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The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Two(Round And Round)

"For the Love of God!" I Yelled as we got into the arena. "Has ANYONE In this damn city ever heard of something called a snow plower? Good Lord, It should be fucking illegal to have so much snow out there!"

"I know right! Seriously, this is worst then New York!" Heather said.

"I Lost a Shoe Out there in the snow," Kristen said, nearly mortified. We all looked at her shocked, Then down at her feet, and she actually was missing a fucking shoe.

"DAMN!" I Yelled. "God, This snow is bad!" I Yelled again.

Then, i took off my boot, which was Covered in snow, then, i literally Hit it against the wall to try to get the snow off, HARD, like as if i was trying to put a hole threw the wall. Jenny looked at me crazy.

"Is That REALLY Necessary!?" She asked.

"YEP!" Everyone else except  me yelled. I Just raised an eyebrow. They all know me a little too much.

"What they said," I Said, then i continued hitting my boot against the wall to get the snow off.

Then, Everyone'S FAVORITE BOSS And Chairmen of the company, Hunter Helmsley came by and without even giving me eye contact, snatched my boot away from me and continued walking.

"Don't hit boots against walls in My Arena, Miss Angel." He said, still walking as he said that. My jaw dropped, and i just watched him walk away with my boot.

"The Bastard Just Stole My Shoe!" I Yelled. Kristen just looked at me.

"Now you know my pain," She said, fucking serious. I Just nodded, then went over to a crate, put my Wrestling Bag down there and dug into it, then got my Wrestling Boots on instead.

"I'm gonna go head to my locker room and get ready for the show tonight, You two should come with me," John said, looking directly over at Jenny and Nickie. They looked at each other real quick, then nodded and left with him.

"I'm gonna go get some water," I Said starting to head over to catering.

"Oh, Hey bring me back a Pepsi, Will ya?" Punk asked. I Just looked back at him.

"You have two Perfectly fine arms and legs, get it yourself you lazy bum," I Said walking away, i'm sure he rolled his eyes or complained to Kristen or something like that, but i didn't really give a fuck.

I Headed over to catering to get my water, and while i was there, i grabbed an apple, i haven't had anything today really, and i didn't wanna like have low blood sugar and then pass out, it was possible. Then, i got my stuff and was about to leave, until someone came up to me...

"Oh...Look What the Cat Dragged in..." Kathryn Said, in that bitchy voice of her's.

"Oh...It's you..." I Said, in my bitchy voice, also rolling my eyes. "Don't you have somewhere else to be? And what ever happened to those little Devil horns of yours?" I Asked, crossing my arms, she just smirked a little.

"That's the best you can come up with?" She asked.

"Oh no, trust me, i can do a lot worst, But I'm actually a respectable women, So i'll keep those thoughts to myself," I Said.

"Oh, Kat..." She said. "You lost all that Little respect you had after the whole world found out you were cheating on that Hockey Boyfriend of yours with that caveman over to the right,'' She said, obviously refering to Justin. I Just put down my Apple and water and laughed a little, then got serious.

"First off- What have i not done to earn respect? And exactly what have YOU Done to earn respect yourself? Second Off- I Did not Cheat on My Boyfriend With Justin Gabriel, Get your facts straight, bitch," I Said. Then, she looked pissed off, and got all serious as well.


"FIRST OFF! SECOND OFF!" I Said, pretty  much Mocking her.  That REALLY Pissed her off.

"If your weren't fucking cheating on your boyfriend--Who may i add looks like a drunken Slob the majority of the time-- With that Caveman back there, Then you wouldn't have gotten fucking injured and could have fought me so i could have taken that title of yours earlier!" She said. "But NOO, Instead, you get injured, don't do shit, and yet your still allowed to keep your title? WOW...People are right, the only thing you can do right is  Satisfying Men in bed, you little Slut..." She said, looking at me disgusted. At this point, i wanted to shove her teeth down her throat, and i was about to.

"Look, I Don't know what the hell goes on in his little head, How he though what he thought is something i truly don't know. Second, I've had this title since my debut-"

"Yeah, you've held it for a VERY Long time, haven't you!?" She said, then getting all serious again. "Oh Kat...All good things eventually come to an end...Maybe...No, IT IS Time for you to learn that..." She said, smirking, then patting me and the the head real quick, but i smacked her arm back once she did so.

"Don't put your fucking hands on me, Dumbass,'' I Said, serious, and feeling incredibly pissed.

"Don't tell me what to do, you little slut," She said, getting up in my face, then pushing me back. That REALLY, and man, I mean REALLY Pissed me off.

"Like i said," I Said, pausing, then pushing her back, harder. "Don't Fucking Put your hands on me you fucking Cunt!"

I Just called her the C Word. The C Word is a fight word. And yeah, i cuss a lot,but this is the first time i ever really had to say the C Word to someone, so obviously, there is about to be Serious shit going down.

She got up pretty fast then, we both got face-to-face. We were both pissed off, and probably both wanted to kill eachother. Then, we both backed up, and both looked down the hallways. I Looked down were Kristen, Justin, Punk and Heather were, And Hunters Office. Hunter's door was closed, and everyone else actually just left and headed out to the parking lot, i don't know what the deal with that was,but whatever. Kathryn looked down her Hallway, which was the hallway that pretty much lead to the Locker rooms and the Trainers room. Again, no one in sight. It was just us. All alone. We looked back at eachother, both growing smirks on our faces, then, slowly walked up to eachother, til' we were only about, maybe 2 feet apart. Then, she put her arm back and was about to slap me right in the face, but i caught her arm before she good and reversed it and used my right fist to punch her in the face instead. From there, i just grabbed her by her shirt collar and continued just throwing punches straight to her face...kind of like John Scott does in his fights. Then, she ducked for one, then was able to grab my shirt collar and pin me against the wall and throw in some punches to me, but i kneed her in the gut, then went back to punching her, but in the back of the head instead since she wasn't facing me. Then, she elbowed me in my gut, then my head, then she got up and delivered Punches to my head again, but i kicked her in her knee. Then, i could feel a new feeling of rage inside of me, i was ready to finish this bitch. I Made a fist, looked at her, she saw it, and got up quick, then made one two. We both were ready to knock eachother out cold, But we couldn't both do it, so it was gonna be interesting to see who would do it first. Then, we just paced around in circles, not taking our eyes off eachother, no matter what. Then, i heard footsteps coming, and my heart stopped. What if it was someone big, like, Hunter or Stephanie? I Looked away for a QUICK Second, and Kathryn being...Kathryn, noticed, then rushed at me and got in a punch to the face, knocking me up against the wall. She got in like, another punch, but she was almost out of breath, as was i, so it was just one. She tried to get in another one, but i punched her first. It was like, hard, and she ended up almost falling to the ground, but didn't, just one knee, but she kept herself up. I Would have gone and attacked her, but i was out of breath, i needed to take a breather for a moment, as did she. About a minute later, we were both refreshed, and locked up again, which was basically her putting her hands around my neck trying to choke me out, as i did too. Then, i seriously heard footsteps, more then one, like, running. I Wanted to look, but i didn't. Kathryn was my first priority.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA! HEY, BREAK IT UP!" I Heard a voice yell, i wasn't sure who's though. Then, someone from behind me just grabbed me, tightly from Kathryn and held me back. Then, i saw someone do the same with Kathryn, and i realized who that was.

"What the hell are you two doing!?" John Morrison asked, holding back Kathryn.

"Yeah! You can't just get into REAL Fights like that, especially in Catering! What's wrong with you two!?" Justin asked, holding me back. Then, someone else came up, Stephanie. As if we already weren't in trouble enough with these two, now one of the bosses is here, Serious shit is really about to go down.

"What is going on in here!?" She asked, highly confused, and not mad like i thought she would be...yet.

"I Just Kicked Angel's ass over there, THAT'S WHAT" Kathryn said.

"Oh, That's it, LET ME GO JUSTIN!" I Yelled, trying to get out of Justin grip, but nope. I Even tried to kick him in the balls to get him to let go, but still, NOPE. Only thing that came out of that was him holding me TIGHTER and actually picking me up from the ground. Then, Stephanie came over and whispered something to him.

"Keep her back," She said. He just nodded, i rolled my eyes.

"Now, What the hell!?" She asked. "What happened!?"

"Kathryn being the bitch she is came up to me and decided to cause trouble," I Said. "And i kicked her ass for it, that's pretty much it."

"You kicked MY ASS?" She said, then laughing.

"Uh, hey. I Wasn't the only who fell on her fucking knees after a punch to the face, dumbass," I Said.

"It was a hard shot, i admit it, but yeah, no you didn't, honey," She said, again in her bitchy tone.

"Okay, what i'm concluding from this is that this fight was pointless and un-necisarry, despite both of your problems with eachother in the ring," She said. "So, i think the reasonable situation for this is to have both of you come over here, shake eachother's hands and apologize so we can move on with the night."

"WHAT!?" I Yelled. "LET ME GO JUSTIN!!!" I Yelled. I Knew he wouldn't but i must've scared him a little because he did. I Walked over to Stephanie. "You want me to apologize to her!? She doesn't deserve my fucking apology!"

"Wow, that's classy, You REALLY Are respectable..." She said sarcastically.

"OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT-" I Started, then started walking up to her making a fist, but Stephanie grabbed me before i did.

"Kat! Calm down!" She said.  I Was just SO Pissed, i couldn't.

"You Know what...? No, i'm done," I Said. Justin looked at me weird.

"Wait, what?" He asked.

"I'm leaving, i'm sorry, but i can't stand this bitch. Find someone else to wrestle my match against Natalya Tonight, i'm leaving," I Said, starting to walk away. Justin chased after me and tried to stop me.

"Come on, Angel," He said. "Your over-reacting."

"I'M OVER REACTING!?" I Yelled. "You were only here for the last part of the fight, but if you were here for the first part too, you'd now that I'm not over-reacting!"

"Okay, Maybe your not, i don't know what happened, But come on, Angel. Stay," He said. He was looking straight at me, with those cute eyes of his. I Was very tempted to change my mind, but i didn't.  I Just shook my head, starting walking back, then i just turned and ran out.

*Later that night...*

"WAIT, So, Kat said WHAT The Kathryn!?" Punk asked Justin. It was pretty much the end of the houseshow. John Cena was wrestling right now in a Steel Cage match against Barrett. Punk and Justin were getting ready to go interfere, while also talking to Kristen and Heather. Justin was telling them about what happened earlier between Kathryn and Kat.

"I'm not so sure, i only saw the end of the fight, but after Kat ran out, Kathryn kept talking, and said that Kat actually called her the 'C' Word," Justin said. Everyone else's mouth dropped.

"WHAT!?" Heather yelled. "Dude, That's a fight word!"

"I KNOW RIGHT!" Kristen yelled. "Serious shit must have went down if-"
"I've seen the mouth on that kid, she cusses a lot, but i've never heard her say the 'C' Word..." Punk said, getting on his Nexus Armband. He also just cut off Kristen, who looked at him funny, but he didn't notice really.

"Wow, i can't believe she left..." Heather said.

"Yeah, this place is boring without her..." Justin said, looking down a little.

"Yeah, it's weird not having her around, running her-"

"Actually, this place is back to normal without her around tonight, you know, like before she sadly joined this company!" Punk said, AGAIN Cutting off Kristen, and not even paying much attention to her. Kristen looked over again, then sighed. Then, Nickie and Jenny came over, but they didn't look okay, they looked kind of sad or something.

"'Bout time you two got over here!" Heather said. "We're halfway through John's  match! Your both usually out here already watching it..."

"Yeah, i know..." Nickie said, sniffling. It looked like she was just crying, and if you looked at Jenny, it looked like she was trying her best to hide some tears back. They both looked in like, emotional pain.

"What's wrong?" Heather asked, a little concerned.

"Nothing...Just nothing..." Jenny said. Heather looked at them for a moment, then slowly walked over to Kristen.

"What the hell do you think happened in Cena's locker room?" She asked, as Both of them were paying no attention to anything but the tv.

"I Don't know, but it sounds like-"

"ALRIGHT JUSTIN! Get everyone else, time to go..." Punk said, hopping off the crate her was on, And AGAIN, cutting off Kristen. She glared at him again, but this time, he noticed.

"What's wrong?" He asked. She was about to say something, then just shook her head.

"Oh...Nothing...Go out there and do your thing, babe," She said. 

"Alright, love you," He said, walking away a little. Before Justin left like Punk told him to, he glanced over at Kristen, and noticed something was REALLY Wrong.

"Uh...Sorry," He said, refering to the way Punk was acting.

"'s fine," She said. He wanted to say something again, but he had to go now.

"Wait, What the hell!?" Heather said, looking at the TV. Then, Punk came back, and everyone else looked over at the TV.

Wade Barrett had just Hit the Wasteland on John, went for the pin, then John kicked out. He was supposed to get up like Barrett, but he didn't. He tried, but he just couldn't. The ref came over and asked him if he was okay. John said he was, but he was also crawling over to the ropes on one leg to try to get up. Even still. he couldn't. Then, he just fell back down. Everyone looked over at Jenny and Nickie,who normally would probably be freaking out by now, but this time- they weren't. They were just standing there, watching it, obviously feeling as much pain as John watching it, you could just tell by the way they looked. Then,everyone turned around and they saw the trainers running down the hall and toward the ring to check on John. Even then, Nickie and Jenny did not, just stand there, holding all this inside, SO Unlike them...What the HELL Went on in the locker room earlier? 

*Earlier that day, after Kat left, Chicago ,IL, Kat and Kaner's condo, Kats POV*

I Was still pissed off from what happened earlier today back at the Houseshow...But i cooled down. I Was home now, i had some Jolly Ranchers---My Favorite Candy--- Some Mountain Dew, and tuned into MTV, they were having an all day Jersey Shore Marathon, which i loved. It was the one where the girls were cooking dinner. Then, my phone started playing Chelsea Dagger and grabbed it and Kaner was calling me...

"AYOOO! Guess who got kicked out of work today!?" I Said into the phone, laughing. I Could hear Kaner laughing on the other side.

"You got kicked out!?" He asked. "What did you do!?"

"I Got into a fight with a bitch..." I Said.

"Oh...Well, you know, i've learned this lesson the hard way, you can't just go around doing stuff like that, you know," He said. I Sighed.

"Yeah, i know," I Said.

"Good, don't do it again,okay?" He said.

"Sure, whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Good. Now, you kicked her ass, right?" He asked. I Just laughed, he had a certain way of making my day, i can't explain it, but still.

"Of course i did! I Was like John Scott! I Brought her to her fucking knees!" I Yelled, excited. I Could here him laughing still.

"That's my girl," He said.

"Yeah," I Said, smiling. "SO, How close is the plane back to Chicago?!" I Asked.

"Are flight got canceled," He said.

"WHAT!?" I Said.

"Yeah, apparently there's a shitload of Snow in Chicago, so all the flights are canceled. We're actually gonna head off to practice at a local rink down here in a couple minutes," He said.

"That sucks! I Really wanted to see you!" I Said, pouting a little.

"I Wanted to see you too, but don't worry, we're taking the next flight out soon,. Besides, we have a game tomorrow night, we gotta get back to Chicago by then, so yeah. I Should see you before the game, then after, don't worry," He said.

I Just smiled, then, my eyes got lost into the TV. Snooki just poured Vodka into a pan on the stove, and a fire happened. I Just bursted out laughing. Kaner sounded confused.

"I'm sorry, i didn't really know that was funny," He said.

"Oh, what? NO NO NO!" I Said. "I'm just laughing from this show i'm watching.

"Oh, i see," He said. "What show?"

"Jersey Shore!" I Said.

"Oh..." He said. "That shows just...It's...You's quite something!"

"Yeah, it is," I Said. Then, a light bulb in my head went off.

"OH MY GOSH! I HAVE AN IDEA!" I yelled, excited.

"WHAT!?" Kaner yelled back, also sounding excited, which caused me to laugh again.

"In this episode, the Girl's are cooking the Sunday Meal. How about After the Hawks win Tomorrow, the next night before the Sens game, We have like, a small get together or whatever with some teammates and some of my friend for dinner!" I Said.

"Sounds great!" He said, sounding excited. "Who's gonna make dinner though? I'd make it, but, then again, i don't feel like it, i cook too much."

"I Will!" I Said. Then, there was an awkward silence. I Checked to make sure he didn't hang up.

"Hello?" I Said.

"Oh, what?" Kaner asked. "Oh...Sorry, but, did you just say-"

"That i was gonna cook? YEP!" I Said smiling. There was yet another awkward silence for a moment.

"You Know how to cook?" Kaner asked.

"Well...Yeah,of course i do!" I Said. Okay, i was lying. I Have NO Idea how to cook. But whatever, i do have friends who can cook.

"Uh, Wow...I Didn't know that..." Kaner said. "What are you gonna make?"

"Eh, i'll figure that out later," I Said.

"Uh, Okay then," He said. "Well, i gotta head out, Talk to you later tonight or something."

"Alright, Bye," I Said. "Love you."

"Love You Too," He said. Then, we hung up and i continued watching Jersey Shore, while also trying to figure out in my head how the hell i was gonna manage to pull this off next week. It was gonna be interesting...

*After Kat and Kaner's Convo, LA, In The Hotel on the Way to the Hawks practice*

Patrick just got off the phone with Kat a minute ago. Then, he got up, took a deep breath, then switched out of his clothes and got ready for Practice, then started heading out, when he ran into Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp...

"Why you look so down,eh?" Sharp asked, while getting his helmet on.

"What?" Kaner asked, grabbing his bag. "Oh, Nothing. Just got off the phone with Kat."

"Ah, How's she doing?" Jonathan Asked.

"Uh, She's good...She just wants to...You Know...Cook," He said.

"What's wrong with that?" Sharp asked.

"I Don't think she can!" Kane said.

"Doubting your women...That's not nice Kaner," Jonathan Said.

"Yeah, Toe-s Is right," Sharpie said, not even pronouncing  Toews last name right. Jonathan Just looked at him, he looked a little pissed, then rolled his eyes.

"Well you just Called him Toe-s, That's not nice Either, Sharp, So we're even," Kane said, sticking his tongue out.

"Well i always do that, Isn't that right, Toe-s?" Sharp asked. Tazer just ignored him.

"Well, if she apperently can't cook, how the hell does she eat then anyway?" Jonathan Asked.

"She gets stuff on the road i guess, but at home i usually cook," Kane said. Then, there was a quick silence.

"Since when can YOU Cook,eh?" Sharp asked.

"It's a secret talent of mine," Kane said, smirking a little.

"Whatever," Sharp said. 

"Hey, if she can't cook, maybe we should stop for a little Chinese before dinner then," Toews Said.

"Sounds good to me, Toe-s!" Sharp said. Then, Tazer looked at him, shook his head, then walked away.

"OH, COME ON TOE-S, I WAS JUST KIDDING! TAKE A JOKE!" Sharp said, then running after him. That just left Kaner, who laughed a little, then quickly followed as they headed off to Practice.

~Authors Note~

Sorry it took so long to get this up, I don't know why, considering i had this whole chapter planned out for weeks. Next week's will be longer and better. So yeah, give me feedback please, i love Feedback, helps me make them better,bahaha. So yeah, hope you liked it.


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