Saturday, November 5, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Four // Wanna be startin' something

*Friday Night, November 4th, No POV, NYC, A-Ry's apartment*

Alex was sitting at the kitchen table, 7:30pm. Friday Night Smackdown was about to come on and he was gonna watch his girlfriend, Kathryn Prince wrestle, but he couldn't concentrate or sit still. His foot was tapping and you could tell by his face something was bothering him.

"Okay...what's wrong?" Kathryn asked him, with a bottle of water in hand.

"Nothing," He gritted through his teeth.

"How dumb do you think i am?" She asked him.

"Do you really want me answering that?" He asked her, she just frowned. "Look, it's nothing..." He said, as he got up from the table and headed over to the living room, looking out the window to see the New York Skyline.

"Your still not bothered by Heather getting married, are you?" Kathryn asked.

"Look why do you think i still care about her?!" I Snapped.

"You just seem to be acting strange and have been for the past couple of weeks since you found out!" She said.

"I'M FINE!" I Shouted, before punching a wall and turning back around. Kathryn just cowered back, scared after seeing me. I Just sighed.

"I Need a breather..." I Said. Then i grabbed a jacket and my keys and just left the apartment.

I Ran down the stairs and into the lot. I Slammed my car door shut as i got in a turned on the car and radio.

"I Gotta stop that wedding...."

*The Next Day, Noon, Madison, WI, Country Club, One hour before the wedding, Adam's POV*

"65 and Sunny, Beautiful day to get married!" I Smiled, driving a go-kart.

Heather and I decided to get married in the backyard of a local country club with the reception inside the country club. I'm not a golfer, so i wasn't playing golf, but who doesn't love go-karts? I Was just riding around this beautiful Country Club and i also got a sneak peek of the backyard where the wedding would be, beautiful. In the past four weeks, my lower body injury has been heeling, so i finally got my boot off just in time for the wedding, but i still have one crutch. Sharpie and Kaner were riding with me since they were two of the only guys here with me.

"Man, i can't believe your getting married to my girlfriend's best friend," Kaner told me.

"Funny how life works out," I Smiled. "You still got my ring, right?" I Asked Sharpie.

"Of course i-" He said, but paused. Then, he had a look of panic on his face.

"Oh you son of a-" I Began.

"Relax!" Sharpie said, pulling the ring out his his pocket.

"I Hate you," I Said. "In fact," Then i pushed him off the go-kart.

"NOT FUNNY," Sharpie said.

"Later, dude," I Smirked, before taking off toward the front of the club.

"I'M MARRYING YOU TWO!" Sharpie shouted back. "YOU CAN'T JUST DUMP ME!"

"He Just did!" Kaner shouted back, laughing.

After we got to the front, i grabbed a beer from the bar and stayed at the front, welcoming guests as they arrived and checking to make sure everything was okay, up until i had to go get my tux on.

*Heathers POV*

"HEATHER!" Kat yelled. "You got my fucking bridesmaids dress in the wrong size!"

"I DID NOT!" I Yelled, doing my make-up. "I Got your size right!"

"Then how come this won't zip up!?" She yelled.

"Because you can't stop stuffing your face that's why!" I Yelled.

"Sweet Jesus, Calm down!" Sarah yelled. "Heather you may have gotten her size wrong and Kat, you have been stuffing your face a lot lately."

"Shut up," Kat rolled her eyes.

"Here," Kristen said, walking over to Kat to help her. "Just suck in."

"I Am sucking in," Kat said.

"Oh..." Kristen said. "Well...suck in some more!"

"Heather, did i ever thank you for choosing to have your wedding while i'm pregnant?" Nikie asked.

"No," I Said.

"GOOD," Nikie said, rolling her eyes, as did i.

"Sorry i'm late!" Jenny said.

"Oh, You BETTER Be sorry!" I Yelled.

"Well i am!" She shouted back. "And i got your dress."

"GOOD, because i'm tired of this stupid robe," I Said, grabbing my dress and going to go change.

"We're gonna go make sure everyone's here and ready," Nikie said.

"Yeah, and I'll go check make sure Adam didn't run off," Sarah said, causing me to stop dead in my tracks.

"Do you really think he'd just run off!?"I Asked nervously.

"Relax, i was kidding," Sarah said.

"WELL DON'T," I Said, as i went into the bathroom in the room to change into my dress.

My hair and make-up was done, so after i got my dress on, all i had to do was get my veil on. After i got it on, i took one last look in the mirror, and smiled. Then i heard footsteps.

"Heather!" I Heard a male voice say, i figured it was Adam and rolled my eyes.

"We're not supposed to see each other for another 20 minutes when the ceremony starts, Adam!" I Yelled, putting on my veil.

"It's not Adam," The voice said again, i stopped putting my veil on and just opened the door, and i saw Alex.

"Alex...what are you-"

"Heather, i made a mistake," Alex said. "I Should have never laid a hand on you and sneaked around with Kathryn behind your back."

"But you did," I Said.

"I Know, but i shouldn't have," He said. "Look, i thought i was too good for you, but when i heard about You and this new guy... i realized, i still love you."

I Froze, and just gulped.

"Well...your too late," I Said. "You messed around with my heart. Just like Ryan, Zack, Sidney, Heath, Wade and Hell, Even Justin. Adam's different, he's never done anything to hurt me, and he won't, and i'm actually in love with him." He sighed.

"And no matter what i say, you're still walking down that aisle to marry him, aren't you?" Alex asked.

"Afraid so," I Said to him. He bit his lip and sighed.

"Fine, i understand, you deserve it," Alex said.

Then, he hugged me. I Slowly put my arms around him, weirded out. Then, we broke apart.

"Go down that aisle, and marry Adam," Alex said. "Be happy."

"I will," I Said.

Then, he leaned down to kiss me passionately on me cheek, and Nikie walked in right in the middle of it, and after he broke away is when he noticed.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Nikie asked him.

"Nikie, it's fine," I Said.

"The hell it is!" She shouted.

"Calm down," Alex said.

"JOHN" Nikie shouted, as John Cena came rushing in.

"Yeah?" He asked her.

"Kick his ass," Nikie said. "NO ONE IS RUINING THIS WEDDING!"

Then, John did as his Baby Mama said and charged at Alex and the two got into a fist fight.

"GUYS!" I Yelled. Then, i grabbed John by his tux collar and pulled him off of Alex. "Stop!"


"It was about goodbye!" I Said, still holding John back.

"And i was just leaving!" Alex said, picking himself up.

"Really?" Nikie asked, slightly less pissed off. We just nodded. She just looked back at Alex. "'s my hair?" She asked, heading to the bathroom for the mirror.

"How's YOUR hair? I'm the one who just got into a fist fight!" John said, trailing behind her as my little brother- the guy who's walking me down the aisle- came in.

"Heather, it's 1pm, time for the wedding," He said.

"I'll be right out after i get on my veil," I Said as he nodded. Then i took one last look at Alex. "Goodbye, Kevin."

"Bye Heather..." He said, walking out as i got my veil on. Time to officially become Mrs. Adam Burish.

*Front of the country club, No POV*

Every wedding guest was out in the back, ready to watch Heather and Adam officially wed, and Alex Riley was just walking out as he ran into someone- His girlfriend, Kathryn Prince. Her arms were crossed and she was just looking at him as he sighed.

"How'd you find me here," Alex asked.

"After an hour, i knew you were heading this way, so i grabbed a plane ticket and beat you here," Kathryn said.

"Okay, look-" Alex began.

"No, you look," Kathryn said. "I Know I'm not the nicest person, but that doesn't mean i don't have feelings, or a heart. I Didn't like only being 50% of your priority when you were dating me AND Heather, and you said after you dumped her, i'd be #1. You get charged for assult on a female, alright, fine, everyone makes mistakes. You go to your ex's wedding and try to break it up...i've had enough." Alex felt a lump in his throat and sighed.

"What are you saying," He asked, blankly.

"I'm saying if i can't be the #1 girl in your heart, i can't be anything to you," Kathryn said. "Good-bye, Kevin," She said blankly before walking off, officially leaving Alex all alone.


First, Patrick Sharp and the soon to be Sarah Sharp walked down the aisle as Patrick Sharp was the guy making the marriage official tonight. Then, Mrs. Burish and Adam's dad. Then Adam's best man from Wisconsin and his little sister. Then Nikie and John Cena, the maid of honor. Then Patrick Kane and his soon to be Mrs., Kat Dawson. Then, finally, Riley Kerwin was about to walk his Sister, Heather down the aisle. Everyone stood up to watch, and sat down when she was down the aisle, standing right next to Adam, both smiling at each other. Then, they looked at tonight's Pastor, Patrick Sharp.

"LADIES AND GENTS," Patrick Sharp shouted. "We are gathered here today to celebrate sweet, spontaneous lovin'. Adam, do you STILL, take Heather to be your wife, no matter what curveballs fate chucks at you?" Adam smiled, then nodded.

"Yeah, i do," He smiled.

"And Heather...kinda the same deal," Patrick said.

"You know i do," Heather smiled at him.

"The ring," Patrick said, handing the ring to the best man who handed it to Adam, who put it on Heather's finger. "Well then by the power invested in me, and the fact that you two are already actually married, i now OFFICIALLY pronounce you, Mr. Adam Burish and Mrs. Heather Kerwin-Burish! And you can now OFFICIALLY kiss your bride!"

Everyone around clapped as the two kissed.

"I Love you," Adam whispered to Heather after the kiss.

"I Love you too," Heather smiled as they headed inside the country club.

Once inside, everyone got into their tables, and then, Heather and Adam had there first dance, to 'Until You', By Dave Barnes.

"I Need you, Now and forever
Just stay right here with me
Don't ever leave...
Love was kept
From me like a secret
I Swore that i was through....
Until You..."

*The next night, United Center, Jamila's POV*   

"Yeah, Crawford made 32 stops and Jonny scored twice," I Said to Kat over the phone as i was making my way to the lockeroom in the UC. "I Still don't get why you and Sarah stayed in Wisconsin....really? In like, 50 degree weather you two would do that? Bitch it's pneumonia type weather and your already fucking sick! God you two are stupid....alright i'll see you at the Live show Tuesday,  later."

Kat and Sarah stayed over in Wisconsin to do some water activity---which Kat mentioned Over and Over against she was dragged to by Sarah against her will--- even though i'm pretty sure if someone went near water, they'd get pneumonia and die, but whatever floats their boat i guess. I didn't go to the wedding, so i stayed in Chicago and tonight Vancouver was in town. The other hockey wifes and girlfriends were at the game to selling Lokomotiv Bracelets in honor of that Russian team that suffered a plane crash. We raised a lot of money and the Hawks got Lu out of the game middle of the second after four goals. They ended up beating the Canucks 7-2. Not a good start for Vancouver, but an excellent one for Chicago. While i was walking down to the Lockerroom to greet my man, i bumped into someone and felt rage flow through me.

"GOD DAMMIT WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!" I yelled instantly, not even knowing who i was yelling at.

"Who, calm down," A Shirtless guy said. He wasn't a Blackhawks player, but i recongized him.

"Please tell me you were in the game tonight because if not, i might have to report you to the cops for being shirtless in a family enviroment," I Said. He laughed.

"Relax, i'm a Vancouver player," He said. "#3, Kevin Bieksa."

"Jamila Aiden-Cena, Girlfriend of the Goalie who blocked all of your shots tonight," I Said coldly. He sighed.

"My one shot should have at least been under-review," He said.

"Well it wasn't," I Said back.

"Feisty," He said, quickly smirking. "I Like Feisty."

"Too bad i don't like you," I Said.

"You don't even know me," Kevin said.

"Doesn't mean i'll like you any better once i 'Know you'," I Said.

"I think you will though," Kevin said.

"Look, i just wanna go see my boyfriend, so good-bye," I Said, but Kevin didn't let me go.

"I Just walked past the Blackhawks locker room, your boyfriend just got out of his gear and is changing now and in about two minutes, media should come in for five minute interviews. Then he'll pack all his gear up into his bag, get up stairs into the parking lot to meet you and that'll take another five minutes, so we have about 10 minutes to know...'Get to know eachother'."

I Looked at Kevin and gulped.

"I Don't feel right getting to know someone who doesn't have a shirt on," I Said as he smirked.

"Don't worry, by the time we're done getting to know each other, you'll be topless too," He smirked, grabbing my hand.

He lead me over to a supply closet or something, and i willingly went with him and even locked the door.

Kevin was right- by the end of ten minutes, i was topless, without pants or panties on and hurrying to get on my clothes.

I Just cheated on Corey, and worst- i didn't even feel an ounce of guilt for doing so.


  1. Damn A ry getting dumbed. Awe Heather and Bur officially married now. Oh snap Jammy cheating on Crawford. I wonder what will happen. Can't wait for more!

  2. -________________________- REALLY?! Why a supplies closet?!! Wait no, I would of felt A LOT of guilt! I mean, I know I regret nothing, but that's something I will regret later on lol. WAIT! What the fuck?! Wham Bam thank you ma'am!? That's it?! Sweet baby Jesus, you better update soon.

  3. I'd Like to say one thing... As I'm reading this.. I'm yawning and half asleep and its 6am and I can't fall back asleep LOL. But anyways, A Ry... That man just... Adjslef, trying tO ruin heather's wedding? Not cool but aw Heather and Adam so cute. WHY JAMILA WHY?! Not even feeling guilt for it? Damn, pleeease update soon :)