Monday, November 21, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Six // Didn't We Almost Have It All

*Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Monday morning*

"You're really having Patrick's child?" Luke asked me.

"Next Saturday i'll be 11 weeks!" I Said, taking a bite of my doughnut.

"Wow," Luke said, taking a sip of coffee.

This week, WWE Is in Canada and Smackdown tapings are in Vancouver---Where the Hawks are playing Wednesday--- And they're taking place at the Rogers Arena. RAW's in Edmonton, and even though i'm not on RAW, i traveled with them this week just to go to Calgary. The Leafs are in town to play the Flames Tonight, so me and Luke decided to stop and Grab Tim Hortons before he had his morning skate and i had to make the drive up to Vancouver. Patrick's not going to Smackdown tomorrow, but he says him and the guys are ordering Pizza to watch. Kris got traded to Philly over the off-season, so it's just me and Luke. Luca and Bozie were gonna come, but stuff came up, so just me and Luke.

"Now tell me again, " Luke said. "Your far along, but your wrestling company doesn't know yet?"

"Not yet..." I bit my lip.

"You gotta tell them," He said.

"Oh no, i was planning on endangering my baby for these next 30 weeks," I sarcastically replied.

"You know what i mean," He said.

"I Know," I Said.

"So you and Sarah came up here to surprise the boys for the weekend and your going to the 'Nucks, Flames and Oilers games?" He asked.

"Yep, A Pay-Per view is sunday so i just gotta work tapings and then i head to MSG," I Said.

"You shouldn't be working at all," Luke said.

"Relax i'm not hurting my baby," I Said. "Tonight i'm talking to my bosses and gonna see if i can get out of my contract, even though it's expiring in January."

"You better," Luke said.

"So protective," I Smirked, taking a sip of coffee.

"Your having Patrick Kane's Baby-"

"SHH," I said.

"What?" He asked.

"Me and Patrick don't want people knowing just yet, not until i get out of my contract, then we're making the official announcement," I Said. "I don't want anyone outside of our closest friends knowing."

"Gotcha," Luke said. "Well, you're having...'his' kid, and that's not a good thing for that kids future, so i figure you know, i could help out."

"Why does everyone think this kid will end up with some mental problem or something?" I Asked.

"Because, it's your and Pat's kid!" Luke said.

"Are you saying me and Patrick have mental problems?" I raised an eyebrow.

Luke froze and bit his lip.

"SO," He said quickly to change the subject. "Boy or a girl?"

"I'm only 10 weeks along," I Said. "I Still got around 10 more weeks until i can find out the sex."

"But still, you gotta want one," Luke said as i bit my lip.

"I was the youngest in my family, so i don't know," I Shrugged. "I Don't know if i want a Boy because my sister was a bitch or a Girl because my brother is crazy and over-protective."

"Go with a girl," Luke said. "I Was the oldest and hated it, oh and don't have 4 kids, i couldn't stand when my sisters argued."

"I Would never put my kooka in so much pain," I Said, wincing as he laughed.

"But seriously, i'm happy for you two," Luke said.

"Thanks, i seem to be getting that reaction a lot lately," I Said.

"Everyone else is probably just sucking up to be god-parents or something," He laughed.

"Don't even get me started on that," I Rolled my eyes.

"Ha," Luke said. "Well, i should head to the arena now for the skate, i'd offer to drop you off, but kinda are going in a different direction as me."

"Ha," I Smiled. "It's cool, i'll definately call you sometime!"

"I'll be waiting," Luke smiled back.

We both hugged and said good-bye as we left to go our separate ways.

*Tuesday evening*

It's the week of Survivor Series, though it's not a top concern for me- or for the Women's Division. I Have a title match against Michelle...lovely, more of her. No match tonight, just a Promo, that i'm pretty happy about. I worked on my own part all by myself, so i'm excited. Once i got to the Rogers Arena, first i looked for management. Week before a HUGE pay-per view, i know Steph and Hunter are in the building somewhere.

"Miss Angel!" Teddy Long said, coming toward Me. "Just the person i was looking for!"

"Funny, i was looking for you too!" I Said.

"Here," He said, handing me something.

"What's this?" I Asked.

"A Bill," Teddy said. "From the guy who recieved your little present you left under the ring last week."

"Oh..." I rolled my eyes. "I'll make sure to get to that..."

"You do that," He said, about to walk away but i stopped him.

"Say, have you seen Paul and Steph yet?" I Asked.

"They should be in their office," He said.

"Good, come with me," I Said, grabbing him and pulling him.

"Excuse me Miss Angel this is HIGHLY inappropriate!" He shouted.

"SHUT UP," I yelled, dragging him all across the backstage area.

We finally got to Hunter and Stephanie's office, and they looked surprised to see us. 

"Looked what the cat dragged in..."  Hunter mumbled.

"Har Har Har," I mocked, rolling my eyes.

"Can we help you with anything, Miss Angel?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes, CAN WE?" Teddy asked, breaking away from my grip.

"Kind of," I Said.

"What, did Michelle rip part of your hair out?" Hunter asked. "I Heard your screaming match earlier today..."

"It's more serious then that," I Said.

"Well what is it?" Stephanie asked as i bit my lip.

"See....i'm kinda...very pregnant," I Said, as Steph's face lit up.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" She smiled, getting up and hugging me. "Trust me, it seems scary, but i've popped three kids out, there is nothing scary about bringing a child into this world!"

"Says you," Hunter mumbled with an eyeroll.

"How far along are you?" Steph asked.

"I'll be 11 weeks saturday," I Smiled.

"Oh My God!" She smiled, but quickly frowned. "OH MY GOD, you've been pregnant and wrestling for 10 weeks!?"

"That baby must take after its dad if it's still alive," Teddy commented, leaning back in his seat as was Hunter.

"Well...with this being learned, you can go home, we'll write you out of this storyline, say you got injured or something," Hunter shrugged.

"What?" I Asked. "I Can't do that."

"Katrina," Stephanie said. "I Understand your love for wrestling, but you can't wrestle while pregnant!"

"Well you can't just make up some random story to get me out, it's at least gotta make sense," I Said.

"We'll figure something out!" Steph said.

"Well i already DID figure something out," I Said.

I told them what i came up with, it was something i came up with on the trip here to Vancity, and it was the way i wanted to go out as a heel. Then it became official.

Next Tuesday my contract will be terminated and for the last time ever, i'll be seen as Kasey Angel.

*Wednesday afternoon, Hotel room in Vancouver*

"Alright, here's some hot chocolate to warm you up and to help tame your sweet tooth," Patrick said, handing me some hot chocolate.

"Extra marshmellows?" I asked.

"Of course, love," Patrick smiled as i took a sip, then he layed in bed next to me, then kissed my forehead and started caressing my stomach, where the baby was.

"You know what that is, right?" Jonathan said in his bed.

"What?" I asked.

"That's a sign you're gonna have a girl, pregnant women crave sweets like that when they're having a girl," Jonathan said as i rolled my eyes.

"So far this week, you're like the millionth person who's asked what i want or what i think it'll be," I Rolled my eyes.

"Besides, she's also craving salty snacks, signs for a boy," Patrick said as i took another sip of hot chocolate.

"Have you two even thought of possible names yet?" Jonathan asked.

"We just found out last saturday!" I Said, putting down my hot chocolate and burying my head in Patricks chest. "If i knew pregnancy would be so annoying i would have never opened my legs without his balls cut off or a condom."

"Relax, we got about what, 11 more weeks until we should be able to find out the sex? We'll survive," Patrick said. Then, there was a knock on the door and Seabs stormed in with a blanket and a pillow.

"Mind if i crash in here for a pre-game nap?" He asked.

"Whats wrong with your room?" Jon asked.

"Sharpie and Sarah are annoying me," Brent said, laying down on the floor.

"They tend to do that to people," I Said, grabbing my hot chocolate again.

"They're talking about their wedding," Brent said. "I Think they finally set a date. 5-10-12 i think."

"Isn't that a thursday though?" Patrick asked, fiddling around with my hair, but i smacked his hand away.

"I Don't know, i'm not a calender," Brent said.

"I'm shocked their planning it," I Said. "They've been engaged since July, but haven't even spoken about the wedding since, i thought they'd just be like Kim and Kris and call it splits after 72 days."

"True, and it doesn't help she's leaving soon," Brent said, which got all three over us to sit up.

"Sarah's leaving Sharpie?" Jon asked.

"No she-"

"WHAT? After all they went though she's just gonna leave him!?'

"No, She's go-"

"Damn, he's gonna be heartbroken, but at least th-"

"SHE'S GOING TO THE POLICE ACADEMY, NOT LEAVING HIM!" Brent shouted, as the rest of us exchanged glances.

"Ooooh," We said.

"Well i'm happy for her," I Said. "But personally, i think it'll be hard for her to become a cop and inforce the law when half the things she does is illegal."

"Ha," Patrick said.

"Just don't tell her i told you," Brent said. "She's still not too positive yet, and she doesn't want Sharpie knowing until she tells him."

"Don't worry, we won't tell," Jon said.

 "Good," Brent said. "Now, if we could all shut up so i can get 3 hours of sleep before i grab dinner and head to the arena..."

"I feel all tired, i need a nap too," I Said, snuggling closer to Patrick as he pulled the cover over us as we all napped.

*After the game, NO POV*

"I love you so much," Corey Crawford whispered in between making out with his girlfriend, Jamila. The Blackhawks had just defeated the Canucks to open up their circus tour, now they're celebrating. Corey's roommate was kicked out for the night just for those two.

" too," Jamila whispered back, uneasy. For the past few weeks, she'd been rather quiet with Corey, which was rather confusing him.

Then, there was a knock on the door, which interrupted their celebration. Corey got up and opened the door, only to see a women standing outside. Once Jamila saw her, her mouth dropped.

"Um...hi, can i help you?" Corey asked her.

"Yes, actually i-" She began, but then got a sneak peak past Corey's shoulder and saw Jamila. "YOU WHORE!" She yelled, pushing Corey out of her way and storming in.

"Whoa, did you just call my girlfriend a whore?" He asked.

"Corey, it's not a big deal," Jamila said calmly.

"GIRLFRIEND? You two are still dating? After what she did!?" This girl asked.

"Okay, who are you?" Corey asked.

"COREY, let's just stop asking questions and let her go!" Jamila said.

"My name's Katie," She said, then looked right at Jamila. "Katie BIEKSA." Jamila gulped, as Corey looked confused.

"Your married to him?" He asked. "I'm really sorry."

"SO AM I," She yelled.

"Well, i wouldn't blame you," Corey said. "But you gotta go, me and my girlfriend-"

"Again, your still dating her? After what she did to you!?" Katie asked.

"Wait...what?" Corey asked confused.

"Get out, now," Jamila said to Katie, which caught here attention.

"So, you didn't tell him yet, did you?" Katie asked her, with her arms crossed. "You didn't tell him how you DESTROYED MY FAMILY?"

"Okay, what the hell is going on!? Corey asked, impatient.

"I Might as well tell him since you clearly won't," Katie said to Jamila, then looking at Corey. "I Overheard my husband talking to Ryan Kesler about how a couple weeks ago at the United Center, he got lucky with a female athelete who happens to be dating a Blackhawk. After i heard that, he confessed that her name was Jamila and she was dating you. She just tore my family apart because of her carelessness, and i just wanted her to know that."

Then, she looked back at Jamila, and flipped her off, then left and slammed the door. Jamila couldn't believe it, as could Corey. He was frozen. Not moving. Not talking. Frozen.

"Corey...i can explain, i-" Jamila began.

"Just go..." He said, emotionless and calm.

"But Corey, i-" She said again.

"GET THE HELL OUT!" He just shouted from the top of her lungs. After that, she bit his lip, got off of her bed and then ran out.

Corey slammed the door, then leaned his back up against it, and ran his fingers through his hair and then he ended up sitting down on the floor, back still next to the door, trying to figure out what he did wrong.


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