Sunday, November 27, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Eight// Underneath it all

*Wednesday morning, 7:45am*

For the first time in a long time, i was in my own bed, with someone cuddling next to me. It felt so good. Patrick just got back last night from the circus tour to take on the Coyotes at the UC, and to afterward celebrate Sarah's birthday back at the Sharp residents. Patrick got 3 points that night, but Sharpie was playing the best for his women and got a goal and an assist on 4 of the goals the Hawks scored. Emery started in net, Corey just hasn't been playing as well as he usually does as of late, don't know what that's all about.  

I leaned over from my left side onto my right and looked at Patrick, who was just waking up as well as me. Without saying a word, we kind of just read eachothers minds, and he twirled over on top of me and started passionately kissing me. Then, he got off the bed and picked me up, bridal style and we started walking out of the room and downstairs. I Couldn't stop picturing in my mind him doing this, except it was up an aisle on a sunny summer day with people around us applauding, him in a tux, me in a white dress, and a cute little baby crawling next to us. That fantasy is gonna have to wait until that cute little baby actually arrives.

We walked downstairs and into the living room, and flopped onto the couch and then broke apart.

"Did you have a goodnights sleep?" He asked me.

"Yes, and my day's starting off good too," I smiled.

"I Missed you so much," He said.

"Me too," I Said. "AND, so does this kid who will probably head to the olympics with all this moving it's doing."

"You can already feel it kicking?" He asked, caressing my stomach.

"No, but i can just feel it moving, like not physically exactly, but i just have this feeling...i swear it's moving, god help me when it starts kicking," I sighed.

"Don't worry, it'll all be worth it once we're holding her in our arms," He smiled.

"You want a girl?" I asked.

"I don't care about the gender, but a little girl would be nice, she'd get to look just like you, maybe blonder hair, but still," He smiled.

"Really? I thought you'd want a boy with all your sisters," I said.

"A boy would be cool, but i don't want another me in the world, i don't want him making the mistakes i did, a girl would be easier," He said.

"Easy for you," I Said. "Don't you watch tv? MOST fathers and daughters have a relationship that's much better then the one i have with mine, and you'll end up being her favorite person in the world next to her friends and her boyfriend while she hates me and will tell me she hates me every second she least that was the case with my sister and my mom," I shrugged.

"A boy wouldn't be easy, especially when he goes through puberty," Patrick said. "I Hated that."

"I'm sure you remember that well, considering you just went through it recently," I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"You think that's funny?" He said, starting to pin me down to the couch.

I giggled and he started attacking my body with his lips, still pinning me down. Then he got off of me, then i rested my head on his shoulder.

"So i was thinking," Patrick said. "The new twilight movie came out two weeks ago and-"

"I'm free tonight," I interrupted, smiling, then he smiled back.

"I'm gonna go make some scrambled eggs, want any?" He asked, getting up.

"Sure," I Smiled.

He smiled back, while heading into the fridge to grab eggs while i just leaned back into the couch and turned on the tv.

 *Sharp residents, Sarah's POV*

I Just kept staring at it. It was only an arm reach away, and the pamphlet was open right in the palm of my right hand.  This was my dream, but right now, it may not be the right time. I don't even know why i'm thinking about this all of a sudden. I Haven't thought about it since i left Toronto, but whatever. Okay, fuck this, i'm going fo-

"Hey babe," Patrick said, walking through the door with Shooter, he just got home from his walk.

"Oh, hi!" I said a little startled, but quickly hiding the pamphlet.

"Surprised to see you up," He smirked, heading into the living room and leaning over to kiss me.

" know how off my sleeping schedule is," I Shrugged.

Then, he sat next to me and smiled.

"Day off for me...i was thinking a day of love for us," He smirked.

"What would this day of love consist of?" I smirked back.

", and we'd end the day of love doing the baby making dance, except with protection," He smirked.

"I think i like this day of love," I smirked back.

"Good, a LOT of thought went into exactly what to call it," He said.

"Oh, i'm sure it did," I Said.

"It did," He said, putting his arm around me, but i quickly took it off.

"Tell you what," I Said, standing up. "We'll kick off this day of love, AFTER i go change out of my jammies," I smirked.

"Don't take to long," He said.

"I Won't!" I Said, heading upstairs to the bedroom.

I ran up stairs into the bedroom to change, but before i did, i grabbed Patrick's laptop and got on real fast then got on the internet, and pulled out the pamphlet. The pamphlet was one for a local Police Academy that was only 25 minutes away, and it looked really cool. I read the whole pamphlet and now i was checking it out online, too I matched ALL The requirement to get into it. 

"You almost done?" Sharpie shouted up to me.

"Uh, yeah, one moment,"I Shouted back.

I wrote down the number for the school real quick, then erased the history. I Couldn't have Patrick knowing until i was 100% committed to it. Trust me, it would cause all sorts of drama knowing him. I put his laptop away and got dressed, and he took me out to breakfast to kick off our day of love.

*Vancouver, British Columbia, CA, Tim Hortons, Jamila's POV*

"Where is he..." I said while tapping my foot impatiently.

I Took the day off and headed up to BC, i had some drama to resolve.

"Five minutes late...." I mumbled under my breath, right as the door to Timmy's opened and he walked in, then sat across from me.

"You called?" Kevin Bieksa asked me.

"We need to talk," I said to him.

"About?" He smirked.

"Don't be a jackass, you know what about," I rolled my eyes, as did he.

"I know what you mean, and truth is, there's nothing to talk about," He said.

"There is," I said. "Because of our little thing a couple weeks ago, our lifes suck."

"Actually my life is pretty awesome," He smirked.

"Okay, seriously? Stop acting like a fucking bitch," I Said.

"Well how do you want me to act?" He asked me.

"Because of this, my boyfriend dumped me and you just got served divorce papers," I Said.

"Damn right i did," Kevin said, looking past me.

"So? Don't you even care? Don't you care that you might lose your kids and the love of your life?" I asked him.

"I'm not losing my kids, let's get that straight," Kevin said. "But in all honesty, this isn't really any of your business."

"I'm kinda half the reason this is happening!" I said.

"Look, i'm sorry, but this isn't like Degrassi where i'm gonna get together with you again and for good, or where we'll work things out to get the ones we love back," Kevin said. "This is real life, and it's how it is. You gotta deal with it."

Then, he got up and left. This isn't over, not even close. 

*Kristen's POV*

"Look at that bitch," Jenny said.

"Her stupid hair and stupid make-up..." I Rolled my eyes.

"I love how you ladies are in here looking at Justin's girlfriend instead of doing something productive," Phil rolled his eyes, flopping on the couch of his lockerroom.

"Don't judge us," Jenny rolled her eyes.

We were on one of Justin's fansites and looking at pictures of him and his girlfriend, Lara, who's also his ex, but now his current girlfriend. Weird.

"Why are they even back together? He should be with Kat even though she's engaged!"  Jenny yelled.

"Maybe here's why," Phil said, tossing this weeks issue of the Chicago Tribune toward us. "Sports section, bottom left corner."

Jenny and i flipped into the sports section, and mouth dropped when we saw one article in particular.

Future Hawk?

The Chicago Blackhawks organization is proud to announce that young star Patrick Kane is not only expected to walk the aisle and say 'I Do' sometime this offseason, but is also expecting a child with fiancee', Kat Dawson. Most may know Dawson as Kasey Angel, former WWE Diva, who recently left the company after finding out she was pregnant and made news official after pointing to her stomach after getting 'fired'. If it's a boy, he should be eligible for the NHL draft in 2031. The Blackhawks organization and the city of Chicago would like to congratulate Patrick Kane and Kat on their future together and with their future son or daughter.
"OH MY GOD," I Yelled after reading that.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Jenny yelled.

"I KNOW RIGHT!?" Phil agreed. "I don't think that's worthy of being in the tribune. Maybe online, but the tribune? Hell no." After he said that, i tossed the newspaper at his head. "Ow."

"You deserve to be in pain jackass," I rolled my eyes.

"This isn't how it was supposed to happen," Jenny said. "Kat and Patrick were supposed to call it quits eventually and Justin and her were supposed to be together forever and that's supposed to be THEIR BABY!"

"This is so messed up!" I yelled.

"What's messed up?" I heard a voice say behind me. I looked around and saw it was Justin.

"Yeah, babe, what's messed up?" Phil smirked. I just gave him a death glare.

"This whole thing," I said. "Kat with Patrick and pregnant and you and Lara..."

"Okay, look," Justin said. "Kat's clearly happy with the hockey player, and i have no chance. Lara's a nice girl, i was with her for years, who's knows, maybe she was the one all along."

"HELL NO SHE ISN'T!" Jenny shouted.

"Look what do you want me to do?" Justin asked.

"FIX THIS AND GIVE US OUR FAIRYTALE ENDING!" I Shouted and me and Jenny stormed out of the locker room.

*Later that night in Chicago, Kat's POV*

"They give Jacob only one shirtless scene and think they can make up for it with all these sex scenes between Bella and Edward!?" I Asked as Patrick and i were walking up the front steps.

"I know right?" Patrick said.

"It kinda turned me on," I shrugged.

"I'm sure it did babe," Patrick said.

"But the birth scene of Bella's kid...god what if my birth is that gross and horrible!?" I asked.

"Relax, no doctor will grab a steak knife and take out our baby, i promise," Patrick said.

"I know," I sighed. "We need to see that new movie, Arthur Christmas."

"Ew why?" He asked me.

"Because that's the only place we can see the new Justin Bieber music video," I smiled.

"I'm not paying to sit through a crappy movie just to see Bieber's new music video," He rolled his eyes, grabbing the keys out of his pocket.

"You don't, after we see the video we leave," I smiled.

"I could do that," He smirked, unlocking the door.

I giggled as he opened the door, but stopped right after we walked in.

We walked in and i saw two people on the couch, making out. After a moment, me and Patrick both figured out who they were.

On the bottom was his little sister, Erica, and on top was Jonathan.

I Was shocked, to see this in my fucking house, and Patrick....

"Why, the HELL are you on top of my sister!?!?!?!?!"


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Seven // Own the night

I Was breathing heavy, on the ground. Sweat covered my body and every part was aching....except my stomach. My eyes were closed as i tried catching my breath. I Heard noise all around me. I Heard the crowd chanting for me to get up, and i heard the referee counting to 10. He was at 7....wait no, now 8. Fair to say i was knocked out, but i had some left in me....and i had to get up, technically.  I Opened my eyes, and felt an adrenaline rush--- that or the baby doing gymnastics inside of me. I Grabbed the ropes, and got up right as he counted to 10 and saved myself, but it didn't take long before i was down again. Michelle had just delivered a Sweet Chin Music to me, almost as perfect as HBK. I was back on the ground. Then, she was going for the kill. She got me in position for the fate breaker---modified so it wouldn't hurt the kid. We modified it perfectly and did it so my stomach didn't at all get affected- just the other poor parts of my body. Then, she finished me off, got the 3 count and retained the title. I rolled out of the ring, got backstage into the locker room, changed and watched the rest of the pay-per view. By the time it was done, i was greeted by Kristen who brought me a Double Chocolate Chip from Starbucks. I know i cant drink alcohol, but it said nothing about  coffee, but to be safe, no caffeine. Sadly, that means no more Mountain Dew. Welp.

"Don't worry about paying me back," She said, handing it to me.

"It's not like i was gonna pay you anyway," I Said, taking a sip, as she rolled her eyes.

"Weren't you going over in your match tonight?" Kristen asked. She didn't know- as well as anyone else of my friends. Only Sarah, Patrick, The Blackhawks organization, Luke, Hunter, Steph and Teddy. The rest will find out later.

"Me, Michelle and Hunter got into some fight, i went too far, and i cost myself the title," I Shrugged, taking a sip quickly.

"So what, that's it?" She asked.

"I Guess...i really don'- OH SHIT," I Yelled. We were in the parking lot and i slipped on a piece of ice, but Kristen caught me.

"Doesn't your boyfriend get paid to be on ice?" She asked.

"I Haven't been on the ice in months," I Said, taking another sip.

"Still," She said, taking a sip of hers. "ANYWAY, if you and Michelle are fighting so much it's affecting your career, you sure you don't wanna room with me and Phil? We have an extra bed."

"But hotels only have 2 beds," I Said, before it clicked in. "Oh god..."

"Relax, we'd make sure you were asleep before...that," She said.

"Yeah, that makes me more comfortable," I Rolled my eyes.

"It just doesn't seem fair your career has to suffer just because she's a bitch," Kristen said.

"Trust me, Michelle's a bitch, but she's not why my career's suffering," I Said.

Then, i walked past her, dumped my starbucks drink into a garbage can nearby, then got on the Smackdown tour bus and got comfortable. It's gonna be a long right up to Wilkes Barre, PA, also known as the last place i'll ever throw on the black, sparkly attire and become Kasey Angel.

*Tuesday Night*

I Had Britney Spears on repeat on my IPOD as i was doing chin-ups, warming up for tonight, you know, to leave a lasting impression. Two years just isn't enough to do something like that. I Finished, turned my Ipod of and then took a sip of water, took a deep breath, and headed over to gorilla position. Michelle was out their now cutting a promo that i would soon interrupt. 

"5...4...3...2..." I Whispered to myself. "1."

Then, my music hit as i walked out onto the ramp. Boots, black skinny jeans, a blue hoodie and sunglasses, with a mic in hand and a smirk on my face. I Walked down the ramp, taking my sweet time, soaking in the boos. This is one of the last times i'll hear this. I walked up the steel steps and climbed through the ropes and took a look at Michelle, who wasn't happy to see me. She was talking about her victory last night. I Just got rid of my smirk, and put on a big, goofy smile, then started clapping my hands.

"Bravo, Michelle...bravo," I Said.

"Is there anything i can help you with? Because i'm kinda of in the middle of something," She said.

"Actually, i couldn't help but notice you have my championship title around your waist," I Said, eyeing it.

"I'm sorry, but were you not their last night when i whipped your ass and retained my title?" She asked.

"You did no such thing, i was SCREWED out of my title," I Said, smirking.

"HA!" She replied. "I'm sorry, but i pinned you with the 1-2-3, FAIRLY."

"You did do that, due to a mistake," I Said. "See, our match was right after  the world title match, that needed special reinforcement so those fat guys didn't ruin the ring again like they did last month, and they tightened up the ropes, big time, which made it hard for me to perform my finishing maneuver, which is why i lost the match."

"Oh, really, Kasey?" She asked, mockingly. "Excuse after excuse with you but y-"

"It's not an excuse, it's the truth and i can back it up with proof!" I Interrupted

"You had your turn to talk, not it's my turn to talk," She said.

"Alright, fine," I Said, crossing my arms to let her talk.

"I can honestly say, i'm SICK and TIRED of you-"

"I'm sick and tired of you too and-"

That's when she dropped the mic and rose her fist and took me down- making sure not to make an impact on my stomach, but didn't have a care in the world about damaging my pretty face. We stopped once Teddy Long's music hit.

"Hold up...hold up," Teddy Long said. "This has been going on way too long, ladies. Both of you have had one match too many with each other for that title, and this needs to end, and tonight, it will end once and for all.  Later tonight, Michelle McCool will defend her Women's title against Kasey Angel in a No Disqualification match!" He said, getting a positive reaction with the crowd. He was about to leave, but before he did, i grabbed the mic.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA, Teddy Mac, hold up, 'playa'," I said, quickly catching his attention. "You're right, this HAS been going on way too long, in and outside of the ring between us, and both of us are sick and tired. SO, this won't be a No DQ match even though we both believe we've been getting screwed, i say we raise the stakes. We really can't stand each other, i personally wanna grab her by her throat and strangle her right now, that's how much i hate her. Also, i know a certain boss is back stage, and he loves a certain word. So, that's raise the stakes and make this a YOU'RE FIRED MATCH."

After, the crowd erupted again, and Teddy had a look on his face. He thought about it, then shrugged.

"Alright then, it's official, whoever loses this match tonight not only does not get the title, but is fired from the WWE, and this match will happen later tonight! Until then, i suggest you two warm up, it could save you your job."

Then, his music started again as he left me and Michelle in the ring, and that was when it really sunk in for me. 


"You're not enough for me...OH NOOO, just another man in love with me...."

Michelle's music hit, and she did her little twirl at the top of the ramp with her title raised in the air, and she started making her way down the ramp to the ring....interrupted once again by yours truly. I ran down the ramp and just started attacking her on the ramp0, then i slipped her into the ring and the bell rang.

The match was so much back and forth. I was on top, then her. She was on top, then me. It was back and forth throughout the whole match, and overall, one of my best in the past two years. We also kept reversing moves, then, she reversed one of my signature moves and got a roll up.


The bell rang and the match was over. Michelle quickly rolled out of the ring, grabbed her title, then ran off. 

I curled up into a ball in the center of the ring, coming to the realization that i just lost the job i dropped out of college for. Then, King of Kings started playing as Hunter came out and entered the ring.
"You can't do can't do this to me!" I Yelled. "YOU CAN'T!"

"You made the deal, Miss Angel...and with that being said..."


"Kasey Angel..."



I fell right to the mat when he said that, then left the ring. I didn't leave, though.

"I'M NOT LEAVING," I Shouted from the top of my lungs, making myself comfortable in the center of the ring. It didn't take long before security was called to drag me out.
That's how my career ended- Me being dragged out of the ring, kicking and screaming, but as a heel, i wouldn't have wanted to ride off into the sunset any other way.

*Kristens POV*
"WHAT THE FUCK!?" I Shouted.


We were backstage in his locker room watching what was happening on the monitors, and Kat just got fired.


"HOLD ON!" Phil said, pointing to the monitor where they were outside the arena, where Kat just got kicked into.

"HEY!" She said. "Be gentle!!!!" Then, she looked right down at her stomach, then rubbed it.

"Oh. My. God." Me and Phil both said simultaneously.
"Why is she fired!?"

"Why did she just rub her stomach!?"



Somethings up with Kat, and we---clearly her closet friends---don't even know! I tried calling Jenny, Nikie, Jamila and Heather. Heather's phone was off as was Jenny, Nikie yelled at us...pregnancy hormones i guess...and Jamila just said she had more important things to be doing. Phil even grabbed his phone and called Kat's siblings in the UK to see if they knew anything, but only her brother answered because he just got done with a nightclub show, nothing.

"What the hell is going on!?" Phil asked.

"What the hell is happening with our group!?" I yelled out loud.

*The next morning, Kat's POV*

I woke up in my hotel bed the next morning at 9am, and the first thing i noticed was the baby doing more gymnastics inside of me. I'm only 12 weeks along, so it's not like i can feel the baby kicking, but i just kinda sense it moving around. I Swear it's a girl with all this moving, but i still have about 10 weeks until i find out the sex. I showered and got dressed, then started packing to catch a plane back into Chi-town in a couple hours. Right as i finished packing, Michelle walked in...

"So... you're having a kid?" She asked.

"I'll be 12 weeks in a couple days," I said, sitting on my suitcase.

"Alright, look, you probably think i'm the biggest bitch in the world now, but that's not the case," She said. "I'm actually nice."

"Oh really?" I Asked.

"Yeah, but back in July, Teddy told me we would be feuding and you would turn heel, and you weren't so sure you could pull it off," She said. "So, i decided i would act bipolar with you, you know, to light a fire under your ass."

"Wait, so, you were purposely pissing me off?" I Asked.

"Just to light a fire under your ass," She said.

"So you meant none of it?" I asked.

"Well..." She began.

"Well...?" I asked.

"Kat, you're a nice person, and you probably don't wanna hear this, but...i did mean one thing," She said.

"What?" I Asked.

"I honestly think you're friends are using you, it points up, you just gotta look at the facts," She said. "Good luck with Parenthood, i'm sure you'll be a great mom."

Then, she left, and i thought about what she said.

'You just gotta look at the facts.'

It kept repeating in my mind, and i started thinking about it.

A Couple minutes later- the numbers of Nikie, Heather, Jenny and Jamila were erased from my contact list. All that was left was Kristen. I Clicked on her contact, and it asked me if i wanted to edit or delete the contact. I Just kept staring at the screen, blankly.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Six // Didn't We Almost Have It All

*Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Monday morning*

"You're really having Patrick's child?" Luke asked me.

"Next Saturday i'll be 11 weeks!" I Said, taking a bite of my doughnut.

"Wow," Luke said, taking a sip of coffee.

This week, WWE Is in Canada and Smackdown tapings are in Vancouver---Where the Hawks are playing Wednesday--- And they're taking place at the Rogers Arena. RAW's in Edmonton, and even though i'm not on RAW, i traveled with them this week just to go to Calgary. The Leafs are in town to play the Flames Tonight, so me and Luke decided to stop and Grab Tim Hortons before he had his morning skate and i had to make the drive up to Vancouver. Patrick's not going to Smackdown tomorrow, but he says him and the guys are ordering Pizza to watch. Kris got traded to Philly over the off-season, so it's just me and Luke. Luca and Bozie were gonna come, but stuff came up, so just me and Luke.

"Now tell me again, " Luke said. "Your far along, but your wrestling company doesn't know yet?"

"Not yet..." I bit my lip.

"You gotta tell them," He said.

"Oh no, i was planning on endangering my baby for these next 30 weeks," I sarcastically replied.

"You know what i mean," He said.

"I Know," I Said.

"So you and Sarah came up here to surprise the boys for the weekend and your going to the 'Nucks, Flames and Oilers games?" He asked.

"Yep, A Pay-Per view is sunday so i just gotta work tapings and then i head to MSG," I Said.

"You shouldn't be working at all," Luke said.

"Relax i'm not hurting my baby," I Said. "Tonight i'm talking to my bosses and gonna see if i can get out of my contract, even though it's expiring in January."

"You better," Luke said.

"So protective," I Smirked, taking a sip of coffee.

"Your having Patrick Kane's Baby-"

"SHH," I said.

"What?" He asked.

"Me and Patrick don't want people knowing just yet, not until i get out of my contract, then we're making the official announcement," I Said. "I don't want anyone outside of our closest friends knowing."

"Gotcha," Luke said. "Well, you're having...'his' kid, and that's not a good thing for that kids future, so i figure you know, i could help out."

"Why does everyone think this kid will end up with some mental problem or something?" I Asked.

"Because, it's your and Pat's kid!" Luke said.

"Are you saying me and Patrick have mental problems?" I raised an eyebrow.

Luke froze and bit his lip.

"SO," He said quickly to change the subject. "Boy or a girl?"

"I'm only 10 weeks along," I Said. "I Still got around 10 more weeks until i can find out the sex."

"But still, you gotta want one," Luke said as i bit my lip.

"I was the youngest in my family, so i don't know," I Shrugged. "I Don't know if i want a Boy because my sister was a bitch or a Girl because my brother is crazy and over-protective."

"Go with a girl," Luke said. "I Was the oldest and hated it, oh and don't have 4 kids, i couldn't stand when my sisters argued."

"I Would never put my kooka in so much pain," I Said, wincing as he laughed.

"But seriously, i'm happy for you two," Luke said.

"Thanks, i seem to be getting that reaction a lot lately," I Said.

"Everyone else is probably just sucking up to be god-parents or something," He laughed.

"Don't even get me started on that," I Rolled my eyes.

"Ha," Luke said. "Well, i should head to the arena now for the skate, i'd offer to drop you off, but kinda are going in a different direction as me."

"Ha," I Smiled. "It's cool, i'll definately call you sometime!"

"I'll be waiting," Luke smiled back.

We both hugged and said good-bye as we left to go our separate ways.

*Tuesday evening*

It's the week of Survivor Series, though it's not a top concern for me- or for the Women's Division. I Have a title match against Michelle...lovely, more of her. No match tonight, just a Promo, that i'm pretty happy about. I worked on my own part all by myself, so i'm excited. Once i got to the Rogers Arena, first i looked for management. Week before a HUGE pay-per view, i know Steph and Hunter are in the building somewhere.

"Miss Angel!" Teddy Long said, coming toward Me. "Just the person i was looking for!"

"Funny, i was looking for you too!" I Said.

"Here," He said, handing me something.

"What's this?" I Asked.

"A Bill," Teddy said. "From the guy who recieved your little present you left under the ring last week."

"Oh..." I rolled my eyes. "I'll make sure to get to that..."

"You do that," He said, about to walk away but i stopped him.

"Say, have you seen Paul and Steph yet?" I Asked.

"They should be in their office," He said.

"Good, come with me," I Said, grabbing him and pulling him.

"Excuse me Miss Angel this is HIGHLY inappropriate!" He shouted.

"SHUT UP," I yelled, dragging him all across the backstage area.

We finally got to Hunter and Stephanie's office, and they looked surprised to see us. 

"Looked what the cat dragged in..."  Hunter mumbled.

"Har Har Har," I mocked, rolling my eyes.

"Can we help you with anything, Miss Angel?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes, CAN WE?" Teddy asked, breaking away from my grip.

"Kind of," I Said.

"What, did Michelle rip part of your hair out?" Hunter asked. "I Heard your screaming match earlier today..."

"It's more serious then that," I Said.

"Well what is it?" Stephanie asked as i bit my lip.

"See....i'm kinda...very pregnant," I Said, as Steph's face lit up.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" She smiled, getting up and hugging me. "Trust me, it seems scary, but i've popped three kids out, there is nothing scary about bringing a child into this world!"

"Says you," Hunter mumbled with an eyeroll.

"How far along are you?" Steph asked.

"I'll be 11 weeks saturday," I Smiled.

"Oh My God!" She smiled, but quickly frowned. "OH MY GOD, you've been pregnant and wrestling for 10 weeks!?"

"That baby must take after its dad if it's still alive," Teddy commented, leaning back in his seat as was Hunter.

"Well...with this being learned, you can go home, we'll write you out of this storyline, say you got injured or something," Hunter shrugged.

"What?" I Asked. "I Can't do that."

"Katrina," Stephanie said. "I Understand your love for wrestling, but you can't wrestle while pregnant!"

"Well you can't just make up some random story to get me out, it's at least gotta make sense," I Said.

"We'll figure something out!" Steph said.

"Well i already DID figure something out," I Said.

I told them what i came up with, it was something i came up with on the trip here to Vancity, and it was the way i wanted to go out as a heel. Then it became official.

Next Tuesday my contract will be terminated and for the last time ever, i'll be seen as Kasey Angel.

*Wednesday afternoon, Hotel room in Vancouver*

"Alright, here's some hot chocolate to warm you up and to help tame your sweet tooth," Patrick said, handing me some hot chocolate.

"Extra marshmellows?" I asked.

"Of course, love," Patrick smiled as i took a sip, then he layed in bed next to me, then kissed my forehead and started caressing my stomach, where the baby was.

"You know what that is, right?" Jonathan said in his bed.

"What?" I asked.

"That's a sign you're gonna have a girl, pregnant women crave sweets like that when they're having a girl," Jonathan said as i rolled my eyes.

"So far this week, you're like the millionth person who's asked what i want or what i think it'll be," I Rolled my eyes.

"Besides, she's also craving salty snacks, signs for a boy," Patrick said as i took another sip of hot chocolate.

"Have you two even thought of possible names yet?" Jonathan asked.

"We just found out last saturday!" I Said, putting down my hot chocolate and burying my head in Patricks chest. "If i knew pregnancy would be so annoying i would have never opened my legs without his balls cut off or a condom."

"Relax, we got about what, 11 more weeks until we should be able to find out the sex? We'll survive," Patrick said. Then, there was a knock on the door and Seabs stormed in with a blanket and a pillow.

"Mind if i crash in here for a pre-game nap?" He asked.

"Whats wrong with your room?" Jon asked.

"Sharpie and Sarah are annoying me," Brent said, laying down on the floor.

"They tend to do that to people," I Said, grabbing my hot chocolate again.

"They're talking about their wedding," Brent said. "I Think they finally set a date. 5-10-12 i think."

"Isn't that a thursday though?" Patrick asked, fiddling around with my hair, but i smacked his hand away.

"I Don't know, i'm not a calender," Brent said.

"I'm shocked their planning it," I Said. "They've been engaged since July, but haven't even spoken about the wedding since, i thought they'd just be like Kim and Kris and call it splits after 72 days."

"True, and it doesn't help she's leaving soon," Brent said, which got all three over us to sit up.

"Sarah's leaving Sharpie?" Jon asked.

"No she-"

"WHAT? After all they went though she's just gonna leave him!?'

"No, She's go-"

"Damn, he's gonna be heartbroken, but at least th-"

"SHE'S GOING TO THE POLICE ACADEMY, NOT LEAVING HIM!" Brent shouted, as the rest of us exchanged glances.

"Ooooh," We said.

"Well i'm happy for her," I Said. "But personally, i think it'll be hard for her to become a cop and inforce the law when half the things she does is illegal."

"Ha," Patrick said.

"Just don't tell her i told you," Brent said. "She's still not too positive yet, and she doesn't want Sharpie knowing until she tells him."

"Don't worry, we won't tell," Jon said.

 "Good," Brent said. "Now, if we could all shut up so i can get 3 hours of sleep before i grab dinner and head to the arena..."

"I feel all tired, i need a nap too," I Said, snuggling closer to Patrick as he pulled the cover over us as we all napped.

*After the game, NO POV*

"I love you so much," Corey Crawford whispered in between making out with his girlfriend, Jamila. The Blackhawks had just defeated the Canucks to open up their circus tour, now they're celebrating. Corey's roommate was kicked out for the night just for those two.

" too," Jamila whispered back, uneasy. For the past few weeks, she'd been rather quiet with Corey, which was rather confusing him.

Then, there was a knock on the door, which interrupted their celebration. Corey got up and opened the door, only to see a women standing outside. Once Jamila saw her, her mouth dropped.

"Um...hi, can i help you?" Corey asked her.

"Yes, actually i-" She began, but then got a sneak peak past Corey's shoulder and saw Jamila. "YOU WHORE!" She yelled, pushing Corey out of her way and storming in.

"Whoa, did you just call my girlfriend a whore?" He asked.

"Corey, it's not a big deal," Jamila said calmly.

"GIRLFRIEND? You two are still dating? After what she did!?" This girl asked.

"Okay, who are you?" Corey asked.

"COREY, let's just stop asking questions and let her go!" Jamila said.

"My name's Katie," She said, then looked right at Jamila. "Katie BIEKSA." Jamila gulped, as Corey looked confused.

"Your married to him?" He asked. "I'm really sorry."

"SO AM I," She yelled.

"Well, i wouldn't blame you," Corey said. "But you gotta go, me and my girlfriend-"

"Again, your still dating her? After what she did to you!?" Katie asked.

"Wait...what?" Corey asked confused.

"Get out, now," Jamila said to Katie, which caught here attention.

"So, you didn't tell him yet, did you?" Katie asked her, with her arms crossed. "You didn't tell him how you DESTROYED MY FAMILY?"

"Okay, what the hell is going on!? Corey asked, impatient.

"I Might as well tell him since you clearly won't," Katie said to Jamila, then looking at Corey. "I Overheard my husband talking to Ryan Kesler about how a couple weeks ago at the United Center, he got lucky with a female athelete who happens to be dating a Blackhawk. After i heard that, he confessed that her name was Jamila and she was dating you. She just tore my family apart because of her carelessness, and i just wanted her to know that."

Then, she looked back at Jamila, and flipped her off, then left and slammed the door. Jamila couldn't believe it, as could Corey. He was frozen. Not moving. Not talking. Frozen.

"Corey...i can explain, i-" Jamila began.

"Just go..." He said, emotionless and calm.

"But Corey, i-" She said again.

"GET THE HELL OUT!" He just shouted from the top of her lungs. After that, she bit his lip, got off of her bed and then ran out.

Corey slammed the door, then leaned his back up against it, and ran his fingers through his hair and then he ended up sitting down on the floor, back still next to the door, trying to figure out what he did wrong.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Five // Baby, Baby, Baby NOOO //Part two

*Saturday, 5pm*

It's rainy here in Chicago, super dark, perfect to describe my mood. Patrick's party is tonight and i have to get into my costume and put on a smile, when all i wanna do is break down and cry. What's even worst is that i haven't told Patrick yet. I'm just scared. This can't be happening to me, not now.

I Just got back from the grocery store, all the lights were out in the house, i just figured the electricity went out.

"Patrick...go outside and turn on the generator or something," I Said, putting the groceries down.

"PATRICK!" I Yelled.

"RAAAWR!" Someone yelled behind me. I Quickly screamed, then started throwing punches from left to right. "OW STOP! IT'S ME!" The voice said before flashing a flash-light in his face, to reveal it was Patrick.

"DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" I Yelled, just as the lights came back on and i saw that Patrick was already in his costume, dressed and everything.

"Ha, relax babe," He said, trying to put his arms around me, but i stopped him.

"I Gotta get everything ready..."I Said, quickly walking away and heading upstairs.

"Whoa, hold on," He said, stopping me mid-way. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I lied.

"You're lying," Patrick said.

"No, i'm not," I Lied again.

"Still lying," Patrick said.

"PATRICK," I Snapped, but quickly got under control. "Look, i'm just gonna go get into my costume."

"Alright then..." He said, still not convinced i was okay, but shrugged it off.

I Took a deep breath, then headed upstairs and got into my costume.


"DOES ANYONE NOT SEE THE FAKE BLOOD? HOW DO I LOOK LIKE A MAGICIAN?" Patrick yelled. The Party's started and about 10 people have mistaken him as a magician instead of a vampire.

"You're no Edward Cullen," Jon said.

"That's because i'm a real fucking vampire!" Patrick said. I Just laughed, then answered the door and saw a werewolf, but the werewolf soon revealed himself to be Corey.

"Crawfish," I Smiled. 

"Selena," He smiled back.

"Where's Lil' Jammy at?" I Smirked slightly.

"I Don't know, she's been acting weird lately," He shrugged. "Not looking me in the eye, short sentences...I Think she's catching that flu your have."

" me....she doesn't have what i have, trust me," I Said.

"I'm pretty sure she does," Corey said.

"TRUST ME," I Said. "She doesn't."

"Okay then..." Corey said, putting on his wolf mask. I Was about to shut the door before i saw someone else approaching.

"Gomez," Sharpie said, dressed up as Coach Q.

"You were too lazy to get a new costume?" I Asked. "You wore that a couple years ago.

"Well it's such a stylish costume," He smirked. "And i love the mustache."

"It is a good look on you," I Said.

"I'm trying to grow one, not working out so good," He shrugged.

"Ha," I Said, letting him in.

The house was packed with Hawks players and their girlfriends. I Needed some space, so i headed around the house and out back on the patio and saw Sarah out there smoking and yelling at our neighbors.

"THAT IS NOT OUR PROBLEM!!!" She yelled back, pissed off.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Your neighbors are a bunch of pricks," She said, taking a puff. "They're complaining we're too loud and their 5 year-old kid can't fall asleep."

"Whoa," I Said. "It's only 7pm on a Saturday Night, and instead of doing something fun, they're home taking care of their kid?"

"Well,that's what happens when you have kids," She said, putting out her cigarette, "You gain a life, but you also lose one." She said,starting to head in, but stopped. "Your not even wearing a jacket?"

"You aren't either," I said.

"I'm dressed up as cop, long sleeves," Sarah said. "OH, and i was outside earlier and i got some guy to believe i was a real cop! He was walking around with a visible bag of drugs and when he saw me, he put on this goofy smile, hid it in his jacket and ran away as fast as he could!" She smiled as telling the story, then frowned. "Damn, i should have went to the Police Academy..."

"It's only 3 months, you could go anytime you want,"I Said, starting to shiver.

"I Know...but back to the subject," Sarah said. "You got the flu, i'm pretty sure standing out in the cold without a jacket isn't any help," She said.

"I don't have the damn flu," I Said, fidgeting with my wig.

"You don't?" Sarah asked. "Then whats wrong?"

I Bit my lip,then looked over at Sarah and took a deep breath.

"See...i'm about to gain And lose a life..." I Said, she looked confused.

" have cancer or something?" She asked. "I Know your mom had it but damn, she was like twice your age so i thought-"

"I DON'T have cancer!" I snapped, i get mad when someone brings up Cancer because of what happened with my mom.

"Then what the hell do you mean?" She asked, as i started trying to fight back tears, but i couldn't.

"The neighbors you were just yelling at because we're disturbing their son....That's gonna be me yelling at you like that soon," I said, wiping away tears. "I'm pregnant."

She stood still, very still, clearly she was shocked.

"Wow...Kaner's kid?" She asked,i stopped crying and just frowned.

"Of course it's Patrick's kid, jackass," I Said.

"Oh my god, I am SO SORRY!" She said quickly, before hugging me, but i pushed her off.

"God, i'm not fucking ready for this!" I Snapped.

"Relax, having a kid isn't so bad," She said. "I was 8 when my parents had my little brother and i had to help take care of him, it's really not that bad."

"That was your little brother,"I Said. "Not your kid. You weren't responsible for his life like i'm responsible for this kid."

"Look,this isn't the end of the world,you and Patrick will make great parents,and i'm positive he's happy about this," Sarah  said.

"It's hard to know how Patrick feels about this," I Said.

"He's a pretty open guy, so it should be easy to know what he believes,"  She said.

"You ask him how he feels about my pregnancy you'll easily tell he's shocked as hell," I Mumbled.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"He doesn't know yet," I Said.

"WHAT?" She asked. "Your having his kid and he doesn't even know?!"

"It hasn't come up!" I Said.

"Of course it hasn't come up!" Sarah said. "It's not like everyday people talk about pregnancy's!"

"True," I Said. "It's one of the most scariest words in the english language."

"Look, you gotta tell him!" Sarah said.

"WHEN?" I Asked. "Do you not see all these people in my house?!"

"Hey ladies," Viktor said, opening the glass door and coming out, taking off his mask he was wearing.

"Hey," Sarah said to him.

"The guys are worried about you two, you've been out here pretty long," He said.

"True, we have," I Said.

"You should head back inside, you don't want your flu worsening Kat," He said as i frowned.

"Tell him," Sarah whispered real quick, i took a deep breath before i headed in.

I went straight for the fridge and grabbed a gatorade, Blue. I Love Blue. Then, i made my way out to the living room and it wasn't too long before i found Patrick.

"There you are," He said,putting his arms around me. "'re freezing."

"That's kind of what happens  when you're outside without a jacket or anything," I Said.

"Don't worry, i'll warm you up," He smirked, starting to kiss my neck as i pushed him away.

"Patrick we need to talk," I Said.

"It can wait," He said starting to kiss my neck again.

"No, it really can't," I said.

"Well what is it," He asked in the middle of kissing me still.

"Can we just go upstairs and talk?" I asked, trying to push him away again.

"God, what's so fucking important," He said,still kissing.

"PATRICK I'M PREGNANT," I Yelled. That got his attention alright....and everyone else's.

Before i knew it, all eyes in the house were on me, shocked at my announcement. Patrick looked so pale, and you could tell he was equally as shocked. Before i knew it, he turned around and just walked straight out the door. After that, all eyes were on me again.

"You all were right, he's not a vampire, he's a magician," I Said. "I Say one word to him, and boom. He disappears. True Magician," I Said, before running off upstairs.

*Patrick Kane's POV*

I Just kept running, and running, and running, until i was out of breath, there was light rain, but still.  I really regret picking a house that's basically stranded in Chicago. There was a bar across the street and i thought about going in. It'd be bad for my rep if i was caught drinking, so i did go in, but i just played pool. I Got in a couple rounds of pool before two familiar faces walked in.

"Hey," Sharpie said, walking over with Jon.

"'Sup," I said, taking another shot. "DAMNIT, so close..."

"You're're pretty serious about your pool," Jon commented.

"Yeah," I Said, heading to the other side, they followed me.

"But, your not serious about what Kat just told you," Sharpie said.

"What did she say again?" I asked, taking another shot.

"You know damn well what she said," Jon said.

"Well it doesn't matter," I Said.

"It does matter," Sharpie said.

"Not for me," Kaner said.

"No, it does," Jon said.

"Look," Sharpie said. "You've done stupid stuff in the past, but leaving your fiancee' all alone in a situation like this is the stupidest. You know your parents and the Blackhawks want you to straighten up, and Kat's straightened you up, but if you act like a coward and leave her, it's the last straw."

"What's the worst they'll do," I Asked. "What, will my parents ground me? Will the Hawks scratch me out a couple games? Look this isn't my problem. It's her baby in her body."

"Yeah but you helped put that baby in her," Sharpie said.

"So?" I Asked.

"So you know lots of kids grow up without dads," Jon said.

"Including Kat," Sharpie said.

"She has a dad," I Said.

"Oh, i'm sorry. Lots of kids grow up without dads and most of the ones who do have Dead-beats who aren't active in their kids life," Sharpie said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Look, it's not my fault she didn't really have a dad," I Said.

"Yeah, but it'll be your fault if you make this kid grow up without one," Jon said.

I Stopped playing pool, and thought for a moment.

"You know, we can't force you to go back, talk to Kat and be involved," Sharpie said. "Only you can, if you want to, but if news breaks out about this...your gonna be the most hated man in all of sports."

 I bit my lip after he said that, then i shrugged and looked down, then back up at them blankly, as they looked at me, just waiting for a response.

*Back at the house, Kat's POV*

"Here's some hot chocolate," Sarah said, coming into my bedroom. I Was just laying down, fighting tears.

"This was a mistake...this baby is a mistake," I Said.

"Don't say that," Sarah said.

"Knock Knock," John Scott said, just coming in. "I Don't mean to interrupt, but my wife wanted me to tell you something."

"What?" I Asked.

"It's really not as scary," John said. "She's due sometime within this month, and yes, i'm scared as hell, along with her, but that doesn't matter, because once i hold my'll all be worth it."

"What are you exactly saying?" I asked.

"That it's not the end of the world, and pregnancy isn't that scary as it seems," He said.

"Well uh, when your pregnant and the father of your baby runs off, then tell me this isn't scary," I Said.

"Um, Kat..." Sarah said. "It's kind of physically impossible for him to get pregnant and-"

"SHUT UP," I Snapped.

"Yep, you got mood-swings alright," John laughed, before heading out.

"I Can't believe him," I Said. "Just running off....god."

"Don't worry, Patrick and Jonathan are out to find him," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked. "He deserves to be lost out on the road, starving to death."

"Whoa, did you just wish death on him?" Sarah asked.

"Pretty much," I Said.

"God i hope i don't get pregnant for a very long time," She said.

"That's nice to say around me of all people," I rolled my eyes.

The door opened and Sharpie and Jonathan stood in front of it.

"He really is a magician," Sharpie said.

"Started off his act disappearing, and now he closes his act re-appearing," Jonathan said.Then, the two stepped back and revealed Patrick standing behind. We just stared at eachother.

Sarah took a hint and left the room and then, it was just me and Patrick.

"You wanna talk this out like adults or what," He asked.

"Well, i'm gonna have a kid soon, so it wouldn't make sense to act like a kid by giving you the silent treatment like i wanna," I Said.

"Yeah,it wouldn't because i'd still make you talk to me," I Said. "Because, you know, that's what parents do, if their kid has a problem, they help them."

"So, you're calling me a kid," I raised an eyebrow.

"Look," Patrick said. "I'm sorry i responded that way. I Shouldn't have walked out, i just didn't know how to respond."

"So you just leave?" I Asked.

"It was stupid."

"Damn straight it was stupid."

"Look,i really am sorry, but, now, i've thought about it, and i can't leave you alone."

"Actually, you can," I Said. "All you have to do is walk out that door and never come back."

"What?" He asked, confused.

"See, this baby is in my body, so unless i chose an abortion or adoption, this baby's my responsibility," I Said. "No one says you have to stay. If you don't want to be involved, just walk out, right now."

He looked at me hard for a moment.

"I'm not walking out and making you go through this alone," He said.

"Prove it," I Said.

"How?" He asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon i have an appointment with Dr. Reese," I Said. "You know, to find out if the baby's okay and stuff."

"Why wouldn't the baby be okay?" He asked concerned.

"Patrick, i have no idea how far along i am and i've been wrestling every single week," I Said. "For all i know, something bad could be wrong."

"Alright...i'll be there," Patrick said.

"You will if you wanna be involved in this kids life," I Said.

"Alright," Patrick said. "I'll go downstairs to kick everyone out," Patrick said.

"Might wanna take some pillows and blankets down with you," I Said. "You know, considering you're sleeping down there." He sighed.

"I Guess i deserve that,"He said.

"You do," I Said.

"Alright, i'll see you tomorrow afternoon after the Morning Skate," He said. "I Love you."

For the first time, i didn't say 'i love you, too,' because really, i don't know if i do anymore. I guess i'll figure that out tomorrow afternoon.

*2pm, Cook County Clinic*
I filled out a clip board full of information like i do everytime i come to the doctors. My appointments starting soon, and No Patrick. Guess he made his decision,and i've made mine.

"Dr. Reese will see you in a couple of minutes, he's finishing up with one patient now," A nurse said as i nodded.
I Just picked up a random magazine and started reading it while tapping my foot, since i have a bad habit of not being able to sit still. God i hope my kid doesn't have this habit too.

"Hey," I Heard a voice say.  I looked up, and i saw Patrick.
"You showed up," I Said.

"I told you, this is my kid too, and your my fiancee', i'm not gonna let you go through this on your own," He said, before sitting down next to me. "Sorry i'm a little late, just got done with the skate and media."

"It's fine," I Said.

We both waited together for a couple minutes, until a nurse came out.

"Kat Dawson? Dr. Reese is ready for you in room 1," A Nurse said.
"You ready?" I Asked Patrick, who nodded.

Then, we both got up and started walking to room one.

"Just wondering," Patrick whispered. "But you are changing your last name when we get married, right?"
I Just ignored him as i entered the room. First- they took some of my blood. I Don't know why, not like i'm an expert on pregnancies, but whatever. After, they switched me into a new room where i would have some sort of an Ultra Sound i guess.

"Mr. Kane, Ms. Dawson," Dr. Reese said, entering the room. "We have your blood test in the lab, should be back soon, but let's get this done, shall we."

"What does she have to do?" Patrick asked.
"Ms. Dawson, just lay down right here," He said, putting to this chair...or bed...i don't know what it technically is. "Now, lift your shirt up."

"WHOA," Patrick said quickly.

"Relax Mr Kane, i didn't mean it like that," Dr. Reese said. "I Meant pull it up so i could rub some of this jelly on her stomach so we can start this."
"Oh..." Patrick said. "Carry on, then."

"This may be a little cold, Ms. Dawson," Dr. Reese said.

"Alright," I Said.

I Shivered a little as he rubbed it on my belly.

"Dr. Reese, here are the results," A Nurse said, handing him papers.
"Alright," He said. Then, after he finished rubbing my stomach, he grabbed something and started moving it across my stomach and pointing at this screen. "See that? That's the baby, right now he or she is pretty small, about the size of a nut."

"Is their anyway to see the heartbeat?" Patrick asked.

"Look right here," Dr Reese said, pointing again to the heartbeat. "And according to these blood test...your 10 weeks along."

Patrick and i gulped and looked at each other. If i was 10 weeks along, that meant this baby was conceived at John and Nikie's wedding.

In a supply closet.

During a Rihanna song.

God help me when i have to explain this to my child.

Patrick then took my hand as we looked at the baby, and i realized he really was in this with me, and i wasn't alone. I Felt something i hadn't felt in a while.


"We'll survive, i promise."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty Five // I Was Like... //Part One

*Tuesday, November 8th, before LIVE Smackdown Supershow*

"UGH, i can't BELIEVE Patrick shrunk my gear when he did laundry!" I Said, trying to get my attire on.

"Aside from the fact how shock i am he actually did something useful," Kristen said. "Didn't that used to fit?"

"Yes, until he shrank it," I Rolled my eyes, giving up and taking it off. She rolled her eyes.

"Nausea, Fatigue, Mood swings, Frequent Urination, Breast tenderness, WEIGHT GAIN," Kristen said.

"Are you trying to point out something?" I Asked her.

"Yeah, somethings really wrong with this... 'flu', you think you have," Kristen said.

"Like....Hospital wrong?" I asked.

"In about 9 months, yeah," She said. I Was so confused, and she knew it. "For the love of god," She rolled her eyes. "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SEE A DOCTOR!?"

"I Told you, Patrick, I've told everyone!" I Said. "I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME!"

"Find some time then," Kristen said. "Because if you don't go soon, in a couple months you'll be VERY Surprised..."

"Look my health isn't my concern right now," I Said. "My concern is Smackdown is going on LIVE Tonight and i have a match against Beth Phoenix and my fucking attire won't fit!"

"UGH," Kristen said. "Here," She said, digging into her bag and pulling something out, then throwing it at me.

"What's this?" I Asked, looking at it.

"I've been asking Shannon's wife to make me a new ring attire for MONTHS and she finally did, but the size is too big," Kristen said. "It should fit you size wise and character wise vice versa. You wear that, i'll wear yours."

"You are a fucking life saver," I Said, handing over mine.

"I Know," She said, starting to change. "But seriously, something's not right with you."

"It's just a flu," I Said. "Once i get time off, i'll get it checked out."

"You better," Kristen said, as i got done lacing my boots.

"Kat!" Michelle said walking in, smiling, but quickly frowned when she saw Kristen. "We need to talk about tonight, i have a few ideas. Let's go talk."

"Alright, later bitch," I Said to Kristen.

"Bye Bye Whore," Kristen said to me as i walked out of the locker room. It didn't take long for Michelle to start bitching.

"What the HELL were you doing talking to her?" She asked immediately. "Don't you remember, she is one of the guys using you!"

"What did you want?" I Asked, ignoring her completely.

"Well look, during your match, i'm ringside on commentary, i think maybe to hype up our match in two weeks at Survivor Series,  you 'Accidentally' hit me when you're trying to do a Suicide Dive," Michelle said, but i completely tuned out when i saw Justin doing a handstand in the hallway.

"Uh...yeah, sure, let's do that," I Said quickly, then jogging over to Justin. "Not interrupting, am i?" I Asked him as i sat up against the wall next to him.

"Give me a moment," Justin said, as he flipped back onto his feet, then sat next to me. "So...can i help you or...?"

"Actually...i need to talk to you," I Said.

"About what?" He asked.

"Weeks ago, something happened that i wanted to tell you person, not in text," I Said.

"What?" He asked.

"You remember my boyfriend, Patrick," I Said.

"Yeah, i hear he's doing good so far," He said.

"Yeah well uh....A Couple weeks ago, he proposed, and i said're kinda engaged..." I Said, nervously.

"Wow," Justin said. "Congrats, Kat!"

"Um...thanks," I Said, shocked. I Expected a VERY Different reaction from him.

"Since we're coming clean here, i got news too," He said.

"Oh really? What's up?" I asked.

"Well, i kinda just got a girlfriend!" He smiled.

I swear to god the world stopped after he said that. I Didn't breath and i swear to god, everyone froze when he said that.

"Oh...really?" I asked.

"Yeah, Lara," He said.

"Lara? As in...Laralicious?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, that's her," Justin said.

"Your ex-girlfriend from South Africa?" I Asked.

"She's in tampa actually hoping to get into FCW," Justin said.

"Didn't she get rejected there like, 2 years ago," I Said.

"That was 2 years ago, Kat, she's gotten better," Justin said.

"Well...." I Gulped. "I'm happy for you...and her."

"Thanks," He smiled. "I'm gonna go get some water, good luck."

"Thanks..." I Said, as he got up and headed to catering.

What the hell just happened?


I was in the middle of my match with Beth, 3 minutes, 8 minutes more. I Had Beth in a headlock, pretty hard. That was when i felt this HUGE knot in my stomach. I Was about to throw up.

On live television

In the middle of my match.

Someone shoot me, please.

"I Need you to reverse this then kick me out of the ring," I Whispered.

"What?" She whispered back.

"You heard me," I whispered. "Just kick me out."

"Okay..." She whispered.

Then, she did as i said, reversed it and kicked me out. After, i crawled so my upper body was under the ring, then i threw up under the ring. I see it like that time John Cena Shit his pants during a match, just not as gross...well, for me. I Wiped my mouth, then got back in the ring and fought on and continued the match.


I limped backstage. While on the ramp, i had a smirk and looked satisfied as i just whooped Michelle's ass, but after i got backstage, i started screaming in pain, quickly noticed by Kristen.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"No," I Muttered. "I Swear i-"

I Was stopped in the middle, and before i knew it, i was pinned up against the wall by Michelle, who looked pissed.

"Get your hands off of me," I Gritted through my teeth.

"First you COMPLETELY ignore my advice then you purposely try to hurt me!?" She yelled.


"Wait until Hunter hears about this!" She yelled. "There is no way in HELL You're going over at Survivor Series!" She yelled again, before letting me go and storming off.

"Again...are you okay!?" Kristen asked me. Then, i felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

"Go to my locker room, grab my phone, and call my doctor...NOW," I Said, running away to a trash can, and again throwing up.

I Swear to god- Not getting a flu shot like Patrick was the worst decision of my life.

*Wednesday Afternoon*
"So, how long have you been feeling this way?" My doctor asked me as Patrick was sitting next to me, holding my hand.

"A While now...i'd say...two months, and it keeps getting worse," I Said.

"Whenever she's home, i'd say she spends most of her time in the bathroom barfing or...other stuff," Patrick said.

"Now, what did you say your symptoms were again?" He asked me.

"Nausea, Fatigue, Frequent Peeing, Unusual hunger, Weight gain...and my friends think mood-swings," I Said.

"Any fevers?" He asked me.

"Yes," I Said.

"Well then," He said. "It could be a flu, it could be something else...we'll take your urination sample back to the lab and have your results sometime this weekend."

"Alright, thanks," I Said as i got up. Patrick put on his coat, then helped me get mine on, then we left.

*Friday Night, 6pm*

"Cop outfit for sure," Sarah said. "I've always wanted to be a cop."
"Yeah, i know, don't you still have to go to Police Academy though?" I asked, looking at outfits as well.

"I Was GOING to Police Academy in Toronto, you know, before you dragged me back to Chicago and i met Patrick," Sarah said.

"Har Har Har, shutup," I Said, rolling my eyes.

Next Saturday, it's Patrick's 23rd birthday, but we can't celebrate it together since a couple days before, the Blackhawks start there 6 game-two week roadtrip a couple days before his birthday so he'll be up in Edmonton with the team. SO, tomorrow we're having a party at the house, and it's themed- Costume Party since we didn't really get to celebrate Halloween.

"Honestly, i don't like how Kaner's being a Vampire and your being some Egyptian or whatever," Sarah said. "You should have just went with Carcillo's pick for you two."

"Me and Patrick are not going as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!" I Snapped.

"I Don't see why not!" Sarah said. I Just rolled my eyes.

"I'd look good in this," I Said, looking at my costume.

"Of course you would," Sarah sarcastically said. 

Then, my phone rang.

"'s my doctor," I said, surprised.

"You act as if it's a bad thing..." Sarah said, looking at more costumes.

"Well, i just expected him to be calling me later this weekend," I Shrugged, then i answered. "Hello?"

"Kat Dawson, right?" He asked over the phone.

"Yeah, this is she," I Said.

"Alright, hello, this is Doctor Reese," My doctor said. "I just got the results from your Urinary Sample."

"You did?" I Asked. "Great, well, when do you want me to pick up my prescription?"

"Miss Dawson, for your safety, I'm afraid i can't let you take any type of medication," My Doctor said.

"Wait...why?" I Asked.

"Because, in your case, it's bad to take any type of medication," He said.

"Okay, what's my case then?" I Asked.

"'s definitely not the flu like you expected," Dr. Reese said.

"Then what is it?" I asked.

"Congratulations are in order to you and your fiance' Mr. Kane, Miss Dawson," My doctor said. "Your VERY, VERY...VERY, Pregnant!"

Time stood still. I Swear to god i stopped breathing and everyone around me froze as Dr. Reese told me that. I even dropped my phone. Slowly, i glanced down at my stomach.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked me.

"No....i'm not."

To be Continued.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Four // Wanna be startin' something

*Friday Night, November 4th, No POV, NYC, A-Ry's apartment*

Alex was sitting at the kitchen table, 7:30pm. Friday Night Smackdown was about to come on and he was gonna watch his girlfriend, Kathryn Prince wrestle, but he couldn't concentrate or sit still. His foot was tapping and you could tell by his face something was bothering him.

"Okay...what's wrong?" Kathryn asked him, with a bottle of water in hand.

"Nothing," He gritted through his teeth.

"How dumb do you think i am?" She asked him.

"Do you really want me answering that?" He asked her, she just frowned. "Look, it's nothing..." He said, as he got up from the table and headed over to the living room, looking out the window to see the New York Skyline.

"Your still not bothered by Heather getting married, are you?" Kathryn asked.

"Look why do you think i still care about her?!" I Snapped.

"You just seem to be acting strange and have been for the past couple of weeks since you found out!" She said.

"I'M FINE!" I Shouted, before punching a wall and turning back around. Kathryn just cowered back, scared after seeing me. I Just sighed.

"I Need a breather..." I Said. Then i grabbed a jacket and my keys and just left the apartment.

I Ran down the stairs and into the lot. I Slammed my car door shut as i got in a turned on the car and radio.

"I Gotta stop that wedding...."

*The Next Day, Noon, Madison, WI, Country Club, One hour before the wedding, Adam's POV*

"65 and Sunny, Beautiful day to get married!" I Smiled, driving a go-kart.

Heather and I decided to get married in the backyard of a local country club with the reception inside the country club. I'm not a golfer, so i wasn't playing golf, but who doesn't love go-karts? I Was just riding around this beautiful Country Club and i also got a sneak peek of the backyard where the wedding would be, beautiful. In the past four weeks, my lower body injury has been heeling, so i finally got my boot off just in time for the wedding, but i still have one crutch. Sharpie and Kaner were riding with me since they were two of the only guys here with me.

"Man, i can't believe your getting married to my girlfriend's best friend," Kaner told me.

"Funny how life works out," I Smiled. "You still got my ring, right?" I Asked Sharpie.

"Of course i-" He said, but paused. Then, he had a look of panic on his face.

"Oh you son of a-" I Began.

"Relax!" Sharpie said, pulling the ring out his his pocket.

"I Hate you," I Said. "In fact," Then i pushed him off the go-kart.

"NOT FUNNY," Sharpie said.

"Later, dude," I Smirked, before taking off toward the front of the club.

"I'M MARRYING YOU TWO!" Sharpie shouted back. "YOU CAN'T JUST DUMP ME!"

"He Just did!" Kaner shouted back, laughing.

After we got to the front, i grabbed a beer from the bar and stayed at the front, welcoming guests as they arrived and checking to make sure everything was okay, up until i had to go get my tux on.

*Heathers POV*

"HEATHER!" Kat yelled. "You got my fucking bridesmaids dress in the wrong size!"

"I DID NOT!" I Yelled, doing my make-up. "I Got your size right!"

"Then how come this won't zip up!?" She yelled.

"Because you can't stop stuffing your face that's why!" I Yelled.

"Sweet Jesus, Calm down!" Sarah yelled. "Heather you may have gotten her size wrong and Kat, you have been stuffing your face a lot lately."

"Shut up," Kat rolled her eyes.

"Here," Kristen said, walking over to Kat to help her. "Just suck in."

"I Am sucking in," Kat said.

"Oh..." Kristen said. "Well...suck in some more!"

"Heather, did i ever thank you for choosing to have your wedding while i'm pregnant?" Nikie asked.

"No," I Said.

"GOOD," Nikie said, rolling her eyes, as did i.

"Sorry i'm late!" Jenny said.

"Oh, You BETTER Be sorry!" I Yelled.

"Well i am!" She shouted back. "And i got your dress."

"GOOD, because i'm tired of this stupid robe," I Said, grabbing my dress and going to go change.

"We're gonna go make sure everyone's here and ready," Nikie said.

"Yeah, and I'll go check make sure Adam didn't run off," Sarah said, causing me to stop dead in my tracks.

"Do you really think he'd just run off!?"I Asked nervously.

"Relax, i was kidding," Sarah said.

"WELL DON'T," I Said, as i went into the bathroom in the room to change into my dress.

My hair and make-up was done, so after i got my dress on, all i had to do was get my veil on. After i got it on, i took one last look in the mirror, and smiled. Then i heard footsteps.

"Heather!" I Heard a male voice say, i figured it was Adam and rolled my eyes.

"We're not supposed to see each other for another 20 minutes when the ceremony starts, Adam!" I Yelled, putting on my veil.

"It's not Adam," The voice said again, i stopped putting my veil on and just opened the door, and i saw Alex.

"Alex...what are you-"

"Heather, i made a mistake," Alex said. "I Should have never laid a hand on you and sneaked around with Kathryn behind your back."

"But you did," I Said.

"I Know, but i shouldn't have," He said. "Look, i thought i was too good for you, but when i heard about You and this new guy... i realized, i still love you."

I Froze, and just gulped.

"Well...your too late," I Said. "You messed around with my heart. Just like Ryan, Zack, Sidney, Heath, Wade and Hell, Even Justin. Adam's different, he's never done anything to hurt me, and he won't, and i'm actually in love with him." He sighed.

"And no matter what i say, you're still walking down that aisle to marry him, aren't you?" Alex asked.

"Afraid so," I Said to him. He bit his lip and sighed.

"Fine, i understand, you deserve it," Alex said.

Then, he hugged me. I Slowly put my arms around him, weirded out. Then, we broke apart.

"Go down that aisle, and marry Adam," Alex said. "Be happy."

"I will," I Said.

Then, he leaned down to kiss me passionately on me cheek, and Nikie walked in right in the middle of it, and after he broke away is when he noticed.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Nikie asked him.

"Nikie, it's fine," I Said.

"The hell it is!" She shouted.

"Calm down," Alex said.

"JOHN" Nikie shouted, as John Cena came rushing in.

"Yeah?" He asked her.

"Kick his ass," Nikie said. "NO ONE IS RUINING THIS WEDDING!"

Then, John did as his Baby Mama said and charged at Alex and the two got into a fist fight.

"GUYS!" I Yelled. Then, i grabbed John by his tux collar and pulled him off of Alex. "Stop!"


"It was about goodbye!" I Said, still holding John back.

"And i was just leaving!" Alex said, picking himself up.

"Really?" Nikie asked, slightly less pissed off. We just nodded. She just looked back at Alex. "'s my hair?" She asked, heading to the bathroom for the mirror.

"How's YOUR hair? I'm the one who just got into a fist fight!" John said, trailing behind her as my little brother- the guy who's walking me down the aisle- came in.

"Heather, it's 1pm, time for the wedding," He said.

"I'll be right out after i get on my veil," I Said as he nodded. Then i took one last look at Alex. "Goodbye, Kevin."

"Bye Heather..." He said, walking out as i got my veil on. Time to officially become Mrs. Adam Burish.

*Front of the country club, No POV*

Every wedding guest was out in the back, ready to watch Heather and Adam officially wed, and Alex Riley was just walking out as he ran into someone- His girlfriend, Kathryn Prince. Her arms were crossed and she was just looking at him as he sighed.

"How'd you find me here," Alex asked.

"After an hour, i knew you were heading this way, so i grabbed a plane ticket and beat you here," Kathryn said.

"Okay, look-" Alex began.

"No, you look," Kathryn said. "I Know I'm not the nicest person, but that doesn't mean i don't have feelings, or a heart. I Didn't like only being 50% of your priority when you were dating me AND Heather, and you said after you dumped her, i'd be #1. You get charged for assult on a female, alright, fine, everyone makes mistakes. You go to your ex's wedding and try to break it up...i've had enough." Alex felt a lump in his throat and sighed.

"What are you saying," He asked, blankly.

"I'm saying if i can't be the #1 girl in your heart, i can't be anything to you," Kathryn said. "Good-bye, Kevin," She said blankly before walking off, officially leaving Alex all alone.


First, Patrick Sharp and the soon to be Sarah Sharp walked down the aisle as Patrick Sharp was the guy making the marriage official tonight. Then, Mrs. Burish and Adam's dad. Then Adam's best man from Wisconsin and his little sister. Then Nikie and John Cena, the maid of honor. Then Patrick Kane and his soon to be Mrs., Kat Dawson. Then, finally, Riley Kerwin was about to walk his Sister, Heather down the aisle. Everyone stood up to watch, and sat down when she was down the aisle, standing right next to Adam, both smiling at each other. Then, they looked at tonight's Pastor, Patrick Sharp.

"LADIES AND GENTS," Patrick Sharp shouted. "We are gathered here today to celebrate sweet, spontaneous lovin'. Adam, do you STILL, take Heather to be your wife, no matter what curveballs fate chucks at you?" Adam smiled, then nodded.

"Yeah, i do," He smiled.

"And Heather...kinda the same deal," Patrick said.

"You know i do," Heather smiled at him.

"The ring," Patrick said, handing the ring to the best man who handed it to Adam, who put it on Heather's finger. "Well then by the power invested in me, and the fact that you two are already actually married, i now OFFICIALLY pronounce you, Mr. Adam Burish and Mrs. Heather Kerwin-Burish! And you can now OFFICIALLY kiss your bride!"

Everyone around clapped as the two kissed.

"I Love you," Adam whispered to Heather after the kiss.

"I Love you too," Heather smiled as they headed inside the country club.

Once inside, everyone got into their tables, and then, Heather and Adam had there first dance, to 'Until You', By Dave Barnes.

"I Need you, Now and forever
Just stay right here with me
Don't ever leave...
Love was kept
From me like a secret
I Swore that i was through....
Until You..."

*The next night, United Center, Jamila's POV*   

"Yeah, Crawford made 32 stops and Jonny scored twice," I Said to Kat over the phone as i was making my way to the lockeroom in the UC. "I Still don't get why you and Sarah stayed in Wisconsin....really? In like, 50 degree weather you two would do that? Bitch it's pneumonia type weather and your already fucking sick! God you two are stupid....alright i'll see you at the Live show Tuesday,  later."

Kat and Sarah stayed over in Wisconsin to do some water activity---which Kat mentioned Over and Over against she was dragged to by Sarah against her will--- even though i'm pretty sure if someone went near water, they'd get pneumonia and die, but whatever floats their boat i guess. I didn't go to the wedding, so i stayed in Chicago and tonight Vancouver was in town. The other hockey wifes and girlfriends were at the game to selling Lokomotiv Bracelets in honor of that Russian team that suffered a plane crash. We raised a lot of money and the Hawks got Lu out of the game middle of the second after four goals. They ended up beating the Canucks 7-2. Not a good start for Vancouver, but an excellent one for Chicago. While i was walking down to the Lockerroom to greet my man, i bumped into someone and felt rage flow through me.

"GOD DAMMIT WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!" I yelled instantly, not even knowing who i was yelling at.

"Who, calm down," A Shirtless guy said. He wasn't a Blackhawks player, but i recongized him.

"Please tell me you were in the game tonight because if not, i might have to report you to the cops for being shirtless in a family enviroment," I Said. He laughed.

"Relax, i'm a Vancouver player," He said. "#3, Kevin Bieksa."

"Jamila Aiden-Cena, Girlfriend of the Goalie who blocked all of your shots tonight," I Said coldly. He sighed.

"My one shot should have at least been under-review," He said.

"Well it wasn't," I Said back.

"Feisty," He said, quickly smirking. "I Like Feisty."

"Too bad i don't like you," I Said.

"You don't even know me," Kevin said.

"Doesn't mean i'll like you any better once i 'Know you'," I Said.

"I think you will though," Kevin said.

"Look, i just wanna go see my boyfriend, so good-bye," I Said, but Kevin didn't let me go.

"I Just walked past the Blackhawks locker room, your boyfriend just got out of his gear and is changing now and in about two minutes, media should come in for five minute interviews. Then he'll pack all his gear up into his bag, get up stairs into the parking lot to meet you and that'll take another five minutes, so we have about 10 minutes to know...'Get to know eachother'."

I Looked at Kevin and gulped.

"I Don't feel right getting to know someone who doesn't have a shirt on," I Said as he smirked.

"Don't worry, by the time we're done getting to know each other, you'll be topless too," He smirked, grabbing my hand.

He lead me over to a supply closet or something, and i willingly went with him and even locked the door.

Kevin was right- by the end of ten minutes, i was topless, without pants or panties on and hurrying to get on my clothes.

I Just cheated on Corey, and worst- i didn't even feel an ounce of guilt for doing so.