Monday, January 17, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Three(Big Night // Part Two)

*Hours Later*

"The Meatballs are done!" Niklas said from the kitchen.

"Great! They smell good!" I Said, upstairs looking into a mirror fixing my hair while also getting some make-up on.

"YOU KNOW..." Kristen yelled from down there. "It's funny how YOUR Throwing this dinner, but instead of doing anything, your upstairs putting on some make-up and getting all dolled up while WE"RE Down here doing everything for you!"

"Yeah Kristen, that's a really funny story," I Said. "Haha" I Said, then rolling my eyes. Then, Kristen came up.

"I Still don't get why your throwing this..." She said.

"Either do i..." I Said, just shaking my head.

"Uh, Real Quick," She said, "Why didn't you invite Justin?"

"Well, i didn't think i needed to," I Said, shrugging. "See, your Italian, and you have a big mouth. I Knew you'd tell him. Justin...Yeah, We're like, maybe a little too tight...But whatever, i thought he would like, just know he could come over..." I Said. Kristen looked like, really offended, maybe because i said she had a big mouth because she was Italian...? Nah. "Besides, Kaner and some other Hawks are gonna be over here too, If that doesn't just SCREAM Awkward, I Don't know what does."

"You Know...Just because Italian Doesn't mean i'm anything like those people on Jersey Shore..." She said.

"Oh, yeah it does," I Said, laughing a little like a smart-ass.

Then, i flipped my hair and headed out of the bathroom, then got on the railing of the Staircase backwards and slowly slid down it, due to the fact i was obviously too lazy to walk down 10 steps. Then, Kristen came over and started walking down, then, when we were like, halfway close to getting back down, she lifted up her leg and kicked me off and i fell RIGHT To the ground...And HARD.

"OW! YOU BITCH!" I Yelled, on the floor, in pain. Then, she just slowly walked down the steps, then looked over me.

"Looks like Italian's also have Bad attitudes and big feet too, huh bitch?" She said. Then she smirked and walked away. I Just stayed there from a moment, in pain, then got up, and gave her a death glare.

Then i rolled my eyes and headed over to the table. I Put on some White Fabric sheet or something, put some Scented candles on each end, then went over and got the some of the food, like, the entrees or whatever, The Pasta, the Salad, and The Swedish Meatballs. Then, i left and headed back over to the kitchen and made sure there was enough Pepsi and Beer in the fridge. I Looked over and saw Nickie was done making what was apparently Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with some Mac and Sarah was just getting the grill turned off. Everything was PERFECT. Then, the doorbell rang, and i smiled a little then headed over to open it, and right when i was about to, the door slammed open instead. I Jumped, then, the guy walked in, and my jaw just dropped.

"HELLO, CHICAGO!" Burish yelled, walking into my house, with a big smile on his face. Then, he noticed My Jaw was dropped, so he walked back over to me, put his hand under my chin and pushed up and closed it for me. "All better!" He said, smiling, then walking over to the Kitchen by Jelly.That Jackass.

Then, Sharp followed by coming in, laughing a little, then followed Bur, then Toews came in, who was just smiling, then came in, hung up his sweatshirt and went over a took a seat at the table, then Kaner came in, and i stopped him.

"Uh, Why is Bur here!?" I Shouted loud enough only for us to hear, crossing my arms.

"Look, you told us to leave, we did, and since we had a game against the Stars last night, Bur and the Stars still happen to be in town. They're leaving at 8 tonight and Bur decided to have Dinner with us instead of the team, but he's leaving at like, 7:30 so he can get back to the hotel, you only need to survive like, 2 hours with him, you can do it babe, just, please, don't lose your temper with him," He said, putting his hands on my shoulder. I just kept pouting.

"But i don't want him in my house!" I Pouted. Kaner just sighed.

"Just deal with him for the next two hours, then he's gone, promise" He said. I Rolled my eyes, and pouted some more.

"Fine, whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes and walking away. I Saw Bur invading my refridgerator.

"Got any beer?" He asked, looking into the fridge.

"It's in the back..." I Said. Then, Burish just looked up.

"You Seem so down today...Why is that?" He asked. I Just stared at him, then walked back over to the door. Then, he hit Sharp in the shoulder to get his attention.

"Man...Did i piss her off?" He asked. Sharp just shrugged.

I Went back over to the door and waited for more people to come, and a couple minutes later, someone did. When i opened it, i got to be greeted by Punk's WONDERFUL face.

"Bitch" He said to me.

"Jackass" I Said back to him.




"Dumb Fuck"



"I Hate you"

"I Love you too, Punk!" I Said, smiling, which i could tell just pissed him off. "So uh, this is a dinner party. Every other man here is all nice looking, in tuxes or something like that, then you have you. Wearing sneakers, jeans with holes in them and a t-shirt..."

"Opposed to you who's wearing about the same thing except a tighter shirt just to show off those puppies of yours?" He said.

"It's different,'' I Said.

"How so?" He asked.

"MY Dinner, MY House, That's how," I Said. He just rolled his eyes and came in and met up over with Kristen in the kitchen. A couple minutes later, 3 more people arrived.

"Hello!" Jenny said, coming in with John, who was limping. I Raised an eyebrow.

"Uh...What happened?" I Asked.

"After you left Tuesday at the houseshow, John had a match, and yeah" Jenny said.

"Oh, Well uh, Sorry John," I Said, shrugging.

"Ah, It's okay, I've had a lot of free time in the past 2 days, i've enjoyed it!" He said. I Was a little confused, since he like, hates taking days off and stuff, but i just shrugged it off as John went over by Nickie in the Kitchen.

"So uh, Your here alone?" I Asked.

"Oh, what? No no no, I Got a date with me, He's down the hall," She said.

Then, her date walked in, and i was surprised to see who he was, VERY.

"Uh, I'm sure you two already know eachother, right?" She asked.

"Yeah...We do," I Said, just looking at him.

"Yeah, we met at the Draft last June," The Self Proclaimed 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes said, with his arms around Jenny.

Then, the kissed. I Just gagged a little in my mouth and made a face, then sighed.

"Take it to the other room you two....take it to the other room..." I Said, pointing them that way. They went, and i stayed. All that was left to arrive...that i knew of....was Heather. I Waited for a couple minutes, then she showed up with her new boyfriend. When i opened the door, my jaw dropped, i couldn't believe my eyes.

"Hey Kat!" She said, smiling. My Jaw was still open.

"Well, you know your Hockey, girl. I'm sure you know who he is!" She said, still smiling. I managed to close my mouth, but i was speechless.

"Hello, there," Sidney Crosby Said, extending his arms for a handshake.

TIME OUT....Now, Sidney Crosby, One Of The Best in the National Hockey League today, is in my condo. Uh, HOW IS THIS MY LIFE!? I Should be happy right? I mean, IT'S SIDNEY FUCKING CROSBY! Yeah, well i'm not First- I Don't really like his little Team, I Only like Letang, maybe for all the wrong reasons, and Staal. Second- I ADMIT, he's a GREAT Player on the ice, and he seems nice...kinda, but i don't like him. People over rate him. Like, ON WHAT PLANET IS HE CONSIDERED SEXY? I Don't see it, at all. And Third, YEAH, i have Hockey players here. But there all Hawks players, or former Hawks players. The Pens and the Hawks aren't friends, at all. It would be very interesting and maybe painful to watch to see how things would go down tonight now the Crosbys here. Back to reality...I Forced myself to shake Crosby's hand, then i put my hand behind the back, making a fist, also forcing myself not to knock Heather into next week for bringing him here. Then, they both came in and headed into the kitchen and i closed the door. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Tonight certainly was not gonna turn out like i expected...

*Later that night*

"So Uh, if you guys don't mind, I'd like to say Grace before we all start eating this wonderful meal the girls and myself made," Jelly said as he sat down at the table, right inbetween Kane and Sharp.

"Okay!" I Said. Then, we all got into like, the praying positions and i started saying Grace.

"Dear Lord..." I Started. That was the only easy part. Then, I DON'T KNOW WHY, But i started just laughing out of no where for no particular reason.

"Thank you for blessing us with this amazing meal, we are very greatful..." Then, i stopped again and tried to stop, but i couldn't, especially with what i was gonna say next.

"Especially since there are little kids down in Africa starving with no food-"

"MISS KAT WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING WHILE SAYING GRACE AND MAKING FUN OF THOSE POOR KIDS DOWN IN AFRICA!?" Bur yelled from across the table. I Was just having a full out laugh attack. I Just shook my head, i was laughing so hard i couldn't speak.

"Fine, if you can't properly say grace, i will," Bur said.

"Oh Dear Lord..." Kaner said. Bur just looked at him.

"I'm Sorry, Pat, Did you wanna say something or can i say grace, THE RIGHT WAY, Unlike your wonderful girlfriend over there," Bur said, then looking at me, shaking his head.

"No, No...Go Ahead and try to say Grace," Kaner said, looking as if he was trying not to laugh.

"Alright then, thank you very much, you little Rat," Bur said. Sharp tapped his shoulder.

"Uh...Bur, Bolly's the Rat, not Kaner," He said.

"I Know. But look at his plate. Look at all that Mac and CHEESE. Rats Like Cheese. Therefore, Kaner gets to be the Rat of the night," Bur said. We all just laughed. Then Bur began saying grace.

"Dear Lord, thank you for giving us this meal, no matter how bad it may truly be," He said, i stopped laughing and looked at him, but he didn't notice, or care for that matter."Thank you for blessing us with the gift of talent you have giving us all and letting us to use it to the fullest, we're very greatful for that, hopefully. Amen'' He said. Then, Jelly Had a funny look on his face.

"I Probably just should have said grace myself..." He said.

"Hey, i wasn't THAT BAD," Bur said.

"Oh, Yes, Yes you were," Sharp said, leaning over the table and grabbing some meatballs. Bur just rolle dhis eyes.

"So, all of us don't really know half of eachother," Toews said. "Maybe we should go around the table introducing ourself's to learn more about eachother."

"Oh...I Can do this for you all, i know you all to well," I Said. Then, i put my stuff down and stood up.

"I'm Kat, and i like to party and kick ass." I Said, then, i pointed to Kristen. "That's Kristen, she's a Guidette, and she's damn proud of it." Then, i got to Punk, shook my head and just skipped him. "That's Nickie, she's pretty much like a Guardian Angel to that man," I Said, pointing to John. "That's John, and he's one of the most well known Superstars in Sports-Entertainment today. That's Jenny who happens to like almost everything i can't stand, but she's still pretty fucking amazing. That's Cody, And he obviously likes to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians because he rips them off everyweek by claiming he's 'Dashing', That's Heather, she and i both work for the same company and always fight about Hockey considering she likes dumbass teams while i like all the right teams. That's Sidney, and well, you all know who he is. That's Adam Burish, He's a smart-ass who knows how to kick-ass and Pull ultimate Pranks on people.That's Sarah, she's an all around Hockey lover and get's some Sharp every night in bed. That's Patrick Sharp, he's a Sharp Dressed Man and one of the best in the NHL and leading the Hawks in Goal-scoring. That's Niklas Hjalmarsson, He's Tough like a Hammer, but sweet as Jelly, That's Patrick Kane, He's one hell of a guy in bed and a bad ass partying hockey player. And of course, that's Jonathan Toews, He's our Captain, and he's amazing." I Said. Then, i sat back down.

"Uh, wow. She pretty much actually got it almost all right..." Kristen said. Everyone just nodded there head in agreement.

"Yeah, except one part," Bur said. Then, he looked at Crosby. "She said we all know who you are. But you know, if your so big like everyone says you are, how come i've never heard the name Sidney Crosby in my life,huh?" Bur joked. Everyone laughed, except Crosby and Heather.

"Maybe you should come out of that rock your obviously living in and come back to reality, man. Besides, who the hell know's who Adamn Burish is anyway?" Sid said. This time, no one was laughing, and Sid wasn't Kidding. Bur could tell that, and he didn't look happy.

"It's called a joke, you idiot," He said. "Besides, I've seen way better then you anyway."

"And people have obviously seen better then you..." Sid said. Now, Bur was just pissed.

"Alright YOU KNOW WHAT!?" Bur said, standing up, as so did Crosby. They got in eachothers faces, they looked super pissed. Then, i looked down and noticed both of them made fists. In the past, each of them have records of fighting, and there was like, nothing stopping them right now.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA!" I Said, standing up as well, breaking them up. "This is a fucking Dinner party! Not a place for fighting! If your gonna fight, do it outside on the balcony, so that way you won't wreck anything important and hopefully Bur throws Crosby off the balcony and-" Then, i stopped and my eyes widened and it just sunk in about what just came out of my mouth. Heather shot me a look, and she looked pissed.

"I MEAN hopefully one of you guys, or both of you go over the balcony, because i hate you both," I Said, sitting down.

"Yeah, i get you, girl," Bur said, winking at me. I Rolled my eyes. Then, he and Sid sat down, but Jelly Belly And Kaner traded places with Sid and Heather so that way Bur and Sid weren't next to eachother.

"You Know...We haven't really eaten yet..." Nickie said.

"Yeah, she's right, we haven't eaten yet," Sarah said.

"Well then...DIG IN!" I Said. All the girls, and Jelly, took the first bites, the guys just hesitated. But then, at once, they all took a bite of the food, chewed slowly, then swallowed.

"Uh, Wow, This is actually good!" Toews said.

"Shows you right for doubting our cooking abilities," Sarah said, sticking her tongue out at him.

Then, we continued eating our dinner for the next couple of minutes, and talking about completely random shit, and overall, we were just having a good time...

*About an hour later, 7:05pm*

"Who wants dessert?" Kristen yelled from the kitchen to all the guys, who were piled over in the living room.

 "ME!" All the guys said.

We were about to play this game Bur wanted to play before he had to head back to his hotel to head out back to Dallas with the Stars. Basically, you wrote down like, one question, one like, humiliating or something like that question and you put it in this hat i had. Then, a person would choose one of the questions out of the hat, and have to answer it on the spot, and honestly. This was gonna be interesting. We were also making Ice Cream Sundaes for everyone who wanted some. Then, we got done with the Ice Cream Sundaes and delivered them to everyone, then sat down with the guy we were with. I Sat next to Kaner on the couch, We were sharing a sundae together.

"Okay, i'll go first," Bur said. Then, he stuck his hand in the hat and pulled out a question.

"Have you ever been involved in a threesome? Would you consider doing so in the future?" He read."No, and as long as i can have that three-some with Megan Fox and Miss America, i would consider one in the future," He said, smiling.

"I'll Go Next!" Nickie said. She pulled out her question.

"Out of all the people in this room, who's boyfriend/girlfriend would you like to steal to keep for yourself?" She read. "Well, sorry, i'd rather just keep John," She said, Snuggling up Closer to John.

"Sorry, girl. You gotta pick," Bur said.

"Well then, I Certainly wouldn't pick that dumbass over there," She said, disgustingly looking at Punk.

''OH, AMEN TO THAT, SISTER!" I Said. We just laughed then.

"Alright, I'm next!" Kristen said. Then, she picked her question.

"How many times a week do you have sex?" She read.

"Wow, that's personal," Jelly said.

"Well, i actually used to have sex SEVERAL Times a day, but now...yeah, no," Kristen said, looking down. Usually, i would make a remark, but i didn't this time.

"I'm next," Toews said. Then, he picked one.

"Have you ever had a Crush on your Best Friends Younger or older sibling?" He read. "Well, Kaner's 3 sisters are pretty hot..." He said. winking. We all just laughed, except Kaner, who rolled his eyes.

"Alright, i'm next," Sarah said as she picked one. She looked at it, and raised an eyebrow.

"Okay...Who the fuck asked this?!" She yelled.

"What is it?" Kaner asked.

"What’s the kinkiest kind of sex you’ve ever had?" She read. We all just laughed.

"Don't answer that, please," Sharp said, grabbing it and throwing it back, and laughing.

"These questions are just a little too personal," Jenny said, next to Cody, both were laughing as well.

"Tell me about it..." I Said.

Then, i fed Kaner some Ice cream. He did the same to me, except, he purposely scooped up some Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup on it, then put it on My Cheek and rubbed it all over. It was kinda like a Husband and a Bride feeding eachother cake, only we weren't married and it was ice cream. My Jaw just dropped, it was SO COLD. Then, i got over it and then tried to wipe it off, but it didn't work, but whatever. Then, i threw my spoon out back to the kitchen and took Kaners arm off around me, and stuck my hand into the ice cream and just grabbed some.

"Kaner, if you know what's best for you, you'd start running," Jelly said.

Then, Kaner realized what i was gonna do, then got up and started running, and i followed him. He tried getting to the stairs, but i jumped on his back and tackled him to the floor, flipping him onto his back, then smeared the Ice Cream ALL Over his face, then stuck my tongue out at him. He smiled, then took his hand and wiped some off of his face, and smeared it on mine. Then, Bur, Jelly, Sharp and Toews came over with there phones and took some pictures, they probably were gonna send them to the rest of the team. Then, i pinned Kaner down to the floor and we kissed. After that, Bur had to head off, and we decided it was time to kick everyone else out aswell.

*A couple minutes later, after everyone is out*

"Wow...What a night!" I Said, sitting down on the couch, i just washed my face off and got into some pajamas.

"Yeah, i'm surprised you pulled this off," Kaner said, wiping his face off and sitting next to me.

"Yeah yeah yeah," I Said. "On to the important stuff," I Said, smirking. "It's been a VERY Long time...And well, i'm starting to get Cobwebs under here," I Said, pointing to my Kooka, as Pauly D Calls it. Kaner just laughed.

"Sorry babe, maybe in the morning. I Kinda wanted to watch a movie?" He said.

"What movie?" I Asked.

"Brian's Song," He said.

"OH I Love That movie!" I Said, smiling.

Brian's Song was a movie about Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears. It's an AMAZING Movie, and one of my favorites of all time.

"Wanna watch it?" He asked me.

"Sure!" I Said.

Then, he got up and put in the movie then turned off the lights. We snuggled on the couch together and started watching it. Then, after it was done, we just fell asleep in each other's arms on the couch.


  1. BAHAHAH BURISH <3 love that man. Jelly Belly he's such the sweetest guy. Gosh the dinner was just to funny. O snap Sid and Burish getting into a fight we'd all know who would win that fight (Adam Burish ;D) and aww with Kat and Kaner feeding each other the ice cream.
    Can't wait to read more!

  2. Haha There was about 2 be a hockey Fight in the middle of Ur table lol...... Crosby's Not a fighter we all know tht but He is one hell of a hockey player...... LMAO U also left out his 25 scoring streak..... But.... I still love him♥ But Hey U put 2 big ego's together and they are gonna fight But Bru don't know wht he was talkin about LMAO the Wine got in his head :P My Blog should be up 2night then I'll start my Birthday Blog :D

  3. Hahaha! =P must u always have the nasty questions? Gosh! XD i loved it myy whoree!!!! =P*more tounge porn!!!!* XD <3