Sunday, May 29, 2011

Year Two Week Thirteen // Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats...

*Next Monday, Noon, Portland, Maine, Second to last RAW Before Wrestlemania*

"So, not only was it bad enough i was being bullied at school, but whenever i came home, my 8 year old little sister and a little 5 year old devil attacked me EVERY Time i walked through the door!" Punk was saying.

We were just arriving at the Arena tonight for RAW, and i carpooled with Punk and Kristen, who are actually starting to talk to each other again on um...a normal basis....kinda. Anyway, when they came into my hotel room to get me, they caught me watching Teen Mom, and throughout the 20 minute car drive to the arena, we talked about how our parents would beat the shit out of us if we showed up pregnant in high school and not get a tv show, and since, we've talked about our childhood, and Punk was explaining how much of a fucking loser he was, getting beat up by his little sister Natalie and Me everyday after school.

"AH, Good times...good times..." I Said, reminiscing with a big smile on my face, then taking a sip of my Gatorade.

"Damn Kat, you were such a bully when you were younger," Kristen said.

"She STILL Is!" Punk yelled.

"Shut up dumbass," I said to him before smacking him in the back of the head.

"What did i say? BULLY," Punk yelled. Kristen just laughed.

"Don't act like you didn't fucking deserve to be jumped," I Said. "Besides, we both lived in the ghetto streets of Chicago growing up, would you rather have it be US who jumped you or a gang? Take your pick, bitch."

"Well, Kat," Punk said. "You know what they say, What goes around comes around."

"Hell no it doesn't!" I Yelled. "What goes around don't come around it stays right the fuck were it's at."

"Trust me, i'll get you back..." He said.

"Of course you will, Phil. It's been what, 17 years? Yeah, 17 years, since all that happened, just let it go, bitch," I Said.

"Whatever," He said, walking off, leaving me and Kristen.

"You really are a bully," She said.

"No I'm not," I Said. "It's different when your with your friends, or in his case, when your the kid next door."

"Whatever," Kristen said. "Anyway, i need your advice."

"Oh really?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow. "On what?"

"On Punk," She said.

"What about that dumbass?" I Asked, taking another sip of my Gatorade.

"Do you think he's being real or fake?" She asked.

"Well, i don't think he's fake, you can't fake those muscles, and if they are fake, he deserves a refund," I Said.

"Not Physically Real Or Fake you Dipshit," She said. "I Mean Like, lately, he's actually...paying attention to me and stuff and talking to me, and actually, last night was the first night since i think, before the Royal Rumble that we actually slept in the same bed together at the same time!"

"Well, that's because right now as of this past week, Nexus has nothing going for them, I'd give it until tonight, then if he still hangs out with you like he used to, then he's being for real," I Said.

"Alright then but-" Kristen began, but was stopped.

"HELP!!!" We heard a scream over from the right, which is where the locker rooms are. Me and Kristen looked at each other real quick, shrugged, then ran over to the locker rooms.

We didn't even walk in, but outside Cena's locker room, we saw Nikie LITERALLY had Punk pressed up against the wall, holding him up by his shirt collar, and she looked PISSED OFF.

"WHOA!!!" I Shouted, sprinting over and grabbing Nikie off of Punk.

"Well... DAMN," Kristen said. I Just looked at her like the idiot she was, then shook my head and looked at Punk. "White boy what the hell did you do?"

"I Didn't do anything!" He said.

"FUCKING LIAR!" Nikie yelled, scaring the hell out of me.

"Okay, what the hell did i do then?!" Punk yelled back, also scaring the hell out of me.

"Your trying to end John's career!" Nikie yelled. I Looked over at Punk, and he just had an unbelievable kind of look of his face.

"Is she serious?" Punk said. "Is she?"

"Babe," Kristen said, trying to calm him down, as i did the same with Nikie.

"So, you attacked him because John chose to challenge him to a Wrestlemania match?" I Said. "Oh, And you attacked him because John chose to put his career on the line?"

"BITCH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!?" She yelled at me, which literally scared me so much i ran and hid behind Kristen for protection.

"Well thanks for the love!" She yelled out sarcastically. "Damn it, where the hell is John when you need him..."

"Did someone say my name?" John said, walking up, to all of our surprise.

"Wow..." I Said.

"Control your women, man!" Punk yelled out, before walking off again, this time into the Nexus locker room and slamming his door shut. John just looked at Nikie, then back at me and Kristen, then at Nikie again.

"Let's go take a walk, babe," He said, motioning for her. Of course, she came over to him as he put his arm around her, and they were off.

*John's POV*

"Alright, so, what the hell was that?" I Asked Nikie. She just shrugged.

"I Don't know...i just kinda lost it..." She shrugged.

"Funny," I Said. "You seem to have been losing it a LOT lately..." I Said to her.

"Well, it's just a complicated time for me," She said.

"No it's not," I Said. "It's a complicated time for ME."

"Well your my Fiance'!" She said. "Starting Next Year when we get married, we're both in this together, your problems are mine, my problems are yours, we're a team."

"I Know," I Said. "But see, Babe," I Said, pausing and stop walking so i could look her right in the eye. "There are some things i gotta deal with on my own, as a man, some things i just don't need back-up on."

"I Know, but..." She said, shrugging.

"Look, i got myself into this mess," I Said. "I Knew EXACTLY What i'm doing. I Started, and i'll end it, one way or another, you don't have to worry about me all the time, babe."

"I Know i don't..." She sighed.

"I'm a big boy, i can take care of myself," He said.

"Oh...Your a big boy alright," She said, looking specifically at a certain part below the waist area and smirking.

"I'm gonna pretend i didn't see that..." I Said, trying to act serious, but i couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Come on, let's go...'talk' some more..." She said, winking at me and grabbing my shirt collar and leading me over by the stairs leading to 'The box'. Oh Hell Yes,

*An Hour Later, Kat's POV*

"The bitch never even went to a school dance because every fucking girl rejected him!" I Said. "Even the losers!" I Said, walking with Kristen and Punk, telling Kristen more stuff about Punk when he was a kid. "And OH MY GOSH, there was this one time where-"

"BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He yelled at the top of his lungs to me, which startled me.

"No need to get shouty..." I Said to him, rolling his eyes.

"Okay You know what you little-" Punk began.

"PUNK!!!" Heath and Justin said running over to us, straight to Punk-well Heath, Justin stopped real quick and smiled at me, but whatever-.

"We were just talking to Stephanie about tonight's RAW," Heath said.

"And we have a match again the Hart Dynasty for the Tag Titles," Justin said.

"AND WE'RE GOING OVER!!!" They both shouted at the same time.

Then, Punk just lit up, slowly growing a gigantic smile.

"YES!!!" He shouted out loud, and literally jumping into the air and running off with Heath and Justin.

"Wait, Phil!" Kristen yelled after him, but he didn't hear her. Then it became slightly awkward. Then Jamila---A Former High School Cheerleading Captain--- Walked into the arena. I Pulled her aside real quick and whispered something into her ear. She just nodded.

"Hey, Jamila," I Said.

"Why, yes Kat?" She asked.

"Can you give me...and 'F'?" I Said.

"F!" She cheered, while also turning her body into an 'F' Shaped figure, like a cheer leader.

"Give me a 'A'!"


"Give me a 'K'!"


"Give Me a 'E'!"


"What's that spell!?" I Said.

"FAKE!" She yelled back, as we both looked directly at Kristen, i just smirked.

"I Think that answers your question from earlier today," I Said. She just rolled her eyes, and ran off.

"So, the hell was that about?" Jammy asked me, as we started walking.

"Punk shit," I Said.

"Gotcha," She said.

Then, Jenny walked up, but i doubt she even knew it, she was caught up in her cell phone, texting...probably her dashing one...or whatever.

"Oh, look what we have here..." Jammy said. " A Little Redneck kid!"

"Speaking of Ghetto ass people..." Jenny said, putting her cell in her back pocket. I Just looked at them.

"I Still can't believe you to are somehow blood related to each other, yet alone John," I Said.

"My dad is John's Uncle, and Her mom and My dad where cousins," Jenny explained.

"Whatever," I Said.

"How's brokeface doing?" Jammy asked Jenny.

"Damn it, Jamila!" Jenny said. "Really, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

"Well if she did that, she'd never talk, Jenny," I Said.

"Very funny, White Girl..." Jammy said, rolling her eyes.

"Man, no need to get-" I Began, but stopped after i heard my phone vibrate in my pocket. "Be right back," I Said, excusing myself real quick.

I Pulled out my Blackberry and it said i had a BBM. When i checked it, is saw it was from Patrick, and i smiled, until i read it.

"What are you wearing tonight when you wrestle." He typed, just that. I Didn't know how to react- be creeped out or worry something was wrong.

"Um...why?" I Typed back.

"Just tell me," He typed back, pretty fast.

"I'll tell you when you tell me why you wanna know," I responded. Then, 'Whoa Is Me', My ringtone, Started playing as Patrick called me. I Was completely confused, but i shrugged it off.

"Okay...what the hell is going on?" I Asked.

"You know that guy who sent you flowers four weeks ago and those brownies 2 weeks ago?" He said. "He's back and creepier then ever."

"Oh God," I Said, feeling my heart beat faster as i got worried.

"And, it hurts me to say this, but i figured something out," He said.

"What?" I Asked.

"He's not after me, He probably doesn't even know who the hell i am," He said. "He's after you."

I Swear my heart stopped right at this moment. I Just couldn't believe it.

"I Came home from practice today and say a sticky note ON OUR DOOR with your name on it that said the most creepiest thing i have ever read in my life." He said.

"Wait he knows where we live!?" I Said, nervous. The other two times before this, he just left the stuff on the front desk when the manager was away for whatever the reason and left it with a note attached to give it to us.

"Yeah, he does," Patrick said, i could hear him sigh over the phone. "Not only that, he also left a little package with a little outfit in you would wear in the bedroom..."

"What did the note say?" I Asked.

"It said, 'Kat, I Can't WAIT To see you in this!" Patrick said. I Just sighed, nervously, and i could here him sigh too. "Look, this just isn't safe for you, and i don't think living in our condo is safe for you."

"So...what's gonna happen?" I Asked.

"Your home in Chicago Wednesday,right?" He asked.

"Yeah, why?" I Asked.

"Look, i think you should ask your friend Kristen if you could stay at her place until i get this thing cleared up, for your safety," He said.

"But i don't want you dealing with this weirdo on your own..." I Said, frowning.

"Well then who is?" He asked.

"The Police!" I Said.

"Alright, fine," He said. "When you get back into Chicago, the first thing we'll do is go into the police station and talk to them about this situation."

"Alright," I Shrugged. This whole thing really was bumming me out and scaring me.

"Look, Babe," He said. "I Swear we'll get through this, just trust me."

I Was just frozen, he can say all he wants, but it doesn't change the fact this is happening to me and how creepy it is.

*Later that night, during RAW, right before Kathryn Prince vs. Kasey Angel*

I Was getting ready to make my way toward the Gorilla Position for my match with Kathryn, but then i noticed a certain someone decided to walk up to me.

"Hello there, Kasey," Stephanie McMahon said, walking up.

"Hey There, Mrs. McMahon," I Said, standing up straight.

"I Hate to bother you before your match, but real quick, i need to ask you something," She said. "Remember back in August before SummerSlam whern we had you go onto 'Chelsea Lately' On E! To promote it?" I Just nodded. "Well, we're in talks with Chelsea Handler again and with Wrestle Mania less then 2 weeks away, i was wondering if you would go back on Her Show Thursday, March 31st to promote Wrestlemania?"

"Are you kidding?" I Said, smiling. "I'd LOVE to go back on!" I Said.

"GREAT!" Steph said, smiling. "I'll make sure to call Ms. Handler and let her know!" She said. Then, she walked away as i made my way to the Gorilla Position right as Kathryn was going out.

Basically- this was the match that was gonna decide our Wrestlemania match Stimulation. We were told to take just 10 minutes, but both of us are great performers, we should be able to pull of a great match.

The match went Good, but within the last 2 minutes, things got bad...

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!" Michael Cole shouted on top of an announcers table with a mic in hand right as Kathryn was doing an Irish Whip on me.

"What the hell is he doing?" I Whispered to her. Then, she Whipped me into the ropes and i came back to her and she clothslined me.

"I Have no idea," She whispered to me as i was on the mat.


Lucky for Cole, while we planned out the match, Kathryn WAS Supposed to defeat me right now. Lucky bitch. She got the 3 count, then slid out of the ring over by Justin Roberts, grabbed her two titles and then went over by Michael Cole and snatched his mic.

"You can wait, Bitch," She said, "I got more important news..." She said. Then, she slid back into the ring and got face to face with me. "Oh Kasey Angel...You are not the average diva, which is why it was tough picking this match type for us. Unlike most divas back their in the locker room, you can actually compete in a normal match yet alone a special match type!" She said, smirking. "Which is why it pleases me to say, that at wrestlemania, if you want these," She said, pointing to the Diva's Title and Women's title, "You are gonna have to go through tables, survive hits from steel chairs, and ultimately climb a Sixteen foot ladder and grab these titles, Because Kasey Angel, At Wrestlamnia, you will face me in a TLC Match for the Undisputed Women's Championship!" She said. I Just smirked at her, with rage, but most of that rage was toward Michael Cole.


I Was walking backstage after my match looking for Stephanie. It took me a while to find her, but then i found her in her office. I Walked right in, then slammed the door shut behind me, which startled her.

"May i help you, Miss Angel?" She asked me, standing up from behind her desk.

"Yeah, you can," I Said, pissed off. "What the hell was that shit with Michael Cole at the end of our match!?"

"Whoa, watch your language," Stephanie warned. "Remember, i AM your boss..." I just sighed.

"Look," I Said. "I Just wanna why Micha-"

Then, Someone else came in-Kathryn Prince. We just started at eachother for a moment.

"I Don't know why she's here," She said, referring to me, "But my reason is more important...What the hell happened with Michael Cole?"

"Obviously whoever went over the match with you didn't tell you," Stephanie said, "We had Cole do that so he could gain some Heat."

"Fine, but why our match!?" I Asked.

"Yeah!" Kathryn Agreed. "Why not someone elses!? Like...Cena's!"

"Ladies, let's be realistic here," She said, kind of laughing and mocking us. "Do something so disrespectful during John Cena's match? Really?"

Me and Kathryn just raised an eyebrow at her.

"So, because Cena's a guy, it's disrespectful to do something like that during one of his matches, but completely fine during a Women's match?" Kathryn asked.

"You both know that's not what i meant," Stephanie said. "I Really don't know why this is such a big problem..."

"We're not upset about Cole doing it," I Said. "We're upset we weren't even fucking told he would..."

"Well i'm sorry," She said. "But there's not much we can do about it, so your both just gonna have to deal with it."

Kathryn and i just stood there for a moment, then walked out.

"That was still pretty disrespectful..." I Said.

"Well duh..." Kathryn said. 

Then, we paused, and slowly turned our bodies so we were face to face.

"Realize that you'll have the same faith come Wrestlemania night as tonight, Angel," She said, smirking. "Only worse..."

"Keep dreaming, devil," I Said to her, with a slight smirk on my face as well. 

Then, we had a quick stare-off, until she just walked away, backwards so she could say something else to me.

"Thirteen more days....Thirteen more days...."

*Wednesday, Chicago, IL*

I Got home in Chicago last night and i'll be here for the next two days til' i have to go back to some Houseshows, the last houseshows til' Mania. Then i got RAW and the rest of the week i spend in Atlanta- Except Thursday for Chelsea Lately tapings, but whatever. Anyway, now, Me and Patrick were in his Chevy on our way to the Police Station to see what the hell we can do about my stalker.

"So..." Patrick said. "I Can't believe i'm willingly going into a Police Department..." I Just giggled.

"We're just gonna go and file a report, relax," I Said. "This should help us."

"Hopefully..." He said.

Then, we pulled up right by our local Police Station and he pulled into the curb and got out.

"Be back soon," He said, getting out.

"Don't lie!" I Shouted before he got out.

"I Shall Not Tell A Lie," He said, sticking his tongue out and leaving to head into the police station.

About Thirty-Seconds later, i got bored, so i pulled out my Blackberry and called up Sarah since i haven't seen her since last week.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey!" I Said, smiling, despite her not seeing me.

"Everything okay or...?" She asked.

"Well, not really," I Said. "I'm outside in the car waiting for Patrick who's currently in a police station."
"Oh for the love of god," Sarah said. "What did that dumbass do now?"

"Nothing too interesting," I Said, laughing. "He's actually reporting someone."

"Who?" She asked.

"That's the thing, we don't really know who," I Shrugged. "You know how i told someone sent me flowers then some laced brownies?"

"Yeah," She said.

"Well, Patrick came home from practice monday only to see the guy came back and this time left something right on our door," I Said, sighing.

"What?" She asked.

"A Creepy note and a box that had like, a little thong and some other stuff in it..." I Said.

"Um...that's creepy," She said.

"Yeah, it is," I Shrugged.

"Well...why don't you guys ask the manager to tighten up Security on your floor?" Sarah suggested. "You guys can catch him somehow, maybe you need extra security."

"Maybe..." I Said. "But we're at the Trump Tower, that place has as much security as it can get," I Explained.

"Well, have them tighten it up or something!" She said. "Either that or get some security or something to watch out during the night or whatever," She said.

"Hm, maybe," I Said, shrugging. "Patrick's on his way back, so i'll see you later tonight for dinner," I Said. 

"Alright, Later," She said, hanging up.

Then, Patrick came back into the car and got his seat buckle on.

"So, how did it go?" I Asked him.

"Not so good..." He said, starting up the car. I Just sighed. "Apparently, you can send flowers, brownies, cake and leave presents and notes like that and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Well ain't this a bitch..." I Said. 

"We gotta do something about this weirdo," He said.

"Well i just got off the phone with Sarah," I Said. "She thinks we should talk to the manager about getting better security and stuff."

"Maybe she's right," Kaner said. "Once we get back we'll go talk to the manager about getting tighter security."

I Just nodded in agreement as we started driving back to our place.

We arrived to our Building about twenty minutes later and walked in and planned to go straight to the front desk, but when we went in, he was nowhere to be seen.

"I Guess he just left again..." I Shrugged. The thing about the manager is he doesn't really give a shit, he's almost never here and when he is, he's bitchy.

"We should just go upstairs and watch some tv or something for a few hours, then come back down," Kaner suggested. I Just nodded.

Then we headed over to an elevator and got in it to take it to our floor. When we got their, we made the long walk down to our room, but when we did, we saw something- An Envelope, with My Name on it, my whole name.

"Katrina Alexis Dawson..." I Said. "How does this person know my whole name!?"

"It's creepy," Patrick said. "I Didn't even know your Middle name was Alexis until now!"

"Named after my Great Grandmother..." I Said blankly, still looking down at it.

Then, i bent down and picked it up, then i just stared at it before looking back at Kaner.

"Let's go inside and read this," I Said. He just nodded.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys to unlock the door. After that, he turned the knob to get it open, but he didn't open the door with his hands, he kicked it open. Then, he peaked his head through and looked around.

"'s safe," He said, as we went in. We headed over by the couch, but we didn't sit down. I Just looked down at the envelope. "You want me to open it for you?" He asked.

"No..." I Said. "I Can do this on my own...I'm a big girl..." I Said. Even though i said it didn't mean shit though. I Was so scared to open it up and see what it said inside, but i gotta do this.

I Took a deep breath, then i slowly started to open it up. Then, it was completely open and i read it, and i just couldn't believe it. I Was breathless. I just handed it over to Kaner and he read it, and he had the same expression.

"I'm scared..." I Said, trying to fight tears.

Patrick just opened up his arms, and i just hugged him as tight as i could. I've been through a lot of shit in my life, from living on the same streets as actual gangs, being in a house with a gun, and all of this scary shit, but none of them compares to all.

*Sunday Night, 11pm, Baltimore, Maine, Local Bating-Range outside, Heathers POV* much has been on my mind lately and i just haven't been able to function right. Last month when i found out Sidney was cheating on me, it struck me hard, and i was vulnerable, and then Alex stepped in to help heel my broken heart, but he was nothing more then another Crosby. I Feel bad, honestly, because i've been taking my frustration out on my friends, and that's just not right. So, i had the night off, so i decided to go to this outdoor bating-range and brush up on my batting skills since i haven't really done this since my Senior Year in high school about...5 years ago or so. I Was actually pretty good. I Was just pretending the balls coming at me were little heads of Alex and Crosby.

"No bitch cheats on me and fucking gets away with it..." I Said, while hitting a ball. 
Then, i couldn't help but notice a car pull up, a car that looked very familiar. It caught my eye and i looked over to see who it was, and i couldn't believe it- It was Alex and Kathryn. Those son of a bitches. They got out of their car and went to an empty batting dugout to practice all the way at the end of the corner---which was bogus and offended me, because no one else was fucking here besides us three. I Doubt they even know i was here though. I just watched them as Kathryn got a bat and tried to act fucking cute and act like she had no idea what it fucking was. So then A-Ry went up behind her, put her arms around her and helped her get in the position, then took a swing at a ball with her, and they were both smiling and laughing. Then, he put the bat down and turned her around so they were face-to-face.  Then, they kissed.
That's it. I've had enough.

Emotionally and Physically, he's hurt me for too long and i've tried to deal with it, but now, i just can't anymore. I Can't. I Looked over to where he parked his car, and grabbed a Louisville Slugger bat and just walked over to it and looked at it nice and long. Then i reached out into my back pocket and grabbed out my car keys. I Looked back over at Kathryn and Alex, still kissing, it made me sick. Then, i looked back over at his car, and just took a deep breath.
"Maybe Next time he'll think before he cheats..." I Said, raising up my arm with the bat in hand.  Look at it this way...I Hear he's been looking for a new car he's gonna get a good excuse......

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Year Two Week Twelve // Reality Check

*Toronto, ON, CA, the Team hotel, 10:30am, Monday*

I woke up the next morning right next to Patrick. He had both of his arms around me, too cute. Of course, i was the first one up between the two of us when the alarm clck on my phone went off. I Set it last night so it would wake us up at 9:30am, 30 minutes before we took the team bus to Buffalo for the Hawks game. But when it went off, i saw the time, and i started freaking out.

"Holy Shit!!!" I Yelled out loud, quickly getting out of bed and into my suitcase, waking Kaner up.

"What what what!?" he yelled outloud, startled,

"We slept in!" I Yelled out. "We were supposed to leave 30 minutes ago for the bus!"

"Wait, WHAT!?" Kaner yelled, jumping out of bed.

"My phone time is still in CENTRAL Time, not Eastern time! I Set my phone for 9:30 and it Just went off because it's 9:30 in Chicago!" I Explained.

"Oh SHIT!" Patrick yelled out, literally sprinting over to his suitcase and then he started throwing out all of the clothes to it, landing over to me, on the other side of the room.

"Um...looking for something?" I Asked sarcastically, trying to pick some of his clothes up, including his jersey.

"Where's my suit!?" He said.

"Why the fuck do you need a suit?" I Asked.

"The game's in Buffalo, My hometown, my friends and family are gonna be there!" He said.

"Okay, good for you, your point?" I Asked.

"My Mother will FREAK If i show up in some jeans and a t-shirt!" He yelled.

"I'm sure she won't..." I Said.

"You don't know my mother," He said. "She will..."

"It's a shame i have to work tonight, i would LOVE To meet your crazy family," I Said.

"My family isn't crazy!" Patrick said, still digging through his clothes and freaking out.

"They gave birth to you, so they're crazy," I Said, smiling.

"UGH," Patrick said. "WHERE THE HELL IS MY SUIT!?"

"Okay really?" I Said, rolling my eyes. "Here," I Said, going into my suitcase.

I Dug around from some of my clothes and some jeans and a hollister t-short out to wear today, and i also pulled out a a suit from the bottom of it and threw it at Patrick.

"Where the fuck did you-"

"I Figured you'd forget to bring some certain clothes with you, since your, well, you, so i packed some extra stuff just incase," I Said. "Your welcome..."

"Thanks, Mama," He said to me, with a smirk on his face as he started changing into his suit. I Just rolled my eyes as i also started switching into my clothes.

Then we got all dressed in what we needed to be in and Patrick was about to go wake Toews up, but noticed something rather interesting....

"Wait...Where's Jonathan?" Patrick asked, noticing his bed was completely made.

"I Have no idea..." I Shrugged.

"And all his stuff's gone too...." Patrick said, trying to put the pieces together. Then, i saw a note attached to the pillow and i grabbed it, then started reading it.

"Kat And Pat,

I'm back, bitches, and i'm here to stay for the rest of the season.

Captain Serious."

After i read that, i looked up and raised an eyebrow.

"That bastard sold us out," I Said. Patrick didn't looked too happy either.

"Come on, we gotta get going to an airport," Kaner sighed.

"Whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes a little pissed off at Jonathan as we grabbed our stuff and walked out the door.

"Alright, so we'll get a cab to take us to the nearest airport and check the earliest flight there is to Buffalo and-" Kaner started, but stopped when we saw something else interesting- Sharpie and Sarah walk out of their hotel room.

"Oh, hey there," Sharp said, fixing his tie as Sarah came out with their suitcases. I Just looked at them, then BURSTED Out laughing.

"Looks like we aren't the only idiots here,"I Said with a smirk on my face to Kaner. Sharp and Sarah were just so confused.

"The hell you talking about?" Sarah asked.

"Your asses are still in Central time," I Said.

"What?" Sharpie asked.

"All four of us forgot Toronto was in a different time zone then Chicago, and we were supposed to leave an hour ago for the team bus to buffalo," Kaner explained, smirking. Sharp and Sarah just stood there, frozen, trying to comprehend all of this, and when they did, the look on their faces just had no words.

"Wait, but..." Sarah began.

"We're trapped in Toronto basically" I Said.

"Get in our room, Now," Sharp said, opening up the door, "We gotta figure this out."

"Damn straight we do..." Patrick said, heading in, as did i.

"Wait..." Sarah said. "Where's Brent then?" Again, i just smirked.

"Both of our roomates screwed us over," I Said.

"Jonathan Screwed you two?" Sharp asked. I Just handed him the note and he read it. "Oh, i see."

"Yeah," I Said.

"So, what the hell are we gonna do?" Kaner asked.

"Sarah, you brought your laptop with you, right?" I Asked, flopping down on a bed.

"Yeah, why?" She asked.

"Google the nearest airport, go on it's website and check out the nearest flight to Buffalo," I Said.

"Alright," She said, getting up and going through her suitcase to get out her laptop.

"SO KAT," Sharpie began. "You gonna go meet Kaner's parents and come support us at the game, if we get into Buffalo?"

"No, i got work to do tonight," I Said. "I'm wrestling at Madison Square Garden."

"MSG?" Sharpie asked, raising an eyebrow. "You Know Kat, that's the real deal, you make it there, your something, and to be in MSG Means your obviously full of high class."

"Yeah, i know," I Said. "Your point?"

"Why the hell are you wrestling there then?" He asked. I Just frowned and grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

"No Need to get throwy," Sharpie said.

"You deserved it though,man," Kaner said defending me.

"Whatever," Sharp said. "You know, I've Played Hockey MANY Times Before in MSG," He said, with a big smile on his face.

"Yeah, and the last time you did you lost," I Said. He just frowned.

"Touche..." He said.

"God Dammit," Sarah sighed.

"What?" Kaner asked.

"The Nearest airport near here is 20 minutes away, But the next plane to Buffalo won't actually land until right before the game starts," Sarah explained.

"DAM IT!" I Yelled.

"How far away is the next nearest airport?" Sharp asked.

"About an hour," Sarah sighed.

"Oh For the love of god," Sharpie said, sighing.

"What time is it?" Kaner asked me as i grabbed out my phone to check.

"11:05am," I Said. He just sighed.

"At 11:30, the Sabres take the ice for their morning skate then at around 12:45 the Hawks do," He said. "If you and i aren't at the Arena by 12:30 in gear and everything, Joel probably won't put us in the game and will count us out as his Healthy Scratches and put Scott or Pisani in instead..."

"Dammit..." Sharpie said.

Basically, everyone here was so pissed. The Boys and Sarah both had a game to go to, and because both of them are considered top players on the team and team leaders, this wasn't so good for the Hawks. As For Me, in about 9 hours, Monday Night RAW Will go LIVE On Air in Madison Square Garden. Now, of course i haven't gotten to the arena so i have no idea what i'll be doing- Or If Paul and Stephanie will ever use me at all tonight- But still, not showing up not only a show, but a show in such a big place with the WWE, that's gonna be a MAJOR Factor on who Paul and Steph choose to put over at Wrestlemania in my match against Kathryn.  We all can't afford to not be in New York for what we need to do. All of us were pissed, But then, i remembered something and instantly lit up.

"OH MY GOSH!" I Yelled out loud, jumping up off of the bed.

"What!?" Everyone else yelled.

"I Just remembered that when i first signed my contract with Jim Ross, he was going over all these rules and stuff, and he told me WWE was VERY Strict on making sure their talent, especially the top talent, make all events their scheduled for," I Explained. "Well, not only am i there talent BUT a top dog for the Women's division. He said that if something happened such as a canceled flight or a missed flight, WWE Has it's own private jet they'll send out ASAP to transport their talent! I Can get on the phone now with WWE headquarters, tell them the situation, and they'll send one out right now that should be here in just a couple of short minutes, and since we're taking a private jet, it'll get us in New York faster! We can drop you guys off in Buffalo first then i can make it to MSG on time!"

"OH MY GOD YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!" Sarah yelled out.

"The hell you waiting for woman!?" Sharp yelled. "Get your ass on the phone now!"

Then, i got on the phone and got on the phone with someone from WWE HQ In Connecticut and explained what happened and all that and they said they were sending out the JET ASAP and how it was good i called, especially since Paul and Stephanie would not only be there but they would be watching the whole show in a private suite in MSG---They have 3 young kids, so usually, at least One of them goes to the RAW or Smackdown Tapings, sometimes they don't completely, but they'll both be here, so that's big---. About less then 10 minutes later, we were outside and getting on a jet to get to New York.

"Oh, Fuck yes," Sarah said, smiling. "This place is fucking sweet...And it's got some Champagne!"

"Now THAT'S Classy!" Kaner said.

"At 11am in the morning, really?" I Said to them. "Kaner i'd expect, but really Sarah?"

"Well I'm thirsty..." Sarah said, already reaching toward some glasses.

"It's called Water, Babe," Sharp said, laughing. Sarah just rolled her eyes. Then, the jet took off.

For the hour we spent on the jet, we drank, talked, and got in a little nap for the last 20 minutes. Then, the Jet dropped off in Buffalo for Sarah, Sharp and Kane.

"I'm still upset i can't come to the game again tonight to see you guys play and meet your family," I Said, wrapping my arms around Kaner's neck as he wrapped his arms around my back.

"Me too, they would have loved to meet you, and at the rate we've been going, now's a great time to introduce you guys," He said.

"Yeah," I Said. "Other then that, i still don't wanna be away from you," I Said frowning.

"Babe, I Told You," Patrick said, "Once you get back into the swing of things backstage and in the ring, you'll be fine."

"No i won't," I Said. "This isn't about that, it's about me wanting to spend more time with my boyfriend, like a real couple."

"Kit-Kat, i think we're far past being a normal couple," Patrick said to me, causing me to laugh a little."Besides, even if you left, i'd still do hockey, which would make you a complete hockey girlfriend, which isn't too easy either."

"If Sarah can do it, why can't i?" I Asked.

"Well first, do you REALLY Wanna be like Sarah?" He asked me.

"Okay, you got a point there," I Said. "But still..."

"Look, it won't be that easy," He said. "We have 82 regular season games. and only half of them are in Chicago, not to mention those long road trips, and don't get me started on playoffs. Bottom line, you won't be able to come to every single game and be with me on the road like this weekend, you don't wanna leave you career just to be with me, because you'll only really be with me during the off-season when i'm completely free. Until then, i'm a working man."

I Just sighed and looked up at him.

"Look, maybe once this relationship is like, SERIOUS and we're married or engaged, if your truly tired of wrestling and being on the road constantly and ready to slow down and actually start a family and stuff, then we can uh...yeah. But until then, don't leave your career and give up your dream for me," He said. "Promise me right now you won't or i'm not letting you go."

"Really, Patrick?" I Said to him.

"Yes, really," He replied, smirking. I Just sighed.

"I Promise you i will stop caring about you and wanting to give up my career for you since we won't last," I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"That's my girl," He said, smirking.

Then, we both shared one of those long, romantic kisses together, probably the last one this week since i'll be going back on the road with WWE Doing houseshows and he has his hockey, But it sure was a re-memorable last kiss. 

"PAGING DR. FAGGOT," Sarah yelled out loud to Kaner, causing both of us to stop kissing. The look on Kaner's face was priceless, he was so annoyed.

"Don't Be a rude bitch insulting people!" I Yelled back at her.

"I'm Not Being a Rude Insulting Bitch!" She yelled back.

"She's Just quoting The Hangover, nothing wrong with that!" Sharp yelled out loud, laughing.

"I'll talk to you later tonight," Kaner said, letting go of me and grabbing his stuff and getting across the street with Sarah and Sharp as they tried whistling for a cab, didn't work until Sarah whistled.

I Just waved at them good bye. They didn't see me, but oh well.  Then, i just shrugged and hopped back on the jet to head to MSG.

*A Couple Minutes later, arriving at Madison Square Garden*

The Jet landed right in the back parking lot of Madison Square Garden and it was nothing like i expected it, it was huge, But, for some reason, i guess when people come here, to headline it, they feel an adrenaline rush, but, for me, i didn't feel that. It felt just like any other arena. So that's weird. I Went in and saw crew members working, people talking, and normal stuff.


Spoke to soon.

"MOTHER FUCKER! I SWEAR TO GOD!" I Heard Nikie shouting. I Didn't know where she was, but i followed her voice and were it was coming from and started running right up the stairs into the arena and right when i walked in to the central backstage area i saw her sitting on a crate with Heather, Jenny and Jamila.

"The hell is going on child?" I Yelled, putting down my wrestling bag. "I Heard you all the way from out in the parking lot."

"John's getting fired!" Nikie yelled to me.  My Mouth just dropped.

"His ass ain't getting fired," Heather said, annoyed. "He just said he was getting tired off WWE."

"His contract isn't up for renewal for like, what, 2 years though?" I Said.

"Dumbass asked for Paul to let him out early," Jenny said, rolling her eyes.

"Why?" I Asked.

"I Don't know, he just did," Jammy shrugged.

"Fucking bastards," Nikie said, with an evil eye.

"Okay, seriously!?" Heather yelled out loud, snapping out of nowhere. "Nikie, Your his Fiancee', support him and his decisions, DON'T BITCH ABOUT THEM!" That sure as hell caught Nikie's attention.

"Whoa, Heather, be a little sincere...." Jammy said.

"Be Sincere?" She asked, "When you get your heartbroken by a guy you love because he cheated on you and become vulnerable and put all your trust in another guy who ends up pulling the same shit, You try being Sincere to someone complaining about nothing!"

We all just looked at Heather, until Nikie rose up on her feet, as did Heather and they glared at each other.

"Wanna say that again?" Nikie said, pissed off.

"You know you heard me..." Heather said. "Jamila and Jenny may disagree, but Kat won't, right?" She asked.

Then, all four of them just looked at me, waiting for an answer from me. Nikie and Heather both crossed their arms and raised an eyebrow. I Just stood their, blankly and looked at them.

"Well!?" Nikie asked, in a demanding tone. 

"Grow up and stop fighting over something so childish, that's what i think," I Said to them, then just walking off and down the hallway leading to the locker rooms. I Knocked right on Cena's door.

"Open up,  you Boston Bitch!" I Yelled while knocking. Shortly after, he opened.

"Kat, Hunter and Steph. Brought their 3 little kids them, so watch the language, please," He said. I Just stayed there staring at him, blankly. 

"I'm not amused," I Said to him. He rolled his eyes.

"What can i help you with?" He asked.

"What's this i hear about you leaving WWE?" I Asked. He just sighed.

"I'm just tired of the same old shit," He said.

"The same old shit?" I Asked. "You mean WWE Always giving you the privilege of always Main eventing and always putting you in Title Matches?"

"What the hell?" He asked. "You against me?"

"No, i just think your in over your head," I Said. "You have no reason to complain. You know how many guys wanna be in your position?"

"I'll let them!" John said. I Just looked at him.

"Oh My God," I Said, sighing. "You and your little fiance' and her friends literally are pissing me the fuck off with this whole fucking attitude."

"Don't you dare bring Nikie into this," John said, sternly.

"Well i am," I Said. "Your getting too full of yourself and just because WWE's been choosing to put CM Punk and Nexus first before you lately doesn't mean shit. So what?"

"Get out of my locker room," John said, getting pissed off.

"Not before i say this," I Said. "Get your head in the fucking game, and stop making your poor, innocent fiance' freak out for you because your in over your head," I Said, looking him right in the eye, then walking out.

I'll feel better about WWE Once i get backstage and back into the swing of things? Oh Kaner, What a load of crap. I actually feel WORST because of all this drama, and i've only been here for about 20 minutes. I'd rather be with Kristen, and that says a lot with her craziness. I Just headed straight into the diva's locker room to get my stuff down in my stall for the night, right next to Natalya.

"Hey, Kasey!" She shouted, smiling. 

"Oh, Hey," I Said.

"It's nice to have you back," She said. "Houseshows were kind of dull with you, honestly."

"Oh, well duh,"I Said, laughing.

"You okay?" She asked. "You seem a little down..."

"Drama," I Said, sighing. "Apparently something is going on with Cena, and because he's well, engaged to one of my best friends and related to another of my best friends, it's just complication."
"Oh, yeah, i've heard," Natalya said. "But you shouldn't let it get to you, nothing will happen, he's just letting Punk get to him. Don't worry, i'm sure he'll be-"

"Excuse me," Vickie said, coming in. "Kasey Angel, right?" She asked.

"Yeah..." I Said, a little cautioned. 

"Jim Ross needs you out here," She said. I Just shrugged and headed out of the Locker room, where i saw J.R Standing there waiting for me. The hell did i do this time?

"Miss Angel," He said to me. "Your wanted in Hunter and Stephanie's office," He said. I Just gulped. Did John snitch on me and tell him i snapped on him? What the hell did i do?

As i took the walk of shame down to the GM's office, so many thoughts were going through my mind on what the hell i possibly did now. I Bet someone on one of those dirt sheets posted something about me. Either way, i have no idea what the hell i did to get in trouble. Then, i got to the office and entered, but surprisingly, i wasn't the only one- Vickie, Dolph and Lay-cool were in their with Paul and Stephanie.

"Looks like everyone we requested are here..." Stephanie said, with a smirk.

"Why are we here?" Dolph asked.

"If ANY Of you actually paid attention to Smackdown this past week, you would have known we had it so Teddy Long BANNED Vickie from making Edge defend his title against Dolph Ziggler," Paul explained.

"Yeah, and?" I Asked.

"So, He banned it on Smackdown, RAW However...Different story," Paul said, smirking.

"Basically, what we wanna do is start off RAW Tonight with Vickie and Dolph going out into the ring and saying Vickie is making a match for the world title against Dolph and Edge," Stephanie said. "Then, we want Kasey to go out their and interrupt them and get into a little verbal fight with Dolph and Vickie, then have Lay-Cool come out from behind and attack you, Then Edge will come and attack Dolph and then save Kasey, then  Paul will come out and make the main event official- A 3 on 2 Mixed Handicapped Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge and Kasey Angel Defending the World title against Dolph Ziggler and the Team of Lay-cool with Vickie Guerrero!" She finished.

All 4 of us were just in shock. This was Mine, Dolph and Lay-Cool's first time in MSG, and we'll be in the main event, headlining. It was just un-real.

"With that being said," Paul Began, "Vickie, Nick, Michelle, Layla, if you would all be so kind to leave us alone with Kat real quick," He said. They just smiled and headed out, except me. Then, Paul and Stephanie just looked at me, both smiling.

"Kat, you've really been working hard for us lately," Stephanie said. "You've been doing phenomenal in your matches and promos and when we break ratings down, ratings go up when your on the tv," She said.

"Well, that's good," I Said.

"And lucky for you, Edge has done the same over on Smackdown," Paul said. "Look, we'll tell the other 3 later, but for now, we felt it would be good to tell you first, Edge already knows."

"What?" I Asked. 
Then, they both just smiled at me.

"We're putting you and Edge over tonight," They said. I Swear, my heart stopped. I Had no words, literally. 

My first time in the Garden, I'd be wrestling my first match In the Main Event AND I Was going to win? I Just couldn't believe it. Forget the drama that happened earlier with my friends, Kaner was right. I just remembered why i do this stuff.

*Hours Later, 3pm, Buffalo, New York, Patrick Kane's POV*  

"What do you want again?" I Asked my 17 year old little sister, Jacqueline.

During my off-season, when i USUALLY come home to Buffalo to spend it with my friends and family. Now, i'm here in Buffalo again as a working man, but, i got done with practice, addressing the media, have 3 hours until i gotta show at the arena with the team and i'm hungry, and one thing me and Jacqueline do random days when i'm home is go driving all around town with the radio on loud and go to the local McDonalds and eat. This was one of those random days.

"Just get me a cheeseburger with some fries and a Coke," She said, going over to sit down at a table. I Ordered our food and about 5 minutes later i headed over to where she was sitting with our food.

"So, how's things going?" I Asked her.

"Good!" She said, smiling. "I'm graduating in a couple months, so things are getting a little stressful school wise, but whatever. How's life in Chicago!?"

"Hockey wise, stressful with this intense playoff race going on," I Said. "Personal wise..." Then, i just smirked. "Couldn't be better." She just looked at me funny.

"Um...something you wanna tell me?" She asked me.

"Well....there's this girl-"

"Oh..." She said before rolling her eyes.

"What?" I Asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing....nothing..." She said, going to take a drink of her coke.

"More like something," I Said to her. She just sighed.

"Look, i just think your giving your hopes up for nothing," She shrugged. "You've never been with a girl who wasn't easy and actually cared about YOU and not your money and the publicity she'd get when people found out she hooked up with you."

"Well this girl isn't like those other girls i've been with so don't even try and compare her to the others," I Told her. "Besides, you never even met Her OR The girls before her."

"Doesn't mean that it makes them any different," She said.

"Well she is," I Said.

"How the hell do you know that?" She asked me.

"Watch the language..." I Said, Sternly.

"For crying out loud Patrick, i'm 17 not 7," She said. I Just sighed, as did she. "Look, i don't want you to just get hurt and let down like those other girls you THOUGHT You knew in the past. You don't deserve it.

"I Know i don't," I Said. "That's why i actually waited 2 months just to ask her to be my girlfriend."

"Well still..." She said, shrugging. "She's still not good enough to bring back him with you..."

"She's kinda famous and she has stuff to do tonight," I Said.

"Like Megan Fox famous?" Jacqueline asked. I Just laughed.

"Hell no!" I Said, then i smirked, "She's a million times better then Megan Fox," I Said, smirking. "But in all seriousness, in her line of business,  she truly is the best there is."

"What's her name?" She asked.

"Her real name's Katrina Dawson," I Said, "But if your gonna go home and look her up online, her stage name is Kasey Angel."

"Katrina Dawson and Kasey Angel?" She asked me. "Those are some weird names."

"So Is Jacqueline Kane but you don't see me poking fun at it," I Said, then laughing.

"Alright, but, in all seriousness," She said. "I Just don't want another girl to break your heart," She said. I Just smiled at her.

"Don't worry about me," I Said. "Just worry about graduating High School."

"I Will," She said, smiling. Then, we continued eating are food, and when we were done we both got up and starting heading out to my car.

"So, in all seriousness...." Jacqueline began, "Is Jonathan Toews single?" She said, winking.

"Don't even go there, little girl," I Said. She just laughed as we headed into my car and drove back home.

*7pm, one hour before RAW Goes live in MSG, Backstage, Kat's POV*

"So, your main-eventing tonight?" Kristen asked me, jaw dropped.

"That's not how it's supposed to go!" Punk yelled. They were actually starting to spend more time together, but still, it was a rocky relationship as of now. "Growing up when we were kids, You always played that ring announcer for me and Mike in our backyard and WE Wrestled, you just stayed there and tried to look pretty, if anything that's how it was supposed to be..."

"Shut up, Philip," I Shouted to him.

Kristen, Punk and I Were just hanging out in the central backstage area, talking. They were standing up, but i, however, was sitting down up against a wall playing with Play-doh i received from a random fan---NOT The one who was sending weird stuff like flowers and pot-laced brownies to my condo---It was actually from Stephanie and Paul's 4 year old, Aurora, she's a apparently a fan, so that may or may not explain why i've been getting pushed lately, who knows.

"Your 5 months away from being 22 years old and your sitting on your ass playing with Play-Doh!" He yelled.

"Philly, calm down," Kristen said. He just took a deep breath and did his best to calm down. They may be on the rocks with their Marriage, but when his women says something, he listens.

"Hey!" Justin yelled, running inside the Arena from the parking lot with his bag and some shades on.

"Angel," I Said, smirking at him.

"Long time no see..." He said, back, taking off his shades.

"It's only been like, 3 days idiot," I Said to him.

"Well you two are always one the road together, so it must seem like weeks for him," Kristen said.

"Whatever," I Said, going back to making a mustache out of my Purple Play-Doh.

"Hey guys!" Jenny yelled, skipping over to us with Nikie and Jammy trailing behind.

"The fuck is that?" Jammy yelled, right away when she saw the Play-Doh in my hand.

"What's it look like?" I asked.

"If i knew i wouldn't have asked, now wouldn't have i?" She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Where's Heather?" Kristen asked. Nikie rolled her eyes just hearing that name.

"She left," Jenny shrugged.

"Why?" Justin asked.

"She hasn't been in a good mood because of what's going on with Kevin, so she asked to leave because she didn't have anything planned for tonight anyway," Jenny shrugged.

"She didn't have anything planned because she's a no good un-talented hoe!" Nikie shouted. I Just looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Just because she wasn't in a good mood and said something about John doesn't mean you need to be so rude to her..." I Said. She just gave me the evil eye, which scared the shit out of me.

"She's kind of right," Justin shrugged. "I Mean, try going through what Heather's going through, she doesn't even mean it anyway..."

"Shut up, African Boy," Nikie said to him, rolling her eyes.

"In his defense..." I Began.

"Don't even," She said.

"Alright," I Said, going right back to playing with my play-doh.

Then, from outside in the parking lot, we heard a car door slam, then we focused our attention to seeing who it was, and No other did Edge walk into the backstage area, in Jeans, a Black Jacket, shades, his title around his shoulder and wrestling bag in his left hand. He took off his shades once he came in and right when that happened, he spotted me and my crew and walked on over to us.

"You Six," He said, pointing to everyone, but me, "Go away, now."

"I'm sorry, i don't take orders from sneaky Canadians," Punk said.

"Look, When your Main Eventing Madison Square Garden as the World Champion, feel free to tell me what to do, until that happens, you listen to me," Edge said. Punk just had a nasty look on his face.

"I Was leaving anyway to go talk to my boys..." He said, referring to Nexus. "Come on, Justin," He said as he and Justin walked off together, and everyone else also walked off, only leaving me and Edge. He looked down on me, then i realized why- I Was on the ground playing with Play-Doh like a 5 year old. I Quickly rolled the Play-doh up into a sphere and then got up off the ground and stood up.

" talk to Paul and Steph lately?" He asked.

"This afternoon," I Said. "They told me everything from our match and from putting us over."

"Good," Edge said. "With that being said, we should go meet up with Jim Ross and get some ideas for what we should do," He said. I Just nodded my head as we ran off toward the GM's office to go see J.R to plan our match.

*One Hour Later, 8pm, Showtime, On the way to the Gorilla Position*

I Was walking from the locker room area all the way over to the Gorilla Position to go start off RAW with Edge, Vickie, Dolph and Lay-Cool, but i was running a little late. I Wasn't going out there first, but i had to be there ready. It got to the point i started Sprinting a little once i heard Dolph's music go off, but i got their JUST as they were heading out.

"Real Quick, You'll come out once I Start talking!?" Dolph asked quickly. I Just nodded fast as they went out.

"Alright then when your talking and cutting a promo against them, we come out, right?" Layla asked. I Just nodded.

"Then Edge, then Paul," I Said, fixing my hair. "OH! And when i go out there, once i start talking to Vickie, have the sensors ready," I Told one of the crew members. It was something Edge suggested at last minute that we're going with.

Then, we all focused our attention to the monitors to watch what was happening and for our cues.

"Excuse me..."  Vickie said, causing boos out of the Sold Out MSG Crowd, just like expected.

"I SAID EXCUSE ME!!!" She yelled out again, causing the boo's to get even louder.

"SHUT UP YOU YANKEES FANS!" Dolph shouted out loud, even more boos.

"I Say this is going good as planned, so far," I Said.

"Last Friday Night on Smackdown, Teddy Long decided to show his face again, and well...take a look at the POOR Decisions this man makes!" Vickie said, pointing to the Titantron where they showed a replay of what happened on Smackdown- Teddy returning and banning Vickie for making Edge defend his title anymore against Dolph Ziggler unless he earns a title shot. Then, after that was done airing, i was handed a mic.

"Alright, Kiddo, go get 'em," Edge said to me, i just smiled.

"Thanks," I Said. Then, i turned to the crew member.  "Whatever you do, DON'T Forget the Sensors."

"Now, with that being showed, Me and My Boyfriend Dolph Ziggler are here to-" Vickie began, but was Interrupted by the music or yours truly.

I Headed out of Gorilla and behind the curtain onto the ramp infront of the Sold Out Madison Square Garden and stopped, just to feel the rush and the energy this crowd was giving. It was amazing to experience, and right now, i'm probably more excited then when Me and Kaner bang.

I Then got into the moment and started walking down that ramp getting a pop from the crowd. Then, i slid into the ring and got face-to-face with Dolph and Vickie. My Time To Shine. I Was About to speak, but then Dolph decided to instead.

"Why The HELL Are you out here!?" He asked. I Just looked at him, taking a moment to pause. Then, i lifted up my mic to start speaking.

"Well, Mr. Ziggles..." I Began. "You may not know this since you have your head all the way up Vickie's Ass about Seventy-Five Percent Of the time, but uh, i work here," I Said, pausing so the camera could get a good look at Dolph's mortified face. "And so uh, with that being said...WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE!?" I Yelled out loud to him. Hopefully the sensors caught the F Bomb. That got a huge reaction from the crowd like expected.

"If i were you, I'd watch what your saying to someone powerful like Me," Vickie said.

"And If I Were YOU, i'd start watching what i was's called Jenny Craig, you should give her a call," I Said to Vickie, who told me i should say that earlier today.

"HEY!" Dolph yelled out loud. "Vickie Guerrero happens to be the most BEAUTIFUL Women Alive and-"

"How long did it take you to finally get yourself to say that,son?" I Asked. "Is she making you say this or else?" That just lit a candle in Vickie and Dolph. They looked like they wanted to say something, but didn't.

Then, i felt myself get kicked RIGHT In the back of my head and then i was tackled to the mats and jumped on by Lay-Cool who attacked me punch after punch while also Verbally abusing me at the time.

"Who do you think you are you little ghetto bitch!?" Michelle Yelled when Layla was punching me in the face.

"Get your ass out of our ring you untalented bitch!" Layla yelled when Michelle was punching me in the face.

Then, from nowhere,  you heard the crowd start to cheer LOUDLY, and then, Edge came in the ring, scared Lay-Cool and they ended up running out of the ring, SCREAMING from the top of their lungs as well as Vickie, and Dolph tried to get out, but not before Edge delivered a spear to him then literally KICKED Him out of the ring. Then, he got me and picked me up and got me out of the ring as i held my head in pain.

"You okay?" He whispered to me on the ramp.

"Yeah, i'm fine," I Said.

"Well good, your doing great, Kiddo," He said to me. I Wanted to just burst out with a big smile on my face, but i couldn't because of business reasons.

Then, we heard 'King Of Kings' Playing as Hunter walked onto the top of the ramp in his suit with a mic in hand, making me and Edge turn around to see him and Dolph, Vickie and Lay-Cool to look and pay attention.

"Now...i'm feeling very generous, so, i'm gonna grant some wishes," He said. "Dolph, you want another title shot? Lucky for you, you've been Impressive in ALL Your matches lately, so therefore, you get one. HOWEVER...If you lose this title match,you are banned from competing for the world title until you FAIRLY win a Number One Contenders match." He said. Then, he smirked.

"As For You three lovely ladies..." He began. "You seem to wanna fight, so i'm gonna give you win. I'll give you ALL One. I Will do something NEVER Done before. So, tonight for our RAW Main Event here in Madison Square Garden, it will be a Three On Two Handipcapped Match for the World Heavyweight Title! The Team of Dolph Ziggler and Laycool Versus' The world Heavyweight champion Edge and his partner, Kasey Angel!" He said, getting a pop out of the crowd.

That's when it all clicked in. He said i was in the main event and headlining Madison Square Garden. Right Now, there is officially No turning back.


"My Whore My Whooore, Is gonna main event, Madison Square Gaarden, Because she is,  A BEAST!" Kristen sang while doing a happy dance in John Cena's locker room. John was so nice to let us all watch RAW and warm up in his locker room. Right now he had just come back from a match with Orton, that Punk and Nexus were nice enough to interrupt, and then RAW was coming back from a commercial break.

"Bitch, calm your Italian tits down, girl" I Said while switching into my Attire.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just so Excited for you!!!" She said, smiling. "This is your BIG Break!"

"She's right, Kat," Jenny said, laying down on the floor, texting Cody. "This one match tonight could change your entire future for Kasey Angel."

"Yeah, it's Make It Or Break it time," Jamila said, right before kicking Jenny in the back. "Stop texting Brokeface, for once."

"You know you love him," Jenny said, sticking out her tongue.

"MOTHER FUCKER OF GOD!" Nikie yelled out of nowhere, scaring the living shit out of us.

"What!?" I Yelled out loud.

"Didn't you just see what happened!?" Nikie said. I Shook my head, and noticed she was trying pretty hard to not break down in tears.

"What?" Jamila asked.

"John just put his career on the line!" She shouted. "He went into Punk's locker room and made a wrestlemania challenge- If John loses, he leaves ALL Of wrestling...forever."

"Why the fuck would that dumbass make such a dumbass move?" Jenny said.

"Why the fuck would such a dumbass accept that challenge!?" Jamila yelled out.

Then, there was an awkward silence in the room as Jenny, Jamila and Nikie slowly turned their heads toward Kristen, who just sighed.

"I'm just married to him," Kristen said. "I Don't control his actions, decisions and what he says..."

"Yeah, it's not her fault her husband just happens to be a jackass," I Said, defending her while grabbing my cellphone. "Look Nikie, we can talk about all of this later, but i have a HUGE match soon, so please, try to keep calm, cool, and collected until after the match," I Said. Nikie just took some deep breaths to kind of calm her down.

Then, i focused onto my phone. I Had to send some messages.

"Look,i don't know exactly what's going on with you right now, but if you need to talk about ANYTHING, you know EXACTLY where you can find me if you wanna talk." I Texted to Heather. I Really was worried for her. She hasn't taken these last two break ups very well since both times she was cheated on. Then, i had one last one to text: To Patrick.

"You were right," I typed to him.

Then, i hit send and noticed the time- 7:30. They were gonna air the full length trailer for the new movie 'The Chaperon' in a momentand during that time, i had to get out of the locker room and meet over in the Gorilla Position with Edge. I put down my cell, then laced up my boots, and took a deep breath.

"Well....i gotta go..." I Said, shrugging.

"Good Luck!" Jenny shouted. I Just smiled.

"What she said," Jammy said, sticking her tongue out.

"Lazy bum," I Said, rolling my eyes. Then came Kristen. She just looked at me.

"Go make something or yourself out their, kid," She said, smiling, which caused me to smile.

The thing about me and Kristen is that we're two idiots who love to hang out and do stupid things together, and we've done stupid things together ever since her and Punk started dating back when i was about 15 and she was around 20, but you can barely tell we have a five year age difference. ANYWAY, she clearly has been involved with Wrestling Longer then i have and is without a doubt more experienced and if anything, SHE Deserves to be main-eventing Madison Square Garden, not me. But she's not, i am. And just to know i have her blessing to go out their and kick ass, it really did mean something. But enough of that. After that, i headed out of the locker room and started making the short walk down to the Gorilla Position where i met up with Edge.

"You ready for this, kid?" He asked me, calmly. I Just nodded, trying to look as calm as possible, but inside, i was nervous as hell.

"Alright, look," Edge said to me. "I Know this is your first time not only in MSG but Headlining MSG and everything seems nervewrecking because this one perfermance will with make your career or break it, but take it from someone like me, you got out their nervous, it won't end well. You gotta tell yourself this is a once in a life time opportunity and you gotta take it and show people why you of all people were given this chance, and take advantage of it. You can do it, i know you can," he said. I Just smiled again. 

Then, 'You Think You Know Me' Went out through the arena and then the wicked Guitar of his song started playing, and we both ran out onto the ramp, getting a HUGE Pop from the crowd. When we were at the top, i moved out of Edge's way so he could do that rockstar pose he always does. Then, we ran down to the ring and slid in and posed in the middle of the ring. But then, we stopped as Edge's music fading and i heard a familiar voice...

"Hey, Kasey, UP HERE!" I Heard a voice say. Then, i turned around and saw no other then Kathryn Prince on the Titantron. "I May not be here tonight because of personal reasons, but that doesn't mean i'm not watching, and i have something i need to say to you. Enjoy your moment, Kasey. Enjoy it. Really, please, ENJOY IT. Because after tonight, the next time you perform on RAW Will be against ME to determine OUR Match at Wrestlemania for these babies," She said smirking, showing her two titles. "So, enjoy your time now, really, because next week, it's back to business, back to me proving why i am the best in the world at what i do and showing the world you were nothing but a person to soon be forgotten from the start..."

I Couldn't help but cringe when i heard that. I just couldn't. But i ended up shrugging it off. Then, Dolph's team came from backstage and into the ring. Then, the bell rang, and the match started.

Over all, the Match was the best match by far i have ever wrestled in. I Will NEVER forget this, but, out of the whole match, it was the ending that would stick out the most. Edge tagged me in a few, but this time, i knew it was big when he did. I Got in against Layla, who was a little beaten up, so Michelle got in as well and they tried to double team me, but it didn't work out as i was able to get them both into my new signature move 'Gift Of An Angel'. Then, they were down and out, for good. I dragged BOTH of them over to a corner rope and laid them each on top of each other and was about to start climbing the ropes for a 450 Splash.

"KASEY!!!" Edge Yelled. "Tag Me In Real Quick!" He said. I Wanted to hit my move, but whatever, i can wait. 

I Tagged Edge in and he came in with Dolph, who was a little worn out, and first thing he did was Clothsline Dolph down. Then, i knew what he was gonna do. He went over to the opposite corner across the ring and got into 'The Zone'. The Spearing Zone. Then, Dolph made the mistake of Getting up, and BAM,  SPEAR! I Figured Edge would pin, but no, he came back over and tagged me in.

"Grab Lay-cool and drag them over on top of Dolph," He said. I Was confused at first, but then,  it clicked in for me.

I Went and did what Edge had said and dragged Lay-Cool on top of Dolph's dead-like body. Then, i got outside of the ring and started climbing the ropes til' i was on the top one. I Rose above on it, and looked down at Dolph, Michelle and Layla all piled on top of each other, about to get their ribs crushed by yours truly. I Waited for a moment to sink everything in, to feel the rush and adrenaline the crowd was feeding me, and for this moment. Then, i snapped out of it, and jumped off, and did my thing and hit the four-fifty and went for the pin.

"1...2...3!!!!" The ref yelled as he rang the bell. 

I Got up fast as did Edge and i just jumped into his arms and hugged him as he was handed his championship back. He kissed me on my forehead real quick and whispered into my ear.

"I'm really excited to see what the future holds for Kasey Angel," He said. I Just smiled because this time i could. We were getting a Standing Ovation from the crowd and it felt great. Then, we headed out of the ring and up the ramp together backstage as RAW Went off-air. 

As we did, we were greeted by some crew members, who didn't look too happy.

"We told  you to do a 20 minute match, and you guys did 30," One of them said. 

Me and Edge just looked at each other, then laughed.

"All of those fans are gonna leave happy tonight," I Said, "We did our job, and we wouldn't change a thing."

Authors Note-
 Alright, so first- if there are ANY Spelling mistakes or anything, sorry, i didn't have time to proof-read this like usual. Second-  as of now, i have about 7 1/2 days left of school. Starting NOW, i wanna at least get 1 chapter up per week since i am now 5 chapters away from the W.M Chapter. so yeah. Please comment. aha. later.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Year Two Week Eleven // Party All night / Part 3

I Woke up the next morning feeling a little worn out. A Little too much ice cream and beer, i guess. My head was just laying on Kaner's big muscular chest while his arm was around me and i was snuggled up next to him, but he was still asleep. I Didn't wanna wake him up, so i did my best to get out of bed without waking him. When i did, i saw Jonathan up and zipping up his pants. When he saw me, he just looked at me.

"I Didn't wake you up, did i?" He asked.

"Don't worry about it," I Said, getting over toward my bag to dig out some clothes. "What time is it?"

"A Little after 10:30," He said, "What time is the concert?"

"Um, they're letting people in at 8pm i think?" I Said. "I Don't really know, but i'm sure Kris knows."

"And is he picking us up or what?" He asked.

"I Heard he was actually getting us a limo for it," I Said.

"Really?" Jonny asked raising an eyebrow. "Does that mean i gotta dress all fancy?"

"Nah, it's just a Down With Webster concert, just where jeans or whatever," I Said.

"Alright," Jonny said. "But we still have about 10 hours to kill, what do you wanna do?"

"Maybe see who's up, then go out to lunch or something?" I Suggested.

"Sure," Jonny said. "You go see who's up, and i'll wake Kaner up, meet your down in the lobby in 20 minutes."

"Alright," I Said, putting in some contacts then heading out down the hall to Sarah, Sharpie and Brent's room. I Was greeted by a tired Seabs at the door.

"Hi, Kat," He said, yawning.

"Hey, Brent," I Said, walking in to see Sharpie lying in his bed looking through the tv guide.

"Well hello there, Kat, what brings you here?" He asked pleasantly, but not making eye contacting.

"Jonny Kaner and I Wanna go out for lunch or something, you guys wanna come?" I Asked.

"No, i'm good, a little sore from last night, to be honest," Brent said, yawning.

"I Am a little hungry, so sure," Sharpie said. “I’ll get Sarah up in a moment,” He said, looking over to Sarah on his side. She was sound asleep.

“Well of course she would still be asleep,” I Said laughing. Then, I walked out.

Everyone else on the team either wasn’t up, wasn’t hungry, or were sore from last nights game and wanted to get some rest  for Tomorrows game in Buffalo- Then There Was Crawford, Who was wide awake, perfectly fine, and starving. So it was Me, Sarah, Sharpie, Kaner, Tazer and Crawford. Then I headed down stairs to the lobby to meet up with everyone else, but only Jonny and Kaner were down there, everyone else was still getting dressed or something I guess. I Also saw Kaner kind of holding his head, like he was in pain.

“You okay, Baby?” I Asked him, concerningly.

“No, Jonathan hit me,” He said, giving him the evil eye. I Just looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Jonathan said.

“Did you really hit him?” I Asked him.

“Well he wouldn’t get up, I had no other option,” He said.

“Um, how about trying to wake him up gently?” I Asked.

“Tried,” He said. I Looked at him Dumbfounded. He just shrugged. I Rolled my eyes. Then everyone else got downstairs,then we headed to some restaurant in down-town Toronto.

*About 20 minutes later*

“Let’s get some Poutine!” Sharpie yelled walking in and taking a seat at a booth big enough for us all. Me and Kaner sat next to each other  around the corner of one.

“Do they even have that here?” Kaner asked.

“Idiot, this is Canada, of course they do, American Boy,” Jonathan said. Kaner just rolled his eyes.

“So, what’s gonna happen tonight?” Sarah asked.

“Alright, we have to leave for Massey Hall at 7pm, so we should start getting ready at 6pm. Then we should arrive at 7:45, enough time to get whatever food and drinks we need their, then at 8pm is the opening act which is 3OH!3, then about an hour later, Down With Webster  should come on and perform, and by the time that’s done, we should get back at the hotel by 1am, for about a full 8 hours until we have to wake up at 9am and get ready for the plane to get you guys to Buffalo and me to a cab or whatever so I can get to MSG,” I Said.

“Wow,” Sarah said.

“Who coming again?” Jonathan asked.

“You, Me, Kaner, Sharpie, Sarah and Steeger for sure, and we have about one extra ticket, so we can take someone else if we want,” I Said.

“How about you, Craw?” Sharpie asked.

“You wanna come to the concert with us?” I Asked.

“No, I’m good, I think I’m just gonna get some sleep tonight instead,” He said.

“Looks like Kris is picking the other person, then,” Kaner said. Then, we all just got into a completely random convo after we ordered our food.

While waiting for our food, there was a conversation going on, but in the middle of it, I couldn’t help but drift off over to the corner, where there was a family. A Husband and a wife, and two of the most adorable kids ever, a little girl who looked about, 3 and a boy who looked about 5. Both had dirty blonde hair and were repping the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was so cute. I Nudged over on Kaner and pointed to them. I Saw him smile.

“That’s cute,” He said, still smiling. In my mind, I was fighting myself on whether or not to say this, 
but I ended up saying it.

“You think that, um…maybe, you know…that could be us someday?” I Managed to ask. He looked a little frozen after that. Then, he said something.

“Not anytime soon, but definitely eventually, in the future, when everything’s said and done, and the time’s right,” He said.

“I Kinda think the times right now,”  I Managed to mutter out. He just looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“No, it isn’t,” He said. I Just shrugged.

“Look, I know kids are cute, but, now?” he said. “Why? We’ve never even talked about this before.” I Just shrugged again. He sighed.

“Let’s talk about this later,” he said as the food came. “For now, let’s just enjoy some nice Poutine.”

"Whatever," I Said, sighing. "I Guess i can try it, never had it before."

"YOU'VE NEVER HAD POUTINE BEFORE?!" Corey, Jonathan And Sharpie---The Canadians--- Shouted.

"I'm American, so no," I Said.

"American Kids..." Jonathan said, shaking his head.

"Try some, it's amazing," Sharpie said.

"Whatever," I Said. It looked amazing as hell. So it better be good. Sarah tried some first, then Kaner, then me.

"Holy Shit," I Said. "You Canadian Bastards."

"No words," Sarah said.

"This is YUMMY," Kaner said. Sharp, Jonny and Corey just smirked.

"I Know right,eh?" Jonny said in his accent.

"So Kat, real quick," Sharp said. "This concert will be good and fun, right?" I Just looked at him, then laughed.

"Trust me," I Said, "AT Least one of us are leaving that concert incredibly drunk..."

Then, we all looked over to Kaner and raised an eyebrow at him. He just looked at us, then sighed.

"Off season, not regular season," He said.

"Sure..." Sarah said.

"Not buying it," Jonny said. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"I'm staying sober tonight," Kaner said sternly. "Well, i'm not getting completely drunk."

"Whatever you say," Sharpie said.


"Babe, Where's my cologne?" Patrick asked me, in the bathroom getting ready for the concert.

"Since when the hell do you wear cologne?" I Asked, brushing my hair on the bed while watching tv.

It was 6:30 and Kris was heading over here with a limo any second now so we can head down to Massey Hall for the DWW Concert. Kaner was in the bathroom getting ready, Toews was already down stairs in the lobby all ready, along with everyone else who was ready i guess, and I Was brushing my hair, then i had to put on some perfume.

"Since like,forever," He yelled from the bathroom.

"Not since you've been dating me.." I Said, getting up to put some Perfume on.

My Outfit

"Seriously, Where's some cologne!?" He yelled again. I Rolled my eyes.

"You don't need any cologne!" I Yelled back at him. "Just hurry up and get out, i'm pretty sure everyone's waiting for us."

"Well don't rush me..." He said.

"Well i am," I Said, rolling my eyes. I Heard him sigh back. Then, he came out.

Patrick's Outfit

 "Well?" He asked, coming out.

"Lose the hat," I Said. He just frowned.

"Ah, no," He said, smirking. I Just rolled my eyes, then stuck my tongue out. Then we kissed real quick while he snatched off my sun glasses. I Just raised an eyebrow.

"I Can't wear sun-glasses but you can wear your stupid baseball hat?" I Asked

"You can wear them when we're actually outside," He said, sticking his tongue out.

I Rolled my eyes, then i playfully smacked his face, then we kissed again, then headed down to the lobby where we saw Jonathan, Sharp and Sarah.

Jonathan's Outfit

Patrick Sharp's Outfit

Sarah's Outfit
(Minus The Bag)

I Looked over at Jonathan and Sarah and just raised an eyebrow.

"The Hell you looking at?" Sarah asked, taking off her glasses.

"I Told you earlier today this was a Down With Webster Concert," I Said. "And you two are dressed like a bunch of formal idiots."

"How the fuck is this formal?" She yelled at me.

"Well it's not casual for you, that's damn straight..." I Said to her. She rolled her eyes. "And boy, what in the hell are you wearing?" I Said, focusing my attention to Toews.

"What did you expect me to wear?" He asked.

"Something normal!" I Yelled. "Not some expensive ass watch, a tie, and fancy pants..."

"Whatever," He said.

"He's captain series, he's gonna play like a captain and act like one off the ice too," Sharp said. "He's too mature to wear something normal."

"Shut up," Jonathan said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh you know i'm joking, Toe-S" Sharp said. Jonathan looked pissed off, but he ignored him.

Then, Kris walked into the hotel doors.

Kris' Outfit

"Hey Kris," Sarah said.
"Ladies," Kris said, winking.
"Your just gonna not say hi to us?" Sharp asked.

"What do you want me to say, Look at you idiots!" He joked.

"Very funny," Kaner said Sarcastically, then laughing.

"So did you come Solo or bring someone?" Sarah asked.

"I Brought someone," Kris said. "He's just busy trying to doll himself up...he's a pretty boy. I Think Kat knows who it is," He said, looking at me, as did everyone else. I Was just confused.

"I Don't know who the he-" Then, it clicked.

"HIM?" I Asked, trying to hide a smile, especially from Kaner.

"Yep," Kris said, winking.

Then, he walked through the door, and caught the eye of everyone, which made him look a little uncomfortable.

"Did I Miss Something...?" Luke Schenn Asked walking in. I Just smiled, and tried to go up to hug him, but Kaner held me back. Then, he gave Steeger a Death glare, who just smirked.

"Someone's jealous..." Sharpie joked to Kaner.

"Am Not..." Kaner pouted.

"Don't worry, i have a girlfriend," Luke said, smiling.

"Of course you do," Jonathan said. Luke just laughed. 

"You guys ready to go?" Kris asked. "Limo's waiting."
"OOOH Limo!" Sarah said, smiling. 
"Let's go party!" Jonathan said, Fist pumping as we all headed out to the Limo. This is gonna be a long night.

*About an Hour Later, Massey Hall, place where Down With Webster is performing*

We arrived at the Massey Hall at 7:45, like planned. We had 15 minutes before 3OH!3, the opening act, took the stage, so i guess we were just gonna walk around and see what was going on i guess. But soon, we stopped and saw a miracle from God.

"Who Want's Some Free Ice Cold Beer!?" A Man Asked, who was kind of short and had Long red hair---Kind of like Heath Slater---with a Bullhorn in one hand, and in the other hand a cooler full of ice cold beer. I Literally almost fainted, Kaner had to catch me from falling onto the ground.

"Your going around giving free beer?" Jonny asked.

"It's one of my jobs!" He said, putting down the bullhorn. We all raised an eyebrow.

"Alright, let me explain," He said. "My Name Is Kap. I'm the Hypeman for Down With Webster, so basically my job is to go onstage before D.W.W Takes the stage and get you bitches pumped up for a night of partying. And see, we here at D.W.W have one motto everytime we step on stage, which is to Challenge YOU Guys. We always challenge the crowd to see who has more fun. The guys, or you. But see, we're very grateful for all of your support,from buying our songs on Itunes and buying tickets to see us perform live in concert, so, we thank you by giving you on hell of a badass concert, and offering free beer, least we can do," He explained. My jaw was just dropped.

"You are a Saint," I Said. "Someday, they will have a holiday named after you called 'St. Kap's Day."

"Really Kat?" Sarah asked. Kap just laughed.

"Help yourself to all you want, but you might wanna start finding your way in by the stage soon, trust me, you wanna get as close as you get," He said.

"Wait, what?" I Asked.

"Oh yeah, we don't use seating for our concerts," Kap said.

"Um, why not?" Luke asked. Kap just laughed again.

"Trust me, you won't need them..." He said.

Then, we got our beer- Everyone else got one, but i got two, then put one in each pocket then i grabbed two more. Everyone just looked at me.

"Looks like we just found out who's going home drunk tonight..." Sharpie said, as everyone else nodded. I Just rolled my eyes as we made our way out by the stage.

We got up pretty close, so that was awesome. 3OH!3 Came out an performed a couple songs, I Don't really listen to them, so i didn't really get it too much, but when they closed their part of the show with 'Touchin' On My', I Was already on my 2nd beer, so i was a little tipsy, and i ended up grabbing Kaner and did some... 'inappropriate' public dancing with him.

"DAMN YOU TWO, IN PUBLIC!?" Sharpie yelled. Even then we still had trouble hearing him. This place was loud as hell. We Just kinda ignored him though.

Then 3OH!3 Was done, and Kap came on, and well, he hyped us the fuck up.

"LET ME HEAR YOU SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!" He shouted into his bullhorn. And DAMN did we scream, but he just had a poker face on.

"You People Call THAT Screaming? You All Know you can do louder!" He said. "Now, LET ME HEAR YOUR SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" He shouted again. I Swear, the roof fucking flew off.

"Now, Get ready for the biggest party of your life to happen, Bitches, the moment you've been waiting for..." He said. Then, all the lights went out.

They were out for a moment, but then SOME of them came back on, and they were pointing to stage. Before we knew it, we saw Marty---The drummer--- and Tyler---The Bassist and Keyboard dude on Stage and Marty was banging on his drums. Then, we heard some trombones start to play, and Marty continued to bang, but more like he was playing a song, not crazy like before, and Tyler was using his bass. The crowd was going CRAZY. Then, Cam---My favorite--- Came running out onto the stage with a HUGE Flag with the Down With Webster Logo on it and waved it around for a moment, then ran back as Bucky came out from the right with a mic in hand and Pat came out with his Guitar in hand and went up to the mic that was already there and Cam came back out, this time with Nerd Glasses on, a mic in one hand, and a red cup in one hand. From their they went straight into 'Time To Win' As the crowd continued to go fucking wild. About 3 minutes later, 'Time To Win' Was done, so Pat took some time to talk.

"We are Down With Webster," He said, then pausing to listen to the crowd cheering. "We're a band from a small town in Canada, but we didn't get discovered on Youtube like some other certain Canadian Superstar, we got discovered at a fucking High School Talent Show, which we won by the way. Anyway, right here, right now, we issue a challenge to YOU, Toronto. We DARE you to just try and have more fun then us within the next 3 or 4 hours or so," He said, as the crowd cheered. He just smirked.

"Alright, then let's get this bitch started then!" He yelled.

Then, they went into Grind after that, Then Go-Go Girl, which me and Kaner got a little to into, Then  She's Dope, Then 'Let me In',  Which i got into a lot, and did end up dancing a little trashy, but Sarah was too, as was almost every other girl here, so whatever. Then, they got to Parade Music, which got everyone pumped up. Jonny, Kaner, Kris and Luke were fist pumping, and Sharpie was fucking thrusting. That was fun to watch. Then, they were almost about Half-way through the concert at that point, and it was about 10:45pm.

"Alright, so, for the next two songs, i guess we'll try to slow it down a little," Pat said. "Guys, if your here with a girl, trying to impress her or anything, then pull her close, and show her that you wanna be Her Man..." Pat said, with a smirk on his face. Then, of course, they went straight into 'Your Man'. Kaner just pulled me close and wrapped his arm around me, and Sharp did the same to Sarah. Hell, i even Saw Jonathan grab some random women as well.

"And if you want me girl, i will be your man, and if you want me girl, i will be here forever," Pat sang. Then, a minute later or two, they got to Bucky's Part. Kaner leaned in a little closer to me.

"This totally is our song," He said. I Just smiled. Just thinking about it kind of did remind me of are relationship. I Don't know why, it just did.

"Now, i'm sure at least once all of you people have experianced Heart Break by a complete dumbass, and if not, get your ass out of here because your two young for this concert!" Pat yelled into the mic. "But this next one is for you people..." He said, going into 'Back of My Hand'.

"The Back of my hand, the back of my hand, i though i knew you like the back of my hand, you acted so cruel, you know i can't stand the things that you do because you know that you can..." He sang. This song was totally reminded me of my ex.

"Let's make sure we never have to dedicate this song to each other," Kaner joked, i just laughed. 

"I Doubt we ever will," I Said, smiling.

Then, after that was done, Cam stepped up.

"TORONTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He yelled out loud, getting a HUGE Reaction out of the rest of our crowd. "Now, if you have a cup of beer, a can of beer, or a bottle of beer, i want you to hold it the fuck up and say 'FUCK YEAH!'" He said. Half of the crowd---Including Me, Sarah, Sharpie, Kaner and Luke--- Raised our glasses and shouted out loud. Then, Bucky stepped up with his mic.

"And if you don't, i want you to put your Middle Finger Up in the air Because your pissed off you don't got no God Damn Beer!" Bucky yelled, as Jonny and Kris actually did, they finished their.

Then they started playing Rich$ Girl, then after that, two more songs, and then, Pat took the mic again.

"Alright, so, this will be our final song of the night," He said, pausing, as the crowd eurupted in boos. "DAMN Have you Mother fuckers been one hell of a crowd tonight!" He shouted, as the crowd started cheering. "I Say it's been a tie on who's had more fun tonight. Now, let's end this right!" He said.

"Then, he pulled out his Guitar and started playing, and Tyler switched to the keyboard, and i knew exactly what was happening. They started playing probably their most successful song- Whoa Is Me. Then it was Cam's part.

"Whoa Is Me, I'm so whoa, see me decked out from my head to my toe, whoa is me, i'm so whoa, everywhere i go i'm a One Man Show...!" He rapped.

Whoa is me was probably the most craziest song of the night, everyone went CRAZY, and i honestly felt like grabbing Kaner and leaving the stage area and taking him to the bathroom and Boning, but we didn't, too many people. But damn, What. A. Concert.

"THANK YOU, TORONTO!!!!!" Pat Yelled out, As D.W.W Left the stage with the crowd cheering. And we thought we needed some chairs.

*A Couple Minutes Later*

"So Um...We need to go to Down With Webster concert's more often," I Said.

"Of course you would say that, you got wasted as hell!" Sarah yelled.

"No she didn't," Luke said, defending me. "She's tipsy, but not too wasted."

"THANK YOU," I Said outloud. Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I Admit, that was a good concert, and i even have some of the songs stuck in my head," Steeger said.

"So looks like we're getting another mini-concert on the ride back to the hotel," Jonathan joked.

"Well duh," Kris said.

Then, we went out the doors to go to the limo, which was waiting for us exactly on time, about 12:25am. Sharp had his arms around Sarah, and Kaner had his arms around me, and some people were staring at us. I Didn't know how to act. Back in October there was a picture of me and Kaner making out that went viral, but since then, nothing else really. It felt weird just being out in public with all these people around seeing us together. But whatever, it was bound to happen eventually. Then we got in the limo, enjoyed a little mini concert by Kris Versteeg, then we got back to the hotel. Kris and Luke decided to actually be Gentlemen, and Kris stole Sarah away from Sharpie and Luke stole me away from Kaner---Despise the look on his face when he saw Luke playfully push Kaner away from me, and when Luke dared to put his arm around me, in front of Patrick--- And they walked us into the hotel lobby with Jonny and the Patrick's trailing behind.

"You know," Steeger said as we stopped in the lobby, looking at me, "I Don't think i ever gave you my number again when you got your new Blueberry." I Just looked at him. Then shook my head. 

"You Know," Luke said. " I Don't think i EVER Gave you my all," He said, with a smile on his face. So Precious.

"Well-" I Started, getting out my blackberry to let them both put their numbers in.

"Kris can text me his number and i can give it to you," Patrick said, looking right at Luke, who lost that smile on his face.

"But what about Luke's number, Kaner?"  Sharpie asked, with a smirk on his face, being...Sharpie.

"They can get it whenever they see each other again..." Kaner said.

"But, that won't be, for months!" Jonathan said, joining in with Sharpie.

"They can wait...." Kaner said. I Raised an eyebrow,and also listened to Jonny and Patrick snicker from the side.

"Uh, i'll see you guys...whenever," I Shrugged.

"Yeah, i guess so..." Luke said, with a slight smile. I Smiled back, but Kaner saw, and grabbed me up under his arm and we headed into the elevator to get back onto our floor. Then, we got onto our floor and started walking down it.

"Kaner's jealous of Schenner...." Sarah sang tauntingly. Jonny and Sharpie just snickered, but Kaner basically ignored her.

"Would you blame him, though?" Jonathan said. "Look at Kaner and compare him to Schenn, of course he's jealous!"

"If i've been with Kaner this long, trust me, i won't be going to any other guy any sooner,'' I Said Smirking.

"You got some balls for being with that," Sharpie said, referring to Kaner.

"Damn it, Just shut up about it!" Kaner yelled out.

"Shh, our team-mates are sleeping!" Sharpie whispered, and yelled at Kaner. Kaner just rolled his eyes.

"Anyway," Sarah said. "You guys all acted like idiots today," She said, laughing. "I'm used to Kat, Kaner and Sharpie acting like idiots, But you Jonathan?" Jonathan just shrugged.

"I'm always Captain serious on the ice and in the locker room, i don't see why i can take a break from Captain Serious and have fun off the ice..." He said. "But anyway, back in Captain Serious mode, we should get some sleep, got an early plane to catch tomorrow morning," he said.

"True," Sharp said. "We'll see you three in the morning, Night," He said as he put Sarah around his arm and headed to their room.


"So, i figure you two may wanna talk real quick before bed," Jonathan said. "So i'm gonna take a quick shower, you have about 15 minutes of free time," he said. I just smiled.

"Thanks Jonny," I Said, taking off my shoes and putting on a pair of Pajama shorts, then looking for some t-shirt to wear to bed.

Then Jonathan grabbed a robe and headed into the bathroom,and Kaner took off his hat and shoes and un-buttoned his shirt a little, then took of his pants so he was in only his boxers. Then, he got onto the bed and motioned for me to join him. I Did, i got up next to him and just laid down on a pillow and he put his left arm around me as we just laid next to each other.

"I Don't wanna do this," I Said to him.

"Do what?" He asked.

"I Don't wanna go back to everyday life with being on the road with WWE And stuff," I Said. "Spending this whole weekend with you reminded me of how much i love being with you, and how much i hate being on the road so much and not seeing you for days, and sometimes even weeks..." Kaner turned over on his side so he was facing me.

"Don't say that," He said. "Tomorrow night RAW Is in The Garden, this will be a HUGE Moment for you, and i don't wanna ruin it."

"Your not," I Said. "I Just...I'm just getting tired of being away from you so much."

"It doesn't matter how long we're away from each other as long as we make sure every day we are with each other counts," He said.

"Yeah, but see, it's easy for you to say," I Said. "The seasons winding down soon, and even if you do make the playoffs and go all the way to the finals again, you'll be done with Hockey in early June, i'll have no off-season, it's only gonna get worse, and i don't think i'm still 100% in this."

"Your lying," Kaner said. "You are 100% in this. This was your dream, and your less then 24 hours away from performing LIVE In the most famous arena in the world. You really don't know what your talking about. Trust me, once you get there tomorrow, step in that ring again, you'll think differently."

"I Doubt it..." I Shrugged.

"Trust me, you will," He said to me. I Just shrugged again. "Would it make you feel better if i told you i'm gonna plan on watching RAW?" My eyes lit up.

"You are?" I Asked.

"Yeah, i'm gonna try and record it in the hotel room, of course i'm only gonna watch you, i'll fast forward through everything else," He said. I Just giggled a little.

"Maybe it would," I Said. "But who knows. I Guess i'll see what happens once i walk through the curtain in Gorilla Position..."

"I Have a feeling everything will go back to normal once that happens," He said. I Just smiled. Then we kissed real quick. Then we grabbed the covers and got under them, then, we just cuddled and went to sleep.