Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Nine // All Time Low-Part Two

I Got up and left for my locker room to go see what was taking Heather so long. I Mean, she was only getting some make-up. However, when i walked in i realized why it was taking her so long and was just in complete shock at what i saw.

"What the hell!?" I Yelled out as i walked in.

When i walked in, there was a light on in one half of the room, dark in the other half. On the Top Left corner of my locker room was my wrestling bag and Heather. Heather was on the ground, completely Un-consious and not breathing. I Had no idea what to do. Should i go check on her? Or Just go run across the arena and get a trainer to check on her? I decided to get a trainer, he could do more for her then i could. I Was about to run out and get one, but then, i felt someone firmly grab my shoulders and stop me then turn me around. Then, i heard the door slam shut and the other half of the room's lights went off. Finally, i was let go of, but i felt something hit me right in the head pretty hard and i went down. Then, after a moment, the lights turned on and i slowly opened my eyes, and in the corner, i saw a camera crew, and then, i looked up, and couldn't believe it, but i finally figured out what not only happened to me, but Heather.

"Hm...Let's see how you compete after getting hit in the head with a steel chair later tonight, Angel," Kathryn Prince said, standing above me, smirking with a Steel Chair in hand. AJ Lee was next to her, also smirking.

Then, right when i was about to sit up, Kathryn kicked me right in the face and knocked me back down, then laughed with AJ, then they left. The Camera Crew walked up real quick and got a good picture of me, and then left as well. After a moment, i sat up again, rubbed my head, which felt so painful. Then, i looked over at Heather. She was breathing, but having trouble, and she could barely move. I Toughed it out and got up, then slowly helped her get up as well and helped her out. She couldn't walk completely, her right ankle was sagging the whole time as i helped her out of the locker room To the Trainers office.

*Trainers office, couple minutes later*

"What the hell happened?!" The Trainer asked, looking right at Heather.

"I-I-I...I Went into her locker get make-up...It was dark...all the lights were out....I Couldn't see....then...i was just attacked out of nowhere until...i just couldn't even....see anything..." Heather said, slowly and painfully as the doctor checked her out.

"Who did this?" He asked.

"I Don't know..."Heather said.

"It was Kathryn Prince and AJ Lee..." I Growled.

"Why would they do this to you?" He asked Heather confused. She shrugged. I Just shook my head, then walked out and actually ran into A-Ry and The Miz.

"Gonna go check on your girl?" I Asked. A-Ry looked confused.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I Mean she's getting checked out now because she just got jumped in my locker room," I Said. He just stood there for a moment. Then, he bursted out laughing.

"Haha...Oh, You Fancy Huh?" He said, getting up in my face for that last part. I Just raised an eyebrow. "Kat, i've been around here for a while now, I Highly know that your obviously kidding, nice try, kiddo," He said, actually patting me on my head and messing up my hair. I Just couldn't believe that bitch.

"Okay, fine, you go look and tell me that's not your girlfriend in there," I Said.

"I Sure will," Alex said, sounding cocky and looking cocky. Miz just stood there, nodding his head, with a big smirk on his face, then patting A-Ry on the back.

"You two are such idiots..." I Said, rolling my eyes and walking away, but Miz stopped me.

"Is that how your REALLY Talking to your WWE Champion?" He asked.

"Well obviously, didn't you hear me?" I Said.

"Really, Kasey, Really?" He said, getting up in my face.

"Uh, YES really," I Said, getting up in his as well.

Then, i shoved him away from me and continued walking backstage. Then, i saw Zack Ryder listening to his Ipod and singing along to it over by a crate.

"I WILL NEVER SAY NEVER!!! I WILL FIGHT TIL FOREVER!!!" He sang, dancing a little. I Just couldn't. I Ran over to him.

"WHENEVER YOU KNOCK ME DOWN, I WILL NOT STAY ON THE GROUND!" I Sang, jumping right in front of him, which startled him for a moment, but he got over it.

"PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP-UP-UP AND NEVER SAY NEVER!" We both sang together from the top of our lungs. I Couldn't help but burst out laughing after it.

"Woo Woo Woo," Zack started

"Oh, You Know it," I Finished, winking. He winked back.

Then, he went back to probably jamming out to the rest of My World 2.0 while i went walking around looking for the usual. Then, i found them all hanging out by catering talking. John, Jenny and Cody were back, and Punk was still off doing whatever Punk's do. I Grabbed a Pepsi and opened it and took a drink as they all just stared at me.

"Well...?" Kristen said.

"Well...?" I Mocked. "Well what?"

"Is Heather Okay?" Nikie asked.

"OH!" I Said. "No."

"Wait, what!?" Jenny asked, confused.

"She got jumped in my locker room," I Said.

"By who?" John asked.

"Kathryn Prince and AJ Lee," I Said.

"The fuck?" Kristen said.

"But we were in your locker room earlier!" John said. "Why didn't they attack then?"

"Probably because one, there was 5 of us," I Said, Talking about Me, Nikie, Jenny, John and Cody. " And two, if John Cena was in the room, would you really have the balls to attack someone else?"

"Uh, i was in the room too..." Cody said.

"Yeah, i know..." I Said, ignoring him a little. Jenny just hit me.

"God you people are so protective of your boyfriend....good lord," I Said, rubbing my shoulder, where she hit me.

"You get the same way with Patrick though!" Kristen said. I Notice Justin quickly looked away after that, but i ignored it.

"Maybe...But whatever, this isn't about him," I Said. "Look, call me a mean friend or whatever, but I'm kinda glad Heather went in there before me-"

"Jackass!" Nikie yelled at me.

"Let me finish what i'm saying, eh!?" I Said back. She rolled her eyes. "As I Was saying before i was rudely inturupted...I'm glad Heather in there before me since i have a title Defense tonight, Man, if that was me, no way could i defend it."

"True," Kristen said. "Just, damn. How bad did she get hurt?" She asked.

"Go look for yourself,'' I Said. "She's in the Trainers room being looked at. She's REALLY Banged up."

"Okay," Jenny said, as all of them left. Justin hesitated for a moment. It looked like he wanted to say something to me, but then, he ran off along with the rest of them.

I Walked off in a different direction and to my locker room. However, for safety reasons, before i entered, i grabbed a Mop nearby so if Kathryn and AJ were still in there i could defend myself...with a mop. Better then nothing though.I Kicked open my door and ran in and just looked around and help up the mop in a fighting stance for about a minute, then after it was clear no one was there except me, i closed the door and sat down over by my bag, with a bottle of water next to me, put on some headphones, blasted up some music, and just sat there and got my head in the game mentally. Physically, i was pretty much ready, Mentally, i'm getting there. I'm not ready to lose my titles just yet, I Wanna head into Wrestlemania as Champion. Kathryn can bring all she has, but that still won't be enough, I'm taking her ass down.

*After the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match*

"HE'S BACK! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S BACK!" Jenny was yelling next to Nikie in my locker room, watching what was happening Live. Edge just successfully defended his World Title in the Elimination Chamber, then Alberto Del Rio tried to come and attack him, and boom. Christian came back, helped Edge, kicked Alberto's ass, and then hit the killswitch on him. So beautiful.

"Calm down child..."Nikie said, laughing a little. I Was putting on my armbands and looking back at the tv. I Admit, it was good to See Edge and Christian in the same ring, even if they really didn't exactly do anything as a duo, but still.

"So, what's next?" Kristen asked, sitting down next to them after coming back from getting a Pepsi in Catering.

"Booker T and Trish Stratus are gonna go cut a promo about Tough Enough or something," Jenny said, shrugging.

"Then my match," I Said, popping a piece of gum in my mouth and then starting to lace up my new custom made Red Shiny Sparkly Wrestling Boots. I Also was wearing Short Shiny Sparkly Red Shorts attached to A Sparkly Shiny Red Top as my new Ring attire, looked a little liked Michelle McCools, just different colors.

"Oh, well, you know Trish was out talking about you earlier, right?" Jenny asked.

"That's nice..."I Said, not really caring and continuing to lace up my boots.

"Oh god," Kristen said, looking at the tv. "I Like Trish, but, that promo was just god awful."

"Was she trying to be Rock or something?" Nikie asked.

"I Don't even know," Jenny said, shrugging.

Then, they all looked back at me, and i looked back.

"Well, go do your thing, kid," Kristen said.

"Yeah..." I Said. "Deuces." I Said walking out.

While walking from my locker room all the way to the ramp i messed around with my titles until i finally settled on wearing one around my waist and the other hanging off my right shoulder. Kathryn was going out to the ring first, so while that was happening i just leaned on the wall and gathered my final thoughts before i went out there. Then, Kathryn was in the ring, and my music started playing, i waited a moment before going out to listen to the crowd real quick, but then, i ran out from behind the curtain and onto the ramp infront of a soldout crowd in L.A at the Staples Center. I Got a pretty huge pop, probably one of the biggest i've ever gotten yet. I Walked down the ramp, not taking my eyes off of Kathryn, who also had her eyes locked on me. Then, i slid into the ring, got on the ropes and did a couple of quick poses before handing the ref my titles and going over to my side of the ring.

"The following is a Diva's Match for the Undisputed Diva's Championship!" Justin Roberts said as the crowd cheered.

"Introducing first, the challenger, From Detroit, Michigan, She is the Michigan Born Brawler, Kathryn Prince!" He said, as Kathryn just raised up a fist in the air and smirked as the crowd booed. The Michigan born brawler, eh? Wow.

"And Her Opponent, From Chicago, Illinois, She is the current undisputed Women's Champion, Kasey Angel!" Justin Roberts yelled as i also raised up my fist and smirked a little, right at Kathryn.

Then, the ref got right in the middle of the ring and held up both the titles in the air to show off what was on the line, me and Kathryn both glanced up at them, but then quickly went back to our eyes both locked on each other. Then, the ref gave the belts to Justin as he headed out of the ring. Then, the bell rang.

Unlike usual matches, right after the bell rang, Kathryn and I Ran straight at each other in the middle of the ring and locked up trying to take eachother down. She ended up taking me down first and just started throwing punches at my face right away. Then, she threw me in the turn buckle and after i bounced back she kicked me in the gut and DDT'd me. This hasn't started off good so far.

She didn't stop there. After that she quickly got me up and tossed me right out of the ring. The ref started counting me out.

"1...2...3..." The Ref yelled as Kathryn stayed in the ring, smirking at me.

This bitch was going so low she was actually hoping for a count out victory over me...Really?

"4...5...6..." The Ref Counted.

I Got up at 5, but i didn't get back in the ring. I Actually just ran around the ring in circles to try to get some momentum back in me

"Get Back In here, Angel!" Kathryn yelled at me.

So, I Did. I Ran up and slid right back into the ring. Right in between her legs, to be exact. She didn't even notice for a moment. What a dumb bitch. When she realized i was behind her and turned around, i was up and waiting, so when she turned around, i punched her down right in her face. Then Again, And Again, And Again. Then, i grabbed her and threw her into the ropes. When she came back, i turned her around, got on her back, wrapped my legs around her stomach and my arms around her head and put in my Modified Sleeper Hold. This has taken her out before, and i have a feeling this could take her out now. We were in the center of the ring, so she can't get a rope break. She tried to fight getting on her knees, but eventually, she was on one knee, then the other, and she was completely down. Her face was all red and she looked nearly Unconsious. But out of nowhere, she must have found some hidden strength, because she managed to sit back on her hands and knees, then actually got up, and rammed me back first into one of the turnbuckles. I Went off of it and just fell on the floor. The Ref came over to check on me.

"You Okay Angel!?" He asked.

"I'm Fine..." I Said, trying to get.

In the corner of my eye while i was talking to the ref, i noticed something. Kathryn was actually taking off the turnbuckle. She the fuck was she trying to do? Then, she actually threw it at the back of the refs head. Um, way to be obvious about what you did their Captain Obvious. Then, the ref got up to go put it back on, and Kathryn Ran right out of the ring. I Got up and tried to follow. I Put my head in between the ropes along with my arms to grab her back in, but she had one of her hands under the ring and she grabbed something and hit me over the head with it...HARD. It knocked me right back down to the mat. The ref didn't even see it. My eyesight was slightly blurry.Then, she came back  in the ring and grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Then, she hit her finishing move on me.  Now, i was completely out of it.


I Opened my eyes and saw the whole LA Crowd infront of me. I Was laying on the mat inside the ring. I Sat up and looked around.Then, i noticed that there was music playing, but it wasn't mine. It was Kathryn's. Then, i looked up the ramp, and i couldn't believe what i saw. Kathryn was standing at the top of the ramp, smiling, and holding up in the air, MY Titles. My Jaw just dropped, which made her smirked. I Jumped up and grabbed the Ref's shirt.

"What the fuck just happened to me!?" I Yelled in his face.

"Kathryn just got the 3-count and win!" He said, then shoving me off him and getting out. 

I Just stood there, speechless and emotionless. I've had the Women's title for over a year, and now, i basically get screwed out of it. What the fuck. I Put my hands at the back of my neck, closed my eyes, and just stood there. By then, Kathryn left. And it was just me. The Camera's were all on me, and the crowd was just looking at me. I Just stood there,  still speechless and emotionless, Despite having tons of thoughts running through my head. I Just shook my head, got out of the ring and walked back up the ramp and backstage.

When i got backstage, it was obvious i was amazingly pissed off about what happened, so everyone leaved me alone. But people like Edge and Christian looked like they wanted to talk to see if i was okay, but i just kinda rubbed them off. I headed to catering a grabbed a bottle of water and took a sip of it while walking back to my locker room. When i walked in, i saw Kristen, Nikie, Jenny, And Heather---Who Was on crutches---Just staring at me.

"What the hell are you looking at?" I Asked, in a pissed off tone.

"Look..." Kristen said. Then, she paused and sighed. "Look, I Needed to check my e-mail a couple of minutes ago and while i was, i found an interesting article..."

"About...?" I Asked, still pissed off.

"Has Patrick been 100% Lately?" Heather asked.

"He was sick earlier this week, but nothing big, why?" I Asked.

"Well..." Jenny said, shrugging. Then, they were quiet for a moment.

"If you have something to say, say it," I Growled out.

"Okay, look," Nikie said. "When she was checking her e-mail, she came across this article about Patrick, and, well...."

"We don't know how to say to be honest," Jenny said filling in. "But...."

"Look Kid, There's a chance he may have like, been lying about being sick," Kristen said. I Just gave her a 'WTF' Face.

"The fuck you talking about?" I Asked confused.
"I Mean, There was an article, with pictures and everything saying Sunday Night, he was out in Chicago, All night, At a bar drinking, so much he wasn't sick, just hungover for two days," She said.

"Who the fuck gets hungover for two days?" I Asked. 

"Apparently Kaner..." Heather said.

"Well, i already know he sometimes gets out of hand when it comes to Alcohol, So whatever..." I Said, trying to shrug it off.

"That's not what we were trying to tell you, actually," Jenny said.

"Then what?" I Asked.

"Well, since he was out and public in Chicago, and since he's well, Patrick Kane, There were a lot of fans...A Lot of Female fans who were with him that night..." She said.

"Your point?" I Asked, a little nervously, but trying not to show it.

"I Mean, there's a TON Of pictures of him drunk as hell with a bunch of Slutty Drunk girls hanging all over him, way too close..." Nikie said.

"And, we think that since he got drunk, and obviously didn't know what he was doing, that he may have went farther then taking just pictures with some of them..." Kristen said, shrugging. I Just had no response. A Part of me just didn't wanna believe it, because i knew Patrick said he'd never do anything to hurt me in his life, but the other part is telling me that it does seem kind of reasonable to be true.

"You got any proof that it's true? Real proof? Not everything you read on the internet is real..." I Said, more defensively.

"You wanna see the pictures of him and those drunk sluts?" Kristen asked. I Just looked at her, breathing more heavier, and just having barely any response. 

"Look, Your right, this is just an internet article," Heather said. "It May Not be true-"

"Then why the fuck are you telling me this?" I Asked.

"Because, if it is true, wouldn't you rather hear it from us instead of someone from the media or what not?" Kristen said. I Had no answer. I Didn't know at this point. I Didn't know who trust or believe.

"You Know...Fuck this shit!" I Yelled. "Get the fuck out of my locker room, NOW." I Yelled, opening the door for them. They all looked at each other then shrugged, then slowly walked out. First Jenny, Then Nikie, Then Heather on her crutches, then Kristen.

"Never say i didn't warn you..." She said to me, looking me straight in the eye before walking out.

I Slammed the door after that, locked it, then i got out of my wrestling gear and back into some Jeans, a hoodie and some DC Sneakers and just watched the rest of the Pay-Per View alone. Justin and Heath won back the Tag Titles and in the RAW Match, Before John could get out of his Pod, Punk just went and full on attacked him, which made John the first one eliminated. But Punk didn't win either. Randy Orton actually did. But i really don't care. We have RAW In Las Vegas tomorrow, so instead off going back to a hotel, we all hopped onto a tour bus and drove there since it wasn't too far away. I Sat in the back corner away from everybody else and put my Wrestling bag in the seat next to me so no one else would sit with me. When we got to Vegas everyone was just going crazy over the lights and everything, but i just sat there and stared out the window without a care in the world. Then we got to the hotel. I Got off the bus pretty fast and headed to my room as soon as i could. I Got into my PJ's and just hopped into my bed.

"You okay?" Justin asked, concerned.

I Just ignored him, didn't look at him, and just tried to fall asleep.

"Wow..." I Said to myself in my head. "What a good, fucking day..."


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