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Year Two Week Thirty-Nine //For Better or worse

 *This whole chapter is told in Patrick's POV*

*Friday, December 9th, 2:12am*

"Tell me again, what happened when you explained to Kat why Erica and Jonathan were making out?" Sharpie snickered.

"I Told her Erica's in Chicago at Northwestern for Grad school and she didn't want to dorm with people, and i also told her that since it's not easy finding places in chicago, she could stay with us until some places open up," I sighed.

"And when did all this happen?"

"When Kat was away..."

"Which means...?"

"I did this behind her back..."


We just got back into Chicago after beating the Islanders in Long Island.  Christmas is approaching soon, the most beautiful time in Chicago in my opinion. Snow is covering the ground and the city's filled with lights, beautiful. I picked up a chunk of snow, then threw it at the back of Sharpie's head.

"Ow," He said, rolling his eyes.

"Hey, Luigi!" I Yelled, running toward Dan.

"Biebs!" He yelled back, after slamming the trunk of his car.

"Help me get my gear in the backseet man," I Said, as he grew a look on his face.

"Oh yeah...i was supposed to give you a ride since Selena's busy sleeping and all..." He shrugged.

"Yeah, you ARE," I Said.

"Sorry, Biebs, stuff came up, and i'm about to make a father very proud of how his daughter turned out," He smirked.

"Oh god your blowing me off for a high school dropout?" I asked.

"She's not a high school drop out!" He defended. "Just a college drop out!"

Then, he grabbed his keys and started walking to the other side of the car and got in, then left me standing there.

"I could give you a ride, so you don't wake Kat up," Jonathan said.

I Just turned around and looked at him, but then shrugged and bit my lower lip, then started loading my stuff up in the back.

The car ride home was pretty quiet. My house is almost 10 minutes away from the UC, it feels like forever since we left the UC. It's the most wonderful time in chicago-winter. Snow's covering the ground and it's getting darker, so the lights are even brighter at night, but as we get closer to the house, the lights started to fade as we got out of the downtown area.

"You know, i'm totally fine with you and Erica," I Said, just to break the silence.

"That's good, man," Jonathan said.

"But if you break her heart or touch her again without a ring on her hand, then i'll get Carcillo to kick your ass,"

It once again got quiet after that, and was until we got home. Kat and Erica must have gotten bored while i was gone, because they decorated the whole house in christmas decorations. We pulled into the driveway, i grabbed my stuff out of the back and headed inside the house, and i saw the tv on, playing an episode of Jersey Shore and i saw Erica there with her eyes glued on it, with a bunch of open books surrounding her. 

"What the hell are you doing at nearly 2:30am?" I asked her.

"Studying," She said, eyes still glued.

"What, the gel in Pauly's hair?" I asked. She rolled her eyes, then looked at me.

"Relax, i'm on a study break," She said. "It's about to go to commercial, then it'll be over," She smiled.

"You're unbelievable," I Said, before shaking my head and heading upstairs.

I headed into my bedroom, dropped down all my bags, then took my shirt off and just looked over at Kat. She was covered in all these blankets, but she couldn't hide her baby bump anymore. Last Saturday she turned 13 weeks, and it's the last day of her first trimester. Tomorrow she's 14 weeks and officially done with her first trimester, but from what i hear, she'll be having raging hormones from now on. Lovely.  In about 6 hours from now we'll be heading to Dr. Reese's office for our two month check-up....,even though we saw him a month ago...but yeah. I just crawled into bed. After tomorrow, everything changes.

*Friday  morning, 8:15am*

"Jackass, why are you driving so slow?" Kat shouted at me.

"It's called traffic, i'm going as fast as i can," I Sighed.

"Go faster you little dumbass," She rolled her eyes.

It's not even 8:30am and i've already gotten SO MUCH Shit from Kat. Fucking Hormones. This is worse then when she PMSed....i think that's what they call it, i really don't know. Traffics being a bitch, which is making Kat a bigger bitch then she already is.

"If my mom was driving me to this appointment she'd just go," She said. "She wouldn't give a damn about this traffic she'd just go and go."

"She sneaked into the country illegally, so i have no doubt she would cut through traffic illegally as well," I bit my lip. She quickly looked at me and gave me a death glare. "Probably shouldn't have said that."

"Of course you shouldn't of," She rolled her eyes, then crossed her arms. 

Like last night, the rest of the ride was silent as i got my way through traffic so we could get to our appointment on time. When we got there, Kat ignored me until we had to go in. She got into that robe thing and sat down on that chair and i saw this thing next to her.

"What the hell is this?" I Asked, picking it up. "It's like giant tweezers."

"Patrick that's what they use to open up the cervix," She said as i immediately dropped them. "Stop touching everything..."

"I'm just curious," I shrugged.

"Well stop," She rolled her eyes as Dr. Reese came in.

"How are we all doing today?" He asked with a smile on his face.

"Perfectly fine," Kat smiled. I Just raised an eyebrow at her, but she gave me a dirty look when Dr. Reese looked away.

"Alright, i understand tomorrow you'll be 14 weeks?" He asked.

"Yep," She smiled. Why the hell isn't she being a bitch to him?

"Alright, so that means your first trimester's ending after tonight," He said. "All morning sickness will be done, you'll have your energy back, and this is the trimester you'll figure out the sex of the baby," He smiled, which caused me to smile. That's one thing i'm really excited about.

"We both want a boy," Kat smiled.

"We do...?" I asked. "because i wanted a-"

"Shut up and let the doctor talk," She gritted through her teeth.

"Alright, here we go," Dr. Reese said.

He put that gel on her stomach again while she bit her lip from the coldness, but then it started working and a picture of the baby showed up n the screen.

"Alright...the baby looks healthy as can be," He smiled. "He or She weighs about an ounce now, and is 3.5 inches, and right now, it's fingerprints are forming and it's learning how to move on it's own now."

"Aww," Kat smiled.

" that it's boy part?" I asked, pointing to the screen where i saw something sticking out.

"Sorry, but no, that's actually it's elbow," Dr. Reese "Right now, i'd say the baby either has it's fist or thumb in his mouth."

"Is that safe!?" Kat asked.

"It's perfectly normal," He said. "Most parents-to-be gush over seeing this and usually want pictures to hang up."

"I'm one of those," Kat smiled.

"Since we were on the subject of it," Dr. Reese said. "Your next appointment is in 8 weeks on February 4th, by then you two will definitely be able to know the sex."

"Great," Kat smiled.

"Alright, i think we outta wrap this up," Dr Reese said.

"Thanks man," I Said,shaking his hand, but then Kat hit me and gave me another dirty look.

"This might also be the right time to mention hormones are going crazy around this time now," Dr. Reese said, after seeing that.

"Why would this be the right time to mention that, doctor?" Kat asked, with a smile on her face, but a pissed off tone.

"I'll see you in 8 weeks," Dr. Reese said immediately after, then leaving.

"Well," Kat said as i helped her up. "Wanna get hotdogs?"

"It's only 9am in the morning," I Said.

"What's your point?" Kat asked.

"Let's go get hotdogs," I Sighed. Kill. Me. Now.

*Couple hours later*

 "So babe," I said, heading downstairs into the basement where Kat was. "I was thinking that-"

"UGH!" She screamed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm cold and i cant fit into your warm, cozy and big sweats!" She yelled again.

"Well i-" I began.

"All i wanted to do was watch lifetime and be nice and warm in your sweats but NO, i'm too fucking fat!" She yelled, before burying her face into my shoulder crying.

"Lifetime? What the fucking hell?" I thought in my head, but i didn't wanna get shot, so i just bit my lip and comforted her.

"You're not fat, you're pregnant babe," I Said. "But tonight, you're gonna completely forget about being pregnant."

"I'm what?" She asked, quickly looking up and raising an eyebrow.

"I just talked to Jon and tonight Erica's gonna head over there and stay there for the night while Sarah and Patrick come here for the night for dinner and movies and such," I Said, with a smile.

"Why," She asked blankly.

"You seem tense and like you could use it," I Said.

"I Need some Mountain Dew," I Said. "That stuff is my red wine and i fucking need THAT, not some jackasses coming over to watch some fucking movie or whatever!"

"Don't worry, it'll all be fine," I Said, calmly.

" know....just..." She stuttered, trying to figure out words.

"I know," I Said, before heading upstairs.

Right after i got upstairs, i headed straight for my cellphone and called up Sharpie.

"Sharpie, it's me....yeah, we're still on for tonight at 7...make sure to sneak in some drinks...i know she can't it's not for her dumbass she's's for us, to sneak me, after an hour or two...with her emotions,you'll need it..."

 *Later that night*

"Alright, Erica's over at Jon's, Patrick and Sarah should be here any minute," I Said, spraying on some cologne real quick.

"I admit, Erica probably thinks your the coolest brother in the world," Kat said, fluffing pillows.

"You think so?" I Smiled.

"Of course!" She said. "When i was 15 or 16, i had a boyfriend named Christian, he was JUST like Jonathan."

"Your point?" I Asked.

"My point is that i love my older brother but he's a total womanizer," She said. "No matter how bad he wanted alone time with his girl of the night, he would NEVER send me alone in a place with a mattress with Christian, EVER. That's a shame, but looking back now, i'm glad, because if he left me alone with him, chances are this kid would be my second or third child."

After that i froze, and i couldn't believe how stupid i was.

"Oh, don't worry baby," Kat said. "Erica and Jon are smart people. They'll at least wear a condom if they try."

"Try!?" I Asked frantically. "That's it i-" I Began, but stopped after the door slammed open.

"Someone order a slice of sexy and some pizza?" Sharpie said with a sly smirk on his face as Sarah trailed behind, giggling.

"Thanks for just coming in," I rolled my eyes.

"It's not our fault you two dumbasses don't know how to lock your doors," Sarah said.

"Didn't we already talk about why you needed to lock your doors almost a year ago?" Sharpie raised an eyebrow.

"So you got pizza?" Kat said, grabbing it.

"Um...yeah," Sarah said, looking at her weird as she grabbed it then took it over to the couch.

"Ugh, its sausage," Kat rolled her eyes.

"Just pick the sausages off," Sharpie said.

"You do it," She said.


"You heard me, bitch."

"Did you just call me a bitch?"

"Lemme check..........yes, yes i did."

Sharpie then gave me this look, as well as Sarah.

"You told us she was super hormonal, not a bitch," Sarah mumbled.

"If we knew she was this bad," Sharpie began. "We'd still be at home and we'd be-"

"We'd still be at home, let's just leave it at that!" Sarah interrupted quickly.

"Let's just watch the movie for the next three hours and just keep quiet to keep her quiet,"I sighed. "What movie did you guys bring?"

"Friends with benefits, beautiful romantic comedy with Mila Kunis," Sharpie smirked.

"And one of Kat's teen celebrity crushes, Timberlake," Sarah smirked.

"GREAT!" I Smiled, grabbing the movie and running over toward the dvd player.

"whatdvdarewewatching?" Kat asked as she chewed a slice of pizza, Sarah watched in disgust.

"Friends With Benefits," I Said, pressing play and turning off the lights.

"You know," Kat said after she swallowed, then turning to Sarah. "You look a LOT like Mila Kunis."

"She's Russian though," Sarah shrugged. "We aren't even the same nationality, we can't look a like."

"Say whatever you want," Kat said. "But she's hollywood's hottest female with Britney..."

"Britney's a mom, she's not as hot anymore," Sharpie said.

God fucking dammit. 

After that, Kat gave Sharpie the most scariest death glare ever, and it scared the shit out of him.


*Hours later...after the movie is over*

"Why are we watching this....?" Sarah asked, while hiding her face in Sharpie's shoulder.

"And why is Kaner hiding under the blankets?" He asked.

"SHUT UP!" I Yelled, peaking my head above from the blankets i was hiding under.

The movie ended an hour ago, and it was snowing pretty hard outside, so Shaprie and Sarah are staying until someone comes and clears the street with the snow. Kat decided she wanted to watch this show called Are You Afraid Of The Dark....i am. While she had the biggest smile on her face and was eating popcorn.

"So Sarah," Kat said, pausing the show, so i rose up from the blankets and grabbed a pop that was infront to take a sip.

"Yeah Kat?" Sarah asked.

"Do you happen to know any good porn sites?"

I did the biggest spit take in history after she said that, and the look on Sarah and Sharpie's faces.....

"Um...well..." Sarah said, trying to figure out what to say. "You know...i.....why?"

"Yes, why?" I Asked as well.

"Because i'm horny and Patrick isn't satisfying me," She said, this time causing me to drop the pop completely on the ground.

"He isnt?" Sharpie asked, trying not to smirk.

"He's afraid he'll hurt the baby if he makes love to me," Kat rolled her eyes.

"I'm not afraid," I mumbled.

"You either deny me or go slow and gently and not hardcore," Kat said.

"Thanks for putting a disturbing image in my mind," Sarah gagged.

"Can i talk to you in the kitchen?" I Asked Sharpie.

"Of course," He smirked, as he got off the couch and followed me in the kitchen.

First thing we did when we got in the kitchen was head to the fridge where we put the 6-pack he got and we both opened one.

"You have it so bad," He laughed.

"I know," I Sighed taking a sip.

"But come on man," Sharpie said. "I have two nieces. i've seen my sister-in-law's hormones, it's really not that bad."

"Oh yes it is," I sighed.

"Look man, just tough it out," Sharpie said.

"Easy for you to say Mr. I don't have a kid coming into this world anytime soon," I rolled my eyes.

"It's your first child," Sharpie said. "First kid is always the hardest, but it'll get easier as time progresses. At least she doesn't have morning sickness anymore."

"True, i was getting tired of holding her hair back," I Shrugged.

"Look, just tough it out for now, like you say, everything will be worth it once your son is in your arms."

"Son?" I asked.

"Kat told Sarah you both wanted a boy," He said.

"No she wants a boy," I Said, "But i guess it also means i want a boy, too."

"Oh...well....girls are nice, too..." Sharpie shrugged.

"Sorry but i'm just used to girls," I said.

"Which is why you should want a boy," Sharpie said.

"As long as the baby's health i'm fine," I Said.

"Still," Sharpie said as he took another drink.

"Patrick the road's are-" Sarah said, coming into the kitchen and her mouth dropping after seeing us drinking.

"This isn't how it looks..." I Said.

"You two are in here drinking while a pregnant lady is out there?" She asked.

"We can explain,babe," Sharpie said to her.

"Just shut up and give me a can," She said, grabbing Sharpie's beer and drinking it.

"Thanks for taking my beer," He rolled his eyes.

"Patrick i feel bad for you," She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you got about 5 more months of hormones to deal with," She said.

"I Know," I Sighed, taking another sip.

*Later that night....around.....sometime in the morning*

"Patrick,"Kat whispered in my ear, nudging on my shoulder. "Wake up."

"What time is it," I mumbled.

"4am," She said.

"Babe, i have practice in a couple hours," I Said.

"But i'm horny," She said.

"Go to a porn site then," I said.

"Have sex with me, NOW," Kat said.









"DAMMIT GET ON YOUR BACK," I Said, getting out of bed and taking my boxers off.

Then, i got on top of her and grabbed her breast, which were fucking huge- i loved it. I claimed her lips with my own as her fingers starting going through my short blonde hair.

"I love you," She whispered in between kisses.

"I love you more then words could ever explain," I whispered back.

Then, i started thrusting into her, slowly and gently, and the look of satisfaction on her face disappeared.

"Really, Patrick," She said.

"Be patient," I said.

"Fuck this," Kat said, pushing me off of her as she got off the bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Spicing up your life," She smirked, while grabbing handcuffs.

Then, she handcuffed me to the headboard on the bed and put the key in her sock draw in her dresser.

"You aren't going anywhere anytime soon..." She smirked, getting on top of me.

"I'm gonna pay for this in the morning," I Sighed.

I love sex, but just not now, with the baby and all. Kat used to be iffy on sex, but now it's all she ever thinks about, and i hate it. These hormones of hers will end up being the death of me.


I tried getting this up last week, but i ended up procrastinating.  I had trouble figuring out this chapter, and i was watching a 'Friends' Episode where Rachel was having crazy hormones, so i wrote this as a filler chapter and for comical relief. 6 more chapters left, so i'm trying my best to get it all done AT LEAST by New Years Eve. This week, however i have a holiday concert, and my band's struggling on the song we want to play to close out the concert, so that's my focus, and my grades since i have a C in pre-algebra which isn't good enough for my mom because  it wont' get me into college, when in reality i'm not going to college and if i do i'm majoring in Performing Arts and acting/directing/writing scripts has nothing to do with knowing what X and Y equal. So yeah. I'm trying my best, guise.  Comment and feedback, please.


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  2. I'm scarred for life now thank you very much. But damn.. I thought Kat was a MAJOR bitch before, I was WAAAAAY off. XD Aww Kaner wanting a girl and Kat wanting a boy.. Why do I still have an odd feeling Kat might have twins? Hmmm ;P aww get that grade up! WAIT! PRE ALGEBRA?!?! I took that in like... Last year or 8th grade? Idk but it was tough! I'm in geometry and I passed the class by one point! I'm like where am I gonna learn this in the future? Lol, still this kinda scarred me for life but it made me laugh and make me smile :) hahaha update soon pweeeaseee loved it my whore :D

  3. Don't worry.... I wasn't traumatized by reading this... nope... Well we can all say, Kaner's a fuckhead, he's stupid, naw he's just plain dumb. Who da fuq wakes up someone at 4 in the morning just because they're horny? OH RIGHT KAT WOULD! You nasty. Lol if I had to stay there with you and Kane just because of the snow and you asked me if I knew any porn sites, I would of drove in the snow. Why? I have my reasons. Okay anyway, I don't think those are hormones. You're just naturally bitchy. You're like the female version of the Grinch. lol at Kane Sharp and Sarah drinking beer in the kitchen. Yep, gold lol. And no, Kaner just sucks at sex. We all can see that ^_^. Lol you're talking about ME having bad grades. Look at your ass, you getting a C in Alg. Damn. You better get your grades before I beat your ass. Update soon!!! But get your grades up (: