Sunday, December 11, 2011

Year Two Week Forty // Twas the one before christmas....

*December 23rd, 8am*

"Hot chocolate?" Erica asked me, with a mug in hand.

"So thoughtful," I Smiled, grabbing it as i entered the kitchen.

"Jackie wanted some, so i made it," She smiled.

Christmas is two days away and me and Patrick are spending it with his family and some of our that i mean his family, Jonathan, Sarah and Sharpie. Last year we did it with Kristen, Phil, John, Nikie and Heather, this year....they have their own families to spend it with, not mine. Right now, Patrick's at the Blackhawks holiday party that i chose not to go to since last year, a couple people asked him about plans for any kids anytime soon and now that i'm actually'd be too much for me to deal with.

"Where's everyone else at?" I asked her.

"Jackie's watching tv in her guestroom and my parents and Jessica are outside building a snowman," Erica said.

"Awah," I said, taking a sip of hot cocoa. Then the door bell rang. "I know your parents don't live here, but they don't have to ring the door bell..." I Said, heading to open the door.

Donna and Pat Sr. weren't there when i opened it.

It was Justin. Not Bieber like i would like it. Gabriel. Justin Gabriel. I haven't talked to him since i told him i was pregnant and he told me he was back together with his ex.

"Merry Christmas, Angel," He smiled.

"Justin..." I Said, shocked to see him.

"Mind if i come in?" He asked.

"Sure, no problem," I Said as i let him in.

"Is that a stripper pole?" He asked, pointing to the pole that we had since taken down because of the pregnancy...and because the Kanes are here.

"Shhh," I Said. "So, what brings you out to the city of wind?"

"Well, RAW's shooting at the Allstate Arena monday, so i came here early along with the rest of the gang, i think we may head with Kristen and Phil for christmas after they kick their families out," He said.

"Sounds good,"I Said. "Man, i forgot RAW was in Chicago this week...i wish i would be there."

"No one said you couldn't come and appear," He said.

"It'll be weird being in the Allstate Arena and not wrestling," I shrugged. "I'm never wrestling again..."

"I know it's hard to lose baby weight, but it's possible," Justin said.

"I know, but with Patrick and stuff, i'm just gonna be a stay at home mom," I Said.

"Just because of him? That's stupid," Justin said.

"That's reality," I Said. "Enough of me though, how's Lara?"

"Lara's good," Justin said. "She's in talks with FCW now."

"Oh, WWE's development camp...that's cool," I Said.

"Yeah, really cool," He said. "Actually, Lara's what i wanted to talk to you about."

"What about her?" I asked.

"I was wondering, you wanna go on a double date type thing with me and her?" He asked.

I froze. No, no no no no noooo. No i don't.

"Of course!" I Smiled. Dammit.

"Alright, whatever's good for Patrick," Justin smiled.

Just don't tell him anything specific...

"Friday the 13th next month? In Detroit though because he has a game there the next day," I Said. DAMMIT.

"Alright, me and Lara can rent something out for the four of us," He smiled.

"You do that!" I Smiled back.

"Alright, well i gotta hit the gym for cardio, i'll see in a couple weeks," he smiled.

"Yeah...bye," I Smiled back, escorting him out.

I Shut the door after he left, then sighed and turned around and had my back against the door, where i saw Erica giving me a look.

"Don't you dare even say anything," I gritted to her through my teeth.

"Then i will," Jackie smirked as she left her room.

"You won't unless you wanna sleep on the couch," I Said.

"The couch looks comfy," She smiled back.

"Jacqueline," Donna said as she, Pat Sr. and Jessica came back in. "Don't give Kat a hard time."

"Don't worry," I Sighed, walking back into the kitchen. "I deserve a hard time," I Said, before taking a sip of cocoa.

*Vancouver. BC, CA, Local K-Mart, Toy section, No POV*

"Tis the season to be jolly," Kevin Bieksa sang to himself with a Toy Story playset in his hands. He turned a corner to look for something for his daughter and then stop singing after he saw Jamila standing there. "Fu-fu-fu-fu-fu, fu-fu-fuck NO."

"Nice to see you, too," She said to him.

"Are you stalking me or something?" Kevin asked. "I don't know how it is in America but here in Canada that's illegal."

"Look, i just want my boyfriend back," She said sternly.

"Good for you, but he's not here," Kevin said.

"Okay you know what-" Jamila began.

"No," Kevin began. "let me tell YOU something. We may be the reason both of us have no love life anymore, but you weren't the only one."

"...what?" Jamila asked.

"Katie was boring the HELL Out of me," Kevin said. "So whenever i was in America or all the way in Ontario or Quebec, i hooked up with a lucky female hockey fan.The only difference is you're the one she caught. This doesn't mean anything. I Don't know what you want from me, but you mean nothing to me, so just leave me alone."

Then, he walked away to go find something for his baby girl, just leaving Jamila alone and breathless.

*Back in Chicago, local mall, Kristen's POV*

"I can't believe I'm gonna be back in the ring for RAW," Heather said. "I already miss Adam."

"Oh shut up you prissy white girl," Jenny rolled her eyes, looking at something for Cody.

"Your white too," Heather said.

"But i'm country," Jenny smiled.

They were off doing their own thing while i was in a baby store in the mall, looking at toys and outfits for two people- My 6month year old Niece Amber and Kat's future baby. She hasn't even personally told me she was pregnant yet, but still. I Already picked something up for my 6year old nephew Bently and my 5 year old Nephew Teno, he's Phil's nephew.. 

"What are you doing?" Heather asked, running over.

"Looking at stuff for my niece and Kat's kid," I Said.

"KAT'S PREGNANT!?" Heather asked.

"You didn't know?" Jenny asked, starting to look at baby stuff too.

"No!" Heather said. "I haven't talked to her since my wedding."

"You either?" I asked. "I haven't talked to her forever."

"Same," Jenny said. "I think she's avoiding us."

"Why would she avoid us though?" I Asked, looking at a stuffed chipmunk. My brother Kenny told me she loves stuffed animals.

"Same reason Nikie refuses to talk to anyone else but John-hormones," Jenny said.

"But this has been LONG before hormones, she's been ignoring us ever since she left WWE," I Said.

"Well who knows, maybe somethings wrong with the baby or with Patrick," Jenny said.

"Can't be possible," I Said, picking up the stuffed chipmunk and a giraffe for Kat's kid.

"How would you know? Not like she's talking to you, now is she?" Jenny smirked.

The next day on Christmas eve i went over to her house to drop off the giraffe. She opened the door, took it, said thanks then shut the door. Shortest conversation i've had with her in years. Somethings wrong with her, i swear it is.

*Christmas Eve, Sharp Residents, Sarah's POV*

Tomorrow, Patrick and I are going over to Kat's house to celebrate christmas, but not for Christmas eve. Right now, we're on the couch watching tv together, and i'm about to FINALLY tell him about the Police Academy since in February, that school i was looking at is starting up again, and i gotta apply by next month, so now's the perfect time to talk to him about it.

"So uh, can i talk to you about something?" I asked him.

"Anything, babe," He smiled at me.

"You know how when Kat hooked us up, i was in Toronto, just out of the Criminal Justice program and TU?" I asked.

"Yeah, i know that," He said.

"Well, it's been a little over a year since i graduated, and well, i'm ready to actually get a job," I Said, as a big smile grew on his face.

"That's great babe!" He smiled, hugging me. "Just stay out of Southside, though. That place is scary dangerous."

"Yeah, i know it is" I bit my lip. "So uh, yeah, if i get accepted into the Academy-"

"Academy?" He asked.

"Yeah, you know, the police academy where they train you to use the gun and all that stuff," I Said.

"I thought you already went through training?" He asked.

"College and the Police Academy are two separate things, babe," I Said.

"Oh., well when's it starting?" He asked.

"Early February," I Smiled.

"Alright, whatever makes you happy," He smiled.

"Really?" I Asked. "Wow, i'm surprised."

"Why?" He asked.

"I just thought you'd be upset i'd be gone for three months and-"

"You'll be gone for three months!?!" He asked.

"THERE'S the reaction i expected!" I said.

"You can't just leave for three months!" He said.

"Excuse me?" I Asked. "A minute ago you said 'Whatever makes you happy'. What happened to that!?"

"That was before i knew you'd be leaving!" He yelled. "What about the wedding!? We JUST hired a wedding planner!"

"We can put the wedding on hold!" I Said.

"But we FINALLY set a date! If your gonna be gone for three months then when you get back you'll have less then a month until the wedding!" He yelled.

"We can make it work!" I Said.

"NO WE CAN'T!" He yelled again.

"Okay you know what," I Said, getting up. "You're possessive. Every time something you don't like happens you freak out. The pregnancy scare, THIS, god how's it gonna be like when we're actually married?"

"I'm freaking out? YOUR the one who's springing this all on me all of a sudden!" He yelled. "You've been planning this out, haven't you? Going behind my back, I Should be the one mad, NOT YOU!"

"You know what, you need to fucking grow up jackass!" I Yelled, running upstairs.

I grabbed a pillow and blanket and threw them over the railing for Patrick. I don't care if it's Christmas Eve, it really will take a Christmas miracle to get me to talk to him and let him up here.


  1. OMG WHAT IF JUSTIN AND KAT DO SOMETHING?! I am hoping for a miracle at that dinner.... Fucking Bieksa... Manwhore... Still love you though~ :O What's gonna happen with Heather, Jenny and Kurrristen!? <-- See what I did there? No? Okay never mind. ANYWAY, Sarah and Sharp getting into a fight! Another one! Oh lawd. This is bad/good/bad/good/weird/upsetting. A lot of emotions! Lol love this chapter Bubbles ^_^
    *~*~Update Soon*~*~

  2. What Justin coming in and saying hi and asking for a double date? w0t. Bieksa being a douche~ I wonder why Kat avoided everyone else? Weird. Dang, Sharpie not accepting Sarah going away for three months. I wonder what will happen there! Ugh, update. Loved it, can't wait to read more!

  3. Uhhh ooh Justin, Lara, Patrick and Kat all on a double date? Oh boy good luck with that. Awwie I be picking gifts out for my niece and nephews.. Bently and Teno..? (who the hell is that!?) Bahaaa xD oh shiz Sarah and Sharp fighting on Christmas Eve that make me very nervous :/ Bahaaahaaa so glad u got another one up last night Bahaaa can't wait to read more :)