Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Authors Note- 12/27/11

Hmmmmm. How do i begin this? Funny, i don't even know how. Brilliant Kat, Brilliant.....

Alright, how about thanking you...? Yeah, let's start off with that.


I started this out i think...Late January of 2010? So, almost 2 years ago actually. This brings me to my first thank you, to actually one of the main characters, Kristen...though most of you may know her as KrissieCaldi.

She was writing stories about what it would be like to be a professional wrestlers, and i became friends with her and started reading them, which inspired me to write this. So if you like this story, you should thank her. Bahaha.

ANYWAY-Yeah, 2 years ago on this site called the WWE Universe i started writing this, which brings me to my second personal thank you...kinda.

I guess i kinda need to thank Sarah, because WWE Universe ended up closing down in the middle of this story, and if she hadn't showed me this site, chances are this would have probably ended already. Bahaha. So thank you.

Again..ANYWAY- this story was fun to write. Kind of think what life could be life when i'm older. Though of course- i doubt Patrick Kane  and Jonathan Toews will still be repping the Indian Head when I'm 22. I think their contract ends after 2015....? Maybe they may resign and play the rest of their career in Chicago, or they'll leave, who knows. But yeah, i enjoyed writing this, and i actually met a couple of my friends through this story, believe it or not. Weird right? bahaha.

ANYWAY- yes, thank you all for sticking with this story and reading it :)


I don't know who gave me this idea- but someone pitched the idea of maybe a Sequel to this story, to show what happens AFTER The scene in the airport, bahaha. I've kinda been TEASING a Sequel to some of you guys, and i've been getting good reactions...with that being said, i MAY do a sequel. MAY is the keyword there. It depends on stuff.

1)How my grades are.

The past two years...well, i have had horrible grades.Partually because i suck at school. Partually because i'm a horrible student. Partually because my minds drifts away while i should be paying attention. But this year's different- I'm actually currently passing ALL My classes. ALL of them. I want to keep it that way and actually pass this year. Anyway, if my grades are still good in April, probably a Sequel. BTW, Has anybody ever read this book called 'Speak', you know, the one about a girl who got raped at a party? If so, CONTACT ME, i have a book report to do on it and i'm having trouble :\ A sequel also depends on-

2)If people would actually read it

I literally have most of the story pieced out. It'd start early April, end mid-august. Probably 30 chapters maybe? bahaha. Like i said- most have been Positive reactions, but still. 

I GUESS If you'd like to see a sequel and would read it....let me know? Good reactions to that possibility AND good grades for- i'll do it. If not- i'll write an Epuloge or...whatever it's called. I'm not that mean- you think i'll honestly leave you hanging? No, i'll at least let you know what happens. So yeah, just let me know if you want a sequel, bahaha.

And now....i say good-bye. Again- i think most of you guys have my phone number or my twitter, so you should be able to keep up with me, bahaha. So yeah- THANK YOU FOR READING THIS STORY AND STICKING WITH IT. YOU GUISE ARE AMAZING. bahaha. Thank you.



  1. You're Welcome!

    Well, that's good you have good grades, Keep it up girlie! Yes, do a SEQUEL. DO IT DO IT. Bahaha. That would be pretty interesting there. Loved your whole story.

  2. *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* truely beautiful. I'm so glad I'm one of the people who made you start this wonderful creation. I deserve a pat on the back ;) baha! KEEP THOSE GRADES UP IS ALL I CAN SAY! Don't be stupid, stay in school and get a good education! Bahaha, BUT KRISSIE WANTS A SEQUEL. YES. YES. YES. Thank you for everything with this story it's gotta be my most favorite, if u publish this into a book, it'd probably sell so many copies, not lying it truely will :) loved your story it was amazing <3

  3. I'd like to see a Sequel! I'd read it to! LOL! I hope you do a Sequel I'll miss your blogs to much :'( But if you don't do one it was great going on this road through life with you! LOL :')

  4. Keep them grades up shawty! DO A SEQUEL! DEWWWWWW IT!!! Your chapters were amazing!! ^_^ Loved all of them!! Lol though I started reading like near February.
    Oh and you're very welcome!!!

  5. Make. The. Sequel. I'm not ready to see the legacy of Kat end!!!!! I would SOOOO read it! Probably first ;P Hahaha.

    Don't let your brain die and keep up those grades!! Haha. I LOOOVED this story! Thank you so much for making me read it :P Also, even though WWE Universe (the good old days!) probably took them with it when it disappeared into thin air, I'd love to see the chapters from year 1. Well, the early chapters, anyway :P If you can some how find them, SEND THEM TO ME!! Not to be pushy or anything, of course ;)

    Bravo, Kat! Bravo.