Friday, December 24, 2010

The Extreme Career-Year One-The Final Week(Nothin' But A Good Time)

*January 15th, 2010, Chicago, IL, Allstate Arena*

"OH MY GOSH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! We have a NEW Women's Champion! And We don't even know who the hell she is!!!" Jerry "The King" Lawler Said on Commentary.

"Ladies And Gentleman, What a SHOCKING Way to open up Monday Night RAW! FORMER WWE Women's champion Alexis Completely opened her mouth WAY Too Big this time, challenged some Chicago Noboddy For Her Title, And the Noboddy Actually Won!" Michael Cole said on Commentary.

"RAW Is Just out of control!!!" Jerry "The King" Lawler Said.

"Your right King!" Michael Cole Responded. "We'll hope to get more of this from RAW GM and WWE Chairmen Hunter Helmsley after this commercial break, Ladies and Gentleman."

"I Just Can't Believe This! For the first time in almost a year, We have a NEW Women's champion and we don't even know who she is!!!" Jerry "The King" Lawler said, right before RAW Went into a commercial break.

*Back To Reality, December 30th, 10:54pm, Chicago, IL*  

Yep. I Was seriously watching the recording i had of my first ever WWE Match, for the first time. I Never watch my Matches at home or anything, i just do them and yeah, that's pretty much it. So this was big. I Don't know why i was watching it, i just was i guess. OBVIOUSLY, tomorrow's the last day of 2010. And What a year. Honestly, i feel like none of this was supposed to happen to me, yet it did. I Guess it was still weird to me to think that i was just a 20 year old with a bunch of idiotic friends at a wrestling show, and the next minute, BAM! I'm the Women's Champion, Wrestling at The Grandest Stage of them all, signing autographs,  and winning the Precious 'Diva Of The Year' Slammy. The stuff i accomplished this year was just so incredible, and it's amazing how my life changed so fast, really. But now, it really wasn't the way i wanted to close out the year, but whatever. I had a boyfriend, who i actually like, An Amazing Condo in Chicago, and life's just great. Then, Kaner came downstairs, in a robe and saw me watching my debut.

"Your still watching your old matches?" He asked me, taking a seat next to me.

"I'm Injured, i have no life, and i'm entirely bored, so yes, yes i am," I Said.

"Your not injured," He said, laughing a little. "Your in Physical Therapy and should be wrestling again in about 2 weeks, your all healed, and you do have a life. Well, you got a love life, that's for sure," He said, winking.

I Giggled, then smirked a little. Then, we kissed. In the past 3 months, lots have happened. LIKE, me and Kaner have become really good at certain stuff, like for example, he was able to pick me up and run me upstairs while we were still kissing so we could get to the amazing sex we have together faster, which is exactly what we did just now. Knowing about tomorrow and everything that was going on, this would probably be the last time this year we would have sex together, so we made it the best we've had since we've been together. After that, we cuddled. Then, i ended up falling asleep in his arms. Yeah, life's good.

*The Next Day. December 31st, 10:06am*

I Woke up the next morning, of course, next to Kaner. Usually, i would just lay there and wait for him to get up. But i had a BIG Day planned out, so i really had no time to waste. I Got up and headed straight downstairs. In only, about...8 hours, maybe a little earlier, Almost EVERYONE---And I Mean, EVERYONE--- From the WWE and the Blackhawks would be coming over for this New Years Party me and Kaner were throwing, because, both WWE and the Blackhawks have obviously been very good to us this year, so it seemed like the right thing to do. PLUS, we haven't really gotten a chance to show off how epic our new condo is, so yeah, we were using this as our opportunity to do so. Lot's of people were coming, so that put some pressure on me to make this real good, since i don't want anyone who's coming last moments of '10 are boring to them. I Did all my shopping for everything the night before, so i wouldn't have to go out today. I Got enough Snacks and Beer that could last quite possibly forever, and of course, i had to pick up some Pepsi for people like Jeremy Morin and Kristen and Punk, since Morin was still only 19 and Kristen and Punk wouldn't dare drink. Food and drinks were done, but it would be a LOOONG 8 hours to get everything else i wanted done. And of course, Which WONDERFUL Guy Decides to come downstairs and distract me? Yep, Patrick Kane. He was just wearing a T-Shirt and some shirts, even though it's like, 0 degrees outside. He's just weird like that, but who cares.

"How you doin' Pretty Lady?" He asked me, sounding all cocky while taking a seat over at the table.

"AH, someone's happy he got some action last night," I Said, sticking out my tongue. He laughed.

"That was like, the best we ever had...yet," He said, winking.

"Trust me, if you think that was the best we ever had, just wait til' next year," I Said, winking.

"Why wait so long?" Kaner said, smirking, then walking over trying to kiss me, which would lead to...y'know...Getting it fucking on. But i blocked him.

"C'mon, I Got stuff to do, now's just not the time," I Said.

"We got, like what,  8 hours?  We can sneak off for a couple minutes or two, don't worry," Kaner said. I Took a moment to think. Then, i sighed, cocked my head a little, sighed again, then looked back at Kaner.

"This better be fast, and i mean Fast," I Said. He just smirked, and we both leaped upstairs and again, had sex.

*2 Hours Later*

Fast? Yeah, unless you call 2 hours fast. If you don't, Then Kaner basically loured me into giving him 2 hours worth of loving, which means i only have 6 hours to get all this shit for the party tonight done. I Had to work fast.

"Wow..." Kaner said, coming down stairs, smiling and putting his shirt back on. I Just rolled my eyes.

"I Am SO Glad to have a girlfriend like you," He said.

"Oh, of course you are," I Said.

"Yep," He said. Then, he walked over to the door and grabbed a jacket. I Just raised an Eyebrow. "I'm gonna go out for a little bit, be back before the party, Love y-"

"Excuse me?" I Said, still raising my eyebrow. "HELL NO You aren't going out! You just talked me into having sex with you for 2 hours, now i have 6hours to prepare for this, and i'm not doing it on my own. Your ass is staying here and helping me."


"No, Just no. Your staying here," I Said.

"Fine, Whatever," He said, rolling his eyes and putting his coat back up, then coming over to help me out.

*Later that Day, time for the party*

"LET US THE FUCK IN,KAT! THE PARTY WAS SUPPOSED TO START 5 MINUTES AGO AND EVERYONE'S OUT HERE WAITING FOR IT TO START!" The Always WONDERFUL Dolph Ziggler Yelled outside my door. I Ran over to my door and kicked it as hard and loud as i could.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE PATIENT YOU BITCH!" I Yelled back, then heading back over to the kitchen. Then, He kicked my door, and i raised an eyebrow.


"OH LITTLE BOY, I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST KICK MY DOOR," I Yelled running back, But Kaner caught me.

"Kat, Calm Down," He said calmly, holding me by my shoulders.

"The Bitch Just Fucking Kicked my door!!!" I Yelled. "What Kind of Basturd Would Just-"

"Calm Down..." He said, still acting calm and holding me.

"But he just-"

"Let it go babe...Let it go babe..." He said. I Just took a deep breath, and started to calm down a little. Then, Dolph Kicked the door again, even Louder, which made me and Kaner both jump a little.

"LET US IN, NOW. IT'S BEEN 6 MINUTES NOW, LET US IN!!!" He yelled. I Looked at Kaner, he cocked his head.

"Excuse me for a second," He said smiling. Then, he walked over, then Punched the door like it was a Cab Driver---Inside Joke---.

"SHUT UP!!!" He yelled, extremely loud, which made me jump again. Then, he came back over by me, and just smiled. "Alright, i don't think we'll be hearing from him for a while."

I just stood there, still a little shocked.

"Uh, I'll be right back, i gotta do something real quick," I Said, running upstairs.

I went straight to bedroom and grabbed my Slammy and my Title, then ran across to the end of it where there was this big Glass Cabinet.  I Opened it up and put my Title and Slammy in there. Only God knows how drunk some people may get and how crazy this party could possibly get, and the Manager won't be here tonight, so really, nothings stopping anyone from doing anything crazy, and if anything happens to the Title, since that's WWE Property, I'd owe them a shitload of money for it to get re-made, and the Slammy, that breaks or anything, i ain't getting another one, so yeah. Then, i ran back to my room and grabbed one of those crazy 2011 Hats and got it on, then headed back downstairs.

"Alright, Let the Dumbasses in!" I Said. He was about to, then he saw my hat, then laughed.

"Nice Hat, Kit-Kat," He said, smiling.

"AH, I Know right?" I Said. "It's totally sexy." I Said, winking. He laughed again, Then i ran over to him as he opened the door to let every one in. Of course, Mr. Ziggles and His Wonderful Girlfriend Vickie were the first ones in, and Dolph looked around, then looked at me.

"You kept me waiting Nearly 10 extra minutes for THIS?" He said.

"Don't like it?" I Said. "Then get your fake blonde ass out of here, and take your obviously not so little girlfriend out of here aswell," I Said, putting my hands on hip and flipping my hair after i said that. Vickie was just shocked, as was Dolph.

"HEY, Don't talk to my girlfriend like that!" He Yelled.

"Oh, I Didn't talk to Vickie Like That, Boy," I Said. "I Talked to YOU Like that. I Looked in your eye and said it, didn't i?" Dolph stood there, i could tell he was slowly getting like, super Pissed off.

"Well Then, DON'T TALK TO MY BOYFRIEND LIKE THAT!" Vickie yelled at me.

"Don't tell me what to do, Sweetie," I Said, crossing my arms with a little smirk on my face. "Your not my mother, Your Not my Boss, your just some bitch at my house who if she and her little boyfriend don't shut up and stop pissing me off are about to get the crap beaten out of them."

"I May not be YOUR Boss, But i have good connections with your real boss, and i guarantee he'll be hearing about this," She said.

"Vickie, your not too dumb," I Said. "So tell me, Does it really look like i could have a shit?" I Said. She just screamed, then her and Dolph walked away.

"WAIT,WAIT,WAIT, WAIT A MINUTE VICKIE," I Said, stopping her. She turned away.

"If you must Call Hunter..." I Began, looking down, then sighing. Then, i looked back up. "Make sure to tell him i said HI!!!" I Said, smiling. She just gave me a quick death glare, before turning around and storming away, pushing Fernando Pisani out of her way to get over where the treats and shit were...which really is no surprise to me that that was the first she went. I Just stood there, smiling like the smartass i was, while Kaner looked over at me.

"What?" I Said. "When your in a company like WWE For a year, your learn shit like trash talk and crap," I Said, sticking my tongue out, he just laughed, then kissed me, then we both went seperate ways to go show people around and shit, We had 6 hours on our hands, this party is just get starting.

*An hour later*

One hour has passed by, an damn. Just...DAMN. We invited a lot of people, but we didn't think it'd get this crazy. But eh, everyone seems to be enjoying themselfs, so whatever. Me and Patrick were just bouncing around all over the place talking to so many different people---Including Kristen and Punk, Heather, Nickie and John, Edge who decided to bring his new title with him...don't know why though, but still looks good on him, Sarah and Sharp, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Miz and his dude Alex Riley,John Morrison, All three of the Harts in WWE Today, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase Jr and Maryse, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Tiffany, Kaval and Lay-cool--- Patrick Basically was chilling with the team, they were all invited, and hell, i even invited Luke from Up In Toronto to come, and i also invited some of the Old Hawks---Big Buf, Laddy, Eager, VerBeauty, and of course, Burish. The only ones who didn't come were Nemo and Huet, who were back in there Home countries and Sopel who was in chicago but wanted to spend it with his family. Oh, and of course, All the members Of Nexus Were Here....Including Justin, who's apologized like, a million times to me. Things are kinda the same, but i don't think are friendship or whatever is gonna end up being the same. Akward much? Of Course, but i'm just wanting to party and ring out 2010 the right way, getting drunk with a bunch of fools. Yeah, that's right.

"YO, KAT," Heath Slater yelled.

"WHAT," I Yelled all the way from across the room.

"You got any Rock Band here?" He asked, flipping his hair back.

"Yeah, sure, wanna play it?"  I Asked.

"Of course i do," He said.

"Aight', Hold on," I Said, running over to hook up the Wii and shit.

"I'm playing Guitar!" Heath shouted.

"I Call Drums!" I shouted,smiling. I Just love banging them hard like a beast.

"Eh, what the hell, i'll do Bass!" Heather said, putting down her Margarita and grabbing the Bass.

"Alright, But Kris is doing vocals!" I Yelled, looking over at VerBeauty, who was talking with Sharp and Burish.

"Wait what?" He said.

"You heard her, Get your ass over there and sing, You Pretty Boy," Burish joked. Kris handed Sharp his beer, then jogged over.

"Alright, what song are we doing?" He asked grabbing the mic.

"Wait, he's actually gonna sing?" Luke asked.

"Of course he is!" Sarah said. "Haven't you heard him rap to Fergie before?" At this point, Luke was laughing.

"You rapped to Fergie once!?" He said.

"Her song Glamorous is just amazing," Kris said, shrugging and smiling, as if he was embarrassed a little. Luke stopped laughing and just smiled.

"Alright, Let's see if your as good as you seem," Luke said.

"AS GOOD AS HE SEEMS?" I Said. "He Is as good as he seems! God Forbid something happens and he can't play Hockey anymore, i guarantee, he's like the next P-Diddy or something," I Said. " K-Steeg, OH YEAH," I Finished, as everyone laughed.

"Alright, what songs you guys doing?" Punk said, Sharing a Pepsi with Kristen, how romantically gross.

"We're Doing Talk Dirty To Me FOR SURE!" I Shouted.

"What?" Kris said, confused. "I've never heard that song in my life."

"Well it's a good song, so we're doing it. They have the lyrics up on the screen anyway!" I Said.

"Fine," He said. "But i pick the next song,"

"Alright, sure, whatever," Heath said. "Let's just rock out already!" He said. Heather nodded and agreed.

"Aight'," I Said, Kris nodded. Then, we started.

Halfway during the Song, I Realized Kris was a Filthy Little Liar. He was nailing EVERY SINGLE LYRIC To this song. Never heard it before my ass. Of course, Me, Heather and Heath were doing good, but still. What a liar.

"So, How was i?" Kris asked at the end of the song. I Just glared at him.

"Dude, You TOTALLY Knew that song!" Luke said, with a red cup of beer in hand.

"Eh," Kris said shrugging. "I've heard it before, but yeah, never really sang along to it before until now."

"Well you did good," I Said, throwing the drum sticks in the air, and catching them.

"You know, you probably shouldn't do that, you may not catch it and you could hurt someone," Sarah said.

"AH, i'll be fine," I Said, throwing them in the air again. Again, i spoke to fucking soon. It ended up Hitting Burish right in his big ass mouth.

"OW! SHIT!" He yelled, covering his mouth with his hands, in slight pain. Sharpie was right next to him, but instead of being the nice, caring and wonderful man he usually is, he was drunk, and he just laughed his ass off at Burish's pain. I Just shrugged, and thought of something to say, but i had no idea what to say.

"Wow..." I Said. "Well....Sorry?"

"SORRY?!" Burish yelled. "Your like, questioning whether or not your sorry for hitting my mouth with a drum stick!? REALLY!?"

"Oh, Shut up Burish," Kaner said walking up behind him and Sharp with a beer in hand. "It was actually pretty funny, besides, I'm sure Kat didn't mean it anyway."

"True That," Sharp said, taking a sip of beer. Burish just looked at me.

"Alright, your forgiven...." He said. I Was just a tad confused.

"Um...Okay?" I Said. Then, he continued looking at me, but then He and Sharp left and went over by the stairs.

"Uh, You did do that on accident, right?" Kaner asked. I Frowned.

"No, I Purposely tried to hurt Adam," I Said. "Of course it was an accident." He just chuckled a little.

"Just making sure, babe," He said, doing one of those cute half smiles and heading over to the stairs where Adam, Burish, Buf and Sarah Were.

"AH, i really need a drink," I Said. Then, i got up and headed over to get a drink.

"OOOH, I WANNA DO DRUMS!!!" John Said, Handing Nickie his bottle of beer and running over to the drum set, Nickie just laughed. I Wouldn't blame her, i looked over my shoulder while walking, and it was quite interesting seeing him getting so excited over playing drums on a fucking video game.

While i was walking and looking back behind my shoulder, i ended up bumping into someone. There back was turned to me, and i didn't know who it was. But then, they turned around, and i found out it was Justin.

"Oh...Um, Sorry," I Said. It was very awkward, i had no clue what to say, seriously.

"Oh... Don't worry about it, it's cool," He said, trying not to make exact eye contact. Like i said, if you don't call this Awkward, what do you? I Just flipped my bangs out of my eyes, then was about to go my way.

"HEY LOOK!" Christian Yelled, over by Edge." YOU TWO ARE UNDER THE MISTLETOE!" He yelled, pointing DIRECTLY At me and Justin.

My heart stopped and i looked up, and there was, in fact a mistletoe, which i didn't get. me and Patrick took down all the mistletoes and some other stuff before the party, and i mean ALL Of them, how the HELL Did this get up there? Me and Justin were both in shock, and looked at eachother. Yeah, it would be no big deal, but because Christian was SO Nice to yell it out loud so everyone at this party could hear, it caught everyone's attention, and all eyes were on us, Including Patrick's.

"Oh Shit..." Burish said over by the stairs. "We need to go over there, this will be hella interesting!" He said, slapping Sharpie on the Chest as he, Sharp, Sarah and Buf walked over. But Patrick Stood there, almost emotionless, but slowly walked over.

"How did this get up here?" I Asked myself.

"WELL, SEE..." Burish began. I Frowned.

"OH GOD NO, JUST NO," I Said, looking over at him with a frown and a death glare.

"SEE," He said, with a smirk. "Me and Sharp were just walking around and noticed that you guys still had a tree up! But no mistletoe, which was a shame, because Christmas trees just aren't the same without Mistletoes. It broke my heart to see you evil little people took it down. SO, My good Friend Patrick Sharp had a BRILLIANT Idea!" He said. My death glare switched from him to Sharp.

"YES, YES I DID!" Sharp said. " I Said, 'Hey, let's do them a favor and put one up for them!' We knew something epic would come, and damn, this is epic," He said, pausing and taking a sip of beer. "You don't need to thank us, really."

"Wait, yes they do," Burish said, looking at him funny.

"Well, okay. Yeah. You do need to thank us," Sharp said. I Was now giving both of those fools a death glare as they just sat back, rocking on their heels and clinking there cups of beer together, then drinking it. Then, i looked back at Justin.

Me and Justin looked around at everyone staring at us, i could feel him and myself breathing heavier, very awkward and Nerve wrecking. Then, our eyes met. For a while, i got lost in them, not like, romantically, but i was like, REALLY Confused about what to do, i had nothing else to stare it.

"DAMN IT, JUST KISS ALREADY YOU DUMBASSES" A Very Drunk Sharpie yelled at us, with one arm around Sarah, and another holding a beer.

"Yeah, Just do it," Kaner said, still emotionless, which surprised me. I Looked over at him, and it KILLED Me. He looked like some disappointed father who like, caught his kid Lying and going behind there back, it seriously killed me, But i had to get this done and over with.

I Looked over at Nickie and John, who were pretty shocked as hell, Then, i looked over at Kristen and Punk. I Was positive they would somehow help me get out of this, but they just shrugged, and mouthed the word "Sorry" to me. I Sighed, then looked back at Justin.Again, me and Justin made eye contact. He put his arms around me, and i put my arms around him. We took a moment, then, we both leaned in, slowly, but then, our lips met, and we kissed, maybe a little longer then we should, but after about maybe, 10 seconds, we stopped, then looked at eachother for another ten seconds, then looked back at everyone, who was still staring at us.

"Don't y'all have ANYTHING Better to do then just stare at us!?" I Said. "WE KISSED, IT'S DONE AND OVER WITH, MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE'S PLEASE." I Shouted. Then, they all just looked away and started talking like nothing just happened, at all. I Rolled my eyes,as so did Justin.

"Well um...I'm sure i'll see around, if not, i'll see you next year," He said, winking a little.

Then, he kissed me on the cheek. I Was speechless. So i just ran over to go get my beer that i wanted in the first place, But Mr. Sharp was still drunk and trying to put the moves on Sarah...

"OH, you know, it'd be a shame if that Mistletoe went to waste for the rest of the night..." He said. "So uh, Why don't you and me go put it to good use, eh?" He said, winking and dragged Sarah over there.

"Oh God..." She began. "You are SUCH A Fucking Drunk...But who cares," She said, smirking and putting her arms around his neck as they started Kissing.

I Got over to the open bar and got my beer, but before i took a drink, Nickie and John came over.

"OH...MY...GOSH" Nickie said.

"I Know right!? I Can NOT Believe i just did that!" I Said, pouring a glass of beer into my cup.

"Yeah, i can't believe so either," John said. "BUT MOVING ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF..." He said, smirking a little, and looking at Nickie and putting his arm around her. "How was it?" He asked. I Just shrugged, and rocked back on my feet.

"Well..." I Said, still shrugging.

"Well...?" Nickie said.

I Looked around to see if anyone else was around. Burish, Kane and the rest of the Hockey crew were hanging out over by the stairs talking to eachother and some were playing Rock band, Sarah and Sharp were still under the mistletoe with eachother, and everyone else was just messing around and talking with eachother,so the coast was clear. I Sighed, then took a deep breathe.

"It was honestly, a kiss like no other," I Said. "Best kiss i have EVER Had."

"WHAT!?" They both said, shocked.


"So, what's that mean?" She asked.

"Wait, what?" I Asked.

"You said it was the best kiss you ever had. SO, are you done with Kaner now and going with Justin?" They asked.

"No...Just because we kissed, doesn't mean i've exactly forgotten what happened that one night..." I said, looking down.

"AH, okay," John said.

Then, i took a sip of beer, and looked over and saw Heather and Wade Barrett, talking to eachother, they were both smiling and seemed to be enjoying themselfs. Then, they kissed.

"WHOA!" I Shouted. "DID YOU TWO JUST SEE THAT!?" I Said, looking over at John and Nickie, who's jaws were both dropped. I Take it they did.

"WOW..." John said, in shock, as was Nickie.

"Not that i have a problem with Wade," I Said, "But WHAT THE HELL!? How is she attracted to THAT!?"

"I Don't know, just look at him," Nickie said. We did, and i just shook my head, i really didn't see what she found attractive that man, Well, none of us did.

"Well, Wade isn't such of a bitch now, though i'll always hate him," John said, "So,, if for some reason she really likes him, then Let It Fucking Be."

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Me and Nickie said, both taking sips of our beer. I Ended up finishing mine, only on my second sip, which I Got another one, and finished that in one sip. Then another one, It was like, almost 9pm now, 3 hours left, and i guarantee, if this keeps up with me, I'll be ringing in 2011 drunk as fuck.

*MANY Alcoholic Beverages and about, 2 hours later. 11:25pm, 35 Minutes left of 2010*

Wow...It's been 2 hours, and i've had a total of 8 drinks so far, Kristen cut me off after that, i wasn't a complete drunk yet, but i was a little tipsy and shit. Only almost half an hour left of the year, and i think it was all sinking in to people that the year was almost over, i don't know how many others felt, but to me, it's was It's been one hell of a year. If you told me i would be a Slammy Award Winning Women's Champion in The WWE, Friends with John Cena, CM Punk, Justin Gabriel and Kristen Brooks, Heather and Nickie and actually Dating Patrick Kane and friends with the Chicago Blackhawks, i would have seriously just laughed right in your face. I Really wasn't expecting all of this to happen to me, and just in one year, and like i said earlier, i still feel as if all if this wasn't supposed to really happen to me. And i still wonder what would have happened if Me, Gabe, Elizebeth and Eric didn't decided to get Front Row Seats to RAW that one night back in January. But, i guess that really didn't matter, we did, and that night changed my life forever. I'm just really Blessed i guess to live this life, and pretty damn grateful. But, back in reality, everyone was basically in there groups i get. All the Current and Former Hawks and Sarah were together, the WWE People were together, Justin and Nexus, Heather, Nickie and Cena together, only people who weren't together were 'The Original Three' As we call it...Me, Punk and Kristen, the first people i ever met in WWE, and god knows what could have possibly happened if they didn't help me out. So, me and Those two decided to sneak out of the Condo, and go outside and just talk. I Grabbed my Cup of Beer and my Cookie Monster hat...Yeah, i had a fucking hat that had Cookie Monsters face on it, haha. But yeah, we took the elevator and headed outside and  went behind the apartment, kinda like an alley i guess, but not like a gang alley.

"Wow..." Punk said. "What a fucking year..."

"Yeah," I Said. "I Joined WWE, you guys not only got engaged but got Married in probably one of the most beautiful weddings i've seen," I Said, looking back on that day just made us all smile, it was just so romantically crazy, "OH! And Punk got his head shaved-"

"LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT," Punk said, looking down.

"Oh, Don't worry about it," Kristen said. "You may not have long locks anymore, but i totally dig the new Blondie Style," She said, wrapping her arms around his neck as they kissed, i just moaned.

"For the love of god, REALLY?" I Yelled, then, we laughed.

"Oh, shut up," Kristen said sticking her tongue out at me. "Trust me, someday, you and Patrick...or Justin...Are gonna officially fall in love, and you'll be doing this stuff to, And when that day comes, i promise you, i will annoy you BIG TIME."

"Whatcha mean by Someday, me and Patrick OR Justin,Eh?" I Said.

"I Mean, i would have maybe said Patrick, But after that kiss with Justin earlier..." She said, shrugging. "I Saw how much BOTH Of you looked like you enjoyed it, so uh, yeah, you never know what could happen next year," She said, winking.

"Sorry, i made clear earlier to Nickie and John, even though that was without a doubt the best kiss i ever had, i really can't ever forget what happened with us back in October, So i'm gonna be with Kaner unless he thinks differently..." I Said.

"WAAAAAIT, Best Kiss Ever!?" They both said. I Just sighed, then looked at them and smiled, then nodded. They both just smiled.

"WOW, thats...WOW," They said.

"Yeah, i know," I Said, cracking a half smile but trying not to. Then, i took a sip of beer, and Kristen just rolled her eyes.

"Didn't i cut you off earlier?" She said.

"Yeah, but i'm cutting myself back on," I Said, then was confused. Seriously, What the fuck did i just say? They were confused too, but whatever.

"Fine, drink it," Kristen said. "But it's really not healthy for you."

"Bitch, i know it's not healthy for me, but i don't really give a fuck," I Said, taking another sip, then, me and Kristen winked at each other while Punk glanced away for a second.

"Wow...That's really classy..." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Hey, you calling me like....Not classy?" I Said.

"Well, excuse me if i'm wrong, but Classy Girls don't get drunk to the point there boobs hanging out and they don't even know it," She said. I Then fixed my shirt real quick.

"Oh Yeah...?" I Said. throwing the beer down, and slowly walking up to her.

"Oh course," She said, smirking.

Then, i shoved her into the wall of the Building.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOOOA, Kat, i know you've had a couple drinks, but seriously, this isn't the time or place to be-" Punk started but got Cut of By Kristen who pushed my back into the ground.

Then, i got up, made a fist, as well did Kristen, then, we both locked up in the middle of the Alley and actually threw 'Punches' At eachother, until i 'Punched' Her so hard she went down.

"KRISTEN!!!" Punk yelled, quickly running over to her aid. It looked like she was crying, but she wasn't. SHE, along with myself, Was laughing, hysterically. Punk was totally confused.

"Why The HEEELL are you to laughing!? You just got into a fight, seriously?" Punk said.

"Yeah.. Sure we did Buddy," I Said, walking over and patting him on the back, as so did Kristen. He was even more confused.

"What the-"

"We didn't fight, Baba," Kristen said. "We faked the whole thing, we knew it would freak you out, plus, we're evil, so yeah," She said, as we both stuck are tongue's out at him.

"But, I Like, Just saw you both throw punches at eachother!" He said.

"OH PUNKY BOY..." I Said. "Dude, we work in the Sports-Entertainment Business. We're highly capable of throwing fake punches."

Punk took a moment to get this all together, then frowned, then hugged Kristen.

"God, You have no idea how much i love you," He said. Then paused for a moment. "And...Your crazy ass friend, He said. I Just smiled. They both looked at me.

"AH, Get your ass over here girl," He said, as they both opened there arms to welcome me. Then, i ran up and we all did a group hug for a moment, then stopped.

"AH, What time is it?" Kristen asked. Punk checked his phone.

"Shit, it's 11:45PM, We should get back in there, they're probably all ready to start counting down and shit," Punk said.

Then, we all got up and ran back into the Building, took the elevator up and headed to the Condo. Everyone had drinks in hand, and i think Sharp and Toews were up over by the flatscreen trying to find a TV Channel or something where they were counting down. Patrick Kane came and greeted us over by the door, with three drinks in hand.

"AH, there you guys are!" He said. "Alright, Kristen, Phil, here are your Virgin Margaritas, An Alcoholic Beverage without the Alcohol in it since you two don't drink. And Kat, here's your Oozertini, with more Vodka and stuff in it," He said, handing us all our drinks.

"What the FUCK Is an Oozertini?" Kristen asked.

"It's a special holiday alcoholic Beverage, they showed how to make it on Chelsea Lately, it's pretty damn good," I Said.

"AH, i see," Kristen said.

Then, they went off with the rest of the crowd, and i was gonna follow them, but Kaner stopped me.

"Can we talk outside on the balcony?" He asked me. My heart stopped.

"Uh...Sure,'' I Said calmly and confused, but inside, i was freaking out.

Was he like, maybe gonna dump me? Normally, i wouldn't think this I Mean, IT'S NEW YEARS! Who would dump there girlfriend now? But after my old Fiance' Called of the Engagement on my 21ST BIRTHDAY...Yeah, i have no idea what could possibly happen now, i guess i was preparing for then worst. He led my out there, i put my drink down next to me and looked up at him.

"Uh, Whats wrong?" I Asked.

"Oh, nothing, don't worry," He said. "I Just really need to say something to you,"

"Um...Okay then," I Said, feeling a rush of relief in my body, knowing he wasn't gonna dump me or anything.

"Look, obviously the last couple of months haven't been idol months, Starting with that whole night after the Home Opener," He said. I Sighed.

"Yeah, i know," I Said.

"Yeah, well. Like i've said before, I Have NO IDEA What the hell was going on between you and Justin on the road and why he thought what he did, and i'm not blaming you or anything, but i think it's safe to give you this..." He said.

Then, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a little box. Inside it was a ring, and my heart stopped. Was he like...Proposing to me?

"Is that a-"

"Yeah, it's a ring" he said.

"Like... A Marriage ring?" I asked.

"Oh, what? No No No," He said. "It's not that i like, don't wanna marry you but, we're like, only in our early 20s," He said.

"Oh, i see. Then what is it?" I Asked.

"It's a promise ring," He said.

"A Promise ring that someday we'll get married?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No No No," He said. "This absolutely has NOTHING To do with us someday getting married."

"Oh, Okay, Whats it for then?" I Asked.

"It's that whatever happens on the road, you'll stay faithful. You have no idea how Attractive you really are and how many guys find you sexy, and i just want you to promise that you won't do whatever you did with Justin to make him think that, i really don't want another repeat of what happened," He said. I Sighed, apart of me didn't wanna wear this to not only give people to wrong message, but i kinda felt he didn't trust me, but then again, i knew he did, and i knew he was just trying to protect ourselfs.

"Is me wearing this important to you?" I Asked.

"Yeah, pretty much," He said.

"Alright, fine, i'll wear it," I Said, smiling.

I Held my left hand out, and he places it on my ring finger...

"You have no idea how much this means to me," He said, smiling.

"And you have no idea how much i love you," I Said, also smiling.

"You love me enough to look up?" He said. I Was confused, but i did anyway, and wow...i just giggled.

I don't know how i did it, i have a feeling that maybe Toews and Sharp helped him, but i saw a Hockey Stick taped to like, the roof or something and hanging from the hockey stick was a mistletoe.

"Well..." He said, "Looks like we're caught under the mistletoe..." He said. i just laughed and put my arms around his neck.

"I Love you, Patrick," I Said. He put his arms around me too.

"I Love you too, Katrina," He said. He actually called me by my real first name, i could tell he actually ment it. Then, we of course kissed.

While we were kissing, we heard all the people inside counting down. We probably should have gone in, but we didn't, we just stayed out there under the balcony, with our arms around eachother and under the hockey stick mistletoe, kissing while they all counted down...

"10...9...8...7...6...5...! 4...! 3.....!!! 2...!!!....1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

THE END :) For now.... ;)

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