Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Nine // All time Low- Part One

*Saturday Morning, Chicago, IL, 10:00am.*

"Wake up babe..." I Heard Patrick whisper into my ear.

"Ugh..." Was all i said.

I Was In Bed with my face planted in my pillow. Last night, there was a Blackhawks game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, which the the Hawks won. After that, Tazer decided to come back to mine and Kaner's place and hang out with us. We ordered Pizza, Drank beer, talked about what the Hawks needed to do to keep themself's in the Playoff spot, and just acted like idiots. It was fun. By 2:30am, I Was about to pass out, so i went upstairs and got some sleep while Patrick and Jonathan stayed down stairs doing god knows what. I Was so tired, just 10 more hours, please.

"C'mon Babe, You got a big day ahead," Patrick said, trying to get me up. "You gotta go to the mall with Sarah in an hour," He said. I wanted the fact i was gonna be learning to skate to be a surprise, so i just told him me and her were going to the mall instead.

"Wake up me up in 30 minutes then," I Said, with my face still planted into the pillow. I Heard him sigh.

"If you don't get up now, I'm bringing Toews up here to wake you up," He said. I Was confused, but still didn't budge.

"What?" I Asked.

"Oh Yeah," Patrick said. "We stayed up after you left, and didn't get some sleep until like, 5am, So he decided to just crash downstairs."

Toews complained about having trouble sleeping on the road, and now he's finally getting some sleep, and if Patrick woke him up, I Could just imagine how pissed Captain Serious would be if he woke him up.

"If you actually have the balls to wake him up now, go ahead, but he's not getting me out," I Said, still not budging. I Heard Patrick Sigh in frustration again.

"Please!?" He practically begged. I Have no idea why he was pretty much trying to get me out of the house, but whatever.

"Your not gonna win this," I Said.

"Oh God Damn it!" Patrick Said, sounding pissed.

Then, he grabbed the bed blanket and pulled it off the bed and threw it on the ground. Then, he picked me up and just threw me over his shoulder and ran me to the bathroom and put down in there, then smiled.

"That's better," He said, still smiling. I Just took my hair out of my pony tail, then crossed my arms.

"You seem like you want me out of the Apartment...Badly," I Said, suspicous.

"What? Nah, i don't want you out," He said, smiling again.

"Really? Then, uh, Why the fuck did you just do that?" I Asked, still suspicous.

"Do what?" He asked. I Just raised an eyebrow and continued staring him down.

"You know what," I Said.

"Look, it's nothing, i just want you to go have a good time with your friend, that's all," He said sounding reasuring.

"Mhm..." I Said, rolling my eyes. "You feeling any better?" I Asked. Tuesday night when i came home, i found out Patrick was pretty sick with Flu-Like Symptoms and he hasn't been attending practice or anything.

"Yeah, i'm fine now, don't worry," He said.

"Good," I Said. "Now, get out, I Gotta get ready."

"Why? Can't i watch you get ready?" He said flirty while also getting closer to me and putting his arms around me.

"You were so eager to get me out, now you want me to stay?" I Said, confused a little.

"Oh, C'mon," He said, persuadingly.

"No! Especially not with Toews downstairs!" I Said, pushing him off me.

"Whatever,'' He said, rolling his eyes and finally walking out.

After that, i undressed and hopped in the shower for about 20 minutes, then i hopped out and got into a robe, blow dried my hair, then brushed it. I Headed back to my room and put on a pair of new jeans, a red long sleeved Blackhawks Tee, and some pair or Golden Brow Uggs. Then, i got on some make-up, put on a little of my new perfume "Dangerous'' By Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore, then headed out of my room and went downstairs and tried to be as quiet as i could so i wouldn't wake up Jonathan.

"Don't worry about me..." Jonathan Said, sounding tired and slightly cranky.

"Your up?" I Asked. "Thought you'd still be asleep."

"Nah, We have practice in about an hour," He said, rubbing his eyes, trying to wake himself up i guess. "Plus, you and Kaner were making a lot of noise upstairs and it woke me up..." He said, with a slight smirk on his face.

"Oh Tazer...I Know Exactly what your thinking," I Said. "DON'T THINK THAT! He just dragged me out of bed against my will and acted strange."

"You haven't noticed he was already strange?" Toews asked, laughing a little while getting off of the couch and stretching.

"No, i just got used to it," I Said, laughing a little as well. Then, Patrick came downstairs.

"Well, Well, Well..." He said with a smirk on his face, walking downstairs and over to the kitchen. "What are we talking about?"

"You and your Strangeness," Toews said.

"Oh really?" Kaner said, pouring a glass of milk. "Nice to know I'm the center of attention around here, just like i am on the ice," He said, specifically smirking right at Toews. Jonathan just rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, Kat, I'm really tired and i can't find my keys, so would it be okay if after practice i come back here with Kaner over there and get some more sleep until I'm at least better enough to actually drive?" He asked, yawning a little.

"Your SO Tired you can't even drive?" I Asked.

"Well, i did tell you i've been having sleeping trouble, I've put up with it, but now, i'm just out of it," He said, shrugging.

"Why don't you just stay here instead of Practice?" I Asked.

"I'm never too sick to do anything when it comes to hockey," He said, smiling a little. I Couldn't help but smile. I Just love how dedicated he is to the Team.

"Well, of course you can come back and nap before you look for your key," I Said, smiling. He smiled back.

"Thanks Kat," He said.

"No Problem," I Said. "I'm heading over to Sarah's place, deuces," I Said, walking out the door and leaving the two boys back there to get ready for practice.

*A Couple Minutes later, Sharp and Sarahs Place*

About Twenty minutes later, i got to Sharp and Sarah's Place. I Got out of the car and started walking up to the door and just knocked. After about 15 long seconds, i figured they didn't hear it, so i rang the door bell.

"Doors open! Come in!" I Heard Sharp yell from inside. I Went in and saw him over in the living room with a hockey stick in hand playing around with Shooter. I Looked at him.

"You couldn't come open the door for me because you were busy playing with a dog?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow slightly and crossing my arms. He stopped for a moment.

"Look at this cute little dog," I Said, pointing to Shooter, who was laying down, nawing on the ball he and Sharpie were playing with, and looking at me. "I'm not just gonna stop playing with him to open a door for someone when it's not only not my guest and the door is un-locked."

"Whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes as Sharp went back to playing around with Shooter again. "So, where's Sarah?" I Asked.

"She's upstairs getting her make-up on or something, don't really know," He said, shrugging.

"Hm," I Said, shrugging as well.

Then, i just started looking around the house, it was pretty big. Then, i noticed that there was a copy of him on the '50 Most Beautiful Chicagoians' Magazine just hanging out on a table.

"Of course you'd have the magazine that put you on the cover hanging out around your house," I Said, sticking out my tongue. He just chuckled a little.

"Believe it or not, that' actually the only copy of it i have," He said.

"Really?" I Asked. "I Thought you'd rub the fact Your one of The Most beautiful people in Chicago in everyone's face in the locker room," I Said.

"I'm not THAT Mean," Sharp said. "Besides, they already know I'm more beautiful then the majority of them," He said, sticking his tongue out, then laughing.

Then, Sarah finally came downstairs.

"Hey!" She said, coming out to join us, smiling.

"Look who's finally ready to go Skating," I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"Whatever," She said.

Then, Sharpie came over and they kissed for a moment.

"Ugh..." I Said., rolling my eyes. Then, i stomped out of their house and back to my car, and Sarah shortly followed.

After a couple minutes of arguing what we were gonna listen to on the radio, we settled on a station, and headed off to an Ice Arena in Chicago.

*Minutes later, Johnny's Ice House*

After a while, we got to Johnny's Ice House, where we were doing our skating session. We got out of the car and headed inside and noticed not many people were around.

"Wow...this place is like, dead," I Said, looking around.

"I Booked a private skating session for about an hour, so that way, when you fall on your ass, people won't see except me and the instructor," She said, smiling.

''Good choice," I Said, laughing a little.

Then, we headed over to a locker room like area where they had a rack full of Skates. Sarah got a pair and got them on right away. Me, on the other hand...I Just looked at them all for a couple minutes, Sarah was getting Impatient.

"Kat, this isn't a fucking shoe store, grab a pair of skates you wanna wear for the next hour and get them on your feet and let's go damn it!" She yelled. I Rolled my eyes.

"Rude..." I Said, grabbing a pair and going over to a bench to get them on.

After that, we went over by the rink. Sarah's done this before, so she got on the ice and just free skated without a problem on it. However, This is only my 2nd time on ice and since September. I Wasn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to get on the ice at first. But eventually, i stopped being hesetante and got on the ice, and surprisingly, i didn't fall right on my ass at first like i thought i was. I Fell a couple times, but whatever. At Random Times, Sarah decided to skate across the ice and make those goofy faces Toews makes while he's on the ice, it was too funny. After an hour, we had to leave, Hawks were having practice there soon, and again, Patrick Isn't supposed to know about this until i can skate for real. Then, me and Sarah headed back to the car and started driving.

"Thank you SO Much for helping me out with this," I Said.

"No Problem," She said, smiling. "But you owe me."

"Whatcha Want?" I Asked, curious.

"Well...It's almost noon, and i'm hungry as fuck," She said.

"AH, i get you," I Said. "Where you wanna eat at?"

"Bubba Gump Shrimps!" She yelled, smiling. I Was confused.

"What the fuck is that?" I Asked. She looked confused as well.

"You haven't heard of Bubba Gump Shrimps!?" She asked shocked.

"Not in my 21 and a half years of living," I Said.

"Wow, i'm surprised since it's right by the Navy Pier, and you and Kaner don't live too far away from the Navy Pier," She said.

"Wait, it is?" I Asked, shocked. "Guess i just never saw it there or something," I Said shrugging.

"Well if you don't know where it is i should drive then," She said.

"Okay, but i chose the radio station," I Said, sticking out my tongue. She rolled her eyes.

"Fine, but none of that Justin Bieber shit," She said.

"That's how you feel?" I Said, rolling my eyes and switching seats with her.

Sarah started driving to the Navy Pier which wasn't too far away from here and i looked for a radio station. Then, i turned on one, and 'Make It Rain' By Travis Porter started playing and i just had to turn it up louder.

"What the fuck is this?" Sarah asked laughing at the song after the first couple seconds.

"Yeah, it's a total Hoe song," I Said. "But it's really catchy!" I Said. Then, i started dancing a little too it and singing along to it. Sarah just looked at me, laughed and shook her head.

Then, we got to the Navy Pier and Bubba Gump Shrimps. We went in, took our seats, ordered, then, we just talked while waiting for the food.

"Hopefully the food comes quick, i got about, 2 hours until my flight for Cali," I Said.

"Oh yeah, isn't there a pay-per view tomorrow night or something?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, The Elimination Chamber," I Said. "I'm defending my two NEW Titles against Kathryn Prince...again."

"Really?" She asked. "Didn't you only win that like, two weeks ago?"

"Yeah, but there making me defend it now," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Well that's bogus," Sarah said.

"Yeah, it is," I Said. "So, it's been a while, how's life?" I Asked.

"Life's been okay i guess," She said, shrugging. "Been back and forth with Kris about the trip to Toronto in 2 weeks, he said he was gonna get us the best hotel he could."

"Awe, that's nice of Steeger," I Said, smiling.

"Yeah, it is," She said. "He wants us to come friday night before the rest of the team."

"That's a little weird," I Said, laughing a little. "Almost as weird as Kaner's been acting lately..." I Said, quickly frowning.

"Weirder then he usually acts?" Sarah asked.

"Why does everyone point out how he's weird and strange and stuff to me whenever i say that!?" I shouted.

"Uh, because he is?" Sarah said. I Just looked at her, then rolled my eyes. ''Ugh, what's wrong with him?" She asked.

"Every since he was feeling sick earlier this week, he's just been...more weirder and stranger," I Said, shrugging.

"Like...?" She asked.

"Like, this morning, he was in such a rush to get me up and out of bed, then when i asked him about it, he just started to flirt with me," I Said, shrugging again.

"The rushing part does seem weird," Sarah said. "But the flirting part sounds like typical Kaner," She said laughing.

"True," I Said, laughing as well.

"Well, Kaner may be pretty crazy, but i doubt it won't be anything big to worry about," She said.

"Thanks," I Said.

"No Problem," She said.

Then, the waiter came back with our food. We ate it and talked some more, then we left. I Dropped her back off at her and Sharpie's place, then headed straight to the airport, got on my plane then headed back to Cali for the Pay-per view.

*The Next Day, 3 hours before the Elimination Chamber pay-per view, At the arena*

"And the worst part is the idiot thinks he's actually a doctor!" Punk said, walking next to Kristen. Apparently, Colt Cabana Was In California for a Wrestling gig or something,so he, Punk and Kristen hung out together, which means Kristen and Punk are back to talking. That's good...Right?

"Seriously, we need an intervention for him, going around acting like he's a doctor..." Punk said, shaking his head. "Colt as a doctor is a fake as Cena is when it comes to that whole Thuganomics shit!" He said, which immediately caught the attention of Jenny, John and Nikie. Nikie and Jenny looked pissed, but John just shrugged it off.

"There's a reason I'm a wrestler and not another Eminem..." John said.

"It's not like your a good wrestler either or anything," Punk said. Kristen elbowed him in the gut.

"Okay, you know what-" Nikie started, looking super pissed, but John caught her and pulled her closer to him and whispered something to her, which put a slight smile on her face.

"Okay?" He said, out loud. She just nodded, which made John smile. "I'll be in my locker room if you need me," He said, taking off.

"Uh, we'll go with you," Jenny said, talking about her and Cody. When John was a good distance away, Jenny added something. "To find out why the hell your not fighting up against Goldylocks over there!" She said, reffering to Punk and giving him an evil glare and her and Cody rushed after him.

"Goldylocks," I Said, giggling and pointing at Punk. "You know, because you have like-"

"I Get it!" Punk shouted, irritated. I Rolled my eyes at him, then looked back at Nikie.

"Seriously, is John okay? He's been acting strange lately," I Said.

"No Shit he's been acting Strange lately," Nikie said. "I've been trying to get answers out of him, but he keeps saying everything's okay...and it's not..."

"Well duh," Heather said., not making eye contact. She was looking at herself in a mirror she had.

"Hey Kat, you have any make-up i can use?" She asked.

"Go check my bag in my Locker room, i should have something in there," I Said.

"Kay thanks," Heather said, leaving. Then Kristen walked over.

"Look Nikie, i'm sorry if he offended you and John or something, he's been...yeah," Kristen said, shrugging.

"Get your man under control and not ruining my man's life," Nikie said, a little rudely, but thinking about what was best for John.

"Look, it's not just John's life he's ruining now kid,'' Kristen said, agressively.

"Oh really?" Nikie asked. "Name one person who's life your Husband is making a living hell other then John!"

"Nikie!" I Shouted, looking at her sternly. "Just drop it," I Said, more calmly. Nikie gave me a confused look at first, but then looked over at Kristen and saw the painful look on her face, then got it.

"Oh..." Nikie said. "Sorry...Never mind."

''It's cool...i guess," Kristen said, shrugging. After that, it was quiet for a while until about two minutes later when Justin showed up.

"Who died?" He asked, putting down his bags and taking off his sunglasses.

"Someone, somewhere in the world..." I Said. He laughed a little.

"Damn, where is everyone?" He asked.

"John, Jenny and Cody are hanging out together in the locker rooms," Nikie said.

"What about Blondie?" He asked.

"Heather's in my locker room getting some make-up," I Said.

"Oh, that's cool," Justin said. "But i was talking about CM Punk," He shrugged. We all laughed.

"He's actually in the Nexus Locker room, probably looking for you," Kristen said.

"Eh, he can wait," Justin said, sitting back on a crate.

"OOH Someone's Rebelling against the leader," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He just laughed.

"Damn what the fuck was Heather doing again?" Nikie asked.

"Yeah, it's been like, five minutes," Kristen said.

"True, it doesn't even take a girly girl like her to just go grab make-up, i'm gonna go check on her," I Said.

I Got up and left for my locker room to go see what was taking Heather so long. I Mean, she was only getting some make-up. However, when i walked in i realized why it was taking her so long and was just in complete shock at what i saw.

To Be Continued....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Eight( All I Really Want is to be your, Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boyfriend.

-Authors Note- None of this will be told in Kat's POV At all, just letting you know. Enjoy the chapter!

*Chicago, Illinois, Patrick Kane's POV*

"I Can't believe i'm going to a Justin Bieber movie..." I Said, walking downtown Chicago with Kat. "You seriously have no idea how much i love you."

"Oh, i do," She said to me, sticking her tongue out. I Just smiled, then put my arm around her.

"Maybe you do, but you probably don't," I Said to her, sticking my tongue out and winking. She rolled her eyes, and did the same. "I Don't get why you like All these Teen Pop Stars or whatever..." I Said.

"Not true!" She said. "Yeah, Bieber's only 16, But One Direction are like, in their late teens or 20s, and BTR's In their 20s," She said defensively.

"Yeah, but they sing for tweens, Your like, 21!" I Said back.

"Well i like them, so deal with it," She said, smiling. I Rolled my eyes, then smiled back.

Then, we got to theater and headed in, there was a HUGE Line of girls there, most likely to see Never say Never as well. 

"Hi, what can i get you two?" The Usher asked.

"Two Tickets To Never Say Never 3D," Kat said, smiling.

The Usher handed us our tickets and we got in the back of the line behind all the girls. Then, they started letting us get in. Another guy stopped us right as we were about to head into the Theater and get in our seats.

"Here are your 3D Glasses, Enjoy the movie!" The guy said to us handing us 3D Glasses.

"Thank You," I Said to him taking them, but Kat didn't.

"I Already have The Purple Glasses," She said smiling and pulling out Purple 3D Glasses with "Justin Bieber:Never Say Never 3D" Painted on the side in white. I Just looked at her.

"You seriously spent money on customized 3D Glasses?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow. "What am i gonna do with you..." I Said, shaking my head. She rolled her eyes, then we went in.

We sat in like, Row 10 right in the middle together.  And wow, I'm surprised. She was already crying within the first couple minutes seeing him as baby and stuff, so, i put my arm on her and let her cry on me. She stopped after, then laughed, and laughed some more, and cried some more, it was crazy. She wasn't crying because it was sad, it was inspirational. If i wasn't already 22 years old and living my dream, i would have seriously taken his story to heart. It's amazing how him and his crew work and how much he cares about his fans. He really isn't like most stars you see in hollywood. And he likes hockey, good for Bieber. Overall, i actually learned a lot by seeing it. I Learned some new dance moves-Which i may or may not show off to the guys over at Blackhawks TV- And i heard some songs in their by him that i really took to heart, like Over board, the lyrics to that just hit me in the heart, since i felt that way this past week without Kat. And One Less Lonely girl was another one, since because when i met Kat, she was in a relationship with a guy who broke her heart...on her birthday. I Have a new found respect for this 16year old, but i'm not a fan though.

After Never Say Never, me and Kat left the theater and headed over to the Palace Grill, which Verbeauty Recommended last night when we were on the phone together talking about plans for when we come to Toronto. Once we walked in, we saw a wall that had a bunch of Jerseys on it from Chicago Sports Greats, Like Michael Jordan, Gale Sayer,Alfonso Soriano, Paul Konerko, Jonathan Toews, and Mine.

"Awe, they have your jersey!" She said, smiling. I Smiled as well.

 Then, i pulled out a Sharpie i had in a pocket, then signed it.

"That's nice...really nice," I Said, smiling at it.

Then, we headed over and took a seat in between This Teenage Looking Kid in a Jonathan Toews jersey, he looked familiar, a little too familiar, and Kat sat next to a little kid in a Blackhawks Hoodie. It's Amazing How Much Chicago Cares about the Hawks.

"What can i get ya' two?" The Waiter asked us.

"I'll take a heart stopper with Bacon, please," Kat said.

"I'll take the same thing," I Said.

"Okay, can i get you two anything to drink?" He asked us.

"I'll just take a milkshake," Kat said, fixing her hair.

"I'll just share it with her," I Said, smirking a little. I Looked over at Kat, she just giggled, then smiled.

"Okay, coming right up," The waiter said as he headed back over to the kitchen.

Then, i looked over at that kid next to me in the Jonathan Toews Jersey, and smirked. I Decided i was gonna have fun with this kid.

"Hey, Kid," I Said. He looked over at me. "Did You Know Tazer hate's Dogs, Children and old people?"

"No He Doesn't!" The kid said. "And besides, Kris Versteeg tried convincing me that last year,why you always gotta hate on Jonathan?"

"Wait, you were that kid who sat next to Laddy Boy and Steeger last year Right here at the Palace Grill?" I Asked.

"Did you go through Puberty through that time?" Kat asked. I Just looked at her.

"It's not polite to ask teenage boys if they've gone through puberty,''I Said, trying not to crack a smile on my face.

"Yeah, but see, I'm not polite," She said. I Couldn't help it, i just cracked a smile on my face, then looked back at the kid.

"Actually," He started. "Yeah, i did," He finished, sounding proud.

"What a life you have," I Said. "First, you met Kris Versteeg and Andrew Ladd here, and now a year later, You Meet Patrick Kane..."

"Now all that's left is Jonathan and i'll be able to die a happy man," He said. We laughed.

"Here ya' two go," The waiter said coming back with our food. "Two Heartstoppers with Bacon, And A Milkshake for two," He said handing us it.

"Thank you," Kat said.

Then, we ate our food and drank our Milkshake, chatted together, and that kid some more, we had some people come up to us and ask us for Autographs or pictures then, we were done and walked back to the apartment for some alone time. Just us.

*About 20 minutes later, Kat and Patrick's Apartment*

"Damn, that was good!" Kat said, hanging up her jacket on Little Peak A Boo-The name she settled on for the Giraffe i got her earlier this week. She decided to put it right by the door.

"Yeah,it was," I Said, placing my jacket there as well. "But, on to more important stuff..." I Said, smirking

She went over and sat on the couch and i went over by the balcony where there was this boom-box. I Had a mix-tape put in their with both of our favorite songs and i turned it on. The first song that was playing was one of my favorite-As Long As You Love Me by The Backstreet Boys. Kat liked it too, but not as much as me.

"You know...It's just been a while since we last, know," I Said, walking back to her. She just giggled.

"And well...You know...With the music and-" Then, someone knocked on the door.

"Who The FUCK As The Balls to inturupt this moment!?" I Yelled out furiously. Kat rolled her eyes as well and we went and answered the door and saw our Apartment Buildings Manager standing in front of us with roses.

"Can we help you?" I Grumbled.

"Am i inturupting something?" He asked, confused. He then peaked his head inside and noticed the mood music that was playing and mine and Kat's un-happy faces. "Oh..."

"Again, what?" Kat asked, Irritated.

"Someone placed these Roses in your mailbox today and wanted to make sure Kat got them ASAP, so, here," He said, handing Kat the roses, then leaving.

"Awe, you got me roses!" Kat said, smiling. I Didn't really know what to say, since those weren't from me, i just shrugged.

"Uh, yeah, yeah i did," I Said. She just frowned and realized they weren't from me, then rolled her eyes. "Oh, there's a card."

"Read It, Now," I Said, crossing my arms and sounding serious. Then, she read it.

"You Will Be Mine, Kat." She read as she raised an eyebrow, as did I.

"Who the hell sent that?" I Asked.

"Doesn't say..." She said, sounding confused.

Then, i just snatched them out of her hands, looked at the card to see if i could recognize the hand-writing, no luck. Then, i stomped over to the kitchen real quick and threw them in the garbage. I Didn't want my girlfriend not only getting roses from some guy i don't know, but i didn't want some guy basically saying she's gonna be his. Then, i walked back over to her.

"So Uh...Where were we?" I Asked, smirking as i wrapped my arms around her back.

Then, i picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and ran her over to the couch, then playfully body-slammed her on their, then got on top of her. By this time, As Long As You Love Me stopped playing, and one of Kat's favorites 'Boy Friend' By Big Time Rush Started playing, that song was like, just cool, really set the mood better.

"It's been such a long time..." I Whispered into her ear. She just smirked. She got the message.

Then, i started passionately kissing her, while also getting my hands down there to get her shirt off, she let me. Then, i got her bra off, then she got my shirt off, and from there, yeah. Then, despite it not being to..uh, classy, we started having sex on the couch.  We did it for about 15 minutes, and by the time we were done,we were both on the floor next to each other, and i grabbed a blanket nearby and put it on us as we just laid there on the floor together, with my arms around her, just doing nothing but lay there together, it was amazing.

"Thank You," She said randomly.

"For what?" I Asked confused.

"For not being faithful on the road and not hooking up with Pucksluts," She said.

"You know I'd Never do that to you," I Said.

"Yeah, but that's what Sid convinced Heather..." She said.

"Wait, Sid cheated on Heather?" I Asked.

"Yeah, after the Rumble she read something online about it, called Sid about it and he denied everything," She said. I Just shrugged.

"Well, Sidney Crosby may be great on the ice, but off the ice, he's just not your ideal guy," I Said.

"Tell me about it..." Kat said, closing her eyes and cuddling closer to me.

I'm serious. I Actually, Like, Love Kat. I'd never do anything to hurt her or hook up with girls on the road while she's away. I May have done it in the past, but that's the past. Those days are far gone. I Fell for her as she fell for me. She caught me, and i know she won't let me go, and i have no intention of letting her go either. She's mine now, all mine, and I'll Never Let Her Go.

*Monday Night RAW, Live in Anaheim, Cal, 4pm, 2 hour til' Raw Goes Live, Justin Gabriel's POV*

4pm Was the Call time for all the Superstars and diva's for RAW Tonight, and i arrived exactly right on time In Worn Out Jeans, Some Black Nike's, A black and silver t-shirt and sunglasses with two bags- My Wrestling bag filled with all my gear and such, and another one filled with something else. I Walked straight into the backstage area of the arena attentionally looking for Kat, but couldn't find her, and instead, found Kristen all alone sitting on a crate, reading some magazine about one of the Teen pop band boys that her and Kat seem to love.

"Why so alone?" I Asked her.

"Why would you care?" She asked, not even looking up to look at me.

"I Don't," I Said. She rolled her eyes, and finally looked at me.

"Phil's not around, here, but obviously not with me," She said. "Probably with Nexus..."

"He's like, in love with the guys now," I Said, putting down my stuff and sitting next to her.

"Tell me about it," She said, rolling her eyes again. "We both had the whole weekend off to come back to Chicago, but during that weekend, he spent his nights out with the guys, coming home late, just didn't work it, I Was lucky to even get a 'Hi' Out of him..."

"Yeah, he's actually trying to convince us to move down to Chicago by you guys and Kat," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"WAIT WHAT!?" She yelled. I'm guessing she had no idea about this.

"He hasn't told you?"

"Nooo!" She said. "He barely even says a word to me now-a-days! Gosh!"

"You know, this could have been prevented..." I Said.

"If i didn't go to TNA For One fucking houseshow to help out a friend," She finished for me. "It was no big deal! I Was just helping out Shannon! And it's not like it was taped or anything..."

"See, Hunter and Steph couldn't really give a shit if your friends With Shannon Moore, Jeff and Matt, their girls, or anyone from TNA!" I Said. "But, when your actually wrestling in a TNA Ring, that's a problem. Your lucky they didn't even fire you!"

"Yeah i know i am..." She moaned, rolling her eyes. "But, i wasn't allowed to wrestle! That was already hell enough! Why couldn't he just have gotten de-pushed, or something like that instead of like, being rewarded!?"

"He didn't really do anything except hang out backstage, that's why," I Said. "Besides, It's obviously really annoying you, so that's probably why Hunter did that. He obviously loves seeing his workers suffer."

"Yeah..." She said.

Then, Kat walked into the backstage area dressed In Some Uggs, Worn out Jeans, A Black Sweatshirt and Sunglasses on with a wrestling bag hanging from her shoulder.

"Look who's here 10 minutes late..." Kristen said, going back to her magazine.

"Hunter and Steph around?" She asked.

"No," Both of us replied.

"Then how the hell are they gonna know i was a couple minutes late?" She said, winking.

"True, very true," I Said, agreeing with her. "Anyway..." I Said, getting up and grabbing that one bag and grabbing the stuff out of it. "Happy Valentines Day, Angel," I Said, smiling while also handing her a box of chocolates and a dozen roses.

"Awe, Thank you!" She said, smiling.

"Yeah, i know..." I Started, but then paused, since i didn't remember his name. "Yeah, I Know your boyfriend couldn't be with you, so i thought I'd give you something so you didn't feel lonely or anything."

"You wanna know what lonely is?" Kristen said butting in. "Go ask Punk what day it is, he won't even know it's Valentine's Day!" She said. Me and Kat just looked at each other, then back at her. We had no way to respond.

"WELL, Thanks for the gifts Justin," Kat said, Smiling.

"No Problem, Angel," I Said, Smiling back.

Then, she kissed me real quick on the cheek. She smiled again, then walked away. I Was just stunned. Then, i turned around to Kristen, who crossed her arms and just looked at me.

"You know she already celebrated Valentines Day With PATRICK Back in Chicago..." She said, smirking.

"Yeah, but it's different then spending it together on the actual Valentines Day," I Said.

"You know she doesn't give a shit what day she celebrated Valentines day with him..." She said, smirking again.

"Well i do!" I Yelled a little bit. She smirked again, then went back to her magazine.

Then, i saw John and Nikie together walking over to the curtain to check the board to see when and if they had matches tonight. Then, Nikie looked confused, While John Smiled.

"Um, you have the opening match..." She said. "Your not someone who is supposed to have opening matches, your supposed to Main Event!"

"Actually, I'm happy i have the first match! After i get done, you and me can just head back to the hotel for some us time," He said, bringing Nikie closer to him and definately getting more flirty. She couldn't help but giggle.

"So, it doesn't even bother you at all that WWE's making you go out first instead of last or like, second to last like normally?" She asked, a little concerned.

"No,not at all, mean's i don't have to wait back here all night bored waiting for my 15 minutes or less out there..." He said, frowning. "But yeah, After my match, You and Me. Just us, Girl," He said, smiling again and getting more flirty. She giggled again, But you can see the look on her face, she was just concerned, as would everyone who knew John would be, since he usually THRIVES To be the Main Event. It's weird that he doesn't want to be the main event or close to the main event tonight. But whatever.

"I'm gonna go look for everyone else," Kristen said, putting her magazine down and getting up.

"Ill come with you," I Said as both of us took off backstage looking for them.

It took us a while to find them but when we did, we saw Jenny, Kat and Hea-...Cody? I was confused on that, but whatever, but what i was really confused about- Kat, who was running as fast as she could into Hunters office door. She ran RIGHT Into it, and it almost even broke open. Cody and Jenny were just laughing, hard. Me and Kristen were confused. Then, Kat came back over, holding her right shoulder since she ran into it with that one.

"Do i even wanna know?" Kristen asked, confused, as was i.

"SEE,'' Cody started. "I Asked Kat why she liked hockey so much, and she went on and on about it, so i told her to prove to me it's a cool sport, So, she said she would demenstrate some stuff that could happen in a hockey game, such as fights, and what Kat just did was she pretended Hunter's Office Door was one of those boards or players or whatever, and she like, um...Checked herself into it or something," he finished. I Just looked at Kat, she was just smiling and holding her shoulder.

"That's nice..." Was all that Kristen said.

"You know, i think if you did it again, you could actually break the door..." Jenny said.

"Yeah, you did it pretty hard, you could probably do it," Cody said. They were actually pushing her to do this. Really?

"Alright, give me a moment," She said, looking like she was preparing herself inside her body.

Then, she ran over across from his office, like, 30 feet away. Then, she stretched, and after that, bam. She took off as fast as she could toward the door. Then, BAM. She hit it, and broke it. Once she hit it, it flew open and she ended up landing Awkwardly in his office on the couch on her back. Normally, i'd go check to make sure she was okay, but like everyone else, i was just laughing my ass off. It was funny as hell. Then, Hunter started screaming at her, calling her crazy, saying he wants to fire her, and so on. She didn't care though, she just walked out a moment later and rolled her eyes then re-joined us.

"Wow, i can't believe you just seriously did that!" Cody said.

"Well believe it, 'cause i did..." She said, looking back over and smiling at what she did.

"Your just so unbelievable, Kat," Jenny said, shaking her head, then sticking out her tongue.

"Yeah, she is, in a good way," I Said to myself in my head, smiling.

"So, where's Heather?" Kristen asked.

"She's actually shooting like some promo about how she should be #1 contender for the Titles after E.C. Somewhere around here," Jenny said. Kat quickly looked up and shot a look at Jenny. Uh-Oh.

"Oh, she is now, is she?" She asked.

"Yeah, all the divas have too," Jenny said. "But she was the one who pitched it to creative."

"That's nice..." Kat said, with a smirk on her face.

"Anyway..." I Said. "Why are you here? Your not on RAW," I Said, looking at Cody. Cody and Jenny looked a little Irritated.

"What? Can't my boyfriend be nice and surprise me on Valentine's day?" She asked sarcastically.

"No," Kat said back, sticking out her tongue. Jenny didn't find it amusing, so she punched her in the shoulder she went through the door with.

"OW!" Kat shouted instantly, then rubbing it, and mumbling something under her breath.

"Well, we should warm up, big show tonight,"  I Said. Everyone nodded, and we went our separate ways.

*Later that night, almost the end of RAW, still Justin's POV*

"That fucking bitch!" Kat yelled, coming back into the locker room. She just got into a Brawl on RAW With Kathryn, and when i say brawl, i mean, BRAWL. They went hardcore. I Could even see some blood from Kat's lower lip.

"That was...just..." Heather said, speechless.

"When's the last time two diva's had such a huge fight on RAW Like that?" Kristen asked.

"Certainly not anytime in the present until now..." Kat said, grabbing an icepack and sitting down on the couch next to me, Heather and Alex.

"Oh My..." Jenny said, rolling her eyes, as did Cody. We looked at the TV, and The Great Khali was out there, doing his "Kiss Kam".

"Who's that un-lucky lady gonna be this time?" Kristen asked. Then, they announced Khali wouldn't be doing the kissing, they'd have camera's all over the arena, and if it was on you, yeah.

"So cute!" Kat said, looking at some of the couples kiss.

Then, a camera crew came into our locker room right by Heather and Alex and put them on the kiss kam. Words can't describe how bad i wished it was Me and Kat instead of Alex and Heather.

"You know, they should do this type of Kiss-Kam more often," Alex said, smirking, as well was Heather as they cuddled up in each others arms again. Like i said, Should be me and Kat.

After that, The Rock returned and whatever. I Never really got to see him do much in WWE Since i didn't live in America growing up, so while everyone else was freaking out, i was just sitting back and watching as if it was just a normal promo being cut.  Then, RAW Ended and we all headed out.

*Around Midnight, the Hotel, Kat and Justin's room, Still Justin's POV*

"I Think i'll head back to Chicago Wednesday Night, Spend all of Thursday and Friday there and leave back to Cali for the Pay-Per View Saturday Night," Kat said as we were getting settled in our Hotel room.

"Why not just stay in Cali for the whole week?" I Asked. "We have no shows the rest of the week until the Pay-Per View, which is in Cali as well, the weather's nice, makes perfect sense."

"Yeah, but I Have some stuff to do back in Chicago," She said. "Like Saturday, I'm going to some Ice Skating lesson with my friend Sarah."

"Oh, i see," I Said.

Then, we got changed into some PJs and both laid down in our beds. She had the TV Remote and turned the TV On.

"OH Titanic's on!" She shouted in excitement, smiling.

"That's a good movie," I Said.

"Yeah, Leonardo Dicaprio was so cute as Jack in this," She said.

"Hey, if we're gonna watch this, why don't we uh, put the beds together?" I Suggested. She just looked at me Awkwardly. I Was Panicing a little.

"Uh, you know, so uh, we can see the movie better!" I Said, trying to save myself. She still looked at me awkwardly for a moment.

"Well..." She said. "It is a little hard to see over here...what the hell, sure!" She said, smiling. I Smiled back.

Then, we pushed the beds together and then turned all the lights off and sat next to eachother on the two beds and watched the movie together. I Couldn't help but picture me and Kat as Jack and Rose throughout the movie. I Also thought about some stuff, hard and a lot. Despite what's happened in the past, We all know how i feel for Kat, and for so long, I've been trying to get rid of those feelings for her so she can be happy with that hockey playing idiot she's dating. And i still stand by what i said that over all, i just want the best for her. And well, he isn't thinking back on his personal past. I Can't believe i'm kinda gonna have to go back on my word. But screw it. From this day forward, i will win Kat back.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Seven(Overboard)

The Bus Took All Night to get us from Boston to Madison. Once we got their,  we hit the gym for an hour or two to warm up for RAW Tonight, then some went to the arena early, and then, people like me went back to the hotel. I Took about a 2 hour nap. Then, i heard my alarm go off to the sound of Chelsea Dagger,which meant it was 6pm, we had 2 hours until RAW Went live on air. I Sat up and just stretched my arms out. My Body was Aching from last night, thank god i have the night off from wrestling.I Laid back down and turned over to my side and just smiled.

"Your so beautiful..." I Said looking at my new Titles. Maybe i'm going a little over-board, but these were brand new, and all mine. I Was just in love them.

I Got up and went over and took a shower. After i got out, i blow dried my hair. Then, i walked passed a mirror and decided to look at my ribcase. I Opened my robe to see them, and they were SO Bruised, it was even kinda scary. I Closed my robe back up and went over by my dresser and started packing and getting ready. Since i wasn't wrestling and was only gonna be cutting a promo and hanging out backstage, i decided to get all girlie, which isn't usually me. I Was actually gonna wear a dress until i looked outside and saw all this snow, seriously, there's a lot out there, so i changed my outfit to this-

I Looked in the mirror and just smiled, i like how i looked. Then, i got on some make-up. After that, i grabbed my title and my cell phone and i headed out. But, however, once i opened the door, i froze. There was a BIG Stuffed Animal Giraffe in front of me. I Was confused at first, but then, i got it. Patrick Told me he had a surprise with me, and one night on a date back last fall, i told him i loved Giraffes and stuffed Animals. He actually put a Patrick Kane Jersey On it, a hockey helmet on top and put a Bokay of roses in the mouth. He also remembered Roses were my favorite flowers. What a Romantic guy. I Took the roses out and smile, and he had a note in it.

"Dear Kit-Kat," I Read in my head.

"It's only been a couple days, But i miss you like CRAZY!(Just ask My Roommate, Toews, I'm driving him crazy talking about you) This feels like the longest we've been away from each other since when we met back in Buffalo in July. I Can't wait to see you again Friday for Valentines Day this weekend before we have to go on the road again. But anyway, The guys and i were at a store in NC, and i saw this, thought of you, and Had to get it for you. Your on my mind always when we're not together. I Hope you enjoy, I Love You, And Miss You, and I'm Anticipating For Friday to hurry faster. Bottom Line- I Love You. xoxo-Patrick.

P.S-Good Job On The Win Saturday :)" 

God, i love him so much. The thing about Patrick is he's young, and he's wild. People see him as this 'Player', A Guy who has a different Women Every Night, always is out partying whenever he's not playing hockey or anything, and just Loves to flirt with women, and the thing is- That's really not him, at all. He's without a doubt one of the most sweetest and nicest guys I've ever met. He knows how to treat a women right, and if anything, he's a better boyfriend then i am a girlfriend. He does so much for me for no reason at all except that he just loves me, and i barely do anything special for him. It just makes me feel guilty. I Wanna do something for him, something he'll like, something fun...Then, a light bulb went off in my head. I Smiled, then, i grabbed a black jacket, my titles, my phone, and then i grabbed the Giraffe and i headed out of the hotel down to my rental car and started heading toward the arena. When i got in the car, i decided to Call Up Sarah. I Put her on speaker as i was driving.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hey, it's me," I Said. "Okay, so I Just woke up from a nap, and i opened my door and Patrick sent me a giraffe with a Jersey and a hockey helmet on kit AND Roses."

"Awe! That's cute!" She said.

"I Know right?" I Said. "So, i was thinking of something i could do for him, and i thought of something."

"What's that?" She asked.

"I Wanna learn how to skate so i can play ice hockey. So like, in the summer during the off-season if he ever feels like going to a rink or something, we can do it together, quality time," I Said, smiling.

"Wow, that's a good idea!" She said. "If you want, i can help. I Can get a slot at a local rink or something for you."

"That'd be awesome!" I Said.

"Yeah, when you think you'll have the time?"

"Not this week," I Said. "I Have like, the whole week of next week except Monday and Sunday because of a Pay-per view, so how about next week?"

"Okay! I'll get it set up for you!" Sarah said.

"Thanks!" I Said.

Then, we hung up as i continued driving to the arena, i blasted up "B.T.R'' On my way the arena for tonights show. I Blasted up Boyfriend, with Valentines day coming up, this is just a good song to listen to. A Couple minutes later, i got their, grabbed all my shit and headed in. Some people looked at me funny, maybe because of the Giraffe, but whatever. I Headed down over by the locker room area, and i saw the usual sitting on crates, talking, listening to ipods, or reading magazines. Then, they saw me.

"Why Hello!" I Said, smiling and getting onto a crate, then adjusting the hat that was on my head.

"Um, hi," Kristen said, looking at the Giraffe.

"What's up with the thingy?" John said, looking at it weird.

"What's it look like?" I Said sarcastically.

"If i knew that i would have said what it looked like then called it a thingy, now would i?" John said. He absolutely made no sense.

"God, sometimes, your just an idiot," I Said, shaking my head.

"Hey," Nikie said, giving me a stern look. "Watch it..." She didn't sound like she was in a good mood. I Just rolled my eyes. Then, Alex Riley came walking by in a Tux along with The Miz, who was also wearing a tux. The Miz payed no attention to any of us, but Alex glanced over.

"Nice Outfit, Angel," He said, smirking, while also walking.

"Um, thanks?" I Said, then rolling my eyes, again. Then, he and The Miz went left toward the Interviewing set. Heather had her eyes locked on him.

"Um, Heather?" Nikie said, looking at her.

"Oh, what?" Heather said.

"Do you realize you were just drooling over A-Ry?" Kristen asked her, kind of as if she was an idiot.

"Yeah..." Heather said, confused.

"What about a guy named Sidney Crosby? You know, the guy your dating?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You mean the guy i WAS Dating," Heather said, smirking a little, but then frowning. "The Dumb ass was cheating on me with some Puck Slut..." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, well, if it helps, i never liked that canadian asshole, Or the Shittsburgh Penguins," I Said, lying, just a little. I Like Jordan Staal, Kris Letang and Tyler Kennedy from the Pens, but everyone else? Yeah, no.

"Ah, whatever, i'm over him"! She said, smiling.

"That's good, but um, Alex Riley? Really?" Nikie said.

"Yeah, she's right," Kristen said. "Alex just....yeah."

"He doesn't seem like your type," I Said, looking over at him

He and The Miz were doing an Interview with Josh Mathews which will be aired later tonight. They both just looked like Idiots, and Heather was just drooling over them. 

"They look like a bunch of douchebags," I Said, looking at them in disgust.

"They look like a bunch of sharp dressed men," She said, still drooling over them.

"No, just, no, take that back," I Said. "Patrick Sharp is a fucking sharp dressed man, The Miz and Alex Riley? Hell no, take it back!" I Yelled at her.

"Really Kat?" She said. "Really?" She was sounding just like Miz. I Looked at her, then rolled my eyes.

"This convo is killing me," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Agreed," Nikie and Kristen said.

"I'm gonna go look for Jenny.

"We'll come with you," Nikie and Kristen said.

We got off the crated together and just started walking around backstage. For a while, it was actually pretty quiet, but then, we were over by the curtain area, and we actually saw Kathryn over there. I Grabbed both Kristen and Nikie and we ran over behind a wall and spied on her. By the curtain there's a whiteboard where Hunter or Steph will basically post the line-up, like who does promos when and who has matches when and so on. No other superstar or Diva was allowed to touch it, however, she was. She had a marker pen in hand and was writing something on there. Then, she closed up the pen, looked at the board, and just smirked at it. Then, she flipped her hair back and walked away down the hall toward the trainers office. Us girls then ran over to the board to see what she wrote.

"After the #1 Contender for the WWE Title and Leader of the Nexus CM Punk and the rest of the Nexus confront WWE Champion The Miz and his Apprentice Alex Riley, Kathryn Prince goes out to the ring and cuts a promo..." Kristen read.

"She totally changed your part," Nikie said.

"Yeah, early tonight, Stephanie was gonna have YOU Go out there after that and do a promo about your win last night," Kristen said.

"Oh really?" I Said, raising and eyebrow. "Well then..." I Said, then smirking.

"Uh-Oh, she has an idea..." Nikie said.

"I Doubt it's good," Kristen said.

"Oh, it's good," I Said, smirking. I Had an idea alright.

They just looked at me, concerned, but then they got over it and we continued walking while looking for Jenny. We walked past the area we were at again, and from a distance, we saw Heather talking the Alex. I Just smirked at them and continued walking with Kristen and Nikie. Then, we were over by catering, and we finally saw Jenny. She was talking to Layla. Both were smiling at each other and looking like they were having a good conversation. Wait...No. Out of NOWHERE, Jenny SLAPPED The Taste right out of Layla's mouth and Slapped her So Hard, she fell straight to the ground. Since it was catering, Jenny walked over real quick over by the cooler and pulled out a Diet soda, then opened it up, And Poured it ALL OVER Layla's body. Mine, Kristen, and Nikie's Jaws were just dropped open. Then, Jenny spotted us and walked over.

"So...Did you just see that?" She asked, smiling, obviously proud of what she just did.

"Yeah..What the hell?" I Asked. "You two were enjoying yourself, having a good conversation, then you do that?" I Said, confused. They all just looked at me.

"Are you wearing your contacts?" Kristen asked me.

"No, not wrestling, so yeah," I Said.

"That explains it," Nikie said. "They weren't smiling at eachother, they were Smirking."

"Oh," I Said. "Well...Why?"

"Okay, so, Last night after we got here in Wisconsin and were heading to the hotel, i was talking to Cody, and apparently while i was out shopping in Boston with Nikie and John Saturday, back at the gym where Cody and about all of the other Smackdown Superstars were at, Layla was hitting on him in the gym!" She said, pissed off. "They used to date before me and Cody met, Layla dumped Cody, and now she's trying to steal him back..."

"Whoa, really?" I Asked, shocked. Jenny just nodded. Then, i smirked and got an idea. "Be right back," I Said.

I Then went over by Layla, who was sitting up, and just mumbling stuff under her breath about Jenny. I Kicked her right in the face back down. Then, i grabbed a Pre-Made Salad on the Catering Table, and dumped it on her. She was mad now, well, no. She was actually crying a little after that. I Just laughed.

"You little Slut..." I Said, walking away from her and back to the girls. After that, we just talked, then went back over to where we were and just relaxed their until RAW Started.

*Later that night, an hour into RAW*

We were all in the locker room watching RAW--- Nikie and John, who were making out, always pleasant, Punk and Kristen, Well, really just Kristen, Punk probably didn't know she was even next to him, Jenny and Cody, who were actually paying attention, Heather and A-Ry, who must be a thing or whatever now, Justin, then me.

"Gabriel, get your ass up now, we gotta go," Punk said, pushing Kristens arm off of his neck as he got up. Justin just rolled his eyes. He wasn't enjoying this either.

"Whatever..." He said, getting up and heading out.

"If they're leaving, that's also my cue, so, I'll be back after this," Alex Said to Heather, then meeting up with Miz outside in the hallway.

After they left, i got up and flopped on the couch next to everyone else, and, despite getting most of my 8hours AND A Nap, Nexus, Miz and Riley were boring me, and i just fell asleep like i always do when i get bored.


"Wake up you whore..." I Heard as i slowly opened my eyes. I Looked around and Riley, Punk, and Justin were back. I Guess they're promo was over. Thank god, it wasn't too good anyway.

"Kathryn's making her way down to the ring now," Heather said, cuddled up next to Alex. I Looked over at the Flat Screen and Saw Kathryn limping down the ramp.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun..." I Said, smirking. Then, she slide into the ring and requested a mic.

"Last night, In Boston at the Royal Rumble, Kasey Angel made a FOOL Out of the Women's Division with her actions!" She yelled.

"How the hell did you make a fool out of the Women's division?" Kristen asked. I Just shrugged, still smirking, and continued watching.

"Ever since she came to this company she's slowly been running this division that used to be AMAZING!" She said.

"Yeah, amazing, like, 10 years ago," Heather said.

"Now, this Division Is completely RUINED!" She yelled. "It's one thing when you have another one of those Brainless little Sluts back their running around with A Title, but, Having a little, Brainless Slut Run who doesn't know what she's doing running around with BOTH Titles!?"

"Since did you not know what your doing? I think you know EXACTLY What Your doing," Nikie said, cuddling with John.

"Kasey Angel...Kasey Angel..." Then, she paused for a moment, and laughed, then smirked. "Kasey Angel..."

"Um, Kat's not Rihanna," Jenny said. "I'm pretty sure she knows her own fucking ring name..."

"The girl decided to hit me NINE TIMES...NINE TIMES With her finisher. Because of her, I'm not cleared to Wrestle for weeks! Not until The Elimination Chamber! I Can't walk properly...And because of her...I Lost my title," She said, looking pissed about that last part especially.

"Okay, yeah, I've heard enough," I Said, smirking, then getting up, grabbed my hat and my title and heading out of the locker room.

I Walked down the halls until i got over by the curtain and told this Tech. Guy to Put my Titantron up on the screen. He nodded then did so. After 10 seconds of that, i went out from behind the curtain on top of the ramp,getting a huge pop from the crowd like normal. I Saw signs for me, for John, For Randy, But no one had as much signs there tonight as the Packers...Really? This Isn't Football, Cheeseheads,gosh. I Ignored the packers Signs and just looked around the arena, then back at my two titles around my shoulders, then smiled back at the arena. Kathryn looked confused, and pissed i was interuppting her. Oh well. I Took my time walking down the ramp into the ring, observing the crowd, taking in the moment, walking on National Television as the first ever Undisputed Women's Champion in history. Kind of like how Randy use to walk...Slow. I Even walked up the steel steps this time instead of sliding into the ring. I Went in the ring between the middle and bottom rope. I Took off my hat and fixed my hair, then went over and requested a mic from Justin Roberts at ringside, and after that, i WAS About to start talking, but yeah, no. 

I Heard ''King Of Kings'' Playing in the arena, and then, Hunter came out, with a mic on the ramp. Right before i was about to say something. Really? He was about to talk, but two can play this game.

"No, just, No..." I said, pointing to him and shaking my head. He raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse Me?" He said.

"I Don't even get one word out, and you decide to come out here and spoil all my fun, really?" I Said. "Dumbass..." I Muttered under my breath.

"I Wouldn't be talking if i were you," He said. "You owe me 5 Grand to repair my car you wrecked Last night," He said, bitter. I Just smirked, looked around the arena, licked my lips, fixed my titles on my shoulders, crossed my arms, then continued smirking.

"Now, you two hate each other don't you?" He said, smirking a little. Kathryn And i just looked at each other for a moment, then nodded.

"I Can tell. See, Since Kathryn Did use to be Diva's Champion, she does get a rematch, Miss Angel," He said. I Rolled my eyes. "So, at The Elimination Chamber in 2 weeks, It will Be Kathryn Prince vs. Kasey Angel for the Undisputed Women's Championship!" He paused, as the crowd cheered. "But see, this isn't any match, it's important. It could be the last for one of you. You See, Whoever wins the match technically will be heading to Wrestlemania, the Greatest Event of the year, As champion. The Loser, probably not. So, brace yourselfs. It'll be one hell of a fight, i just know it. I Guess it'll come down to who wants to walk into Wrestlemania Champion..." He said, smirking.

Then, he left. Me and Kathryn were left in the ring alone. It was a little awkward at first, but then, i threw my titles out ringside, ran over and Speared Her. Then, i started throwing like, maybe 15 Punches to her face. I Rolled off of her, got out of the ring onto the Apron and climbed the ropes to the top. Funny, i complained about my ribs earlier, but now, i didn't give a shit about them. I Got on the top, then i 450'd Her. My Hat went flying off while i did it, and my ribs hurt even worse, but i slided out of the ring, grabbed my hat and my titles, and just walked it off, then headed backstage.

*Later that Night, back at the Hotel*

"Damn..." I Said, looking in the mirror, disgusted. I Was looking at my ribs, and damn, they looked SO bruised up, it was hard to look at. Justin heard me, then walked over, and saw them, and head a funny look on his face.

"Wow, You should like, ice them or something, those look REALLY Bruised up," He said.

"Ya' Think?" I Said Sarcastically. "I'm not icing it, it's too cold, i don't like that,'' I Said putting my shirt back down, then taking off my pants and switching to Pajama pants.

"Awe, someone's afraid," Justin said making fun of me, then sticking out his tongue.

"Shut up! Am Not...Just don't wanna feel, like, cold," I Said, defending myself.

"Too bad," He said. "I'm gonna go get some ice, or, i could get the trainer and he could check it ou-"

"Get the fucking ice," I Said, pissed off. I Hated the trainer, he always over-exagerated injuries, he made me sit out for like, 5 weeks because of a little bruised ribs. I'd rather take the ice.

After i got my pajama's on, i crawled into my bed and waited for Justin to come back with the ice. Then, my Blackberry went off, and i checked to see who it was, and it was Patrick. He just sent me a video. I Opened it up.

"So, it's midnight here in Dallas, And i can't get to sleep. I Just miss you too much," Patrick said in the video. "So, i decided to send you a video telling you how much i missed you," He said, sticking his tongue out. "We haven't been apart this long since we met eachother back in July, and, this is like, Really hard to do. I just can't get you off my mind, i miss you too much. Friday, When we see each other again back in Chicago, I'm gonna make it the best night either of us have ever had, almost as good as June 9th was. I Have it all planned out, the whole day," He said, smiling, which made me smile. Then, someone snatched his camera out from him. It was Tazer. He looked Tired and Angry.

"He's keeping me up, preventing me from sleeping, that's not a good thing. He's getting on my last nerve, please, if you care about the Blackhawks, end his heartache, shut him up and let me get some sleep, please," He said sounding really cranky. I Just giggled. I Exited out of the video, then texted Patrick.

"I Love You," Was all i said. I Could have said more, but i didn't, that's all that mattered. Then, Justin came back in with the ice.

"Okay, so, it's gonna be cold, but it won't be too bad after a while," He said. Then, he placed the ice on my ribcase, and i just screamed.

"HOLY SHIT THAT'S COLD!" I Yelled, freaking out. He just held me and helped me calm down.

"Yeah, it is, but it'll help, trust me," He said. I Took a deep breathe.

"I Trust you, so, i'll give it a while and see what happens," I Said. He just smiled, then got up and headed back to his bed, turned the light off and headed to sleep.

A Couple minutes later, my ribcase felt pretty numb, and less painful. He was right, it did help.

"Thank You..." I Whispered, not too loud, but loud enough so he could hear if he was awake still. I Waited a moment, no response.

"Your welcome..." He whispered back, a minute later, sounding like he was Really sleepy.

I Just cracked a slight smile, then, i fell asleep.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Six(Never Say Never // Part Two)

I leaned up against a wall for a moment, Kathryn was making her way down now, i was next. Then, she got into the ring, and My Theme Erupted throughout the arena as the crowd started cheering for me. I Took another deep breath.

"Showtime..." I Whispered to myself.

Then, i got up off the wall and moved the curtain out of my way, then ran out onto the stage in front of Boston. This place was all sold out, and right now, it was my time to shine. I Headed down the ramp, and tried to high-five as many fans as i could, then i slid into the ring, quickly got over to my corner, and Kathryn and i just had a stare down with each other.

"The Following Is A Falls Count Anywhere Diva's Match For the WWE Women's AND Diva's Championship! Introducing First, From Detroit, Michigan, She is the WWE Diva's Champion, Kathryn Prince!" Justin Roberts said as Kathryn was introduced. She didn't do anything really, she just stood there, looking at me still.

"And The Opponent, From Chicago, Illinois, She is the WWE Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!" He said.

Then, the ref got in the middle of the ring and held both of our title up, then gave it to Roberts as he headed out of the ring. Me and Kathryn kept our eyes on each other, both of us were extremely focused. Then, the ref rang the bell and started the match.

Usually, we just pace around the ring at first, but not this time. We just went at it once that bell rang. We ran toward each other and instantly began punching each other in the faces. Me, then her. Me, then her, Me, then her, Me, Then Me, Then Me again, then, i grabbed her by her hair and threw her ass out of the ring. She went head first right into the bottom of the ramp. I Waited for a moment until she managed to get up, then, i went back and went off the opposite ropes, then through the middle and top rope and did the suicide Dive and got her ass back down. I just cart-wheeled up and didn't even get hurt at all with that. I Got her up again by her hair and took her up the ramp, then threw her head first into the Security Boards. Then, we completely got off the stage and over by the Pyro place. I Threw more punches to her face, maybe sissy Punches, but whatever, and she went down, which i liked. Then, i went over by the pyro table, and got on it. I Was careful not to do anything to not set off the Pyro, so then, i jumped off of it, and BAM! I Hit the 450 Splash on her. 1 down, 8 more to go.

My Ribs hurt a little, but whatever. I've been through worse. I Got up and smirked, then raised my fist in the air, getting cheers throughout the TD Garden. Then, i grabbed her up by her hair and took her to the back. For a while, it was SO Dark i couldn't see for shit, so she was able to push me back into something, but still, more damaged has been done to her so far tonight. We finally got out of that dark area and into the light backstage where the lockers were and stuff like that. I Pinned her up against a wall and punched her in her face some more. Then, i went over a couple foot steps over by catering and threw off all food off of it right onto the ground.

"Oh, That was classy, Kasey!" Zack Ryder said. I Just ignored him and continued what i was doing.

I Went over to Kathryn and got her on the table. She was almost like dead weight now, but just breathing still. I Got over on top of a crate, then, BAM! I Hit yet another 450 Splash. 2 down, 7 more to go. Again, my ribs hurt again like shit, and it slowed me down a little, but still, whatever. I Got up again, then, we made our way out of the Backstage area and into the parking lot. Then, i had an idea. I grabbed her by her hair---Which, if i have yet to point out, her skull was cracked open at my hands, so yeah-- And i threw her HEAD FIRST Into the first part of the car, she went straight through the glass. What made this amazing- I Just tossed my worst enemy into the car of my Boss Hunter, who obviously isn't my favorite person in the world. What an amazing day so far. Then, i laid her on the first part of the car, then, climbed on top of the hood of the car, and guess what? Yep, another 450. Boom. 3 down, 6 more to go. This is just fun. I Slid off the car and onto the cement, and got Kathryn up yet again and dragged her out of the parking lot and despite the fact it's fucking freezing outside, i was hotter then hell, so i took her outside and we actually fought out there. Some how, she found it in her to actually fight back and she punched me in the face, but not that hard. I Punched back, and she went down. I Grabbed her up again, and threw her up right against the production truck face first, and she went back down. Then, i looked over. There were these steps to lead to the top of the Truck, and Kathryn was pretty much like, dead. I Had an idea. I Started climbing the top of it, then i got on it. I Was up high, very high then what i'm normally used to. I Walked over by where Kathryn was standing and looked down on her. Her eyes weren't even open. I Just smirked, then got ready for it, and yep, I 450'd her ass yet again. 4 down, 5 more to go. Boom.

My ribs were just killing me at this point, so it took me a while to re-organize myself. I Was on the ground in pain for about, 2 minutes before i got up again, but when i did, i looked around, and i didn't see Kathryn ANYWHERE. Then, i looked over by the arena entrance, and that bitch got up before me and was running back into the arena trying to get away from me. How did she even get up? But anyway, i got up and followed her back into the arena. She was trying to get back infront of the crowd, and i knew it, so i took a different route around the arena so i could beat her to it. I Ran across to the other side and through the locker rooms, then i got over by all the equipment  back there, then i was over by the side of the ramp, which is where she was. We had a stare off once we both saw each other again, then, we ran at each other and started using our fists again and started actually fighting. Her, me, her, me, her, me, her, her, her...Then, i got my leg up and round-housed kicked her, she stumbled for a moment, then i round-housed kicked her again, in the back, and she went right onto that Pyro table from earlier. She landed Face first on it, but then turned around so she was laying on her back on the table---Bad idea. She looked like she was trying to catch her breath and stuff, perfect. I Just smirked, then went over by where the fans were sitting actually. I Climbed over the Security Walls and climbed those stairs and got to the Fifth row i think. There was this pole separating that row from another, and all the fans below moved out of my way, good choice. I Climbed on top of that thin-ish pole and found my balance quick, then, Boom. Another 450. This time, the Pyro went off though. Thank god neither of us were over by where it went off. If i died 'cause of that, it'd be tragic. And well, If Kathryn Died 'cause of that, I'm pretty sure i would have gotten Sued. But anyway, 5 down, 4 to go. 

After that, my ribs were in more pain, but i got up and tried to just walk it off, strange, ain't it? But whatever, i still had enough energy to stay in the match. Then, i got up and got Kathryn Up as Well. I took her up on the ramp and tried to get her back in the ring, but she Pushed me right into the Security board on the opposite side head first. It took me a moment to get up after that, but i did. When i got up, i saw the bitch jumped the board on the other side and was going through the crowd trying to get out, that dumb bitch. I Don't get why she's trying to run. I got up and chased after her. She was going up the stairs trying to get to the lobby i think, i followed her up. She kept going faster each step trying to get away from me, too bad that i'm still barely hurt and not worn out a bit, so i could also go faster. After she got to the top of the case, she ran toward the lobby, even shoving fans just to get there. I Got up there not too long after and got my way through fans to go into the lobby after her. I Ran up faster and then elbowed her in the back of her head. She went down to one of her knees, then i kicked her in her back, and she went down completely in pain. Then, she rolled onto her back. Uh, Bad Choice. I Went over to this table nearby that had all this merchandise shit on it, and i threw all that onto the ground and cleared it off. Then i got on top of it, got ready, and Boom. Another 450 right off of it. 6 down, 3 to go.

Both of us were in A LOT Of Pain at this point. It feels like i've been Wrestling---Not even Wrestling, More Like fighting after what i've done and jumped off of---FOREVER. If i wanted, i know could just pin her and end the match now. But, when i said i wanted to do a 'Kattrick', I Was serious. I Only need 3 more, i can tough it out. I Used the wall to help me get up, and Kathryn was slowly getting up as well. I Glanced over while she was getting up, and i saw a Staircase, and then, i smirked. I Had yet another idea. This time, she wasn't gonna run away, I WAS. I Ran away over toward the staircase, but purposely not as fast so she could catch up with me. We got over to the stair case, and bam. She caught me, then picked me up and Scooped Slammed me right onto the hard floor Right on my Back. Hurt like HELL. Then, i got up on my hands and knees, trying to catch my breath. And because Kathryn is predictable as fuck,  i knew she saw this, and i know she was gonna come at me and try to Punt me in the skull, like Randy Orton. So, when she did, BOOM. I Tripped her, and yeah, she went flying down the stairs, and landed a little Awkwardly....Ouch. No, let me say that again, She landed Awkwardly...BUT ON HER BACK. Good lord, this girl is just never gonna learn, i swear. I Got up, back in pain, ribs bruising a little, and just feeling like hell, but still.Back when i was a kid and High school and stuff, i used to ALWAYS Slide down the stairs' railing, and for the first time in FOREVER, i did that again. I Started to Slide down the Railing, but halfway down it, I Just jumped off, and i'm still not sure EXACTLY How i nailed it---Thought i was gonna botch--- But i did it. I Hit the 450. 7 down, 2 more to go.

Despite Kathryn getting hit with it...And falling down some stairs, i honestly got the worst of it. I Was actually having a slight trouble breathing for a moment. I Sat up against a wall, closed my eyes,and just cleared my head for a moment. After that moment, i opened my eyes again, and saw Kathryn half way up the stairs. Um, HOW THE HELL IS THIS BITCH STILL ALIVE AFTER WHAT I'VE DONE TO HER!? Good lord. I Got up after and sprinted up the stairs to catch up. She turned around and saw me coming after her, and she started running faster, and she went through one of the entrances to get back in the arena, then she started going down the stairs to try to get back to the ring. I Followed her. After a while, i caught up with her right as she was trying to get back to the ring and was halfway to getting over the security wall. I Kicked her right in the face over the wall and she landed on her back. I Jumped on top of the Board, then, BOOM. 450 Splash again. 8 down. 1 more to go, baby.

After that, both of us were kinda back where we started, by the ring and all that crap. Kathryn crawled away from my, over on the other side, my the Announcer table and stuff. I Didn't. I Got up, then crawled into the ring. Right now Kathryn was on her back,and i'm ready to hit my Kattrick. I Got over to the other side of the ring and got on the top rope, but damn. Kathryn got up, so i couldn't hit the 450, but i could do i flying crossbody, then a 450, so yeah. I Got up on the top rope, then jumped off for a flying cross body and, BAM! The Tables Got turned.

Kathryn secretly got a STEEL CHAIR, and when i jumped she hit me with it, RIGHT In Mid-Air. I Went Down, FAST. I thought i was in pain before, i knew nothing about pain until this happened. I Couldn't move. I Was just SCREAMING In pain! Then, she came over and pinned me.

"1...2...-" The ref counted. I Kicked out at seriously the last Mili-second. He was SO Close to the 3 count, but nope. I Kicked out. Kathryn did not look happy about all.

She was arguing with the ref, which is where i came in, kinda. While she was dealing with the ref, i got up, in pain, but got up. And i roudhoused kicked her DOWN. She went over on the Announcers table. Then, i went over and put her whole body on it, then punched her in the face a couple times to make sure she'd stay down for sure, and after that, i went down under the ring. I Looked under there for a while, then, i saw it, and grabbed it- A 16ft Ladder. I Grabbed it and picked it up, then set it up. It was REALLY Heavy. Then, i started climbing on top of it, until i was at the very top, then, i slowly stood up completely on top of it, then thought.

"Do i seriously wanna do this? Jump off a ladder and nearly possible KILL Myself just to win 2 titles that i can't keep forever and to entertain a crowd that may or may not like me?" I Thought to myself.

The Answer Was Yes.

I Gave it a moment, then, i jumped off and BOOM, hit the 450. Kattrick COMPLETE. She went RIGHT Through table with me, it was INSANE. Painful, But INSANE.  I Can't BELIEVE I Just did that!!! But anyway, i had enough. Kattrick Complete, i was ready to end it.I Crawled over onto her body and put one of my arms over her. I Didn't have the strength to like, pin her completely.

"1...2...3!" The Ref yelled as he got up and had the bell ring to end the match.

The TD Garden Erupted, my theme was blasting throughout the arena, and the ref then came over and handed me my Women's Championship, Then, he handed me my NEW Diva's title. Two Belts. Wow. Then, he rose my arm in victory. I Couldn't get up on my own, so Striker ---Who's jaw was just dropped open--- Helped me back up on my feet. I Was a little wobbly at first, but i eventually got my balance after a moment or two of standing. Paramedics came down to help Kathryn, Who...Yeah. I Decided to go in the ring, and do my celebration or whatever in there. I Just went in, got on the top ropes in each corner and just held my titles up high. Then, i got over to the lower right corner post, i got up on it, then, i saw that Big WM 27 sign. Usually, the Royal Rumble Winners were supposed to like, look at it and point to it, but not now.

"I Don't care what happens...I Got the titles...There is no way that i won't be there...." I Said to myself in my head, looking at that big WM Sign, and smiling.

*Minutes Later, Backstage*

After i got out of the ring, i headed up the ramp and into the Backstage Area. Since the Royal Rumble Match was next,Most Superstars were over by the curtain so they all congratulated me then, which felt surprisingly good. Then, halfway toward getting to my locker room, i saw my Boss coming toward me, and damn, did he not look happy. I REALLY Wasn't in the mood to hear him act like an ass, at all. But then, i Saw Justin,a nd he distracted him for me so i can go down to my locker room. I'll probably have to deal with him tomorrow before RAW, but still. I Mouthed the words 'Thank You' To him as i headed off to my Locker room. I Just put my titles down, then, i went over and grabbed some ice, put them on my ribs, and fell to the ground and just layed there for a moment, until their was a knock on the door.

"Are you fucking serious?" I Said to myself. I Sighed then rolled my eyes, then got up and opened the door, and saw Kristen there. Then, she came in.

"So..." She said.

''So..." I Said as well.

"You kicked her ass out there..." She said.

"Yeah...Yeah i did," I Said.

After a moment of that, we paused. Then, we started smiled. Then, we grabbed each other's hands then started jumping up in down in Circles.

"WE DID IT! WE DID IT! WE DID IT!" We sang while jumping up and down in circles---Kind of like James Maslow and Logan Henderson did on that episode of BTR After they bought Sneakers together.  Then, Kristen just stopped.

"Why are we not happy dancing any more," I Said, slowing down, then stopping completely.

I Looked over where she was looking, and i saw Punkers, just standing their, looking at us awkwardly. It was just strange. We had no way to respond.

"Uh...I Needed my uh....Nexus Armband..." Punk said, still looking like he was feeling awkward. Kristen just went over and threw him his armband. He nodded his head slowly, then ran off like a little girl.

"We're not that scary, are we?" I Asked.

"Yeah, we are," She said. Then, we just shrugged, and started happy dancing again.

*Later That Night*

"I'll take one of those $5 Foot longs!" Jenny said, cuddled in Cody's arms at a local subway.

It was the end of the pay-per view, and damn, was it good. We were all hungry, and about a block away, there was a subway shop, so the usual group and i along with some others decided to hit up a local Subway Shop after the show.

"I'll just take a cookie," Nickie said, with her head on John's shoulder, practically half asleep.

"Yeah, i'll take a cookie as well," Heather said as she was on her phone texting, probably Sid. I Had no idea what was really going on, i was just looking down at my titles. Then, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

"Don't you want anything, Angel?" Justin asked.

"Oh, what?" I Said. "Oh, sure, I'll take...whatever, You know what i like," I Said, going back to looking at my new titles. He just cracked a smile, then ordered.

"Oh God..." Maryse said, rolling her eyes and putting her sun glasses on.

"What? Did you look at yourself in the mirror and realize you looked like a total Puck bunny?" I Asked sarcastically. She was wearing a Boston Bruins shirt, and she's never shown an interest in hockey at all. "Or, did you realize that it's dark outside and your wearing sunglasses like an idiot?"

"Haha...Very funny Kat...Not," She said, rolling her eyes. "There's Wrestling Paparazzi all over out there for dirt sheet sites."

"What? Seriously?" John said moaning.

"Dammit!" Cody Shouted. "I Don't want them seeing THIS!" He shouted, clearly talking about his broken nose.

"Nothing wrong with saying Hi to fans, Young Cody," Heather said sticking her tongue out. Then, she headed out and chatted up with the Dirt Sheet people.

"Damn..."Kristen said as her and Punk walked out together.

"Well, we can't stay in forever, the bus can't go anywhere until we leave," He said. I Looked up.

"What?" I Said.

"Your really proud of yourself, aren't you?" He said.

"Well Duh," I Said.

"Come on," He said. As he tried to hand me my Sub.

''Carry that for my please?" I Asked. I Was carrying my titles, i didn't need to carry subs as well. He just smiled and nodded.

Then, we headed out of Subway, and Damn, we got surronded fast.

"Just ignore them and keep walking..." Justin said to me. I Just nodded.

"Justin! Kasey!" One of them shouted.

"Kasey! Congratulations on the big win tonight!" One of them shouted.

"Why thank you, Thank you very much!" I Said, smiling.

"No problem! And Justin! Congratulations on losing again!" He said. Whoa...Just, whoa.

"Hey, while I'm having the honor of competing in Royal Rumbles for a living, Your going around and taking pictures and trying to be attentions whores, so i guess we know who wins at life here, now don't we?" Justin said. I Just laughed. I've never seen him like this. The guy had no comeback at all.

"Kasey! How's Kathryn Doing?" Another guy asked.

"Uh, I Think she's in the hospital," I Said. I Couldn't help but smile at the fact i put that girl in the hospital. I'm just so proud of myself.

"Do you feel bad you hurt her that bad?" Another guy asked. I Just shrugged.

"You want me to be honest or to lie?" I Asked.

"Lie," He said.

"My Heart Goes out to Kathryn and All her family and friends and i'm DEEPLY Sorry for this little incident!" I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"What are your thoughts on Alberto Del Rio Being the New Young Guy he is Winning the Royal Rumble So Early in his career?" The Other guy asked.

"I'm happy for him, i think he'll live up to what he's expected to and higher, and i have no doubts in him," I Said.

"That's nice," The other guy said. "Are you two together?"

"Wait, what!?" Me and Justin both said at the same time.

"You two look a little friendly," He said.

''Dude, that's not even none of your business," Justin said.

"So we can take that as a yes then?" He said.

"What!? No!" I yelled. "Seriously, Too personal."

"Sorry Kasey, but this is our Job, sweetheart," He said back. "It's a lot harder then yours, isn't it?"

I Just raised an eyebrow. This idiot had no idea how stupid he was sounding.

"If i were you, i'd just shut your mouth right now..." I Said, glaring over at him.

"Or what? What's a little girl like you gonna do to me, huh?" He asked. Justin looked REALLY Pissed off about now.

"Or what?" Justin Said. "Here's What..."

Then, Justin handed me the Sub and just went and ATTACKED the guy. I Grabbed him by the end of his shirt to try and stop him, but i struggled. I Had to call John to help me. Eventually, Justin cooled down, then everybody got on the bus, and we started traveling down to Madison, WI for RAW Tomorrow night. It was gonna take us the whole night. Eventually, Patrick Texted me and congratulated me, then he told me all about the All-star game. Team Lidstrom won, Ovie through his stick at Duchene, NHL Began the 'Guardian Project' Which was...yeah, And Sharpie got voted the MVP And won a fucking New Car. That Lucky Bastard. The things i can imagine him and Sarah doing in that car. But anyway, Kaner and i were both wide awake, so we texted almost the whole night, hell, we even made up a rap about me winning my match. it was Quite fun. Then he told me he had a surprise for me tomorrow,so i got pretty excited. Then, 3am neared, and i was tired, so we stopped, and i fell asleep next to Justin on the bus as we were off too The Cheese State.