Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Six (Never Say Never // Part One)

*Later that week, Friday Morning, 7:45am*

"Do you HAVE To leave so early?" I Asked, in my pajama's still downstairs.

It was Officially the NHL All-Star Weekend. Tonight, Team Lidstrom and Team Staal were having their fantasy Draft down in Raleigh, North Carolina later tonight, then Tomorrow night was the Super Skills Competition, Then Sunday afternoon, It was the big All-Star Game. However, That also Met that since Kaner was in it, he had to leave, and early. I Seriously hate these good-byes.

"Yeah, i do, Sorry, But it won't be Too long, I'll be back in no time," He said, smiling.

"But i won't," I Said, frowning. I Had to head down to Boston this weekend for the Rumble, and after that, i Had RAW, and of course it wasn't in Chicago.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine," He said, wrapping his arms around me.

Then, the wonderful man by the name of Patrick Sharp just walked in, then looked at us.

"I'm not interrupting anything between you two love birds...Am i? He asked. I Just looked at him.

"How did you get in?" I Asked.

"You people need to learn to lock your doors," He said. "I Mean, thank god it was only me. They're are rapist in this world, what if it was a rapper who came in? He's climbing up your windows and coming straight through your doors because you idiots lock them and he's snatching your people up!  Man, your lucky it was just me," He said. We all just laughed.

"I'm surprised you actually like know that song," I Said.

"Oh Come On Kat, All cool people know that song!" He said.

"What song?" Kaner asked, confused.

"Exactly my point," Sharp said.

"Awe, That was just mean!" I Said, sticking out my tongue.

"Yeah, but it was also true," He said winking.

"Haha, Not funny," Kaner said.

"Oh Yeah it was, Trust me," He said. Then, out of no where, Sarah just popped up. She was all dressed and stuff, but she looked like she was still half asleep.

"Um..." I Said, confused.

"What? She's my girl! What kind of a guy would i be if i didn't take her out with me!" Sharp said, putting his arm around her. "Besides, I'm sure Kaner's bringing you along with him!"

"No, I'm not," Kaner said.

"Oh...Well Then..." Sharp said. he was about to open his mouth and say something again but i stopped him.

"Don't even," I Said.

"Yeah, i'd take her, but she has to be up in Boston," Kaner said.

"Oh yeah. Isn't that one pay-per view on sunday night?" Sarah Asked.

"Yeah, The Royal Rumble," I Said. "Not to brag-"

"But you will, as usual," Sharp teased. I Glared at him for a moment, then continued.

"But i got a match Sunday, a big one, And well, I'm just gonna kick ass, and I'm probably gonna do a Kattrick," I Said, smiling. Sharp and Sarah looked confused.

"A What?" She asked.

"Okay, you know the Ovechtrick Commercial where he does a Triple Hattrick? Well that's getting Boring as fuck. SO, i'm gonna top that, and hit the 450 Splash on my opponent 9 Times at The Rumble, Ovechkin can suck on that!" I Said. Kaner just smiled.

"I'm totally telling that to Ovie!" Sharp said, sticking out his tongue.

"You do that, Pretty boy," I Said to him, sticking my tongue out.

"Oh, Damn straight I'm a pretty boy," He said, smiling. We just laughed. Then, Sarah yawned.

"Man, stupid fucking 8am Flight," She said, looking irritated.

"I'm Surprise your up this early," I Said.

"Same to you too," She said, sticking her tongue out.

"Yeah, when we head to Toronto, we should just take a flight the day before instead of having to wake up early and go," I Said. Sharp and Sarah looked confused.

"What do you mean when we go to Toronto?" They asked. I Looked at Kaner.

"Oh, didn't i tell you?" He said. "Since we're on the road on Valentine's Day, on March 5th When we face to Maple Leafs, Kris Versteeg got Kat and Sarah Tickets so they can come with the Hawks on the trip up to Toronto and watch the game and we're all gonna have a Nice Big Weekend of Love," He said, Smiling and making a Heart Sign with his hands, which was just way too adorable.

"And your now telling us this?" Sarah said, crossing her arms.

"Hey, Kat wasn't even supposed to know, But Toews told her," Kane said.

"Jonathan Knew about this before us!?" Sharp said.

"He was in the room when Kris called telling me!" Kane said.

"Still...How Rude," Sharp said. "We can't even stand to look at you two little Rats," He said as he and Sarah turned around and crossed there arms, ignoring us. Me and Kaner just laughed. Then, i kicked them both in the ass and out into the hallway.

"Well, that was mean," Sarah said. I Just shrugged, then smirked.

"Alright, in all seriousness," Sharp said. "Duncan And Jonathan Are waiting downstairs for us, we should get going now."

"Yeah, we probably should," Kaner said agreeing.

Then, we looked at each other. I Didn't know what to say. I Just didn't want him to leave again. But he had to, it's not like he can pick his games or anything. We just hugged for a moment, then kissed.

"I'll see You In a couple days..." He said, as he walked out of the door.

"Bye..." I Said waving. Then, they left. I Just went back up stairs and flopped on my bed and tried to get some more sleep.

*Later that night, watching the ASG Fantasy Draft*

"For Team Lidstrom's Pick, I'm gonna select My Boy back from Chicago..."  Kaner said on the TV At The Draft.

"Oh, he's picking Tazer," I Said to myself while taking a sip of Mountain Dew.

"Duncan Keith Of The Chicago Blackhawks!" He said. Then, i spit out my drink and my mouth dropped open.

"WHAT!?" I Said to myself. Tazer was just speechless. He had that "WTF!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?" Look on his face. He even started making his way up the steps because he...Along with everyone else probably...Thought Kane was picking him!

"Damn..." I Said to myself taking another sip of My Dew.

*A Couple Minutes later*

"For our next pick..." Eric Staal Began, "I'm going with my Thunder Bay Buddy, From the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Sharp!"

"FUCK NO!" I Yelled, punching a couch Cushion. "First you broke up My Sedin's, now your breaking up my Hawks, HOW DARE YOU TEAM STAAL!" Okay, Not that i don't think having some Hawks go up against each other is gonna be interesting, but still. Fucking Staal.

"For our next pick, We're taking the Atlanta Thrashers Defenseman, Big Buf Dustin Byfuglien!" Marty St. Louis Said. I just smiled, then got up and did a happy dance.

"BUF AND KANER AND DUNCS REUNITED!" I Said, i loved this. I've missed Big Buf, so him on the same team as Duncan and Patrick was awesome.


"Alright...I Can't believe i'm saying this, but..." Kaner said. "But, for Team Lidstroms next pick, We Select From The Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews," He said as Toews just smirked, then came up and joined his team.

"Bout damn time," I Said, watching. Honestly, i think we all knew Kaner was gonna crack eventually and choose Tazer, This is no surprise.

*An Hour Later*

There was only one guy left who hadn't been picked yet, Phil Kessel. I Felt bad for him, since i liked him, but hey, the man's on Lidstrom's team, Gets a new car and gets to donate money to Charity. but then, I Couldn't believe what i saw., Ovechdouche Took out his camera phone and actually took a picture of Kessel being picked last. That little Russian Jack-ass. And people wonder why i don't like him. But anyway, that was it. These our the 2011 NHL All-Stars, these are they're teams, and it was all done. Tomorrow, the Skills competition, Sunday, the Game.I Was excited for this weekend.

*2 Days Later, TD Garden, Boston, MA*

"TIME FOR THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA TO BEGIN!" John yelled as he ran inside the arena.

"AH, yes, It's gonna be one hell of a night!" I Said, smiling.

"Yep, it's gonna be a HUGE Night For Nexus!" Punk said with Justin and Kristen by him, but the douche bag was paying more attention to Justin.

"Who cares?" Heather said. "The Rumbles tonight! 40 Fucking superstars!"

"Yeah, Cody's gonna win," Jenny said, putting her arm around Cody, as he just smirked.

"Yeah, 2011 Is Gonna Be The Year Of Dashing, and that officially Starts tonight!"

"Nope, your wrong!" I Said. "Christian's SO Gonna win!"

"The idiot is just coming back from an injury!" Nickie said.

"Yeah, But so was Edge last year, and what happened?" I Said, smirking.

"Well, your all wrong, John's winning," Nickie said, putting her arms around her chain gang lover, as she called him, that's just a little too Mushy and...ew.

"Who gives a fuck?" Punk said. "This night is all about Nexus," Justin just nodded.

"Who gives a fuck about Nexus?" Nickie said.

"AMEN TO THAT!" We all shouted.

"Well, can we just all agree tonights gonna be a big night for everyone? Especially you, Kat,'' Kristen said.

"True, your match is big and has a lot on the line," Justin said in agreement.

"Yeah...It is," I Said.

"Don't worry, Whore, Your SO Gonna kick Kathryn's ass!" Kristen said.

"Awah, Why thank you bitch!" I Said to her, smiling. She smiled back.

"Eh, i still don't give a shit," Punk said. Kristen gave me a look, and i knew what that meant, and i was surprised.

"You sure?" I Mouthed to her. She just nodded. I Shrugged at first, then, i hit Punk.

"Well, that was nice," Punk said sarcastically.

"Well, you kinda deserved it!" Heather said. Everyone nodded there head in agreement, except Kristen since Punk could have seen her, but when he looked away, she nodded.

"I'm gonna go prepare," I Said, waving and heading off to my locker room.

Like we all agreed, this match was important. I've had my problems with Kathryn for almost a year now, and tonight, this wasn't just a match. This was a night for one of us to make Women's History and become the first ever Undisputed Women's Champion in not only WWE But TNA History. Basically, in all of Women's wrestling history. Obviously Me and Kathryn are two of the best in the women's division today, and for one of us to make history and have our name go down there and to never be forgotten, that was HUGE. However, I Didn't want Kathryn Name to go down in history, i wanted MINE. This match was Huge, despite some other stuff, i had to forget about everything and everyone else, except Kathryn, Putting on one hell of a match, and Winning. This was important, maybe one of the most important matches of my young career and one of the most important things of my life. I was SO Nervous, my stomach felt so weird, and felt a lot pressure on me, but i just needed to let that go. After just thinking about this all, i took a drink of water, then glanced over at the tv. The Miz and Randy Orton match just ended, and i was next. I Took a deep breath and closed my eyes, then got up,and started walking out of the locker room and over by the curtain.

I leaned up against a wall for a moment, Kathryn was making her way down now, i was next. Then, she got into the ring, and My Theme Erupted throughout the arena as the crowd started cheering for me. I Took another deep breath.

"Showtime..." I Whispered to myself.

Then, i got up off the wall and moved the curtain out of my way, then ran out onto the stage in front of Boston. This place was all sold out, and right now, it was my time to shine. I Headed down the ramp, and tried to high-five as many fans as i could, then i slid into the ring, quickly got over to my corner, and Kathryn and i just had a stare down with each other.

"The Following Is A Falls Count Anywhere Diva's Match For the WWE Women's AND Diva's Championship! Introducing First, From Detroit, Michigan, She is the WWE Diva's Champion, Kathryn Prince!" Justin Roberts said as Kathryn was introduced. She didn't do anything really, she just stood there, looking at me still.

"And The Opponent, From Chicago, Illinois, She is the WWE Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!" He said.

Then, the ref got in the middle of the ring and held both of our title up, then gave it to Roberts as he headed out of the ring. Me and Kathryn kept our eyes on each other, both of us were extremely focused. Then, the ref rang the bell and started the match.

To Be Continued...


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