Thursday, June 23, 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen // We Are The Champions/ Part One

"Stop bringing us down," Jonathan sighed, laying on his bed after practice earlier this morning.

"How am i bringing you down?" I Asked, laying down in my bed next to Patrick as well.

"Your all moody and stuff," He said. I Rolled my eyes.

Game four's tonight, and it's a little stressful right now with the team, and i'm not doing any better myself. I'm still pissed off and mad about the draft, and i'm praying to god the Boy's get the sweep tonight. Stress is just everywhere, and it's the exact wrong time for everyone. Right now, Jonathan and Patrick are actually bitching to me about my stress and saying how i'm giving away Negative energy or something, but it sounds like something i saw on this one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Khloe isn't allowing certain people into her and Lamar's house to keep away 'Negative Energy' During Playoffs.

"All he's saying is out of all times," Patrick said, "We  can't have negative energy around us for our most important game of the season."

"How am i being negative!?" I Shouted.

"Just look at yourself," Jonathan said. "Your all like, mad, and...negative."

"Just shut up," I rolled my eyes.

"Did your girl just tell me to shut up?" Jonathan asked Patrick, raising an eyebrow.

"Let it go dude," Patrick said.

He turned on the tv to NBC to watch the fucking news. Lovely. Then, i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Thank god. I Don't know who it is, but whoever it is, it's better then watching the news. I Thought wrong.

"Guesssss What ;)" Kristen texted me.

"What???" I Texted back.

"-_____- I Said Guess!"

"I Did, I Guessed what, idiot."


"Anyway, what?"

"Did you check lately?"

"I Never visit that dump of a website."

" should ;)"

"Stop putting winky faces at the end of your texts. It's creepy."

"Shut up you whore."

"Look, what's so important i gotta visit for?"

"Er... Two of your good friends just got drafted to Smackdown with you ;)" She texted.

"Just tell me who!!!" I Texted back, anxious.

"Please be Jammy or Heather..." I Said to myself.

See, Nikie and John alredy got drafted BACK To RAW. Not them. Jenny coming to She'd do nothing but flirt with Cody the whole damn time and just make me miss Patrick. Kristen and Punk...I Already see enough of them. I Don't need to see them anymore. Jammy and Heather can't stand each other, but they're the only one's who don't constantly annoy me and i could have a good time with. Then, she texted back, and i just sighed.

"Me and Phil!!!! :D" She texted.

"GREAAAT!" I typed back. Hopefully she doesn't sense my sarcasm.

":D" Was all she texted. I Then put my cellphone back in my back pocket and sighed.

"Ain't this some bullshit," I Sighed.

"And your trying to say she's not negative," Jonathan said. I Grabbed my pillow and threw it at him across the room, but he dodged it and it hit a lamp, knocking it over.

"I'd say that'll cost about...a good $20," Patrick said. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Okay, you know what," Jonathan said. "I Can't believe i'm saying this...but this calls for drastic measures." He said gulping.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"Kaner, i need you to get that women laid," He said. I Quickly sat up and went bug-eyed at him.

"What the hell man?" Patrick asked, confused.

"Damn it, i'm the captain of a team in the Stanley Cup finals, i'm leading this team to the championship, i can't take Negative energy, and she's giving me negative energy!" He yelled. "MAKE HER HAPPY."

"Relax, man, i know an easier way," Patrick said, winking.

Then, he reached over and grabbed his bag and dug through it for a moment until he found something. Then, he pulled out the 'Justin Bieber :Never Say Never" DVD.

"Oh God no," Jonathan said.

"You want her happy?" Patrick asked him. "She's got Bieber Fever, this will shut her up for the next hour or so."

"Come on, i'm sure she'd rather have sex," Jonathan said. "Wouldn't you Kat!?" He asked me. I Could see him crossing his fingers by his side. I Just bit my lip.

"I Haven't had time to listen to Biebs in a while..." I Shrugged.

"NO!" Jonathan yelled out loud.

"YES!" Patrick shouted with a big smile on his face, jumping up and running over to the tv and popping in the DVD into the player. Jonathan just looked at him.

"You seriously have bieber fever too?" Jonathan asked, in disbelief. Patrick just shrugged.

"The kid's got mad swag," He smirked. Jonathan rolled his eyes and laid back into his bed as Patrick came back over to me to watch the movie.

"What the hell is up with his hair?" Jonathan asked, as they were showing a clip of a 12 year old Biebs singing 'With U' By Chris Brown.

"Long story..." I Said. Jonathan rolled his eyes again.

"If we don't win tonight, I'm blaming Bieber," He said. I Laughed.

"If we do...?" Patrick asked.

"If we do, it's all because of team effort, not because of some little kid," Jonathan said.

"He's almost 18 years old," I Said.

"I Don't care," Jonathan said. "I'm taking a nap, wake me up when the movies over."

"Alright," Patrick said.

Then, Jonathan took his nap, and me and Patrick just watched Never Say Never. There was so many memories for us with this movie, one of the first movies we ever watched together, and the day we did was Valentines Day Weekend. Patrick doesn't like Justin Bieber TOO Much, but it doesn't change the fact this movie is important in our relationship. A little after an hour later, it ended, and we went to wake Tazer up and then we all took showers and got ready for the game. They both got into suits to enter the arena in, and i just put on some simple jeans and Patrick's home jersey. Then, we were off to try and win the Stanley Cup...again.

*St. Pete Times Forum, Game FOUR*

"Why the hell are you jumping?" I Asked Sarah.

"Because i'm nervous, and when i'm nervous i can't fucking sit still," She said, still jumping.

All these families and stuff from the Blackhawks had a box suite up here all together. Wifes, Girlfriends, Families, and must families flew half way across the country to get up here in Tampa to watch the boys play in hopes to see them skate down the ice with lord Stanley once again. However, due to bad storming conditions in Buffalo, Patrick's family isn't here, so tonight, i'm the only P. Kane supporter here.

"Well stop, they're about to drop the puck, gosh," I Laughed at her. She looked like such a retard, seriously.

"I Need a drink then," She said.

"You've already drank enough," I Said. "Grab some water."

"Nah, i'm good," She said, coming back over with a beer. I Rolled my eyes, then focused my attention on the game.

Throughout this whole game, i was nervous and i just couldn't sit still the entire game. I Didn't care when the Hawks scored, because quickly after each goal, the Bolts tied it. I Couldn't sit still, i was jittery the whole time, i even started biting my nails, which i never even do. Going into the third, it was tied, 4-4. Hawks scored early, but i still wasn't TOO Sure. Then, we got down to the last two minutes of the period, and i loosened up a bit. Then, the "One Minute Left in Regulation" Announcement was made, and a big smile just grew onto my face. LORD STANLEY'S COMING BACK TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Spoke too soon.

Fucking Marty St. Louis had one left in him, and with 13.5 seconds left in regulation, that bitch scored and tied it up and took this game into Overtime.

"So, it there a new rule in which every SERIOUS Blackhawks play-off  game must go into overtime?" Sarah asked. "EVERY TIME They have an important game like this, it's always going into OT, like Game 6 and 7 in round one and Game 4 in round three."

"I've never felt so nervous before," I Said, taking a drink of wine.

"And your drinking," She smirked.

"Shut up," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"I Wouldn't blame you though, this is stressful, and i'm fucking nervous," Sarah said.

"Me too..." I Said, biting my nails again.

Those 15 minutes went by fast, and before we knew it, Overtime was under-way. There were SO MANY Close calls for each team. Hossa came close to getting the job done and had a possible goal that actually went under video review, but it was determined as a no goal. And Stamkos had an excellent break-a-way he could have scored on against Crawford, but uh, Craw said Naw. Haha, but seriously, this was so stressful. When we exactly reached the half-way mark, we got Offside, and Coach Q Sent out the first line---Toews, Kane and Sharp--- and Keith and Leddy for the face-off, which was in The Bolt's Zone. Sharp took the face-off and won it, made a pass to Leddy, who held it for a while, then passed to Kane who passed to Duncan, who held it for a while as did Leddy, but then he passed it to Jonathan and right when Jonathan got that pass he shot the puck as hard as he could, but Roloson stopped and gave a rebound and Kane got the puck, took a slapshot with it, Roloson stopped again and again gave out a rebound for Sharpie. He also took a slapshot, but was stopped by Roloson, who held the puck.

WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. HOLD UP. I Have no idea what's happening. Sharp, Kane, Toews, Keith and Leddy are skating across the ice, throwing off their gear and skating straight over to Corey, and the other players are getting off the bench and doing the same. The whole Arena is just dead silent. Did Patrick Sharp ACTUALLY Just score!? It's not like Kaner's goal last year, but...this is all just happening fast, i can't process it all.

"Oh My God..." Sarah said, standing up. "IT CROSSED THE CREASE! IT'S IN!!!!"

"SERIOUSLY!?" I Asked, standing up. She couldn't even speak, she just looked so frozen, she just nodded real quick. Then, i looked up.

They were just showing what just happened. From Toews Shot, to Kane's shot, and Sharp's shot. I Paid REALLY Close attention to the puck in Sharp's shot, and i can't believe it. Patrick Sharp had just won Chicago the Stanley Cup.

I Was just speechless, i stood up, just looking down at the ice. All the media was already flooding into the ice, and the boys just kept hugging each other. Before i knew it, Jonathan came back onto the ice and he had a "Chicago Blackhawks 2011 Stanley Cup Champions" Hat on, and started passing some of the hats out to the team. I Couldn't fucking believe it. The Blackhawks just won the fucking Stanley Cup!!!

"We Should get down on the ice to congratulate them," Sarah said, quickly running off to get downstairs onto the ice, as did i shortly afterward.

The Media was all over the ice, and before you know, so were the families. Sharp was the man of the hour, so he was getting most of the attention from the media, but the most important attention he was getting was from Sarah, who literally jumped into his arms and started kissing him like this was a movie. Kaner saw Sarah on the ice, and then i saw him looking for me. Then he saw me and he smiled, then skated over to me as fast as he could. When he got over to me, he just picked me up into his arms and kissed me, and it was one of the most passionate kisses i've ever experienced.

"You just won the Stanley Cup!!!" I Shouted to him, hugging him.

"I Did!!!" He yelled back, with this big, goofy smile on his face. I Just kissed him again.

"Last year, you scored the goal, this year, your getting an assist," I Smiled.

"You know me, babe, i always show up when i'm needed," He winked. Then we kissed again.

Then, NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman walked onto the ice, of course being booed by the remaining Lightning Fans in the arena, and the group of Blackhawks fans who traveled here from Chicago. First, he was doing the Conn Smythe trophy, the thing about this trophy is that you don't have to be from the winning team to win it, your team could have lost and you could still win it. It's not about team effort, it's about who did best in the Playoffs. Crawford ended up winning it, and he deserves it, especially since he wasn't nominated for the Caulder. I Swear, if it wasn't for Crawford, none of this wouldn't be happening now. He's saved Chicago's asses SO MANY Times this season and throughout the playoffs. Truly no one more deserving. Then, the moment of truth came. The Stanley Cup was being brought out, and i for one was in awe just being this close to Lord Stanley.Then, the moment had arrived...

"Jonathan Toews," Gary began. "For the second year in a row, please, come and hoist the Stanley Cup!"

Jonathan made the skate over there to Gary. He then Shook his hands, and the two took a picture together with Lord Stanley. Then, Gary looked over at Tazer and gave him this look, and that look was the 'Go Skate Off With Lord Stanley' Look, because that's exactly what Tazer did. He grabbed the Stanley Cup and put it high above his head and skated across the ice with it. Sharpie was the next one to get the Cup, of course. Sharp's had an incredible season this year, and this was just an amazing way for him to top it off. Then, Sharp handed it over to Corey, and from their, it made it's way around other members of the team- Some holding it for the 2nd team in only a little over a year, some for the 1st time ever. Then, mid-way through, Patrick got the Cup, and he just skated all around with it, screaming in joy with the biggest smile on his face, which made me smile. Then, he gave the cup off to Jelly Belly, and then Skated back over to me and picked me back up in his arms.

"Last year for me was the Summer of Stanley, and it's still gonna be the Summer of Stanley for me this Summer, but more importantly, i promise, this is going to be OUR Summer," He said, before kissing me again. Then, a group of reporters came up.

"Patrick! Can we have a word with you!?" A Reporter asked.

"Sure," He said. I Was gonna skate off and congratulate Sharpie, but He just held onto me. "Stay," he said, smiling at me.

"Patrick compared to last years Cup win, what's different and which win was better in your book?" A Reporter asked.

"Well, the big difference is the team, we lost a lot of members from our winning team last year, and at the start of the season, we had trouble getting used to all these new guys and stuff, i guess, but during the middle of the season, we realized that if we wanted to even have a chance at the Playoffs, we needed to get it together, so, this Cup win was more harder, personally and as a team, but i couldn't pick which win was better, they're both great," He said.

"Who did you bring up to Tampa to watch the game with you?" Another reporter asked.

"My family was supposed to come up, but because of storms, they couldn't, but i know they're watching right now on tv, so that's cool," Patrick said.

"Who's this girl?" The same reporter asked. Patrick just smirked.

"This is my girlfriend, Kat," He said, turning to me and smiling. He's never really referred to me as his girlfriend before. I Was shocked to be honest. "We've been on since the beginning of the season, she's been with me through the good and bad times, and honestly, i couldn't have picked anyone else in the world to be here with me to spend this moment with." He said, before kissing me on LIVE TV right on the forehead. Oh My.

"Patrick, we're gonna let you enjoy yourself now with your girlfriend," The reporter said, "But remember, BEHAVE At The Parade Later this week." Patrick just smirked.

"Not a chance in hell!" He shouted with a smirk on his face. Then he picked me up off of my feet and we skated away.

While skating away, we were behind Sharpie, who was doing an interview real quick with Sarah under his arm.

"Honestly..." He began, but then stopped, and took a deep breath, then smiled. "I Am the luckiest guy alive right now. This summer, I'm taking him two of the best trophies alive...The Stanley Cup, and this girl right here," He said, referring to Sarah.

"Dammit i should have said that!" Kaner said. I Just laughed.

"I Still love you," I Said, kissing him again.

"TEAM PICTURE!!!" Someone shouted, as everyone on the team- from the players to management- piled into center ice to take a team picture with Lord Stanley. I Grabbed my Blackberry out and took a picture as well.I Couldn't help but smile as i took it.

Then, all the Bolts fans started leaving the arena and heading home- definitely not too happy- And all the people left were the Hawks team and management, their families and friends, and a group of fans from Chicago. By now, we were about ready to have this party continue in the locker room.

*Locker room, 11:45pm*

We're have about 45 minutes until we got a plane back to Chicago. We probably won't arrive back until like, 3 or 4am...maybe even 5am. Who knows. Depends i guess. Anyway, right now we were all loading into the locker room. Players were either Shirtless---One of them being Kaner, which is just lovely,right?---Wearing the New "Chicago Blackhawks 2011 Stanley Cup Champions" T-Shirt, or some players were still wearing Jerseys. Either way, all of them are changing into suits or whatever for the plane ride back. Again...ANYWAY, when we got into the locker room, some players were given Super Soaker Guns filled with beer and Sharpie was gonna be the last person in the locker room holding the Stanley Cup, and all the players with the Guns were gonna squirt Sharpie them once he got in. As long as i didn't get covered in beer, i'm cool. I'd rather have it in me, not on me. Then Sharpie walked in, and everyone covered him with Beer and he just screamed while holding Lord Stanley in the air.

Before we knew it, ALL These camera's were in here for interviews and stuff, and beer and Champagne bottles were open to drink out of the cup, but not before Toews and Kane took a quick picture together with The Cup, then got pelted with Beer from the squirt guns. After all that, i made my way to Sharpie...and actually...Hugged him, to my surprise, but hey, he made this possible, it's kind of....a moment. I'll get over it soon.

"Sharpie i am SO Happy for you!" I Said as i hugged him.

"Thanks Kat," He said, smiling after wards. "How much you been drinking tonight for you to say that?" I Just laughed.

"Only a little, relax, i actually mean it," I Said.

"Wow really?" He asked. "Guess i'm not used to you being so...nice to me." He laughed as did i.

"Relax, everything will be back to normal in a few days," I Said.

"Good," He said smiling. Then, he went off and grabbed some beer and went over by Kane and Toews.

"YO, SHAWTAYS!" I Heard a Swedish Person say. I Thought it was Viktor, but it was Jelly, with Viktor next to him, with the Cup and Beer. I Was surprised to here him say Shawtay. I Turned around and looked at him weird, and realized he was looking at you.

"We're talking to you Shawtay!" Viktor said looking at me.

"You Too!" Jelly said, looking across the room. I Found out where his eyes were looking, and he was talking to Sarah. They both motioned for us to come closer, so we did.

"'Sup Jelly and Viktor?" Sarah asked.

"You girls wanna drink out of the cup? You can sit down and we can hold it up for ya," Jelly said.

"Really?" I Asked.

"Yep, come on, it's only bad luck if you touch it and not win it," Jelly said. "Your just putting your lips on it, and besides, we won it and we'll have our hands on it, so you'll be fine."

"Alright," We both shrugged.

"You go first," I Said to Sarah. I Was too nervous to drink out of it first.

"Aight," She said, sitting down on this chair.

Then, Jelly and Viktor each took one can of beer, opened it and poured it into Lord Stanley until it was full, and i mean COMPLETELY Full.

"Drink all of it, we got plenty more for Kat," Viktor said to her.

"Alright," She laughed.

Then, Sarah opened her mouth wide open---Which, believe it or not, was VERY Wide open, makes perfect sense, since she has a big mouth--- and Jelly and Viktor grabbed the cup, and slowly started tipping it over to pour it into her mouth, and it was priceless and it looked like she was enjoying herself. I Have no idea why i was nervous.

"Holy Shit," Sarah said afterwards, "That was AWESOME!"

"Knew you'd like it," Jelly smiled.

"Now you, Kat," Viktor said.

Sarah got up and i sat down next. Viktor and Jelly smiled then grabbed two more cans of beer and filled up Lord Stanley for me. Then i opened up my mouth---not as big as Sarah's, of course--- and they tipped the Cup over and i drank out of it. It was extreme awesome and i felt like a total Badass.

"See, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Jelly asked me after.

"No, it wasn't," I Laughed.

Then, me and Sarah decided to make our way over by Sharpie, Tazer and Kaner.

"So, uh," Sarah began, "Now the Playoffs are over, you guys gonna shave off the beards?"

"And uh, Billy Ray?" I Asked Patrick, who rolled his eyes. "You gonna get rid of that mullet?"

"I Think we'll shave it off when we get back into Chicago tomorrow before we take a quick nap, then after that, we're gonna go around Chicago with the Cup tomorrow, and Thursday," Jonathan said.

"And I'll keep this until after the Parade and Ralley Friday, so i'll probably get it off Saturday," Kaner said.

"So, what time's the Parade Friday?" Sarah asked.

"I Think NBC will start airing it at 8am, but i don't think we'll actually get into the Double Decker Buses around 9am, and we probably won't actually get around to the parade area until 15 minutes, and that'll take like, forever, and then the ralley...who knows when that'll start, but hopefully it'll all be over by Noon," Sharpie said.

"Alright," I Said.

"You girls wanna ride with us?" Kaner asked.

"What?" Me and Sarah asked.

"We don't know what buses we'll be on, but i'm sure we can get you on with us," Sharp said.

"Yeah, i don't think anyone will mind, I think Kopy had his family on with him last year," Jonathan said.

"If we can, sure!" I Answered for us both.

"Great," Kaner smiled.

An Hour flew by and it was time to board the plane to Chicago. The boys were all in Suits and well dressed. Lord Stanley even had it's own seat, so as the boys passed by to their seats, some of them took pictures of the cup. Ultimately, Jonny sat next to the cup. Sharpie was next to Sarah, and Patrick was next to me. After the Plane took off, i fell asleep on Patrick's shoulder, but he woke me up around 4:30am when the plane arrived in Chicago. Police were everywhere to help escort the Hawks off of the plane and into the airport, and when they got in the airport, they received a round of applause from all those in their, and each of the Hawks held the Cup again.

Right now, everything was Perfect, and the Summer Of Stanley for us had officially begun. But little did Sarah and I Know it, this wasn't just the Summer of Stanley, this was going to be much more then that and end up being a summer that would change BOTH Of our life's FOREVER...starting tomorrow night.

To Be Continued...


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