Saturday, June 11, 2011

Year Two Week Fifteen // Wrestlemania / Part Two / Heartache

"God Kat, stop listening to depressing songs on your IPOD, please," Kristen said, snatching it away from me.

I Was just a wreck. I wasn't myself. I was letting what happened yesterday with Patrick getting the best of me. Wrestlemania is tomorrow. I'm supposed to be HAPPY, especially since i have a big match, but instead, i just wanna run away and shut the world out. I Just wasn't in the bed. I Was curled up in bed and listening to these sad songs that basically said everything i was going through and felt like.

"I'm divorcing next week but you don't see me being a wreck..." Kristen said.

"Your not being a wreck now..."I Mumbled, burying my face in a pillow. I think she just rolled her eyes.

"What the hell do you even have to be a wreck about?" She asked, sitting next to me on my bed.

" don't even know the half of it..." I Said.

"Whatever," She said. "Just get up and get over it."

"Get up and get over it?" I Asked, throwing the pillow across the room.

"I Doubt it was that important to make such a big fuss over," She said.

"Like i said, you don't even fucking know, so don't act like you do," I Said, standing up and storming out of my room, leaving just Kristen.

"What the hell is her problem?" She asked to herself, rolling her eyes and sitting back onto a bed to watch TV.


I Was at the place for fan access walking around. I Didn't have an Appearance, but whatever. I had to try and get Patrick out of my head, so i decided to come here. Then,  the last person i wanted to talk to showed up....

"Hey, Kiddo, Whatsup with you?" Punk asked me, putting on his armbands. I Just rolled my eyes and ignored him, but he wouldn't go. "So, uh, i heard about your little episode last night with Kathryn," He said, with a smirk on his face. I Rolled my eyes again and walked away, but he chased after me.

"God, stop stalking me, won't you?" I Asked him, turning around.

"Okay, what's your problem?" He asked. Then, he sighed. "What? Did Kristen come and bitch to you about me again?"

"Seriously, just leave me alone, i'm not in the mood to talk to you," I Said.

"What did she say?" He asked. "She has no right to just go around and ta-"

"PHIL!" I Yelled at him, which made him jump a little. "I Told i didn't want to fucking talk to you!"

"Well why the fuck not!?" He Yelled back.

"Because your a fucking asshole!" I Yelled back.

"How!?" He yelled again.

"YOU BROKE HER HEART!" I Snapped. For a moment, he looked confused.

"The hell you talking about?" He asked. "I'm not breaking her heart..."

"Then why the fuck did she come into my room at midnight last night crying and saying she wanted a fucking divorce!?" I Yelled at him. Then, Punk was pretty much dead. He looked like his heart just stopped and he went completely blank. I Just sighed. "You've let this shit get the best of you, man."

He was just frozen. I Could tell that it was really sinking in for him about his behavior for the past couple of months, but it's too late. I Had nothing left to say to him, so i just walked off and left him there to feel his fucking shame.

*Punks POV*

Was Kat saying the truth? Have i really been such a Douche to the women i love and not even knowing it? I wasn't trying to be a douche to Kristen, but then again, i wasn't trying to do a lot of things that i ended up doing. Looking back, i really have let this role get the best of me, and there's been no Phil lately at all, just CM Punk. I Just can't believe myself. I Had to go fix this, NOW. I ran out into the parking lot and got into my car to head back to the hotel we were all staying at and i ran in. I Didn't even wait for the elevators, i ran up the whole Three flights of stairs to get up to our floor. Then, i unlocked our hotel room door and kicked it open and ran in.

"Baby! We gotta ta-" I Began, but then i looked around, and Kristen wasn't even there. Not her. Not her stuff. Nothing.
I Just flopped down on one of the beds and just laid there and started thinking how the hell i was gonna get myself out of this situation. Ask Anyone i know- I'm an asshole. I Won't deny it or try to argue with you about it. It's just who i am. I've always been one. HOWEVER, one person i've NEVER been an Asshole to was Kristen, until now of course. I Just couldn't believe myself. 

 Then, i got myself together and got off of the bed and walked out of the room and down the hall to the last room on the left. Then i started knocking on the door. No Answer. I Knocked again. Still no answer. I Knew they were in there, so i kept knocking. STILL No answer. Then, i knocked again, even harder and then the door opened.

"Jenny I Swear to god if you don't leave me and your brother alone i wi-" Nikie began, but stopped after she realized it was me and not Jenny. "Why the hell are you here?"
"I Need to talk to John," I Said.

"No you don't," She said. 

"Yes, i do," I Said, gritting my teeth together.

She just looked at me, then rolled her eyes and sighed in defeat.

"Johnny," She said. "Someone's here to see you..."

"Let them in," I Heard him say. She rolled her eyes again, and let me in. 

I Walked in and saw Cena fully-dressed, but in bed with some Popcorn. I Guess he and Nikie were watching a movie or something. Once he saw me, he paused the movie and quickly sat up and looked me dead-in the eye. I Could tell he wasn't too happy to see me.

"What the hell do you want?" He asked.

"I Need to talk to you about our match tomorrow," I Said. "It's important..."

*Later That Day, Kat's POV*

"A Bunch of men walking around ice skating, yeah, that's a fucking fun sport," Jamila said, rolling her eyes. 
"Bitch, Just shut up, your annoying me," I Said, rolling my eyes.

It was about 2pm now and i was walking around Fan Access with Jenny and Jamila by my side. I'm not so sure how, but somehow, we got into a convo about hockey, and right now, that was the last thing i wanted to talk about.

"Jamila, you should know by now you don't say shit about Hockey with Kat around," Jenny told her cousin.

"And i should also know not to make fun of Country stuff around you, yet i still do that!" She said back. Jenny just rolled her eyes as we continued walking.

"You know, you never did say what was wrong with Heather yesterday," I Said, referring to the phone call from her Jamila got yesterday.
"Because you were yelling at me telling me how much you didn't care," She said, rolling her eyes.

"Well we care now, so tell us," Jenny said. Jamila just rolled her eyes.

"Heather's in the hospital," She said. Then, we all stopped walking and froze.

"What!?" We both said, shocked.

"Relax, she's fine," She said. "She's just got a concussion and some bruises...nothing too serious."

"What the hell happened!?" Jenny asked.

"Alex got his hands on her Thursday night..." Jamila sighed.

"What!?" I Yelled out loud. "That's it, i'm gonna chop his balls off next time i see him."

"That won't be for a while, hopefully," Jamila said. "The dickheads over in CT better do something about his stupid ass."

"Someone needs to do something about THEM," Jenny said. "Put them on different shows...SOMETHING, they can't even be around each other if this is gonna happen."

"I Know his dad was a stupid football player and his mom was a model or something, but damn, he could at least try and break the stereotype or being a spoiled jackass kid," Jamila said.

"He's really annoying me," I Said. "First he gets a DUI, then he assaults a girl, how the hell does he still have a job here?"

"I Know right?" Jamila said. Then, she checked her phone and went bug-eyed. "OH SHIT!" She yelled

"What?" I Asked. 

"I Gotta go!" She said. "I Promised someone i would do something!" She said, running off.

"No, that's not strange at all," I Said to her as she ran off.

"I Gotta go too," Jenny said. "Gotta meet up with Cody."

"Whatever," I Said as she walked off too. 

"I'm all alone..." I Said to myself as they both walked off.

I Just stood there for a moment, but then i felt someone poke my back so i turned around to see who it was and i saw a little girl standing down there with a pen and a notebook in her hand.

"Excuse me, Kasey Angel?" She asked so innocently, i couldn't help but smile. "May i please have your autograph?"

"Of course!" I Said, with a huge smile on my face.

Then, i bent down so i was her height, then i signed her notebook and took a picture with her.

"Thank you so much!!!" She said with a big smile on her face. Then, she ran off.

I Got back up on my feet and continued walking until i felt someone else poke my back. I Turned around, and i couldn't believe who i saw.

"OH MY GOSH IT'S KASEY ANGEL!!!" Sarah said, behind me. "I AM LIKE, YOUR BIGGEST FAN. CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!?" She said, pulling out some pen and paper from behind her back, magically. I Just laughed.

"What the hell are you doing here, eh?" I Asked, still laughing.

"I Was bored, and wanted to talk to you, so i came here," She said, smiling.

"Oh, well welcome to my office!" I Said, opening up my arms to show her all around the place.

"I Bet no one even likes you here," She said, sticking out her tongue.

"Oh yeah?" I Asked. "Come with me," I Said.

Then, i started walking with her and we went over to a T-Shirt stand.

"Excuse me, Miss," I Said to the girl selling the t-shirts. "Do you have any Kasey Angel T-Shirts?"

"Sorry, they sold out about an hour ago," She said.

"HA!" I Shouted in Sarah's face. She just smirked.

"Excuse me," She said. "But do you have any Kathryn Prince T-Shirts?"

"I'm sorry, but those sold out Two Hours ago," The lady said.

"HA!" Sarah shouted in my face. I Just rolled my eyes.

"HOWEVER," The lady said. "We did have a limited supply of Kathryn Prince T-Shirts, so that's why it sold out so early."

"HA!" I Shouted again in Sarah's face.
"But," The lady said. "The Kasey Angel shirts didn't start selling until after the Kathryn Prince t-shirts went out."

"HA!" Sarah shouted again in my face. I Just rolled my eyes. "All that shouting made my throat dry."

"Hold on," I Said.

Then, i took her over to a drink stand and i got us both some water bottles. I Got them for free, of course, since i work here. But whatever. Then, we continued walking.

"So, where we going?" Sarah asked me.

"To go see Justin Bieber," I Said, smiling.

"EW," She said. I Rolled my eyes. "Why the fuck is that dumbass here?"

"He's doing like some type of little concert thing during the Pay-Per view," I Shrugged. "Kind of like Kid Rock did a couple years ago in Houston."

"Oh," Sarah said. "ANYWAY, i didn't JUST come here because i was bored."

"Then why?" I Asked.

"I Gotta talk to you about last night," She said. I Just stopped walking and sighed.

"Well i don't wanna talk about it," I Said.

"Well i do," She said. I Sighed again in defeat, and we continued walking.

"What do you wanna know?" I Asked, taking a sip of my water.

"Everything," She said. "After you stormed off, I Went into the room and yelled at Kaner and tried ask him what happened, but he kicked me out."

"Bastard," I Said, rolling me eyes just thinking about him.

"I Take it whatever happened wasn't exactly nice?" She asked.

"Oh really?" I Said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. Then i sighed. "He just took it too personal. He tried to hit Jake, then, he shoved me TWICE and continued yelling at me until i left. I Know hockey wise things are getting tough for him, but i'm  almost Twenty-Four hours away from something big for me too, i don't need him doing that shit."

"He pushed you twice!?" Sarah asked, shocked. "I Knew he had a temper and isn't afraid to get Physical, obviously, but damn, that wasn't called for..."

"Yeah, i know," I Shrugged.

"So...What now?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I Asked.

"You two will make up or...?"

I Froze for a moment after she asked that, because i really haven't exactly thought about the future and if i ever would make up with Pat.

"I'll deal with that after Wrestlemania..." I Said as we walked into the staging area. "Let's not talk about him anymore, i don't need this stress."

"Alright," Sarah nodded.

Then, we both just looked around the staging area of the Georgia Dome as they were working on getting some of the lights done, and the Bieber crew was practicing. Dan and Boys II Men were just warming up, and as for Justin....he was sitting down and playing with Nun chucks.

"Just look at that little bastard," Sarah said, eyeballing that Seven-teen year old. "Not doing shit...So ungrateful."

"Shut up," I Said, laughing a little bit. "If you don't wanna meet him-"

"Who the hell would wanna meet that?" She interrupted me.

"Just go sit down or something, it'll only take five minutes," I Said.

"Whatever," She said going over and taking a seat as i walked over to Biebs.

"Um...Hi," I Said nervously as i tapped his shoulder to get his attention. Once he saw me, he just smiled.

"Your pretty," He said. I Couldn't help but blush.

"And your Under-age," I Said, sticking my tongue out as he laughed.

"My name's Justin," He said, smiling and extending his hand.

"I Know EXACTLY who you are," I Said, smiling.

"You know, you seem to be the only nice person here," He said. "Other then that one person...i think his name's Zack, and he's kind of creepy."

"Yeah, not too many people here got Bieber Fever," I Shrugged.

"Whatever, doesn't really bother me," He said, starting to play with his Nun-Chucks again, but then he stopped a moment later and looked at me. "You kinda look like this one girl i like," He said.

"What girl?" I Asked.

"Selena Gomez, you know, the girl who plays Alex Russo on That Disney Show Wizards Of Waverly Place."

"Me? Selena? PFFT, yeah right," I Said.

"What, you two DO Look a Little alike," He said. I Just shook my head.

"Anyway, what songs are you doing tomorrow?" I Asked.

"I Think i'll open up with Never Say Never, then...maybe, um...Love me?" He began, "Then i'll probably close out with Baby."

Then, an idea popped into my head.

"You wanna help me with something?" I Asked.

"What!?" He asked eagerly, with a smile.

"Don't do Baby, and instead, do another song."

"Which song?"

"Won't Stop."

"The one i just recorded last month with Sean Kingston?"

"Yeah," I Said.

"Why?" He asked.

I Leaned over and whispered into his ear.

"I Like that idea, we can do that," He said, smiling.

"Alright, um, you free at Seven?" I Asked.

"As long as it's over by Eight," He said. "Since i'm not on tour, i finally have time to catch Hockey Night In Canada, haven't watched a hockey game in like, FOREVER."

"Oh, well the Leafs are actually doing good, if they keep winning, they could clinch the Eighth Seed in the East," I Said. He just smiled.

"Yay," He said. I Just giggled.

"Anyway, i'll see you later tonight, Shawtay," He said, smirking. "You truly are beautiful."

"Aw, Thanks," I Said, blushing.

Then, we hugged real quick, but were rudely interrupted...

"YO, TEENAGER CANADIAN IDIOT," I Heard someone say. I Turned around and saw it was Sarah, with a bullhorn. I Don't even wanna know where she got it. "SHE'S 21, GET YOUR UNDER-AGE HANDS OFF OF HER YOU PERV."

"Do you know her?" He asked me.

"Sadly, Yes," I Sighed.

"I Feel your pain," He said.

Then, Sarah walked up to us.

"Nice Bullhorn," He smirked at her.

"Oh shut up Bastard," She rolled her eyes. He rolled his eyes at her too. Then, Scooter---JB's manager--- came up.

"Little Man," He said. "We gotta go practice Baby real quick."

"Actually, we're cutting Baby and doing Won't Stop instead," He said, winking at me.

"What?" Scooter said. "Whatever, let's go practice Won't Stop then we can head back."

"Actually, let's head back now and practice Won't Stop at Seven," Justin said. Scooter just looked at him like Justin was such an idiot. Then, Justin patted him on his back. "I'll explain later, let's just go."

"Whatever," Scooter said as they walked off.

"That hug..." Sarah said. "That was gross."

"Shut up," I Said, rolling my eyes and we then walked out of the staging area and we started walking close to the locker room area.

"So, what's next?" Sarah asked.

"Wow, i'm still surprised your still here," I Laughed. " I Thought you'd leave by now."

"Like i said, i'm bored," Sarah said. "Anyway, what's next?"

"I Gotta go into my locker room and get my dress on," I Said. "The Hall of Fame Ceremony starts at Four and it's a little after Three, so yeah."

"Isn't HBK Being inducted?" She asked.

"Yeah, by HHH," I Said.

"Eh, can i come?" She asked.

"Yeah, but you'll be expected to dress formal," I Said to her, looking down at her. She was wearing short jean shorts, flip-flops and Hollister hoodie.

"Oh..." She shrugged.

"Relax, i think i have another dress with me, it's red and shiny, i think you'll like it," I Laughed as we turned the corner my locker room was on.

Then, Sarah and I Stopped and i swear to god, my heart stopped beating from what i saw. Patrick was leaning up against my locker room door with a bouquet of roses in one hand, but both of his hands were pressed up against the wall by Kathryn Prince, who was kissing him, and Patrick wasn't even trying to get her off of him. I Ran up and pushed Kathryn right off of him.

"Get your Filthy Slutty Hands OFF Of him!" I Yelled at her. She just smirked.

"You might wanna say that to your boyfriend..." She smirked. Then, she flipped her hair and walked away. I Just looked at Patrick

"Kat, this isn't what it looks like..." He said.

"Really!? Because it looks like you were making out with the person YOU KNOW I Can't stand!" I Yelled at him.

"Babe i swear i wasn't-" Patrick began.

"No, save it for someone who cares," I Said. "I pulled one harmless prank on you and not only do you take it too seriously, you get back at me by fucking cheating on me!"

"Please, Kat, Please," He begged. "Just let me explain wha-"

"NO!" I Shouted. "You know, i thought you were different then what people said about you in the media and everything, but you know what, they're right, your nothing more then a womanizing, immature, lying, manipulative, manwhore who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, I'm done with you, FOR GOOD."

Then, i grabbed the roses and threw them onto the floor then pushed him out of my way and went into my locker room and slammed the door shut, slowly letting tears slide down my face. I Could hear him knocking on the door from the other side.

"Babe, Please, let me in," He said.

"You know," Sarah began. "I think you've already done enough, just leave," She said to him as she opened up the door to come in, but slammed it shut before he could. Then, he just sighed and left the arena in defeat, knowing this time, he screwed up big time to one of the only people he had left due to his past.

*Moments Ago, Justin Gabriel's POV*

"Man, my hand hurts so bad!" Heath said to me as we were walking the halls of the Georgia Dome

We had just gotten done with an autograph signing back outside at Access and we were roaming the halls getting to know the place as this was our first wrestlemania and stuff.

"I Didn't think we'd have so many fans since we're heels, guess i was wrong..." I Said.

"Yeah, But i think that's bad on our part since we're supposed to make people hate us...Naw Mean?" He said to me. I Sighed.

"Don't say that," I Said.

"Don't be a Slater Hater, Justin," Heath said as i laughed. "You know what they say...don't hate me 'cause i'm beautiful..." I now just rolled my eyes.

"Whatever,bro," I Said, shaking my head and smiling.

"I'm gonna go get us some waters, i'll meet you in the locker room to go get our tuxes or whatever," He said as he went off. I Nodded my head and continued walking.

Then, i turned the corner to go into my locker room, but i saw someone else instead. That Hockey playing scumbag Kat's been dating. I Haven't seen him since we got into that fight back in October and we were both arrested. He's the last person i wanted to see.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I Asked him, to his shock. He saw me and sighed.

"I'm here to see MY Girlfriend..." He said, putting a clear emphasis on 'My Girlfriend'.

"Why?" I Asked. "Out of all days, why today?"

"I Gotta make-up with her," He said. "I Lost it with her the other day, so yeah." Then, i felt a shot of rage flow through me. The next thing i knew, i had him up against a wall holding him by his shirt collar.

"What the hell did you do to that Angel!?" I Shouted at him.

"Relax! I Didn't do anything! I Just got a little mad! Just let go of me!" He yelled. I Let go of him, then looked at him.

"Make up with her and don't hurt her again, or i swear to god, i will-"

"Whatever, i really don't give a shit," He said to me. I Rolled my eyes, then decided to just go meet up with Heath to get water instead, so i walked back to go meet him.

"Um..Hi," I Heard a female voice say behind me, to Patrick i guess. Only it wasn't Kat's voice. I Hate to be a eavesdropper, but i just HAD to see what was going on, so i had behind the corner wall and spied on him and that girl. That girl was none other then the number one person on Kat's shitlist, Kathryn Prince.

"Um...hi?" Patrick said to her.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked.

"Patrick Kane..." He said, a little wary to her. Then, i saw Kathryn's evil little eyes lite up.

"OH, so, YOUR Patrick Kane..." She said, smirking.

"Yeah, who are you?" He asked her.

"My Name's Margaret, but you may know me better as Kathryn...Kathryn Prince," She said, smirking. Then, it clicked in for Patrick.

"," He said, rolling his eyes.

"Glad to know you know who i am," She smirked.

"My girl hates you," Pat said.

"I Hate your girl," She said back.

"Whatever," Pat said, turning around to ignore her, but she put her hand over his shoulder and stopped him.

"Be honest...why her?" She asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on Patrick, we all know she's not your type," She said. "We all know that not even a month before you and Kat met, your were going on about how you wanted a girl with Blonde hair and Blie eyes, and she's not that."

"So? That was before i met her and fell in love, before, i was just a one-night stand kind of person, but now i know what true love is, and it's not just hooking up with a drunk whore for a night," He said to her. Impressive.

"Now go, please." He said.

"Alright bu-" She began, but stopped.

Then, we heard some giggling come from the other side of the locker room, and i knew that kind of giggle by heart- it was Kat. Kathryn knew it was her too, and grew a HUGE Smirk on her face.

"Actually..." She began. "I'd rather stay here..."

Then, she wrapper her arms around his neck. He tried to push her off of him, but he couldn't. Wuss.

Then, next thing i knew, She had Patrick pinned up against the wall. He tried to push her off of him again, but still couldn't. She then grabbed his wrists and pinned them against the wall to make sure he truly couldn't get away. Then, she started kissing him and there was nothing he could do about it, since he was a wuss. That's when Kat showed up with some other girl by her side. and saw Kathryn kissing her boyfriend. The look on her face killed me. Then, she got rid of Kathryn, yelled at Patrick and broke up with him. See, this is what i've been waiting for, like, FOREVER, her to be single and available so i could make my move on her, but not like this, just...not like this...

To Be Continued In Part 3...


  1. THANK YOU FOR KNOCKING SOME SENSE INTO THAT BRAIN DEAD IDIOT! (I mean Punk) lol :P haha!!! Sarah hatin on JB! Sounds like me! xD oh my.... The ending oh my... Hope everything works out!!! Can't wait for more! :)

  2. BAHAHAHAHAH I love the way Sarah insults Biebs <3. Forever laughing at the bullhorn. Oh man, Kaner kissing Kat's most hated person. But it wasn't meant to be like that. GURRRL, so much drama. Makes me want to read more. Can't wait to read Part 3 ! I wonder if Edge is going to be at the HOF. Sarah would love to see some Edge XDDD. Can't wait.