Monday, June 27, 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen // Part Two // You Mess With Her You Mess With Me

After the airport, me and Patrick got back to our place around 5am, and surprisingly, some of our neighbors were actually outside to greet us and congratulate Patrick on the win. Then we got inside and i went straight upstairs, changed into an old t-shirt and pajama bottoms and went into bed. Patrick got in bed too, but i don't think he actually fell asleep. Then around noon, all the boys met up and they were all just gonna go around Chicago with the cup for the day, then at 10pm, the boys were invited to a Bar---Yeah, INVITED. They're getting paid just to go. What can i say, Chicago loves their sports teams...especially the good sports teams. Same schedule for tomorrow, except no bar, we gotta wake up early friday morning for the Parade. That's gonna be fun. Anyway, it's about...2pm now i think, and i'm just waking up, just like the good old days. I Took a quick shower then got dressed, and i had about 2 hours to kill until Patrick came back home and we had to get ready for the bar, so i decided i was gonna go hang out at Kristens...You know, since she and Punk decided it'd be fun to move closer, so i'll just walk over. About 5 minutes later, i arrived at their house.

"Yo, Bitch, Open the fuck up!" I Yelled, knocking as hard as i could on the door. Kristen didn't open it though, Punk did, and he didn't exactly look too happy.

"May i help you?" He asked.

"Get out of my way," I Said, pushing him and walking in right past him and I Saw Kristen on her couch watching TV while petting one of her dogs...I Think Pepsi---Yes, these bitches actually named one of their dogs after a fucking soda brand.

"Why the hell are you in my house?" Punk yelled at me across the room.

"I just woke up and-"

"Bitch it's almost 3 in the afternoon and your just getting up?" Kristen asked.

"I Didn't actually get home until 5am, dumbass," I Said to her, rolling my eyes and sitting down on the couch.

"Again, why the hell are you here?" Punk asked.

"I'm bored, that's why," I Said.

"Shouldn't you be with Patrick then?" Kristen asked.

"He's out with the team and Lord Stanley," I Smiled.

"OH! That reminds me!" Punk began. "I Was told to give you something. Hold on."

Then, Punk went out to the garage real quick, then returned about a minute later with two sheets of papers in his hand.

"Here," He said, handing them to me. I Just looked at them.

"What the fuck is this?" I Asked.

"One is hate mail from certain WWE Superstars and Divas," He said. "Apparently they take they're Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey seriously." I Just rolled my eyes. "The next one is the New Summer Smackdown Schedule."

"Lovely," I Said, rolling my eyes. I Crumbled up the schedule and was about to put it in my pocket.

"No, i think you should check that, at least the august part," She said. I Rolled my eyes because August was my birthday month, and this year my birthday was on a Saturday, and that meant chances are, i have some sort of House show or something to do.

"Oh look, A Supershow Houseshow the night of my 22nd birthday, lovely," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Check where it is," Kristen smirked. I Rolled my eyes again, sighed, then checked.

"WWE Supershow, August 6th, 2011," I read out loud. "Location is the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada..." I read. Then a moment later i realized exactly what i had just said. "Wait, LAS VEGAS!?"

"Yeah," Punk said.

"We're partying in LAS VEGAS for your birthday!!!" Kristen yelled.

"YES!" I Yelled out, while jumping in the air, fist pumping.

"Your hair like, bounces with you when you do that," Kristen laughed.

"I Know," I Said. "I've been needing to get it trimmed a little, but haven't had the time yet."

"I Know how you can get it cut for free," Punk smirked.

"First, i want it trimmed, NOT Cut," I began. "Second, how?"

"Let Krissie cut your hair," He said. I just looked at Kristen and she shrugged.

"My older brother's married to a girl who cuts hair for a living up in Jersey, I know how do stuff like that," She shrugged.

"I would never trust you with my hair yet alone a pair of scissors," I Said. She rolled her eyes.

"I could get it done for you, free," She smirked.

I Can't believe it, but i actually THOUGHT about letting her trim my hair. Then, i sighed.

"Can't," I Said. "Patrick loves my hair this way, he'd flip if i trimmed it without notice." Then out of nowhere, Punk burst out laughing.

"Yeah, Billy Ray Cyrus is sure one to talk," He said, all cocky. Then he went back to laughing. I Just smirked.

"That's EXACTLY what i call him with that mullet," I Laughed. "He looks like a rat with that, he's gotta cut it off."

"Then cut yours!" Kristen said. "If you cut yours, he'll get upset, then cut his." I Thought about it for a moment, and she made sense.

"You think it'll REALLY Work?" I Asked. She nodded and i just sighed.

"I Will let you cut off ONE inch, that's all," I Said.

"YAY!" She smiled, clapping. "Get up stairs."

"Why not cut it down here?" I Asked.

"I Will, but i'm only cutting an inch off of it," She said. "So, i at least wanna like, wash your hair a little to get that Salon feel."

"Bitch i only washed this like an hour ago!" I Yelled.

"Well I'm washing it again!" She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"If you don't want me to do it, how about Jamila?" She asked. I Gave her a funny look.

"Jammy ain't even in Chicago, she's in New York or something," I Said.

"No she isn't," Kristen said. "She tweeted she was out in Chicago."

"You stalk her tweets?" I Asked.

"It was on my timeline," She shrugged. I Rolled my eyes.

"Ain't no way she's going to come over here and wash my fucking hair," I Said.

"We'll see..." She winked.

She called up Jamila and they talked for about two minutes, then they hung up.

"She'll be over in ten minutes," Kristen smirked. I Rolled my eyes.

"I'm heading down into the basement to find our flip camera," Punk said. "This is gonna end up being comedy gold!" He yelled, running down the stairs to the basement.

Ten minutes later, Jamila arrived at Kristen's and we all headed upstairs to her bathroom.

"Now, exactly what the hell am i doing?" Jammy asked.

"Get in the tub and wash my hair," I Said.

"YOU AND ME IN THE TUB!?" She asked, freaked out.

"NO!" I Yelled. "I'm sitting on the floor outside the tub, but i'm gonna lean back so my hair's in it, you just take that thing and the shampoo and conditioners and wash my hair."

"Um...okay," She shrugged.

She got in the tub, and Kristen showed her how to work the thing that squirts out the water. She got the water warm, then she started getting my hair wet, then a couple minutes passed by and she put in some shampoo.

"I Should have just gone to a fucking salon..." I Mumbled. Kristen rolled her eyes, and Jamila purposely YANKED On my hair as hard as she could.

"OW!!!" I Yelled out loud.

"Stop complaining and shut up," Jammy said. I Rolled my eyes and did so.

A Couple minutes later, we went back down stairs and Kristen sat me in this chair in the kitchen.

"I'll blow dry after it's cut," She said.

"TRIMMED!" I Yelled out loud.

"Whatever," She said, rolling her eyes and grabbing scissors.

"How much you cutting off?" Jamila asked.

"Only an inch," I Said.

"Well that's stupid," She said. I rolled my eyes.

"Just cut it off and get it over with," I Said, sitting back in the chair.

"Just sit back and relax and close your eyes, it'll be over more sooner then later that way," Kristen said.

I Sat back, took a deep breath, then closed my eyes and relaxed, but i actually end up sleeping. No big deal though, right?

WRONG! That was SUCH a bad move by me...

"TA-DA!!!" Kristen said, getting me up and dragging me over to a mirror, and when i saw my hair, my jaw dropped.

"This is NOT an Inch!!!" I Yelled, running my hands through my hair. She ended up cutting it up to my shoulders, Almost to my neck.

"Yeah, i know," She smiled.

"SEE," Jamila began. "We cut off one inch, but you didn't look different, at all."

"That was the point!" I yelled.

"Well, we were gonna leave it that way, and we asked you if you wanted it to get cut off more, and you didn't answer, so we took it as a 'Yes, please cut my hair four more inches' And that's what we did," Jamila explained.

"You cut off five inches!?" I Screamed, jaw dropped.

"It's not like it'll never grow back, Kat, gosh," Punk said, still video taping.

"TURN THAT OFF!" I Yelled at him. He jumped a little, but didn't roll it off.

"Take the kid up stairs and blow dry it, maybe she'll like it better dry," Punk said, rolling his eyes.

"Come on, Kat," Kristen said, taking me back upstairs.

For 10 minutes she blow dried my hair, and Punk was actually right, my hair looked better.

"Like it now?" Kristen asked. I Shrugged.

"Eh," I Said. "I'll get used to it i guess..."

"Good," She smiled. Then, i focused my attention on Jamila.

"Why you in Chicago?" I Asked her.

"What?" She asked, startled.

"Why you here in Chicago?" I Asked again. She paused for a moment, then answered.

"Came to visit a friend THAT YOU DON'T KNOW," She said, emphasizing that last part. I Just rolled my eyes.

"I'm heading back home, see you guys next tuesday," I Said.

"Alright, later,"Punk and Kristen said as i walked out.

*Hours later*

It was about 10pm, and we were getting ready to go the bar. Sarah was coming over to my place, and Her, Sharpie, Tazer, Kaner and I Were all taking a limo together the bar and other groups of Hawks were taking other limo's. I'm starting to get used to my new hair cut, and it's pretty good actually. I Got dressed in some sandals, short jean shorts, and a white blouse. Then, Sarah walked into my house, and she took one look at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Um...what happened to your hair?" She asked.

"It's a long story..." I Sighed.

"Kaner's not gonna like it," She laughed.

"If i can deal with his Mullet, he can deal with this," I Said.

"Well he said he was cutting it off Saturday after the parade, Kat," She said. "You didn't have to cut yours."

"I Wasn't gonna!" I Said.

"Then why did you!?" She asked.

"I Told You it was a long story!"

"I Got time!"

"No You Don't!" I Said.

Then i pointed out the window and there was a limo outside waiting. Then before we knew it, Sharpie and Kaner were walking up the steps and knocking on the door. Sarah opened it and we saw The Patrick's standing out their, smiling.

"Evening, ladi-" Sharpie began, then he looked at me. "What the fuck did you do to your hair?"

"I Just cut it, no big deal," I Said. He rolled his eyes, then put his arm around Sarah and walked back into the limo with her,and Patrick did the same with me.

"What the fuck did you do to your hair," He whispered to me.

"I was gonna get an inch off, ended up being five," I Shrugged.

"How?" He asked.

"Kristen cut it off," I Shrugged again.

"I'm gonna kill her," He said, i laughed. "But honestly....Why did you want it cut?" He asked.

"It's summer and it's getting hotter, i was meaning to cut it a little for a while now, and Kristen said it would make you upset and you'd cut off your mullet," I Said. He sighed.

"You hate my mullet THAT Much?" He asked. I Just nodded. He rolled his eyes, then, we got in the limo.

"Wow Kat, Sarah," Jonathan said as we got into the limo. "You two look lovely tonight."

"Can it Tazer," Sharpie warned, Kaner just nodded as me and Sarah laughed.

"So protective," Sarah said, sticking her tongue out at Sharpie which later lead to a kiss.

About twenty minute later, we got to the bar and there were a whole group of people around us. Male fans were shouting things at the boys like hockey fans do, like, "Congrats!" And stuff like that, and REAL Female Hockey fans did the same, but the Puckbunnies who wanted to try and hook with one of the 'Big' and attractive players didn't say a word and instead of paying attention to the players like they should have, they actually glared at me and Sarah like we just committed a crime or something. I Was used to stares from people, since i have about 10,000 people watching me in an arena every week and about a million people at home watching, so i'm used to it, but i don't know about Sorry. I Looked over at Sarah, and she was just pointing and laughing at the puckbunnies waiting outside the bar looking for a hockey player to hook up with glaring at us. She totally had that 'YOU MAD!?" and "Be Jealous, bitches" Look on her face. I Just laughed at that. Then we actually got into the bar and there were SO MANY people in there.

You had Jonathan who was actually trying to stay slightly sober and buying these girls drinks and then you had all these other people on the team, drinking and getting drunk and hitting on Slutty Puckbunnies, or dancing on random places---Like Patrick is. He's on a table drinking and dancing a little, and Sharpie's on the ground literally holding his feet so he doesn't fall. Then, they started playing Get Down by the Back street Boys. I Just laughed. I Grew up in the 90s and of course LOVED BSB, and this was the first song i heard from them when i was like, 7 years old, and despite it being like, 15 years, to this day it's one of my favorite songs. Then  Kaner jumped off of the table and He and Sharpie came near Sarah and I.

"Wanna go grind to the gayest group of all time?" Sharpie asked.

"Dude shut the fuck up!" I Said, rolling my eyes. I Hated people saying that 'Gay' stuff, and i hated people talking shit about my favorite boy band of all time.

"Relax he doesn't mean it, he's just drunk," Sarah laughed. I Rolled my eyes, and we ended up heading on the dance floor to grind.

"You know," Patrick whispered to me as we were grinding. "Backstreet Boys are favorite my band of all time, so it only makes sense i dance to them with my favorite girl."

"Aw, how many times have you said that to a girl before?" I teased, sticking my tongue out. He rolled his eyes and we continued grinding.

After the song ended, the boys continued partying with the other teammates, and me and Sarah headed back over to the open bar to continue drinking.

"Look what we have here..." A Girl said behind us. "The Two biggest whores in Chicago..."

"Your right," I Said. "Sarah, meet the two biggest whores in Chicago," I Laughed, pointing at these two slutty girls behind us.

One had Dirty Blonde hair, and the other was a Brunette. Both had on Short Jean Shorts like Me and Sarah did, and they were wearing Jerseys---except, they actually CUT parts of the jersey off for more exposure. They cut a part of the bottom off so you could see part of their stomach, and they cut it off around the shoulder area as well. I Think they did it to look...'Cuter', but they looked so slutty.

"Slut Number One And Slut Number Two," Sarah said, pointing at each of them and laughing as did i. The puckbunnies weren't so amused though.

"You two think just because your dating two of Chicago's top athletes your all that?" The Dirty Blonde slut said. "Don't act like you didn't know they cheat on you whenever they're on the road..."

"We've both been dating our boyfriends for almost a year now and both of them have stayed faithful ever since, thank you very much," Sarah said for us.

"Just because they SUPPOSEDLY don't cheat on you doesn't mean your any better then them..." The Brunette said. Then, she looked directly at me. "Patrick Kane can do WAY Better then a girl that lands him in jail..." She said, bringing up that night with Justin and all off that drama. That pissed me off.

"I'm not the one who put him in jail, idiot. I Wasn't even conscious to make any phone call with the Chicago Police. I Got knocked out after he accidentally hit me and i woke up the next morning in a hospital bed and he was already gone. Don't talk about stuff when you don't even fucking know the story," I Snapped.

"Yeah, he 'ACCIDENTALLY' hit you..." The slut laughed, as did her slutty friend.

"I'm about to Accidentally hit you," I Said, winding my fist up and about to strike, but for some reason, Sarah stopped me. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Whatever," The brunette said, rolling her eyes. Then, the Dirty Blonde Slut focused her attention on Sarah.

"What? You think just because you used to be with Kris Versteeg and now your with Patrick Sharp your all that? They only dared to get with you because they feel sorry for your ass since you obviously can't get a real boyfriend,"  She said to Sarah.

"I'M The one who can't get a real boyfriend?" Sarah asked. "Look at you and what your wearing! Your dressed like a fucking slut!  You Obviously are crying for attention looking like that and have in-security issues..."

"Oh honey, trust me, i can get a real guy and my personality isn't effected by what i wear," She said. "Your just jealous of me because i don't need to get symphony from a bunch of guys, i get what i want, WHEN I Want because i'm just that good and not some little whore like yourself."

Then, out of nowhere, Sarah just KNOCKED This bitch OUT COLD. No joke. She literally just SNAPPED when she called her a little whore and then she punched her right in the face and then the slut went right on the ground, unconscious. The other slut quickly started freaking out and screaming, causing a scene. Before we knew it, we were causing a scene and all eyes were on us and Sharpie and Kaner were running over by us.

"What the hell just happened?" Sharpie asked.

"Sarah just punched this bitch out cold!" I Shouted, with a huge smile on my face. Sharpie just looked at Sarah, jaw dropped.

"What? I don't look tough on the outside, and I'm not, but mess with me, I'll kick ass," Sarah said. Sharp just smiled.

Then, a big guy walked over to us, grabbed Sarah and put cuffs around her wrists.

"What the hell?" Kaner asked, confused.

"The girl's under arrest for assault," The man said.

"How the fuck was that assault!?" Sarah yelled.

"You Knocked her unconscious!" The man yelled back. I Just sighed. I Gotta do the right thing here i guess.

"If your gonna arrest her, your gonna have to arrest me too," I Said.

"Why?" The Man, Sharpie and Kaner asked.

"Cause of this," I Said.

Then, i grabbed the Brunette slut by her jersey and then, i knocked her out. One punch. That's beast. The guy immediately grabbed me and put me and handcuffs just like Sarah. I Just looked at her.

"Your such a good friend," Sarah said. I Shrugged.

"Eh, i've always wanted to get a mug shot anyway," I Said.

"We can be cellmates, that'd be awesome," She said.

Then, we got out of the handcuffs, we were confused and looked over at Sharp and Kane.

"We bribed him with Stanley Cup pictures," Kaner shrugged.

"You girls aren't going to jail," Sharpie said. "But you guys are being kicked out."

"Eh, whatever," Me and Sarah said.

"We'll be home in an hour," Kaner said. "Here's money for a taxi or something."

"Thanks," I Said.

I Kissed Kaner goodbye and Sarah did the same with Sharpie. Then, we left the bar and headed home.

*Bar, No POV*

"Damn, can you believe the girls actually got into a fight over us?" Patrick Sharp asked Patrick Kane as they went back to drinking from this little fight their girlfriends got into.

"They really must love us," Kaner laughed. "If someone said something about Sarah, would you kick their ass?"

"Depends, if a guy said something about her, i'd hurt him, but if it was a lady, i'd call up Kat and tell her to kick her ass, i know she'd have no problem doing that," He replied.

"True, very true..." Kaner laughed.

Then, both of the men took down a shot of Alcohol, and then, Patrick Sharp quickly remembered something important.

"KANER!" He shouted. "Remember back in Late March Sarah and I were helping you and Kat with your new place?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Kaner asked.

"Remember when the girls were fighting?" Sharpie asked. Kaner just smirked.

"Oh hell yeah i do..." He smirked, taking a small sip of Champagne.

"Remember what WE Were talking about when that happened!?" Sharpie asked. Kaner thought back for a moment, then he remembered.

"Oh yeah...that..." Kaner said. "What about it?"

"Well, we made a deal that if The Blackhawks won Lord Stanley, then we know..." Sharpie shrugged.

"Well, we won the Cup," Kaner said. "So, you think we should go through with the plan?"

"We made a deal and we said that if all of this happened, it was a sign, and that we should, so....i think we should," Sharpie said.

"I Guess if is meant to happen, it will, and so far, everything has happened," Kaner said.

"Your right," Sharpie said.

"So, we're REALLY going through with this?" Kaner asked.

"I Guess we are..." Sharpie shrugged.

Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp were making a decision that will effect their entire life's and would require some serious shaping up from both of them. It was risky, but they said that if things were meant to happen, they would happen, and that's been the case so far. Then, Sharpie swallowed down another shot of Whiskey, and turned over to his friend Kaner and spoke up.

"So...When you wanna go shopping for the engagement rings?"

To Be Continued...


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