Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Year Two Week Forty-One// Twas the one on Christmas...

*Christmas Day, 8:30am*

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Jessica yelled, busting open mine and Patrick's door and waking us up.

"Thanks for the wake-up call..."Patrick mumbled.

"The baby isn't happy," I mumbled back as well.

"You're 16 weeks, you can't tell if the baby's happy or not!" She shouted back and i opened my eyes then rolled them.

I rolled my eyes, then turned over onto my side to look a Patrick as he was slowly waking up along with me.

"Merry Christmas babe and lil babe," He smiled, kissing me and rubbing my stomach.

"Is this my present?" I Smirked afterward.

"I did get you something...but if you like this better-"

"So this isn't a christmas present?" I Said quickly afterward, then smiling as well as him.

"Come on, let's get dressed and go downstairs," Patrick smiled. "Our other guests should be arriving any moment."

We Got dressed...into our PJs. Both of our families have a 'Stay in your PJs all day long' Christmas tradition so last night before we went to bed, we all opened one present which of course was PJs.  After me and Patrick got dressed, we went downstairs and saw Pat Sr. and Jackie sitting in the living room watching a christmas parade on tv, Jessica over by the Christmas tree organizing presents since once everyone got here, we were opening them, and Donna and Erica were over in the kitchen setting up the table for Christmas dinner so they wouldn't have to do it in 8 hours when dinner was ready i guess.

"Merry christmas," Patrick yawned as we walked downstairs.

"Merry christmas, honey," Donna smiled, taking out the turkey.

"When are we opening presents?" Jackie asked, with her attention drifting away from the parade to the tree.

"Once Pat and Kat's other guests show up," Pat Sr. said.

"And Erica's special someone," Jessica mumbled as Erica's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"Who?" Donna asked her daughter, right as the door bell rang. I'm guessing Patrick and Jess are the only Kane's who know about Jonathan.

"That's probably him now," Erica smiled, running over to the door.

She opened it and Sarah and Jon were outside.

"We just got here a moment ago so yeah," Sarah shrugged as she shoved Erica out of her way to get it the house.

"Someone got coal in their stocking..." Patrick whispered in my ear as Sarah came toward us with three presents in her hand.

"Alright here's your damn presents," Sarah said, handing them to Patrick. "Now i gotta go take a cig break, i'll be out back if you need me," She said starting to walk out back, but stopped in her tracks and turned around real quick. "DON'T Need me...." Then she turned back around, went out back and slammed the sliding door shut.

"She definitely got coal in her stocking," I whispered to Patrick as he handed the presents to Jessica.

"Well...she's interesting," Donna said.

"Is that your bitchy sister you complained about?" Jackie asked.

"No, but she's acting a lot like her today..." I Shrugged.

"Hey babe," Erica said, wrapping her arms around Jon as they kissed. It kind of reminded me of Kim and Kris...

"Hey babe, merry christmas," Jon said, before kissing her again.

"Really guys? Really?" Patrick scowled.

"Very funny, Kaner," Jon said, shutting the door.

"Why did you shut the door?" I Asked Jon.

"Because i think i speak for everyone when i say we don't wanna freeze to death," He said sarcastically.

"Very funny," I rolled my eyes. "I Mean isn't Patrick out there?"

"No, Sarah came alone," Jon said.

That's when i figured out was wrong.

"I'll be back in a while..." I Sighed.

"Take your time," Erica said, in between kissing Jon.

I Walked outside, and it was FREEZING Cold, and then i coughed after Sarah took a puff from her cigarette. 

"Really, on my property?" I asked her.

"These are my new best friends," Was all she said.

"So ugh, how come Patrick's not here?" I Asked, she just rolled her eyes.

"I Really don't care about him," She said.

"You don't?" I Asked. She just sighed.

"Answer this," She said. "Say...you uh..you...You got a chance to be Justin Bieber's girl in one of his music video's."

"I like this question so far," I Said, resting my hands on top of my very noticeable baby bump.

"You would get close with Justin and even kiss him," Sarah said. "But Patrick found out, got mad and basically forbid you to do it. What would you do?"

"I'd tell him to fuck off and that it was my life and my decision not his," I Said.

"EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!" Sarah said as i raised an eyebrow, she sighed again. "I Wanna FINALLY head into a police academy that's starting up in February for three months, and at first he was supportive, but when he found out i'd be away for three months..."

"Ohhh," I Said.

"He's mad because we already set a date for the wedding and by the time i get back, there will only be about a month left before the wedding," She rolled her eyes.

"When it's the wedding?" I asked.

"Saturday May 5th," She said. "Since 5+5 is 10...it was kinda his idea."

"I Can tell," I Said. "But anyway, why don't you just go over the MAJOR details of the wedding, like the location, invites, all that stuff, and write it down so while your gone he can work on that with the wedding planner and when you get back all you'll have to do is get a dress, pick out the song for the first dance and walk down that aisle to your future."

"You know, that's actually not a half-assed idea!" She said.

"Thank me by putting out your cigarette?" I Asked, as she did.

"But you can share that fine idea with Patrick," She said. "I'm still not talking to him anytime soon."

"Alright, just come inside and hope he gets here soon," I Said.

"Why would i want him to get here soon?" She asked.

"Because the Kane's have a tradition that we don't open presents until everyone arrives, and Jackie's already getting impatient," I Said.

"Oh," Sarah said.

"Come on, me and this baby are freezing, let's head back inside," I Said.

"Totally fine with me," Sarah said as we headed inside.

"Is that one guy gonna be here anytime soon?" Jackie asked, staring at her pile of presents under the tree.


*3pm, Christmas Day, Brooks household, Kristen's POV*

"BENTLY THAT IS NOT A TOY!" Phil yelled, chasing my little nephew around the house. Bently was able to find Punk's WWE championship that he spent hours trying to hide...he needs to work on his hiding places. "KRISTEN, HELP?"

"KENNY, YOUR SON'S TANTALIZING PHIL," I Yelled at Kenny who was busy under the Mistletoe with his wife, Katherine.

"I'm Kinda Busy," He said real quick, before continuing to make-out with her. Then Amber started crying.

"AND YOUR 8-MONTH YEAR OLD IS CRYING," I yelled at him again.

"Maybe it's because you're YELLING!" He said real quick again.

I grabbed my niece and just picked her up and kissed the top of her head, trying to get her to stop, when i noticed Phil and Bently were upstairs, and as he was chasing him i noticed something in the back of Phil's pocket.

"PHIL," I yelled, getting his attention, and then i realized he was holding Bently over the railing upside down, yet Bently still had to championship in his hands.

"I know this looks bad but HE WON'T GIVE ME MY CHAMPIONSHIP!" He yelled.

"It Looks Better On Me!" Bently yelled.

"You want me to drop you?" Phil asked him. "It won't be a nice soft fall."

"PHIL," I Yelled again. "What's in your back pocket?"

"This?" He asked, letting one hand go of Bently to reach into his back pocket and pulling something out, then throwing it down to me.

"What the fuck?" I Asked, as i freed one arm to catch it. "'Say it right, Spanish'?"

"It's teaching me spanish," He said.

"Since when are you interested in Mexicans?" I asked.

"Kat got bored the other day and called me and ended up cursing me out in Spanish, so now i'm learning spanish," He said. "Pretty soon, two will be able to play that game!"

"Okay first, after glancing at the first couple pages of this book, it's clearly a rip off and not worth the $20 you paid for it," I Said. "Second, She CALLED You?"

"IT IS NOT A RIP OFF!" He shouted. "And yeah, Patrick wasn't home, she got bored so yeah. I figured you weren't answering or something."

"IT IS TOO!" I yelled back. "And she never called me..."

"Maybe you were PMSing and she was smart and avoided you," He said.

"If so, i must have been PMSing for over a month now..." I Shrugged.

"I didn't wanna say anything, but since you mentioned it you ha-"


"Relax, he's fine," He said.

"His eyes are closed and his face is purple," I Said.

"Well that doesn't me- OH SHIT!" Phil said after he saw Bently's face, then pulled Bently back over the railing and got him on his feet. "Okay Bently, let's play a game called Wake Up So Mommy And Daddy don't sue the hell out of Uncle Phil."

Not only is something wrong with Kat---she's been ignoring me for about a month now, not normal for her--- Something's highly wrong with my brother and Katherine.  There 6 year old son is unconscious and they haven't even noticed- they're still under the mistletoe kissing.

"You two are such horrible parents...."

*Back at the Kane house, 5pm, Christmas Dinner, Kat's POV*

"It's been HOURS and he still isn't here!" Jackie shouted. "Can't we open the presents yet?"

"That's what you get for inviting Sharpie...." Jonathan mumbled as he walked past us to the dining room...it's not exactly the dinning room, it's just a table set up in between where the kitchen and living room intersect, where the pole used to be.

"If he's not here by the end of christmas dinner then we'll just open them and mail his presents to him or something," I rolled my eyes as i put the last of my special homemade Christmas cookies in the oven.

"He better show up soon..." Jackie rolled her eyes.

These batch of cookies have another 25 minutes until they're done and Donna, Erica and Jessica were able to get all the food on the table, so it was time for dinner.

"Before we begin eating," Donna said. "Knowing Kat's religious beliefs, i believe it would be right to say a quick prayer. Kat, would you do the honors?" I froze.

"I've never said prayer before..." I gulped.

"You said it once," Sarah laughed. "Even Adam says better prayer then you, and he's Adam!"

"SHUT UP!" I Yelled at her across the table. She rolled her eyes, then laughed some more, but eventually stopped.

"Alright, whenever you're ready Kat," Donna said. I Took a deep breathe.

"Dear lord thank you for this day and the privilege to be able to spend it with family and friends. We gather here today to celebrate your birthday dear lord. Bless us for us not to get wrapped up in all these materialized items we will all receive after this fine dinner and not forget what christmas is really all about. Lord ple-"

Right in the middle of my prayer. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PRAYER. The doorbell rings. Sarah just bursts out laughing.

"For suck a spiritual person, these things don't go right for you, do they?" She laughed.

"SHUT UP," I Yelled at her as i got up to open the door.

I Was so pissed this bitch interrupted my beautiful prayer. So Pissed. But when i opened the door....

"Oh my damn," I Said.

"HO HO HO, Sharpie Clause here!" Sharpie said, dressed up. As Santa clause.

"AND SHARPIE CLAUSE'S LITTLE HELPER, CARBOMB!" Carcillo said, popping out of nowhere dressed up as an elf.

"Oh my damn," I Said again, staring at them, as was every one at the table behind me.

"For the love of god," Jonathan sighed over at the table.

"Have no fear, Sharpie Clause didn't come alone nor empty handed," Sharpie said. "He brought a bag full of gifts!"

"YES!" Jackie shouted from the table.

"Well...Sharpie Clause," I said, rolling my eyes. "Put your bag of toys over by the tree, and you..." I Said, looking at Carcillo. "Why you here?"

"My plans changed, and i have no wear to go," He bowed his head as i sighed.

"Come on in.."

"AW YEAH," He said running past me to the table. I rolled my eyes, then cracked a slight smile and joined everyone back over at the table.

*Sarahs POV*

"Can we talk?" Patrick asked me.

"I'm busy eating my turkey," I Said.

"Hey Kat, want some turkey?" He asked Kat, picking up my plate.

"GIMME!" Kat yelled, grabbing the plate.

"You son of a bitch," I Said to him.

"Can we please talk?" He asked.

"There's a guest room down the hall opened," Kaner said with a mouth full of food.

"Lovely," I rolled my eyes.

"Please?" He asked again. I Gave in and went with him.

"I'm hungry, so if you could be oh-so kind to hurry this up..." I Began.

"I'm sorry," He said.

"How many times this year have you told me that?" I Asked him.

"I Know i keep saying it more often then i should have to," He said. "But i really am sorry."

"You have a really weird way of showing it..." I Said.

"I know," He sighed. "Look, i just don't wanna lose you."

"I'm going to a police academy not Afghanistan," I said.

"I Mean, it kinda feels like that whole Kim Kardashian and Kris thing, they have something good, but the next thing you know they aren't even in the same house or same state and they're always arguing because of their careers, and you know how that turned out," Sharpie said. "I Love you, and i don't want that to be us. I Want you to get a job and do what makes you happy. But i just don't wanna lose what we have in those three months.

"We're engaged and getting married a month after i get back," I Said. "We WON'T Lose what we have, it'll just make us stronger."

"But still," He shrugged.

"I already know how to keep our wedding perfect," I Said, cracking a smile.

"And that's all i want, to give you your perfect, dream wedding," He said to me. "Wait...how?"

"Kat gave me a pretty good idea," I Smiled.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"I'll tell you about it tonight, but for now i just wanna get back to the dinner and eat, i'm starving," I said.

"Food's all you think about," He laughed.

"I'm not ashamed," I smiled, right before he kissed me.

*Kats POV*

"Kat, these cookies are amazing!" Dan said to me, stuffing his mouth.

"Thank me by chewing with your mouth closed, I Said, with my new BIG hoodie on.

We FINALLY opened all our presents. Everyone got what they wanted basically- including me. Since i've been gaining weight from the pregnancy, i basically got new clothes like i asked- Sweats, HOODIES, BOOTS, all that stuff. {Patrick even bought me a new #88 Home jersey in a bigger size so i could wear it if he's out on the road, so it'd be like he was still SOMEWHAT there, since i have that problem with sleeping in a bed alone. I Almost got some new Music Albums. That's love. Patrick was the last to open presents, and he loved his as well of course, and the last one was from Sarah.

"I think you'll like it," Sarah smiled.

Patrick opened it, and couldn't believe it.

"Sarah these are condoms," Patrick said.

"Not ordinary condoms!" Sarah smiled. "I Went to Kat's friend Phil to find out what brand he uses because apparently he does it a million times a week and it NEVER Breaks. And you know, your having that baby around may and your having the wedding shortly after, i figured condoms was the perfect gift, so when you're celebrating the marriage, you're also not celebrating giving your child a little brother or sister."

"That's actually a good present..." I Said.

"You're welcome," She smiled.

"What's that pile?" I asked, pointing to one more pile of presents.

"That's actually a pile of presents for the baby," Jessica smiled.

"AWWW," I Smiled.

"It's not even born and your already spoiling my child..." Patrick shook his head.

"Well we need to since it's parents will be too tough on it," Sharpie said.

"We will not," I rolled my eyes.

"But still, as the aunts it's our job to spoil our niece or nephew," Jackie smiled.

"Besides, we'll be it's only biological aunts since you seem like you hate your sister," Jessica said.

"And mom and dad will be the only grandparents," Erica said, with her head on Jonathan's chest.

"Since we're on the topic of my grand child..." Donna said. "Are you giving me a Grandson or Granddaughter?"

"We're not gonna be able to find out until early February," Patrick said.

"BUT...we've made a decision," I Said.

"What?" Erica asked.

"Only us two will know the sex of the baby is, you guys find out after i pop it out," I Said.

"WHAT!?" Donna yelled.

"You're not telling us the sex?" Sharpie asked.

"Nope," I Smiled.

"What about the baby shower!?" Erica asked. "What if it's a boy and i buy a hot pink outfit for it and what if it's a girl and i buy a black outfit or something!?"

"Relax, we're only allowing certain colors," I Smiled.

"You're not telling us the sex of our first grandkid?" Pat Sr. asked.

"Sorry, it's what we want," Patrick shrugged.

"Asswipe," Sharpie rolled his eyes.

We had one more major announcement about the kid, but after how they took this...i think we'll keep it to ourselfs.

*Later that night, Midnight*

All the guests left and the Kanes are all asleep- except me and Patrick. He lead me downstairs to the basement and i saw he set up ANOTHER Tree with a present under it.

"Wait here," He said, running over to grab it, then running back over to me. "Merry Christmas, babe."

"Oh my god," I Said when i opened it. It was an engraved locket he got me. I love Lockets, i just do. He engraved it with lyrics from our song, and it was in the shape of a heart. I embraced him, then kissed him.

"You like it?" He smiled.

"I LOVE IT!" I Smiled.

"Good," He smiled.

We haven't had alone time lately with Erica moving in and all, so we finally got our alone time. He dimmed the lights and put on Common Denominator and we slow danced to it.

"I Don't wanna kinda kill the moment...but why didn't we say how we were naming it?" Patrick asked.

"You SAW how they reacted when i said we weren't giving out the sex, imagine how bad it would be if we told them our child was being named after the first same-gender character i see on Degrassi!" I Said.

"Well lots of those Degrassi kids have nice names. Holly J....Declan, Jenna, Emma, Sean, Paige...." He said.

"Still," I Sighed.

YEP. After the baby's born, i'm going to find a tv and turn it onto TeenNick. Knowing TeenNick, chances are a episode of Degrassi will be on. The first character i see as the same gender as the baby- BAM. That's the baby's name. Unless it's a boy and It's Craig Manning or Jay, and if it's a girl and it's Manny. I Love Manny but i am not naming my child Manny or Jay. And i'm brother's name is Craig, so yeah. But yep,  The name of my baby will be picked out by a tv show. 

"It's an easy process though, we just turn it on and BAM!" Patrick said.

"Still," I Said.

Then, we kissed again.

"I love this so much..."

A/N- I got my ACT prep test results back today and i was fucking amazing. FUCKING AMAZING.  So i've decided that since if i go to college ACT scores are the Big factor, my grades are good so i'm done stressing about them. SO YEAAAH. Happy Kat is Happy.  But yeah, i should get this all wrapped up soon :) bahaha, this was a pointless authors note...wasn't it? Oh well. Tell me if you liked this chapter or not in the comment section. if you did- YAY YOU. If you didn't- BOO YOU WHOOORE. Bahahahaha.


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