Monday, November 7, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty Five // I Was Like... //Part One

*Tuesday, November 8th, before LIVE Smackdown Supershow*

"UGH, i can't BELIEVE Patrick shrunk my gear when he did laundry!" I Said, trying to get my attire on.

"Aside from the fact how shock i am he actually did something useful," Kristen said. "Didn't that used to fit?"

"Yes, until he shrank it," I Rolled my eyes, giving up and taking it off. She rolled her eyes.

"Nausea, Fatigue, Mood swings, Frequent Urination, Breast tenderness, WEIGHT GAIN," Kristen said.

"Are you trying to point out something?" I Asked her.

"Yeah, somethings really wrong with this... 'flu', you think you have," Kristen said.

"Like....Hospital wrong?" I asked.

"In about 9 months, yeah," She said. I Was so confused, and she knew it. "For the love of god," She rolled her eyes. "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SEE A DOCTOR!?"

"I Told you, Patrick, I've told everyone!" I Said. "I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME!"

"Find some time then," Kristen said. "Because if you don't go soon, in a couple months you'll be VERY Surprised..."

"Look my health isn't my concern right now," I Said. "My concern is Smackdown is going on LIVE Tonight and i have a match against Beth Phoenix and my fucking attire won't fit!"

"UGH," Kristen said. "Here," She said, digging into her bag and pulling something out, then throwing it at me.

"What's this?" I Asked, looking at it.

"I've been asking Shannon's wife to make me a new ring attire for MONTHS and she finally did, but the size is too big," Kristen said. "It should fit you size wise and character wise vice versa. You wear that, i'll wear yours."

"You are a fucking life saver," I Said, handing over mine.

"I Know," She said, starting to change. "But seriously, something's not right with you."

"It's just a flu," I Said. "Once i get time off, i'll get it checked out."

"You better," Kristen said, as i got done lacing my boots.

"Kat!" Michelle said walking in, smiling, but quickly frowned when she saw Kristen. "We need to talk about tonight, i have a few ideas. Let's go talk."

"Alright, later bitch," I Said to Kristen.

"Bye Bye Whore," Kristen said to me as i walked out of the locker room. It didn't take long for Michelle to start bitching.

"What the HELL were you doing talking to her?" She asked immediately. "Don't you remember, she is one of the guys using you!"

"What did you want?" I Asked, ignoring her completely.

"Well look, during your match, i'm ringside on commentary, i think maybe to hype up our match in two weeks at Survivor Series,  you 'Accidentally' hit me when you're trying to do a Suicide Dive," Michelle said, but i completely tuned out when i saw Justin doing a handstand in the hallway.

"Uh...yeah, sure, let's do that," I Said quickly, then jogging over to Justin. "Not interrupting, am i?" I Asked him as i sat up against the wall next to him.

"Give me a moment," Justin said, as he flipped back onto his feet, then sat next to me. "So...can i help you or...?"

"Actually...i need to talk to you," I Said.

"About what?" He asked.

"Weeks ago, something happened that i wanted to tell you person, not in text," I Said.

"What?" He asked.

"You remember my boyfriend, Patrick," I Said.

"Yeah, i hear he's doing good so far," He said.

"Yeah well uh....A Couple weeks ago, he proposed, and i said're kinda engaged..." I Said, nervously.

"Wow," Justin said. "Congrats, Kat!"

"Um...thanks," I Said, shocked. I Expected a VERY Different reaction from him.

"Since we're coming clean here, i got news too," He said.

"Oh really? What's up?" I asked.

"Well, i kinda just got a girlfriend!" He smiled.

I swear to god the world stopped after he said that. I Didn't breath and i swear to god, everyone froze when he said that.

"Oh...really?" I asked.

"Yeah, Lara," He said.

"Lara? As in...Laralicious?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, that's her," Justin said.

"Your ex-girlfriend from South Africa?" I Asked.

"She's in tampa actually hoping to get into FCW," Justin said.

"Didn't she get rejected there like, 2 years ago," I Said.

"That was 2 years ago, Kat, she's gotten better," Justin said.

"Well...." I Gulped. "I'm happy for you...and her."

"Thanks," He smiled. "I'm gonna go get some water, good luck."

"Thanks..." I Said, as he got up and headed to catering.

What the hell just happened?


I was in the middle of my match with Beth, 3 minutes, 8 minutes more. I Had Beth in a headlock, pretty hard. That was when i felt this HUGE knot in my stomach. I Was about to throw up.

On live television

In the middle of my match.

Someone shoot me, please.

"I Need you to reverse this then kick me out of the ring," I Whispered.

"What?" She whispered back.

"You heard me," I whispered. "Just kick me out."

"Okay..." She whispered.

Then, she did as i said, reversed it and kicked me out. After, i crawled so my upper body was under the ring, then i threw up under the ring. I see it like that time John Cena Shit his pants during a match, just not as gross...well, for me. I Wiped my mouth, then got back in the ring and fought on and continued the match.


I limped backstage. While on the ramp, i had a smirk and looked satisfied as i just whooped Michelle's ass, but after i got backstage, i started screaming in pain, quickly noticed by Kristen.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"No," I Muttered. "I Swear i-"

I Was stopped in the middle, and before i knew it, i was pinned up against the wall by Michelle, who looked pissed.

"Get your hands off of me," I Gritted through my teeth.

"First you COMPLETELY ignore my advice then you purposely try to hurt me!?" She yelled.


"Wait until Hunter hears about this!" She yelled. "There is no way in HELL You're going over at Survivor Series!" She yelled again, before letting me go and storming off.

"Again...are you okay!?" Kristen asked me. Then, i felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

"Go to my locker room, grab my phone, and call my doctor...NOW," I Said, running away to a trash can, and again throwing up.

I Swear to god- Not getting a flu shot like Patrick was the worst decision of my life.

*Wednesday Afternoon*
"So, how long have you been feeling this way?" My doctor asked me as Patrick was sitting next to me, holding my hand.

"A While now...i'd say...two months, and it keeps getting worse," I Said.

"Whenever she's home, i'd say she spends most of her time in the bathroom barfing or...other stuff," Patrick said.

"Now, what did you say your symptoms were again?" He asked me.

"Nausea, Fatigue, Frequent Peeing, Unusual hunger, Weight gain...and my friends think mood-swings," I Said.

"Any fevers?" He asked me.

"Yes," I Said.

"Well then," He said. "It could be a flu, it could be something else...we'll take your urination sample back to the lab and have your results sometime this weekend."

"Alright, thanks," I Said as i got up. Patrick put on his coat, then helped me get mine on, then we left.

*Friday Night, 6pm*

"Cop outfit for sure," Sarah said. "I've always wanted to be a cop."
"Yeah, i know, don't you still have to go to Police Academy though?" I asked, looking at outfits as well.

"I Was GOING to Police Academy in Toronto, you know, before you dragged me back to Chicago and i met Patrick," Sarah said.

"Har Har Har, shutup," I Said, rolling my eyes.

Next Saturday, it's Patrick's 23rd birthday, but we can't celebrate it together since a couple days before, the Blackhawks start there 6 game-two week roadtrip a couple days before his birthday so he'll be up in Edmonton with the team. SO, tomorrow we're having a party at the house, and it's themed- Costume Party since we didn't really get to celebrate Halloween.

"Honestly, i don't like how Kaner's being a Vampire and your being some Egyptian or whatever," Sarah said. "You should have just went with Carcillo's pick for you two."

"Me and Patrick are not going as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!" I Snapped.

"I Don't see why not!" Sarah said. I Just rolled my eyes.

"I'd look good in this," I Said, looking at my costume.

"Of course you would," Sarah sarcastically said. 

Then, my phone rang.

"'s my doctor," I said, surprised.

"You act as if it's a bad thing..." Sarah said, looking at more costumes.

"Well, i just expected him to be calling me later this weekend," I Shrugged, then i answered. "Hello?"

"Kat Dawson, right?" He asked over the phone.

"Yeah, this is she," I Said.

"Alright, hello, this is Doctor Reese," My doctor said. "I just got the results from your Urinary Sample."

"You did?" I Asked. "Great, well, when do you want me to pick up my prescription?"

"Miss Dawson, for your safety, I'm afraid i can't let you take any type of medication," My Doctor said.

"Wait...why?" I Asked.

"Because, in your case, it's bad to take any type of medication," He said.

"Okay, what's my case then?" I Asked.

"'s definitely not the flu like you expected," Dr. Reese said.

"Then what is it?" I asked.

"Congratulations are in order to you and your fiance' Mr. Kane, Miss Dawson," My doctor said. "Your VERY, VERY...VERY, Pregnant!"

Time stood still. I Swear to god i stopped breathing and everyone around me froze as Dr. Reese told me that. I even dropped my phone. Slowly, i glanced down at my stomach.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked me.

"No....i'm not."

To be Continued.


  1. Oh snap Michelle snapping. Cops <3 I knew Kat was pregnant! I wonder how Patrick will act when he finds out the news. DHDSHIODSADH I can't wait to read more. Update soon, k bye.

  2. I say Michelle deserves a spiked bat up her ass. And I say that I do it :) always listen to me, go to the doctor. Oh Justin had a girlfriend oh my bahaha. Adjselfkd!!!!!!!!! KAT IS PREGGOO!!! Wait.. That means I can be the aunt!! :D auntie Krissie! Can I?! CAN I!!? Oh fuck no use -___- omgggg pleaseee update this soon!

  3. KANER GOT YOU PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! Wait... ewe... Mini Mullet boys are gonna be running around! >_< I hope Patrick passes out... just for the hell of it. It'll make ME laugh lol. Michelle's a bitch. She needs to get that dick removed from her ass like... NOW. OH WAIT! JAMMY'S GODMOTHER! I called it~
    *~*~*Update SOON!~*~*~*~