Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week Forty-Four // To A Friend

I Stay in time and watch you pass by... I draw this line and hope you take my shouldn't have to fight's nobody's battle but you own...

*January 16th, 2012, Noon*

"So, you can find out the sex of the baby next week, but you still got to wait?" Sarah asked me as we we're walking up some steps.

"Yeah, we're waiting to find out the sex until our next appointment," I Said. "And that's in about two weeks, so i won't be waiting that long,"

"Still, if i was you i'd go get that Ultra-Sound as soon as i could," Sarah said.

Sarah and i have been taking walks in the downtown area lately.  It's becoming a stress reliever for me, so yeah. Today, we walked over to the place Corey was living at. It seem's Corey's been struggling lately. Something just isn't right. It's like his mind's drifting away. He barely even talks to anyone anymore. He's clearly having his life held together by tape now, and since Sarah and I are queens when it comes to making someone else's business our business, we decided to try and help him. We got to his place and i heard a crashing sound.

"DAMN," Sarah said after she heard it.

"It sounds like shattered glass," I Shrugged.

We saw that the door was wide open, and then something was being thrown at us. We quickly ducked to the ground.

"What the fuck was that!?" Sarah asked. I Ran over and picked up the thing that was thrown at us. It was a picture of Corey and Jamila.

"Okay...yeah something's wrong," I Said as we ran inside.

It was hurricane Corey inside. Stuff was all over the place and it looked totally vandalized. Corey was going Apeshit. Totally Apeshit.

"What the hell!?" Sarah asked.

Corey noticed us, then put an object down gently on the ground and tried to calm down.

"Oh...hey," Corey said.

"What the fuck happened here!?" I asked.

"I just needed to blow some steam..." Corey shrugged.

"So you destroy your house...?" Sarah asked him.

"Too many bad memories..." Corey sighed, then pointed to the couch. "We'd always make out there and other stuff," Then he pointed to bed sheets that had completely been torn up. "And the stuff we would do on those sheets upstairs..."

"Okay, what the hell are you talking about?" Sarah asked him. He just looked at me.

"Your little friend...Jamila...." Corey mumbled out.

"What about her?" I asked.

"She fucking broke my heart," He growled, before grabbing another object and throwing it up against a wall.

"She broke up with you?" I asked.

"I WISH," He yelled again. "She fucking cheated on me!"

"She cheated on you!?" Sarah gasped.

"That's not even the worst part," Corey said. "She cheated on me with another hockey player in the NHL."

"From here in Chicago!?" I asked.

"No, Vancouver," He sighed, trying to calm down again. "Number 3." Me and Sarah thought for a moment trying to figure out who wore the 3 in Vancouver, and once we figured it out, we couldn't believe it.

"Bieksa!?" Sarah asked.

"Doesn't he have a wife and kids?!" I asked.

"He doesn't have a wife and as for his kids who knows the kind of relationship he'll have with them now," Corey said.

"She really cheated on you with him?" I asked.

"Here in Chicago after we beat Vancouver 6-2, while i was talking to the media or something after the game, she went into a closet with him and he got lucky," Corey cringed, just talking about it made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I Was processing this. After it was all processed, i picked up a picture of Jamila, a good one. Then, i threw it across the room against the wall and it shattered into a million pieces.

"Whoa, what the hell!?" Sarah asked. "She's your friend! I Don't like what she did, but you!?"

"I need to start re-thinking my choices when it comes to friends...." I mumbled.

*A Couple Hours Later, some abandoned place in Chicago*

Weird. I got this text from Kristen and she marked it as Urgent. Really weird. She sent me some address to this place i've never heard of, and i grew up in Chicago, hell i know every single alley throughout this city. This is weird. I stopped for a hotdog, then i drove to the address. When i pulled up, i realized it was basically the middle of nowhere. What the fuck. I Saw a couple other cars, one being Kristens. I couldn't figure you the other ones, but they look familiar. I Walked inside and coughed, it smelled like smoke. Maybe it burned down, that's why it looks so tacky. I looked around, and then i saw my friends back from WWE. I've done my best to avoid them all, so this fucking sucks.

"What the fuck is going on..." I asked, confused.

"Either you've been eating a LOT of hotdogs, or you're pregnant...." Jamila said, staring down at my bump.

"Didn't you hear?" I asked. "It was in the tribune. You're boyfriend's in Chicago so uh, shouldn't you have seen it?" I Said, rolling my eyes after that. Out of them all, she was the last person i wanted to see.

"Boy or girl?" Nikie asked, looking at me.

"How the hell should i know? I haven't had an ultra-sound yet and it's impossible to tell if it's high or low..." I Said to her.

"Damn.." Jenny said,. shocked a my attitude.

"What the fuck is this? An intervention?" I Asked, looking at Kristen. She looked serious.

" is," She said.

"WHAT!?" I Yelled. "What the fuck!?"

"You've been distance and it sounds like somethings wrong, we just want to let you know that it's okay to share," Kristen said.

"What the hell is this, Group Therapy Session!?" I Asked.

"Don't worry, i hear that's the usual reaction for interventions at first," Heather said to Kristen.


"Denial, something they all do through," Heather said to her again.

"Bitch you better shut up!" I Yelled at Heather. "Or i swear to god i wi-"

"YOU KNOW," Nikie interrupted. "I don't know how far along you are, but my Baby's developing hearing and can hear nearly everything you say, so uh, could you lighten up on your swearing?"

"Not my baby, not my fucking problem," I Said.

"Okay, something's wrong with you," Kristen said. "Just tell us so we can help!"

"You wanna know what's wrong with me? IT'S YOU PEOPLE!" I Yelled.

"US?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, YOU PEOPLE," I Yelled again.

"What the heck did we do!?" Jenny asked.

"Let me politely go down the line," I Said.

Then i walked toward them and started off with Jenny.

"You had to make me go on a double date with Justin, You and Brokeface at a club, Leave me and Justin alone and make something happen between us, and now my relationship with not only my fiancee' but my BABY DADDY Is in jeopardy just because you get too involved in others love-life! If my baby grows up having his parents hate each other and going to a different house every other weekend, i'm blaming you," I Said, looking her in the eye.

Then, i moved to Nikie.

"YOU'RE A FUCKING PREGNANT BITCH!" I Yelled. "I Don't care if your pregnant, that's doesn't mean JACK to me. You had to go request my song at your wedding and ALSO get involved in my love life, i don't know if it's something about you Cena Girls, but you have no idea how to fucking mind your own damn business!" I Screamed.

Then, i moved to Heather, and just sighed.

"You're a fucking slut," I Said. "The day of my birthday not only do you have a court-case, but when you actually make it to my birthday, you get into a fist fight with a bartender and cause a scene all while i'm almost RAPED. Good to know that's what you prefer doing while your friend's in danger like that. NOT ONLY THAT, but then you once again try to steal my moment and get drunk and marry one of my friends!? I don't care how drunk you were! Out of EVERYONE, HIM!?"

"HE AND I ARE ACTUALLY IN LOVE," She yelled back.


"WE WERE HITCHED BY A WOMEN," She yelled back again.

"LIKE I GIVE A RATS ASS!" I Yelled back.

I took another deep breath then, moved on to Jamila.

"You think you're better then Heather, but you aren't, you're just another fucking SLUT," I yelled.

"EXCUSE ME!?" She yelled back.

"I was just at Corey's place a couple hours ago and i heard EXACTLY what happened!" I yelled. "The back of a closet with a Canuck, is that how they define classy in New York? Here in Chicago, that's just slutty."

"You have NO Idea what that was all about, that's just his side of the story," Jamila said.

"Oh, okay, what's your side?" I asked.

"I Was tempted, he came on to me..." She shrugged.

"Three words," I Said. "JUST. SAY. NO. OH, and keep your legs closed. It's pretty simple to do, actually."

I Had enough of her. I moved onto the last one- Kristen.

"Before you even begin," She said to me, before i even opened my mouth. "You've changed. A LOT. I know you're pregnant---which was FUN Learning about in the newspaper instead of actually hearing you say it--- But like you told Nikie, that's no excuse to be a fucking bitch and change."

"Well SORRY for changing, but i'm glad you've stayed the same!" I Smiled, but quickly that smile faded away. "You're still a bitch."

After that, i just left. I Couldn't take it. I Had enough of those bitches. I Slammed the door shut and ran over to my car, got in and just drove off. 

After a while, i pulled over to the side of the road, then i broke down and started crying.

I've been telling other guys i love them. Bitching at my only friends. What the hell is wrong with me? 

Everything really is scrambled.


  1. Damn Corey just trashing his whole house because he doesn't want any sight of Jamila. Kat saying all that to friends? dang. I wonder what's going to happen between all them. Can't wait for more, loved it!

  2. Corey needs a chill pill, he really should give Jamila another chance and listen to her. I'm just trying to help Kat.. All I'm saying. She needs to get her head out of her ass, and she what she's doing. All she's doing is losing everyone and she needs her friends and Patrick to make things right, OMG PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :D

  3. OH...... I see how it is now.... Those defiantly weren't hormones that's all I have to say. But yo.. what? Don't compare ME TO HER OKAY?! Lol xD. Idk but, if Corey damaged EVERYTHING, I want to move to Cuba >_>. Lol just a thought. Love the chapter (: Update soon!!