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Year Two Week Fifteen // Wrestlemania // Part 3/ No Matter What You've Been through the show goes on...

*So i originally posted this last night, but something happened and the ending didn't save :\ So i got up early and started re-writing this in word, so yeah. If you didn't read this last night, enjoy part 3, and if you did, enjoy the actual ending! :) I plan on Updating this by friday for the the record, aha, Enjoy! :)*

"He did WHAT!?" Sharpie said as we were getting our Frappicino's at the local Starbucks in Atlanta, before the Morning Skate, of course.

So much shit has been going on lately, For Kat, And Kasey. It's getting tough for me---Especially with Wrestlemania TONIGHT---, and i just kind of need to block the world out for a moment, so i decided to get some breakfast with Sarah and Patrick, the only nice and norma-....nice friends i have.

"He had his tongue down some other women's throat," I Said, telling him what happened yesterday.

"She's not lying, i saw him," Sarah said. "And the bastard looked like he was enjoying it..."

"I'm gonna kick that little rat's ass..." Sharp said, shaking his head at his teammates poor behavior.

"Please do," I said laughing as i took a sip of my Caramel Frap.

"You don't just treat the one you love like trash," Sharp said. I Couldn't help but look at Sarah while he said that.

"Why you looking at me like that?" She asked.

"Because, you were the one who had your tongue down a certain blonde canadian man's throat last night at the Hall Of Fame..." I Said, which immediately caught the attention of Sharpie.

"Um...Blonde Canadian Boy?" Sharp asked.

"Kat don't be a fucking bitch this early in the morning," Sarah said. "I Did not kiss any fucking canadian boy."

"Fine," I Said, rolling my eyes. "She didn't kiss anyone, but she sure as hell made sure a certain Canadian boy knew her presence..." I Said, winking. Sharp looked like he was getting the pieces together in his head. Then, he turned to Sarah.

"So...you were kinda like, flirting with Justin Bieber yesterday?" He asked. I Then spit my frap. Out of my mouth and started laughing uncontrollably, and Sarah couldn't even talk, at all.

"Do you think i would flirt with that?" She asked him.

"WELL..." Sharp began. "I Could see you two kinda hitting it off...you know," He said, before making a quick thrusting motion. I Then fell out of my chair and starting rolling on the floor, still laughing uncontrollably.

"DAMN IT BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Sarah yelled at me.

I Decided to get my shit together and stopped, then got back up and controlled myself.

"It was Edge," I Said. "Sarah's been crushing on him like, forever, and she saw him, and fan-girled a little."

"Alright, how do you spell that?" Sharp asked, taking out a pen from him pocket.

"How the fuck do you think it's spelled?" Sarah said.

"Alright...Edge...." He said, while writing the name 'Edge' Down on his hand.

"The hell you doing?" I Asked.

"Writing his name down so i can remember to add his name to my shitlist later," Sharp said, smiling. "Patrick....Kane...." He said, as he wrote down that as well. I Just laughed.

"Thanks, Sharpie," I Said. "Your a pain in the ass Ninety-Nine percent of the time, but your not that bad."

"I'm not a pain in the ass," Sharp defended. "I just like to have fun in ways some people may not like."

"True that," Sarah laughed.

"Whatever," I Laughed, rolling my eyes.

"We should head out now, i gotta wake Brent's ass up so he doesn't miss the morning skate," He said.

"All right, let's go," I Said as we picked up our Frappicino's and headed out.

That's when out of nowhere, "Never Say Never" Started playing. I Realized this quickly, then starting dancing in the middle of the cafe' too it. What did you expect me to do?

"If we go now, she won't even know we're gone," Patrick said to Sarah. I Just continued dancing.

"COME ON, SARAH!" I Shouted as it got to Jaden's part. "DANCE TO YOUR SECRET LOVER BOY'S MUSIC!" I Shouted to her, just to annoy her. It did.

"You can walk to wherever the hell you need to go, bitch," She yelled back as her and Patrick literally walked out on me. I Rolled my eyes, then ran after them and we were off.

*Later that night, Mid-Way through Wrestlemania, Fourth Match of the night about to end*

Right now it was a Tag-Team Match between Tyson Kidd and DH Smith against Santino and Vladmir. The Match had about two minutes left before Tyson was gonna make Santino tap out to the Sharp Shooter. I Was just watching on a tv in the corner while stretching. My match was next, and i was more then nervous. So much counted on this match for me- Career-wise and personal wise. I Was so nervous.

"Angel," One of the stagemen said to me. "We gotta get you ready now for your entrance, Justin's already about to go on so you only have about 2 minutes to get up there in your gear and ready."

"Alright," I Said.

Then, i grabbed a white jacket with matching shorts--- Kind of like Christian would wear to the ring during his entrance a while ago---. I Had to walk up some stairs until i was at the top. You know how at Wrestlemania 25 Shawn Michaels made his entrance by rising down from the top of the arena in this white thing? That's what i was doing. I Would go in, have my back faced to the crowd, and then when Justin sang the chorus of 'Won't Stop' For the Second time, i would then get out and walk down the ramp. Then we would also have pyro- well no, FIRE. As i would be walking fire will appear- you know, like in Undertaker's entrance. I Had it all in-visioned in my head, and if everything goes as planned, it should be epic.

I Was climbing up the stairs until i reached the top. By the time that happened, Justin had just started Never Say Never, and i don't know if it's because it's Atlanta- The place he started out in here in America when Scooter discovered him, but he wasn't being...booed. That's awesome. I Got on the little shorts and jacket real quick. They were personalized just for me with my logo's on it and stuff- i don't know why though. I Was taking them off right after i got into the ring and i was throwing them into the crowd, but whatever. All the lights were on Justin and his crew so no-one could see me. Some stagemen helped me get into that little white thing and i just stayed there, completely silent and motionless while listening to Bieber's set. After Never Say Never, he ended up doing 'Somebody To Love'. Insert the Joke Sarah would make about this song title choice right here. But in all seriousness, after that, Won't Stop started. He did Sean's part, then when he got to the start of his original part, a spotlight went on me as i was lowered onto the concrete part of the stage. Once i got lowered completely i opened up the little door and walked out and up onto the main ramp next to Justin. We knuckle touched real quick, then it was back to Business. The fire was going on behind me as Justin sang.

"Yeah they talk, yeah they talk, but they don't walk the walk i walk. I Won't stop, til i drop, until then i reach the top, i'ma rock to where i need to be, walk the path of destiny definitely been neglected but god is always testin me," Justin sang as i was walking down the ramp.

I Had the hood up and it was covering my face a little, so i'm not too sure if the crowd recognized it was me, but whatever. I wasn't focusing on the fans either, my eyes were completely on the ring. I Was completely focused. Then i walked up the steel steps into the ring and got onto  a turnbuckle, took off all my stuff and threw them into the crowd like promised. By then, Justin had just finished 'Won't stop' And left. All the lights were back on and i stayed in the middle of the ring, looking around and noticing my surroundings. Tables, Ladders and Chairs were set up all around the ring, and right above me was what i was fighting for- the titles.

Then, Kathryn's music started playing as she appeared from behind the curtain and on the top of the ramp, looking cockier then ever. She had a big smirk on her face. Then, she pointed to me, then the titles, then to her, and made a motion around her waist which meant 'Those titles are coming right back to me'. I Just rolled my eyes. She took about two minutes to walk down the ramp and into the ring. Then, we both just stood there in the center, looking at each other. You could just tell we both wanted to beat the living shit out of one another, and soon, we would.

"The following is a never before done Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the Undisputed Women's Championship! Introducing first, the Challenger, From Chicago, Illinois, Kasey Angel!" Justin Roberts said into the mic introducing me.

"And the Opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, She is your current Undisputed Women's Champion, Kathryn Prince!" He said introducing Kathryn. We just continued staring at eachother. Then he got out of the ring and the bell rang and this match was under-way.

Right after the bell rang, i kicked Kathryn right in the gut and punched her upside the face and knocked her down. Then i slid out of the ring and grabbed two chairs. Then, i brought them in the ring planning to Con-Chair-to her, but instead she was already up and she grabbed one of the chairs from me and hit me in the gut with it repeatedly until i was into a corner. She tried to do it again, but this time i stopped her by hitting her over the head with the chair. It didn't even cross my mind that WWE Banned Chair Shots to the head when i did that, but who cares.

Then, i got her up by her hair and threw her into the turnbuckles. Then i got the chair that she had but dropped. Then i threw it at her. She caught it and had it covering her face when she did. That's when i gave her a sweet-chin music right to the chair and she went down, as did i for a moment, but i got right back up. She then slid out of the ring to try to catch her breath, but i followed her, then grabbed her by her hair and threw her head first against a ladder. Then, i decided i wanted to try to put her through a table, so i tried to lift her up and put her on it, but it was hard since she was so heavy for me, but whatever. After i got her onto the table, i punched her in the face a couple times to make sure she'd stay down, but then, she turned her body and ended up kicked me RIGHT in the face- the nose to be exact. It hurt like hell. I ended going down to my knees. She got up and grabbed me by the hair, kicked me again, then threw me into the ring and she got another chair and brought it into the ring as well. Then she grabbed me up and threw me into the turn buckle, then set up the chair a couple feet away from me. Then she ran over to the opposite side of the ring, then she lunged herself at me, using the chair for support and cross-body dived onto me, but she got her feet to land against the ropes and she then reversed it and DDT'd me head first into the chair. I Rolled onto the mat clutching my face in pain as Kathryn sneaked out of the ring and grabbed a ladder and brought it back into the ring, but she didn't get it set up to try and climb. Instead, she put it up against the turn buckle.

Then, she grabbed me by my hair and picked me up, then she tried to toss me against to ladder, but i reversed it and tossed her into the ladder. After she was a little wobbly, and i ended up grabbing her and throwing her out of the ring and she went right threw a table. All momentum was back with me now.

I Got out of the ring and grabbed a new table and slid that in the ring. I Also got a Ladder and put that in the ring. I Set the table up first, then the ladder. I Was gonna attempt to climb the ladder and grab the title, but Kathryn grabbed the bottom of my trunks and pulled me down from the ladder and slammed me onto the mat. Then, she attempted to climb the ladder and grab the titles, and she actually put her hand on one. Then another one. And she was about to unhook them and win the match. Then, i got up and  pushed the ladder away from her under her feet. I Expected her to fall 10 feet in the air, but instead, she held onto the titles for dear life and was just hanging up 10 feet above the ring with no way of safely getting down. Just like Jeff Hardy in that one TLC Match. IDEA.

I Pulled the ladder over into a corner and started climbing it.  Then, i got on top of it, and waited for Kathryn's body to turn near mine. Then, when it did, i jumped off of the ladder and clothslined her into the table i had set up earlier. We were both down for a while. Kathryn was having trouble getting up because she was having problems with her head, since that's where i've beaten on her the most. I Could barely get up because of my left leg. I Landed right on it when i hit the clothsline, and it was just killing me. I Got up before Kathryn again, and i decided to try and climb the ladder. I Got up pretty far this time, and i was positive i could actually un-hook the titles. I Was SO CLOSE....Then, i got my hand on the titles...I Was Actually about to do it! I Just had to un-hook it real quick....then...BAM!!!

Kathryn got up and pulled me down from the ladder from my feet, but she didn't let go of my left ankle. Then, she started climbing the ladder a little, still keeping a hold of my ankle. Then, she stopped climbing, and she actually locked in the ankle lock while she was on top of the ladder. I Wasn't even on the mat, i was in the air. I Had no way of getting out of this. She's locked in the ankle lock on me before, but this time, it was ROUGH. I Felt like it was about to just snap off. She kept tightening it everytime i screamed. Then, she let go of me and i fell right onto the mat. She continued to climb the ladder and attempt to win. Not so fast, bitch.

I felt an adrenaline rush through me and used the ropes to help me get up. Then, i pulled Kathryn off of the ladder and got her onto my shoulders. I Limped around the ring carrying her on my shoulders. She tried to get off by punching me multiple times in the face, but i didn't let go of her. Then, i power bombed her face first into the mat...well no. I Botched it. She didn't go face first into the mat. He Throat actually went off of the top rope...hard. After she went onto the mat, i had to make sure she was okay.

"You okay!?" I Whispered to her on the mats.

"No," She whispered back, groggy. I Had just damaged her Larynx. Shit. "Let's just try to finish this match soon..." She whispered back. I Just nodded.

Then, i slid out of the ring and grabbed some ladders. We had a big finish planned, and it included the ladders. First, i grabbed a big ladder and laid part of it on the announcers table, and moved it so it was in the ring a little. It was kinda like a bridge from the announcers table to the ring. Then i grabbed a smaller and miniature one and put it on the 'Bridge' diagonally. Then, i grabbed another miniature one and horizontally put it between the other miniature one and the big one that was already set up in the ring. It was kind of like a staircase of some sort. I Got out of the ring and onto the announce table. That's when Kathryn got up and started climbing the ladder again on the other side. Then, i ran up from the three ladders i set up and landed at the top of the ladder across from Kathryn. Both of us were on top of the ladder, one hand on the titles, and the other hand was clenched into a fist. She punched me, i punched her, She punched me again, i punched her again. She was a little dizzy and almost fell off. Then, i grabbed her up by her head and got her in a head-lock. I Then grabbed her left arm and put it over my shoulder. Then, i grabbed the back of her trunks, and then, BAM.
I Sunset flipped her all the way out of the ring and into the ladders i set up, and we both went RIGHT Through them. She was bleeding a little from under her right eye, and i think she was seriously out. Me, on the other hand, i wasn't so good myself. I Felt dead. I Was in so much pain, i felt like every bone in my body had been completely shattered and broken. It wasn't a great feeling to be honest. I Didn't wanna get up and even try to finish this match. I Just couldn't, but by the looks of Kathryn, she couldn't either. I Feel like i've been fighting all night, but it's really been about 15 minutes. But...i knew i had SOMETHING left in me...

I Had my eyes close after the sunset flip, and i just now opened them, and that's when i came aware of ALL My surroundings- the fans. All of them had their mouths open and were cheering from the match they're witnessing. They wanted more, and damn straight i was about to give them more.

I Could feel an adrenaline rush flow through my veins, and i didn't care how much pain i was in, i couldn't stay down. I Turned around off of my back and slowly turned onto my stomach. Then, i slowly got onto my knees and hands. I Caught my breath real quick, then, i started to get up on my feet. When i was, i felt dizzy, like i was going to just drop back down, but i managed to stay up on my two feet. I Grabbed a hold of the ropes to help me keep my balance and to help me get up into the ring. I flopped into the ring over the top rope, and i started to slowly walk over to the ladder. Before i started climbing, and i looked back one last time at Kathryn, she was still out cold.

Then, i started to climb it, and it felt like i was climbing a fucking mountain. I Felt so week since i could barely even climb it, and it took me like, forever just to climb a step. The crowd was getting louder as i took another step on the ladder one after another. Then, i was at the top.

I Looked at the titles, then real quick, i looked back to Kathryn. She looked conscious, but she was still lying on her back, dead-like. I Just smiled. Then, i turned back to the titles, put both of my hands on them. Then, i unhooked them.


"Women how the HELL are you still alive?" Jammy asked me backstage.

The whole crew and i were gathered up into a little corner with a big screen watching Wrestlemania. It was only the 6th match of the night, and it was John Cena vs. Nexus, Cena loses, he leaves WWE. Nikie was about the only one actually paying attention though; Me, Jenny and Jamila were on our own conversation, and Kristen, she doesn't really give a shit what's going on here.

"Only you would ask me such a rude question and not even realize how rude it even is," I Laughed.

"Well look at you!" She said. "Your face is covered in stitches!"

"Is not!" I yelled back.

"Oh so Nine stitches isn't alot?" She said back, crossing her arms. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Hey guys," Jenny said, speaking up, and standing up. "I'll see you at the After party at 11, I gotta do some stuff real quick..."

"You mean some Cody stuff?" I Asked, winking. She rolled her eyes.

"I'll see you and the dorks later," She said, walking off. I Couldn't help but notice Cody leaning against a wall, waiting for Jenny. I Just smirked watching it.

"YES!!!" Nikie shouted out loud, literally jumping up into the air.

"What the hell child!?" Jamila asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"JOHN WON!" Nikie shouted. Then, she ran off over into the direction of gorilla position, probably to greet John, of course.

"Hear that?" I Asked Kristen, who was laying on the floor, listening to her IPod. I Don't think she heard me, so i kicked her in the back.

"OW!" She yelled, getting up and muting her Ipod. "What the hell Kat!?"

"Did you hear that?" I Asked.

"What?" She asked.

"John kicked Your husbands ass, that's what," Jamila said.

"Oh...whatever," Kristen, rolling her eyes.

Then, Nexus got backstage. All of them went to go get some water, except Punk, he walked right over by us, and looked right at Kristen.

"So..i kinda got a lot of explaining to do..." He said to her. She just looked at him, and crossed her arms.

"Let's head into the locker room area, you got five minutes," She said. Then, they both ran off over to the locker room area.

"The hells going on with them?" Jamila asked.

"You'll find out soon enough..." I Said. She just rolled her eyes, then walked off.

I then leaned up against the wall, and then i checked my cellphone, and i had a text message on there from Sarah.

"Incase you care...Hawks kicked the Thrashers asses, 7-3, but Kaner lost it or something, did an illegal hit and injured Evander Kane, and then he got kicked out of the game, the rest of the boys haven't seen him since..." It said. I Sighed, then texted back.

"Good for the boys, they needed those two points :) As for Patrick...i hope he gets suspended and has a big fine to pay :)" I Texted back.

That's when i noticed that she sent that about 30 minutes ago. She and the boys are probably out at a bar or something celebrating, so i didn't expect her to text back anytime soon, so i just put it back into my pocket. Then, i noticed someone across the room, i haven't seen her in a while, and my eyes quickly popped open.

"HEATHER!!!" I Yelled all the way across the room. She heard me and turned around toward me and waved with her free hand, she had another hand full of beer. I Ran at her full speed and then when i got up to her, and jumped into her arms and almost knocked her down.

"It's nice to see you too!" She laughed as i let go.

"I Haven't seen you since i bailed you out monday!" I Said, smiling. "Man, what the hell happened friday!?" She just shrugged.

"Let's just say i have a couple of bruises across my back and i'm recovering from a concussion," She sighed.

"Is Alex in jail or...?" I Asked.

"I Pressed charges against him, and we're having some sort of meeting with eachother along with our lawyers to talk about the chargers and stuff," She explained.

"Oh, well, i'm glad your okay," I Smiled before hugging her again.

"And i'm glad to see you too, Chica!" She said to me, smiling. Then, her cellphone started ringing.

"I'll be right back," She said, excusing her self into a corner.

She walked into a corner where it was quiet, unlike everywhere else backstage, or in this arena to be exact.

"Hello?" She said into the phone. "Yes...this is she, who's this?" She began.

I Stayed exactly where i was at waiting for Heather when someone came and tapped me on the shoulder.

"So, um, nice match out there, Angel," Justin said to me, smiling. I Smiled back.

"Thanks," I Smiled. "Nice match for you too!" He just looked at me weird.

“I Didn’t win and I barely even wrestled,” He said.

“Oh…” I Said, looking down. He just laughed.

“It’s okay, I’m sure you were busy in the trainers office most of the match anyway,” He said.

“Yeah, I was,” I Said.

“YO, JUSTIN!” Heath Slater shouted from over by the waters, motioning for his friend to come over.

“So, uh…I guess I’ll see you later at the After-Party,” He said to me, smiling. “You are going to the after-party, right?”

“Are you Kidding?” I Asked. “I Went last year and it was AMAZING! Of course I’m going this year!” He just smiled.

“I’ll see you later, Angel,” He smiled, walking away.

You know, I can say this now that I’m single, but I’m starting to realize that Justin is kind of hot.

*Later that night, Wrestlemania After Party, 11:30pm*
Damn, what a night so far. Everything’s just been crazy. Every year after Wrestlemania, we have an after party held at a bar in the city it’s in that we all hang out at after Wrestlemania.  We also shoot off some fireworks nearby too. It’s pretty awesome. Right now, we’re about 30 minutes into the part, and wow. John and Cody both actually got into a…..a speedo fight. I Don’t even wanna have to explain that. Either way- I Will not look at Cody the same way again after seeing him do that. Ever. But anyway, like I said, this is at a bar, so, lot’s of people here are drinking and doing all the stuff the we couldn’t do lately because TMZ has been on our case. One of those people is John, who is already completely wasted, And Nikie was just fine with it, completely. And I thought Making love in clubs is illegal. But whatever I guest. I Was drinking a little, but not as much, so I was a little tipsy, and I was just kind of wandering around. That’s when I stumbled upon a certain somebody and another certain somebody…
“What the hell are you two doing?” I Asked Kristen and Punk, leaning up against the wall they were on.

“SHH Kat, go away,” Kristen said, motioning for me to go away. I Just smirked.

“Why should i? Shouldn’t I stay here to make sure you don’t kill each other?” I Asked.

“Why would we kill each other you idiot,” Punk asked me, sounding really annoyed due to my presence.

“You’re divorcing! You two hate each other!” I Yelled out.

“Who said we were divorcing?” Kristen smirked.
“Yesterday, you did,” I Smirked back. Both of them just rolled their eyes at me.

“We called it off you little dipshit,” Punk yelled at me.

“Oh really?”  I Said. “Good for you, now you can get back to what you two do best later on tonight in the bed,” I Said.

“DAMN IT GET OUT!” Punk yelled at me, pushing me away. I Just rolled my eyes and moved on.
I Couldn’t help but notice Heather was over in the bar, dancing, with herself. She really is trying to go with this new single thing. I Shook my head at her real quick, then laughed and walked over.
“So, who called you earlier anyway?” I Asked. She just looked around real quick.

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone?” She asked. I Just nodded, and she smiled. “That call was from someone named Mary, she works for Hugh Hefner, and well, they want me to do the June Edition of Playboy!”

“WHAT!?” I Asked, shocked. Then I just smiled and hugged her. “Damn, Congrats! You know, after it comes out, you should buy two copies, autograph them and send them to Sidney and Alex to show them what they left behind,” I Laughed.

“I’ll probably do that,” She smirked.

“ATTENTION!” Stephanie yelled at the doorway of the bar. “We’re about to start shooting some fireworks off near the parking lot, if you wanna come watch them, come now!”

After that announcement, all the Superstars and Diva’s started making their way out into the parking lot for the fireworks. When I went out, I was kind of alone at first, but then, right before the fireworks started, Justin came over to me and just smiled. Then, he wrapped his arms around me and we watched the fireworks together. It was so magical. Then, about halfway through the fireworks when they were almost done, Justin turned my body towards his, and we just looked at each other real quick. Then, we kissed, and it was even more magical and incredible. You know, I could start to get used to this…

“I Can’t do this,” Justin said, breaking apart from the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” I Asked.

“THIS,” Justin said. “You’re doing this because you think he’s cheating on you, but he’s not, he’s just a weak bastard.”

“Wait, what!?” I Asked, entirely confused. He just sighed.

“Patrick,” He sighed. “You think you saw him cheating on you yesterday, that’s why you’re doing this, but what you saw was wrong. You didn’t see the whole thing like I did. He actually came to apologize for something that happened Friday or whatever, and Kathryn came up to him, Kathryn Kissed him and he tried to get her off but couldn’t, and he even defended you when she started saying shit about you.” I Was just speechless for a mome.t

“For about the past year, you’ve been chasing me,” I Said. “Now you got me, and you’re getting rid of me?”

“I Know I’ve been chasing you and I’m still chasing you,” Justin said. “But see, I really do love you, and because I love you, I want you to be happy, and he makes you happy, so you at least deserve a second chance with him now that you know the truth. I think you two need to talk, and if you choose to stay apart, then, we can give us a chance in the future, but until then…”

Then, the fireworks ended, and Justin just walked into the bar with everyone else, leaving me all alone in the parking lot, just confused. Was Justin being for real? Did Patrick really try to get Kathryn away? I’m not so sure, just entirely confused. None of this adds up or makes sense, at all.

“Kat!” I Heard a voice behind me say. Then, I turned around to see who it was, and it was Patrick. He was wearing a white V-Neck t-shirt and some jeans. We both stood there, staring at each other. He slowly, and awkwardly, started to walk up toward me.

“Um…hi,” I Said, shrugging. I Really didn’t know what to say, either did he. It was so awkward for both of us after what’s happened this weekend. We both stood there before each other, not saying anything and just looking down at our feet.

“Look, I’m sorry,” We both said together at the same time.

“Me first,” Patrick said. “Look, I’m really sorry about the way I acted Friday with that whole situation with Jake,” He said. “I Just saw you with me, and well, I got jealous and insecure. It’s no secret that you could easily do better than me, so whenever I see  you with another guy, I just get a little jealous and worried. And for yesterday…”

“First, it’s okay about Friday,” I Said. “Second, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough for me, because they have no idea what they’re talking about. And as for Yesterday…I’m sorry. I Was just talking to Justin, he saw the whole thing between you and Kathryn and told me everything…thanks for defending me.”

“No problem,” He said.

Then, he got closer to me, and just wrapped his arms around my waist.

“We both messed up, big time,” Patrick said. “But I think that’s a good thing,now, we can both start on a clean slate with eachother.”

“I Think I’d like that,” I Said, smiling.

“I Truly am sorry, really,” He said. “just to show you how sorry I am, I ran into a certain somebody earlier today, someone your very aware of,and well, he sings our song, and um…you know what? Just turn around and look for yourself,” Patrick told me.

I Turned around, and just laughed. Standing before me was Justin Bieber and his band.

“So, I hate Patrick and his team, but, I Like you,” He said to me, “And Patrick told me your situation, and uh, I agreed to come help and smooth things over,” He winked. “See, I’m one of those people who thinks life would be SO Much cooler with background music, so, for the next 4 minutes, I’m gonna provide you two some background music,” He smirked. I Just turned around to Patrick.

“I Love you so much,” I Said to him.

“I Love you too,,” He said to me.

Then, Patrick wrapped me up in his arms again, and he kissed me passionately on the lips as Justin and his crew began to play our song in the background; Common Denominator.

“Just a fraction of your love, fills the air…And I fall in love with you, all over again…You’re the light that feeds the sun, in my world…I’d face a thousand years of pain, for my girl…Out of all the things in life, that I could fear…the only thing that would hurt me, is if you weren’t here….”

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  1. :o. Sharpie putting Kaner and Edge on his shitlist. Some one is jealous ;D. Oh my god, Sharpie thinking Sarah had a thing for Bieber. Dying. You had a intense match at Wrestle Mania :o. Kaner acting weird not good. UDHSA Kat kissing Justin Oh my my. But Glad Justin told the truth to Kat. Kat and Kaner getting back together d'aw how cute <3. Can't wait to read more!