Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Six (Never Say Never // Part One)

*Later that week, Friday Morning, 7:45am*

"Do you HAVE To leave so early?" I Asked, in my pajama's still downstairs.

It was Officially the NHL All-Star Weekend. Tonight, Team Lidstrom and Team Staal were having their fantasy Draft down in Raleigh, North Carolina later tonight, then Tomorrow night was the Super Skills Competition, Then Sunday afternoon, It was the big All-Star Game. However, That also Met that since Kaner was in it, he had to leave, and early. I Seriously hate these good-byes.

"Yeah, i do, Sorry, But it won't be Too long, I'll be back in no time," He said, smiling.

"But i won't," I Said, frowning. I Had to head down to Boston this weekend for the Rumble, and after that, i Had RAW, and of course it wasn't in Chicago.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine," He said, wrapping his arms around me.

Then, the wonderful man by the name of Patrick Sharp just walked in, then looked at us.

"I'm not interrupting anything between you two love birds...Am i? He asked. I Just looked at him.

"How did you get in?" I Asked.

"You people need to learn to lock your doors," He said. "I Mean, thank god it was only me. They're are rapist in this world, what if it was a rapper who came in? He's climbing up your windows and coming straight through your doors because you idiots lock them and he's snatching your people up!  Man, your lucky it was just me," He said. We all just laughed.

"I'm surprised you actually like know that song," I Said.

"Oh Come On Kat, All cool people know that song!" He said.

"What song?" Kaner asked, confused.

"Exactly my point," Sharp said.

"Awe, That was just mean!" I Said, sticking out my tongue.

"Yeah, but it was also true," He said winking.

"Haha, Not funny," Kaner said.

"Oh Yeah it was, Trust me," He said. Then, out of no where, Sarah just popped up. She was all dressed and stuff, but she looked like she was still half asleep.

"Um..." I Said, confused.

"What? She's my girl! What kind of a guy would i be if i didn't take her out with me!" Sharp said, putting his arm around her. "Besides, I'm sure Kaner's bringing you along with him!"

"No, I'm not," Kaner said.

"Oh...Well Then..." Sharp said. he was about to open his mouth and say something again but i stopped him.

"Don't even," I Said.

"Yeah, i'd take her, but she has to be up in Boston," Kaner said.

"Oh yeah. Isn't that one pay-per view on sunday night?" Sarah Asked.

"Yeah, The Royal Rumble," I Said. "Not to brag-"

"But you will, as usual," Sharp teased. I Glared at him for a moment, then continued.

"But i got a match Sunday, a big one, And well, I'm just gonna kick ass, and I'm probably gonna do a Kattrick," I Said, smiling. Sharp and Sarah looked confused.

"A What?" She asked.

"Okay, you know the Ovechtrick Commercial where he does a Triple Hattrick? Well that's getting Boring as fuck. SO, i'm gonna top that, and hit the 450 Splash on my opponent 9 Times at The Rumble, Ovechkin can suck on that!" I Said. Kaner just smiled.

"I'm totally telling that to Ovie!" Sharp said, sticking out his tongue.

"You do that, Pretty boy," I Said to him, sticking my tongue out.

"Oh, Damn straight I'm a pretty boy," He said, smiling. We just laughed. Then, Sarah yawned.

"Man, stupid fucking 8am Flight," She said, looking irritated.

"I'm Surprise your up this early," I Said.

"Same to you too," She said, sticking her tongue out.

"Yeah, when we head to Toronto, we should just take a flight the day before instead of having to wake up early and go," I Said. Sharp and Sarah looked confused.

"What do you mean when we go to Toronto?" They asked. I Looked at Kaner.

"Oh, didn't i tell you?" He said. "Since we're on the road on Valentine's Day, on March 5th When we face to Maple Leafs, Kris Versteeg got Kat and Sarah Tickets so they can come with the Hawks on the trip up to Toronto and watch the game and we're all gonna have a Nice Big Weekend of Love," He said, Smiling and making a Heart Sign with his hands, which was just way too adorable.

"And your now telling us this?" Sarah said, crossing her arms.

"Hey, Kat wasn't even supposed to know, But Toews told her," Kane said.

"Jonathan Knew about this before us!?" Sharp said.

"He was in the room when Kris called telling me!" Kane said.

"Still...How Rude," Sharp said. "We can't even stand to look at you two little Rats," He said as he and Sarah turned around and crossed there arms, ignoring us. Me and Kaner just laughed. Then, i kicked them both in the ass and out into the hallway.

"Well, that was mean," Sarah said. I Just shrugged, then smirked.

"Alright, in all seriousness," Sharp said. "Duncan And Jonathan Are waiting downstairs for us, we should get going now."

"Yeah, we probably should," Kaner said agreeing.

Then, we looked at each other. I Didn't know what to say. I Just didn't want him to leave again. But he had to, it's not like he can pick his games or anything. We just hugged for a moment, then kissed.

"I'll see You In a couple days..." He said, as he walked out of the door.

"Bye..." I Said waving. Then, they left. I Just went back up stairs and flopped on my bed and tried to get some more sleep.

*Later that night, watching the ASG Fantasy Draft*

"For Team Lidstrom's Pick, I'm gonna select My Boy back from Chicago..."  Kaner said on the TV At The Draft.

"Oh, he's picking Tazer," I Said to myself while taking a sip of Mountain Dew.

"Duncan Keith Of The Chicago Blackhawks!" He said. Then, i spit out my drink and my mouth dropped open.

"WHAT!?" I Said to myself. Tazer was just speechless. He had that "WTF!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?" Look on his face. He even started making his way up the steps because he...Along with everyone else probably...Thought Kane was picking him!

"Damn..." I Said to myself taking another sip of My Dew.

*A Couple Minutes later*

"For our next pick..." Eric Staal Began, "I'm going with my Thunder Bay Buddy, From the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Sharp!"

"FUCK NO!" I Yelled, punching a couch Cushion. "First you broke up My Sedin's, now your breaking up my Hawks, HOW DARE YOU TEAM STAAL!" Okay, Not that i don't think having some Hawks go up against each other is gonna be interesting, but still. Fucking Staal.

"For our next pick, We're taking the Atlanta Thrashers Defenseman, Big Buf Dustin Byfuglien!" Marty St. Louis Said. I just smiled, then got up and did a happy dance.

"BUF AND KANER AND DUNCS REUNITED!" I Said, i loved this. I've missed Big Buf, so him on the same team as Duncan and Patrick was awesome.


"Alright...I Can't believe i'm saying this, but..." Kaner said. "But, for Team Lidstroms next pick, We Select From The Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews," He said as Toews just smirked, then came up and joined his team.

"Bout damn time," I Said, watching. Honestly, i think we all knew Kaner was gonna crack eventually and choose Tazer, This is no surprise.

*An Hour Later*

There was only one guy left who hadn't been picked yet, Phil Kessel. I Felt bad for him, since i liked him, but hey, the man's on Lidstrom's team, Gets a new car and gets to donate money to Charity. but then, I Couldn't believe what i saw., Ovechdouche Took out his camera phone and actually took a picture of Kessel being picked last. That little Russian Jack-ass. And people wonder why i don't like him. But anyway, that was it. These our the 2011 NHL All-Stars, these are they're teams, and it was all done. Tomorrow, the Skills competition, Sunday, the Game.I Was excited for this weekend.

*2 Days Later, TD Garden, Boston, MA*

"TIME FOR THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA TO BEGIN!" John yelled as he ran inside the arena.

"AH, yes, It's gonna be one hell of a night!" I Said, smiling.

"Yep, it's gonna be a HUGE Night For Nexus!" Punk said with Justin and Kristen by him, but the douche bag was paying more attention to Justin.

"Who cares?" Heather said. "The Rumbles tonight! 40 Fucking superstars!"

"Yeah, Cody's gonna win," Jenny said, putting her arm around Cody, as he just smirked.

"Yeah, 2011 Is Gonna Be The Year Of Dashing, and that officially Starts tonight!"

"Nope, your wrong!" I Said. "Christian's SO Gonna win!"

"The idiot is just coming back from an injury!" Nickie said.

"Yeah, But so was Edge last year, and what happened?" I Said, smirking.

"Well, your all wrong, John's winning," Nickie said, putting her arms around her chain gang lover, as she called him, that's just a little too Mushy and...ew.

"Who gives a fuck?" Punk said. "This night is all about Nexus," Justin just nodded.

"Who gives a fuck about Nexus?" Nickie said.

"AMEN TO THAT!" We all shouted.

"Well, can we just all agree tonights gonna be a big night for everyone? Especially you, Kat,'' Kristen said.

"True, your match is big and has a lot on the line," Justin said in agreement.

"Yeah...It is," I Said.

"Don't worry, Whore, Your SO Gonna kick Kathryn's ass!" Kristen said.

"Awah, Why thank you bitch!" I Said to her, smiling. She smiled back.

"Eh, i still don't give a shit," Punk said. Kristen gave me a look, and i knew what that meant, and i was surprised.

"You sure?" I Mouthed to her. She just nodded. I Shrugged at first, then, i hit Punk.

"Well, that was nice," Punk said sarcastically.

"Well, you kinda deserved it!" Heather said. Everyone nodded there head in agreement, except Kristen since Punk could have seen her, but when he looked away, she nodded.

"I'm gonna go prepare," I Said, waving and heading off to my locker room.

Like we all agreed, this match was important. I've had my problems with Kathryn for almost a year now, and tonight, this wasn't just a match. This was a night for one of us to make Women's History and become the first ever Undisputed Women's Champion in not only WWE But TNA History. Basically, in all of Women's wrestling history. Obviously Me and Kathryn are two of the best in the women's division today, and for one of us to make history and have our name go down there and to never be forgotten, that was HUGE. However, I Didn't want Kathryn Name to go down in history, i wanted MINE. This match was Huge, despite some other stuff, i had to forget about everything and everyone else, except Kathryn, Putting on one hell of a match, and Winning. This was important, maybe one of the most important matches of my young career and one of the most important things of my life. I was SO Nervous, my stomach felt so weird, and felt a lot pressure on me, but i just needed to let that go. After just thinking about this all, i took a drink of water, then glanced over at the tv. The Miz and Randy Orton match just ended, and i was next. I Took a deep breath and closed my eyes, then got up,and started walking out of the locker room and over by the curtain.

I leaned up against a wall for a moment, Kathryn was making her way down now, i was next. Then, she got into the ring, and My Theme Erupted throughout the arena as the crowd started cheering for me. I Took another deep breath.

"Showtime..." I Whispered to myself.

Then, i got up off the wall and moved the curtain out of my way, then ran out onto the stage in front of Boston. This place was all sold out, and right now, it was my time to shine. I Headed down the ramp, and tried to high-five as many fans as i could, then i slid into the ring, quickly got over to my corner, and Kathryn and i just had a stare down with each other.

"The Following Is A Falls Count Anywhere Diva's Match For the WWE Women's AND Diva's Championship! Introducing First, From Detroit, Michigan, She is the WWE Diva's Champion, Kathryn Prince!" Justin Roberts said as Kathryn was introduced. She didn't do anything really, she just stood there, looking at me still.

"And The Opponent, From Chicago, Illinois, She is the WWE Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!" He said.

Then, the ref got in the middle of the ring and held both of our title up, then gave it to Roberts as he headed out of the ring. Me and Kathryn kept our eyes on each other, both of us were extremely focused. Then, the ref rang the bell and started the match.

To Be Continued...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Five (Waiting on the world-or country- to change)

*Later that night*

Normally, we'd all be over back at the hotel resting and stuff, but not tonight. Tonight was special. It was Heather's 23rd Birthday and we were all at a bar celebrating. Of course, Heather's like a sister to me, so i wasn't just not gonna come.

"Happy birthday, Chica!" I Said, handing her a present.

"Thanks Chica!" She said, smiling.

Then, she opened her present, still smiling, BIG. But then, when she saw what it was, that smile slowly disappeared.

"A Blackhawks Jersey...How...Thoughtful!" Heather said. We all just laughed.

"AH, just kidding!" I Said. "Your real presents back in the states, too big to bring here."

"OH REALLY?" Heather said, smiling. "I Can't wait!"

"You'll LOVE IT! Trust me!" I Said, smiling. We hugged, then, i had to leave.

"Well, i gotta had back, I Had a good hour here," I Said, laughing a little. "Later."

"What?" Heather said. "We didn't even have Shots yet!" She said, as the Bartender was starting to pour shots.

"I Can't, really..." I Said.

"What, you a wuss?" She said. Everyone just gasped.

"A Wuss? Really?" I Said. She just smirked. Then, i thought to myself.

"The last time i took shots at a bar...It ended bad. Do i really wanna do some now? Especially with everyone i work with around?" I thought to myself. Surprisingly, it was a hard decision, but after a moment, i made up my mind.

"Give me some shots," I Said, walking back over. Heather smiled, then we high-fived, and i started taking shots with her, Alex Riley, John Morrison, Melina, and Zack Ryder.

That's all i remember.

*A While Later...Heathers POV*

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Heath Slater shouted on a table, with a drink in one hand. I've noticed a lot of people here have been drinking...maybe, a little too much.

"Oh Ginger boy..." I Said, shaking my head at him. Then Jenny and Nickie walked up, both without their men.

"GOD I LOVE THIS PARTY!" Jenny yelled, also with a drink in hand. Like i said, A Little too many drinks for most people here.

"Yeah, It was nice for everyone to throw me this," I Said, smiling.

"Yeah, it was," Nickie said. "Hey, where's Kat? I Haven't seen her in a while."

"Either have i!" Jenny said.

"Yeah. same," I Said.

"Maybe she went back to the hotel?" Nickie said.

"Nope, i stole her keys, that girl was drinking A LOT," I Said.

"Um, A Lot of people have been Drinking A LOT," Jenny said.

"Yeah...This probably wasn't a good idea, especially with one of our bosses here," I Said, as we looked over at Stephanie, who looked like she was trying to situate a Drunk Santino. I Just painfully looked back at Jen and Nickie.

"Let's go look for that hot mess..." Jenny said, rolling her eyes, and obviously talking about Kat.

"Yeah, come on," I Said as the three of us started looking for her.

We pretty much looked ALL Over the bar, and she was seriously no where to be found. Then, i saw Jenny run out back over to me and Nickie from one area.

"What, did you find her?" I Asked. She just shrugged a little.

"Yeah..." She said. "Come on."

Then, we followed after her, and she took us toward like the back of the Bar and into the ladies room, and there it was. Kat was passed out in the back of it.

"That bitch," Jenny said, looking at her. Then, Nickie looked at me.

"You Know...This is All YOUR FAULT" She said. I Raised an Eyebrow.

"MY Fault? How?" I Said.

"Your the only who like, dared her to stay and take shots RIGHT When she was about to leave! And you remember that night when she got so drunk like this back in the summer with Kaner and his people, and well, You know that she gets WAAY To out of hand when she drinks! You should've just let her go!" She said.

"Yeah, BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" I Yelled. "I Wanted her to like, have fun!"

"Well obviously she had too much fun," Nickie said to me, rolling her eyes at me then walking over by Jenny, who was by Kat.

"Well, what are we gonna do?" I Asked. I Like Kat, but seriously, her Immaturity is downing my mood right now.

"I'm getting John and Cody, they'll know what to do," Jenny said, getting up to go get them.

A Moment later, she returned with them, i just raised an eyebrow. Cody looked fine, dashing as usual. John, on the other hand....he was shirtless, wearing a party hat, had a Kazoo in hand and a beer in the other. He honestly looked like he was having more fun at MY Party then i was.

"Hey, what's going on?" Cody asked, confused.

"Kat's drunk and passed out," Nickie said.

"And we have no idea what to do, so...." I Said. John and Cody just looked at each other.

"WELL," John said. "Obviously we gotta get her out of here, so, there's a start!"

"Yeah, but Stephanie's out there," Cody said. "If she sees Kat like this, this could ruin her and her career."

"True..." John said.

Then, both of the boys thought together, then, they both just smiled as if they were thinking the same thing.

"What?" I Said, looking at them funny.

"Alright, i'm gonna go distract Stephanie, and Johns gonna get her out of the Bar, then we're taking her ass back to the hotel," Cody said.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Nickie said.

"Alright, i should be able to keep her for like, maybe 5 minutes. But that's enough time to get her out, so yeah," Cody said.

Then,  he left to go stall Stephanie as everyone else dealt with Kat. John tried to pick her up, but it was hard, we all had to help him get her up. It's funny, she's only 5'8 and a couple hundred pounds, but now, she feels like a 5 million pound monster, she's just not cooperating, at all. Then, with the help of Nickie and Jenny, John got Kat up, finally, on his shoulders, in the AA Position. Then, John stopped.

"You Know...She has a bad attitude...and no one will find out..." He said.

"John," Nickie said. Then, she shook her head.

"AH, COME ON!" He said, then rolled his eyes as us three girls laughed.

Then, Nickie peaked out the door to make sure Stephanie wasn't looking our way, and Cody was doing his job good and stalling her, and they were actually laughing together, but still. Then, she stood out there and kept the door open for us as we got Kat out. We went as fast as we could, and very few people saw us, so that was good. Then we got outside into the parking lot and got over by John's car.

"OPEN THE BACK DOOR, NOW" He said. He looked like he couldn't hold her up anymore, so Nickie got it open as fast as John literally THREW Her in the back. We just looked at him.

"What? She's drunk and passed out, not like she'll remember it or anything," John said. We all just rolled our eyes at them. Then, Cody came running out by us, and we all piled in and headed back to the hotel.

*The Next Morning, Back to Kat's POV*

I Woke up, and oh my lord. I had SUCH A Bad headache, and i just felt like complete SHIT. I Looked over at the little clock by my bedstand, and it was 1:00pm, i had a houseshow to go to in about, 5 hours. Seriously, what the fuck happened last night? Then, Justin came in the room, he looked a little sweaty, so he was probably working out in the gym a while ago.

"Look who finally woke up!" He said, taking off these Black Wrist band thingy's.

"Ugh...." I Said. I Seriously felt like complete shit.

Then, Justin came over to my side and opened up the blinds and let the sunlight in, which i HATED. I Quickly snuck back under the covers.

"RISE AND SHINE, ANGEL, WE GOT WORK TO DO," He said, yelling trying to get me up.. I Rolled my eyes, then, i felt weird in my stomach. Then i quickly jumped out of my bed and just headed straight to the bathroom and threw up. After that, i went back to my bed and just layed down. Then, i slowly started closing my eyes and falling back asleep.

"WAKE UP YOU LITTLE DRUNKEN IDIOT," Punk shouted over me just as i was falling back asleep. I Just grinded my teeth together, pissed off.

"Why are you in my room, dumbass?" I Asked, still laying down, just looking at his horrifying little face.

"I Heard about your night last night," he said, smirking. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Well you know, right now, i feel like complete shit, and i'm not in a good mood, so just go the hell away,okay?" I Said. He just shook his head.

"So, taking all those shots made you feel....Bad?" he said. "Well then, what do you say i take you out after the houseshow tonight and we go take some shots together, you and me kid, jus-"

Then, Kristen punched him in his back.

"Don't even..." She said, glaring at him. He just rolled his eyes.

"We gotta go, c'mon Justin, Get your shit and let's go," He said. Justin kinda rolled his eyes a little, but did what he was told and grabbed his stuff and headed out.

"Good-bye..." Kristen said, after he left, he didn't even say good-bye to her.

"Look, as much as i wanna talk to you about your messed up relationship with your husband, i don't feel good and i have a houseshow in 5 hours, just leave and let me get some more sleep please?" I Said. She just sighed, then got up, then tucked me in.

"Goodnight my drunken Whore," She said, as she left. I Just ignored it and went back to sleep.

Despite being Hungover, i did pretty good at the houseshow, as did i for the rest of the week. But, as i always seem to do, i spoke too fucking soon...

*Saturdays Houseshow, Last one in the UK*

"Thank you Jesus we're leaving this horrible little country tomorrow!" I Said, walking into the arena with the usual.

"Well that was mean to all our British fans," Kristen said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Our british fans are bunch of bitches..." I Said.

"No," John said. "They're bitches to YOU."

"See! Singling me out like that for no reason, those bitches,'' I Said, shaking my head.

"You just called there country horrible!" Kristen said.

"Yeah, but they've been treating me shitty before i said that, DUUUH," I Said. She rolled her eyes.

"I'm gonna poof to my locker room, i got an early match. Later losers,'' I Said, sticking my tongue out at them all and walking off.

*A While later*

It was time for my match. IF YOU RECALL, i said on the plane with Justin there was a chance that i would be working heel here, and well, i have. Tonight was no different. Once i went out from behind the curtain, i instantly was booed by the crowd. I just smirked at this. Then, i walked down the ramp and was ringside. But i didn't get in the ring, i kept walking around. Punk taught me one thing a heel would do that REALLY Pisses people off and gives you heat- Tear a fans sign, especially a young fan. In the first row, i saw someone with a sign for Kathryn actually, so i just looked at it, then grabbed it, and looked at it again, then ripped it to pieces, and damn, did i get booed.

"It's not like it was any good anyway!" I Shouted back at him.

Then, i got over to one fan, looked, kinda young, maybe, a pre-teen or something, 11 or 12, around that area. She had a sign for Kathryn as well, and it was actually pretty good, but still. I Grabbed it, then ripped it in pieces. She looked pissed, and upset at the same time. I Was gonna go, but i saw the look in her eyes, and just smirked at her.

"Your parents should really teach you how to draw, obviously you can't," I Said, still smirking. She just looked more pissed then upset at this point. I Loved this.

"Awe...What's wrong?" I Said, sarcastically. "Did i make you upse-"

Then, the little bitch SERIOUSLY PUNCHED me RIGHT IN MY LEFT EYE...HARD. I Went right on the floor after that and then quickly crawled over to the ring and used it to help me get up. I Clutched my eye, it hurt like HELL, and when i removed my hand from it, i looked down, and there was seriously BLOOD On it. This little Kid Punched me SO HARD, I'm bleeding. REALLY? I Went back up to her, then Grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her up face to face with me, and she didn't look the same, she looked REALLY Scared.

"PUNCH ME ONE MORE TIME IN THE FACE, COME ON, I DARE YOU TO," I Screamed at her. She honestly looked like she was gonna break out crying.


"Learn to control your kid, you horrible parents..." I Said to her parents. Then, one of them was about to charge back to me and say something, but was stopped by the security.

"Get them out of my arena! NOW!" I Yelled, holding my eye again, it was still bleeding, a lot.

Then, they escorted them out of the arena, and Kathryn came out, and we actually had our match, which went pretty good, but still. My eye didn't get any better, it was still bleeding throughout the whole match. Seriously, that little bitch.

*Later that night, the trainers office*

"Well, Miss Angel, 9 stitches...That's a record for a Diva," The one guy said. I Just sat there, with an icepack on my eye. For the first time in my life, i needed stitches, because a kid punched me in the face. Just, seriously, Why is this my life?

"And when do i get these out or whatever?" I Said. I Didn't exactly know much about getting stitches or whatever.

"We'll discuss that later, you should head back to the hotel now and get your stuff so your not late for the flight," He said. For some reason, we were flying back to the US Tonight and not tomorrow, so yeah.

"Alright, later,'' I Said, getting up and leaving. As i walked out, i saw Justin.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, i guess," I Said, irritated.

"If it helps, the fan and her family are apparently banned from attending this arena again and have some sort of fine to pay for hitting you," He said.

"Eh, that makes things a little better," I Said, smiling, as was he. "God, this sucks!"

"Tell me about it," He said. "I Remember when i needed stitches by my eye too..." He said, then, he started twitching a little.

"Yeah, it hurts like SHIT!" I Said.

"Yeah, but for mine, i wasn't awake, so it was less painful, i needed a lot, so yeah," He said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Same reason as you," He said.

"You got punched in the face by a fan before?" I Asked, shocked.

"No, but i just got pretty banged up in the ring once back in South Africa," He said.

"Oh, I See," I Said.

Then, i removed the ice pack from my eye, it felt numb. Then, i saw Justin look weird.

"It's bruising...A Lot," He said. I Just sighed.

"Oh Joy..." I Said, sarcastically.

"Don't worry, it'll get better," He said.

"I Hope..." I Said.

He just put his arm around  me and patted me on the back. Then, we headed out of the arena and saw the whole crew with all our stuff.

"Nice Black Eye, Kat. It's very dashing," Cody said.

"Yeah, that's amazingly sexy,'' Punkers said. I Just rolled my eyes at both of them.

"God, that looks horrible!" Heather said.

"Ya' Think?" I Said.

"Damn, that girl's a future diva if she can hit that hard!" Kristen said. I Just glared at her.

"You Bitch," I Said to her.

"Oh, come on Kat," Nickie said. "You gotta admit, that was funny..."


"Yeah, the girl's right, that just wasn't appropreite, at all," Justin said, defending  me. I Just nodded my head in agreement.

"Isn't that sweet, Justin defending his girl, how nice," Jenny joked.

"Seriously, i'm about ready to rip your guy's heads off," I Said, serious as fuck.

"Ha, good luck with that!" Punk said. Then, i hit him as hard as i could across the face. Don't question me. Then, i just left. Kristen apparently brought my bags here for me so i could get on the plane now instead of going back to the hotel and back. What a sweet Bitch, too bad her Husbands a little Dildo.

''THAT WASN'T NECESSARY!" Punk screamed at me, but i was already getting on the plane, i just paid no attention to him.

"Oh, don't act like you didn't deserve it..." Justin Said to them all.

*The Next Day*

This Week, RAW Was gonna be in Nashville, which is only 1 hour away from Chicago by flight. So, being the amazing girlfriend i am, i decided to head back to Chicago Sunday on my day off and spend it with Patrick.  Once i got back to our Condo, i went in and put my stuff on the floor, then checked the time. It was only 8:00am, that's just too early. I Figured Kaner was still asleep, so i went upstairs to join him and surprise him. But before i did, i heard his Cellphone go off, and not that i'm Noisy or anything, i mean, it's not like he has anything to hide from me, but i went and checked it, and i was surprised who it was that texted him.

"Yo, Kaner. Congrats on the News! But, make Sure You Pick me on your team, Trust me, it's the least you could do for me :P See you Next Week," Big Buf Dustin Byfuglien's Text Message to Kaner read.

"What the fuck...?" I Said to myself. Why the hell was Buf texting Kaner? And what Happened to Kaner when i was gone? I Was suspicious. But whatever.

Then, i tip toed upstairs, then opened the bedroom door, and i saw Kaner in our bed just sleeping. He looked so Little all alone in that big bed. I Just smiled a little. Then, i was about to creep in the bed to not wake him up, but then, yeah, No. I Smirked. Then, i scooted back into the hall. Then, i just ran as fast as i could back in the bed room, then jumped right onto the bed and just started jumping on it.

"OH YEAH TIME TO WAKE UP YEAH!!!" I Yelled from the top of my lungs. Before long, Kaner quickly woke up, and he was startled for a moment.

"Guess Who has the day-off?" I Said, sticking my tongue out. Then, he woke up enough to realize that it was actually me, then he just grew a smile on his face. Then,  he grabbed my ankle and pulled me over by him, causing me to fall on the bed on my back. He pulled me up to him, then grabbed me and turned me around so i was actually facing him.

"Your just the best girlfriend in the world,'' He said, smiling. I Just smiled back.

"And your the best boyfriend in the world," I Said back to him.

Then, i flipped over and got on top of him, then we started kissing. It felt so good.

"God, your the most beautiful girl in the world," He said. I Couldn't help but smile. He didn't even notice my eye, at all, and even if he did, he just ignored it and saw past that.

"Oh My...I Love you so fucking much," I Said, starting to kiss him again. Then, he cut me off.

"Oh, and i got good news too,'' He said.

"What's that?" I Asked.

"Okay, so earlier in the week, I Got a call from this guy, and i got named an Alternate captain along with Marty St. Louis on Team Lidstrom for the All-Star game next week!" He said. I Just smiled

"That's amazing!" I Said, then kissed him again. "Congrats! That explains Buf's text!" I Said.

"You checked my messages on my phone?" He said, raising en eyebrow.

"Well...kinda, But i'm not noisy!" I Said.

"Of course you aren't," He said, sticking his tongue at me. I Stuck my tongue out back at him.

Then, i got up, and grabbed his shirt gently, then i led him into the bathroom. Both of us Undressed, then, we got into the shower and showered together, and had some shower sex. God, it's amazing how this one man could make my week turn from hell to Perfect in just a couple minutes.

-Authors Note-

Okay, so, i just wanted to share my plan. The Royal Rumble is Tomorrow,and i actually wanna be ontime with my blogs, SO, after this one goes up, i'm gonna start writing PART ONE Of the Rumble blog, and it should be up tonight, after the NHL Skills Competition, or like, maybe midnight central time or something like that, haha. But yeah. Leave a comment and give me feedback please, hope you all enjoyed.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Extreme Career- Year Two Week Four (I'm Yours)

*Days Later, Sunday Morning Morning, 8:35am*

I Woke up the next morning on the floor next to Patrick. I Looked over and saw that he was still asleep. I Sat up and stretched out my arms, which i never usually did, but whatever. I Was gonna get up and start packing, because i was finally going back on the road with WWE---We were invading the UK For the week for RAW, SD Tapings and Houseshows--- But then i remembered, The Blackhawks have a game today against the ALWAYS WOOONDERFUL Filthadelphia Flyers at the UC and, as Pat and Eddie say, At one of those WONDERFUL 11:30 starts, and Kaner really had no time to sleep in. So, i rolled over and sat on his stomach, then leaned over and just started kissing him on his cheek.

"Oh Yeah...Keep doing that, babe," He said, smiling and enjoying it, but his eyes were still closed.

"Wake up babe..." I Whispered in his ear. "You got a game in 3 hours, you gotta get ready and head down to the UC."

"Uh, Fine," He said.

Then, i got off him and we both went upstairs. He went to go shower and i went upstairs to go start packing for the UK, since i was going to the Game and i had to head to the airport right after it so i wouldn't miss the flight, so i couldn't pack later. Halfway through packing, my back started hurting and feeling strange, so i decided to start stretching to make it feel less painful. Then, while i was reaching down to like, my feet, Kaner got out of the shower and came into the room in his robe and just smacked my ass.

"I Love getting out of the shower and being greeted by such a fine ass," He said, walking over to the closet to get some clothes. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Why you stretching anyway?" He asked, getting on a Blackhawks Shirt.

"My Backs Hurting," I Said.

"Oh, Maybe you should take some pain reliever downstairs before we head down to the UC?" He suggested.

"Yeah, i probably will," I Said.

Then, i started packing again,and Kaner got dressed and helped me. Then, he helped me get all my bags and stuff downstairs up into the Chevy, then we headed down to the United Center for a rematch of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.

*11:30am, The United Center, Chicago, Illinois*

I Had seats somewhere in the 200 Level, a long with Sarah, which was a pretty good view of the game, I Was SO Excited for this game, personally because i love seeing the Flyers get there asses kicked, but yeah.

"OH, Don't you just love those early 11:30 starts? Having to wake up early...I Just love them!" Sarah said, sarcastically, then taking a sip of beer.

"It was supposed to be at 3:00pm, I Would've liked that better. I Would probably be just waking up...Yeah, that would have been nice," I Said, yawning.

"Oh Well, as long as the Hawks Win," She said.

"WHICH, they will," I Said, smiling.

The 1st Period was FAST. So much action, and of course,for some reason the Flyers had Chrissy Pronger out on the ice for most of the period, so she was causing drama and shit.  BUT HOWEVER, 5 minutes into the first, He payed for that by getting to take a trip to the penalty box, which gave the Hawks the first Power-Play of the game, and Hoss the Boss Totally Capitalized on it and scored for the Hawks. Then, 2 minutes later, Sharp got a break-a-way and scored, which put the Hawks up by 2. Then, with like, 2 minutes left in the 1st, Richards got the Puck and put one past Turco and got the Flyers up on the board and cut the Hawks lead in half. Then in the 2nd, RIGHT Off of one of the face-offs, Jeff Carter scored and tied up the game. Then, a couple minutes later, Briere  Scored and put the Flyers on top. Then, Carter got a Penalty for Hooking on Kopy, who was going for a break-a-way and the Hawks got another Power Play, And again, scored on it, this time Kaner, who got it in from a beautiful pass by Toews, which tied up the game at 3. Then, 2 minutes later, He scored AGAIN and put the Hawks in the lead, 4-3. I Was just screaming like a little fan-girl...Which irritated Sarah, considering i was screaming in her ear basically. Then, Leino Scored for the Flyers and tied the game up AGAIN. That was all for the 2nd. Then, the 3rd Game, And it was already off to a bad start as Hartnell scored within the first minute and put the Flyers  in the lead by 1. A Couple Minutes Later,Stalberg had the Puck, and he passed it to Skille, who passed it to Dowell, Who dropped it in the net and tied up the game. Then, a couple minutes later, Kane got a hold of the puck and went for a break away and SCORED! He got a Hat trick! I Was TOTALLY Freaking out by this point. Then, there was a minute left in Regulation and the Flyers pulled out there goalie and had an empty net, and Jonathan Toews took the puck and RUSHED To the net and was able to score RIGHT Before the time ran out! Not only did he score what's pretty much the game-winner, but he also scored his 100th Career goal! Just like we did June 9th, 10:06pm In Philadelphia, PA, THE HAWKS WON! It's not like we won the Stanley Cup Again---YET---But with the reaction from the crowd, it's just like we did. People were just going CRAZY. Then, me and Sarah snook out and headed down to the Locker room to meet up with our boys.

"You Guys Decent?" She asked, knocking on the locker room door.  

A Moment later, Jake Dowell opened up the door for us and smiled.

"Come on in, Ladies," he said, smiling. We came in, then looked back at Jake real quick, then at eachother. There was just something about Jake that just made him impossible not to like. We went in and headed over by the Patrick's.

"Well...I Scored tonight, and it was a pretty badass goal," Sharpie said, smiling.

"Well....I Scored a hattrick. Beat that," Kaner said to him. Sharpie rolled his eyes. Then, Jonathan---Who just happened to be wearing some boxers...tight boxers...and just boxers--- Walked over to us.

"Well, i just got my 100th Career Goal tonight, Now, Beat that," He said, sticking his tongue out. We just stared.

"Uh, did you like, run out of clothes or something?" I Asked.

"That's just a gift to Puckbunnies everywhere," Sarah said.

"Like you two?" Sharp said, sticking his tongue out. Kane and Toews laughed, but me and Sarah just smacked his shoulder.

"Ow, that hurt!" He said.

"Well, you deserved it, Calling us a bunch of Puckbunnies...So rude," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes then stuck out his tongue again. Then, Stan Bowman and Coach Q and that Stache of his Made his way over by us.

"Hello. Sharp, Kane, i need to talk to both outside away from the media for a moment, if you don't mind, it's important," He said. Sharp and Kane just looked at each other, then went into the hallway with Coach Q And Stan Bowman.

"I Wonder what they're talking about?" I Said, wondering.

"Me too," Jonathan said. Sarah nodded.

"I'll be right back, i gotta pee," She said.

"Wow, thanks for sharing that," I Said sarcastically. She just rolled her eyes and left the locker room to go the bathroom.

*A Couple minutes later*

I Was just sitting on the bench by Kaner's little cubbie thingy on BBM With Kristen and talking---By that i mean her bitching to me about me not being at the Airport already...considering that our flight takes off for the UK In about....45 minutes, and the airport is like, 20 minutes away from the UC, plus, i needed to stop at a Starbucks first, because i need my starbucks. I looked up and saw Kaner, Sharpie and Sarah come back, and they all looked pissed, very pissed.

"What's wrong...?" I Asked Confused.

"We can't play the next game Tuesday night against the wild!" Kaner said, pissed.

"WHAT!?" I Said, just shocked.

"Two Weeks Without Playing Hockey..." Sharp said, pissed off, but trying not to yell or anything.

"Why!?" I Said.

"The reason was just so stupid, we're not even gonna tell you!" Kaner said, still pissed.

"Damn right it was! Those stupid Mother fucking officials!" Sarah said, she looked like she was about ready to knock a bitch out.

"Oh My God..." I Said.

I Was now very pissed. I Was making a fist, i wanted to just go out there and yell at Stan and Coach Q And try to get an answer. Seriously, They did NOTHING wrong! Then, i noticed the three of them were just looking down, and a smiling a little. Then, the rest of the locker room just started Snickering. I Was confused. Then, Toews tapped me on the shoulder.

"You know there just messing with you,right?" He said, laughing a little. Then, i looked over at them, they were all just giggling.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I Said, i was laughing but also mad that they just totally got me like that.

"Don't look at, it was their idea, they just got me in on it," Sarah said, pointing to Sharp and Kane.

"Noooo," Sharp said. "It was your Boyfriends idea, actually."

I Looked at Kaner, he didn't say anything., I Just Punched him in the shoulder.

"Ow, That hurt!" He said, holding it after.

"Well you deserved it," I Said, sticking out my tongue at him. He rolled his eyes. "So, what did they tell you anyway?"

"Oh, nothing big, we just got into the All-star Game," Kane said.

"OH MY GOSH, That's great!" I Said,smiling then hugging him.

"Yeah, it is, but i deserved it WAY More then Little Peak-A-Boo Over there," Sharp said. Everyone just laughed.

"Well, you got the keys to the Chevy, and i gotta head to the Airport NOW Unless i wanna miss my flight, so, come on Little Peak-A-Boo, Lets' go," I Said, sticking my tongue out as Kaner as we headed out.

*About 30 minutes later, The Airport, Chicago, IL* 

After grabbing my Starbucks, Patrick and i got to the airport. I Had 15 minutes left, but i had to get all my stuff boarded and the plane and shit, so we kinda had to hurry. He grabbed most of my bags for me out of the back, i just had two. Then, we just walked  together until we got over by my plane. He got all my bags loaded for me onto the plane, then, we had to say our  good-byes...

"So..." Kaner said, looking down, and fixing his Baseball Cap.

"It's just a week, it'll go by fast, i promise," I Said, putting my arms around his neck, as he put his around my waist.

"Promise me you'll call me or Skype with me sometime," He said.

"Promise me when we Skype Toews won't be in the room," I Said joking. Then, we laughed. Then, we kissed for a moment, and looked both of each other straight in the eye and got lost, but then, i just slowly walked away onto the plane. I Already hate this Country Enough, and i have to spend a week here away from my Boyfriend, this week better go by fast...

*On The Plane*
After i got on, i headed straight to my seat. Stephanie put in this new Policy so that we sat next to the person we roomed with on Plane Rides, so i sat next to Justin and his Beard. He wasn't there yet, so i got the window seat, which is my favorite place to sit. I Sat down and grabbed out my IPod and Started it up, when Justin came over and sat down. I Just looked at him, then, he looked back.

"Can i help you?" He asked, looking at me.

"You Know, you always wear the same thing to the airport,'' I Said. A Tanish V-Neck, Jeans, and Sunglasses.

"Okay, is there something wrong with that?" He asked.

"Learn to wash your clothes," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes, then stuck his tongue out back at me.

"What's on your IPod?" He asked.

"BTR, Bieber, Three Days Grace, Random ass people and Prime Circle," I Said.

"OH I Love Prime Circle!" He said, smiling.

"I Know you do," I Said. "Your the one who got me into them, anyway," I Said, sticking out my tongue.

Then, Jenny just come running on the plane, almost out of breath, and i was confused.

"Uh...What the fuck?" I Said, confused.

"We almost missed the flight!" She said.

"We?" Justin asked.

"Me, John and Nickie," She said.

"WHAT!?" Me and Justin said.

"John's usually the first one here!" I Said, shocked.

"Yeah, he's also the one who over-slept and almost made us three miss the flight," Jenny said, a little irritated.

Then, I Looked behind her and Saw John and Nickie, who were kinda rushing, but not too fast or anything.

"Dude, What happened?" Justin asked.

"I Forgot about the flight, over-slept, Nickie was already completely ready by the time i woke up, so yeah," John said. What's funny is that he didn't sound so concerned that he almost missed the flight, it sounded like he didn't really care, to be honest.

"Thank god i woke him up, He probably could have slept the whole day if it wasn't for me," Nickie said, laughing.

"DAMN, how much sleep did he get then?" I Asked.

"I Was busy hanging out with some friends and family from back home last night, i was up pretty late, so yeah," John Said, sitting down next to Nickie, and he just grabbed a pillow and started slowly falling asleep.

"Damn, just...Damn," Jenny said, looking at him.

"What? I'm tired, deal with it, sister," He said, not evening opening his eyes. Jenny just rolled her eyes.

"Wow," I Said.

Then, the flight took off and I Looked out my window and looked down at the city and shit like that, it was just beautiful. I can't believe we were heading to another country. I've been to Canada and China before, but it's been a while, so yeah.

"So, we're going to Kathryn's Home country..." Justin said. I Raised an eyebrow.

"Kathryn's English?" I Asked. "No Wonder her last name's Prince! Seriously, that's just not an American Name!" Justin just laughed.

"Yeah, how you think things are gonna go?" He asked. I Took a moment to answer.

"Well...Let's just say, There's a Huge chance i may be working as a heel for the next week or so," I Said with a smirk. Then, i went back to looking out the window and listening to my IPod as we headed out to the UK.

*The Next Day, Monday, 8:45pm, London, UK, Monday Night RAW LIVE*

We were like, 45 minutes through RAW, and Cena and Punk and Nexus were cutting a promo with each other, along with Miz and A-ri...For some reason, and after, i had a match. Right now, i was in the Locker room With Nickie, Jenny, Heather and Kristen. Nickie and Jenny were glued to the TV...As Usually. Heather was on the couch multi-tasking, Talking to Crosby and doing her hair for later tonight. Kristen was sitting by here and Punk's Locker, just eating a Banana, And i was across the room, just finishing getting ready. I Had my attire on, My Hair done, and now i was finishing lacing up my boots. I Was ready to just kick ass.

"You Know..." Kristen said, taking a bite out of her Banana. "It's been i while since i've seen something shaped like this..."

Then, I Just stopped dead in my tracks of lacing my boots and just looked up. Then, at her, and she was still eating her banana like there was absolutely nothing wrong with what she just said.

"Are you serious,child?" I Said, looking at her.

"What?" She said. I Just shook my head.

"She's right, that sounded WAY Wrong..." Heather said. "I'm never eating a banana again..."

"True that," I Said.

"WILL YOU PEOPLE SHUT THE HELL UP!?" Jenny yelled. Nickie shoved a pillow up her face, kinda.

"You yelling isn't making it any quieter," She said to her, sticking her tongue out. We all just laughed, then, RAW Went to a commercial break.

"Well, i'm gonna go head out to the Curtain now, i'm up next, Payce," I Said, walking out.

*WWE Women's Champion Kasey Angel vs. WWE Diva's Champion Kathryn Prince---Winner picks Match Stipulation for the Royal Rumble*

When i walked out from behind the curtain,  i got a decent pop, but i did get some boos. I Didn't come out so energetic like usual. I Was smirking, and i just walked down the ramp into the ring, paying absolutely no attention to fans at all. Then, Kathryn came out, and to a shock, she actually got ALL CHEERS From the crowd, since she's like, half English or something.Then, we both got in the ring, and the ref rung the bell.

We Started off just pacing around the ring, not taking our eyes off each other, then, we locked up in the middle, but i quickly ended it by throwing her into the ropes, then giving her a roundhouse kick to the face. She went down, and i went down on my own, and sat up, using my fist to hold me up, and then i just smirked and got up, then picked her up and through her over to the turnbuckle. After that, she turned around, crotching down a little and holding her face, and while she did that, i ran over and just twisted in the air onto her back And Wrapped my arms around her neck and head and my legs around her stomach and lungs area and put it in the sleeper hold, and she quickly went down. I Could slowly see her face turning blue. But, somehow, she found it in her and grabbed my arms and just broke the hold, i don't even know how. She slowly got on her knees and tried to get up, but i got up before her and just kicked her in the stomach. Then, she tried to get up again, and i kicked her in the stomach again, but this time, she caught my foot. Then, she stood up, still not letting go of my foot, then, she grabbed my Whole body and threw me HEAD FIRST Into the Turnbuckle, and she did it so hard, my feet actually went up in the air after and the other half of my body was like, just sitting on the top of the turnbuckle. Then, i sat up, holding my head, then, i felt a STABBING Pain in my back, and it turns out Kathryn  just darted across the ring and sucker-punched me RIGHT In the back. Then, she grabbed my arm and flipped me right off the turn buckle and back in the middle of the ring, and i landed right on my back. After that, i was just Panicking silently to myself. My Back hurt SO Bad now, there was absolutely No way i was gonna be able to get up and hit the 450. I Had to somehow get in the Sleeper Hold again, but this time, end the match with it. I Rolled out of the ring, to by me some time and walk the pain off. Then, i slid back in quickly and got up and just kicked her in the side, repeatedly until she went down. Then, i grabbed the ropes and just put all my body weight on her and stood on her stomach and lungs area, i was Counting on weakening that part of the body to help me get the win. The ref got to four and i got off and waited for her to get up. When she did, before she turned around to me, i ran back over and got in the Sleeper Hold, i was wanting to end the match by now. She went down, but because she was by the ropes, she COULD Have gotten a Rope break, but when she went down, she went the other way, not the way toward the ropes. She didn't tape, but she like, just passed out or something and wasn't responsive, so the ref ended the match.

After that, i got up and the ref raised my arm in victory, and i just smirked at the crowd, who was just booing me, but i really didn't give a shit. Then, i went out and grabbed my title and mic, then went back into the ring and just Knealed down next to Kathryn, smirking.

"Hey Kathryn...Guess what? Next Sunday, in match at the Rumble, guess what i'll be doing? I'll Hit you with Whatever weapon i want. I'll wrestle with you wherever i want, whether it's in the ring, out in the lobby, backstage, or hell, even if it's outside! And i'll Pin You Wherever i want and take your title. You know why? Because, at the Royal Rumble, I will defeat you in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE Match!" I Said, still smirking. Then, i threw back the ring and just got out and backstage.

*Later that night*

Normally, we'd all be over back at the hotel resting and stuff, but not tonight. Tonight was special. It was Heather's 23rd Birthday and we were all at a bar celebrating. Of course, Heather's like a sister to me, so i wasn't just not gonna come.

"Happy birthday, Chica!" I Said, handing her a present.

"Thanks Chica!" She said, smiling.

Then, she opened her present, still smiling, BIG. But then, when she saw what it was, that smile slowly disappeared.

"A Blackhawks Jersey...How...Thoughtful!" Heather said. We all just laughed.

"AH, just kidding!" I Said. "Your real presents back in the states, too big to bring here."

"OH REALLY?" Heather said, smiling. "I Can't wait!"

"You'll LOVE IT! Trust me!" I Said, smiling. We hugged, then, i had to leave.

"Well, i gotta had back, I Had a good hour here," I Said, laughing a little. "Later."

"What?" Heather said. "We didn't even have Shots yet!" She said, as the Bartender was starting to pour shots.

"I Can't, really..." I Said.

"What, you a wuss?" She said. Everyone just gasped.

"A Wuss? Really?" I Said. She just smirked. Then, i thought to myself.

"The last time i took shots at a bar...It ended bad. Do i really wanna do some now? Especially with everyone i work with around?" I Said myself.

"Give me some shots," I Said, walking back over. Heather smiled, then we high-fived, and i started taking shots with her, Alex Riley, John Morrison, Melina, and Zack Ryder.

That's all i remember.

To Be Continued...

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Three(Big Night // Part Two)

*Hours Later*

"The Meatballs are done!" Niklas said from the kitchen.

"Great! They smell good!" I Said, upstairs looking into a mirror fixing my hair while also getting some make-up on.

"YOU KNOW..." Kristen yelled from down there. "It's funny how YOUR Throwing this dinner, but instead of doing anything, your upstairs putting on some make-up and getting all dolled up while WE"RE Down here doing everything for you!"

"Yeah Kristen, that's a really funny story," I Said. "Haha" I Said, then rolling my eyes. Then, Kristen came up.

"I Still don't get why your throwing this..." She said.

"Either do i..." I Said, just shaking my head.

"Uh, Real Quick," She said, "Why didn't you invite Justin?"

"Well, i didn't think i needed to," I Said, shrugging. "See, your Italian, and you have a big mouth. I Knew you'd tell him. Justin...Yeah, We're like, maybe a little too tight...But whatever, i thought he would like, just know he could come over..." I Said. Kristen looked like, really offended, maybe because i said she had a big mouth because she was Italian...? Nah. "Besides, Kaner and some other Hawks are gonna be over here too, If that doesn't just SCREAM Awkward, I Don't know what does."

"You Know...Just because Italian Doesn't mean i'm anything like those people on Jersey Shore..." She said.

"Oh, yeah it does," I Said, laughing a little like a smart-ass.

Then, i flipped my hair and headed out of the bathroom, then got on the railing of the Staircase backwards and slowly slid down it, due to the fact i was obviously too lazy to walk down 10 steps. Then, Kristen came over and started walking down, then, when we were like, halfway close to getting back down, she lifted up her leg and kicked me off and i fell RIGHT To the ground...And HARD.

"OW! YOU BITCH!" I Yelled, on the floor, in pain. Then, she just slowly walked down the steps, then looked over me.

"Looks like Italian's also have Bad attitudes and big feet too, huh bitch?" She said. Then she smirked and walked away. I Just stayed there from a moment, in pain, then got up, and gave her a death glare.

Then i rolled my eyes and headed over to the table. I Put on some White Fabric sheet or something, put some Scented candles on each end, then went over and got the some of the food, like, the entrees or whatever, The Pasta, the Salad, and The Swedish Meatballs. Then, i left and headed back over to the kitchen and made sure there was enough Pepsi and Beer in the fridge. I Looked over and saw Nickie was done making what was apparently Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with some Mac and Sarah was just getting the grill turned off. Everything was PERFECT. Then, the doorbell rang, and i smiled a little then headed over to open it, and right when i was about to, the door slammed open instead. I Jumped, then, the guy walked in, and my jaw just dropped.

"HELLO, CHICAGO!" Burish yelled, walking into my house, with a big smile on his face. Then, he noticed My Jaw was dropped, so he walked back over to me, put his hand under my chin and pushed up and closed it for me. "All better!" He said, smiling, then walking over to the Kitchen by Jelly.That Jackass.

Then, Sharp followed by coming in, laughing a little, then followed Bur, then Toews came in, who was just smiling, then came in, hung up his sweatshirt and went over a took a seat at the table, then Kaner came in, and i stopped him.

"Uh, Why is Bur here!?" I Shouted loud enough only for us to hear, crossing my arms.

"Look, you told us to leave, we did, and since we had a game against the Stars last night, Bur and the Stars still happen to be in town. They're leaving at 8 tonight and Bur decided to have Dinner with us instead of the team, but he's leaving at like, 7:30 so he can get back to the hotel, you only need to survive like, 2 hours with him, you can do it babe, just, please, don't lose your temper with him," He said, putting his hands on my shoulder. I just kept pouting.

"But i don't want him in my house!" I Pouted. Kaner just sighed.

"Just deal with him for the next two hours, then he's gone, promise" He said. I Rolled my eyes, and pouted some more.

"Fine, whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes and walking away. I Saw Bur invading my refridgerator.

"Got any beer?" He asked, looking into the fridge.

"It's in the back..." I Said. Then, Burish just looked up.

"You Seem so down today...Why is that?" He asked. I Just stared at him, then walked back over to the door. Then, he hit Sharp in the shoulder to get his attention.

"Man...Did i piss her off?" He asked. Sharp just shrugged.

I Went back over to the door and waited for more people to come, and a couple minutes later, someone did. When i opened it, i got to be greeted by Punk's WONDERFUL face.

"Bitch" He said to me.

"Jackass" I Said back to him.




"Dumb Fuck"



"I Hate you"

"I Love you too, Punk!" I Said, smiling, which i could tell just pissed him off. "So uh, this is a dinner party. Every other man here is all nice looking, in tuxes or something like that, then you have you. Wearing sneakers, jeans with holes in them and a t-shirt..."

"Opposed to you who's wearing about the same thing except a tighter shirt just to show off those puppies of yours?" He said.

"It's different,'' I Said.

"How so?" He asked.

"MY Dinner, MY House, That's how," I Said. He just rolled his eyes and came in and met up over with Kristen in the kitchen. A couple minutes later, 3 more people arrived.

"Hello!" Jenny said, coming in with John, who was limping. I Raised an eyebrow.

"Uh...What happened?" I Asked.

"After you left Tuesday at the houseshow, John had a match, and yeah" Jenny said.

"Oh, Well uh, Sorry John," I Said, shrugging.

"Ah, It's okay, I've had a lot of free time in the past 2 days, i've enjoyed it!" He said. I Was a little confused, since he like, hates taking days off and stuff, but i just shrugged it off as John went over by Nickie in the Kitchen.

"So uh, Your here alone?" I Asked.

"Oh, what? No no no, I Got a date with me, He's down the hall," She said.

Then, her date walked in, and i was surprised to see who he was, VERY.

"Uh, I'm sure you two already know eachother, right?" She asked.

"Yeah...We do," I Said, just looking at him.

"Yeah, we met at the Draft last June," The Self Proclaimed 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes said, with his arms around Jenny.

Then, the kissed. I Just gagged a little in my mouth and made a face, then sighed.

"Take it to the other room you two....take it to the other room..." I Said, pointing them that way. They went, and i stayed. All that was left to arrive...that i knew of....was Heather. I Waited for a couple minutes, then she showed up with her new boyfriend. When i opened the door, my jaw dropped, i couldn't believe my eyes.

"Hey Kat!" She said, smiling. My Jaw was still open.

"Well, you know your Hockey, girl. I'm sure you know who he is!" She said, still smiling. I managed to close my mouth, but i was speechless.

"Hello, there," Sidney Crosby Said, extending his arms for a handshake.

TIME OUT....Now, Sidney Crosby, One Of The Best in the National Hockey League today, is in my condo. Uh, HOW IS THIS MY LIFE!? I Should be happy right? I mean, IT'S SIDNEY FUCKING CROSBY! Yeah, well i'm not First- I Don't really like his little Team, I Only like Letang, maybe for all the wrong reasons, and Staal. Second- I ADMIT, he's a GREAT Player on the ice, and he seems nice...kinda, but i don't like him. People over rate him. Like, ON WHAT PLANET IS HE CONSIDERED SEXY? I Don't see it, at all. And Third, YEAH, i have Hockey players here. But there all Hawks players, or former Hawks players. The Pens and the Hawks aren't friends, at all. It would be very interesting and maybe painful to watch to see how things would go down tonight now the Crosbys here. Back to reality...I Forced myself to shake Crosby's hand, then i put my hand behind the back, making a fist, also forcing myself not to knock Heather into next week for bringing him here. Then, they both came in and headed into the kitchen and i closed the door. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Tonight certainly was not gonna turn out like i expected...

*Later that night*

"So Uh, if you guys don't mind, I'd like to say Grace before we all start eating this wonderful meal the girls and myself made," Jelly said as he sat down at the table, right inbetween Kane and Sharp.

"Okay!" I Said. Then, we all got into like, the praying positions and i started saying Grace.

"Dear Lord..." I Started. That was the only easy part. Then, I DON'T KNOW WHY, But i started just laughing out of no where for no particular reason.

"Thank you for blessing us with this amazing meal, we are very greatful..." Then, i stopped again and tried to stop, but i couldn't, especially with what i was gonna say next.

"Especially since there are little kids down in Africa starving with no food-"

"MISS KAT WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING WHILE SAYING GRACE AND MAKING FUN OF THOSE POOR KIDS DOWN IN AFRICA!?" Bur yelled from across the table. I Was just having a full out laugh attack. I Just shook my head, i was laughing so hard i couldn't speak.

"Fine, if you can't properly say grace, i will," Bur said.

"Oh Dear Lord..." Kaner said. Bur just looked at him.

"I'm Sorry, Pat, Did you wanna say something or can i say grace, THE RIGHT WAY, Unlike your wonderful girlfriend over there," Bur said, then looking at me, shaking his head.

"No, No...Go Ahead and try to say Grace," Kaner said, looking as if he was trying not to laugh.

"Alright then, thank you very much, you little Rat," Bur said. Sharp tapped his shoulder.

"Uh...Bur, Bolly's the Rat, not Kaner," He said.

"I Know. But look at his plate. Look at all that Mac and CHEESE. Rats Like Cheese. Therefore, Kaner gets to be the Rat of the night," Bur said. We all just laughed. Then Bur began saying grace.

"Dear Lord, thank you for giving us this meal, no matter how bad it may truly be," He said, i stopped laughing and looked at him, but he didn't notice, or care for that matter."Thank you for blessing us with the gift of talent you have giving us all and letting us to use it to the fullest, we're very greatful for that, hopefully. Amen'' He said. Then, Jelly Had a funny look on his face.

"I Probably just should have said grace myself..." He said.

"Hey, i wasn't THAT BAD," Bur said.

"Oh, Yes, Yes you were," Sharp said, leaning over the table and grabbing some meatballs. Bur just rolle dhis eyes.

"So, all of us don't really know half of eachother," Toews said. "Maybe we should go around the table introducing ourself's to learn more about eachother."

"Oh...I Can do this for you all, i know you all to well," I Said. Then, i put my stuff down and stood up.

"I'm Kat, and i like to party and kick ass." I Said, then, i pointed to Kristen. "That's Kristen, she's a Guidette, and she's damn proud of it." Then, i got to Punk, shook my head and just skipped him. "That's Nickie, she's pretty much like a Guardian Angel to that man," I Said, pointing to John. "That's John, and he's one of the most well known Superstars in Sports-Entertainment today. That's Jenny who happens to like almost everything i can't stand, but she's still pretty fucking amazing. That's Cody, And he obviously likes to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians because he rips them off everyweek by claiming he's 'Dashing', That's Heather, she and i both work for the same company and always fight about Hockey considering she likes dumbass teams while i like all the right teams. That's Sidney, and well, you all know who he is. That's Adam Burish, He's a smart-ass who knows how to kick-ass and Pull ultimate Pranks on people.That's Sarah, she's an all around Hockey lover and get's some Sharp every night in bed. That's Patrick Sharp, he's a Sharp Dressed Man and one of the best in the NHL and leading the Hawks in Goal-scoring. That's Niklas Hjalmarsson, He's Tough like a Hammer, but sweet as Jelly, That's Patrick Kane, He's one hell of a guy in bed and a bad ass partying hockey player. And of course, that's Jonathan Toews, He's our Captain, and he's amazing." I Said. Then, i sat back down.

"Uh, wow. She pretty much actually got it almost all right..." Kristen said. Everyone just nodded there head in agreement.

"Yeah, except one part," Bur said. Then, he looked at Crosby. "She said we all know who you are. But you know, if your so big like everyone says you are, how come i've never heard the name Sidney Crosby in my life,huh?" Bur joked. Everyone laughed, except Crosby and Heather.

"Maybe you should come out of that rock your obviously living in and come back to reality, man. Besides, who the hell know's who Adamn Burish is anyway?" Sid said. This time, no one was laughing, and Sid wasn't Kidding. Bur could tell that, and he didn't look happy.

"It's called a joke, you idiot," He said. "Besides, I've seen way better then you anyway."

"And people have obviously seen better then you..." Sid said. Now, Bur was just pissed.

"Alright YOU KNOW WHAT!?" Bur said, standing up, as so did Crosby. They got in eachothers faces, they looked super pissed. Then, i looked down and noticed both of them made fists. In the past, each of them have records of fighting, and there was like, nothing stopping them right now.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA!" I Said, standing up as well, breaking them up. "This is a fucking Dinner party! Not a place for fighting! If your gonna fight, do it outside on the balcony, so that way you won't wreck anything important and hopefully Bur throws Crosby off the balcony and-" Then, i stopped and my eyes widened and it just sunk in about what just came out of my mouth. Heather shot me a look, and she looked pissed.

"I MEAN hopefully one of you guys, or both of you go over the balcony, because i hate you both," I Said, sitting down.

"Yeah, i get you, girl," Bur said, winking at me. I Rolled my eyes. Then, he and Sid sat down, but Jelly Belly And Kaner traded places with Sid and Heather so that way Bur and Sid weren't next to eachother.

"You Know...We haven't really eaten yet..." Nickie said.

"Yeah, she's right, we haven't eaten yet," Sarah said.

"Well then...DIG IN!" I Said. All the girls, and Jelly, took the first bites, the guys just hesitated. But then, at once, they all took a bite of the food, chewed slowly, then swallowed.

"Uh, Wow, This is actually good!" Toews said.

"Shows you right for doubting our cooking abilities," Sarah said, sticking her tongue out at him.

Then, we continued eating our dinner for the next couple of minutes, and talking about completely random shit, and overall, we were just having a good time...

*About an hour later, 7:05pm*

"Who wants dessert?" Kristen yelled from the kitchen to all the guys, who were piled over in the living room.

 "ME!" All the guys said.

We were about to play this game Bur wanted to play before he had to head back to his hotel to head out back to Dallas with the Stars. Basically, you wrote down like, one question, one like, humiliating or something like that question and you put it in this hat i had. Then, a person would choose one of the questions out of the hat, and have to answer it on the spot, and honestly. This was gonna be interesting. We were also making Ice Cream Sundaes for everyone who wanted some. Then, we got done with the Ice Cream Sundaes and delivered them to everyone, then sat down with the guy we were with. I Sat next to Kaner on the couch, We were sharing a sundae together.

"Okay, i'll go first," Bur said. Then, he stuck his hand in the hat and pulled out a question.

"Have you ever been involved in a threesome? Would you consider doing so in the future?" He read."No, and as long as i can have that three-some with Megan Fox and Miss America, i would consider one in the future," He said, smiling.

"I'll Go Next!" Nickie said. She pulled out her question.

"Out of all the people in this room, who's boyfriend/girlfriend would you like to steal to keep for yourself?" She read. "Well, sorry, i'd rather just keep John," She said, Snuggling up Closer to John.

"Sorry, girl. You gotta pick," Bur said.

"Well then, I Certainly wouldn't pick that dumbass over there," She said, disgustingly looking at Punk.

''OH, AMEN TO THAT, SISTER!" I Said. We just laughed then.

"Alright, I'm next!" Kristen said. Then, she picked her question.

"How many times a week do you have sex?" She read.

"Wow, that's personal," Jelly said.

"Well, i actually used to have sex SEVERAL Times a day, but now...yeah, no," Kristen said, looking down. Usually, i would make a remark, but i didn't this time.

"I'm next," Toews said. Then, he picked one.

"Have you ever had a Crush on your Best Friends Younger or older sibling?" He read. "Well, Kaner's 3 sisters are pretty hot..." He said. winking. We all just laughed, except Kaner, who rolled his eyes.

"Alright, i'm next," Sarah said as she picked one. She looked at it, and raised an eyebrow.

"Okay...Who the fuck asked this?!" She yelled.

"What is it?" Kaner asked.

"What’s the kinkiest kind of sex you’ve ever had?" She read. We all just laughed.

"Don't answer that, please," Sharp said, grabbing it and throwing it back, and laughing.

"These questions are just a little too personal," Jenny said, next to Cody, both were laughing as well.

"Tell me about it..." I Said.

Then, i fed Kaner some Ice cream. He did the same to me, except, he purposely scooped up some Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup on it, then put it on My Cheek and rubbed it all over. It was kinda like a Husband and a Bride feeding eachother cake, only we weren't married and it was ice cream. My Jaw just dropped, it was SO COLD. Then, i got over it and then tried to wipe it off, but it didn't work, but whatever. Then, i threw my spoon out back to the kitchen and took Kaners arm off around me, and stuck my hand into the ice cream and just grabbed some.

"Kaner, if you know what's best for you, you'd start running," Jelly said.

Then, Kaner realized what i was gonna do, then got up and started running, and i followed him. He tried getting to the stairs, but i jumped on his back and tackled him to the floor, flipping him onto his back, then smeared the Ice Cream ALL Over his face, then stuck my tongue out at him. He smiled, then took his hand and wiped some off of his face, and smeared it on mine. Then, Bur, Jelly, Sharp and Toews came over with there phones and took some pictures, they probably were gonna send them to the rest of the team. Then, i pinned Kaner down to the floor and we kissed. After that, Bur had to head off, and we decided it was time to kick everyone else out aswell.

*A couple minutes later, after everyone is out*

"Wow...What a night!" I Said, sitting down on the couch, i just washed my face off and got into some pajamas.

"Yeah, i'm surprised you pulled this off," Kaner said, wiping his face off and sitting next to me.

"Yeah yeah yeah," I Said. "On to the important stuff," I Said, smirking. "It's been a VERY Long time...And well, i'm starting to get Cobwebs under here," I Said, pointing to my Kooka, as Pauly D Calls it. Kaner just laughed.

"Sorry babe, maybe in the morning. I Kinda wanted to watch a movie?" He said.

"What movie?" I Asked.

"Brian's Song," He said.

"OH I Love That movie!" I Said, smiling.

Brian's Song was a movie about Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears. It's an AMAZING Movie, and one of my favorites of all time.

"Wanna watch it?" He asked me.

"Sure!" I Said.

Then, he got up and put in the movie then turned off the lights. We snuggled on the couch together and started watching it. Then, after it was done, we just fell asleep in each other's arms on the couch.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Three(Big Night // Part one)

*Two days Later, Thursday, 11:15 am, Kristen and Punk's house, Chicago, IL*

"OKAY, OKAY! I Get it, she pissed you off!" Kristen said. "But, Did you really need to call her the "C'' Word!?"

"YEP!" I Said. "Besides, the bitch deserved to be called a Cunt."

"You know, i heard both sides of the story, and she's right. I Don't really feel bad for Kathryn," Justin said, fixing his shirt collar. Punk was just rolling his eyes and eating the Sandwich Kristen made for him.

Today was the day i was having my big Dinner bash thingy with everyone, and before i had to deal with picking up all this food and shit for it, The Hawks had practice and stuff for a couple hours at the Icehouse, So i decided to kill time over at Kristen's and Punk's place, along with Justin. Of course, they wanted to know about the fight and what REALLY Happened between me and Kathryn, so i just explained it to them.

"Wow, i still can't believe it," Kristen said.

"Well, believe it, 'cause it's true," I Said."God, i'm gonna kick her ass in 2 weeks at the Royal Rumble."

"Speaking of that," Justin said. "When's Hunter or Steph gonna announce the match type?"

"Hopefully next week," I Said. "And it better be like, not a regular one, I Swear, the things i wanna do to her..."

"Good luck with that," Punk said, getting up and heading over to the computer, rolling his eyes. After he walked away, i flipped him off.

"That's not nice!" Kristen said.

"Since when the hell was i nice?" I Said. She just glared at me.

"Let it be on the record, She's right, she's never claimed to be nice, ever," Justin said. I Just looked at him, then we smiled at eachother and high fived.

"OH MY GOD..." Punk said over at the computer desk. We all looked his way.

"What?" Kristen asked.

"Come check this out," He said, laughing. Kristen headed over first, but me and Justin were hesitant. Then, we looked over at eachother, and went over.

"What?" I Asked.

"That one ex Jersey Shore Chick is trying to land a TNA Contract!" He said, pointing to some dirt sheet page he was on. I Stared at it, and it's true. Mangelina is trying to become a wrestler.

"Oh My..." I Said. I Stared at it some more. Then, after a moment, i kinda just broke out laughing, kinda like Kitty Formam from That 70s Show.

"What is it about Italian Girls from jersey and wrestling?" Kristen asked.

"Kristen, your an Italian girl from Jersey," Justin said.

"It's different though..." Kristen said, though it really wasn't.

"Oh My, I Have seen Angelina fight..." I Said. "AND THE BITCH CAN'T FIGHT! She seriously wants to fight for a living in a full regulation match? WHAT!?"

"This is just too funny," Punk said, still laughing.

"Good lord, her career's going down faster then Calgary Kid's went..." I Said. Justin looked at me weird.

"Calgary Kid was Miz," He said.

"But is he known as Calgary Kid anymore? NOOOPE!" I Said.

Then, Punk scrolled up and switched to the WWE Part of the site, and one of the headlines on it said this- 

"Nexus News, First Hall Of Famer to be announced, Kasey Angel/Kathryn Prince, More..."

Quickly After reading that, i raised an eyebrow.

"What's that?" I Asked, pointing directly at it.

"Oh...nothing," Punk said.

"No, No No, It's something," I Said eyeing it.

"Come on Angel, Let's go back and eat that sandwich Kristen made," Justin said, trying to get me back there.

"Yeah, come on Kat," Kristen said.

"Nah, i'm good..." I Said.

Then, i pulled Punk out of his chair and i got in it, then scrolled down and clicked the link. I Ignored all the news about Nexus, even though it said something about Ginger and Justin, skipped the part about them announcing who would be the first inductee in the Hall Of Fame next monday and skipped to the bottom half about me and Kathryn.

"Reports tell us at the Tuesday Night RAW World Tour Houseshow in Peria, IL, WWE Diva's Kathryn Prince and Kasey Angel broke out into a Brawl, in which Kathryn was almost Knocked out by Angel. It was told WWE Superstars John Morrison and Justin Gabriel along with CEO Stephanie McMahon had to come and break it up, and after so, more words were exchanged between the two, then Angel walked out.

The two have been feuding for over six months(Since last June) And are still not done, and it is rumored that despite the words exchanged and Kathryn almost being Knocked out, This was all planned out in order  to keep the Storyline going because WWE Creative cannot come up with anything else for the Diva's, and this should be going on until after Wrestlemania at the least. More to come later."

The last part made me raise an eyebrow.

"Since when the fuck was that staged?" I Asked. "And since when am i supposed to be feuding with this chick until after Wrestlemania?"

"Kat, It's a dirt sheet, Dirt sheets make stuff up ALL The time, it's probably not true," Kristen said.

"Probably? IT ISN'T!" I Yelled. "These Fucking Assholes, spreading around lies, Know the shit your talking about before you talk about it, assholes," I Said, rolling my eyes. Then, Punk just glared at me.

"Okay, you know what?" He said. "I've had it. You have thee most dirtiest Mouth i have ever seen, Your in my house, watch what you say or just shut up!" I Raised an eyebrow at this.

"First, don't tell me what and what not to say. What and how i say is one of my  many ways to express myself, so no. Second, don't tell me to shut up because God Gave me this mouth for a reason and it was not to shut up," I Said. Punk looked annoyed.

"In my house, those words aren't right or acceptable, so-"

"WAIT! Hold up!" I Said.

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!" He said. Then, he got up and headed upstairs trying to escape me, but i followed.


~While this is going on, so is this back downstairs...~

"Good lord, It's like her life mission is to annoy him!" Kristen said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, didn't they use to be like, good friends though?" Justin Asked, leaning over the counter, pretty much showing off his chest...He was wearing a v-neck button down shirt, the buttons weren't buttoned up.

"First, put that away," She said, pointing to his chest. He rolled his eyes and buttoned up his shirt. "Second, yeah, i don't know exactly how they met, but yeah, they knew eachother WAY Before she joined WWE, according to Punk, but they changed, and, yeah..." Kristen said.

"AH, I See..." Justin said.

Then, for a moment, it was silent. Then, Justin cocked his head, and broke the silence.

"So, is Kat still dating that Hockey Player?" He asked. Kristen just sighed.

"Of course she is..." She said. Justin sighed after that too.

"What does she see in him?" He asked.

"What did you see in Kelly when you dated her a while back?" She asked. Justin just shrugged.

"She's a blonde, I'm a sucker for Blondes, always been that way. Never dated anyone who wasn't a blonde..." He said. Kristen was confused.

"But, Kat's not a blonde, and your like, madly in love with her..." Kristen said.

"Exactly," Justin said. Kristen looked confused, but just got over it.

"So, you coming to Kat's dinner party tonight?" She asked. Now Justin was confused.

"What Dinner Party?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. 

"She didn't tell you?" She asked. "She's like, throwing some dinner party or something for some friends, i thought for sure she'd invite you..."

"Well, she didn't," Justin said, looking down.

"Oh..well then-" Kristen began, but was inturupted.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!?'' Punk yelled at me.


Then, Punk opened the door and very rudely pushed me out.

"GOOD-BYE, JACKASS," He yelled, slamming the door in my face.


*Later That Day, 3:00pm, 2 hours before the big dinner*

Like i said, I Can't cook for shit, yet for some reason i decided to have a big dinner bash and cook for everyone. So, because i can't cook and i don't wanna like, Poison people with my god awful cooking, i made Sarah, Kristen, Nickie, Jenny and Heather come over and help me. I Waited for a while, getting some things set up in the kitchen, then i heard a knock on the door and grabbed it. Sarah was the first one here.

"Took you long enough!" I Said. She just rolled her eyes and then came in. Then, she looked around, and noticed it was just us.

"Hold Up," She said. "Your telling me It took me long enough to get here, even though I'm the first one!?"

"Well, i told you to be here 5minutes ago, didn't i?" I Said. She just rolled her eyes again, then headed over to the kitchen.

"So, why exactly did you decide to throw this dinner party if you can't cook,eh?" She asked.

"Honestly, i have no idea, I Was watching Jersey Shore and-"

"Figures," She said. "That show...Just makes people more dumber.'' I Just looked at her.

"Uh, I Watch that show," I Said, crossing my arms, kind of offended.

"Yeah, I Know," She said. I Rolled my eyes this time. Then, there was another knock on the door, and it was Kristen and Nickie.

"Well, don't just stand out there...Get in, Losers. We got some cooking to do," I Said, sticking my tongue out after. They just laughed and came in.

"Jenny and Heather aren't coming until later tonight," Nickie said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Jenny's speading time with John and her date and Heather said she had to go to her new boyfriends house to-"

"WHAT!?" I yelled. "The girl's already got a new boyfriend!?" No offense to Heather, because she's like a sister to me. But DAMN, that girl gets over a break up and gets a new man faster then Usian Bolt, the fastest guy in the world.

"Yeah, now the Barrett's on Smackdown, it'll be hard for them to see eachother, so they called it off, blah blah blah," Nickie said, rolling her eyes.

"Well, hopefully her new guy won't know, a dumbass," I Said. Nickie just nodded in agreement and headed over to the kitchen with everyone else.

"So Uh, Kat, what exactly are you wanting us to help you cook for dinner?" Kristen asked. I Froze.

"Uh...Well, Like i said, i don't cook, so...I Was hoping you guys would know what to cook...?" I Asked, shrugging. They all just looked at me.

"If you don't know what you want to cook, Why the HELL Would you throw this big bash in the first place!?" Kristen asked.

"She got the idea off of an episode of Jersey Shore," Sarah said.

"OH MY," Kristen said, before facepalming.

"You know, that show like, makes you dumber," Nickie said. I Just frowned.

"And it doesn't help that she Likes Sammi the best out of all..."Kristen said.

"Oh My..." Sarah said. "Sammi is SUCH A Bitch!"

"Well you know what? So am i, So it works perfectly!" I Said.

"You liking Sammi is a weird as Kaner choosing 'Boo' In Mario Kart," She said. I Just laughed.

"So uh, back to this cooking thing," Kristen said. "Since you obviously can't cook, why don't you make a salad while we make a real meal,okay?" I Thought for a moment, then answered.

"Okay!" I Said

Then, i started making my Salad as Kristen was making i think some kind of Pasta, Sarah was actually outside on the Balcony grilling up steaks or something---It was only like, 50 degrees or something, not TOO Cold, Besides, she lived up in Canada for a couple years, she could probably survive from anything as long as it wasn't below -20--- And Nickie was making...I Don't know exactly, but it smelled good. Then, I heard the door open, and Sharp, Toews and Kane came in.

"SEE!" Sharp shouted. "I Told you they'd be cooking! Now, pay up you two, you owe me $100 each," He said, we all just laughed.

Then Sarah came back in from the Balcony and her and Sharp kissed. I Rolled my eyes, then threw some Lettuce from the salad at them.

"Not in my kitchen, okay?" I Said. They rolled their eyes.

"Well that was rude," Sarah said.

"Yeah, i know it was, but i'm rude, so deal with it," I Said, sticking out my tongue. Then, Kaner wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek from behind.

"Wow, i'm impressed. Looks like you ladies are actually cooking a decent meal!" Kaner said.

"Shows you right, don't doubt us, EVER" Kristen said, still working on the pasta.

"Yeah, i'm excited to see what you girls make," Toews said. "Thanks for inviting us again, Kat."

"No problem!" I Said, smiling.

"Alright, come on," Kaner said, leading the guys over to the tv. But i stopped them.

"Um...How do i say this..." I Said. "OKAY! Yeah, you guys need to get the hell out and not come back until at least 5:15."

"What?" All three of them said at the same time.

"I Want this to like, be a surprise or something!" I Said. "So, LEAVE!" I Said, opening the door and pointing them out. They all sighed, then Toews walked out, then Sharp, who stopped real quick.

"Meanie-Bo-Beanie," He said to me, then stuck his tongue out and walked away. I Rolled my eyes, then giggled a little. Then, Kaner made his way over, then stopped at me as well.

"Oh, hey, I Got you someone willing to help you girls cook," He said, smiling.

''And who would that be?" I Asked, crossing my arms. Then, he looked out into the hall.

''HAMMER!" He shouted down the hall. Then, a moment later, Jelly Belly came by, with something in hand.

"Hey, Kat," He said, in his swedish Accent.

"We told Niklas bout the Dinner, and he wanted to know if he could come over and cook those Swedish Meatballs he makes," Kaner said. I Just laughed.

"Of course you can come and cook some Meatballs, Jelly!" I Said. Jelly smiled, then came in and headed over to the Kitchen.

"Alright, be back in 2 hours, love you, babe," Kaner said. Then, he leaned over and kissed me, and there were a shitload of boos from everyone else in the house.

"GET A ROOM!" They yelled.

"Uh, THIS IS MY ROOM, IDIOTS," I Shouted at them. I Looked back at Kaner and we laughed, and he left, and i went back over to the Kitchen with everyone else as we continued cooking. We had a Big Night in store.

To Be Continued...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Two(Round And Round)

"For the Love of God!" I Yelled as we got into the arena. "Has ANYONE In this damn city ever heard of something called a snow plower? Good Lord, It should be fucking illegal to have so much snow out there!"

"I know right! Seriously, this is worst then New York!" Heather said.

"I Lost a Shoe Out there in the snow," Kristen said, nearly mortified. We all looked at her shocked, Then down at her feet, and she actually was missing a fucking shoe.

"DAMN!" I Yelled. "God, This snow is bad!" I Yelled again.

Then, i took off my boot, which was Covered in snow, then, i literally Hit it against the wall to try to get the snow off, HARD, like as if i was trying to put a hole threw the wall. Jenny looked at me crazy.

"Is That REALLY Necessary!?" She asked.

"YEP!" Everyone else except  me yelled. I Just raised an eyebrow. They all know me a little too much.

"What they said," I Said, then i continued hitting my boot against the wall to get the snow off.

Then, Everyone'S FAVORITE BOSS And Chairmen of the company, Hunter Helmsley came by and without even giving me eye contact, snatched my boot away from me and continued walking.

"Don't hit boots against walls in My Arena, Miss Angel." He said, still walking as he said that. My jaw dropped, and i just watched him walk away with my boot.

"The Bastard Just Stole My Shoe!" I Yelled. Kristen just looked at me.

"Now you know my pain," She said, fucking serious. I Just nodded, then went over to a crate, put my Wrestling Bag down there and dug into it, then got my Wrestling Boots on instead.

"I'm gonna go head to my locker room and get ready for the show tonight, You two should come with me," John said, looking directly over at Jenny and Nickie. They looked at each other real quick, then nodded and left with him.

"I'm gonna go get some water," I Said starting to head over to catering.

"Oh, Hey bring me back a Pepsi, Will ya?" Punk asked. I Just looked back at him.

"You have two Perfectly fine arms and legs, get it yourself you lazy bum," I Said walking away, i'm sure he rolled his eyes or complained to Kristen or something like that, but i didn't really give a fuck.

I Headed over to catering to get my water, and while i was there, i grabbed an apple, i haven't had anything today really, and i didn't wanna like have low blood sugar and then pass out, it was possible. Then, i got my stuff and was about to leave, until someone came up to me...

"Oh...Look What the Cat Dragged in..." Kathryn Said, in that bitchy voice of her's.

"Oh...It's you..." I Said, in my bitchy voice, also rolling my eyes. "Don't you have somewhere else to be? And what ever happened to those little Devil horns of yours?" I Asked, crossing my arms, she just smirked a little.

"That's the best you can come up with?" She asked.

"Oh no, trust me, i can do a lot worst, But I'm actually a respectable women, So i'll keep those thoughts to myself," I Said.

"Oh, Kat..." She said. "You lost all that Little respect you had after the whole world found out you were cheating on that Hockey Boyfriend of yours with that caveman over to the right,'' She said, obviously refering to Justin. I Just put down my Apple and water and laughed a little, then got serious.

"First off- What have i not done to earn respect? And exactly what have YOU Done to earn respect yourself? Second Off- I Did not Cheat on My Boyfriend With Justin Gabriel, Get your facts straight, bitch," I Said. Then, she looked pissed off, and got all serious as well.


"FIRST OFF! SECOND OFF!" I Said, pretty  much Mocking her.  That REALLY Pissed her off.

"If your weren't fucking cheating on your boyfriend--Who may i add looks like a drunken Slob the majority of the time-- With that Caveman back there, Then you wouldn't have gotten fucking injured and could have fought me so i could have taken that title of yours earlier!" She said. "But NOO, Instead, you get injured, don't do shit, and yet your still allowed to keep your title? WOW...People are right, the only thing you can do right is  Satisfying Men in bed, you little Slut..." She said, looking at me disgusted. At this point, i wanted to shove her teeth down her throat, and i was about to.

"Look, I Don't know what the hell goes on in his little head, How he though what he thought is something i truly don't know. Second, I've had this title since my debut-"

"Yeah, you've held it for a VERY Long time, haven't you!?" She said, then getting all serious again. "Oh Kat...All good things eventually come to an end...Maybe...No, IT IS Time for you to learn that..." She said, smirking, then patting me and the the head real quick, but i smacked her arm back once she did so.

"Don't put your fucking hands on me, Dumbass,'' I Said, serious, and feeling incredibly pissed.

"Don't tell me what to do, you little slut," She said, getting up in my face, then pushing me back. That REALLY, and man, I mean REALLY Pissed me off.

"Like i said," I Said, pausing, then pushing her back, harder. "Don't Fucking Put your hands on me you fucking Cunt!"

I Just called her the C Word. The C Word is a fight word. And yeah, i cuss a lot,but this is the first time i ever really had to say the C Word to someone, so obviously, there is about to be Serious shit going down.

She got up pretty fast then, we both got face-to-face. We were both pissed off, and probably both wanted to kill eachother. Then, we both backed up, and both looked down the hallways. I Looked down were Kristen, Justin, Punk and Heather were, And Hunters Office. Hunter's door was closed, and everyone else actually just left and headed out to the parking lot, i don't know what the deal with that was,but whatever. Kathryn looked down her Hallway, which was the hallway that pretty much lead to the Locker rooms and the Trainers room. Again, no one in sight. It was just us. All alone. We looked back at eachother, both growing smirks on our faces, then, slowly walked up to eachother, til' we were only about, maybe 2 feet apart. Then, she put her arm back and was about to slap me right in the face, but i caught her arm before she good and reversed it and used my right fist to punch her in the face instead. From there, i just grabbed her by her shirt collar and continued just throwing punches straight to her face...kind of like John Scott does in his fights. Then, she ducked for one, then was able to grab my shirt collar and pin me against the wall and throw in some punches to me, but i kneed her in the gut, then went back to punching her, but in the back of the head instead since she wasn't facing me. Then, she elbowed me in my gut, then my head, then she got up and delivered Punches to my head again, but i kicked her in her knee. Then, i could feel a new feeling of rage inside of me, i was ready to finish this bitch. I Made a fist, looked at her, she saw it, and got up quick, then made one two. We both were ready to knock eachother out cold, But we couldn't both do it, so it was gonna be interesting to see who would do it first. Then, we just paced around in circles, not taking our eyes off eachother, no matter what. Then, i heard footsteps coming, and my heart stopped. What if it was someone big, like, Hunter or Stephanie? I Looked away for a QUICK Second, and Kathryn being...Kathryn, noticed, then rushed at me and got in a punch to the face, knocking me up against the wall. She got in like, another punch, but she was almost out of breath, as was i, so it was just one. She tried to get in another one, but i punched her first. It was like, hard, and she ended up almost falling to the ground, but didn't, just one knee, but she kept herself up. I Would have gone and attacked her, but i was out of breath, i needed to take a breather for a moment, as did she. About a minute later, we were both refreshed, and locked up again, which was basically her putting her hands around my neck trying to choke me out, as i did too. Then, i seriously heard footsteps, more then one, like, running. I Wanted to look, but i didn't. Kathryn was my first priority.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA! HEY, BREAK IT UP!" I Heard a voice yell, i wasn't sure who's though. Then, someone from behind me just grabbed me, tightly from Kathryn and held me back. Then, i saw someone do the same with Kathryn, and i realized who that was.

"What the hell are you two doing!?" John Morrison asked, holding back Kathryn.

"Yeah! You can't just get into REAL Fights like that, especially in Catering! What's wrong with you two!?" Justin asked, holding me back. Then, someone else came up, Stephanie. As if we already weren't in trouble enough with these two, now one of the bosses is here, Serious shit is really about to go down.

"What is going on in here!?" She asked, highly confused, and not mad like i thought she would be...yet.

"I Just Kicked Angel's ass over there, THAT'S WHAT" Kathryn said.

"Oh, That's it, LET ME GO JUSTIN!" I Yelled, trying to get out of Justin grip, but nope. I Even tried to kick him in the balls to get him to let go, but still, NOPE. Only thing that came out of that was him holding me TIGHTER and actually picking me up from the ground. Then, Stephanie came over and whispered something to him.

"Keep her back," She said. He just nodded, i rolled my eyes.

"Now, What the hell!?" She asked. "What happened!?"

"Kathryn being the bitch she is came up to me and decided to cause trouble," I Said. "And i kicked her ass for it, that's pretty much it."

"You kicked MY ASS?" She said, then laughing.

"Uh, hey. I Wasn't the only who fell on her fucking knees after a punch to the face, dumbass," I Said.

"It was a hard shot, i admit it, but yeah, no you didn't, honey," She said, again in her bitchy tone.

"Okay, what i'm concluding from this is that this fight was pointless and un-necisarry, despite both of your problems with eachother in the ring," She said. "So, i think the reasonable situation for this is to have both of you come over here, shake eachother's hands and apologize so we can move on with the night."

"WHAT!?" I Yelled. "LET ME GO JUSTIN!!!" I Yelled. I Knew he wouldn't but i must've scared him a little because he did. I Walked over to Stephanie. "You want me to apologize to her!? She doesn't deserve my fucking apology!"

"Wow, that's classy, You REALLY Are respectable..." She said sarcastically.

"OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT-" I Started, then started walking up to her making a fist, but Stephanie grabbed me before i did.

"Kat! Calm down!" She said.  I Was just SO Pissed, i couldn't.

"You Know what...? No, i'm done," I Said. Justin looked at me weird.

"Wait, what?" He asked.

"I'm leaving, i'm sorry, but i can't stand this bitch. Find someone else to wrestle my match against Natalya Tonight, i'm leaving," I Said, starting to walk away. Justin chased after me and tried to stop me.

"Come on, Angel," He said. "Your over-reacting."

"I'M OVER REACTING!?" I Yelled. "You were only here for the last part of the fight, but if you were here for the first part too, you'd now that I'm not over-reacting!"

"Okay, Maybe your not, i don't know what happened, But come on, Angel. Stay," He said. He was looking straight at me, with those cute eyes of his. I Was very tempted to change my mind, but i didn't.  I Just shook my head, starting walking back, then i just turned and ran out.

*Later that night...*

"WAIT, So, Kat said WHAT The Kathryn!?" Punk asked Justin. It was pretty much the end of the houseshow. John Cena was wrestling right now in a Steel Cage match against Barrett. Punk and Justin were getting ready to go interfere, while also talking to Kristen and Heather. Justin was telling them about what happened earlier between Kathryn and Kat.

"I'm not so sure, i only saw the end of the fight, but after Kat ran out, Kathryn kept talking, and said that Kat actually called her the 'C' Word," Justin said. Everyone else's mouth dropped.

"WHAT!?" Heather yelled. "Dude, That's a fight word!"

"I KNOW RIGHT!" Kristen yelled. "Serious shit must have went down if-"
"I've seen the mouth on that kid, she cusses a lot, but i've never heard her say the 'C' Word..." Punk said, getting on his Nexus Armband. He also just cut off Kristen, who looked at him funny, but he didn't notice really.

"Wow, i can't believe she left..." Heather said.

"Yeah, this place is boring without her..." Justin said, looking down a little.

"Yeah, it's weird not having her around, running her-"

"Actually, this place is back to normal without her around tonight, you know, like before she sadly joined this company!" Punk said, AGAIN Cutting off Kristen, and not even paying much attention to her. Kristen looked over again, then sighed. Then, Nickie and Jenny came over, but they didn't look okay, they looked kind of sad or something.

"'Bout time you two got over here!" Heather said. "We're halfway through John's  match! Your both usually out here already watching it..."

"Yeah, i know..." Nickie said, sniffling. It looked like she was just crying, and if you looked at Jenny, it looked like she was trying her best to hide some tears back. They both looked in like, emotional pain.

"What's wrong?" Heather asked, a little concerned.

"Nothing...Just nothing..." Jenny said. Heather looked at them for a moment, then slowly walked over to Kristen.

"What the hell do you think happened in Cena's locker room?" She asked, as Both of them were paying no attention to anything but the tv.

"I Don't know, but it sounds like-"

"ALRIGHT JUSTIN! Get everyone else, time to go..." Punk said, hopping off the crate her was on, And AGAIN, cutting off Kristen. She glared at him again, but this time, he noticed.

"What's wrong?" He asked. She was about to say something, then just shook her head.

"Oh...Nothing...Go out there and do your thing, babe," She said. 

"Alright, love you," He said, walking away a little. Before Justin left like Punk told him to, he glanced over at Kristen, and noticed something was REALLY Wrong.

"Uh...Sorry," He said, refering to the way Punk was acting.

"'s fine," She said. He wanted to say something again, but he had to go now.

"Wait, What the hell!?" Heather said, looking at the TV. Then, Punk came back, and everyone else looked over at the TV.

Wade Barrett had just Hit the Wasteland on John, went for the pin, then John kicked out. He was supposed to get up like Barrett, but he didn't. He tried, but he just couldn't. The ref came over and asked him if he was okay. John said he was, but he was also crawling over to the ropes on one leg to try to get up. Even still. he couldn't. Then, he just fell back down. Everyone looked over at Jenny and Nickie,who normally would probably be freaking out by now, but this time- they weren't. They were just standing there, watching it, obviously feeling as much pain as John watching it, you could just tell by the way they looked. Then,everyone turned around and they saw the trainers running down the hall and toward the ring to check on John. Even then, Nickie and Jenny did not, just stand there, holding all this inside, SO Unlike them...What the HELL Went on in the locker room earlier? 

*Earlier that day, after Kat left, Chicago ,IL, Kat and Kaner's condo, Kats POV*

I Was still pissed off from what happened earlier today back at the Houseshow...But i cooled down. I Was home now, i had some Jolly Ranchers---My Favorite Candy--- Some Mountain Dew, and tuned into MTV, they were having an all day Jersey Shore Marathon, which i loved. It was the one where the girls were cooking dinner. Then, my phone started playing Chelsea Dagger and grabbed it and Kaner was calling me...

"AYOOO! Guess who got kicked out of work today!?" I Said into the phone, laughing. I Could hear Kaner laughing on the other side.

"You got kicked out!?" He asked. "What did you do!?"

"I Got into a fight with a bitch..." I Said.

"Oh...Well, you know, i've learned this lesson the hard way, you can't just go around doing stuff like that, you know," He said. I Sighed.

"Yeah, i know," I Said.

"Good, don't do it again,okay?" He said.

"Sure, whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Good. Now, you kicked her ass, right?" He asked. I Just laughed, he had a certain way of making my day, i can't explain it, but still.

"Of course i did! I Was like John Scott! I Brought her to her fucking knees!" I Yelled, excited. I Could here him laughing still.

"That's my girl," He said.

"Yeah," I Said, smiling. "SO, How close is the plane back to Chicago?!" I Asked.

"Are flight got canceled," He said.

"WHAT!?" I Said.

"Yeah, apparently there's a shitload of Snow in Chicago, so all the flights are canceled. We're actually gonna head off to practice at a local rink down here in a couple minutes," He said.

"That sucks! I Really wanted to see you!" I Said, pouting a little.

"I Wanted to see you too, but don't worry, we're taking the next flight out soon,. Besides, we have a game tomorrow night, we gotta get back to Chicago by then, so yeah. I Should see you before the game, then after, don't worry," He said.

I Just smiled, then, my eyes got lost into the TV. Snooki just poured Vodka into a pan on the stove, and a fire happened. I Just bursted out laughing. Kaner sounded confused.

"I'm sorry, i didn't really know that was funny," He said.

"Oh, what? NO NO NO!" I Said. "I'm just laughing from this show i'm watching.

"Oh, i see," He said. "What show?"

"Jersey Shore!" I Said.

"Oh..." He said. "That shows just...It's...You's quite something!"

"Yeah, it is," I Said. Then, a light bulb in my head went off.

"OH MY GOSH! I HAVE AN IDEA!" I yelled, excited.

"WHAT!?" Kaner yelled back, also sounding excited, which caused me to laugh again.

"In this episode, the Girl's are cooking the Sunday Meal. How about After the Hawks win Tomorrow, the next night before the Sens game, We have like, a small get together or whatever with some teammates and some of my friend for dinner!" I Said.

"Sounds great!" He said, sounding excited. "Who's gonna make dinner though? I'd make it, but, then again, i don't feel like it, i cook too much."

"I Will!" I Said. Then, there was an awkward silence. I Checked to make sure he didn't hang up.

"Hello?" I Said.

"Oh, what?" Kaner asked. "Oh...Sorry, but, did you just say-"

"That i was gonna cook? YEP!" I Said smiling. There was yet another awkward silence for a moment.

"You Know how to cook?" Kaner asked.

"Well...Yeah,of course i do!" I Said. Okay, i was lying. I Have NO Idea how to cook. But whatever, i do have friends who can cook.

"Uh, Wow...I Didn't know that..." Kaner said. "What are you gonna make?"

"Eh, i'll figure that out later," I Said.

"Uh, Okay then," He said. "Well, i gotta head out, Talk to you later tonight or something."

"Alright, Bye," I Said. "Love you."

"Love You Too," He said. Then, we hung up and i continued watching Jersey Shore, while also trying to figure out in my head how the hell i was gonna manage to pull this off next week. It was gonna be interesting...

*After Kat and Kaner's Convo, LA, In The Hotel on the Way to the Hawks practice*

Patrick just got off the phone with Kat a minute ago. Then, he got up, took a deep breath, then switched out of his clothes and got ready for Practice, then started heading out, when he ran into Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp...

"Why you look so down,eh?" Sharp asked, while getting his helmet on.

"What?" Kaner asked, grabbing his bag. "Oh, Nothing. Just got off the phone with Kat."

"Ah, How's she doing?" Jonathan Asked.

"Uh, She's good...She just wants to...You Know...Cook," He said.

"What's wrong with that?" Sharp asked.

"I Don't think she can!" Kane said.

"Doubting your women...That's not nice Kaner," Jonathan Said.

"Yeah, Toe-s Is right," Sharpie said, not even pronouncing  Toews last name right. Jonathan Just looked at him, he looked a little pissed, then rolled his eyes.

"Well you just Called him Toe-s, That's not nice Either, Sharp, So we're even," Kane said, sticking his tongue out.

"Well i always do that, Isn't that right, Toe-s?" Sharp asked. Tazer just ignored him.

"Well, if she apperently can't cook, how the hell does she eat then anyway?" Jonathan Asked.

"She gets stuff on the road i guess, but at home i usually cook," Kane said. Then, there was a quick silence.

"Since when can YOU Cook,eh?" Sharp asked.

"It's a secret talent of mine," Kane said, smirking a little.

"Whatever," Sharp said. 

"Hey, if she can't cook, maybe we should stop for a little Chinese before dinner then," Toews Said.

"Sounds good to me, Toe-s!" Sharp said. Then, Tazer looked at him, shook his head, then walked away.

"OH, COME ON TOE-S, I WAS JUST KIDDING! TAKE A JOKE!" Sharp said, then running after him. That just left Kaner, who laughed a little, then quickly followed as they headed off to Practice.

~Authors Note~

Sorry it took so long to get this up, I don't know why, considering i had this whole chapter planned out for weeks. Next week's will be longer and better. So yeah, give me feedback please, i love Feedback, helps me make them better,bahaha. So yeah, hope you liked it.