Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Five (Waiting on the world-or country- to change)

*Later that night*

Normally, we'd all be over back at the hotel resting and stuff, but not tonight. Tonight was special. It was Heather's 23rd Birthday and we were all at a bar celebrating. Of course, Heather's like a sister to me, so i wasn't just not gonna come.

"Happy birthday, Chica!" I Said, handing her a present.

"Thanks Chica!" She said, smiling.

Then, she opened her present, still smiling, BIG. But then, when she saw what it was, that smile slowly disappeared.

"A Blackhawks Jersey...How...Thoughtful!" Heather said. We all just laughed.

"AH, just kidding!" I Said. "Your real presents back in the states, too big to bring here."

"OH REALLY?" Heather said, smiling. "I Can't wait!"

"You'll LOVE IT! Trust me!" I Said, smiling. We hugged, then, i had to leave.

"Well, i gotta had back, I Had a good hour here," I Said, laughing a little. "Later."

"What?" Heather said. "We didn't even have Shots yet!" She said, as the Bartender was starting to pour shots.

"I Can't, really..." I Said.

"What, you a wuss?" She said. Everyone just gasped.

"A Wuss? Really?" I Said. She just smirked. Then, i thought to myself.

"The last time i took shots at a bar...It ended bad. Do i really wanna do some now? Especially with everyone i work with around?" I thought to myself. Surprisingly, it was a hard decision, but after a moment, i made up my mind.

"Give me some shots," I Said, walking back over. Heather smiled, then we high-fived, and i started taking shots with her, Alex Riley, John Morrison, Melina, and Zack Ryder.

That's all i remember.

*A While Later...Heathers POV*

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Heath Slater shouted on a table, with a drink in one hand. I've noticed a lot of people here have been drinking...maybe, a little too much.

"Oh Ginger boy..." I Said, shaking my head at him. Then Jenny and Nickie walked up, both without their men.

"GOD I LOVE THIS PARTY!" Jenny yelled, also with a drink in hand. Like i said, A Little too many drinks for most people here.

"Yeah, It was nice for everyone to throw me this," I Said, smiling.

"Yeah, it was," Nickie said. "Hey, where's Kat? I Haven't seen her in a while."

"Either have i!" Jenny said.

"Yeah. same," I Said.

"Maybe she went back to the hotel?" Nickie said.

"Nope, i stole her keys, that girl was drinking A LOT," I Said.

"Um, A Lot of people have been Drinking A LOT," Jenny said.

"Yeah...This probably wasn't a good idea, especially with one of our bosses here," I Said, as we looked over at Stephanie, who looked like she was trying to situate a Drunk Santino. I Just painfully looked back at Jen and Nickie.

"Let's go look for that hot mess..." Jenny said, rolling her eyes, and obviously talking about Kat.

"Yeah, come on," I Said as the three of us started looking for her.

We pretty much looked ALL Over the bar, and she was seriously no where to be found. Then, i saw Jenny run out back over to me and Nickie from one area.

"What, did you find her?" I Asked. She just shrugged a little.

"Yeah..." She said. "Come on."

Then, we followed after her, and she took us toward like the back of the Bar and into the ladies room, and there it was. Kat was passed out in the back of it.

"That bitch," Jenny said, looking at her. Then, Nickie looked at me.

"You Know...This is All YOUR FAULT" She said. I Raised an Eyebrow.

"MY Fault? How?" I Said.

"Your the only who like, dared her to stay and take shots RIGHT When she was about to leave! And you remember that night when she got so drunk like this back in the summer with Kaner and his people, and well, You know that she gets WAAY To out of hand when she drinks! You should've just let her go!" She said.

"Yeah, BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" I Yelled. "I Wanted her to like, have fun!"

"Well obviously she had too much fun," Nickie said to me, rolling her eyes at me then walking over by Jenny, who was by Kat.

"Well, what are we gonna do?" I Asked. I Like Kat, but seriously, her Immaturity is downing my mood right now.

"I'm getting John and Cody, they'll know what to do," Jenny said, getting up to go get them.

A Moment later, she returned with them, i just raised an eyebrow. Cody looked fine, dashing as usual. John, on the other hand....he was shirtless, wearing a party hat, had a Kazoo in hand and a beer in the other. He honestly looked like he was having more fun at MY Party then i was.

"Hey, what's going on?" Cody asked, confused.

"Kat's drunk and passed out," Nickie said.

"And we have no idea what to do, so...." I Said. John and Cody just looked at each other.

"WELL," John said. "Obviously we gotta get her out of here, so, there's a start!"

"Yeah, but Stephanie's out there," Cody said. "If she sees Kat like this, this could ruin her and her career."

"True..." John said.

Then, both of the boys thought together, then, they both just smiled as if they were thinking the same thing.

"What?" I Said, looking at them funny.

"Alright, i'm gonna go distract Stephanie, and Johns gonna get her out of the Bar, then we're taking her ass back to the hotel," Cody said.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Nickie said.

"Alright, i should be able to keep her for like, maybe 5 minutes. But that's enough time to get her out, so yeah," Cody said.

Then,  he left to go stall Stephanie as everyone else dealt with Kat. John tried to pick her up, but it was hard, we all had to help him get her up. It's funny, she's only 5'8 and a couple hundred pounds, but now, she feels like a 5 million pound monster, she's just not cooperating, at all. Then, with the help of Nickie and Jenny, John got Kat up, finally, on his shoulders, in the AA Position. Then, John stopped.

"You Know...She has a bad attitude...and no one will find out..." He said.

"John," Nickie said. Then, she shook her head.

"AH, COME ON!" He said, then rolled his eyes as us three girls laughed.

Then, Nickie peaked out the door to make sure Stephanie wasn't looking our way, and Cody was doing his job good and stalling her, and they were actually laughing together, but still. Then, she stood out there and kept the door open for us as we got Kat out. We went as fast as we could, and very few people saw us, so that was good. Then we got outside into the parking lot and got over by John's car.

"OPEN THE BACK DOOR, NOW" He said. He looked like he couldn't hold her up anymore, so Nickie got it open as fast as John literally THREW Her in the back. We just looked at him.

"What? She's drunk and passed out, not like she'll remember it or anything," John said. We all just rolled our eyes at them. Then, Cody came running out by us, and we all piled in and headed back to the hotel.

*The Next Morning, Back to Kat's POV*

I Woke up, and oh my lord. I had SUCH A Bad headache, and i just felt like complete SHIT. I Looked over at the little clock by my bedstand, and it was 1:00pm, i had a houseshow to go to in about, 5 hours. Seriously, what the fuck happened last night? Then, Justin came in the room, he looked a little sweaty, so he was probably working out in the gym a while ago.

"Look who finally woke up!" He said, taking off these Black Wrist band thingy's.

"Ugh...." I Said. I Seriously felt like complete shit.

Then, Justin came over to my side and opened up the blinds and let the sunlight in, which i HATED. I Quickly snuck back under the covers.

"RISE AND SHINE, ANGEL, WE GOT WORK TO DO," He said, yelling trying to get me up.. I Rolled my eyes, then, i felt weird in my stomach. Then i quickly jumped out of my bed and just headed straight to the bathroom and threw up. After that, i went back to my bed and just layed down. Then, i slowly started closing my eyes and falling back asleep.

"WAKE UP YOU LITTLE DRUNKEN IDIOT," Punk shouted over me just as i was falling back asleep. I Just grinded my teeth together, pissed off.

"Why are you in my room, dumbass?" I Asked, still laying down, just looking at his horrifying little face.

"I Heard about your night last night," he said, smirking. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Well you know, right now, i feel like complete shit, and i'm not in a good mood, so just go the hell away,okay?" I Said. He just shook his head.

"So, taking all those shots made you feel....Bad?" he said. "Well then, what do you say i take you out after the houseshow tonight and we go take some shots together, you and me kid, jus-"

Then, Kristen punched him in his back.

"Don't even..." She said, glaring at him. He just rolled his eyes.

"We gotta go, c'mon Justin, Get your shit and let's go," He said. Justin kinda rolled his eyes a little, but did what he was told and grabbed his stuff and headed out.

"Good-bye..." Kristen said, after he left, he didn't even say good-bye to her.

"Look, as much as i wanna talk to you about your messed up relationship with your husband, i don't feel good and i have a houseshow in 5 hours, just leave and let me get some more sleep please?" I Said. She just sighed, then got up, then tucked me in.

"Goodnight my drunken Whore," She said, as she left. I Just ignored it and went back to sleep.

Despite being Hungover, i did pretty good at the houseshow, as did i for the rest of the week. But, as i always seem to do, i spoke too fucking soon...

*Saturdays Houseshow, Last one in the UK*

"Thank you Jesus we're leaving this horrible little country tomorrow!" I Said, walking into the arena with the usual.

"Well that was mean to all our British fans," Kristen said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Our british fans are bunch of bitches..." I Said.

"No," John said. "They're bitches to YOU."

"See! Singling me out like that for no reason, those bitches,'' I Said, shaking my head.

"You just called there country horrible!" Kristen said.

"Yeah, but they've been treating me shitty before i said that, DUUUH," I Said. She rolled her eyes.

"I'm gonna poof to my locker room, i got an early match. Later losers,'' I Said, sticking my tongue out at them all and walking off.

*A While later*

It was time for my match. IF YOU RECALL, i said on the plane with Justin there was a chance that i would be working heel here, and well, i have. Tonight was no different. Once i went out from behind the curtain, i instantly was booed by the crowd. I just smirked at this. Then, i walked down the ramp and was ringside. But i didn't get in the ring, i kept walking around. Punk taught me one thing a heel would do that REALLY Pisses people off and gives you heat- Tear a fans sign, especially a young fan. In the first row, i saw someone with a sign for Kathryn actually, so i just looked at it, then grabbed it, and looked at it again, then ripped it to pieces, and damn, did i get booed.

"It's not like it was any good anyway!" I Shouted back at him.

Then, i got over to one fan, looked, kinda young, maybe, a pre-teen or something, 11 or 12, around that area. She had a sign for Kathryn as well, and it was actually pretty good, but still. I Grabbed it, then ripped it in pieces. She looked pissed, and upset at the same time. I Was gonna go, but i saw the look in her eyes, and just smirked at her.

"Your parents should really teach you how to draw, obviously you can't," I Said, still smirking. She just looked more pissed then upset at this point. I Loved this.

"Awe...What's wrong?" I Said, sarcastically. "Did i make you upse-"

Then, the little bitch SERIOUSLY PUNCHED me RIGHT IN MY LEFT EYE...HARD. I Went right on the floor after that and then quickly crawled over to the ring and used it to help me get up. I Clutched my eye, it hurt like HELL, and when i removed my hand from it, i looked down, and there was seriously BLOOD On it. This little Kid Punched me SO HARD, I'm bleeding. REALLY? I Went back up to her, then Grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her up face to face with me, and she didn't look the same, she looked REALLY Scared.

"PUNCH ME ONE MORE TIME IN THE FACE, COME ON, I DARE YOU TO," I Screamed at her. She honestly looked like she was gonna break out crying.


"Learn to control your kid, you horrible parents..." I Said to her parents. Then, one of them was about to charge back to me and say something, but was stopped by the security.

"Get them out of my arena! NOW!" I Yelled, holding my eye again, it was still bleeding, a lot.

Then, they escorted them out of the arena, and Kathryn came out, and we actually had our match, which went pretty good, but still. My eye didn't get any better, it was still bleeding throughout the whole match. Seriously, that little bitch.

*Later that night, the trainers office*

"Well, Miss Angel, 9 stitches...That's a record for a Diva," The one guy said. I Just sat there, with an icepack on my eye. For the first time in my life, i needed stitches, because a kid punched me in the face. Just, seriously, Why is this my life?

"And when do i get these out or whatever?" I Said. I Didn't exactly know much about getting stitches or whatever.

"We'll discuss that later, you should head back to the hotel now and get your stuff so your not late for the flight," He said. For some reason, we were flying back to the US Tonight and not tomorrow, so yeah.

"Alright, later,'' I Said, getting up and leaving. As i walked out, i saw Justin.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, i guess," I Said, irritated.

"If it helps, the fan and her family are apparently banned from attending this arena again and have some sort of fine to pay for hitting you," He said.

"Eh, that makes things a little better," I Said, smiling, as was he. "God, this sucks!"

"Tell me about it," He said. "I Remember when i needed stitches by my eye too..." He said, then, he started twitching a little.

"Yeah, it hurts like SHIT!" I Said.

"Yeah, but for mine, i wasn't awake, so it was less painful, i needed a lot, so yeah," He said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Same reason as you," He said.

"You got punched in the face by a fan before?" I Asked, shocked.

"No, but i just got pretty banged up in the ring once back in South Africa," He said.

"Oh, I See," I Said.

Then, i removed the ice pack from my eye, it felt numb. Then, i saw Justin look weird.

"It's bruising...A Lot," He said. I Just sighed.

"Oh Joy..." I Said, sarcastically.

"Don't worry, it'll get better," He said.

"I Hope..." I Said.

He just put his arm around  me and patted me on the back. Then, we headed out of the arena and saw the whole crew with all our stuff.

"Nice Black Eye, Kat. It's very dashing," Cody said.

"Yeah, that's amazingly sexy,'' Punkers said. I Just rolled my eyes at both of them.

"God, that looks horrible!" Heather said.

"Ya' Think?" I Said.

"Damn, that girl's a future diva if she can hit that hard!" Kristen said. I Just glared at her.

"You Bitch," I Said to her.

"Oh, come on Kat," Nickie said. "You gotta admit, that was funny..."


"Yeah, the girl's right, that just wasn't appropreite, at all," Justin said, defending  me. I Just nodded my head in agreement.

"Isn't that sweet, Justin defending his girl, how nice," Jenny joked.

"Seriously, i'm about ready to rip your guy's heads off," I Said, serious as fuck.

"Ha, good luck with that!" Punk said. Then, i hit him as hard as i could across the face. Don't question me. Then, i just left. Kristen apparently brought my bags here for me so i could get on the plane now instead of going back to the hotel and back. What a sweet Bitch, too bad her Husbands a little Dildo.

''THAT WASN'T NECESSARY!" Punk screamed at me, but i was already getting on the plane, i just paid no attention to him.

"Oh, don't act like you didn't deserve it..." Justin Said to them all.

*The Next Day*

This Week, RAW Was gonna be in Nashville, which is only 1 hour away from Chicago by flight. So, being the amazing girlfriend i am, i decided to head back to Chicago Sunday on my day off and spend it with Patrick.  Once i got back to our Condo, i went in and put my stuff on the floor, then checked the time. It was only 8:00am, that's just too early. I Figured Kaner was still asleep, so i went upstairs to join him and surprise him. But before i did, i heard his Cellphone go off, and not that i'm Noisy or anything, i mean, it's not like he has anything to hide from me, but i went and checked it, and i was surprised who it was that texted him.

"Yo, Kaner. Congrats on the News! But, make Sure You Pick me on your team, Trust me, it's the least you could do for me :P See you Next Week," Big Buf Dustin Byfuglien's Text Message to Kaner read.

"What the fuck...?" I Said to myself. Why the hell was Buf texting Kaner? And what Happened to Kaner when i was gone? I Was suspicious. But whatever.

Then, i tip toed upstairs, then opened the bedroom door, and i saw Kaner in our bed just sleeping. He looked so Little all alone in that big bed. I Just smiled a little. Then, i was about to creep in the bed to not wake him up, but then, yeah, No. I Smirked. Then, i scooted back into the hall. Then, i just ran as fast as i could back in the bed room, then jumped right onto the bed and just started jumping on it.

"OH YEAH TIME TO WAKE UP YEAH!!!" I Yelled from the top of my lungs. Before long, Kaner quickly woke up, and he was startled for a moment.

"Guess Who has the day-off?" I Said, sticking my tongue out. Then, he woke up enough to realize that it was actually me, then he just grew a smile on his face. Then,  he grabbed my ankle and pulled me over by him, causing me to fall on the bed on my back. He pulled me up to him, then grabbed me and turned me around so i was actually facing him.

"Your just the best girlfriend in the world,'' He said, smiling. I Just smiled back.

"And your the best boyfriend in the world," I Said back to him.

Then, i flipped over and got on top of him, then we started kissing. It felt so good.

"God, your the most beautiful girl in the world," He said. I Couldn't help but smile. He didn't even notice my eye, at all, and even if he did, he just ignored it and saw past that.

"Oh My...I Love you so fucking much," I Said, starting to kiss him again. Then, he cut me off.

"Oh, and i got good news too,'' He said.

"What's that?" I Asked.

"Okay, so earlier in the week, I Got a call from this guy, and i got named an Alternate captain along with Marty St. Louis on Team Lidstrom for the All-Star game next week!" He said. I Just smiled

"That's amazing!" I Said, then kissed him again. "Congrats! That explains Buf's text!" I Said.

"You checked my messages on my phone?" He said, raising en eyebrow.

"Well...kinda, But i'm not noisy!" I Said.

"Of course you aren't," He said, sticking his tongue at me. I Stuck my tongue out back at him.

Then, i got up, and grabbed his shirt gently, then i led him into the bathroom. Both of us Undressed, then, we got into the shower and showered together, and had some shower sex. God, it's amazing how this one man could make my week turn from hell to Perfect in just a couple minutes.

-Authors Note-

Okay, so, i just wanted to share my plan. The Royal Rumble is Tomorrow,and i actually wanna be ontime with my blogs, SO, after this one goes up, i'm gonna start writing PART ONE Of the Rumble blog, and it should be up tonight, after the NHL Skills Competition, or like, maybe midnight central time or something like that, haha. But yeah. Leave a comment and give me feedback please, hope you all enjoyed.


  1. Loved it Kat! oh my that fan punched you! :O damn. D'aw Kaner named Alternative Captain for Team Lidstrom I wonder if Big Buf will be on his team ;D Shower sex bahaa. Loved it can't wait to read more!

  2. A fan would Punch you right in the frikking face! =P Ahahaha, and ur right! I am a sweet Bitch and Punk is well... ahhhh... xD Oh and I have a disgusting mind? REally!?!?!?! XDDD Loved it!! =D

  3. Oh yes! I had fun at that partay! (i might of had a little TOO much fun LMAO) heehee XD and ain't Cody just a doll for helping =D Loved it!!!! Can't wait for Part One XD WHOOOOO

    P.S. Just so you know, If i was THAT drunk, LoL I would be on that Table with Heath and shouting with him :P OH YEAH! DANCE PARTAY! LoL XD I'd also maybe drag Cody.......and......Justin up there too LoL (Oh yeah, I'm that awesome) XD