"Oh my gosh," Jessica said.

"Eh," I Shrugged. "I Had a tough time getting through it, but i pulled through," I Said.

"Yeah i'm sorry, Jackie said. "What about the other relationship."

"Oh...him," I Rolled my eyes. "He was actually the guy i left for Patrick," I Said. "Basically he was jealous, didn't like me being on the road so much, and he didn't like how i was forming a friendship with Patrick. He gave me an ultimatum. It was him, or my career, and by my career, he met Patrick, and he wasn't fond of my answer, and that's when things between me and Patrick really hit it off."

"Wow," Donna said.

"Yeah," I Said. "Quite a past, but whatever. It's my past, Patrick's my present, and he's my future too hopefully."

"Well, you seem like a good fit for my son, and he seems like a good fit for you, so as long as you two are happy, I'm happy," Donna smiled.

"Yeah, your not like other girls Patrick's been with," Jessica said.

"It's either his one-night stands or the sluts trying to take all his money and gain some fame for dating him," Erica said. "But your nothing like that."

"Yeah, i guess you aren't," Jackie said, looking at me.

"You know," Donna said, taking a big sip of wine before she said that. "God knows i won't get any from these three girls anytime soon, so uh," She said, as i was taking a sip of my red wine. "When do you think you and Patrick will be ready to give me grand-kids?"

I Immediately choked up on my wine after she said that.

"Mom, you just met her last night and your already asking her about Grandkids!?" Erica asked.

"Well sorry," Donna said. "But i'm not gonna live forever."

"Your oldest is turning 23 and your youngest just graduated High school, you have plenty of time," Jessica told her.

"If it helps," I Said. "Occasionally, me and Patrick have talked about kids and stuff, but as of now, we both agreed we're not gonna try until we get married, or engaged."

"Oh okay," Donna said.

"Can we leave now? I'm done," Jackie said.

"So are we," Erica said as Jessica and i nodded in agreement.

"Alright, we can head home now," Donna said.

Then we all got up and paid the check, then went outside to the car. You know, his family isn't as bad and scary as i thought. Though Jackie still scares me slightly.

We went home and walked through the door to see Pat Sr. On the couch, and Patrick and a guy who looked JUST Like him, just taller, standing up and singing Larger Than Life by BSB.

"What's going on?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, me and James are just goofing off," Patrick laughed.

"Yeah, we were just," His cousin James began, then he saw me, and paused. "Hot damn who is that fine piece of ass!?"

"HEY That's my GIRLFRIEND you're talking about Jackass," Patrick said to him.

"Your girlfriend is oh so fine," James smirked.

"Okay yeah James, get out, NOW," Patrick said.

"Fine, but i'll be back tomorrow," He said. As he was walking out, he stopped at me, and looked down at me and smirked. "Wait for me, Shawtay," He winked, walking out. I Just looked at Patrick.

"What's up with your cousin," I Asked.

"It's James, you should expect that when he sees you," Patrick rolled his eyes. "Want some ice cream?"

"I'll have a little, i'm still full," I Said.

"Alright, anyone else?"

Patrick ended up making bowls of ice cream for everyone, then we all just sat in the family room.

"I feel like watching a movie," Erica shrugged.

"How about us girls go change into pajamas, come back down, heat up some popcorn and watch a movie," Jessica suggested.

"Sounds great!" I Said.

"Hey, what are we supposed to do?" Pat Sr. Asked.

"It's called a basement, honey, there's a tv down there," Donna said to her husband.

"Alright," Patrick sighed as he and his dad went down to the basement.

Donna started making popcorn as the sisters and i went to our rooms to change into our pajamas. Erica and i both had our hair pulled back, but Jackie and Jessica kept there's down. As we all sat down on the couch and got comfy, Donna brought over a big bowl of popcorn and Erica came back from her room with a movie.

"Paranormal Activity? I Just got this as a gift and i really wanna watch it," She said.

"Really, Paranormal Activity," Jackie rolled her eyes.

"I Don't know..."Donna said.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Erica said.

"Fine," We all agreed. Erica smiled and popped it in, then turned off all the lights and we started watching the movie.

It wasn't too long before we were scared out of our minds, burying our faces into pillows and scared for life. I Couldn't even eat anymore popcorn, because i was scared to feel another hand when i grabbed some. Then, about halfway through, around midnight i think, i heard a strange noise.

"Do you guys hear that?" I asked,scared.

"I FEEL something," Erica said, quite as scared.

"It sounds like heavy breathing..." Jessica said.

"Mom, i'm scared," Jackie said.

"I'm sure it's just your imaginations, this movie is pretty scary," Donna said.

I Felt more heavy breathing behind me. Maybe Donna was right, it was just my imagination....but no. I Then felt a hand touch me, and just stopped. Stopped breathing, everything. I gulped, then turned around, and saw a man wearing a jigsaw mask another man wearing a jigsaw mask next to him, then i just started screaming as did the rest of the girls. Then they both took off the masks, and we saw it was just Pat Sr. And Patrick.
"BOO," Pat Sr. said.
"HA, we got you girls good," Patrick smirked as he took off the mask.

"PATRICK TIMOTHY KANE JR," I Yelled. "I HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR ONE CAST, BECAUSE YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET ANOTHER ONE," I Yelled, jumping over the couch and at Patrick, but he caught me and just put me over his shoulder. "LET ME DOWN."

"Nah, i'm good," Patrick said.

"Ugh, i hate you both," Jessica said.

"Me too," Jackie said.

"Well it's almost 1am, you should all be asleep anyway," Pat Sr. said.

"I'm too scared to go to sleep," Jackie said.

"Come on, Jackie, it's fine," Erica said as the girls got up and headed to their rooms.

Patrick and i headed upstairs. He tackled me onto his bed, and closed the door, and before i knew it, we were fast asleep in each others arms.
*The Next Day*

I Woke up next to Patrick. Oh shit. I Was supposed to wake up at six and sneak back into the guest room to make sure that no one saw us in bed together. Fuckfuckfuck. Ever worse- i heard Patrick's door open up. Oh shit.
"Pat, look at them," I Heard a voice say, i could tell it was Donna talking to Pat Sr.

"Look at those kids," Pat Sr. said to his wife. "Kat's all curled up to him, and Patrick's got his arm around her."

"They're just too cute together," Donna said.

"Yeah, they really do," Pat Sr. said.

"Should we wake them?" Donna asked.

"No, let's let the kids get their sleep, they have a big day tomorrow," Pat Sr. said, as the door creeked shut. 

I Couldn't help but smile after i heard what his parents said about me And Patrick.
"Did you hear that," I Heard a voice whisper to me, and then i realized it was Patrick.
"Yeah, i heard," I Smiled.
"Okay, how do we play this?" I Asked.
"Well it's called Keep it up, how do you expect to play it?" Erica asked, grabbing one of those big huge balls you could buy at Target or something.
"Whatever," I rolled my eyes, before sticking out my tongue.
It was around 4pm and the Kane's and I were outside in their backyard about to play this game called Keep it Up. As Erica just told me, how it's called is pretty much how it's played.
"We play this ALL The time," Patrick said. "I'm positive we could someday maybe-"

Then, the sliding door opened as Jackie came outside. So far this week, she's been quiet and to herself, with the exception of the movie last night, so we were all surprised to see her outside.
"What? I Love Keep It Up, i wanna play, is that wrong?" She asked. 

"You done acting like a little brat?" I Heard Patrick whisper to her. She just rolled her eyes.

"Let's just play," Jessica said.

Keep it up was so much fun. Some of the sames people made during the game were just so stupid and funny at the same time. Then, Erica was tossing it over to me, but it accidently went into the pool.
"You gotta go get it," Erica said.

"But i didn't hit it," I Said.

"Yeah but you didn't keep it up," Erica stuck her tongue out.

"Fine i'll go get it," I rolled my eyes.

I Ran over by the pool and then leaned over into the pool to go get it, but before i knew it, i felt no ground under my feet, and the next moment, i was in the water. I Started just flopping my arms around, trying to get out.

"Son, help your girlfriend!" I Heard Pat Sr. yell at Patrick, who i'm guessing pushed me in. Patrick kind of just grabbed me and helped me out, then grabbed the ball and threw it back by his family.

"You're taller than the pool, yet you still acted as if you were drowning?" Patrick said.

"Oh shut up," I Said to him, rolling my eyes, then sticking my tongue out.

After i stuck my tongue out, Patrick immediately stuck his tongue inside my mouth and we started having a pretty gruesome make-out session... until we were interrupted by Jessica throwing the ball at us.

"HEY," Patrick yelled at her.

"GET A ROOM," She yelled back.

I Rolled my eyes, but i couldn't help but smile afterwards. Patrick told me i was not only meeting his family but spending 5 days there, i threw up. But now that i met them and i'm on the 3rd day, really, his family made me feel super welcomed. and i loved it. Hopefully, this isn't our last trip to JUST boyfriend and Girlfriend, that is.