Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Three(Big Night // Part one)

*Two days Later, Thursday, 11:15 am, Kristen and Punk's house, Chicago, IL*

"OKAY, OKAY! I Get it, she pissed you off!" Kristen said. "But, Did you really need to call her the "C'' Word!?"

"YEP!" I Said. "Besides, the bitch deserved to be called a Cunt."

"You know, i heard both sides of the story, and she's right. I Don't really feel bad for Kathryn," Justin said, fixing his shirt collar. Punk was just rolling his eyes and eating the Sandwich Kristen made for him.

Today was the day i was having my big Dinner bash thingy with everyone, and before i had to deal with picking up all this food and shit for it, The Hawks had practice and stuff for a couple hours at the Icehouse, So i decided to kill time over at Kristen's and Punk's place, along with Justin. Of course, they wanted to know about the fight and what REALLY Happened between me and Kathryn, so i just explained it to them.

"Wow, i still can't believe it," Kristen said.

"Well, believe it, 'cause it's true," I Said."God, i'm gonna kick her ass in 2 weeks at the Royal Rumble."

"Speaking of that," Justin said. "When's Hunter or Steph gonna announce the match type?"

"Hopefully next week," I Said. "And it better be like, not a regular one, I Swear, the things i wanna do to her..."

"Good luck with that," Punk said, getting up and heading over to the computer, rolling his eyes. After he walked away, i flipped him off.

"That's not nice!" Kristen said.

"Since when the hell was i nice?" I Said. She just glared at me.

"Let it be on the record, She's right, she's never claimed to be nice, ever," Justin said. I Just looked at him, then we smiled at eachother and high fived.

"OH MY GOD..." Punk said over at the computer desk. We all looked his way.

"What?" Kristen asked.

"Come check this out," He said, laughing. Kristen headed over first, but me and Justin were hesitant. Then, we looked over at eachother, and went over.

"What?" I Asked.

"That one ex Jersey Shore Chick is trying to land a TNA Contract!" He said, pointing to some dirt sheet page he was on. I Stared at it, and it's true. Mangelina is trying to become a wrestler.

"Oh My..." I Said. I Stared at it some more. Then, after a moment, i kinda just broke out laughing, kinda like Kitty Formam from That 70s Show.

"What is it about Italian Girls from jersey and wrestling?" Kristen asked.

"Kristen, your an Italian girl from Jersey," Justin said.

"It's different though..." Kristen said, though it really wasn't.

"Oh My, I Have seen Angelina fight..." I Said. "AND THE BITCH CAN'T FIGHT! She seriously wants to fight for a living in a full regulation match? WHAT!?"

"This is just too funny," Punk said, still laughing.

"Good lord, her career's going down faster then Calgary Kid's went..." I Said. Justin looked at me weird.

"Calgary Kid was Miz," He said.

"But is he known as Calgary Kid anymore? NOOOPE!" I Said.

Then, Punk scrolled up and switched to the WWE Part of the site, and one of the headlines on it said this- 

"Nexus News, First Hall Of Famer to be announced, Kasey Angel/Kathryn Prince, More..."

Quickly After reading that, i raised an eyebrow.

"What's that?" I Asked, pointing directly at it.

"Oh...nothing," Punk said.

"No, No No, It's something," I Said eyeing it.

"Come on Angel, Let's go back and eat that sandwich Kristen made," Justin said, trying to get me back there.

"Yeah, come on Kat," Kristen said.

"Nah, i'm good..." I Said.

Then, i pulled Punk out of his chair and i got in it, then scrolled down and clicked the link. I Ignored all the news about Nexus, even though it said something about Ginger and Justin, skipped the part about them announcing who would be the first inductee in the Hall Of Fame next monday and skipped to the bottom half about me and Kathryn.

"Reports tell us at the Tuesday Night RAW World Tour Houseshow in Peria, IL, WWE Diva's Kathryn Prince and Kasey Angel broke out into a Brawl, in which Kathryn was almost Knocked out by Angel. It was told WWE Superstars John Morrison and Justin Gabriel along with CEO Stephanie McMahon had to come and break it up, and after so, more words were exchanged between the two, then Angel walked out.

The two have been feuding for over six months(Since last June) And are still not done, and it is rumored that despite the words exchanged and Kathryn almost being Knocked out, This was all planned out in order  to keep the Storyline going because WWE Creative cannot come up with anything else for the Diva's, and this should be going on until after Wrestlemania at the least. More to come later."

The last part made me raise an eyebrow.

"Since when the fuck was that staged?" I Asked. "And since when am i supposed to be feuding with this chick until after Wrestlemania?"

"Kat, It's a dirt sheet, Dirt sheets make stuff up ALL The time, it's probably not true," Kristen said.

"Probably? IT ISN'T!" I Yelled. "These Fucking Assholes, spreading around lies, Know the shit your talking about before you talk about it, assholes," I Said, rolling my eyes. Then, Punk just glared at me.

"Okay, you know what?" He said. "I've had it. You have thee most dirtiest Mouth i have ever seen, Your in my house, watch what you say or just shut up!" I Raised an eyebrow at this.

"First, don't tell me what and what not to say. What and how i say is one of my  many ways to express myself, so no. Second, don't tell me to shut up because God Gave me this mouth for a reason and it was not to shut up," I Said. Punk looked annoyed.

"In my house, those words aren't right or acceptable, so-"

"WAIT! Hold up!" I Said.

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!" He said. Then, he got up and headed upstairs trying to escape me, but i followed.


~While this is going on, so is this back downstairs...~

"Good lord, It's like her life mission is to annoy him!" Kristen said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, didn't they use to be like, good friends though?" Justin Asked, leaning over the counter, pretty much showing off his chest...He was wearing a v-neck button down shirt, the buttons weren't buttoned up.

"First, put that away," She said, pointing to his chest. He rolled his eyes and buttoned up his shirt. "Second, yeah, i don't know exactly how they met, but yeah, they knew eachother WAY Before she joined WWE, according to Punk, but they changed, and, yeah..." Kristen said.

"AH, I See..." Justin said.

Then, for a moment, it was silent. Then, Justin cocked his head, and broke the silence.

"So, is Kat still dating that Hockey Player?" He asked. Kristen just sighed.

"Of course she is..." She said. Justin sighed after that too.

"What does she see in him?" He asked.

"What did you see in Kelly when you dated her a while back?" She asked. Justin just shrugged.

"She's a blonde, I'm a sucker for Blondes, always been that way. Never dated anyone who wasn't a blonde..." He said. Kristen was confused.

"But, Kat's not a blonde, and your like, madly in love with her..." Kristen said.

"Exactly," Justin said. Kristen looked confused, but just got over it.

"So, you coming to Kat's dinner party tonight?" She asked. Now Justin was confused.

"What Dinner Party?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. 

"She didn't tell you?" She asked. "She's like, throwing some dinner party or something for some friends, i thought for sure she'd invite you..."

"Well, she didn't," Justin said, looking down.

"Oh..well then-" Kristen began, but was inturupted.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!?'' Punk yelled at me.


Then, Punk opened the door and very rudely pushed me out.

"GOOD-BYE, JACKASS," He yelled, slamming the door in my face.


*Later That Day, 3:00pm, 2 hours before the big dinner*

Like i said, I Can't cook for shit, yet for some reason i decided to have a big dinner bash and cook for everyone. So, because i can't cook and i don't wanna like, Poison people with my god awful cooking, i made Sarah, Kristen, Nickie, Jenny and Heather come over and help me. I Waited for a while, getting some things set up in the kitchen, then i heard a knock on the door and grabbed it. Sarah was the first one here.

"Took you long enough!" I Said. She just rolled her eyes and then came in. Then, she looked around, and noticed it was just us.

"Hold Up," She said. "Your telling me It took me long enough to get here, even though I'm the first one!?"

"Well, i told you to be here 5minutes ago, didn't i?" I Said. She just rolled her eyes again, then headed over to the kitchen.

"So, why exactly did you decide to throw this dinner party if you can't cook,eh?" She asked.

"Honestly, i have no idea, I Was watching Jersey Shore and-"

"Figures," She said. "That show...Just makes people more dumber.'' I Just looked at her.

"Uh, I Watch that show," I Said, crossing my arms, kind of offended.

"Yeah, I Know," She said. I Rolled my eyes this time. Then, there was another knock on the door, and it was Kristen and Nickie.

"Well, don't just stand out there...Get in, Losers. We got some cooking to do," I Said, sticking my tongue out after. They just laughed and came in.

"Jenny and Heather aren't coming until later tonight," Nickie said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Jenny's speading time with John and her date and Heather said she had to go to her new boyfriends house to-"

"WHAT!?" I yelled. "The girl's already got a new boyfriend!?" No offense to Heather, because she's like a sister to me. But DAMN, that girl gets over a break up and gets a new man faster then Usian Bolt, the fastest guy in the world.

"Yeah, now the Barrett's on Smackdown, it'll be hard for them to see eachother, so they called it off, blah blah blah," Nickie said, rolling her eyes.

"Well, hopefully her new guy won't know, a dumbass," I Said. Nickie just nodded in agreement and headed over to the kitchen with everyone else.

"So Uh, Kat, what exactly are you wanting us to help you cook for dinner?" Kristen asked. I Froze.

"Uh...Well, Like i said, i don't cook, so...I Was hoping you guys would know what to cook...?" I Asked, shrugging. They all just looked at me.

"If you don't know what you want to cook, Why the HELL Would you throw this big bash in the first place!?" Kristen asked.

"She got the idea off of an episode of Jersey Shore," Sarah said.

"OH MY," Kristen said, before facepalming.

"You know, that show like, makes you dumber," Nickie said. I Just frowned.

"And it doesn't help that she Likes Sammi the best out of all..."Kristen said.

"Oh My..." Sarah said. "Sammi is SUCH A Bitch!"

"Well you know what? So am i, So it works perfectly!" I Said.

"You liking Sammi is a weird as Kaner choosing 'Boo' In Mario Kart," She said. I Just laughed.

"So uh, back to this cooking thing," Kristen said. "Since you obviously can't cook, why don't you make a salad while we make a real meal,okay?" I Thought for a moment, then answered.

"Okay!" I Said

Then, i started making my Salad as Kristen was making i think some kind of Pasta, Sarah was actually outside on the Balcony grilling up steaks or something---It was only like, 50 degrees or something, not TOO Cold, Besides, she lived up in Canada for a couple years, she could probably survive from anything as long as it wasn't below -20--- And Nickie was making...I Don't know exactly, but it smelled good. Then, I heard the door open, and Sharp, Toews and Kane came in.

"SEE!" Sharp shouted. "I Told you they'd be cooking! Now, pay up you two, you owe me $100 each," He said, we all just laughed.

Then Sarah came back in from the Balcony and her and Sharp kissed. I Rolled my eyes, then threw some Lettuce from the salad at them.

"Not in my kitchen, okay?" I Said. They rolled their eyes.

"Well that was rude," Sarah said.

"Yeah, i know it was, but i'm rude, so deal with it," I Said, sticking out my tongue. Then, Kaner wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek from behind.

"Wow, i'm impressed. Looks like you ladies are actually cooking a decent meal!" Kaner said.

"Shows you right, don't doubt us, EVER" Kristen said, still working on the pasta.

"Yeah, i'm excited to see what you girls make," Toews said. "Thanks for inviting us again, Kat."

"No problem!" I Said, smiling.

"Alright, come on," Kaner said, leading the guys over to the tv. But i stopped them.

"Um...How do i say this..." I Said. "OKAY! Yeah, you guys need to get the hell out and not come back until at least 5:15."

"What?" All three of them said at the same time.

"I Want this to like, be a surprise or something!" I Said. "So, LEAVE!" I Said, opening the door and pointing them out. They all sighed, then Toews walked out, then Sharp, who stopped real quick.

"Meanie-Bo-Beanie," He said to me, then stuck his tongue out and walked away. I Rolled my eyes, then giggled a little. Then, Kaner made his way over, then stopped at me as well.

"Oh, hey, I Got you someone willing to help you girls cook," He said, smiling.

''And who would that be?" I Asked, crossing my arms. Then, he looked out into the hall.

''HAMMER!" He shouted down the hall. Then, a moment later, Jelly Belly came by, with something in hand.

"Hey, Kat," He said, in his swedish Accent.

"We told Niklas bout the Dinner, and he wanted to know if he could come over and cook those Swedish Meatballs he makes," Kaner said. I Just laughed.

"Of course you can come and cook some Meatballs, Jelly!" I Said. Jelly smiled, then came in and headed over to the Kitchen.

"Alright, be back in 2 hours, love you, babe," Kaner said. Then, he leaned over and kissed me, and there were a shitload of boos from everyone else in the house.

"GET A ROOM!" They yelled.

"Uh, THIS IS MY ROOM, IDIOTS," I Shouted at them. I Looked back at Kaner and we laughed, and he left, and i went back over to the Kitchen with everyone else as we continued cooking. We had a Big Night in store.

To Be Continued...


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    Cooking for the guys <3
    Can't wait to read more Kat!

  2. That was cute! LoL just one I still get to come to dinner? I'm curious about y'all's cooking too LoL XD I'd attack the salad!! lmao! oh and a LOT of yelling, and the Punk and you part made me laugh really hard!