Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Extreme Career- Year Two Week Four (I'm Yours)

*Days Later, Sunday Morning Morning, 8:35am*

I Woke up the next morning on the floor next to Patrick. I Looked over and saw that he was still asleep. I Sat up and stretched out my arms, which i never usually did, but whatever. I Was gonna get up and start packing, because i was finally going back on the road with WWE---We were invading the UK For the week for RAW, SD Tapings and Houseshows--- But then i remembered, The Blackhawks have a game today against the ALWAYS WOOONDERFUL Filthadelphia Flyers at the UC and, as Pat and Eddie say, At one of those WONDERFUL 11:30 starts, and Kaner really had no time to sleep in. So, i rolled over and sat on his stomach, then leaned over and just started kissing him on his cheek.

"Oh Yeah...Keep doing that, babe," He said, smiling and enjoying it, but his eyes were still closed.

"Wake up babe..." I Whispered in his ear. "You got a game in 3 hours, you gotta get ready and head down to the UC."

"Uh, Fine," He said.

Then, i got off him and we both went upstairs. He went to go shower and i went upstairs to go start packing for the UK, since i was going to the Game and i had to head to the airport right after it so i wouldn't miss the flight, so i couldn't pack later. Halfway through packing, my back started hurting and feeling strange, so i decided to start stretching to make it feel less painful. Then, while i was reaching down to like, my feet, Kaner got out of the shower and came into the room in his robe and just smacked my ass.

"I Love getting out of the shower and being greeted by such a fine ass," He said, walking over to the closet to get some clothes. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Why you stretching anyway?" He asked, getting on a Blackhawks Shirt.

"My Backs Hurting," I Said.

"Oh, Maybe you should take some pain reliever downstairs before we head down to the UC?" He suggested.

"Yeah, i probably will," I Said.

Then, i started packing again,and Kaner got dressed and helped me. Then, he helped me get all my bags and stuff downstairs up into the Chevy, then we headed down to the United Center for a rematch of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.

*11:30am, The United Center, Chicago, Illinois*

I Had seats somewhere in the 200 Level, a long with Sarah, which was a pretty good view of the game, I Was SO Excited for this game, personally because i love seeing the Flyers get there asses kicked, but yeah.

"OH, Don't you just love those early 11:30 starts? Having to wake up early...I Just love them!" Sarah said, sarcastically, then taking a sip of beer.

"It was supposed to be at 3:00pm, I Would've liked that better. I Would probably be just waking up...Yeah, that would have been nice," I Said, yawning.

"Oh Well, as long as the Hawks Win," She said.

"WHICH, they will," I Said, smiling.

The 1st Period was FAST. So much action, and of course,for some reason the Flyers had Chrissy Pronger out on the ice for most of the period, so she was causing drama and shit.  BUT HOWEVER, 5 minutes into the first, He payed for that by getting to take a trip to the penalty box, which gave the Hawks the first Power-Play of the game, and Hoss the Boss Totally Capitalized on it and scored for the Hawks. Then, 2 minutes later, Sharp got a break-a-way and scored, which put the Hawks up by 2. Then, with like, 2 minutes left in the 1st, Richards got the Puck and put one past Turco and got the Flyers up on the board and cut the Hawks lead in half. Then in the 2nd, RIGHT Off of one of the face-offs, Jeff Carter scored and tied up the game. Then, a couple minutes later, Briere  Scored and put the Flyers on top. Then, Carter got a Penalty for Hooking on Kopy, who was going for a break-a-way and the Hawks got another Power Play, And again, scored on it, this time Kaner, who got it in from a beautiful pass by Toews, which tied up the game at 3. Then, 2 minutes later, He scored AGAIN and put the Hawks in the lead, 4-3. I Was just screaming like a little fan-girl...Which irritated Sarah, considering i was screaming in her ear basically. Then, Leino Scored for the Flyers and tied the game up AGAIN. That was all for the 2nd. Then, the 3rd Game, And it was already off to a bad start as Hartnell scored within the first minute and put the Flyers  in the lead by 1. A Couple Minutes Later,Stalberg had the Puck, and he passed it to Skille, who passed it to Dowell, Who dropped it in the net and tied up the game. Then, a couple minutes later, Kane got a hold of the puck and went for a break away and SCORED! He got a Hat trick! I Was TOTALLY Freaking out by this point. Then, there was a minute left in Regulation and the Flyers pulled out there goalie and had an empty net, and Jonathan Toews took the puck and RUSHED To the net and was able to score RIGHT Before the time ran out! Not only did he score what's pretty much the game-winner, but he also scored his 100th Career goal! Just like we did June 9th, 10:06pm In Philadelphia, PA, THE HAWKS WON! It's not like we won the Stanley Cup Again---YET---But with the reaction from the crowd, it's just like we did. People were just going CRAZY. Then, me and Sarah snook out and headed down to the Locker room to meet up with our boys.

"You Guys Decent?" She asked, knocking on the locker room door.  

A Moment later, Jake Dowell opened up the door for us and smiled.

"Come on in, Ladies," he said, smiling. We came in, then looked back at Jake real quick, then at eachother. There was just something about Jake that just made him impossible not to like. We went in and headed over by the Patrick's.

"Well...I Scored tonight, and it was a pretty badass goal," Sharpie said, smiling.

"Well....I Scored a hattrick. Beat that," Kaner said to him. Sharpie rolled his eyes. Then, Jonathan---Who just happened to be wearing some boxers...tight boxers...and just boxers--- Walked over to us.

"Well, i just got my 100th Career Goal tonight, Now, Beat that," He said, sticking his tongue out. We just stared.

"Uh, did you like, run out of clothes or something?" I Asked.

"That's just a gift to Puckbunnies everywhere," Sarah said.

"Like you two?" Sharp said, sticking his tongue out. Kane and Toews laughed, but me and Sarah just smacked his shoulder.

"Ow, that hurt!" He said.

"Well, you deserved it, Calling us a bunch of Puckbunnies...So rude," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes then stuck out his tongue again. Then, Stan Bowman and Coach Q and that Stache of his Made his way over by us.

"Hello. Sharp, Kane, i need to talk to both outside away from the media for a moment, if you don't mind, it's important," He said. Sharp and Kane just looked at each other, then went into the hallway with Coach Q And Stan Bowman.

"I Wonder what they're talking about?" I Said, wondering.

"Me too," Jonathan said. Sarah nodded.

"I'll be right back, i gotta pee," She said.

"Wow, thanks for sharing that," I Said sarcastically. She just rolled her eyes and left the locker room to go the bathroom.

*A Couple minutes later*

I Was just sitting on the bench by Kaner's little cubbie thingy on BBM With Kristen and talking---By that i mean her bitching to me about me not being at the Airport already...considering that our flight takes off for the UK In about....45 minutes, and the airport is like, 20 minutes away from the UC, plus, i needed to stop at a Starbucks first, because i need my starbucks. I looked up and saw Kaner, Sharpie and Sarah come back, and they all looked pissed, very pissed.

"What's wrong...?" I Asked Confused.

"We can't play the next game Tuesday night against the wild!" Kaner said, pissed.

"WHAT!?" I Said, just shocked.

"Two Weeks Without Playing Hockey..." Sharp said, pissed off, but trying not to yell or anything.

"Why!?" I Said.

"The reason was just so stupid, we're not even gonna tell you!" Kaner said, still pissed.

"Damn right it was! Those stupid Mother fucking officials!" Sarah said, she looked like she was about ready to knock a bitch out.

"Oh My God..." I Said.

I Was now very pissed. I Was making a fist, i wanted to just go out there and yell at Stan and Coach Q And try to get an answer. Seriously, They did NOTHING wrong! Then, i noticed the three of them were just looking down, and a smiling a little. Then, the rest of the locker room just started Snickering. I Was confused. Then, Toews tapped me on the shoulder.

"You know there just messing with you,right?" He said, laughing a little. Then, i looked over at them, they were all just giggling.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I Said, i was laughing but also mad that they just totally got me like that.

"Don't look at, it was their idea, they just got me in on it," Sarah said, pointing to Sharp and Kane.

"Noooo," Sharp said. "It was your Boyfriends idea, actually."

I Looked at Kaner, he didn't say anything., I Just Punched him in the shoulder.

"Ow, That hurt!" He said, holding it after.

"Well you deserved it," I Said, sticking out my tongue at him. He rolled his eyes. "So, what did they tell you anyway?"

"Oh, nothing big, we just got into the All-star Game," Kane said.

"OH MY GOSH, That's great!" I Said,smiling then hugging him.

"Yeah, it is, but i deserved it WAY More then Little Peak-A-Boo Over there," Sharp said. Everyone just laughed.

"Well, you got the keys to the Chevy, and i gotta head to the Airport NOW Unless i wanna miss my flight, so, come on Little Peak-A-Boo, Lets' go," I Said, sticking my tongue out as Kaner as we headed out.

*About 30 minutes later, The Airport, Chicago, IL* 

After grabbing my Starbucks, Patrick and i got to the airport. I Had 15 minutes left, but i had to get all my stuff boarded and the plane and shit, so we kinda had to hurry. He grabbed most of my bags for me out of the back, i just had two. Then, we just walked  together until we got over by my plane. He got all my bags loaded for me onto the plane, then, we had to say our  good-byes...

"So..." Kaner said, looking down, and fixing his Baseball Cap.

"It's just a week, it'll go by fast, i promise," I Said, putting my arms around his neck, as he put his around my waist.

"Promise me you'll call me or Skype with me sometime," He said.

"Promise me when we Skype Toews won't be in the room," I Said joking. Then, we laughed. Then, we kissed for a moment, and looked both of each other straight in the eye and got lost, but then, i just slowly walked away onto the plane. I Already hate this Country Enough, and i have to spend a week here away from my Boyfriend, this week better go by fast...

*On The Plane*
After i got on, i headed straight to my seat. Stephanie put in this new Policy so that we sat next to the person we roomed with on Plane Rides, so i sat next to Justin and his Beard. He wasn't there yet, so i got the window seat, which is my favorite place to sit. I Sat down and grabbed out my IPod and Started it up, when Justin came over and sat down. I Just looked at him, then, he looked back.

"Can i help you?" He asked, looking at me.

"You Know, you always wear the same thing to the airport,'' I Said. A Tanish V-Neck, Jeans, and Sunglasses.

"Okay, is there something wrong with that?" He asked.

"Learn to wash your clothes," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes, then stuck his tongue out back at me.

"What's on your IPod?" He asked.

"BTR, Bieber, Three Days Grace, Random ass people and Prime Circle," I Said.

"OH I Love Prime Circle!" He said, smiling.

"I Know you do," I Said. "Your the one who got me into them, anyway," I Said, sticking out my tongue.

Then, Jenny just come running on the plane, almost out of breath, and i was confused.

"Uh...What the fuck?" I Said, confused.

"We almost missed the flight!" She said.

"We?" Justin asked.

"Me, John and Nickie," She said.

"WHAT!?" Me and Justin said.

"John's usually the first one here!" I Said, shocked.

"Yeah, he's also the one who over-slept and almost made us three miss the flight," Jenny said, a little irritated.

Then, I Looked behind her and Saw John and Nickie, who were kinda rushing, but not too fast or anything.

"Dude, What happened?" Justin asked.

"I Forgot about the flight, over-slept, Nickie was already completely ready by the time i woke up, so yeah," John said. What's funny is that he didn't sound so concerned that he almost missed the flight, it sounded like he didn't really care, to be honest.

"Thank god i woke him up, He probably could have slept the whole day if it wasn't for me," Nickie said, laughing.

"DAMN, how much sleep did he get then?" I Asked.

"I Was busy hanging out with some friends and family from back home last night, i was up pretty late, so yeah," John Said, sitting down next to Nickie, and he just grabbed a pillow and started slowly falling asleep.

"Damn, just...Damn," Jenny said, looking at him.

"What? I'm tired, deal with it, sister," He said, not evening opening his eyes. Jenny just rolled her eyes.

"Wow," I Said.

Then, the flight took off and I Looked out my window and looked down at the city and shit like that, it was just beautiful. I can't believe we were heading to another country. I've been to Canada and China before, but it's been a while, so yeah.

"So, we're going to Kathryn's Home country..." Justin said. I Raised an eyebrow.

"Kathryn's English?" I Asked. "No Wonder her last name's Prince! Seriously, that's just not an American Name!" Justin just laughed.

"Yeah, how you think things are gonna go?" He asked. I Took a moment to answer.

"Well...Let's just say, There's a Huge chance i may be working as a heel for the next week or so," I Said with a smirk. Then, i went back to looking out the window and listening to my IPod as we headed out to the UK.

*The Next Day, Monday, 8:45pm, London, UK, Monday Night RAW LIVE*

We were like, 45 minutes through RAW, and Cena and Punk and Nexus were cutting a promo with each other, along with Miz and A-ri...For some reason, and after, i had a match. Right now, i was in the Locker room With Nickie, Jenny, Heather and Kristen. Nickie and Jenny were glued to the TV...As Usually. Heather was on the couch multi-tasking, Talking to Crosby and doing her hair for later tonight. Kristen was sitting by here and Punk's Locker, just eating a Banana, And i was across the room, just finishing getting ready. I Had my attire on, My Hair done, and now i was finishing lacing up my boots. I Was ready to just kick ass.

"You Know..." Kristen said, taking a bite out of her Banana. "It's been i while since i've seen something shaped like this..."

Then, I Just stopped dead in my tracks of lacing my boots and just looked up. Then, at her, and she was still eating her banana like there was absolutely nothing wrong with what she just said.

"Are you serious,child?" I Said, looking at her.

"What?" She said. I Just shook my head.

"She's right, that sounded WAY Wrong..." Heather said. "I'm never eating a banana again..."

"True that," I Said.

"WILL YOU PEOPLE SHUT THE HELL UP!?" Jenny yelled. Nickie shoved a pillow up her face, kinda.

"You yelling isn't making it any quieter," She said to her, sticking her tongue out. We all just laughed, then, RAW Went to a commercial break.

"Well, i'm gonna go head out to the Curtain now, i'm up next, Payce," I Said, walking out.

*WWE Women's Champion Kasey Angel vs. WWE Diva's Champion Kathryn Prince---Winner picks Match Stipulation for the Royal Rumble*

When i walked out from behind the curtain,  i got a decent pop, but i did get some boos. I Didn't come out so energetic like usual. I Was smirking, and i just walked down the ramp into the ring, paying absolutely no attention to fans at all. Then, Kathryn came out, and to a shock, she actually got ALL CHEERS From the crowd, since she's like, half English or something.Then, we both got in the ring, and the ref rung the bell.

We Started off just pacing around the ring, not taking our eyes off each other, then, we locked up in the middle, but i quickly ended it by throwing her into the ropes, then giving her a roundhouse kick to the face. She went down, and i went down on my own, and sat up, using my fist to hold me up, and then i just smirked and got up, then picked her up and through her over to the turnbuckle. After that, she turned around, crotching down a little and holding her face, and while she did that, i ran over and just twisted in the air onto her back And Wrapped my arms around her neck and head and my legs around her stomach and lungs area and put it in the sleeper hold, and she quickly went down. I Could slowly see her face turning blue. But, somehow, she found it in her and grabbed my arms and just broke the hold, i don't even know how. She slowly got on her knees and tried to get up, but i got up before her and just kicked her in the stomach. Then, she tried to get up again, and i kicked her in the stomach again, but this time, she caught my foot. Then, she stood up, still not letting go of my foot, then, she grabbed my Whole body and threw me HEAD FIRST Into the Turnbuckle, and she did it so hard, my feet actually went up in the air after and the other half of my body was like, just sitting on the top of the turnbuckle. Then, i sat up, holding my head, then, i felt a STABBING Pain in my back, and it turns out Kathryn  just darted across the ring and sucker-punched me RIGHT In the back. Then, she grabbed my arm and flipped me right off the turn buckle and back in the middle of the ring, and i landed right on my back. After that, i was just Panicking silently to myself. My Back hurt SO Bad now, there was absolutely No way i was gonna be able to get up and hit the 450. I Had to somehow get in the Sleeper Hold again, but this time, end the match with it. I Rolled out of the ring, to by me some time and walk the pain off. Then, i slid back in quickly and got up and just kicked her in the side, repeatedly until she went down. Then, i grabbed the ropes and just put all my body weight on her and stood on her stomach and lungs area, i was Counting on weakening that part of the body to help me get the win. The ref got to four and i got off and waited for her to get up. When she did, before she turned around to me, i ran back over and got in the Sleeper Hold, i was wanting to end the match by now. She went down, but because she was by the ropes, she COULD Have gotten a Rope break, but when she went down, she went the other way, not the way toward the ropes. She didn't tape, but she like, just passed out or something and wasn't responsive, so the ref ended the match.

After that, i got up and the ref raised my arm in victory, and i just smirked at the crowd, who was just booing me, but i really didn't give a shit. Then, i went out and grabbed my title and mic, then went back into the ring and just Knealed down next to Kathryn, smirking.

"Hey Kathryn...Guess what? Next Sunday, in match at the Rumble, guess what i'll be doing? I'll Hit you with Whatever weapon i want. I'll wrestle with you wherever i want, whether it's in the ring, out in the lobby, backstage, or hell, even if it's outside! And i'll Pin You Wherever i want and take your title. You know why? Because, at the Royal Rumble, I will defeat you in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE Match!" I Said, still smirking. Then, i threw back the ring and just got out and backstage.

*Later that night*

Normally, we'd all be over back at the hotel resting and stuff, but not tonight. Tonight was special. It was Heather's 23rd Birthday and we were all at a bar celebrating. Of course, Heather's like a sister to me, so i wasn't just not gonna come.

"Happy birthday, Chica!" I Said, handing her a present.

"Thanks Chica!" She said, smiling.

Then, she opened her present, still smiling, BIG. But then, when she saw what it was, that smile slowly disappeared.

"A Blackhawks Jersey...How...Thoughtful!" Heather said. We all just laughed.

"AH, just kidding!" I Said. "Your real presents back in the states, too big to bring here."

"OH REALLY?" Heather said, smiling. "I Can't wait!"

"You'll LOVE IT! Trust me!" I Said, smiling. We hugged, then, i had to leave.

"Well, i gotta had back, I Had a good hour here," I Said, laughing a little. "Later."

"What?" Heather said. "We didn't even have Shots yet!" She said, as the Bartender was starting to pour shots.

"I Can't, really..." I Said.

"What, you a wuss?" She said. Everyone just gasped.

"A Wuss? Really?" I Said. She just smirked. Then, i thought to myself.

"The last time i took shots at a bar...It ended bad. Do i really wanna do some now? Especially with everyone i work with around?" I Said myself.

"Give me some shots," I Said, walking back over. Heather smiled, then we high-fived, and i started taking shots with her, Alex Riley, John Morrison, Melina, and Zack Ryder.

That's all i remember.

To Be Continued...


  1. Lol Kat wanted to be a party popper Blahaha :P JK it was Great and thank U for putting the birthday thing in there U are like a sister 2 me.... I hoped u loved my blog lol also I can't wait for your next one!!!!! :D

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  3. Awwwww :) you and Kaner are adorkable!!! <3 ahaa, i would be the one to say that.. really i would! Okay... i don't have that bad of a dirty mind, okay maybe i do, but oh well! I lovedd itt!!!! <3333

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