Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Seven(Overboard)

The Bus Took All Night to get us from Boston to Madison. Once we got their,  we hit the gym for an hour or two to warm up for RAW Tonight, then some went to the arena early, and then, people like me went back to the hotel. I Took about a 2 hour nap. Then, i heard my alarm go off to the sound of Chelsea Dagger,which meant it was 6pm, we had 2 hours until RAW Went live on air. I Sat up and just stretched my arms out. My Body was Aching from last night, thank god i have the night off from wrestling.I Laid back down and turned over to my side and just smiled.

"Your so beautiful..." I Said looking at my new Titles. Maybe i'm going a little over-board, but these were brand new, and all mine. I Was just in love them.

I Got up and went over and took a shower. After i got out, i blow dried my hair. Then, i walked passed a mirror and decided to look at my ribcase. I Opened my robe to see them, and they were SO Bruised, it was even kinda scary. I Closed my robe back up and went over by my dresser and started packing and getting ready. Since i wasn't wrestling and was only gonna be cutting a promo and hanging out backstage, i decided to get all girlie, which isn't usually me. I Was actually gonna wear a dress until i looked outside and saw all this snow, seriously, there's a lot out there, so i changed my outfit to this-

I Looked in the mirror and just smiled, i like how i looked. Then, i got on some make-up. After that, i grabbed my title and my cell phone and i headed out. But, however, once i opened the door, i froze. There was a BIG Stuffed Animal Giraffe in front of me. I Was confused at first, but then, i got it. Patrick Told me he had a surprise with me, and one night on a date back last fall, i told him i loved Giraffes and stuffed Animals. He actually put a Patrick Kane Jersey On it, a hockey helmet on top and put a Bokay of roses in the mouth. He also remembered Roses were my favorite flowers. What a Romantic guy. I Took the roses out and smile, and he had a note in it.

"Dear Kit-Kat," I Read in my head.

"It's only been a couple days, But i miss you like CRAZY!(Just ask My Roommate, Toews, I'm driving him crazy talking about you) This feels like the longest we've been away from each other since when we met back in Buffalo in July. I Can't wait to see you again Friday for Valentines Day this weekend before we have to go on the road again. But anyway, The guys and i were at a store in NC, and i saw this, thought of you, and Had to get it for you. Your on my mind always when we're not together. I Hope you enjoy, I Love You, And Miss You, and I'm Anticipating For Friday to hurry faster. Bottom Line- I Love You. xoxo-Patrick.

P.S-Good Job On The Win Saturday :)" 

God, i love him so much. The thing about Patrick is he's young, and he's wild. People see him as this 'Player', A Guy who has a different Women Every Night, always is out partying whenever he's not playing hockey or anything, and just Loves to flirt with women, and the thing is- That's really not him, at all. He's without a doubt one of the most sweetest and nicest guys I've ever met. He knows how to treat a women right, and if anything, he's a better boyfriend then i am a girlfriend. He does so much for me for no reason at all except that he just loves me, and i barely do anything special for him. It just makes me feel guilty. I Wanna do something for him, something he'll like, something fun...Then, a light bulb went off in my head. I Smiled, then, i grabbed a black jacket, my titles, my phone, and then i grabbed the Giraffe and i headed out of the hotel down to my rental car and started heading toward the arena. When i got in the car, i decided to Call Up Sarah. I Put her on speaker as i was driving.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hey, it's me," I Said. "Okay, so I Just woke up from a nap, and i opened my door and Patrick sent me a giraffe with a Jersey and a hockey helmet on kit AND Roses."

"Awe! That's cute!" She said.

"I Know right?" I Said. "So, i was thinking of something i could do for him, and i thought of something."

"What's that?" She asked.

"I Wanna learn how to skate so i can play ice hockey. So like, in the summer during the off-season if he ever feels like going to a rink or something, we can do it together, quality time," I Said, smiling.

"Wow, that's a good idea!" She said. "If you want, i can help. I Can get a slot at a local rink or something for you."

"That'd be awesome!" I Said.

"Yeah, when you think you'll have the time?"

"Not this week," I Said. "I Have like, the whole week of next week except Monday and Sunday because of a Pay-per view, so how about next week?"

"Okay! I'll get it set up for you!" Sarah said.

"Thanks!" I Said.

Then, we hung up as i continued driving to the arena, i blasted up "B.T.R'' On my way the arena for tonights show. I Blasted up Boyfriend, with Valentines day coming up, this is just a good song to listen to. A Couple minutes later, i got their, grabbed all my shit and headed in. Some people looked at me funny, maybe because of the Giraffe, but whatever. I Headed down over by the locker room area, and i saw the usual sitting on crates, talking, listening to ipods, or reading magazines. Then, they saw me.

"Why Hello!" I Said, smiling and getting onto a crate, then adjusting the hat that was on my head.

"Um, hi," Kristen said, looking at the Giraffe.

"What's up with the thingy?" John said, looking at it weird.

"What's it look like?" I Said sarcastically.

"If i knew that i would have said what it looked like then called it a thingy, now would i?" John said. He absolutely made no sense.

"God, sometimes, your just an idiot," I Said, shaking my head.

"Hey," Nikie said, giving me a stern look. "Watch it..." She didn't sound like she was in a good mood. I Just rolled my eyes. Then, Alex Riley came walking by in a Tux along with The Miz, who was also wearing a tux. The Miz payed no attention to any of us, but Alex glanced over.

"Nice Outfit, Angel," He said, smirking, while also walking.

"Um, thanks?" I Said, then rolling my eyes, again. Then, he and The Miz went left toward the Interviewing set. Heather had her eyes locked on him.

"Um, Heather?" Nikie said, looking at her.

"Oh, what?" Heather said.

"Do you realize you were just drooling over A-Ry?" Kristen asked her, kind of as if she was an idiot.

"Yeah..." Heather said, confused.

"What about a guy named Sidney Crosby? You know, the guy your dating?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You mean the guy i WAS Dating," Heather said, smirking a little, but then frowning. "The Dumb ass was cheating on me with some Puck Slut..." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, well, if it helps, i never liked that canadian asshole, Or the Shittsburgh Penguins," I Said, lying, just a little. I Like Jordan Staal, Kris Letang and Tyler Kennedy from the Pens, but everyone else? Yeah, no.

"Ah, whatever, i'm over him"! She said, smiling.

"That's good, but um, Alex Riley? Really?" Nikie said.

"Yeah, she's right," Kristen said. "Alex just....yeah."

"He doesn't seem like your type," I Said, looking over at him

He and The Miz were doing an Interview with Josh Mathews which will be aired later tonight. They both just looked like Idiots, and Heather was just drooling over them. 

"They look like a bunch of douchebags," I Said, looking at them in disgust.

"They look like a bunch of sharp dressed men," She said, still drooling over them.

"No, just, no, take that back," I Said. "Patrick Sharp is a fucking sharp dressed man, The Miz and Alex Riley? Hell no, take it back!" I Yelled at her.

"Really Kat?" She said. "Really?" She was sounding just like Miz. I Looked at her, then rolled my eyes.

"This convo is killing me," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Agreed," Nikie and Kristen said.

"I'm gonna go look for Jenny.

"We'll come with you," Nikie and Kristen said.

We got off the crated together and just started walking around backstage. For a while, it was actually pretty quiet, but then, we were over by the curtain area, and we actually saw Kathryn over there. I Grabbed both Kristen and Nikie and we ran over behind a wall and spied on her. By the curtain there's a whiteboard where Hunter or Steph will basically post the line-up, like who does promos when and who has matches when and so on. No other superstar or Diva was allowed to touch it, however, she was. She had a marker pen in hand and was writing something on there. Then, she closed up the pen, looked at the board, and just smirked at it. Then, she flipped her hair back and walked away down the hall toward the trainers office. Us girls then ran over to the board to see what she wrote.

"After the #1 Contender for the WWE Title and Leader of the Nexus CM Punk and the rest of the Nexus confront WWE Champion The Miz and his Apprentice Alex Riley, Kathryn Prince goes out to the ring and cuts a promo..." Kristen read.

"She totally changed your part," Nikie said.

"Yeah, early tonight, Stephanie was gonna have YOU Go out there after that and do a promo about your win last night," Kristen said.

"Oh really?" I Said, raising and eyebrow. "Well then..." I Said, then smirking.

"Uh-Oh, she has an idea..." Nikie said.

"I Doubt it's good," Kristen said.

"Oh, it's good," I Said, smirking. I Had an idea alright.

They just looked at me, concerned, but then they got over it and we continued walking while looking for Jenny. We walked past the area we were at again, and from a distance, we saw Heather talking the Alex. I Just smirked at them and continued walking with Kristen and Nikie. Then, we were over by catering, and we finally saw Jenny. She was talking to Layla. Both were smiling at each other and looking like they were having a good conversation. Wait...No. Out of NOWHERE, Jenny SLAPPED The Taste right out of Layla's mouth and Slapped her So Hard, she fell straight to the ground. Since it was catering, Jenny walked over real quick over by the cooler and pulled out a Diet soda, then opened it up, And Poured it ALL OVER Layla's body. Mine, Kristen, and Nikie's Jaws were just dropped open. Then, Jenny spotted us and walked over.

"So...Did you just see that?" She asked, smiling, obviously proud of what she just did.

"Yeah..What the hell?" I Asked. "You two were enjoying yourself, having a good conversation, then you do that?" I Said, confused. They all just looked at me.

"Are you wearing your contacts?" Kristen asked me.

"No, not wrestling, so yeah," I Said.

"That explains it," Nikie said. "They weren't smiling at eachother, they were Smirking."

"Oh," I Said. "Well...Why?"

"Okay, so, Last night after we got here in Wisconsin and were heading to the hotel, i was talking to Cody, and apparently while i was out shopping in Boston with Nikie and John Saturday, back at the gym where Cody and about all of the other Smackdown Superstars were at, Layla was hitting on him in the gym!" She said, pissed off. "They used to date before me and Cody met, Layla dumped Cody, and now she's trying to steal him back..."

"Whoa, really?" I Asked, shocked. Jenny just nodded. Then, i smirked and got an idea. "Be right back," I Said.

I Then went over by Layla, who was sitting up, and just mumbling stuff under her breath about Jenny. I Kicked her right in the face back down. Then, i grabbed a Pre-Made Salad on the Catering Table, and dumped it on her. She was mad now, well, no. She was actually crying a little after that. I Just laughed.

"You little Slut..." I Said, walking away from her and back to the girls. After that, we just talked, then went back over to where we were and just relaxed their until RAW Started.

*Later that night, an hour into RAW*

We were all in the locker room watching RAW--- Nikie and John, who were making out, always pleasant, Punk and Kristen, Well, really just Kristen, Punk probably didn't know she was even next to him, Jenny and Cody, who were actually paying attention, Heather and A-Ry, who must be a thing or whatever now, Justin, then me.

"Gabriel, get your ass up now, we gotta go," Punk said, pushing Kristens arm off of his neck as he got up. Justin just rolled his eyes. He wasn't enjoying this either.

"Whatever..." He said, getting up and heading out.

"If they're leaving, that's also my cue, so, I'll be back after this," Alex Said to Heather, then meeting up with Miz outside in the hallway.

After they left, i got up and flopped on the couch next to everyone else, and, despite getting most of my 8hours AND A Nap, Nexus, Miz and Riley were boring me, and i just fell asleep like i always do when i get bored.


"Wake up you whore..." I Heard as i slowly opened my eyes. I Looked around and Riley, Punk, and Justin were back. I Guess they're promo was over. Thank god, it wasn't too good anyway.

"Kathryn's making her way down to the ring now," Heather said, cuddled up next to Alex. I Looked over at the Flat Screen and Saw Kathryn limping down the ramp.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun..." I Said, smirking. Then, she slide into the ring and requested a mic.

"Last night, In Boston at the Royal Rumble, Kasey Angel made a FOOL Out of the Women's Division with her actions!" She yelled.

"How the hell did you make a fool out of the Women's division?" Kristen asked. I Just shrugged, still smirking, and continued watching.

"Ever since she came to this company she's slowly been running this division that used to be AMAZING!" She said.

"Yeah, amazing, like, 10 years ago," Heather said.

"Now, this Division Is completely RUINED!" She yelled. "It's one thing when you have another one of those Brainless little Sluts back their running around with A Title, but, Having a little, Brainless Slut Run who doesn't know what she's doing running around with BOTH Titles!?"

"Since did you not know what your doing? I think you know EXACTLY What Your doing," Nikie said, cuddling with John.

"Kasey Angel...Kasey Angel..." Then, she paused for a moment, and laughed, then smirked. "Kasey Angel..."

"Um, Kat's not Rihanna," Jenny said. "I'm pretty sure she knows her own fucking ring name..."

"The girl decided to hit me NINE TIMES...NINE TIMES With her finisher. Because of her, I'm not cleared to Wrestle for weeks! Not until The Elimination Chamber! I Can't walk properly...And because of her...I Lost my title," She said, looking pissed about that last part especially.

"Okay, yeah, I've heard enough," I Said, smirking, then getting up, grabbed my hat and my title and heading out of the locker room.

I Walked down the halls until i got over by the curtain and told this Tech. Guy to Put my Titantron up on the screen. He nodded then did so. After 10 seconds of that, i went out from behind the curtain on top of the ramp,getting a huge pop from the crowd like normal. I Saw signs for me, for John, For Randy, But no one had as much signs there tonight as the Packers...Really? This Isn't Football, Cheeseheads,gosh. I Ignored the packers Signs and just looked around the arena, then back at my two titles around my shoulders, then smiled back at the arena. Kathryn looked confused, and pissed i was interuppting her. Oh well. I Took my time walking down the ramp into the ring, observing the crowd, taking in the moment, walking on National Television as the first ever Undisputed Women's Champion in history. Kind of like how Randy use to walk...Slow. I Even walked up the steel steps this time instead of sliding into the ring. I Went in the ring between the middle and bottom rope. I Took off my hat and fixed my hair, then went over and requested a mic from Justin Roberts at ringside, and after that, i WAS About to start talking, but yeah, no. 

I Heard ''King Of Kings'' Playing in the arena, and then, Hunter came out, with a mic on the ramp. Right before i was about to say something. Really? He was about to talk, but two can play this game.

"No, just, No..." I said, pointing to him and shaking my head. He raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse Me?" He said.

"I Don't even get one word out, and you decide to come out here and spoil all my fun, really?" I Said. "Dumbass..." I Muttered under my breath.

"I Wouldn't be talking if i were you," He said. "You owe me 5 Grand to repair my car you wrecked Last night," He said, bitter. I Just smirked, looked around the arena, licked my lips, fixed my titles on my shoulders, crossed my arms, then continued smirking.

"Now, you two hate each other don't you?" He said, smirking a little. Kathryn And i just looked at each other for a moment, then nodded.

"I Can tell. See, Since Kathryn Did use to be Diva's Champion, she does get a rematch, Miss Angel," He said. I Rolled my eyes. "So, at The Elimination Chamber in 2 weeks, It will Be Kathryn Prince vs. Kasey Angel for the Undisputed Women's Championship!" He paused, as the crowd cheered. "But see, this isn't any match, it's important. It could be the last for one of you. You See, Whoever wins the match technically will be heading to Wrestlemania, the Greatest Event of the year, As champion. The Loser, probably not. So, brace yourselfs. It'll be one hell of a fight, i just know it. I Guess it'll come down to who wants to walk into Wrestlemania Champion..." He said, smirking.

Then, he left. Me and Kathryn were left in the ring alone. It was a little awkward at first, but then, i threw my titles out ringside, ran over and Speared Her. Then, i started throwing like, maybe 15 Punches to her face. I Rolled off of her, got out of the ring onto the Apron and climbed the ropes to the top. Funny, i complained about my ribs earlier, but now, i didn't give a shit about them. I Got on the top, then i 450'd Her. My Hat went flying off while i did it, and my ribs hurt even worse, but i slided out of the ring, grabbed my hat and my titles, and just walked it off, then headed backstage.

*Later that Night, back at the Hotel*

"Damn..." I Said, looking in the mirror, disgusted. I Was looking at my ribs, and damn, they looked SO bruised up, it was hard to look at. Justin heard me, then walked over, and saw them, and head a funny look on his face.

"Wow, You should like, ice them or something, those look REALLY Bruised up," He said.

"Ya' Think?" I Said Sarcastically. "I'm not icing it, it's too cold, i don't like that,'' I Said putting my shirt back down, then taking off my pants and switching to Pajama pants.

"Awe, someone's afraid," Justin said making fun of me, then sticking out his tongue.

"Shut up! Am Not...Just don't wanna feel, like, cold," I Said, defending myself.

"Too bad," He said. "I'm gonna go get some ice, or, i could get the trainer and he could check it ou-"

"Get the fucking ice," I Said, pissed off. I Hated the trainer, he always over-exagerated injuries, he made me sit out for like, 5 weeks because of a little bruised ribs. I'd rather take the ice.

After i got my pajama's on, i crawled into my bed and waited for Justin to come back with the ice. Then, my Blackberry went off, and i checked to see who it was, and it was Patrick. He just sent me a video. I Opened it up.

"So, it's midnight here in Dallas, And i can't get to sleep. I Just miss you too much," Patrick said in the video. "So, i decided to send you a video telling you how much i missed you," He said, sticking his tongue out. "We haven't been apart this long since we met eachother back in July, and, this is like, Really hard to do. I just can't get you off my mind, i miss you too much. Friday, When we see each other again back in Chicago, I'm gonna make it the best night either of us have ever had, almost as good as June 9th was. I Have it all planned out, the whole day," He said, smiling, which made me smile. Then, someone snatched his camera out from him. It was Tazer. He looked Tired and Angry.

"He's keeping me up, preventing me from sleeping, that's not a good thing. He's getting on my last nerve, please, if you care about the Blackhawks, end his heartache, shut him up and let me get some sleep, please," He said sounding really cranky. I Just giggled. I Exited out of the video, then texted Patrick.

"I Love You," Was all i said. I Could have said more, but i didn't, that's all that mattered. Then, Justin came back in with the ice.

"Okay, so, it's gonna be cold, but it won't be too bad after a while," He said. Then, he placed the ice on my ribcase, and i just screamed.

"HOLY SHIT THAT'S COLD!" I Yelled, freaking out. He just held me and helped me calm down.

"Yeah, it is, but it'll help, trust me," He said. I Took a deep breathe.

"I Trust you, so, i'll give it a while and see what happens," I Said. He just smiled, then got up and headed back to his bed, turned the light off and headed to sleep.

A Couple minutes later, my ribcase felt pretty numb, and less painful. He was right, it did help.

"Thank You..." I Whispered, not too loud, but loud enough so he could hear if he was awake still. I Waited a moment, no response.

"Your welcome..." He whispered back, a minute later, sounding like he was Really sleepy.

I Just cracked a slight smile, then, i fell asleep.


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