Sunday, September 2, 2012

Epiulogue// The Oldest Story In The Book (10 years later)

I sat on the edge of my bed, just staring at the calender that was across from my on the wall. I was up, i was showered, i was dressed, and i was ready to begin my day, but instead of anything productive like...i don't know, eating breakfast or going out for a quick jog....I was sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at my calender and staring at the date- June 9th, 2022.

My name is Katrina, but you can all just call me Kat, and 10 years ago today, my life started changing, as well as the lifes of all my friends, most who are now like family to me, and have started their own families themselves, and that I'll be seeing later today, but more about that later. The Summer of 2012 was the year everything changed in my life, from having to mature for someone else, to promising someone else forever, to seeing a couple of my friends dreams start to come true, i can basically trace all the stuff going on in our lifes today back to the summer of 2012- but you'll see what i mean later.

After staring at the calender, for probably 20 solid minutes, i closed my eyes, then just fell back onto my bed and laid on my back---enter slut joke here---. Then, i sighed.

"I can't fucking believe it..." I said to myself, before opening my eyes back up, then practically jumping off my bed and onto my feet. I ran my fingers through my hair real quick, before walking out of my room.

I walked down the hallway of my house, past a couple rooms. All the doors were closed- except one, that's the one i went into.

I walked in slowly, only to see him up, and fully dressed and ready to start his day---just like me. Yet, also like me, he wasn't doing anything. Just sitting on his bed, looking outside his window to the bright, sunny early June day.

" okay?" I asked, after i fully got in the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine," He said, not taking his eyes away from where he was staying.

"Alright...well...I'll be downstairs, I'll probably make scrambled eggs or something...let me know if you get hungry," I said, starting to slowly walk out of the room.

"Alright," He said, as i walked out completely- though i leaned back on one of the walls for  a moment and waited, and then i heard a sigh come from his room, and i started smiling.


I ran back into the room and jumped onto the bed, and then wrapped my arms around him as he just embraced it and giggled.

"HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY!!!" I shouted, before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

He, was---as of 3:56am this morning--- my 10 year old son- Lucas James Kane. He has dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, and an adorable smile, he's all around adorable, about 4'0 and he's also the last remaining piece of evidence that proves how much i was in love with my ex-fiancee'- Patrick Kane.

Lucas was technically named after Degrassi's Luke Baker---A junior hockey player...coincidence?--- though his official first name is in Lucas Scott, that lead character in One Tree Hill. 

Just like his dad, Lucas loves hockey and wants to be an NHL player one day, and i have no doubt that he will be. Patrick resigned with the Blackhawks a couple years ago, and as of next season, it's gonna be his last as a Blackhawk, since i haven't heard him even talk about wanting to resign with Chicago- or any team really.

"I can't believe you're 10 already!" I said, still hugging him.

"I can't breath, mom," He grunted out, as i released my grip.

"I should start giving you coffee and cigarettes so maybe you can be so short and adorable for ever," I said.

"If i smoke i wouldn't be so adorable looking..." He said, causing me to laugh a little. His Uncle Phil taught him well.

"Alright, I'm gonna go downstairs and work on breakfast," I said.

"Pancakes and eggs with chocolate milk and strawberries?" Lucas asked me.

"Anything for the birthday boy,"I smiled, as he smiled back. "Just remember, we're going over to your dads for your party at noon-"

"Mom, i wouldn't forget my own birthday party," Lucas said to me, looking at me as if i was dumb.

"I was just making sure!" I said, putting my hands up in defense. "Are Bianca and Eli up yet?"

"PJ took them somewhere awhile ago...they woke me up by jumping on my bed and singing happy birthday," Lucas huffed out, i just giggled.

"Alright, you can watch tv or something, I'll go make your breakfast, i love you," I said, leaving the room.

"I love you, too!" He shouted after me, causing me to smile.

In case you were wondering....Bianca and Eli are my other two kids, but the difference between them and Lucas is that they aren't Patrick's- they're PJ's....or some of you may better know him as Justin Gabriel- my husband of almost 10 years now. Bianca's 7 years old, and Eli will be 5 years old next month.

PJ and i were married on a beach in his hometown of Capetown, SA on August 18th, 2012, with his mate Danny from back home as his best man, while my best friend, Kristen, was my Maid of honor. It was a pretty fucking amazing wedding, everything was perfect, and to this day, everything's basically been perfect...well, as close as can be. Being a wife is just fucking awesome, almost as nice as being a mom.

My three kids are absolutely amazing---they're a lot like me though, so...i could do without that, but they're seriously the best i could have asked for. Like i said, Lucas plays hockey like Patrick, Bianca's into dance classes, while Eli actually wants to be a professional wrestler when he's older, he's already in a mat wrestling program during the winter sponsored by the local high school. They're all just a bunch of happy, healthy kids, just how i pictured them to be.

"Oh, fuck..." I mumbled, as i spilled some chocolate milk. I rolled my eyes, and grabbed a paper towel and cleaned it, then i continued to make breakfast. I picked up a few cooking tips over the years, and now...well...i don't completely suck at it, let's say that.

Right as i was in the middle of cooking breakfast, my white IPhone started going off, much to my dismay. I just sighed, then i answered it.

"Hello, Patrick..." I huffed out to my baby daddy.

"Alright so, who's jersey does Lucas want again?" Patrick asked, sounding a little panicky.

"Today's his birthday and you're just NOW getting his present!?" I yelled to him through the phone- but now loud enough for Lucas to hear.

"Hey, I've been busy planning my son a kick-ass 10th birthday party, while also kid-proofing my house-"

"Kid-Proofing?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"His entire 4th grade class is coming, along with every one else's kids...I don't want them messing my house up," He said, i just rolled my eyes.

"He's been begging for a Andrew Shaw jersey..." I said, refering to Patrick's old Blackhawks teammate...who also just happened to make the game winning goal to win his new team- the Toronto Maple Leafs- the Stanley Cup. Though Andrew isn't in chicago anymore, he and Patrick still share the same agent, so pretty much, every birthday Patrick hooks Lucas up with a signed hockey jersey from some big NHL player signed to his agency.

"Alright, I'll get that done...1pm, right?" Patrick asked.

"Yep, that's when your house will get all wrecked..."

"Don't joke about that."

"Ha...I'll see you later."

"Alright, love ya."

"Love ya too."

After that, i hung up the phone and turned around, only to see Lucas standing there.

"Aren't you done yet?" He asked.

"It's been 15 minutes, be paitent," I laughed as i went back to baking his pancakes.

"I don't got time for that, I'm hungry....hurry up," He said, causing me to completely freeze and turn around, raising an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?" I asked him.

"You say it all the time...." He shrugged, before walking away over to the living room.

"God damnit....i do," I grunted out, before going back to what i was doing.

*Crawford Residents*

Romantic music was playing in the background, as Corey Crawford was on top of his wife of one year, Jamila. No..they weren't doing "that", they were simply just kissing. These two had one hell of a rocky past- they met, fell in love....she cheated, broke his heart...but in the end, love conquered all, and now their together....with a plus Jammy's stomach.

Yep..Jamila was pregnant, about five months, with a little boy. Everything had turned out in their favor, and nothing could be better.

"I love you," Jammy said as a kiss was broken between the two.

"I love you too," Corey said after. "BUT..." He said, getting up, "We should be getting ready for Lucas's birthday Party over at Kaner's."

"Damn...can you believe he's 10 years old, already?" Jammy said as she sat up from her bed, "It seems like just yesterday, Kat was in the delivery room about to give birth to him while Mullet boy was out fucking shit up." Corey just laughed.

"Don't worry, when our son is born, It'll be way more calming and relaxing then when Luke was born," Corey said, as he grabbed some pants and put them on.

"It better be," Jammy said, as she got up from her bed and walked out into the kitchen, "Did you get his gift wrapped last night?"

"Yep, the net's all wrapped up," Corey said, as he followed her with his shirt in his hand. For Lucas's birthday, they decided to get him his own Hockey net since the only one he has is kept at Patrick's house, so this way he can have one at his Mom's house, too.

"Alright, good, and-"

Jammy was talking, but as she was inturupted by a knock on the door.

"Go get it," She said to Corey, who just sighed and rolled his eyes, then headed over and grabbed it, and when he saw who it was, smiled.

"I knew you'd be back," He laughed, "You left his favorite toy over in the nursery."

"Well we know that now," Adam Burish said, walking in past him, and heading straight to the nursery.

"Where's Heather?" Jammy asked him, refering to her best friend and his wife....and baby momma.

"Back home with Johnny, trying to calm him down," Adam said, as he left the nursery with a teddy bear for his 9 month old son, Johnny Christian Burish.

"Well you shouldn't have left it here with us when we babysat last night," Jammy said.

"We thought you packed it in his baby bag!" Adam defended.

"That isn't my job though, now is it?" Jammy said.

"Oh, with that attitude you'll be an amazing mother," Adam said sarcastically.

"At least i won't lose my son's favorite toy," Jammy said.

"Hey, cut it out you two," Corey said, jumping in.

"Alright....we'll see you two later at Kaner's for Lucas's party," Adam said as he waved good-bye, then left. Then, Jammy sighed.

"What's wrong, babe?" Corey asked, walking over to her.

"You's's gonna be weird to head to Kaner's house for Lucas's birthday and Sarah not even be there, i Mean, she and Sharpie ARE his godparents..." She sighed.

"I know...but Sharpie plays in New York now, and Sarah's like, some big cop over there, plus...they got Mason, they don't have time to take a trip here in Chicago right now...but she said she'll be back for the fourth," Corey comforted her.

"I know...but it'll still feel weird."

It was true....Sharpie and Sarah were no longer Chicagoians. Sharpie got traded to the Rangers about two years ago, so he and Sarah made the move their full time, and Sharpie even has a long-term contract with the Rangers, so the two plan on raising their four year old son- Mason Jay Sharp- there, while Sarah's working as one of the top cops in her division. Overall, it was a hard move for everyone, but, once again...thing's are working out great for the Sharp's...And The Crawford's, and the Burish's. Basically, The Sharp Twins and Team Sweaty Meatballs are fucking ruling.

*Patrick's House, An hour before the party, Kat's POV*

"I swear to god if you mess up that shirt before the party even begins, I'm taking your present away," I said, as Lucas and I were walking inside Patrick's house.

"I won't..." Lucas grumbled.

"I'm just putting it out there," I said, as i opened the glass door that lead to the backyard.

"WHOA!" Lucas said, as he looked around.

"WHOA," I said, as i actually saw it as well.

Patrick went all out- he had balloons and streamers and stuff everywhere, he had his pool open, he had a bouncy house, a couple of nerf guns hanging around as well as other fun toys, and he also had his hockey net out with some sticks and goalie padding.

 "Wow, this is amazing!" Lucas said, with a huge smile on his face, which made me smile too, but that smile disappeared when he felt a camera flash coming his way. He turned to his left and saw his aunt, Erica, right there with a camera in her hand. "Aunt Erica!" He pouted.

"Sorry buddy, Grandma and Grandpa wanted me to take pictures to send back to Buffalo," Erica laughed.

"Well can you turn the flash off, I'm only 10, i don't need to be going blind," Lucas said, as Erica laughed again.

"You seen your cake yet?" She asked him.

"No, where is it!?" He asked all excited. She pointed behind him, then he ran over.

"Damn, can you believe he's 10 already?" She asked me, I just sighed.

"I've been getting that all day...seriously it seems just like yesterday i was holding him in my arms..." I said, watching him.

"Well, technically he's still pretty fucking probably could hold him again," Erica mentioned. I just cocked my head, then nodded.

"WHOA!" Lucas shouted, causing me and Erica to walk over. "This cake is AMAZING."  And he was was fucking amazing.

His cake was pretty much my dream cake...a spiderman cake. Basically It had Spiderman on it, and he was shooting webs from his hands and those webs formed into the lettering on the cake which said "Happy Birthday Lucas". Seriously..this was----fuck, still IS my dream cake.

"Wow, he even put your hockey number on there," Erica said.

"Where?" He asked, confused and standing on his toes to get a better view.

Then, Erica picked him up and smashed him face first into the cake, thus causing a cake battle between the two, with Erica throwing the camera to me so i could get pictures.

"Um...this is weird," I heard a deep voice say, as we all turned around and saw Jonathan Toews standing behind us.

"Uncle Jonathan!" Lucas smiled, running over to him to hug him, but Jonathan blocked the hug.

"Hey buddy....that's a lot of cake on you..." Jonathan said, looking at the mess. He was wearing Jeans Shorts and a brand new white t-shirt. Lucas looked back at Erica, who winked at him, then back at Jonathan.

Then, Lucas jumped up and hugged Jonathan, and Erica ran over and hugged him too, flat out covering Jonathan in cake. I Took a picture of it, Jonathan's facial expression was too priceless.

Oh...and you might have noticed that Lucas called him UNCLE Jonathan. Well, that's because about, three years ago, Jonathan and Erica got married, after a couple years of dating. Like i said, everything's been changing for everyone, for the better.

"You guys are paying for my dry-cleaning," Jonathan grumbled.

"You can send the bill to my mom," Lucas said, immediately causing me to raise an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?" I asked. He just sighed.

"Fine....send it to my dad," He said.

"Now THAT, I don't have a problem with," Jonathan smirked, causing Erica to slap his chest playfully, before the kissed.

"Ew.." Lucas said making a disgusted look on his face. That just made me smile- he's only ten, and i don't care what kids are doing these days, I don't want my Son to be interested in some skanky slut...not at east for another ten years.

"Where is Patrick?" I asked. "I haven't seen him all day, and last time i was talking to him, he was 'Kid-proofing' the house," I rolled my eyes.

"Uh, i saw him inside a while ago, doing something with laundry i think," Jonathan said.

"Alright, I'll be right back," I said, handing Erica's camera back to her as i did a little jog back inside.

I walked inside and stopped at the kitchen first, to grab a Mountain Dew for myself, then i headed over upstairs---which was apparently off limits---- And i walked down the hall to Lucas's room over at Patrick's. It wasn't much different then his room at mine and PJ's, except it had more Hockey related stuff in there. Then, i saw Patrick sitting on his bed, with a pile of laundry in front of him, and he had a pair of Lucas's pants in his hand---which weren't that big, because like i said, hes only like, 4'0,---- and then, he noticed me, and motioned for me to come in, as i did, before he sighed and looked back at the pants.

"This is a pair of my 10 year old son's pants," He said. "And he plans on being a hockey play when he's older....." He then paused to sigh, "I  have no idea what the hell to tell him." I just laughed a little.

"Don't worry, he's only 10, he's got a couple years before the draft...besides, if he's anything like you, he'll hit puberty like....his last year of high school or so," I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

"Oh...haha...not funny," Patrick said, rolling his eyes and putting the pants down. I just sighed again, then rested my head on his shoulder.

"Can you believe how fast these ten years have gone by?" I asked him.

"Not one bit...." Patrick said, "Remember the night he was born?"

"You mean the night you got fucked up and nearly missed the birth?" I asked him.

"HEY, I made it in time for the pushing..." He defended himself as i rolled my eyes.

"Barely..." I said.

"Well...what about the baby shower?" He said. "When didn't tell anyone that he was a boy, so they got all these ugly neutral clothing for him..."

"Yeah...not something I'd wanna remember..."I said. "What about the Ultra-sound when we found out the sex?"

"I swear it was gonna be a girl...but nope...he had a penis, and thank god," Patrick said, with a laugh. "What about when he kicked for the first time?"

"I remember that!" I said, as i smile lit up across my face, then i frowned. "Let's try and forget the time we found out i was actually pregnant with him..."

"Yeah...not our best moment," Patrick said, refering to the disaster that was the night we found out we were becoming front of his entire team. "But...what about John and Nikie's wedding? I Mean...we fought the whole day, but then made up and he was conceived like, 10 minutes later." I just giggled, remembering how we had sex in the supply closet at the reception to "S&M" By Rihanna.

"Man....what if we never did make-up?" I asked. "I Mean...that day i was Hellbent of kicking you out of my life forever...but then Nikie went and played our song, What she never did that? What if you never ran after me?"

"Trust me..." Patrick said, before lifting up my chin, and turning it so i was looking him in the eye, "I would have chased you forever just to get a second chance with you, and even though i did, it still didn't work out, which is completely fine with me, because we still have an amazing son." I just smiled.

"We sure do."


"Jesus, you'd think they'd be here by now," Jammy said, as she ate some cake. It's been about three hours since the party started, and the Brooks AND PJ and the kids have yet to show up.

"See, this is why Sarah and Sharpie are Lucas's god-parents," I said, as i sat next to her in the kitchen, " I mean, YEAH, they aren't here either, but they have a good fucking excuse...Kristen and Phil don't have shit."

"Hey...there are kids here, watch your mouth," John Cena said to me, with his wife Nikie sitting next to him.

"Mommy..." Ellie Cena, their 6 year old daughter, said, coming up to Nikie, "When are Kendall and Bianca gonna get here?"

"Um..." She said, looking over to me, but i just shrugged, then she looked back to Ellie, "Soon, honey, why don't you go play in the bouncy house some more."

"Okay!" Ellie said, before running off.

"Dang....she get's over stuff fast," Jammy said, taking another bite of cake.

Elizabeth Karen Cena---better known as Ellie---is the youngest of the Cena kids, at 6 years old. She has one older sister named Zoey Nikole Cena, who is 10 years old, and happens to only be 2 weeks apart from Lucas. The Cena clan still lives over in MA together, Nikie being a stay-at-home mom, while John, he still wrestles for WWE, but not as much as he used to. He gets more vacation time and doesn't do too many house shows, but whenever they need him to work a storyline, he's there.

"Alright..." Heather said, as she and Adam walked into the kitchen. "I think i FINALLY got Johnny to sleep for his one fuck this up."

"LANGUAGE!" John shouted at her.

"Well sorry..." Heather said, throwing her hands up in defense and rolling her eyes. Then, Jammy's phone went off, and her face lit up when she saw who was calling.

"SARAH!" She screamed when she answered, causing Heather to shush her, so then so quieted down, "Yeah, of course I'm at Lucas's party, why wouldn't i be?............Wait, what?...Then why didn't you just call Kat?.......But that doesn't make ANY Sense......Seriously?...Ugh, fine..." She said, taking the phone away from her ear, "YO, BIRTHDAY BOY," Jammy shouted, but not too loud, but loud enough for Lucas to hear and run over, "Sarah's on the phone," She said, as Lucas ripped the phone out of Jammy's hand, to her surprise.

"Hi Aunt Sarah!" Lucas said as he started talking to his God-Mother. The convo was like, 2 minutes long, and then he hung up the phone and handed it back to Jammy. "So um, since Sarah, Patrick and Mason can't make it for my birthday, she's giving me MONEY!"

"Oh, that's nice," I said.

"Since I'm ten, she's giving $1000!" Lucas said, causing all of us to basically drop our jaws.

"$1000?" I asked. "You sure?"

"That's what she said!" Lucas said. "And she said Aunt Jammy would write me the check!"

"SHE SAID WHAT!?" Jammy asked, absolutely stunned.

"Yeah, she said you had nothing better to do!" Lucas said, before running off with the rest of his friends.

"Oh yeah...because it's not like I'm about to have a kid or anything," Jammy said, resting her hands on her baby bump. Corey just started to rub her shoulders, like the good husband he was.

"Just relax...relax babe," He said, in a soothing voice, "Just relax...rela-"

"WHERE'S LUCAS!?!?!?!"

Right as Corey was calming his baby mama down, the door to Patrick's house busted open, as a group of people came in---the Brooks Clan.

"Yeah, I'm not relaxed," Jammy said after. Then, there was a cry from upstairs.

"You have got to be kidding me," Heather said, as she then huffed out a deep breath, then went upstairs to check on Johnny.

"Way to go, ya bitch," I said to Kristen as she and Phil came over to us.

"YOU try controlling FOUR kids..." She said, as she and Phil took a seat.

You fucking heard her right....FOUR kids. Three Boys, and One girl. Not just Three boys...TRIPLETS. Yeah, that's right. The first time she and Phil got pregnant, it was with Triplet BOYS, who were conceived the week Lucas was born, so really, Her kids and Luke and Zoey aren't too far away from each other- less than a year apart. In birth order....James David Brooks, Carlos Philip Brooks, and Logan Jack Brooks. Then, two years later, Kristen gave birth to Kendall Grace Brooks---who just so happens to be a month younger than Bianca...AND her best friend. She's also friend's with Ellie, too. Basically, at least some of our kids are growing up together- Eli has Mason even though he's in New York with his parents, and Johnny's gonna grow up with Jammy and Crow's future son.

Also...let us take a moment to realize that Kristen was able to name all her children after the members of Big Time Rush without Phil even noticing. Four for you, Krissie. You go, Krissie.

"Those kids are the reason my hair's turning grey..." Phil complained.

"You sure it isn't because you're becoming old as shit?" I asked him, and he just shot me a death glare.

"Don't talk shit to me...we picked up three familiar looking hitchhikers for you," Punk said. I was confused, then i looked at the door, and i saw what he meant...then i smiled.

A little boy, about 3'0, with short, spikey dark hair and in a basketball muscle shirt with shorts and sandals, and a girl who was a couple inches taller then him, with brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a Pink t-shirt with a blue jean shorts and some flip flops on were there, and those were my other two kids- Bianca Rose Lloyd and Elijah "Eli" Munro Lloyd. They were also holding hands with someone with a scruff, long dark hair, about 6'3, and was wearing a rugby jerseys with athletic shorts and Nike's.

"Justin..." I said, a smile growing on my face.

"Hey there, Angel."

I got up out of my seat and ran toward him, as i literally jumped into his arms and we hugged, then kissed.

"EW! Get a room!" Eli said, as he made a gagging noise.

"Yeah, Little man's right, it's bad enough i'm throwing up because of morning sickness, but don't make me throw up because of your gross PDA," Jammy agreed with Eli. We just paid no attention and kept kissing.

"Missed you," I said to him.

"I missed you too, Angel."


It was about 10pm now, and the day was winding down. All the adults were outside by a campfire in Patrick's backyard. Meanwhile, all the younger kids were asleep somewhere in the house, while the older kids-  the triplets,Zoey and Lucas, were up over in Luke's room, playing with all the new stuff he got. All of us adults were kind of just sitting, and reflecting.

"Remember how 10 years ago, we thought we like, knew everything, and we couldn't really see past our careers?" Jammy mentioned.

"Young and Naive..." Phil said, leaning back in his chair with his arm around Kristen.

"You weren't that young ten years ago," I mentioned to him. He just frowned, as did Kristen.

"You know, a lot of things have changed in the past 10 years...but then again, some things haven't changed," Kristen said, looking straight at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Your still the same old Kat...except older," Kristen said.

"You know, she's got a point," Jammy said.

"Yeah, all of us have gotten more mature and stuff, and then there's you, you really haven't changed," Heather mentioned.

"Yeah, still the same old Kat," Patrick said.

"Well...i did say i would never change who i was," I said, with a shrug, then rose an eyebrow. "Hey...what about Kathryn Prince?"

"OH MY GOD, i remember your feuds!" Heather shouted with a smile.

"You fucking hated her..." John mentioned.

"Wasn't she that hot girl related to that one comedian?" Adam asked, getting a stern look from Heather, "But your hotter."

"Last time i heard...she got married to some guy, forgot who though," Nikie said with a shrug.

"Man...i wonder if she's changed..." I said, thinking. "Maybe she's know...nice."

"She was pretty much nice to everyone but you," Phil said, "You know, cause you have this ability to piss people off."

"Shut up," I rolled my eyes.

"I thought that was a bad word?" I heard Lucas say behind me, startling me. I turned around and saw him and Zoey standing behind us.

"It is...but adults can say it," I said, as i heard Erica snicker, i just gave her a dirty glare.

"Yeah bud, don't say it," Patrick said, standing up for me.

"Alright fine," Lucas said, "Can me and Zoey have some Ice cream?"
"Do you know how late it is? I don't want you having so much sugar so late at night..." I said.

"Come on, please mom?" Lucas begged.

"Please Mom?" Zoey begged Nikie. Nikie and I kind of just looked at each other, before sighing.

"A LITTLE..." We both said. They both smiled, and ran back into the kitchen.

"Yeah they're gonna get a lot," Nikie said.

"Yeah..." I sighed.

We both looked over through the glass door, and saw Lucas and Zoey over in the kitchen trying to get some ice cream. They looked so innocent, so....cute.

"Didn't you guys say when they were born that someday they would go out?" Heather mentioned.

"Well of course they will, eventually," I Said.

"Keep your hockey playing son away from my sweet little girl," John said sternly, "Hockey players are no good."

"Offended," Jonathan, Patrick, Corey and Adam all said.

"Well no offense...but yeah, keep him away from her," John mentioned.

We all laughed again, before it got quieter again, and then we started reflecting again.

"This feels, we're all grown, we aren't the same gang we once were, we're adults...and that's scary," Kristen said.

"I never once thought we'd be sitting her, with our kids inside just chilling, while talking about everything that's happened in the past 10 years," Patrick mentioned.

"Seriously, i never thought I'd even have i got three of them," I Said with a smile, looking at Patrick first, then at PJ- i was sitting on his lap in the chair.

"And i never thought I'd get married, but thanks to a night in Vegas and a whole lot of Alcohol, I'm a husband and a dad," Adam said, with a smile as he looked at Heather.

"My dad wanted me to marry a black guy, or a jamaican, but either way, he wanted me to keep it in the race...and now, I'm the pregnant baby momma of a white french-canadian goalie," Jammy said, smiling at Corey.

"I can't believe i fell in love with my brothers teammate," Erica said, before smiling at Jonathan.

"And then there's Patrick, who's still forever alone," Jonathan said, causing everyone to laugh.

"Haha...not," Patrick said, rolling his eyes.

"I just can't believe after all this time, this is where life took us," Justin said. After that, it kind of clicked in with me, that this was my life, and i decided to chime in and say something.

"You know...people say that we don't recognize the significant moments of our lifes while they're happening...and now look at us, we're sitting here, wondering what the hell has happened these past 10 years and why they've just flown by so fast...i guess it's true that Life doesn't wait for people to adjust, everything just happens...for the best, you just gotta trust that you're leading yourself in the right direction," I said. "The world's full of magic, you just have to believe in it....and we did."

"Wow..." Kristen said, "Maybe you did mature a little."

"Maybe...but come on, we all know it's true, right?" I said, as everyone nodded.  

"I guess we just all closed our eyes and enjoyed that rollercoaster that is life," Kristen said, as me and her laughed, but we were the only ones, since we were the only one's who got it.

This is pretty much the oldest story in the world. One day, you're young...planning for someday, dreaming of someday..then one day, you wake up, and it IS that someday. We spend so much time wanting, pursuing, wishing. But ambition is good. Chasing things with integrity is good. Dreaming is good, because nothing lasts forever, so do what you can do while you have the time. Say what you wanna say, do what you wanna do...that's what we did. We never knew where the next miracle would come from...the next memory, the next smile, or the next wish come true, but, like i said, we all believed the world was full of magic, and even in our darkest days or moments, we believed that it could have been right around the corner, and we opened our hearts and minds to the possibility of all this...yet we never thought this could possibly come true, all our dreams. We all made a wish, we had it, we believed in it, and it came true, every. single. one...especially mine- and he was right behind me.

"Ek is lief vir jou," Justin whispered into my ear. I just smiled when he said that, then kissed him real quick before responding to what he said in english.

"I love you, too."

Like i's the oldest story in the book. One day you're young, planning for someday, dreaming of someday...and then one day, without really even noticing, time passes by, and that someday you were once dreaming of is TODAY, and then that someday is yesterday...and this, is your life.

The end...but just the beginning for this gang.


  1. Not gonna lie... I was seriously getting emotional reading this.. I just wow. And awwww yeaaah all my kids named after BTR :D thankkk you ya whoreee ;) but seriously we were all just so calm and our kids all hanging out which I LOVED. And the ending Kat's big speech.. LOVE I LOVE. Because its so true it's gonna happen eventually... Anyways just wow. I loved this so much and I can't believe it's done. What a rollout coaster ride ;) hahah :D


    This was seriously amazing. I loved every single second of reading this. You are a boss, girl. A freaking boss.

    I LOVED the BTR and Degrassi names!!! That was so clever xD I can really imagine this whole thing being a cult TV show and GIFsets are made on Tumblr and stuff and people have OTPs and crap xP And this being the finale episode that everyone in the entire fandom cries over for days and days. I'm still reeling.

    I loved this so much. SO MUCH. TEC was amazing; I really don't think any of your future stories can live up to it. I'm becoming all reminiscent now and I'm getting misty. I should probably stop now.

    But this was amazing in so many different ways. I only hope my finale can be as good :P Props to you, Kat. Props to you.

    P.S. "Wasn't she that hot girl related to that one comedian?" made me laugh x)