Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Nine // All time Low- Part One

*Saturday Morning, Chicago, IL, 10:00am.*

"Wake up babe..." I Heard Patrick whisper into my ear.

"Ugh..." Was all i said.

I Was In Bed with my face planted in my pillow. Last night, there was a Blackhawks game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, which the the Hawks won. After that, Tazer decided to come back to mine and Kaner's place and hang out with us. We ordered Pizza, Drank beer, talked about what the Hawks needed to do to keep themself's in the Playoff spot, and just acted like idiots. It was fun. By 2:30am, I Was about to pass out, so i went upstairs and got some sleep while Patrick and Jonathan stayed down stairs doing god knows what. I Was so tired, just 10 more hours, please.

"C'mon Babe, You got a big day ahead," Patrick said, trying to get me up. "You gotta go to the mall with Sarah in an hour," He said. I wanted the fact i was gonna be learning to skate to be a surprise, so i just told him me and her were going to the mall instead.

"Wake up me up in 30 minutes then," I Said, with my face still planted into the pillow. I Heard him sigh.

"If you don't get up now, I'm bringing Toews up here to wake you up," He said. I Was confused, but still didn't budge.

"What?" I Asked.

"Oh Yeah," Patrick said. "We stayed up after you left, and didn't get some sleep until like, 5am, So he decided to just crash downstairs."

Toews complained about having trouble sleeping on the road, and now he's finally getting some sleep, and if Patrick woke him up, I Could just imagine how pissed Captain Serious would be if he woke him up.

"If you actually have the balls to wake him up now, go ahead, but he's not getting me out," I Said, still not budging. I Heard Patrick Sigh in frustration again.

"Please!?" He practically begged. I Have no idea why he was pretty much trying to get me out of the house, but whatever.

"Your not gonna win this," I Said.

"Oh God Damn it!" Patrick Said, sounding pissed.

Then, he grabbed the bed blanket and pulled it off the bed and threw it on the ground. Then, he picked me up and just threw me over his shoulder and ran me to the bathroom and put down in there, then smiled.

"That's better," He said, still smiling. I Just took my hair out of my pony tail, then crossed my arms.

"You seem like you want me out of the Apartment...Badly," I Said, suspicous.

"What? Nah, i don't want you out," He said, smiling again.

"Really? Then, uh, Why the fuck did you just do that?" I Asked, still suspicous.

"Do what?" He asked. I Just raised an eyebrow and continued staring him down.

"You know what," I Said.

"Look, it's nothing, i just want you to go have a good time with your friend, that's all," He said sounding reasuring.

"Mhm..." I Said, rolling my eyes. "You feeling any better?" I Asked. Tuesday night when i came home, i found out Patrick was pretty sick with Flu-Like Symptoms and he hasn't been attending practice or anything.

"Yeah, i'm fine now, don't worry," He said.

"Good," I Said. "Now, get out, I Gotta get ready."

"Why? Can't i watch you get ready?" He said flirty while also getting closer to me and putting his arms around me.

"You were so eager to get me out, now you want me to stay?" I Said, confused a little.

"Oh, C'mon," He said, persuadingly.

"No! Especially not with Toews downstairs!" I Said, pushing him off me.

"Whatever,'' He said, rolling his eyes and finally walking out.

After that, i undressed and hopped in the shower for about 20 minutes, then i hopped out and got into a robe, blow dried my hair, then brushed it. I Headed back to my room and put on a pair of new jeans, a red long sleeved Blackhawks Tee, and some pair or Golden Brow Uggs. Then, i got on some make-up, put on a little of my new perfume "Dangerous'' By Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore, then headed out of my room and went downstairs and tried to be as quiet as i could so i wouldn't wake up Jonathan.

"Don't worry about me..." Jonathan Said, sounding tired and slightly cranky.

"Your up?" I Asked. "Thought you'd still be asleep."

"Nah, We have practice in about an hour," He said, rubbing his eyes, trying to wake himself up i guess. "Plus, you and Kaner were making a lot of noise upstairs and it woke me up..." He said, with a slight smirk on his face.

"Oh Tazer...I Know Exactly what your thinking," I Said. "DON'T THINK THAT! He just dragged me out of bed against my will and acted strange."

"You haven't noticed he was already strange?" Toews asked, laughing a little while getting off of the couch and stretching.

"No, i just got used to it," I Said, laughing a little as well. Then, Patrick came downstairs.

"Well, Well, Well..." He said with a smirk on his face, walking downstairs and over to the kitchen. "What are we talking about?"

"You and your Strangeness," Toews said.

"Oh really?" Kaner said, pouring a glass of milk. "Nice to know I'm the center of attention around here, just like i am on the ice," He said, specifically smirking right at Toews. Jonathan just rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, Kat, I'm really tired and i can't find my keys, so would it be okay if after practice i come back here with Kaner over there and get some more sleep until I'm at least better enough to actually drive?" He asked, yawning a little.

"Your SO Tired you can't even drive?" I Asked.

"Well, i did tell you i've been having sleeping trouble, I've put up with it, but now, i'm just out of it," He said, shrugging.

"Why don't you just stay here instead of Practice?" I Asked.

"I'm never too sick to do anything when it comes to hockey," He said, smiling a little. I Couldn't help but smile. I Just love how dedicated he is to the Team.

"Well, of course you can come back and nap before you look for your key," I Said, smiling. He smiled back.

"Thanks Kat," He said.

"No Problem," I Said. "I'm heading over to Sarah's place, deuces," I Said, walking out the door and leaving the two boys back there to get ready for practice.

*A Couple Minutes later, Sharp and Sarahs Place*

About Twenty minutes later, i got to Sharp and Sarah's Place. I Got out of the car and started walking up to the door and just knocked. After about 15 long seconds, i figured they didn't hear it, so i rang the door bell.

"Doors open! Come in!" I Heard Sharp yell from inside. I Went in and saw him over in the living room with a hockey stick in hand playing around with Shooter. I Looked at him.

"You couldn't come open the door for me because you were busy playing with a dog?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow slightly and crossing my arms. He stopped for a moment.

"Look at this cute little dog," I Said, pointing to Shooter, who was laying down, nawing on the ball he and Sharpie were playing with, and looking at me. "I'm not just gonna stop playing with him to open a door for someone when it's not only not my guest and the door is un-locked."

"Whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes as Sharp went back to playing around with Shooter again. "So, where's Sarah?" I Asked.

"She's upstairs getting her make-up on or something, don't really know," He said, shrugging.

"Hm," I Said, shrugging as well.

Then, i just started looking around the house, it was pretty big. Then, i noticed that there was a copy of him on the '50 Most Beautiful Chicagoians' Magazine just hanging out on a table.

"Of course you'd have the magazine that put you on the cover hanging out around your house," I Said, sticking out my tongue. He just chuckled a little.

"Believe it or not, that' actually the only copy of it i have," He said.

"Really?" I Asked. "I Thought you'd rub the fact Your one of The Most beautiful people in Chicago in everyone's face in the locker room," I Said.

"I'm not THAT Mean," Sharp said. "Besides, they already know I'm more beautiful then the majority of them," He said, sticking his tongue out, then laughing.

Then, Sarah finally came downstairs.

"Hey!" She said, coming out to join us, smiling.

"Look who's finally ready to go Skating," I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"Whatever," She said.

Then, Sharpie came over and they kissed for a moment.

"Ugh..." I Said., rolling my eyes. Then, i stomped out of their house and back to my car, and Sarah shortly followed.

After a couple minutes of arguing what we were gonna listen to on the radio, we settled on a station, and headed off to an Ice Arena in Chicago.

*Minutes later, Johnny's Ice House*

After a while, we got to Johnny's Ice House, where we were doing our skating session. We got out of the car and headed inside and noticed not many people were around.

"Wow...this place is like, dead," I Said, looking around.

"I Booked a private skating session for about an hour, so that way, when you fall on your ass, people won't see except me and the instructor," She said, smiling.

''Good choice," I Said, laughing a little.

Then, we headed over to a locker room like area where they had a rack full of Skates. Sarah got a pair and got them on right away. Me, on the other hand...I Just looked at them all for a couple minutes, Sarah was getting Impatient.

"Kat, this isn't a fucking shoe store, grab a pair of skates you wanna wear for the next hour and get them on your feet and let's go damn it!" She yelled. I Rolled my eyes.

"Rude..." I Said, grabbing a pair and going over to a bench to get them on.

After that, we went over by the rink. Sarah's done this before, so she got on the ice and just free skated without a problem on it. However, This is only my 2nd time on ice and since September. I Wasn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to get on the ice at first. But eventually, i stopped being hesetante and got on the ice, and surprisingly, i didn't fall right on my ass at first like i thought i was. I Fell a couple times, but whatever. At Random Times, Sarah decided to skate across the ice and make those goofy faces Toews makes while he's on the ice, it was too funny. After an hour, we had to leave, Hawks were having practice there soon, and again, Patrick Isn't supposed to know about this until i can skate for real. Then, me and Sarah headed back to the car and started driving.

"Thank you SO Much for helping me out with this," I Said.

"No Problem," She said, smiling. "But you owe me."

"Whatcha Want?" I Asked, curious.

"Well...It's almost noon, and i'm hungry as fuck," She said.

"AH, i get you," I Said. "Where you wanna eat at?"

"Bubba Gump Shrimps!" She yelled, smiling. I Was confused.

"What the fuck is that?" I Asked. She looked confused as well.

"You haven't heard of Bubba Gump Shrimps!?" She asked shocked.

"Not in my 21 and a half years of living," I Said.

"Wow, i'm surprised since it's right by the Navy Pier, and you and Kaner don't live too far away from the Navy Pier," She said.

"Wait, it is?" I Asked, shocked. "Guess i just never saw it there or something," I Said shrugging.

"Well if you don't know where it is i should drive then," She said.

"Okay, but i chose the radio station," I Said, sticking out my tongue. She rolled her eyes.

"Fine, but none of that Justin Bieber shit," She said.

"That's how you feel?" I Said, rolling my eyes and switching seats with her.

Sarah started driving to the Navy Pier which wasn't too far away from here and i looked for a radio station. Then, i turned on one, and 'Make It Rain' By Travis Porter started playing and i just had to turn it up louder.

"What the fuck is this?" Sarah asked laughing at the song after the first couple seconds.

"Yeah, it's a total Hoe song," I Said. "But it's really catchy!" I Said. Then, i started dancing a little too it and singing along to it. Sarah just looked at me, laughed and shook her head.

Then, we got to the Navy Pier and Bubba Gump Shrimps. We went in, took our seats, ordered, then, we just talked while waiting for the food.

"Hopefully the food comes quick, i got about, 2 hours until my flight for Cali," I Said.

"Oh yeah, isn't there a pay-per view tomorrow night or something?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, The Elimination Chamber," I Said. "I'm defending my two NEW Titles against Kathryn Prince...again."

"Really?" She asked. "Didn't you only win that like, two weeks ago?"

"Yeah, but there making me defend it now," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Well that's bogus," Sarah said.

"Yeah, it is," I Said. "So, it's been a while, how's life?" I Asked.

"Life's been okay i guess," She said, shrugging. "Been back and forth with Kris about the trip to Toronto in 2 weeks, he said he was gonna get us the best hotel he could."

"Awe, that's nice of Steeger," I Said, smiling.

"Yeah, it is," She said. "He wants us to come friday night before the rest of the team."

"That's a little weird," I Said, laughing a little. "Almost as weird as Kaner's been acting lately..." I Said, quickly frowning.

"Weirder then he usually acts?" Sarah asked.

"Why does everyone point out how he's weird and strange and stuff to me whenever i say that!?" I shouted.

"Uh, because he is?" Sarah said. I Just looked at her, then rolled my eyes. ''Ugh, what's wrong with him?" She asked.

"Every since he was feeling sick earlier this week, he's just been...more weirder and stranger," I Said, shrugging.

"Like...?" She asked.

"Like, this morning, he was in such a rush to get me up and out of bed, then when i asked him about it, he just started to flirt with me," I Said, shrugging again.

"The rushing part does seem weird," Sarah said. "But the flirting part sounds like typical Kaner," She said laughing.

"True," I Said, laughing as well.

"Well, Kaner may be pretty crazy, but i doubt it won't be anything big to worry about," She said.

"Thanks," I Said.

"No Problem," She said.

Then, the waiter came back with our food. We ate it and talked some more, then we left. I Dropped her back off at her and Sharpie's place, then headed straight to the airport, got on my plane then headed back to Cali for the Pay-per view.

*The Next Day, 3 hours before the Elimination Chamber pay-per view, At the arena*

"And the worst part is the idiot thinks he's actually a doctor!" Punk said, walking next to Kristen. Apparently, Colt Cabana Was In California for a Wrestling gig or something,so he, Punk and Kristen hung out together, which means Kristen and Punk are back to talking. That's good...Right?

"Seriously, we need an intervention for him, going around acting like he's a doctor..." Punk said, shaking his head. "Colt as a doctor is a fake as Cena is when it comes to that whole Thuganomics shit!" He said, which immediately caught the attention of Jenny, John and Nikie. Nikie and Jenny looked pissed, but John just shrugged it off.

"There's a reason I'm a wrestler and not another Eminem..." John said.

"It's not like your a good wrestler either or anything," Punk said. Kristen elbowed him in the gut.

"Okay, you know what-" Nikie started, looking super pissed, but John caught her and pulled her closer to him and whispered something to her, which put a slight smile on her face.

"Okay?" He said, out loud. She just nodded, which made John smile. "I'll be in my locker room if you need me," He said, taking off.

"Uh, we'll go with you," Jenny said, talking about her and Cody. When John was a good distance away, Jenny added something. "To find out why the hell your not fighting up against Goldylocks over there!" She said, reffering to Punk and giving him an evil glare and her and Cody rushed after him.

"Goldylocks," I Said, giggling and pointing at Punk. "You know, because you have like-"

"I Get it!" Punk shouted, irritated. I Rolled my eyes at him, then looked back at Nikie.

"Seriously, is John okay? He's been acting strange lately," I Said.

"No Shit he's been acting Strange lately," Nikie said. "I've been trying to get answers out of him, but he keeps saying everything's okay...and it's not..."

"Well duh," Heather said., not making eye contact. She was looking at herself in a mirror she had.

"Hey Kat, you have any make-up i can use?" She asked.

"Go check my bag in my Locker room, i should have something in there," I Said.

"Kay thanks," Heather said, leaving. Then Kristen walked over.

"Look Nikie, i'm sorry if he offended you and John or something, he's been...yeah," Kristen said, shrugging.

"Get your man under control and not ruining my man's life," Nikie said, a little rudely, but thinking about what was best for John.

"Look, it's not just John's life he's ruining now kid,'' Kristen said, agressively.

"Oh really?" Nikie asked. "Name one person who's life your Husband is making a living hell other then John!"

"Nikie!" I Shouted, looking at her sternly. "Just drop it," I Said, more calmly. Nikie gave me a confused look at first, but then looked over at Kristen and saw the painful look on her face, then got it.

"Oh..." Nikie said. "Sorry...Never mind."

''It's cool...i guess," Kristen said, shrugging. After that, it was quiet for a while until about two minutes later when Justin showed up.

"Who died?" He asked, putting down his bags and taking off his sunglasses.

"Someone, somewhere in the world..." I Said. He laughed a little.

"Damn, where is everyone?" He asked.

"John, Jenny and Cody are hanging out together in the locker rooms," Nikie said.

"What about Blondie?" He asked.

"Heather's in my locker room getting some make-up," I Said.

"Oh, that's cool," Justin said. "But i was talking about CM Punk," He shrugged. We all laughed.

"He's actually in the Nexus Locker room, probably looking for you," Kristen said.

"Eh, he can wait," Justin said, sitting back on a crate.

"OOH Someone's Rebelling against the leader," I Said, sticking my tongue out at him. He just laughed.

"Damn what the fuck was Heather doing again?" Nikie asked.

"Yeah, it's been like, five minutes," Kristen said.

"True, it doesn't even take a girly girl like her to just go grab make-up, i'm gonna go check on her," I Said.

I Got up and left for my locker room to go see what was taking Heather so long. I Mean, she was only getting some make-up. However, when i walked in i realized why it was taking her so long and was just in complete shock at what i saw.

To Be Continued....


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