Saturday, October 8, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Two // The Beginning of something magical

*October 8th, 2011, Chicago, IL, Kat&Patrick's House, 4pm*

"You sure i can't get you anything?" Patrick asked me in bed, taking a sip of Gatorade.

"I'm sure, just let me get a nap before the game," I Whimpered under the sheets.

Where do i even began. Since Patrick's proposal to me, things have been hectic. I Think i'm coming down with the flu, because whenever i eat, i always throw it right back up in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, but mostly morning. It sucks, and because of my schedule with WWE I haven't had time yet to make an appointment with my doctor. Tonight's the Blackhawks home opener, and Along with Sarah, Jamila, a couple other wifes and girlfriends of the Blackhawks and Heather, i'm attending the home opener against The Stars. I'm trying to get in a nap before i need to start getting ready. I HATE Getting sick. What sucks even more is that it wasn't until a couple weeks ago on that trip to D.C that i started getting fever's, nausea and constantly throwing up...

*Flashback- DC Trip*

"I Didn't know you got air sickness," Kristen laughed, reading one of those Teen Magazines with Big Time Rush on the cover as i came out of a bathroom on a jet to Washington.

"I Don't," I Rolled my eyes, sitting back down.

"Apparently you do, Miss Angel," Hunter said. "You've already thrown up three times on this trip..."

"Someone's observant," I Rolled my eyes.

I'm on a plane to do something WWE related in Washington, DC at the White House now. Why? I have no clue. Creative had nothing for Kristen this week, so i had her come with me for comical relief since out of the two bosses, My FAVORITE Boss, Hunter Helmsley attended the trip with me. Lovely. 

"Seriously,i haven't seen someone throw up this much since i last saw my 5-month old niece in Jersey a couple months ago," Kristen said as i rolled my eyes.

"Comparing me to a baby, nice," I Said.

"Well you act like one," Hunter mumbled, before picked up a newspaper and reading it. There was then snickers all over the jet from the camera guy, Kristen and Hunter after that.

"Bastards," I Said, adjusting my pants.

"I'm not a scientist or anything, but uh...i don't think those pants fit you," Kristen said.

"They fit!" I Said. "They just...they just...they aren't in the right...position."

"The right position?" Kristen asked, completely putting her magazine down.

"Yeah, the right position," I Said.

"Oh, well uh, what's the right position?" She asked. 

After she said that, i took a moment and thought about it, then i sighed and looked at her.

"Shut your filthy mouth, bitch," I Said, sighing and sitting down.

"Nice comeback," Hunter mumbled, still reading his newspaper.

"I Swear to god," I Said. "If you do-"

"Remember, i sign your paycheck at the end of the day," Hunter said.

"Funny because the last pay-check i got had Stephanies signature," I Said.

"Keep talking i'll make sure neither mine or Steph's signature is on anymore of your paychecks," He said.

"Then who would be pa-" I Began. "Oh..." I Said, bowing my head down. 

"Good job placing the pieces together, Einstein," Kristen rolled her eyes, picking up her magazine again.

"Alright, well, i can see the white house in view from here," Hunter said, looking out the window, then turning around to face me. "I Might as well explain exactly what we're doing here."

"Am i meeting Obama?" I Asked.

"Oh, hell no, Miss Angel, Hell no," Hunter began, as i rolled my eyes.

"Two hell no's in one sentence, says a lot, doesn't it Kat?" Kristen smirked, looking over at me.

"Don't you have a magazine or something to be reading?" I grumbled.

"I'm good," Kristen smiled as i rolled my eyes.

"See, this is what's going to happen..." Hunter began.


 "So, i am going to just walk around here on the white house lawn, holding a sign saying 'Victim of Conspiracy' with an arrow pointing down at me and saying i am going to Obama to get my rematch when really i'm not?" I Asked.

"Exactly!" Hunter said.

"I Swear to god the shit i do for this company..."  I Sighed.

"Come on,Strikey!" Kristen smirked at me.

"Shut up," I Sighed.

"Alright, let's start filming," The Camera man began.

"Alright, for now, just hold up the sign, and after a while or so, talk straight into the camera," Hunter said.

"Whatever," I Said rolling my eyes as they started rolling.

I had the sign up first and they zoomed in on it, but after they zoomed out to show me.

"Hello, WWE Universe," I Began. "Some of you may be asking yourself's why i am not here at Smackdown tonight to entertain you and actually give your money's worth, but the reason i'm not there is because i have bigger stuff to do. You see, I'm not at the arena tonight, I'm here, at the-"
"CUT!" I Heard someone say.

"What the hell do you mean cut!?" I Asked.

"Turn around," The camera guy sighed.

I turned around and saw Kristen behind me, snickering.

"Video Bomb. BOOM," She smirked as i sighed.

Hunter then walked over and just grabbed Kristen and started dragging her away.

"OW OW OW YOU'RE HURTING MY HAIR," Kristen squealed while being dragging.

"Go again, this time, NO Interuptions," He said, looking at Kristen for that last part, who just rolled her eyes. I Sighed and began again.

"Hello, WWE Universe. Some of you may be asking yourself's why i am not here at Smackdown tonight to entertain you and actually give your money's worth, but the reason i'm not there is because i have bigger stuff to do. You see,weeks ago, i was SCREWED out of my Undisputed Women's Championship simply because Teddy Long has a problem with me. That's why Referee Scott Armstrong screwed me over in my Championship match with Michelle McCool, and Teddy Long refuses to give me my rematch even though i CLEARLY Deserve one. So, i'm going to a power HIGHER then Teddy Long. I'm going to a power High then Triple H and Stephanie McMahon!" Then, i stopped and smirked. "I'm here, at The White House to talk to the President of the United States, Barack Obama," I Smirked again. "If Teddy won't give me my fair rematch, i'll make him..."

"Alright cut," The camera man yelled.

"Alright, next shot," Hunter said.

"I Feel like a movie star of some sort," I Said.

"Alright, lean up against the gate, and look pissed off," Hunter said.

"Oh i'm just not looking pissed off..." I Grumbled, leaning back on the gate with my sign down.

"Alright in the storyline you just got rejected from a meeting in the white house and now you're pissed off At Barack," Hunter said.

"I Know what i'm supposed to do," I Snapped quickly before rolling my eyes.

I Shot the little scene, blamed Barack Obama for being involved in this conspiracy against me, and then, i talked to a homeless person.

"Are you a Kasey Angel fan?" I Asked him. He was confused, but nodded. "Do you like President Obama?"

"Oh hell no," He said. "He's the reason i'm here and not in a house like most of america."

"You and i are on the same page then," I Said. "It's because of Obama that i am not The World Wrestling Entertainment Women's champion. Obama is everything wrong with this world. He is the mastermind behind this conspiracy against me."

"You sound crazier then me," The Homeless guy said. I Could hear Kristen laughing from a distance, i just rolled my eyes, but then i felt a weird feeling in my stomach and then i realized, i was about to throw up again.

"Sir, i wish you the best of luck in your future," I Said, quickly shaking his hand.

"We weren't even planning you to do that, but that's gonna be great!" Hunter smiled.

"Let's get back on the jet," I Said, speed-walking.

"Why the hurry?" Kristen asked.

"Let's just get on the damn JET!" I Yelled.

"Miss Angel, but we gotta-" Hunter Began.

"JET, NOW," I Snapped.

"Why the-"

"Oh for the love of god," I Said, as i started running away.

Before i knew it, i was throwing up on the white house lawn.

"Oh for the love of god," Hunter sighed.

"Throwing up on the white house lawn, that's new," The Camera Guy said.

"I Am so glad i came here," Kristen laughed.

*Present Day*

"I Still can't believe you threw up on the White House lawn," Patrick laughed as he lay in bed next to me.

"I Can't believe i'm even catching the flu," I Sighed.

"Well it's not like you got your flu shot or anything," He said.

"It's not my fault i have a fear of needles," I Said.

"Did you say your brother's covered in Tattoos though?" Pat asked.

"He's a rockstar in Britain, he basically has to have all these Tattoos to live up to the Stereotype," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Oh yeah i forgot," He said. "Come on, it's almost 4:30 and pretty soon the limo's coming to pick me up for the red carpet, get up," He said, slapping my ass to get me up.

"Ugh you're a grown man, pick out your own suit," I groaned.

"Well you gotta get ready to," He said.

"Sarah's not picking me up until 5:30," I Said.

"You girls aren't going to the red carpet this year?" Patrick asked in the bathroom.

"No point in dealing with crazy fangirls this year, especially since this year we're engaged," I Said.

"Gotcha," He said. "But it's gonna be weird not seeing you at the carpet like last year."

"And not kissing me like last year?" I Asked.

"Exactly," He said as i giggled.

"Don't worry, i'll still be at the game cheering you on," I Said getting out of bed and heading over to my closet.

"I Know, i know..." He said, coming back into the bed room. "But still."

"Hey, if you score tonight during the game," I Said, before pausing to put on my #88 Jersey. "You can score on me after the game," I Smirked.

"Goal #1 is coming right up," He smirked delightedly as he got on his 'I Am P.Kane' suit, with a purple tie.

"Aw, you're wearing my favorite color," I Said, looking at the tie.

"It's for the whole Hockey Fights Cancer thing actually, but i knew you'd like it," He smiled.

"Well, i likey," I Smirked.

"Of course you did," He smirked putting on some cologne.

"Ugh, that's too much," I Said.

"At least it's not strong like yours," Patrick said, spraying it in my face then smirking.

"Okay really," I Said picking up my perfume and spraying it back at him.

"Quit it, i don't wanna smell like Bieber," He laughed.

"It's not Bieber's perfume, i ran out of the on the road, it's Taylor Swift's new one," I Said.

"Oh, well in that case spray it all over," He smiled. "I Love me some Taylor Swift."

"We know you do," I Laughed.

*13:59, Third Period, United Center*

4-2, Hawks are in the lead against the Stars. Me, Sarah, Jamila and Heather are up in the Box together, each of us wearing our guys' jersey. We're pretty focused on the game, while eating of course. I'm eating my second batch of Nachos, and everyone else is just drinking. I Haven't had a drink all night though.

"We're getting those two points," Jamila smiled.

"There's still about 12 minutes in the 3rd left, they could notch 2 goals," Sarah said.

"They can and they will," Heather smiled. I Was quiet because my mouth was stuffed with nachos.

"HOLY SHIT," Sarah said.

We all looked down, and one of the Stars was on the ground, in pain. The play was stopped and they were trying to see what's wrong.

"It looks like it's his ankle or something," I Said.

"Oh my god," Heather began. "I Don't see #16 on the bench."

"Relax," Sarah said. "I Know Adam, he's a tough son a bitch, it's not him, i just know it."

"He's on his back, you can't see his number," Jamila said.

"Shut up Jammy," Sarah said.

"They're helping him off the ice now," I Said.

Then, with some help from two other Dallas Stars', they player got up, limping, and it was revealed that Sadly, it was Adam.

"Well then..." Sarah said.

"Oh My god," Heather said, getting up and running off.

"Is she really running down to check on him?" Jamila asked. "There's only almost 12 minutes left in the game, she couldn't wait?"

"At least she didn't respond like Kat did when Kaner got injured against the Flames last December," Sarah said.

"Stop bringing that up please," I rolled my eyes, grabbing another nacho. 

"No thanks," Sarah said. "Oh, and don't choke on all that stuff you're eating, it'd be a shame of you die."

"Haha, very funny," I Once again rolled my eyes.

"But seriously, i have never seen someone scarf down as much Nachos as you," Jamila said.

"I Like Nachos, so what?" I Said.

"Whatever, there's a game going on, that's more important," Sarah said, turning her attention back to the ice as Bolly just won a faceoff.


"HAWKS WIN!!!" Us three girls yelled as we were running down to the locker room.

"Kaner's getting lucky tonight," I Mumbled silently.

"What the hell did you just say?" Sarah asked me.

"Nothing, nothing at all," I Said.

"Okay then..." Sarah said.

We waited outside the locker room for the media to get out and the boys to get dressed and ready, then the boys came out.

"Ladies," Sharpie smirked, walking over to Sarah.
"You guys did great! Jamila said as Corey walked over to her.

"I believe i'm scoring again tonight," Kaner winked at me, i smirked.

"Oh god," Sharpie sighed.

"You shouldn't be talking, isn't tomorrow the one year anniversary when you two became official?" Kaner said.

"Awah!" Jamila said.

"Don't be Awahing them," I Said. "Explain how you two met."

"Me and Soupy were at the mall picking out suits before the red carpet, we both weren't playing because of injuries and we ran into Kat and Sarah and it was love at first site for me and Her," Sharpie smiled.

"Next thing i know, the hawks and Kat and I are at his place for an after-party to celebrate a win against the Wings, me and him are in his hot tub making out and i'm spending the night," Sarah smiled, but quickly frowned. "God i am such a slut." We all laughed after that.

"Even me and Kat didn't have sex until the night before i asked her to move in and become my girlfriend," Kaner said.

"You guys are so classy," Corey said.

"And dirty," Jamila said. We all just rolled are eyes.

"How bout we round some of the guys up real quick and then head back to my place?" Sharpie said.

"Sure, but we should go check to see if Adam's fine first," I Said.

"Yeah, we probably should," Sarah agreed.

Then, we headed down the hall to the other locker room and we saw Adam up on a table with ice on his ankle.

"Whats the matter, Bur?" Sharpie asked.
"Fractured Ankle, something like that," He said. "I gotta wear a stupid boot and i won't be able to play until at least the game in November against the Caps."

"Sorry man," Sharpie said, patting him on the back.

"Actually, this is like a blessing in disguise," Heather said.

"How is me getting injured a blessing?" Adam asked.

"Cause we don't have to see you playing horribly," Kaner laughed.

"Very funny, little peak-a-boo," Bur said.

"What i mean is," Heather began. "Now, i have a date for the wedding!"

"You do?" Sarah asked. 

"Yeah! I Can take off of WWE and we can pick it for a day the Hawks and Stars both don't have games, and we can have it in Wisconsin so we'll be by your family," Heather smiled.

"Really?" Adam smiled.

"Yeah," Heather said. "How about November 5th?"

"That's good for the Hawks and the Stars," Corey said.

"And i think us three could take the day off with WWE," I Said.

"Great!" Heather said. "We have a wedding date!" 

Then, the two kissed as we all cheered. A Hawks win and a wedding. Boy, the future's gonna have  A LOT in store for us....

Authors Note-

Excited much about this chapter? Me personally, no. I had trouble with this tbh. Okay, so i've made it clear to most of you i'm posting the last chapter in this story sometime in December and i have everything mapped out for the rest of the story, i'm just having trouble spacing them out. So yeaaah. Feedback please. Should have a new one up sometime next week :) 


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