Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Extreme Career-Year TWO Week One(What i like about you)

Chicago Illinois. Allstate Arena. Right Side of the Ring. Front Row. Seat #5.

One Year Ago, I Was in this City and State, In This Arena in this exact same spot and seat. A Year Later, i'm here again, but not to watch, To actually compete, In front of MY Hometown. It was sure something. I Seriously can't believe i've been in WWE For a year now, It seriously went by SO Fucking Fast.  Normally, i'm backstage warming up with everyone else, And since it's my first time competing in a WWE Ring since October because of my injured back, I Probably should be back warming up, But instead, I'm in my old seat in the front row, Just looking back at the past and how much has changed and watching the Crew get the ring and stuff set up for RAW. It was quite relaxing to be honest to be just thinking about Life and how i got here and shit and to watch the crew get stuff ready, their dedication to WWE Is just as important as the Superstars and Diva's to be honest. But anyway, yeah, i was thinking back on the night i attended RAW With those Idiots from back home, what a crazy night, seriously, i couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself just remembering all the stuff that happened that night.

But, That Was then, This Is Now. It's a whole new year, and everything has changed. The guy i thought i would be with forever isn't really involved in my life at all anymore, I Lost a couple friends, And despite trying to live somewhat of a normal life, being a famous Athelete, yeah, that's not happening. But on the positive side of everything changing, Even though i'm not exactly friends with the boss, i'm still here and standing and on the top of my game and the Women's division, not just in WWE, but the whole Women's division in the Sports-Entertainment biz.  Also, I'm actually getting more respect from the Locker room and i've proved that even though i technically wasn't supposed to be apart of this Business, I Can handle it. But, with things that have changed, there are things that also haven't changed, which isn't exactly so good. I Still have a boss that hates me, I Still have people who doubt me and don't believe i have any right to be in this company, And i have a lot of Fans, but i also have a lot of haters. It really wasn't easy to be me, at all. But looking back, i'm happy with all the decisions i made in the last year and no doubt in my mind that if i could go back and change something, i wouldn't change a thing. This was my life, i was happy with it, so yeah. I'm living for My Future, and just my future.

After about, maybe what, an hour of watching everything get set up and thinking about the past, i decided to head backstage. I Jumped over the security board and walked onto the cement and headed back where everyone else was, though i didn't go up and talk like i normally would. See, i'm really not supposed to actually be coming back tonight, i was supposed to wait another week, but if you seriously thought i was gonna miss performing in front of my hometown crowd, your fucking crazy. My Doctors weren't so sure about it, but i was. BUT OF COURSE, Stephenie McMahon was worried something could happen since i wasn't 100% and it was pretty risky. So, she made me fly out to Connecticut to WWE HQ and practice in there crappy ass ring down there to make sure, which means instead of spending the last week with Kaner before he not only returned to the Hawks line-up but had to go down to LA For a game, i had to leave early, which pissed me off enough, and on top of that, i'm running on about...maybe, a total of 5 hours of sleep in the past weekend, add all that up, you got one pissed off Women. Socializing really wasn't something i wanted to do. Instead, i headed straight to an Elevator that would take me upstairs to "The Box" You know, that suite where they like, have TV's, Sofa's, Food, Drinks, Etc, I Was gonna take a quick nap. But before i got there, my phone went off and started playing 'Chelsea Dagger', Which obviously met Either Sharpie, Tazer, Duncs, Seabs, Jelly Belly or Kaner were calling---They're the only Hawks who have my number--- And i doubted Toews, Duncs, Seabs or Jelly Belly would be calling me, and if Sharp was gonna call anyone, it'd be Sarah or Adam, so, that only left Kaner, which actually seemed reasonable that he would call me out of any of them.
"AYOOOOO!" I Said into the phone, then giggling a little.

''AYOOOOO To you too," He said, i giggled a little more.

"Why you calling?" I Asked.

"Can't a boyfriend just call his wonderful girlfriend to just be all like 'HEEEEY, How you Doin', Girl"?" He asked.

"No, not really," I said sticking my tongue out even though he couldn't see me.

"Well, I Am, So Deal With It, Girl," He said, i just laughed. "I Thought you've been running on like, no sleep and were like, cranky? You don't seem so cranky to me."

"Well yeah, i have, but i don't wanna sound like a bitch to you, especially over the phone," I Said.

"Ah, Okay, I See," He said. "Maybe you should go get some rest before you have to go out and wrestle?"

"I'm trying to get up to the box to get a quick nap before RAW," I Said. "I Could use it."

"Yeah, you could. You sound really tired, which is unusual for you," He said.

"Yeah, i know" I Said, yawning. "I'm like right now running on only 5 hours of sleep in the last 2 days."

"Wait, What!?" He said. "How the hell are you still even up?"

"I'm Magic, that's how," I Joked. I Heard him laugh on the other side of the phone.

"Well, go get your ass up there in the box and take a nap. I'm actually planning on watching you wrestle tonight, and i don't want you all tired," He said. My Jaw dropped.

"Wait, your actually gonna watch me wrestle!?" I Shouted. He's never really had the chance to before.

"Yeah,6pm Game Chicago Time, And the game should end at like, 8:30pm, I Think i may catch it, It does start at 8pm, right?" He asked.

"No, i don't know why, but it's a special 3 hour RAW with RAW And Smackdown here and it starts at 7pm," I Said.

"Oh Crap," He said. "What time's your match!?"

"Don't worry," I Said. "I Checked the line-up earlier today, it's Not until like, 9pm."

"Oh, Good," He said in relief. "If i skip out the celebration in the locker room or something WHEN we win and head straight back to the hotel, i should be able to catch it."

"Yay!" I Said. "You win, i'll make sure to win my match."

"Good," He said. "You just better hope we don't go into Overtime or a Shootout." He said. i frowned.

"Yeah, i probably shouldn't have said that, shouldn't have i?" He asked.

"Of course you shouldn't have," I Said, still frowning.

"Sorry, Kit-Kat," He said. "Now, stop frowning and go get some rest," He said. It's amazing how he automatically knew i was frowning, he knows me too well.

"Alright, i'll talk to you on Skype at what time?" I Asked, yawning.

"10pm My Time," He said.

"Your 2 hours less then me, so for me, it's at like, midnight," I Said, crossing my arms.

"You said you'd take a nap, don't worry, you'll have energy for skype sex tonight," He said, probably sticking out his tongue. I Rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out.

"Fine, whatever Mr. Kaner," I Said.

"Aight', talk to you later, babe. Love you," He said.

"Love you too," I Said, yawning. Then, we hung up, and i got into the elevator and headed up to the box.

Once i got up there, i locked it so no one could get in, i wanted my beauty nap alone. I Was thirsty, however, so i grabbed a water from the fridge in there, then, flopped onto the sofa, and within less then 10 minutes, i was fast asleep like a baby....

*Later that day*

"Wake Up..." I Heard someone say. Then, i felt a nudge. I Slowly opened my eyes a little, and i saw it was Kristen, Heather and Nickie.

"What time is it?" I Asked, still a little sleepy.

"6:55pm," Heather said. "Time for RAW."

"I Know that, but my match isn't until like, 2 hours. Let me sleep until then," I Said, trying to close my eyes, but they wouldn't let me.

"Nope, get up," Kristen said, pulling me up. I Fell right back down to the couch.

"Just a couple more minutes...please," I Begged.

"Sorry, NOPE!" Nickie said picking me back up on my feet, but this time, i didn't fall back down. They wanted me up, fine. But they were gonna pay. I Like said before, and like they discovered back in Japan over the summer, when i don't have my sleep, i become a pissed bitch who says stuff that pisses other people off, but it's not like i feel sorry. Don't let me get my sleep, you pay the fucking price.

"Whatever..." I Said as we all walked out and headed into the elevator. When we were in there, i noticed Heather had a Nexus shirt on.

"Nice Shirt," I Said.

"Thanks, Chica!" She said, smiling.

"You weren't wearing that earlier today, though," I Said.

"True, you weren't," Nickie said.

"Wade probably gave it to her when they were acting like a bunch of horny dumbasses and probably did it in some supply closet or something," I Said. "You know, since she's like, an attention whore, she probably Jacked Off with Barrett," I Said. Then, the elevator stopped back downstairs, and i got off and walked away with Pure Attitude.

"Oh No, SHE DID NOT JUST CALL ME AN ATTENTION WHORE!?" Heather yelled. She was about to jump out and attack me from behind but Nickie stopped her.

"Calm Down, Girl," Nickie said. "Remember back on the flight from Japan? She was running on almost no sleep and was a complete bitch, she didn't mean what she said, she's just cranky, trust me." Heather just Scowled.

"She better apologize to me sometime soon," Heather said, pissed off as they both headed out.

I Was just walking the halls right next to Kristen. We went by lots of people, but they all were smart and knew what was best for them, so, they just left me the fuck alone. But there was one girl, who i have never seen in my life, who made the wrong move and decided to come and talk to me. I Hate being a bitch to new people, but whatever.

"Hi! Your Kasey Angel, right?" She asked. I Just looked at her.

"No, I'm Megan Fox. Of Course I'm Kasey Angel you dumbass," I Said. Kristen was just looking away, she probably would of stopped me, but she was smart and didn't.

"Oh, I'm sorry, stupid question...." She said, feeling a little embarassed i think, she should.

"Yes, it was a very stupid question," I Said, now crossing my arms. She just looked down.

"Look, New girl," I Said. "I'm in a bad mood, so if i sound like a bitch, that's why. When I'm cranky and running on almost no sleep, you don't talk to me, or make contact with me, or you'll Pay, big time. Now, before this gets anymore awkward for you, i advise you just move the hell out of my way before i shove you out of my way," I Said.

"WHOA WHOA WHOOA," Nickie said, running off. "Cool down Kat, This Jenny," She said, pointing to her. "She's the Manager of some new guy named Anthony, and she's also John's little sister, no need to go all Bizzarre on her," She said. My eyes popped open.

SHE, and John Cena were related??? Cena was over in Catering, i looked over at him, then back at Jenny. Then back over to John again, then at Jenny again. Then at John again, then Jenny. I Didn't see a resembelinse, at all. Yeah, they had the same hair color, same eye color and they both had like, Boston Accents or whatever, but yeah, i saw nothing. Instead of asking questions like, How the hell they were possible related, i just shook my head and walked off with Kristen to the locker room area.

"Uh, I Don't think she really likes me..." Jenny said.

"Nah, she's just tired and cranky, don't worry, if you talk to her after she get's her rest, she'll be nice and stuff then, and like, not a total bitch," Nickie said.

"Okay, good. She kinda scares me now..." Jenny said. Nickie just laughed.

*Minutes later, Punk's locker room.*

"Here, drink some Pepsi. It's got Caffeine in it, it'll help you stay awake long enough to compete," Punk said, handing me a Pepsi from the cooler. I Opened it and took a big sip out of it.

"SO, you two are the Hometown Hero's tonight, eh?" John said, sitting down. John, Kristen, Me, Heather, Justin, Nickie and Punkers were gonna watch RAW Together for like, the first time. I Never actually watch everything else. I Show up, do my stuff, and yeah. It was big.

"Yeah, guess so," Punk said.

"Yeah," I Said.

"You still going out in that special ring attire you had designed?" Punk asked.

"Of course i am," I Said.

I Had a Special Ring Attire designed for to wear in front of my hometown tonight. It's basically Chicago Colors. Red, White and Blue. It was most all white, but on like, the back of the shorts, i had the four blue stars on it and in red, i had it say "GO HAWKS''. To top it off, i borrowed some huge Chicago flag and i was gonna go out there with it, and At the Party, I Tracked down Adam before he left. He had like, some Indian hat thingy that he wore when the Blackhawks beat the Flyers back on June 9th. He found it and he's letting my borrow it for the event. I Was already feeling like such a little kid.

"Why haven't i seen it?" Justin asked, taking a seat next to me with a beer in hand, in his Nexus gear.

"No One Has," Nickie said. "She's keeping it a secret." I Just nodded.

"Oh, well, I'm sure it'll look great," Justin said.

"Yeah, Trust me it wi-"

"SHUT UP MY GIRL'S MATCH IS STARTING," Punk yelled. I Glared at him.

Kristen was going up against the most hated person in the WWE, According to me, And she and i certainly have obviously had problems, The Longest Reigning Diva's Champion To Date, Kathryn Prince. I Had no doubt Kristen could beat her, but i've gone up against her a lot of times, it sure wouldn't be easy. During the whole match, Punk was marking out like a little fan girl for his lady, it was annoying. After one hell of match, maybe like, 10 minutes, which was pretty long for a diva's match, Kathryn ended up victorious, by cheating, she hit Kristen right in the eye while the ref was distracted by some fan or whatever. I Just rolled my eyes, This bitch just annoyed me, and personally, i can't wait to take her down at the Royal Rumble and take her title away and become the first ever Undisputed Women's Champion in history. But that wasn't the end. After the match ended, Kathryn looked down at Kristen, and it looked like she was thinking for a moment. Then, she grew a smirk upon her face, and looked back down at Kristen.

"Whoa...What the hell is Kathryn Doing?" Punk asked, a little nervous.

Then, Kathryn  ran up and grabbed Kristen by her ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring---I Don't know why, because it's not like it matters, the match is over, dumbass--- Then, locked in the Ankle Lock. Kristen was screaming in pain. Then, i just start twitching, i remembered back in September when she did that to me and nearly broke my ankle. Then, i could feel myself breathing more heavier and geting hotter.

"For the love of god, not again..." I Mumbled under my breath.

Then, I Jumped up out of my seat and Sprinted as fast as i could out of the locker room area and out to the ramp. I Had to shove some people out of my way, but who gives a damn, i don't. When Kathryn did this to me 4 months ago, that was one thing. But why the hell would she do this to Kristen? If people thought i was pissed off earlier, wait until i get out there, I'll unleash hell on that little bitch. Then, i got over by the curtain and sprinted out onto the ramp, unexpectedly, and getting a HUGE Pop from my hometown, but i didn't care. I Slowed down a little on the ramp, but not to much. Then, i slid into the ring and got up fast and kneed Kathryn right in the back of the head which got her to release the lock. Then, i just attacked her with a shitload of Punches to the face and didn't stop until my arm got tired from throwing them.  Then, i got up and waited a little impaitently for her to get up, then once she did, i roundhoused kicked her little head right back down to the mat, but lucky for me, she landed like, maybe 5 feet or a little more away from one of the corner ringposts, then, i just smirked. Then, i ran over and hopped over the ropes to get on the outside of the ring, then climbed the turnbuckles to the top one, then just balanced myself onto it and paused, raised my arms  and tried to get a reaction out of the crowd---which of course i did--- Then, i jumped off and did the 450 right onto her. After that, i got up and held my ribcase for a moment, took a deep breath, flipped my hair out of my face a little, and laid on my stomach onto the mat and crawled up to her a little.

"There's more where that came from, just wait until the Royal Rumble..." I Whispered so only she could hear.

Then, i got up and helped Kristen up and raised her arm in victory. Technically according to the WWE Dickheads, also known as WWE Official's, Kathryn Won, But obviously she didn't deserve it, Kristen did, so yeah. Then, i let her have her short celebration as i headed backstage to the locker room again. Kathryn just woke up an Animal inside me.

*Back in the locker room*

"You need some ice, babe?" Punk asked Kristen as he brought her a Pepsi.

"I'm fine..." She said. I Was just walking around the locker room, pissed off.

"What Kathryn did was seriously SO Classless," Heather said. A Moment later, she looked at me and glared, i looked back.

"What the hell you looking at?" I Asked.

"I Said the word Classless," She said. "Usually about now, you make some smart-ass comment about the flyers and how you think their classless and shit."

"Two things," I Said. "First, i don't think their classless, I know their classless, along with their fans. Second, I have more important things to worry about then taking shots on a stupid hockey team."

"No You Don't," Kristen said, annoyed, i just glared at her.

"I got a match tonight for you information and i also gotta deal with Kathryn," I Said.

"You already dealed with Kathryn, though," Nickie said.

"Tonight, yeah. But trust me, there's gonna be a lot more of that bitch in the future..." I Said.

"Of course there will be," Heather said, leaning back and rolling her eyes. I Ignored her and looked up at Kristen.

"You okay, Bitch?" I Asked.

"Yeah, whatever," She said. "But uh, do me a favor."

"Uh, sure, what?" I Asked.

"Kick her ass at the Rumble in two weeks," She said. I Just smirked.

"That's one promise i can actually keep," I Said. Then, i saw the time, i had to be out there soon for my match, about 10 minutes, but i was in Jeans and a T-shirt, i had to go get into my attire, so i left everyone else and ran off.

*10 Minutes Later*

I Just got into my special Attire, got my boots laced and got over by the Curtain. Once i got there, i grabbed my flag, then leaned up against a wall for a moment, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, this just didn't seem too real. But then, my music started playing, and the crowd seriously made some fucking noise, and that's when i knew it was real. I Waited a moment to go out just to hear them cheer. Then, i ran my fingers threw my hair, took a deep breath, grabbed my Chicago Flag, and then, Ran out there holding the Flag like Big Buf Did after the Hawks won the cup. After i got out there, i stood at the top of the ramp and looked out to the crowd, and just smiled. I Just loved this. Then, i took a deep breath, then ran down the ramp as fast as i could and then slid into the ring, got up and ran over to the right corner turnbuckle and stood on top of it, showed off my title---which was around my waist--- Then i rose the flag up high with my fist, and just screamed in joy for really no reason. Then, i kissed the flag and threw it into the crowd for someone to catch, then got off and leaned into the turnbuckle and waited for AJ Lee to come out. She was who i was fighting, which excited me, because i always had AMAZING Matches with her. She came out and got mixed reactions from my hometown crowd, some cheered, some booed since she was facing me. She got into the ring and we both paced around the ring, not taking are eyes off each other. It was intense. Then, the ref rang for the bell to start the match.

There was a lot of back and forth to start the match off, we kept locking up in the middle, until she threw me into the ropes. I Came back and she tried to roundhouse kick me in the face, but i dodged it and slid under her and came back up and went off the ropes again and roundhouse kicked her instead. She got up fast. and we locked up again and she ended up taking me over by the corner and kind of choking me a little, but the ref started counting, so she let go. She ran over to the other side and i attempted to run back over and probably knee me in my stomach, but i moved out of the way before she got to me, and she ended up having her knee go into the turnbuckle, and by the way she was screaming, i knew it obviously hurt like hell. Then, i got up and kicked her right out of the ring. She crawled over to King and Cole's Announce table to maybe help her get up, but i just smirked. I ran over to the other side of the ring, bounced off the ropes, then, BAM! I Did a Suicide Dive and the way it looked, it also looked like i kinda did a spear too. It took me the count of 5 to get back up, and i got AJ Up too by her hair and got her back in the ring. As much as i love performing in front of my hometown, i was ready to finish this bitch off. I Dragged her into a corner, then got out of the ring and headed to the top rope, looked out at the crowd for like, the millionth time tonight, then smiled, and jumped off and hit the 450 on her and pinned her. After i got the three count, i got up, had my hand raised high and got my title back, then got out of the ring and for the first time in my career, jumped over the security wall and just celebrated with my hometown fans, which was fucking awesome. Seriously, the only bad thing about this night is Kaner isn't here to celebrate with me, but i know he's watching down in LA, so really, this night isn't so bad.

*Hours Later, at the Hilton, Chicago*

"Man, You two were right!" Heather said to me and Punk. "Chicago is pretty Beast!"

"Yeah, we know," Punk said. I Just nodded. We were just arriving at our hotel for the night, and we were just talking about RAW Tonight, which was probably the BEST Raw in a VERY LONG TIME.

"I'm surprised WWE Let us compete for so long AND Let us have to Diva's matches!" Kristen said.

"You know, that's true. We barely have any time to go out there and wrestle or cut promos!" Nickie said, i nodded again.

"In TNA, they always give their Knockouts time like that on a weekly bases," John said. I Glared at him, then smacked him over his head.

"HEY!" Nickie shouted. "Don't hit him!" She said, hugging John.

"Well i'm sorry, But seriously," I Said. "I'm TIRED Of hearing about all this TNA Shit and everyone saying how there Women's Division is better. WWE Has WAY More better Women's talent then TNA, so seriously, Shut up about it..."

"True," Punk said. "But they don't use you girls right."

"Of course they don't," Kristen said, frowning. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Trust me, By the end of 2011, people will be saying different things about our women's division, as long as i have anything to do with it," I Said.

"Good luck with that!" Wade Barrett Said as he came by and Swept Heather up under his arms and left and probably headed to His room. Ever since the party, they started dating and became roomates on the road. I Just rolled my eyes at him.

"I Still don't get what she sees in him," Nickie said. We all just nodded.

"Well, as long as she's happy," Justin said. "I'm heading out to my room, i'm feeling tired. Night, All" Justin said. We all waved him as he headed down the hall to his room.

"We should all head to bed, We gotta get up early-ish tomorrow and head off to Peoria." Kristen said.

"Very True," Punkers said. "Let's head off,"

"Yeah, i'm with you all," John said, Picking up his bags, as well as Nickie as they headed off to there room. That left Me, Kristen and Punk, Kristen just looked at me.

"Go get some sleep tonight, You really need it," She said. She was right.

"Yeah, i know i do," I Said. "Good night." I Said as i headed down the hall to mine and Justin's room---Yeah, we still room together, but i still have that promise ring, we're not getting any further then just sharing a room together.

I Didn't see Justin, so i guess he was in the bathroom changing into some Pajama's or something, which was good. I Headed over to my side of the room, Placed all my crap down and dug into my Bag for my laptop. I Was gonna sneak downstairs somewhere and go on Skype with Kaner like i said i would. After i got it out, i tried to run out before Justin could get out, but too late, he came out right when i was like, only 5 inches away from the door. 

"Um...Am I Interupting something?" He asked, a little confused.

"Oh, what? NO NO NOO," I Said. "Don't worry, i just need to go out for a moment..."

"For what?" He asked.

"Um...Fresh Air!" I Said.

"If we need fresh air, we can just open the window," He said, pointing over to the window.

"But i don't want it to get too cold in here, so yeah," I Said.

"Well i can close it once you feel a little too cold," He said.

"Well...I Wanna catch a glimpse of the night sky," I Said. "The Sky's beautiful over here at night."

"Why don't you just use the balcony?" He asked. "And why do you need to take your laptop outside with you?" He asked, glancing over at my laptop in hand.

"To Take Pictures on my webcam! So i can put them on twitter! That's why!" I Said.

"Why don't you just use a Camera?" He asked.

"It's hard for me to get pictures from my camera on my computer, so i'm just taking them with my computer!" I Said.

"Why don't you just use your phone? You have a twitter app on there, you can take pictures with it then upload them from there!" He said. I Was getting frustrated at this point.

"DAMN IT!" I Yelled. "Just let me go downstairs and have Skype Sex with my boyfriend without questioning me!"

He just stood there for a moment, looking a little shocked. Then, he laughed a little.

"Alright then, you go have Skype Sex with that...Guy" Justin said. I Just cracked a little smile, then got the hell out of there and headed downstairs to this coffee shop thingy.

"Excuse me, but isn't it a little too late to be down here and online?" One of the guys asked.

"Here, Yes. But in LA, nope," I Said. He looked confused.

"But, it's not LA," He said.

"Yeah, i know," I Said, sighing. He just went and let me be as i got my laptop set up and got on Skype waiting for Kaner to get online. Then, he got on. It looked like he was in bed, and maybe a little tired...and also shirtless. Which is always wonderful, right?

"Well....?"I Asked.

"Well....? What?" He asked.

"Did you see me kick ass tonight like you said you would or what?" I Asked. He just laughed.

"I'll answer that if you answer this...Did you watch our game?" He asked. "You could have at least had time for the 1st period." I didn't know what to say, since i didn't.

"I Asked you first," I Said, with my tongue out.

"Like i said, I'll answer yours if you answer mine," He said, also sticking his tongue out.

"Well i'm not gonna answer your question until you answer mine," I Said.

"Fine, Then looks like we aren't getting any answers for now," He said. We both laughed. So far, this has been the geekiest and most pointless conversation on skype yet, but i just loved talking to him.

"Go get a room..." I Heard Someone say. I Looked behind me to see who the hell it was, but i saw no one, which made me confused.

"This is my room," Kane said. Then it clicked.

"Let me guess...That's Toews, Right?" I Asked.

"Yep," Kaner said. Then, Toews, Who looked like he was still in his jersey from tonight came over by Kaner and appeared.

"Hey Kat," He said.

"Mr. Toews," I said, giggling a little bit.

"So, let me guess, your telling her about the tickets? She seems pretty happy," Toews said. Then, i raised an eyebrow.

"What tickets?" I Asked.

"Go Away, Jonathan, NOW'' Kaner said, pushing him off of his bed.

"Well, that's not nice, pushing Tazer off the bed...That's just rude," I Joked, sticking out my tongue at him. He rolled his eyes.

"He deserved it...Spoiling my surprise, That's rude," Kaner said.

"So, he said something about Tickets, what's he talking about?" I Asked. Kaner just sighed.

"So, it seems that you happen to like Canada, more preferably The Leafs, right?" He asked. I Just nodded.

"So, we were talking-"

"Who's we?" I Asked.

"Me, Sharp and Kris Versteeg" He said.

"Okay, continue," I Said.

"Well see, Since we're gonna be down on the Road Valentine's day weekend, we decided that to make up for it, we would take you and Sarah down to Toronto with us for the Leafs game like, 2 weeks later. Kris thought it was cool and he's getting the tickets, That cool with you?" He asked. I Just smiled.

"Of course it is!" I Said. "God, I Love you SO Much! Your the best boyfriend ever!"

"That sounds like she's lying, to be honest," Toews said. Kaner threw a pillow at him.

"Your Abusing Tazer Tonight," I Said.

"It's not like he doesn't deserve it though," Kaner said, sticking his tongue out.

"Hey, let me see that for a moment,'' Jonathan Said, snatching Patrick's Laptop for a second, Before Kaner could even say anything. He took it over to his side of the room and looked at me through the webcam.

"Why the hell are you dating that fool?" He asked. "If your dating anyone of us, You should date Jake Dowell, he likes that company your in and has a crush on you."

"Oh, He does now does he?" I Said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yep," Toews said. "And he's better then Kaner over there, so if i were you, i'd make the switch up now," He said, winking before Kaner came over and snatched his laptop back.

"Man, Stop talking negative about me to my girlfriend," Kaner said, looking annoyed, i thought it was quite cute though.

"Alright, whatever," Toews said. "I'm gonna go shower, so do whatever you and your girlfriend want to do for the next 10 minutes or so," He said walking off.

"FINALLY WE'RE ALONE," Kaner said. I Just laughed.

"Next time we do this, we should both do it in rooms where we'll be alone in," I Said.

"Agreed," He said. "So uh, i totally loved the 'Go Hawks' Part of your Outfit tonight," He said, winking.

"OH, So You DID Watch me wrestle tonight,eh?" I Said.

"I Told you, I Wasn't gonna miss it for the world,'' He said, smiling.

"Awah, That's so sweet!" I Said. "You are the best boyfriend i've ever had."

"And your the best girlfriend i ever had," He said, cracking a half smile.

"He's Had VERY Few Girlfriends, So don't be fooled Kat!" Jonathan yelled from the Shower. Kaner looked really pissed off now.

"I Love you, Kat. But i think we should get off, I Don't want you to see me have to Kick Tazer's ass" He said. I Laughed.

"Alright, but real quick, When's the week of the game? I Need to know so i can take off," I Said.

"It's March 5th, But we aren't leaving until like, right after The game the night before, so just take off for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for that game," He said.

"Okay, Thanks babe," I Said. "Bye Bye, Love you, Kaner."

"Love you too, Kit-Kat," He said.

Then, we ended our call on skype and i shut down my laptop and headed back up to the hotel room. But on the way up there, i ran into someone from earlier...

"Oh, Hi," Jenny said. After are first encounter earlier today, i could tell she felt awkward around me, especially after what went down.

"Hi," I Said. "Look, About earlier. I Was tired, and pissed off, and i didn't mean a thing i said, so, yeah. Sorry," I Said.

"Oh, It's cool!" She said. We just smiled at eachother and then were about to go are Separate ways, until someone came up and joined the party.

"AYOOO!" John said, shirtless,yet in some Pajama pants. "Oh Kat, I See you met my little sister!" He said, putting his arms around his sister.

"Yeah, i did," I Said. "You two look nothing a like though."

"Yeah, we do. You can't see it, but we do," Jenny said.

"Yep," John said. Then, i looked at John.

"Why are you out here and not with Nickie?" I Asked.

"You don't need to know," He said, putting his hands in his pockets. Me and Jenny both raised an eyebrow.

"No need to get so offensive if you don't have anything to hide..." Jenny said, crossing her arms.

"She's right, John," I Said.Then, we both did the death glare at him, which freaked him out, so Jenny kicked him in the ass, and something fell out of his pocket.

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" I Yelled. It was a box of Condoms.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU AND NICKIE DOING IN YOUR FREE TIME!?" Jenny yelled. I Felt like i was gonna throw up, just thinking about it, so i just gagged and left. Seriously, it's very fair to say Sarah and Heather are the only normal friends i have.

After i ran off, i headed off to mine and Justin's room. Justin was fast asleep, so i tried not to do anything to wake him up. I Put my laptop up, switched into some pajama pants and hopped into bed and tried to get some sleep...But 15 minutes later, i was twisting and turning in my bed, still wide awake trying to fall asleep. Honestly, i guess i got so used to being embraced by Patrick every time i go to bed, that not having him here effected me getting to sleep.5 minutes later, i was still twisting and turning in bed, and then, i gave up. I Got up and headed over to Justin's side of the room and woke him up.

"Justin....?" I Asked, trying to wake him up.

"Yeah?" He asked, sounding really tired and yawning.

"Can i sleep with you tonight? I Can't get to sleep..." I Said.

"Uh...Sure!" He said.

Then, he scooted over and let me in his bed, put some covers around me, then wrapped his arms around me to keep me warm and fine. Now, i haven't forgotten about the ring at all. Yeah, i'm in Justin's bed. But hey, It's not like we're having sex. He's just helping me get to sleep. So, i'm not doing anything i said i wouldn't do on the road. Within 5 minutes, i fell asleep,and it felt good. Kaner didn't get off my mind, and i was still excited about the Leafs game we were going to. But now, i was ready to get my sleep and head off on the road yet again. My life wasn't getting easier, but i was happy with it, and i accepted the challenges awaiting me ahead.

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