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The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Eight( All I Really Want is to be your, Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy-Boyfriend.

-Authors Note- None of this will be told in Kat's POV At all, just letting you know. Enjoy the chapter!

*Chicago, Illinois, Patrick Kane's POV*

"I Can't believe i'm going to a Justin Bieber movie..." I Said, walking downtown Chicago with Kat. "You seriously have no idea how much i love you."

"Oh, i do," She said to me, sticking her tongue out. I Just smiled, then put my arm around her.

"Maybe you do, but you probably don't," I Said to her, sticking my tongue out and winking. She rolled her eyes, and did the same. "I Don't get why you like All these Teen Pop Stars or whatever..." I Said.

"Not true!" She said. "Yeah, Bieber's only 16, But One Direction are like, in their late teens or 20s, and BTR's In their 20s," She said defensively.

"Yeah, but they sing for tweens, Your like, 21!" I Said back.

"Well i like them, so deal with it," She said, smiling. I Rolled my eyes, then smiled back.

Then, we got to theater and headed in, there was a HUGE Line of girls there, most likely to see Never say Never as well. 

"Hi, what can i get you two?" The Usher asked.

"Two Tickets To Never Say Never 3D," Kat said, smiling.

The Usher handed us our tickets and we got in the back of the line behind all the girls. Then, they started letting us get in. Another guy stopped us right as we were about to head into the Theater and get in our seats.

"Here are your 3D Glasses, Enjoy the movie!" The guy said to us handing us 3D Glasses.

"Thank You," I Said to him taking them, but Kat didn't.

"I Already have The Purple Glasses," She said smiling and pulling out Purple 3D Glasses with "Justin Bieber:Never Say Never 3D" Painted on the side in white. I Just looked at her.

"You seriously spent money on customized 3D Glasses?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow. "What am i gonna do with you..." I Said, shaking my head. She rolled her eyes, then we went in.

We sat in like, Row 10 right in the middle together.  And wow, I'm surprised. She was already crying within the first couple minutes seeing him as baby and stuff, so, i put my arm on her and let her cry on me. She stopped after, then laughed, and laughed some more, and cried some more, it was crazy. She wasn't crying because it was sad, it was inspirational. If i wasn't already 22 years old and living my dream, i would have seriously taken his story to heart. It's amazing how him and his crew work and how much he cares about his fans. He really isn't like most stars you see in hollywood. And he likes hockey, good for Bieber. Overall, i actually learned a lot by seeing it. I Learned some new dance moves-Which i may or may not show off to the guys over at Blackhawks TV- And i heard some songs in their by him that i really took to heart, like Over board, the lyrics to that just hit me in the heart, since i felt that way this past week without Kat. And One Less Lonely girl was another one, since because when i met Kat, she was in a relationship with a guy who broke her heart...on her birthday. I Have a new found respect for this 16year old, but i'm not a fan though.

After Never Say Never, me and Kat left the theater and headed over to the Palace Grill, which Verbeauty Recommended last night when we were on the phone together talking about plans for when we come to Toronto. Once we walked in, we saw a wall that had a bunch of Jerseys on it from Chicago Sports Greats, Like Michael Jordan, Gale Sayer,Alfonso Soriano, Paul Konerko, Jonathan Toews, and Mine.

"Awe, they have your jersey!" She said, smiling. I Smiled as well.

 Then, i pulled out a Sharpie i had in a pocket, then signed it.

"That's nice...really nice," I Said, smiling at it.

Then, we headed over and took a seat in between This Teenage Looking Kid in a Jonathan Toews jersey, he looked familiar, a little too familiar, and Kat sat next to a little kid in a Blackhawks Hoodie. It's Amazing How Much Chicago Cares about the Hawks.

"What can i get ya' two?" The Waiter asked us.

"I'll take a heart stopper with Bacon, please," Kat said.

"I'll take the same thing," I Said.

"Okay, can i get you two anything to drink?" He asked us.

"I'll just take a milkshake," Kat said, fixing her hair.

"I'll just share it with her," I Said, smirking a little. I Looked over at Kat, she just giggled, then smiled.

"Okay, coming right up," The waiter said as he headed back over to the kitchen.

Then, i looked over at that kid next to me in the Jonathan Toews Jersey, and smirked. I Decided i was gonna have fun with this kid.

"Hey, Kid," I Said. He looked over at me. "Did You Know Tazer hate's Dogs, Children and old people?"

"No He Doesn't!" The kid said. "And besides, Kris Versteeg tried convincing me that last year,why you always gotta hate on Jonathan?"

"Wait, you were that kid who sat next to Laddy Boy and Steeger last year Right here at the Palace Grill?" I Asked.

"Did you go through Puberty through that time?" Kat asked. I Just looked at her.

"It's not polite to ask teenage boys if they've gone through puberty,''I Said, trying not to crack a smile on my face.

"Yeah, but see, I'm not polite," She said. I Couldn't help it, i just cracked a smile on my face, then looked back at the kid.

"Actually," He started. "Yeah, i did," He finished, sounding proud.

"What a life you have," I Said. "First, you met Kris Versteeg and Andrew Ladd here, and now a year later, You Meet Patrick Kane..."

"Now all that's left is Jonathan and i'll be able to die a happy man," He said. We laughed.

"Here ya' two go," The waiter said coming back with our food. "Two Heartstoppers with Bacon, And A Milkshake for two," He said handing us it.

"Thank you," Kat said.

Then, we ate our food and drank our Milkshake, chatted together, and that kid some more, we had some people come up to us and ask us for Autographs or pictures then, we were done and walked back to the apartment for some alone time. Just us.

*About 20 minutes later, Kat and Patrick's Apartment*

"Damn, that was good!" Kat said, hanging up her jacket on Little Peak A Boo-The name she settled on for the Giraffe i got her earlier this week. She decided to put it right by the door.

"Yeah,it was," I Said, placing my jacket there as well. "But, on to more important stuff..." I Said, smirking

She went over and sat on the couch and i went over by the balcony where there was this boom-box. I Had a mix-tape put in their with both of our favorite songs and i turned it on. The first song that was playing was one of my favorite-As Long As You Love Me by The Backstreet Boys. Kat liked it too, but not as much as me.

"You know...It's just been a while since we last, know," I Said, walking back to her. She just giggled.

"And well...You know...With the music and-" Then, someone knocked on the door.

"Who The FUCK As The Balls to inturupt this moment!?" I Yelled out furiously. Kat rolled her eyes as well and we went and answered the door and saw our Apartment Buildings Manager standing in front of us with roses.

"Can we help you?" I Grumbled.

"Am i inturupting something?" He asked, confused. He then peaked his head inside and noticed the mood music that was playing and mine and Kat's un-happy faces. "Oh..."

"Again, what?" Kat asked, Irritated.

"Someone placed these Roses in your mailbox today and wanted to make sure Kat got them ASAP, so, here," He said, handing Kat the roses, then leaving.

"Awe, you got me roses!" Kat said, smiling. I Didn't really know what to say, since those weren't from me, i just shrugged.

"Uh, yeah, yeah i did," I Said. She just frowned and realized they weren't from me, then rolled her eyes. "Oh, there's a card."

"Read It, Now," I Said, crossing my arms and sounding serious. Then, she read it.

"You Will Be Mine, Kat." She read as she raised an eyebrow, as did I.

"Who the hell sent that?" I Asked.

"Doesn't say..." She said, sounding confused.

Then, i just snatched them out of her hands, looked at the card to see if i could recognize the hand-writing, no luck. Then, i stomped over to the kitchen real quick and threw them in the garbage. I Didn't want my girlfriend not only getting roses from some guy i don't know, but i didn't want some guy basically saying she's gonna be his. Then, i walked back over to her.

"So Uh...Where were we?" I Asked, smirking as i wrapped my arms around her back.

Then, i picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and ran her over to the couch, then playfully body-slammed her on their, then got on top of her. By this time, As Long As You Love Me stopped playing, and one of Kat's favorites 'Boy Friend' By Big Time Rush Started playing, that song was like, just cool, really set the mood better.

"It's been such a long time..." I Whispered into her ear. She just smirked. She got the message.

Then, i started passionately kissing her, while also getting my hands down there to get her shirt off, she let me. Then, i got her bra off, then she got my shirt off, and from there, yeah. Then, despite it not being to..uh, classy, we started having sex on the couch.  We did it for about 15 minutes, and by the time we were done,we were both on the floor next to each other, and i grabbed a blanket nearby and put it on us as we just laid there on the floor together, with my arms around her, just doing nothing but lay there together, it was amazing.

"Thank You," She said randomly.

"For what?" I Asked confused.

"For not being faithful on the road and not hooking up with Pucksluts," She said.

"You know I'd Never do that to you," I Said.

"Yeah, but that's what Sid convinced Heather..." She said.

"Wait, Sid cheated on Heather?" I Asked.

"Yeah, after the Rumble she read something online about it, called Sid about it and he denied everything," She said. I Just shrugged.

"Well, Sidney Crosby may be great on the ice, but off the ice, he's just not your ideal guy," I Said.

"Tell me about it..." Kat said, closing her eyes and cuddling closer to me.

I'm serious. I Actually, Like, Love Kat. I'd never do anything to hurt her or hook up with girls on the road while she's away. I May have done it in the past, but that's the past. Those days are far gone. I Fell for her as she fell for me. She caught me, and i know she won't let me go, and i have no intention of letting her go either. She's mine now, all mine, and I'll Never Let Her Go.

*Monday Night RAW, Live in Anaheim, Cal, 4pm, 2 hour til' Raw Goes Live, Justin Gabriel's POV*

4pm Was the Call time for all the Superstars and diva's for RAW Tonight, and i arrived exactly right on time In Worn Out Jeans, Some Black Nike's, A black and silver t-shirt and sunglasses with two bags- My Wrestling bag filled with all my gear and such, and another one filled with something else. I Walked straight into the backstage area of the arena attentionally looking for Kat, but couldn't find her, and instead, found Kristen all alone sitting on a crate, reading some magazine about one of the Teen pop band boys that her and Kat seem to love.

"Why so alone?" I Asked her.

"Why would you care?" She asked, not even looking up to look at me.

"I Don't," I Said. She rolled her eyes, and finally looked at me.

"Phil's not around, here, but obviously not with me," She said. "Probably with Nexus..."

"He's like, in love with the guys now," I Said, putting down my stuff and sitting next to her.

"Tell me about it," She said, rolling her eyes again. "We both had the whole weekend off to come back to Chicago, but during that weekend, he spent his nights out with the guys, coming home late, just didn't work it, I Was lucky to even get a 'Hi' Out of him..."

"Yeah, he's actually trying to convince us to move down to Chicago by you guys and Kat," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"WAIT WHAT!?" She yelled. I'm guessing she had no idea about this.

"He hasn't told you?"

"Nooo!" She said. "He barely even says a word to me now-a-days! Gosh!"

"You know, this could have been prevented..." I Said.

"If i didn't go to TNA For One fucking houseshow to help out a friend," She finished for me. "It was no big deal! I Was just helping out Shannon! And it's not like it was taped or anything..."

"See, Hunter and Steph couldn't really give a shit if your friends With Shannon Moore, Jeff and Matt, their girls, or anyone from TNA!" I Said. "But, when your actually wrestling in a TNA Ring, that's a problem. Your lucky they didn't even fire you!"

"Yeah i know i am..." She moaned, rolling her eyes. "But, i wasn't allowed to wrestle! That was already hell enough! Why couldn't he just have gotten de-pushed, or something like that instead of like, being rewarded!?"

"He didn't really do anything except hang out backstage, that's why," I Said. "Besides, It's obviously really annoying you, so that's probably why Hunter did that. He obviously loves seeing his workers suffer."

"Yeah..." She said.

Then, Kat walked into the backstage area dressed In Some Uggs, Worn out Jeans, A Black Sweatshirt and Sunglasses on with a wrestling bag hanging from her shoulder.

"Look who's here 10 minutes late..." Kristen said, going back to her magazine.

"Hunter and Steph around?" She asked.

"No," Both of us replied.

"Then how the hell are they gonna know i was a couple minutes late?" She said, winking.

"True, very true," I Said, agreeing with her. "Anyway..." I Said, getting up and grabbing that one bag and grabbing the stuff out of it. "Happy Valentines Day, Angel," I Said, smiling while also handing her a box of chocolates and a dozen roses.

"Awe, Thank you!" She said, smiling.

"Yeah, i know..." I Started, but then paused, since i didn't remember his name. "Yeah, I Know your boyfriend couldn't be with you, so i thought I'd give you something so you didn't feel lonely or anything."

"You wanna know what lonely is?" Kristen said butting in. "Go ask Punk what day it is, he won't even know it's Valentine's Day!" She said. Me and Kat just looked at each other, then back at her. We had no way to respond.

"WELL, Thanks for the gifts Justin," Kat said, Smiling.

"No Problem, Angel," I Said, Smiling back.

Then, she kissed me real quick on the cheek. She smiled again, then walked away. I Was just stunned. Then, i turned around to Kristen, who crossed her arms and just looked at me.

"You know she already celebrated Valentines Day With PATRICK Back in Chicago..." She said, smirking.

"Yeah, but it's different then spending it together on the actual Valentines Day," I Said.

"You know she doesn't give a shit what day she celebrated Valentines day with him..." She said, smirking again.

"Well i do!" I Yelled a little bit. She smirked again, then went back to her magazine.

Then, i saw John and Nikie together walking over to the curtain to check the board to see when and if they had matches tonight. Then, Nikie looked confused, While John Smiled.

"Um, you have the opening match..." She said. "Your not someone who is supposed to have opening matches, your supposed to Main Event!"

"Actually, I'm happy i have the first match! After i get done, you and me can just head back to the hotel for some us time," He said, bringing Nikie closer to him and definately getting more flirty. She couldn't help but giggle.

"So, it doesn't even bother you at all that WWE's making you go out first instead of last or like, second to last like normally?" She asked, a little concerned.

"No,not at all, mean's i don't have to wait back here all night bored waiting for my 15 minutes or less out there..." He said, frowning. "But yeah, After my match, You and Me. Just us, Girl," He said, smiling again and getting more flirty. She giggled again, But you can see the look on her face, she was just concerned, as would everyone who knew John would be, since he usually THRIVES To be the Main Event. It's weird that he doesn't want to be the main event or close to the main event tonight. But whatever.

"I'm gonna go look for everyone else," Kristen said, putting her magazine down and getting up.

"Ill come with you," I Said as both of us took off backstage looking for them.

It took us a while to find them but when we did, we saw Jenny, Kat and Hea-...Cody? I was confused on that, but whatever, but what i was really confused about- Kat, who was running as fast as she could into Hunters office door. She ran RIGHT Into it, and it almost even broke open. Cody and Jenny were just laughing, hard. Me and Kristen were confused. Then, Kat came back over, holding her right shoulder since she ran into it with that one.

"Do i even wanna know?" Kristen asked, confused, as was i.

"SEE,'' Cody started. "I Asked Kat why she liked hockey so much, and she went on and on about it, so i told her to prove to me it's a cool sport, So, she said she would demenstrate some stuff that could happen in a hockey game, such as fights, and what Kat just did was she pretended Hunter's Office Door was one of those boards or players or whatever, and she like, um...Checked herself into it or something," he finished. I Just looked at Kat, she was just smiling and holding her shoulder.

"That's nice..." Was all that Kristen said.

"You know, i think if you did it again, you could actually break the door..." Jenny said.

"Yeah, you did it pretty hard, you could probably do it," Cody said. They were actually pushing her to do this. Really?

"Alright, give me a moment," She said, looking like she was preparing herself inside her body.

Then, she ran over across from his office, like, 30 feet away. Then, she stretched, and after that, bam. She took off as fast as she could toward the door. Then, BAM. She hit it, and broke it. Once she hit it, it flew open and she ended up landing Awkwardly in his office on the couch on her back. Normally, i'd go check to make sure she was okay, but like everyone else, i was just laughing my ass off. It was funny as hell. Then, Hunter started screaming at her, calling her crazy, saying he wants to fire her, and so on. She didn't care though, she just walked out a moment later and rolled her eyes then re-joined us.

"Wow, i can't believe you just seriously did that!" Cody said.

"Well believe it, 'cause i did..." She said, looking back over and smiling at what she did.

"Your just so unbelievable, Kat," Jenny said, shaking her head, then sticking out her tongue.

"Yeah, she is, in a good way," I Said to myself in my head, smiling.

"So, where's Heather?" Kristen asked.

"She's actually shooting like some promo about how she should be #1 contender for the Titles after E.C. Somewhere around here," Jenny said. Kat quickly looked up and shot a look at Jenny. Uh-Oh.

"Oh, she is now, is she?" She asked.

"Yeah, all the divas have too," Jenny said. "But she was the one who pitched it to creative."

"That's nice..." Kat said, with a smirk on her face.

"Anyway..." I Said. "Why are you here? Your not on RAW," I Said, looking at Cody. Cody and Jenny looked a little Irritated.

"What? Can't my boyfriend be nice and surprise me on Valentine's day?" She asked sarcastically.

"No," Kat said back, sticking out her tongue. Jenny didn't find it amusing, so she punched her in the shoulder she went through the door with.

"OW!" Kat shouted instantly, then rubbing it, and mumbling something under her breath.

"Well, we should warm up, big show tonight,"  I Said. Everyone nodded, and we went our separate ways.

*Later that night, almost the end of RAW, still Justin's POV*

"That fucking bitch!" Kat yelled, coming back into the locker room. She just got into a Brawl on RAW With Kathryn, and when i say brawl, i mean, BRAWL. They went hardcore. I Could even see some blood from Kat's lower lip.

"That was...just..." Heather said, speechless.

"When's the last time two diva's had such a huge fight on RAW Like that?" Kristen asked.

"Certainly not anytime in the present until now..." Kat said, grabbing an icepack and sitting down on the couch next to me, Heather and Alex.

"Oh My..." Jenny said, rolling her eyes, as did Cody. We looked at the TV, and The Great Khali was out there, doing his "Kiss Kam".

"Who's that un-lucky lady gonna be this time?" Kristen asked. Then, they announced Khali wouldn't be doing the kissing, they'd have camera's all over the arena, and if it was on you, yeah.

"So cute!" Kat said, looking at some of the couples kiss.

Then, a camera crew came into our locker room right by Heather and Alex and put them on the kiss kam. Words can't describe how bad i wished it was Me and Kat instead of Alex and Heather.

"You know, they should do this type of Kiss-Kam more often," Alex said, smirking, as well was Heather as they cuddled up in each others arms again. Like i said, Should be me and Kat.

After that, The Rock returned and whatever. I Never really got to see him do much in WWE Since i didn't live in America growing up, so while everyone else was freaking out, i was just sitting back and watching as if it was just a normal promo being cut.  Then, RAW Ended and we all headed out.

*Around Midnight, the Hotel, Kat and Justin's room, Still Justin's POV*

"I Think i'll head back to Chicago Wednesday Night, Spend all of Thursday and Friday there and leave back to Cali for the Pay-Per View Saturday Night," Kat said as we were getting settled in our Hotel room.

"Why not just stay in Cali for the whole week?" I Asked. "We have no shows the rest of the week until the Pay-Per View, which is in Cali as well, the weather's nice, makes perfect sense."

"Yeah, but I Have some stuff to do back in Chicago," She said. "Like Saturday, I'm going to some Ice Skating lesson with my friend Sarah."

"Oh, i see," I Said.

Then, we got changed into some PJs and both laid down in our beds. She had the TV Remote and turned the TV On.

"OH Titanic's on!" She shouted in excitement, smiling.

"That's a good movie," I Said.

"Yeah, Leonardo Dicaprio was so cute as Jack in this," She said.

"Hey, if we're gonna watch this, why don't we uh, put the beds together?" I Suggested. She just looked at me Awkwardly. I Was Panicing a little.

"Uh, you know, so uh, we can see the movie better!" I Said, trying to save myself. She still looked at me awkwardly for a moment.

"Well..." She said. "It is a little hard to see over here...what the hell, sure!" She said, smiling. I Smiled back.

Then, we pushed the beds together and then turned all the lights off and sat next to eachother on the two beds and watched the movie together. I Couldn't help but picture me and Kat as Jack and Rose throughout the movie. I Also thought about some stuff, hard and a lot. Despite what's happened in the past, We all know how i feel for Kat, and for so long, I've been trying to get rid of those feelings for her so she can be happy with that hockey playing idiot she's dating. And i still stand by what i said that over all, i just want the best for her. And well, he isn't thinking back on his personal past. I Can't believe i'm kinda gonna have to go back on my word. But screw it. From this day forward, i will win Kat back.


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