Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week Forty-Two // Whatever it takes..

New Years has come and gone, and it's officially 2012. Everything's changing. I'm more pregnant, Sarah and Patrick are in full on wedding mode and i'm growing more distance between everyone from WWE. From where we all were not only last year but two years ago, stuff's changing, and for most- it's changing for the worst.

*January 3rd, 2012, 9am, Chicago, IL, Corey Crawford's Downtown Chicago Condo, No POV*

"3 more reps..." Corey said, breathing heavy as he was working out.

Things hadn't been going his way lately. He's the Head goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, but lately, he's been sitting on the bench while back-up goalie Ray Emery has been taking his spot. Ever since the whole Jamila thing, Corey hasn't been playing like he should, and he's vying to get back to being that top goalie, the guy that was so good he was immediately signed to a new 3-year deal after the Hawks clenched the Stanley Cup last season.  Later tonight the Blackhawks are traveling to Philly, and Coach Q isn't making the decision on who starts out in net until after tomorrow's practice, and he's hoping to impress  and for the first time in what seems like forever to him, starts out the game and snags a win. 

While he was in the middle of a rep, his door bell rang so he put down the weights he was lifting to go answer it.

"Why are you here, i kicked you out," He said, as he was staring at his ex- Jamila.

"I just really need to talk to you," She pleaded.

"Why should i even waste any of my words on you?" He asked her.

"Please?" She asked.

"You're not coming in," Corey said. "But if you really got something to say, say it now, quick."

"I'm REALLY, REALLY Sorry," She said.

"That's all?" He asked.

"No," She said.

"What part of make it quick don't you understand?" He asked.

"Will you even give me a chance to explain!?" She asked.

"Why should i!?" He yelled. "It's pretty clear and easy to see, you got bored, sneaked around and got caught."

"It's not JUST That!" She yelled back.

"THEN WHAT IS IT!?" Corey yelled back.

"I WAS TEMPTED!" She yelled.

"How the HELL is that any different or better!?" Corey asked.

"Look can i pl-"

"No, now go away and never come back, EVER," He shouted at her, then slamming the door shut.

He was mad now. Mad. He took in a deep breath, then shook his head and went back to his rep.  He just needs to forget. Forget everything except being Chicago's best goaltender.  

*January 6th, after morning skate, Kat's POV*

"I'm not doing ropes," Sarah said.

"Why not?" Sharpie asked her.

"Because i hear they make your arms feel like jello!" She said.

"Babe, that's what it's supposed to do," Sharpie sighed.

"It means it's working," Kaner said, weight lifting.

Tonight at the United Center, the Colorado Avalanche are in town to take on the Blackhawks- who are 1st in their division and 2nd in the Western Conference, right behind Minnesota. Ray Emery has been kicking ass in between the pipes lately while Jonthan's being consistent and making stuff happen on the ice. We're doing way better then they were around this time last year, but there's still 3 more months left until Playoffs. 

The Morning Skate and Media got done a while ago and most of the team left to go home and do whatever they do before games, except The Sharps, Me and Patrick. 

Sharpie's now officially on board with Sarah becoming a cop, so on board he's actually helping her train and get in shape. It's also good because he's working side-by-side with her too, so he's getting in a good workout too. Sarah's very lazy. VERY Lazy. Me and Kaner know that, so we stayed after the skate to watch. It's been entertaining so far.

"The ropes actually do help a lot for arm strength," I Said.


"BUT JELLO IS GOOD," Sharpie said.

"I DON'T CARE!" Sarah yelled. Then, she grabbed Kaner's two weights. "I'll stick to these."

"Bitch, i was using those," He rolled his eyes.

"Clearly not anymore," Sarah said.

"Bitch," Kaner sighed, before coming over to me. "Whatcha looking at?" He asked, trying to sneak a peak at the magazine i had opened.

"A Fashion magazine," I Said.

"Really? I didn't think you were into that," He shrugged.

"I'm not," I rolled my eyes. "But i need a dress."

"For what?" Patrick asked.

That's when i realized- i forgot to tell him about our little dinner date with Justin and Lara.

"For know...a date," I Said.

"A date? Where?" He asked

"Next friday night, the day before your game in Detroit," I Said.

"Oh really? With who?" He asked.

"You," I Shrugged.

"Just us?" He smirked. "I Like that idea."

"Actually uh, two more people," I Said.

"Who?" He asked.

"You know..." I Said. "Justin and Lara."

After i said Justin's name, Patrick's mood completely changed and anyone who saw his face could see that.

" guy? The one i that's tried breaking us up nearly forever and the guy who put me in jail after we got into a fist fight? A double date with him?" He asked.

"So uh...we should go..." Sharpie said.

"But this is interesting," Sarah said, putting down her weights.

"Let's go," Sharpie said, grabbing her and rushing out.

"He came by the house while you were at the holiday party, and i wanted to say no but..." I Shrugged.

" want me to be in a room with a guy i can't stand and a guy who can't stand me?" He asked.

"Please just tough it out?" I asked him. "For your 17 week pregnant fiance'? Please?"

"You'll owe me big time," He said.

"We can put those condoms Sarah got you for christmas to good use," I smirked.

"More then that," He said.

"Wow..." I shrugged.

"Yeah, big time," He said.,

"Whatever you want, just please be good?" I asked him. He sighed.

"Fine," He said.

"Yay!" I Said, before kissing him. "Now come on, i'm tired and need a nap," I Said, snuggling my face into his shoulder as he picked me up bridal style.

"Is this how it's gonna be when the baby comes?" Patrick laughed.

"Don't worry, you get diapers and i'll deal with nap time," I Said.

"I wanna trade," He said.

"Too bad, bitch," I smirked at him, he just rolled his eyes again as he took me out to his chevy to go home.

Right after i got into the car, i felt something, and my mouth dropped.

"Patrick!" I Yelled.

"What?" He asked, getting in the drivers seat and buckling up.

"The baby," I Said, trying to grasp this.

"Is everything okay?" He asked.

"It's kicking, i feel it kicking," I Smiled.

"Oh my god," Patrick said, his mouth dropping to. He immediately put his hand over my bump and felt what i did.

"This is the first time it started moving," I smiled.

"We find out the sex soon, and now, wow," He said, speechless, but a huge smile on his face. "This is just surreal."

"I Know," I smiled.

Then, we kissed again as we felt the baby moving still. Everything's FINALLY starting to fall into place.

*Kristen's POV*

"I hate being pregnant!" Nikie yelled.

"You find out the sex next week, tough it out," Jenny rolled her eyes.

"SHUT UP," Nikie yelled back at her.

"Let's just sit down, babe," John said.

Nikie hasn't exactly traveled with John or anything ever since she found out she was pregnant. But pretty soon she finds out the sex so she's with him for the week. I also got Heather to come back. I just really need to figure some stuff out.

"So, we'll see you know, later?" Phil asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Alright," John said. "Love you," He said, before kissing Nikie.

"Sorry i'm late..." Jammy said,. all mopey.

"You should be sorry," Phil said to her.

"White boy shut up," She rolled her eyes at him.

"Damn girl," He said to her, shaking his head as he and John walked away.

"Why are we here?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah i had plans tonight with Adam," Heather said.

"He didn't divorce you already? Shocker," Jammy said to her.

"Look, somethings wrong with Kat, really wrong," I said.

"Oh my god," Nikie said. "I came here because of her?"

"What do you mean because of her?" I asked.

"I mean i love Kat but come on, i'm 19 weeks pregnant, i wanna be at home in bed watching my Soaps!" Nikie said.

"Look, Kat's a big girl, whatever's wrong she'll figure it out," Jamila said.

"She's acting strange!" I Said.

"She IS Strange," Jenny said.

"Agreed," Heather said.

"LOOK," I Said. "We're some on Kat's best friends and something's wrong, we gotta figure out what it is!"

"Did you ever think that maybe there's a reason she's not 'opening up'?" Jamila asked. "Maybe she doesn't wanna share what's going on in her personal life?"

"What personal life?" I asked her. "She still texts me bragging whenever she has sex!"

"How child-like," Jenny snickered.

"Look, something's wrong, i just wanna know what it is," I said.

"How about asked her?" Nikie asked.

"As if i haven't tried!" I yelled.

After that, it was silent...until Jamila sighed.

"You think something seriously is wrong with her?" She asked me.

"Yeah, i do," I sighed.

"What can we do then?" Jenny asked.

Then, i told them my plan. Knowing Kat, maybe it's not the wisest, but whatever it takes....


  1. Oh shit, Crow not wanting to do anything with Jammy. Glad to know Sharpie is helping Sarah train to become a cop. Awwww the baby kicking and Kat and Kaner loving it. Ugh, I wonder what the plan is. Update soon. ok OK. Loved it.

  2. Ughh! Corey and Jammy needs to get back together! My creys ;_; It's not fair okay? It's not fair! But anyway, Awee!!! The baby is kicking ^_^ what if it's a boy?! :P Lol. I'm so curious on Kristen's plan! I call being the one to talk to Kat! I call it lol. Love the chapter! Update soon yes? Lol

  3. It would be really awesome if you had twins Kat! Just saying ^.^ and Uh-oh the plane :o and Maybe Jamila won't be so rude to Heather if you get her back with Corey ;D LOL Can't wait for the update

  4. Corey has no idea what he's missing I tell you.. Aww Shaprie helping Sarah thats adorable.. THE BABY'S KICKING!?!?! DOUBLE AWW!!! Bitch you should have said what my plan was.. I have great plans! ;D ..well most of the time.. bahaha loved it can'r wait to read more!