Thursday, November 10, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Five // Baby, Baby, Baby NOOO //Part two

*Saturday, 5pm*

It's rainy here in Chicago, super dark, perfect to describe my mood. Patrick's party is tonight and i have to get into my costume and put on a smile, when all i wanna do is break down and cry. What's even worst is that i haven't told Patrick yet. I'm just scared. This can't be happening to me, not now.

I Just got back from the grocery store, all the lights were out in the house, i just figured the electricity went out.

"Patrick...go outside and turn on the generator or something," I Said, putting the groceries down.

"PATRICK!" I Yelled.

"RAAAWR!" Someone yelled behind me. I Quickly screamed, then started throwing punches from left to right. "OW STOP! IT'S ME!" The voice said before flashing a flash-light in his face, to reveal it was Patrick.

"DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" I Yelled, just as the lights came back on and i saw that Patrick was already in his costume, dressed and everything.

"Ha, relax babe," He said, trying to put his arms around me, but i stopped him.

"I Gotta get everything ready..."I Said, quickly walking away and heading upstairs.

"Whoa, hold on," He said, stopping me mid-way. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I lied.

"You're lying," Patrick said.

"No, i'm not," I Lied again.

"Still lying," Patrick said.

"PATRICK," I Snapped, but quickly got under control. "Look, i'm just gonna go get into my costume."

"Alright then..." He said, still not convinced i was okay, but shrugged it off.

I Took a deep breath, then headed upstairs and got into my costume.


"DOES ANYONE NOT SEE THE FAKE BLOOD? HOW DO I LOOK LIKE A MAGICIAN?" Patrick yelled. The Party's started and about 10 people have mistaken him as a magician instead of a vampire.

"You're no Edward Cullen," Jon said.

"That's because i'm a real fucking vampire!" Patrick said. I Just laughed, then answered the door and saw a werewolf, but the werewolf soon revealed himself to be Corey.

"Crawfish," I Smiled. 

"Selena," He smiled back.

"Where's Lil' Jammy at?" I Smirked slightly.

"I Don't know, she's been acting weird lately," He shrugged. "Not looking me in the eye, short sentences...I Think she's catching that flu your have."

" me....she doesn't have what i have, trust me," I Said.

"I'm pretty sure she does," Corey said.

"TRUST ME," I Said. "She doesn't."

"Okay then..." Corey said, putting on his wolf mask. I Was about to shut the door before i saw someone else approaching.

"Gomez," Sharpie said, dressed up as Coach Q.

"You were too lazy to get a new costume?" I Asked. "You wore that a couple years ago.

"Well it's such a stylish costume," He smirked. "And i love the mustache."

"It is a good look on you," I Said.

"I'm trying to grow one, not working out so good," He shrugged.

"Ha," I Said, letting him in.

The house was packed with Hawks players and their girlfriends. I Needed some space, so i headed around the house and out back on the patio and saw Sarah out there smoking and yelling at our neighbors.

"THAT IS NOT OUR PROBLEM!!!" She yelled back, pissed off.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Your neighbors are a bunch of pricks," She said, taking a puff. "They're complaining we're too loud and their 5 year-old kid can't fall asleep."

"Whoa," I Said. "It's only 7pm on a Saturday Night, and instead of doing something fun, they're home taking care of their kid?"

"Well,that's what happens when you have kids," She said, putting out her cigarette, "You gain a life, but you also lose one." She said,starting to head in, but stopped. "Your not even wearing a jacket?"

"You aren't either," I said.

"I'm dressed up as cop, long sleeves," Sarah said. "OH, and i was outside earlier and i got some guy to believe i was a real cop! He was walking around with a visible bag of drugs and when he saw me, he put on this goofy smile, hid it in his jacket and ran away as fast as he could!" She smiled as telling the story, then frowned. "Damn, i should have went to the Police Academy..."

"It's only 3 months, you could go anytime you want,"I Said, starting to shiver.

"I Know...but back to the subject," Sarah said. "You got the flu, i'm pretty sure standing out in the cold without a jacket isn't any help," She said.

"I don't have the damn flu," I Said, fidgeting with my wig.

"You don't?" Sarah asked. "Then whats wrong?"

I Bit my lip,then looked over at Sarah and took a deep breath.

"See...i'm about to gain And lose a life..." I Said, she looked confused.

" have cancer or something?" She asked. "I Know your mom had it but damn, she was like twice your age so i thought-"

"I DON'T have cancer!" I snapped, i get mad when someone brings up Cancer because of what happened with my mom.

"Then what the hell do you mean?" She asked, as i started trying to fight back tears, but i couldn't.

"The neighbors you were just yelling at because we're disturbing their son....That's gonna be me yelling at you like that soon," I said, wiping away tears. "I'm pregnant."

She stood still, very still, clearly she was shocked.

"Wow...Kaner's kid?" She asked,i stopped crying and just frowned.

"Of course it's Patrick's kid, jackass," I Said.

"Oh my god, I am SO SORRY!" She said quickly, before hugging me, but i pushed her off.

"God, i'm not fucking ready for this!" I Snapped.

"Relax, having a kid isn't so bad," She said. "I was 8 when my parents had my little brother and i had to help take care of him, it's really not that bad."

"That was your little brother,"I Said. "Not your kid. You weren't responsible for his life like i'm responsible for this kid."

"Look,this isn't the end of the world,you and Patrick will make great parents,and i'm positive he's happy about this," Sarah  said.

"It's hard to know how Patrick feels about this," I Said.

"He's a pretty open guy, so it should be easy to know what he believes,"  She said.

"You ask him how he feels about my pregnancy you'll easily tell he's shocked as hell," I Mumbled.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"He doesn't know yet," I Said.

"WHAT?" She asked. "Your having his kid and he doesn't even know?!"

"It hasn't come up!" I Said.

"Of course it hasn't come up!" Sarah said. "It's not like everyday people talk about pregnancy's!"

"True," I Said. "It's one of the most scariest words in the english language."

"Look, you gotta tell him!" Sarah said.

"WHEN?" I Asked. "Do you not see all these people in my house?!"

"Hey ladies," Viktor said, opening the glass door and coming out, taking off his mask he was wearing.

"Hey," Sarah said to him.

"The guys are worried about you two, you've been out here pretty long," He said.

"True, we have," I Said.

"You should head back inside, you don't want your flu worsening Kat," He said as i frowned.

"Tell him," Sarah whispered real quick, i took a deep breath before i headed in.

I went straight for the fridge and grabbed a gatorade, Blue. I Love Blue. Then, i made my way out to the living room and it wasn't too long before i found Patrick.

"There you are," He said,putting his arms around me. "'re freezing."

"That's kind of what happens  when you're outside without a jacket or anything," I Said.

"Don't worry, i'll warm you up," He smirked, starting to kiss my neck as i pushed him away.

"Patrick we need to talk," I Said.

"It can wait," He said starting to kiss my neck again.

"No, it really can't," I said.

"Well what is it," He asked in the middle of kissing me still.

"Can we just go upstairs and talk?" I asked, trying to push him away again.

"God, what's so fucking important," He said,still kissing.

"PATRICK I'M PREGNANT," I Yelled. That got his attention alright....and everyone else's.

Before i knew it, all eyes in the house were on me, shocked at my announcement. Patrick looked so pale, and you could tell he was equally as shocked. Before i knew it, he turned around and just walked straight out the door. After that, all eyes were on me again.

"You all were right, he's not a vampire, he's a magician," I Said. "I Say one word to him, and boom. He disappears. True Magician," I Said, before running off upstairs.

*Patrick Kane's POV*

I Just kept running, and running, and running, until i was out of breath, there was light rain, but still.  I really regret picking a house that's basically stranded in Chicago. There was a bar across the street and i thought about going in. It'd be bad for my rep if i was caught drinking, so i did go in, but i just played pool. I Got in a couple rounds of pool before two familiar faces walked in.

"Hey," Sharpie said, walking over with Jon.

"'Sup," I said, taking another shot. "DAMNIT, so close..."

"You're're pretty serious about your pool," Jon commented.

"Yeah," I Said, heading to the other side, they followed me.

"But, your not serious about what Kat just told you," Sharpie said.

"What did she say again?" I asked, taking another shot.

"You know damn well what she said," Jon said.

"Well it doesn't matter," I Said.

"It does matter," Sharpie said.

"Not for me," Kaner said.

"No, it does," Jon said.

"Look," Sharpie said. "You've done stupid stuff in the past, but leaving your fiancee' all alone in a situation like this is the stupidest. You know your parents and the Blackhawks want you to straighten up, and Kat's straightened you up, but if you act like a coward and leave her, it's the last straw."

"What's the worst they'll do," I Asked. "What, will my parents ground me? Will the Hawks scratch me out a couple games? Look this isn't my problem. It's her baby in her body."

"Yeah but you helped put that baby in her," Sharpie said.

"So?" I Asked.

"So you know lots of kids grow up without dads," Jon said.

"Including Kat," Sharpie said.

"She has a dad," I Said.

"Oh, i'm sorry. Lots of kids grow up without dads and most of the ones who do have Dead-beats who aren't active in their kids life," Sharpie said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Look, it's not my fault she didn't really have a dad," I Said.

"Yeah, but it'll be your fault if you make this kid grow up without one," Jon said.

I Stopped playing pool, and thought for a moment.

"You know, we can't force you to go back, talk to Kat and be involved," Sharpie said. "Only you can, if you want to, but if news breaks out about this...your gonna be the most hated man in all of sports."

 I bit my lip after he said that, then i shrugged and looked down, then back up at them blankly, as they looked at me, just waiting for a response.

*Back at the house, Kat's POV*

"Here's some hot chocolate," Sarah said, coming into my bedroom. I Was just laying down, fighting tears.

"This was a mistake...this baby is a mistake," I Said.

"Don't say that," Sarah said.

"Knock Knock," John Scott said, just coming in. "I Don't mean to interrupt, but my wife wanted me to tell you something."

"What?" I Asked.

"It's really not as scary," John said. "She's due sometime within this month, and yes, i'm scared as hell, along with her, but that doesn't matter, because once i hold my'll all be worth it."

"What are you exactly saying?" I asked.

"That it's not the end of the world, and pregnancy isn't that scary as it seems," He said.

"Well uh, when your pregnant and the father of your baby runs off, then tell me this isn't scary," I Said.

"Um, Kat..." Sarah said. "It's kind of physically impossible for him to get pregnant and-"

"SHUT UP," I Snapped.

"Yep, you got mood-swings alright," John laughed, before heading out.

"I Can't believe him," I Said. "Just running off....god."

"Don't worry, Patrick and Jonathan are out to find him," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked. "He deserves to be lost out on the road, starving to death."

"Whoa, did you just wish death on him?" Sarah asked.

"Pretty much," I Said.

"God i hope i don't get pregnant for a very long time," She said.

"That's nice to say around me of all people," I rolled my eyes.

The door opened and Sharpie and Jonathan stood in front of it.

"He really is a magician," Sharpie said.

"Started off his act disappearing, and now he closes his act re-appearing," Jonathan said.Then, the two stepped back and revealed Patrick standing behind. We just stared at eachother.

Sarah took a hint and left the room and then, it was just me and Patrick.

"You wanna talk this out like adults or what," He asked.

"Well, i'm gonna have a kid soon, so it wouldn't make sense to act like a kid by giving you the silent treatment like i wanna," I Said.

"Yeah,it wouldn't because i'd still make you talk to me," I Said. "Because, you know, that's what parents do, if their kid has a problem, they help them."

"So, you're calling me a kid," I raised an eyebrow.

"Look," Patrick said. "I'm sorry i responded that way. I Shouldn't have walked out, i just didn't know how to respond."

"So you just leave?" I Asked.

"It was stupid."

"Damn straight it was stupid."

"Look,i really am sorry, but, now, i've thought about it, and i can't leave you alone."

"Actually, you can," I Said. "All you have to do is walk out that door and never come back."

"What?" He asked, confused.

"See, this baby is in my body, so unless i chose an abortion or adoption, this baby's my responsibility," I Said. "No one says you have to stay. If you don't want to be involved, just walk out, right now."

He looked at me hard for a moment.

"I'm not walking out and making you go through this alone," He said.

"Prove it," I Said.

"How?" He asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon i have an appointment with Dr. Reese," I Said. "You know, to find out if the baby's okay and stuff."

"Why wouldn't the baby be okay?" He asked concerned.

"Patrick, i have no idea how far along i am and i've been wrestling every single week," I Said. "For all i know, something bad could be wrong."

"Alright...i'll be there," Patrick said.

"You will if you wanna be involved in this kids life," I Said.

"Alright," Patrick said. "I'll go downstairs to kick everyone out," Patrick said.

"Might wanna take some pillows and blankets down with you," I Said. "You know, considering you're sleeping down there." He sighed.

"I Guess i deserve that,"He said.

"You do," I Said.

"Alright, i'll see you tomorrow afternoon after the Morning Skate," He said. "I Love you."

For the first time, i didn't say 'i love you, too,' because really, i don't know if i do anymore. I guess i'll figure that out tomorrow afternoon.

*2pm, Cook County Clinic*
I filled out a clip board full of information like i do everytime i come to the doctors. My appointments starting soon, and No Patrick. Guess he made his decision,and i've made mine.

"Dr. Reese will see you in a couple of minutes, he's finishing up with one patient now," A nurse said as i nodded.
I Just picked up a random magazine and started reading it while tapping my foot, since i have a bad habit of not being able to sit still. God i hope my kid doesn't have this habit too.

"Hey," I Heard a voice say.  I looked up, and i saw Patrick.
"You showed up," I Said.

"I told you, this is my kid too, and your my fiancee', i'm not gonna let you go through this on your own," He said, before sitting down next to me. "Sorry i'm a little late, just got done with the skate and media."

"It's fine," I Said.

We both waited together for a couple minutes, until a nurse came out.

"Kat Dawson? Dr. Reese is ready for you in room 1," A Nurse said.
"You ready?" I Asked Patrick, who nodded.

Then, we both got up and started walking to room one.

"Just wondering," Patrick whispered. "But you are changing your last name when we get married, right?"
I Just ignored him as i entered the room. First- they took some of my blood. I Don't know why, not like i'm an expert on pregnancies, but whatever. After, they switched me into a new room where i would have some sort of an Ultra Sound i guess.

"Mr. Kane, Ms. Dawson," Dr. Reese said, entering the room. "We have your blood test in the lab, should be back soon, but let's get this done, shall we."

"What does she have to do?" Patrick asked.
"Ms. Dawson, just lay down right here," He said, putting to this chair...or bed...i don't know what it technically is. "Now, lift your shirt up."

"WHOA," Patrick said quickly.

"Relax Mr Kane, i didn't mean it like that," Dr. Reese said. "I Meant pull it up so i could rub some of this jelly on her stomach so we can start this."
"Oh..." Patrick said. "Carry on, then."

"This may be a little cold, Ms. Dawson," Dr. Reese said.

"Alright," I Said.

I Shivered a little as he rubbed it on my belly.

"Dr. Reese, here are the results," A Nurse said, handing him papers.
"Alright," He said. Then, after he finished rubbing my stomach, he grabbed something and started moving it across my stomach and pointing at this screen. "See that? That's the baby, right now he or she is pretty small, about the size of a nut."

"Is their anyway to see the heartbeat?" Patrick asked.

"Look right here," Dr Reese said, pointing again to the heartbeat. "And according to these blood test...your 10 weeks along."

Patrick and i gulped and looked at each other. If i was 10 weeks along, that meant this baby was conceived at John and Nikie's wedding.

In a supply closet.

During a Rihanna song.

God help me when i have to explain this to my child.

Patrick then took my hand as we looked at the baby, and i realized he really was in this with me, and i wasn't alone. I Felt something i hadn't felt in a while.


"We'll survive, i promise."


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