Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Extreme Career-Year One Week Twenty Seven(Til' I Forget About You) Part Three

It was dark, 2:30am, And Here, it was truly Hell. I Couldn't stand being inside with Kaner and Justin anymore, so i ended up running out. I Didn't know EXACTLY were i was. But i knew i was in a safe place...kinda. I Was just crying my eyes out. It was kinda sad to be honest. Then, i could feel someone breathing,and footsteps, i looked up, and it was Nickie, Heather, and Kristen. Kristen sat next to me, and Heather and Nickie just stood on the other side of me.

"You Okay kid?" Kristen asked me. I Just looked at her.

"That was a stupid question," I Said. "Of course i'm not okay. You were there, you know exactly what happened."

"True," Kristen said. "But hey, it's not like he just went off on you,"

"Really?" I Said. "Because it seems a lot like he did."

"Would you just let me actually finish?" She said. I Just looked down. "Sorry, but you know, he wasn't gonna do this. He had other plans.''

"Yeah," Heather said. "He actually flew out from Miami down to New York to ask me if he thought it was a good idea."

"What was a good idea?" I Said, confused.

"Well, he was planning on asking you to be his Girlfriend," Kristen said. I Kinda Froze. "Then,  he saw some article on some dirt sheet about you and Kaner, he was upset at first, then furious, and well, yeah."

"It's not like he wanted to hurt you or anything...You actually hurt him..." Heather said. "He just wanted to ask you out, but Kaner beat him to it."

"Okay," Nickie said. "No offense, but why are we sympothizing Justin? Yeah yeah yeah, I Know he didn't mean it, and apparently 'Kat  Hurt Him' But seriously, he basically just called her stupid to her own face, you can't do that, no matter what. It's Verbal Abuse. Seriously, he's such an Asshole," Nickie said.

"If he wasn't in Nexus, no way would you be saying that," Kristen said. Nickie just gave her an evil glare.

"But, Nickie is kind of right," Heather said. "That's really no way you should treat a girl..."

"Okay, you guys really have yet to be Helpful," I Said. Kristen sighed.

"Just get up, Kid," She said, getting up. Then, she extended her arm out to help me out. I Grabbed it, then got up.

"C'mon...Let's go," Nickie said. I Took a deep breath, and then, started walking back to the Apartment building.

*Back inside Mine and Kaner Place*

It was weird. Punk, Cena, and Justin were all in there, just standing, in shock. Patrick was still on the floor, suffering from getting thrown into glass. Then, He slowly got up on his feet, and just ran over and pushed Justin down, he almost hit the floor, but Punk and Cena caught him.

"What The Hell Is Wrong with you man!?" Kaner yelled. "You Can't just say that to a girl! I Don't care what the hell went down with you two, it's no fucking excuse for you to just say something like that to my girlfriend and hurt her enough to actually run out, so upset that she's crying."

Justin got up and pushed Kaner again into the Wall, but this time, Kaner stayed up on his feet.

"Well it was true, the fact she decided to go out with some dumbass like you, yeah, it's a dumb decision.She's known you for only 2 months, and she's already going to far with you, and your too much of a sleazy douche you won't even stop her, doesn't say much about you."

Kaner  ran back over,and pushed Justin again, and again, Punk and John caught him before he could hit the ground.

"Kat didn't just decided to go out with me because she got bored. She's going out with me because through your eyes, i'm just some dumbass hockey player, but in her eyes, she see's the truth and who i really am. And i, am better then you. Looks, maybe not. But my personality is better then yours, though may have gotten in trouble in my past, my behavior is obviously better then yours," Then, he stopped, and a smirk grew on his face. "And of course, I Am Way better in bed then you are."

"Oh That's It!" Justin said.

He quickly got up and just ran toward Kaner making a fist and ended up punching him in the face, but that didn't stop Kaner, who threw a punch in at Justin as well. Justin got Kaner up against the wall and threw in some more Punches, but wasn't enough to get Kaner down. Kaner again threw more punches at him. Punk and Cena tried to go break it up, but it was no use. These two man seriously hated eachother, and if they were gonna fight, they would really fight, and no one was gonna stop them...

*Back with Kat, Kristen, Nickie and Heather in the elevator*

"So, what do you think will happen?" Nickie asked. I Just Shrugged.

"Who knows..." I Said. I Ran my fingers through my hair, something i kinda do when I'm nervous and stuff. I Really didn't know what would go down once i got in there and it was kinda scaring me, after what happened, it kinda brought up some bad memories from my past...

"Justin probably already left, so i don't you have anything to worry about," Kristen said, i just took a deep breathe.

"Let's hope so..." I Said.

Then, the elevator stopped on our floor, everyone got out, but i took a moment, took another deep breathe, then got out. Again, i ran my fingers through my hair, and was breathing a little more heavier, and was stomach just felt so weird. Honestly, i was scared and Nervous, but i lived there, i kinda had to go back in there sometime. Our condo was all the way towards the end of the hallway, and the walk to there seemed like forever to me. Then, forever ended, and we got to the door. I Took a moment to head in. I Wasn't sure what to expect when i got in there, but i tried to prepare myself. I Opened the door and slowly walked in, and what i saw was NOTHING i thought i would see. It was like World War 3 in here. All the furniture and stuff was seriously, ALL OVER THE PLACE. To Top it off, i saw Justin and Patrick in the middle of the living room, fighting, physically, and i think i saw a little blood coming out of the corner of Patrick's mouth.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I Screamed.

"Why the hell are you two idiots just standing there!?" Heather shouted at John and Punk, who were just standing in the corner letting this all happen.

"We tried stopping it," Punk said.

"But we ended up getting thrown into some walls, and after that, we decided that we couldn't stop them, so yeah," John said. Kristen and Nickie just rolled their eyes at their Men's patheticness. But i stayed focused on Kaner and JG fighting.

Then, one of them ended up getting thrown into this picture i took the night after i won my first match, and my first title, and the picture crashed into the ground and just broke. Then, i just flashed. I Could feel myself breathing more heavier, but this time, it wasn't because i was scared. It was because i was fucking pissed. I Clenched my fist, cocked my head over to the right, closed my eyes, it was something i do when i just get so pissed off, don't do it often, only when i'm like getting into a fight or something. So obviously, i was about to possibly kick ass.

"That's it..." I Mumbled under my breath, about to charge forward before the wonderful Kristen decided to stop me.

"Whoa, What the hell!?" She said. "What do you think your doing!?"

"I Think i'm about to go end this fight..." I Said, pushing her out of my way.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm one tough bitch you don't wanna mess with. But see, i'm only like, 120 or something, 5'8, and i'm a girl. You got Kaner, who's almost 200, 5'10, and a guy. Then you have Justin, Over 200, over 6'0, and also a guy. Getting in between these two, yeah. Probably wasn't gonna be a smart idea, but i did anyway. And oh boy...It really wasn't a smart idea. I Tried getting in like, the middle of them to push them apart, didn't work. Maybe it could have, but it didn't, since one of them---Don't remember who--- was trying to throw a punch at the other, but instead, it hit me. I Got hit so hard, i ended up going back and hitting my head and upper back STRAIGHT Into the wall. Then, everything went black.

*Hours Later, 10am, Somewhere in Chicago, IL*

I Slowly opened up my eyes, everything was so blurry, i had absolutely no idea where the hell i was. Eventually, my vision became clearer, and i saw Heather, Nickie and Kristen standing over me. I Looked around more, i certainly wasn't in my condo, then, i looked down, and noticed i was in like, a hospital bed or something. Then, i paused, and noticed something. I Was in SOOO Much Pain. My Head was just pounding, my back hurt like hell, and i was just confused.

"Am I Hungover or something?" I Asked. Everyone just laughed a little.

"Nah, your not hungover," Nickie said.

"Then why the hell do i feel like crap?" I Asked.

"See," Kristen said, trying to find the right words. "Last had a pretty tough night, and well, now, your here. With a Concussion. And the upper part of your back is like, shattered or something. But basically, your body is like, Haiti right now," She said. I Just leaned back, slowly, and just sighed.

"You serious?" I Said.

"We wouldn't joke about something like this," Heather said.

"Of course you wouldn't..." I Said, sarcastically.

"So, uh, you feeling okay?" Kristen asked. I Just looked up at her, like she was the biggest idiot in the world, like, Almost as stupid as Chrissy Pronger. Kristen's one of my best friends, but sometimes, she's just, such a...dumbass.

"OH NO, i have a concussion, My Backs all messed up and  my Future Personal and Career wise is questionable, BUT DON'T WORRY, I"M FINE!" I Said, sarcastically. She just rolled her eyes.

"Stupid questions require sarcastically stupid answers, Kristen," I Said. She rolled her eyes again.

"So, what happened to Justin and Patrick?" I Asked, curious.

"Those Assholes are in jail," Nickie said. I Just looked up.

"Wait, WHAT!?" I Said.

"Hey, what they did to eachother was called assult, and one of them hit you, wasn't so hard to convience the cops to come over and arrest them," Heather said. "But, i must admit, we were impressed. Both of them willing went and let themselfs get arrested, it was interesting."

"Wow..." I Said. "What about John and Punk?"

"They're back at your place, trying to fix things up so when you come home, it'll look good as new," Kristen said.

"Yep, Because John is such a Sweetheart, he's willing to give up his valuable time to help a friend, he's truly an Angel," Nickie said, smiling.

"Uh, incase you forgot, Punk was the one who offered to help, John just went with it," Kristen said.

"Well of course he did, i mean, it's not like he has a life or anything, he's got a lot of free time on his hands unlike John, so of course he would!" Nickie said, smirking.

"OH BITCH WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!" Kristen said, getting defensive.Then, she actually started charging toward Nickie, but Heather stopped them from getting into something serious.

"REALLY?" She said. "Honestly, grow up, who cares?" I Just nodded.

"Can i just go home? I Hate hospitals, seriously," I Said.

"You can get out of your bed, but you need to like, go head down to this x-ray room or something, they need to like, get your back casted or something," Heather said.

"WAIT WHAT?!" I Said. "It's my upper back that's injured, and they wanna put a cast on it or something?" I Said. "How the HELL Are they gonna like, get around my puppies and stuff!?" I Said, obviously reffering to my...well, i don't think i even have to explain. Everyone just laughed.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine," Kristen said.

Then, She and Nickie came over to help me get out of bed without hurting my back much, it hurt, but yeah, not much. I Could walk on my own from then, but just in case, they came with me. On the way, there was a mirror and i looked right into it, and apparently, i got a black eye. 

"Uh, When did i get a black eye?" I Asked.

"You've had it for a while, but trust me, that's like, the least of your problems," Kristen said. I Didn't say anything after that, because she was actually right. I Had way more problems to deal with then some stupid black-eye...

*Later That Day, Back at Kat and Patrick's Condo*

Once i got home, one of the first things i did was head upstairs and go to the bathroom to put on some make-up. I Wanted to try to put on some to maybe cover up my black eye, but it seemed no matter how much i tried to use, it was completely visable. I Just gave up and headed downstairs and grabbed a pillow and rested my back on it while laying down on the sofa and watching TV, something that honestly, i haven't done in like, forever. Then, someone knocked on my door, and i got up, slowly, to go see who it was. It was Sharp and Sarah.

"Wow..." Sarah said, just looking at me. Really, i wasn't exactly a sight to see.

"Well um, i was at practice earlier today, and Kaner wasn't their, and word is, he got arrested and stuff," Sharp said. I Just sighed.

"Yeah, he did," I Said.

"What did he do?" He asked.

"Don't worry, it's not as bad as it was last summer back in Buffalo, he doesn't need court or anything, he and a guy just got in a brutal fight, to the point there was blood, and, to the point where i got hit, got a black eye, a concussion and my back all messed up. But don't worry, he should be out, maybe later today," I Said.

"He like, wasn't the one who gave you the black eye and stuff, right?" He asked. "Because if he did, i'd have to knock his teeth down his throat," He said. I Giggled a little.

"Thanks for the concern, honestly, i don't know what happened, but i'm sure everything will be fine," I Said. I Was lying though. I Really wasn't so sure of anything, but i really didn't want anyone worried for me or anything.

"Alright, well, if you need anything, at all, you know we're there for you," He said. We hugged real quick. Honestly, i've only known Sharp for a couple months, and while he sometimes annoys me, overall, he's probably one of the sweetest guys alive, and now-a-days, it's hard to find guys like that.

"Thanks, Really" I Said.

"Well, we'll see you next week or something, you should probably get some rest," Sarah said.

"Yeah, probably," I Said.

"Just call or something if you need anything,"Sharp said.

"Will do,thanks for stopping by," I Said. Then, they left.

I Was gonna like, take a nap. But then, i figured out that after what happened, there was no possible way me and Kaner would be like, a thing anymore. So, i decided to just actually do him a favor, and just move out. I Wanted to get all my stuff out and packed before he got back so he didn't have to deal with me. I Was gonna move back to our old apartment together downstairs. But yeah, this is probably what's best. I Plugged in my IPod and started listening to Poison---My Classic Rock Band for the moment---While i was trying to pack my stuff. I Got like, half of it packed up, but then, i could hear the door downstairs open, and my heart stopped. I Think he got out like,just now, and that was probably him.

"Oh Shit!" I thought to myself. I Really didn't wanna have to like, talk to him, and i doubt he wanted to talk with me. I Was just panning on being classy and sending him a text message or something.

Then, he came upstairs and into the bedroom. He was still wearing the same clothes from the other night, and i noticed that the laces that were supposed to be in his shoe were tooken out, which i found odd. But whatever. He just stood across the room, looking at me for a second, then he looked down, and took a deep breathe.

"Did i miss something while i was locked up or what?" He asked, confused.

"Um, no not really," I Said, still slowly packing up while turning off my ipod. "Just me finding out i got a black eye, a concussion and a fucked up back, but yeah, don't worry."

"Wow..." He said. "Why are you like, packing up though?"

"Easy. I Like, just got you arrested. I'm the reason all this crap happened. Your a smart person, Patrick. No way you'd wanna be with me still, and i wouldn't really blame you to be honest," I Said, still packing up. But then, he walked up to me, and just grabbed my arm, and pushed the suitcase off the bed and sat me down.

"Hate to say it, but your totally wrong," He said. i was confused.

"First, i'm not THAT Smart. Second, you didn't start it. You couldn't have possibly known that South African guy was just gonna do something like that. He was the one looking for trouble, he started all of it, i just tried to end it. While doing so, stuff happened, and well, honestly, i probably shouldn't have fought with him anyway, since we completely tore apart the house, and i accidently punched you and caused you your injuries..." He said. I Was shocked to find out it was him. A part of me kinda thought it was Justin.

"But anyway, it's not your fault, really. And i don't know if you wanna break up with me or something, but i still would like to be able to wake up every morning right next to you and have your face be the first thing i see when i wake up," He said.

"You know, i liked it a lot better when you called him 'That Tan British Guy', not when you actually learned he was south african," I Said, smiling. He smiled too. Then, of course, we kissed.

"So, i take it we're still together, right?" He asked. I Smirked a little.

"What do you think?" I Said, before kissing him again.

It was really nice to know me and Kaner were okay despite all that went down. HOWEVER, i don't know if i can really say the same for Justin...a part of me hoped i couldn't, but, a bigger part of me hoped i could...But, really, only time will be able to tell i guess.

*Authors Note*
I Wrote some of this(The beginning) like, when i was depressed, so if  it sounds all, yeah(Which i think it does) That's why, and i'm sorry for it. Second- I Know someone will ask me. SO I WILL STATE THIS RIGHT NOW. The Next Blog will be THE FINAL Chapter for Year ONE. And i will be fast-forwarding like,3 months(it's still october in like, this chapter) To December and make it New Years Eve. And Again, I Know someone will ask this as well. So i'll state this. THE FINAL BLOG WILL NOT GO UP UNTIL DECEMBER 31ST(Aka New Years Eve) Even if i finish it up early, i won't publish it until New Years Eve. SO DO NOT ASK ME WHEN IT WILL BE UP. Because it'll be up then For Sure. So yeah, hope you enjoyed this one. BTW, wasn't supposed to be this long, but it turned out long. haha. Until next time


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