Sunday, September 18, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-One // If at first you don't succeed...

*September 17th, 3pm*

"She's so bipolar, i swear to god, one moment she want's us to be friend's since we're roomies and we have a storyline, then she absolutely hates my guts and thinks I'm the worst athlete to ever step foot in a wrestling ring," I Sighed.

"You're better then her AND one of the top stars, shouldn't you just complain to management and get her fired?" Sarah said as she was pulling into the mall.

"I Know i'm the best, but right now she's champion," I Said.

"Because the ref screwed you," She said.

The Wedding has come and gone, just like Summer. For me, nothing big has been going on with WWE. I'm still doing my storyline with Michelle, and she's still constantly making me want to strangle her until her eyes pop out of her head. Night Of Champions was this past weekend in Buffalo. I Visited Erica and spent the day with her---Like i said, me and her have become GREAT Friends since i met her---And then for the Pay-Per View, i 'Lost' to Michelle. I Had my foot on the bottom rope for the 2count, but the ref didn't see it. Since then, i've been doing my "There's a conspiracy against me" Gimmick about how WWE Doesn't want me to be Champion because i'm not a former Playgirl or human Barbie Doll. It's sadly somewhat like what Punk and Orton are doing with the world title, but i'm doing my best to make it more original....even though it really isn't.

The Blackhawks just got done with Training camp. Yesterday they addressed the media and did fitness testing. Today, they headed back to the U.C- except for Sharpie. Sadly, he and the boys were at a golf tourny the other day and he didn't feel too good and when he went to go get checked out, he found out he needed his appendix removed. Sarah went through how i felt when Patrick needed surgery on his wrist- worried as fuck, but he's doing better now, but still not fully recovered.   Pre-season starts on Wednesday. Both me and Patrick are back into Working mode basically. There's about a week or two left until Regular Season.

Back when Sharpie scored the winning OT goal in Game four against the Bolts back in June to win us the cup, when we had the Parade, after that, Patrick, Me, Sarah and Sharpie went to the Pier for the night to celebrate some more, and we talked about going on a boat for the night before the season started as our final remembrance of the Summer of Stanley 2011, and tonight's that night. The Boat's called 'Spirit Of Chicago' and it's leaving at 7:30pm tonight and won't be back until 11pm. Sad for Sharpie, he can't eat certain foods since he just got his surgery less then a week ago, and he probably can't eat too much of the Buffet, depending on what they serve. To get on the boat, however, there's a dress code, and we have to dress formal, and be honest- do us four really seem like we could possibly own formal clothing? Okay, Sharpie has a couple formal clothing, but Sarah, Kaner and I? We're heading to the mall to pick up some dresses and I'm picking up something from Patrick since he's at home napping from the long, hard day, especially since he's not 100% with his splint still on and today was one of his first times on the ice since the surgery.

"Michelle is just so annoying," I Said, as we were walking into the mall. "I Really want this storyline to end, i just can't work with her."

"Just do what i do when i'm surrounded by bitches," Sarah said, sniffing out some perfume, before making a disgusted face and putting it back. "Grow a pair and deal with it."

"If i'm getting money in my wallet by the end of the day, i will, but they're not paying me enough to deal with her bullshit," I Said. "Look at this," I Said, lifting up my shirt slightly.

"That's not public appropriate," Sarah said. "But DAMN that's a huge scar."

"The Night before the tapings, it was like midnight and we just got to the hotel and i was watching the 90s are all that block since it was on in bed," I Said. "Apparently i had it up too loud and instead of asking me to turn it down like a normal person, she grabs the lamp next to her and throws it at me."

"You for real?" Sarah asked as we stepped on an escalator.

"I Wish i was kidding," I Rolled my eyes.

"Seriously, man up and just go switch roommates! What about the Kathryn girl?" Sarah asked.

"EW, just....EW!" I Said, shivering by the last ew. "You know EXACTLY how i feel about her yet your expecting me to room with her?"

"SUGGESTIONS," Sarah said. "Gosh. But seriously, you and Michelle have a super un-healthy friendship."

"I Don't think you can even call it a friendship anymore," I Rolled my eyes, as we started walking again. "She's really making it easy for me to not feel bad about being heel and hurting her."

"Hurting her? I Thought she just selled it?" Sarah asked.

"Sometimes she is," I Rolled my eyes, and flipping my hair.

"Whoa," Sarah said. "When did you dye your hair?"

"It's been dyed since i got in the car with you, dumbass," I rolled my eyes.

Because of my new "Avenged Angel" Like gimmick i'm pursuing, i'm somewhat changing my look too, and i decided to dye my hair dark black, and next week, i'm planning on having Jewel--Shannon Moore's wife and the head of design in WWE--- design me a new attire in all black, and i'm gonna start wearing dark eyeliner as well. I'm taking a pretty big turn, to say the least.

"I Know that, but like, when?" She asked.

"Oh i got it on the road with 'Chelly," I Smiled, referring to Michelle. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks and raised an eyebrow at me.

"And this was after she threw a lamp at you?" She asked.

"She felt sorry," I Shrugged.

"You have absolutely no back-bone with her," Sarah said. "One minute you can't stand her, the next you're best friends."

"Let's just stop talking about her."

"I Never even wanted to start talking about her, so i'm cool with that," Sarah said.

We then walked into one of the clothing stores where they sell dresses at. We started looking around at dresses, and it wasn't too long before Sarah found a black dress, but she didn't want it. I, however, did. I Was gonna go try it on, but then she found a beautiful dress that was just her size and went to try it on before me real quick. She came out and it was a PERFECT Fit.

A Couple minutes later, I Went to go try on that black dress, but it didn't fit.

"That's weird," Sarah said as i walked out of the dressing room with the dress.

"What's weird?" I Asked, putting the dress back on the rack.

"That's the same size as the dress i'm getting," She said.

"Your point?" I Asked, starting to look at other dresses.

"You and i have been the same size literally since we met," Sarah said. "And that doesn't fit you."

"I've been eating slightly more then usual," I Shrugged.

"You went up a whole size," Sarah said. "You've been eating WAY More then usual."

"Whatever," I Rolled my eyes, before seeing this BEAUTIFUL Red dress that was one size bigger. I Grabbed it and went to go try it on- Perfect fit.

We paid for the dresses, then headed across the mall to a men's clothing store so i could get something for Patrick.

"He's not a suit kind of person, so i think i'll just get him a white collar t-shirt with some-" I Began, but stopped after "Moves Like Jagger", My ringtone started playing. I Rolled my eyes, but stopped when i saw the caller ID. "ARGH."

"Who is it?" Sarah asked.

"Stephanie McMahon," I Rolled my eyes.

"What did you do this time, eh?" Sarah smirked.

"Ugh, shut up, i'll put it on speaker," I Said as i answered, only to realize it was a pre-recorded message, so i can't really say anything but just listen.

"Hello, Kat. This is Stephanie McMahon, WWE's CEO in charge of  Creative Development and Operations."

"Like you forgot who she was overnight," Sarah rolled her eyes, as did i.

"As you know, right now you're involved in a huge storyline, basically the only one in the Women's division right now, it's big," Stephanie said. "Because it's so big, we're expanding it outside of the WWE Ring. Monday after noon in Chicago, a private jet will be sent to pick you up and take you to Washington D.C. Tuesday afternoon, you will head to the white-house to further this storyline. Instructions on exactly what you'll be doing there will be given monday afternoon, but for now, just make sure you have nice formal clothes to wear, you will be at the White-House, you know. See you then!"

My jaw was just dropped after that.


"I'm gonna screw this up big time," I Sighed, going back to look at shirts.

"And i'm gonna sneak on that jet to see you screw this up," Sarah said. I Rolled my eyes.

I Picked out some pants and a shirt for Patrick and purchased them, then we left the store

"I Think we should hit up the food court before we go, i'm STARVING," I Said.

"Alright, but make sure you keep the Reciet for the dress," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Because you'll probably go up another size," Sarah said. I Just rolled my eyes as we walked into the food court and got some food.


"How long does it take a girl to get ready?" Patrick yelled at me from downstairs.

"Forever," I Shouted back at him, upstairs putting on some make-up.

"They're already here!" He shouted back at me.

"Make them wait!" I Shouted.

"They have the tickets for the boat, we keep them waiting they go without us," Patrick shouted.

"UGH, I'm coming, gosh," I Rolled my eyes, finishing up my make-up.

After that i started making my way downstairs and saw Patrick in Black dress pants, black dress shoes and the new White collared shirt i picked up for him today. He was just leaning up against the door, playing with his cell-phone or something, then he saw me walk down the stairs and stopped and just looked at me.

"You look beautiful," Patrick said. "I Feel like i just won the lottery," He said as i started blushing slightly.

"Come on, Sharpie's outside waiting," I Said.

Patrick opened up the front door for me and we went outside and got into Sharpie's car. Him and Sarah were up front so Kaner and i got the back.

About 20 minutes later, we arrived at the Navy Pier and got into a line for the boat we were going on. We actually had to wait another 30 minutes so we could get on the boat. When we do though, we were told we would be on the lower deck so we had to go downstairs to get there.

"So, ladies," Sharpie said. "Whatcha think eh?"

"I Love it," I Smiled, looking around.

"I'd love it even more if i saw some food around here," Sarah said. Sharpie chuckled.

"Once the boat docks off, there's gonna be a buffet right over there," Sharpie said, pointing to the open space. "And right here," He said, leading us over to a table for four near one of the windows. "Is where we will enjoy our night down here."

"Of course, we can go to the upper deck if we choose, but we'll definitely head up their for fireworks," Kaner said as we sat down.

"You boys really went all out,"Sarah said.

"We're MEN, not boys," Sharpie said.

"You still act like boys," I Said.

"If we're old enough to have girlfriends, we're men," Kaner said.

"My niece is in Pre-K and already has a boyfriend," Sarah said.

"Your niece gets more action then you, doesn't she?" Kaner smirked as Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I Bet the boy doesn't have balls like we do," Sharpie said.

"Are we really fighting whether you men or boys?" I Asked, sighing.

"No, we're just having a disagreement, and you girls have a very invalid argument," Kaner said.

"It's called BOYFRIENDS, not MENFRIENDS," I Said.

"Well, Kaner's you're Boyfriend, i'm her Fiancee', so....yeah," Sharpie smirked as Kaner sighed, then rolled his eyes.

Then, some guys who work on the boat came out and talked for a while, then the boat took off. The buffet was gonna open soon, but not yet, but the bar is open.

"What do you girls want?" Patrick asked.

"Champagne, it's classy," Sarah smiled.

"Unlike you," I mumbled. "Same with me."

"Coming right up," Sharpie smiled as he and Kaner got up and walked across the room to the bar.

"What if the boat crashes and sinks?" I Asked Sarah.

"Like Titanic?"

"Yeah. I hate water, i'll drown to death...Oh My god i need to get OFF, Now," I Said, about to run away until Sarah grabbed my arm.

"I've seen Kaner swim, the ship drowns he'll save your life while leaving me and Patrick fighting for our lives, trust me..." Sarah said.

"Here you lovely ladies go," Kaner said with two glasses of Champagne in his hand as he handed them to me and Sarah. Sharpie had two in his hand for him and Kaner.

"Why thank you," I Smiled while taking a sip.

"Anything for you," Patrick smiled back at me, before taking a sip himself.

"OOH, the buffet's finally open," Sarah said.

"OH THANK YOU JESUS," I Said, quickly running toward the buffet to get some food.

"Someone's hungry..." Sharpie commented as i ran over.

"She's been eating a lot all day," Sarah said.

"I Know she has a thing for food, but i've never seen her eat this much..." Patrick said, as i was walking back with a piece of Garlic Bread, mashed potatoes, a small side of salad and two ribs.

"Like i said, someone's hungry..." Sharpie commented again.

"Whatever," I Said, with a mouth full of food.

"That is a lot of food..." Kaner said.

"I'm not sharing," I Said, after i swallowed.

"I Learned that the hard way," Sarah mumbled right before rolling her eyes.

Then, the other three went to go get food, and when they came back, we started eating and talking.

"So, have you two been thinking about your wedding yet?" I Asked Sarah and Sharpie.

"As of right now, we should be married by this time next year," Sarah smiled.

"July, August or VERY earlier September wedding for sure, maybe depending on how early our season ends next year, could be a spring wedding," Sharpie said.

"No official date though, but i wanna head back to the Bahamas since that's where you proposed," Sarah smiled at him.

"You two gonna buy all the guests plane tickets there?" Patrick asked them. "Plane tickets to the Bahamas AREN'T Cheap, and usually theres at least 200 people at a wedding."

"You know maybe we could have it somewhere in Chicago or Thunder Bay," Sarah said after having the thought of being responsible for getting 200 people out of two separate countries for a day or two.

"What about a wedding dress?" I Asked with a mouth full of ribs.

"Mouth closed, please," Sarah said, handing me a napkin, "And like i said, the wedding is almost a year away, but i want Vera Wang."

"Beautiful," I Said, wiping off the sauce on my face. "You still eating that?" I Asked, pointing to some garlic bread on Sarah's plate.

"Actually i-" Sarah began.

"Good," I Said, snatching it away.

"Actually, i was gonna eat that," Sarah said, annoyed. "BUT NO, go ahead, Kat, whatever feel like..."

"Exactly," I Said, stuffing my mouth with the garlic bread.

We continued eating, then they started playing some music. At first, i didn't care for it, but then they started a conga line.

"OOOH Conga line!" I Smiled. "Come on," I Said, grabbing Patrick's hand and running over there.

"Someone's excited," Patrick smirked after he and i got in the conga line.

Eventually, Sarah and Sharpie joined our conga line, but then they slowed things down and played 'Today was a fairytale' by Taylor Swift. Patrick and i broke apart from everyone else and just slow danced together to that song.

"Did i ever tell you how much i loved Taylor Swift?" Patrick whispered. "Makes sense i slow dance with you to one of her songs."

"You said that same thing back in June when we were dancing to BSB," I Giggled.

"Mad love for BSB," Patrick said. "But Taylor...she knows how to capture a heart."

"Totally," I Smiled.

We danced to a couple more songs, then it was 10pm, and in 30 minutes, fireworks would be going off across the Navy Pier, so we went up to the top upper deck of the boat and there was a table with four seats. We grabbed them and put them at the front and sat there and continued talking as more people came up.

"Is it me, or do i just not feel like sitting anymore," Patrick said.

"Just you," Sharpie said, as Kaner elbowed him in the gut. "Yeah i'm feeling in the mood to stand all of a sudden."

"Same," Sarah said.

"Eh, whatever," I Said. We all pushed our chairs to the side and stood up.

Pretty soon, the fireworks began. Sharpie's arms were around Sarah, Kaner's around mine, but soon, i felt them get off of me, but whatever. I just continued watching fireworks.

Then, i saw a firework go off in the shape of a heart, with the initials K.D right next to it. I Just smiled. Then, there were more words. One word after another, until eventually it said, 'Will You Marry Me?'. Everyone watching on the boat let out a bunch of "Awe's" and "Ooohs" after that and tried to figure out who was proposing to who.

"Aww," I Smiled, still watching the fireworks. "Someone asked a girl with the initials K.D to marry him via Danny did in Full House," I Giggled. "So cute."

I Waited a moment for Patrick to agree with me like he always does, but no response out of him. I Shrugged, then, i saw People were looking at me- well no, behind me to be exact. At first, i thought they were pervs, but then, i noticed Sharpie and Sarah were also looking behind me, and well...that would just be wrong of them to look back there, so i figured there was something interesting behind me, so i shrugged then turned around, and just gasped.

Behind me was Patrick, kneeling down on one knee, with a ring in his hand. I Was just frozen. Absolutely frozen.

"I Love you so much," Patrick said. "You're my best friend and the only person who actually knows what it's like to be me, you get me, and you actually like me for me, Patrick Timothy Kane, not Patrick Kane that womanizing guy on that hockey team. You've been there for me when the world shut me out, forgave me for all these childish mistakes i've made, About a year ago it was that rainy night in Chicago where i had you stay the night with me, and the very next day i asked you to be my girlfriend. In this past year, we've been through so much, and our love keeps getting stronger, and i want it to continue to keep getting stronger. Katrina Alexis Dawson, i love you with all my heart and i want to spend the rest of eternity with you. Will you marry me?"

I Was still frozen, but i could feel tears strolling down my face, as i grew a smile on my face.

"Yes," I Managed to choke up.

He quickly got up and slid the ring on my finger, wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed. I Could hear everyone around us clapping and the sound of the fireworks still going off, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was that i was in Patrick's arms.

"I Can't believe we're engaged," I Smiled, as we broke apart from one kiss.

"I've tried to propose before, but everything kept getting in the way every time when i spent countless hours planning it," Patrick said. "So today, i just slipped the ring in my back pocket, talked to the firework guys and told no one else and just did it."

The fireworks were having their big finale and Me and Patrick watched that, then when they ended, we continued kissing.

"Picture!" Sarah said with her camera in hand. Sharpie had his camera phone in hand too, so i'm guessing he would take a picture to forward to me and Patrick so i could send it to my other friends.

Me and Patrick posed together, My back to his chest. He had his arms around my waist and was kissing my right cheek as i smiled and showed off my ring as they took a picture.

"I'll forward it to both of you," Sharpie said.

I Quickly took out my cellphone after i received the picture mail. I Sent it to my Twitter and Facebook page and sent it to all my contacts with the message 'First Step To Forever...'. The people who i sented it to included Phil and Kristen, Jammy, Heather, Adam, Nikie, John, Jenny, and i also sent it to Erica, i didn't have Donna's number but I'm sure Erica will show her. Quickly after that, my facebook and twitter blew up with mentions and i kept getting messages, but i ignored them.

The only person i didn't send it to was Justin. I Don't really care about everyone else like i care about Justin, and i'd rather tell him in person.

By now, it was time to board off the boat. They got it tied up at the dock, then let us all off and handed us each homemade cookies as we got off.

"Man...what a summer," Sharpie said.

"Who would of thought that by the start of the 2011-12 season that Chicago's Most Beautiful Man and Chicago's head Womanizer AND Two goal scorers of Stanley Cup winning games would end up starting the season engaged to the most beautiful girls in Chicago," Kaner said.

"I Sure didn't," I Smiled, taking a bite of my cookie.

"Seriously, best summer of my life," Sarah smiled, glancing down at her engagement ring.

"This feels like a dream," Sharpie said. "I Never thought i'd get to be so blessed growing up."

"Me neither, especially with how hard of a time i gave my Parents," Kaner said as we all began laughing.

"You realize that now that word's out me and Kat are both engaged to you to we have become the most wanted girls among puckbunnies, right?" Sarah said.

"Let them talk and hate and wish they were you girls," Sharpie said. "It doesn't matter at the end of the day."

"You're right," I Smiled. "It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of us."

"Exactly," Kaner said, before kissing me.

"Come on, it's super cold, let's get back to the chevy and head home and cuddle," Sarah smirked, looking at Sharpie.

"I agree with her," I Said, looking back at Patrick.

"Alright," The boys said.

Then, Me and Sarah got on their backs and they took off full speed toward the Chevy. Sharpie unlocked all the doors and he and Sarah got up front while me and Kaner got in the back. After i got in and buckled along with Kaner, Sharpie started the car as i laid my head on Patrick Shoulder and cuddled up close to him.

"Today was a fairytale."


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