Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Extreme Career- Year Two Week Ten // Nothing's Fine I'm Torn.

Last night was pretty hard with everything that came on. From Heather getting Attacked in my locker room, Getting screwed out of my titles, and hearing that maybe Patrick Was cheating on me. It was rough, and i had trouble sleeping. Maybe about, 3 solid hours and between the back and forth of on and off waking up, 1 hour of that, so, about 4 hours total. It was a pretty rough night for me. The next morning wasn't easy either. Usually because of my schedule, i'm up by at least Noon, but today i woke up at 8:30am, ugh. I Didn't even try to go back to sleep. I Stayed up and actually did something productive by getting dressed and just ready to start my day. Justin was still asleep, and snoring...loud. That's nice. I went over and got my wrestling bag and headed downstairs over in the lobby, and surprisingly i saw a group of Diva's and superstars down there. Part of the group was Heather, Nikie, Kristen and Jenny sitting over by the couches with Starbucks or something. I Walked over.

"You got no sleep either, eh?" I Asked them.

"Damn Kat, I'm surprised your up!" Jenny said. In the two months we've known each other, it's been clear i obviously am lazy and like my sleep. So I Guess from now on if i wake up earlier then noon, i should expect this from her.

"Me too," I Said, rubbing my eyes. "Why y'all up?"

"I Stayed up all night with John, he was down about the Chamber, and i ended up drinking A LOT Of Mountain Dew to help me stay up, so right now i have all the energy in the world," Nikie said.

"Cody's at a different hotel, and i had trouble sleeping all alone in my bed..." Jenny said, frowning

"Everytime i tried to turn in my sleep, i woke up since my body hurt..." Heather growled. I See she hasn't forgotten about last night. Then, we all looked at Kristen to see what Punk did to keep her up or whatever.

"I'm just an Early riser..." Kristen said, shrugging.

"Oh, well we all knew that," I Said, rolling my eyes.

Then, there was an awkward silence for a moment. I Just ran my fingers through my hair, then looked back up, and they all looked down. I Sighed out loud.

"For the love of god," I Said, raising my voice. "You guys have been acting so shady lately. If you need to say something, just say it!"

"No No No! We're fine," Kristen said.

"But are you?" Heather asked. I Just gave her a strange look, then rolled my eyes.

"Hey," John said, walking over with his bag hanging from his shoulder.

"Hey babe," Nikie said, nervously. Then, she got up and walked over and just hugged him. He put one arm around her.

"Well then..." I Said, changing the subject and shrugging.

"I'm heading to the Arena," John said.

"But it's only 8am, Idiot," Jenny said. "I Doubt any one else is really there except the stage crew."

"Punk and Nexus are there..." Kristen shrugged.

"Justin isn't, he's upstairs snoring like a Bison," I Said.

"That's not nice!" I Heard a voice behind me say. it startled me, so i quickly turned around and saw Justin there.

"Oh...Hi There," I Said, smiling. He didn't look too amused.

"Well, i just need to go to the Arena, whether CM Sucks is there or not," John said, which made Jenny and Nikie smile.

"Not to be rude or offensive, but i find it funny that CM Sucks sounds a little like Cena Sucks..." I Said, shrugging. Then, everyone glared at me. Nikie and Jenny death glared me.

"You Know what?" John Said. "Kat's right, I'll come with a new nickname for the dumb ass later," John said.

"I'm always right," I Said with a smile. Everyone else just laughed, and i mean everyone.

"Bitches," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Well, i'm leaving, later," John said.

"Wait!" Me and Justin both said at the same time, to our surprise.

"I Wanna go too," I Said.

"I Need to go too," Justin said. "Punk just called and woke me up and yelled at me..." He said rolling his eyes.

"Isn't that lovely?"  Heather said sarcastically.

"Well, feel free to ride with me," John said. Me and Justin got up and started following him, but Nikie grabbed me before i got too far.

"Keep an eye on him, he's been acting weird lately..." She said, sounding a little worried. I Just nodded and followed.

When we walked out of the hotel, there were a couple fans around who wanted some pictures and autographs, so we signed t-shirts, merchandise and took pictures with them, then we got in John's car and started driving to the arena while talking.

"So, be honest, why do you really wanna head to the arena this early?" I Asked John.

"Why do YOU Really wanna head to the arena this early?" John asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, i asked first!" I Said.

"True, she did," Said Justin, who was in the back.

"I Just got something to take care of, that's all," He shrugged.

"Oh, well same," I Said, also shrugging.

"I Doubt Kathryn's gonna be there this early...I Saw her talking to some guy earlier...looked like he was interviewing her," Justin Shrugged.

"She hasn't even been the champ for 24 hours and she's already doing interviews?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow. "I Have never wanted to kick someones ass like i do right now.''

"Eh, you have a rematch entitled to you, i'm sure you'll win it back then or something..." John said.

"I Better..." I Growled through my teeth as John continued driving.

*Minutes Later, Thomas & Mack Center, 9:15am*

Justin, John and I Walked in with our Stuff into the Arena for the night. We were right. Since it was so earlier, there was like no one there except the Stage Crew getting the ring and stuff ready, Hunter and Stephanie who were finishing the final card for tonight, and a couple other wrestlers and diva's, but that's all. Everyone else was at the hotel or gym. I Walked over by the curtain where the line-up was posted. I wasn't on their at all. No Match, no promo, no nothing. However, Kathryn was scheduled to go out and do a promo. So, i guess i will have a promo after all. After that, i headed toward my Locker room. I Went in and took a shower since i didn't do it back at the hotel. Since i don't have a match, after i got out, i didn't get into my attire, instead. I Changed into something casual.-DC Sneakers, Black Skinny Jeans, a Blue Wrestlemania T-Shirt, and a white hoodie. After that, i walked out and headed back to the main backstage part. However, while doing it, i walked past Hunter, who looked like he was on a very important phone call. So, i hid behind a wall and listened.

"Yes, Vickie, i agree, Teddy Long is being HIGHLY Unfair!" He said. "I'll make sure to talk to him As Soon As I Can! As for the real matter here...Your welcome to take care of Business next week at the Garden at RAW. You and Him and the other superstars can come over for RAW This one time and have it here...Oh, Well if you want that to happen, it would be quite un-fair, how about i add one of my diva's to it as well...Say, hm...Oh! I Got it! Kasey Angel!" He said. After the last part, i raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, she did get her ass kicked last night at the chamber, she'll be easy to defeat...too easy," He said, with a sly smirk.

"The fuck are you saying about me!?" I Shouted coming out from behind the wall. Hunter was shocked to see me at first, but got over it.

"I'll call you back....Yes, that's her...I Know, she really is annoying..." He said, looking directly at me for the last part. "Yes, I'll call you later, bye," He said, hanging up.

"Well...?" I Asked, crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Miss Angel, may i ask why you are here?" He asked, also crossing his arms now.

"Oh, I Don't know...Maybe because i work here?" I Said sarcastically.

"Well, After your rather, humiliating lose to Miss Prince Last night, Stephanie thought it would be a good idea to give you the night off," He said.

"So....Good-Bye!" He said, trying to get me out. I Just stood there, arms still crossed and looking at him. Then, i took a deep breath and sighed.

"With no dis-respect to Stephanie, I'm already here, and i'm not leaving," I Said, which caused him to roll his eyes.

"Well, you have nothing scheduled for you tonight," He said.

"I'll figure something out," I Said confidently.

"Well, if that's the case, you might wanna change..." He said, looking at what i was wearing. I Rolled my eyes this time.

"I Swear you are the biggest idiot on the planet," I Said.

"If i were you, i'd watch your mouth," He warned. "I Am your boss, remember..."

"And I Don't care who you are, remember...." I Said back. He rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, why the hell are you talking about me on the phone?" I Asked.

"Can't a boss talk about one of his best female wrestlers today?" He asked.

"Uh, No," I Said. "Besides, you fucking hate me, tell me."

"You wanna know?" He asked.  "Well i'm not telling you, but this week on smackdown, watch the main event, then you'll catch on..." He said with a smirk on his face. Then, he just walked away right past me and headed toward his office. I watched him walk off, then shrugged, then headed back to the main area.

More people arrived here then before,and all of them were in Ring Gear.I Just sat and a crate and watched them all arrive, one by one while also listening to my IPod. There really isn't anything to do at 9:30am in the morning, i guess.

*Same Arena, Same Time, The Nexus Locker room, John Cena's POV*

The reason i decided to get here so early was because i really did have some business to take care of. I Was standing outside the Nexus Locker room, i had a camera crew with me and we were about to shoot some footage for RAW Later tonight.

"Just follow me in..." I Said, backing up.

Then, I Charged at the Door and knocked it right open  and saw Punk, Barrett, Slater, Gabriel, Otunga, Harris and Ryan all there. I Went after Harris first, grabbed him and throwing him out into the hall. One by one i did that until they were all out in the hall, laying on the floor in pain, so much pain they couldn't get up. The only one i didn't do was CM Punk. He stayed in, a little shaky, he looked nervous, i liked that. I Ran up to him, Grabbed him by his shirt collar and threw him up against a wall and held him up there.

"Punk, for such a long time, you've made my life and my career a living hell, and for no reason," I Growled through my teeth.

"You've cost me matches, Title shots, embarrass me in front of my friends and family, you've done that for such a long damn time...Well guess what, I'm tired of this bull crap! I'm tired of just lying dead on the floor and letting you make my life hell, I'm tired of Nexus, I'm tired of YOU!"

"What you trying to say, Cena?" Punk asked, looking a little cocky.

"I'm saying this. Wrestlemania. Handicap Match. Me, John Cena, versus All of Nexus. If i win, i get the satisfaction of knowing I'm great enough to take out 7 guys at once in one match," I Said. Punk just smirked.

"What if i win?" He asked.

This was the hard part. I've been contemplating this for WEEKS, all on my own. I Didn't tell Anyone-Even Nikie or Jenny- About what i was thinking because i knew they would say the same thing and that it's a bad decision. It was a tough one, but my mind's made up.

"Well, Punk, If you win...Oh, If you win..." I Said, pausing, then sighed, trying to build up the courage to say it.

"Punk, If you win, I'm done," I Said.

"Your done?" He asked, a little shocked.

"Yes, done. Done with Wrestling together. No more matches, no more appearances, no more promo's, NOTHING To have to do with Wrestling, Not just WWE, but i mean all wrestling companies out there, I'm completely done," I Said, then gulping after. I Couldn't believe i actually agreed to put my entire career on the line in a match i pretty much have no chance in. Punk just grew a gigantic smirk on his face.

"Your On."

*6 Hours later, 3:30pm, Kat's POV*

"DOWN SHAKE THAT ASS AIN'T NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME, BITCH!'' I Sang, skipping up and down the hall ways of the arena. We had about 3 hours until show time, and i managed to kill off the first 6 hours of being here with nothing to do, i'm on a roll.

While going around singing parts of Make It Rain, i stumbled by the weight room, and i saw a girl in there, throwing punches at a punching bag, pretty intense, she was also listening to her IPod. Then, she just stopped out of no where. Then, she started dancing and singing. I Just watched and raised an eyebrow.

"She said LOOK MA, NO HANDS And No Darling i don't dance I'm with Roscoe I'm with Waka i think i deserve a chance!  I'ma bad mother fucker, gon' ask some mother fucker a young handsome mother fucker..." Then, she like, just stopped. I Guess she forgot the lyrics or something. Wale's part is hard. She just went back to punching the bag. But when Chorus came, she started singing again.

"Girl drop it to the floor i love the way your booty goes! All i wanna do, sit back and watch you move and i'll Proceed to throw this cash!" She sang. Then, i decided to have some fun.

'R-O-S-C-O-E Mr. Shawty Put it on me I Be going Ham shorty upgrade from Bologna them people tippin' Good girl, but i could make it flood 'cause i walk around with pockets that are bigger then my bus! Rain Rain Go Away that's what all my haters say My pocket's stuck on overload my rain never evaporates!" I Sang sneaking up behind her, which startled her for a moment, but she got over it.

"Your Kasey Angel!" She shouted.

"Well Duh, who else would i be?" I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"My Name's Jamila, But people call my Jammy!" She said, smiling and extending her hand. I Shook it. "I Just got called up From FCW Along with AJ Lee!"

"THAT'S Why She was at the Royal Rumble with Kathryn!" I said to myself in my head.

"Oh, well then, Welcome to RAW!" I Said, shrugging a little. "Come, i'll show ya' around the place," I Said, motioning her to follow me, as she did.

"That's the locker room's," I Said, pointing. "Everyone in there's pretty nice, but keep out for three people in there," I Warned.

"Who?" She asked.

"Aj Lee, Kathryn Prince, and Maryse," I Said.

"Okay, i get AJ and Kathryn, but why Maryse?" She asked.

"Maryse is know..." I Said, trying to find the right words. "OH! She's a dumb blonde gold-digging hoe!" I Said. "Just stay away from her, that bitch."

"Wow, harsh words," She said.

"In the locker room, everything's harsh, trust me," I Said.

"Harsh as in?"

"There's a shitload of swearing going on," I Said.

"Oh, gotcha," She said.

"Alright, moving on," I Said. "That's the trainers room, I'm sure you've heard about it back in FCW, so forget that. Over there is basically the main backstage part," I Said, walking her over to the center. "If the Superstars and Diva's aren't in their locker rooms, there out here then, And caterings around here, too."

"Alright, i got you," She said.

Then, Jenny, Heather, Nikie and Kristen walked up.

"YO!" Kristen said, smiling. I Just looked at her, then sighed and looked away and shook my head.

"Your such an idiot," I Said.

"Offended," She said, looking down.

"Good," I Said, smiling.

"I Hate you," She said.

"I Love You Too Bitch," I Said.

"Whore," She said.

"Are they always like this?" Jamila Asked.

"Pretty much," Nikie, Heather and Jenny said, all at the same time.

''Wow..." Jamila Said.

"Get used to it, whatever your name is," Kristen said.

"It's Jamila, but-"

"But some People call her Jammy," Jenny said for her. We all looked confused, except her and Jamila.

"How did you know that?" I Asked.

"We grew up with each other," Jenny shrugged.

"Really?" Heather asked.

"Yep!" Jamila said, smiling.

"But your like...different," Nikie shrugged.

"How?" Jenny asked, confused.

"Well....I Just met Jamila while watching her dance to Waka Flocka Flame...And i'm pretty sure you have no idea who Waka Flocka Flame all," I Shrugged.

"I Moved away to the city eventually," Jamila said.

"And became one of those cool people unlike Jenny?" Heather asked.

"Hey!" Jenny yelled at her, giving her one of her death glares, which personally scares the shit out of me.

"Oh Come on, We all know Country isn't that in, Jenny," Heather said. Jenny continued giving her the death glare from hell. Heather just felt so uncomfortable.

"Okay then!" Kristen said.

"Yeah,i'll let you all be, i got things to do..." I Said, walking away, pretty fast so i couldn't get any comments from them.

Truth is, i didn't have anything important to do. I Just needed some time alone to myself. I Ran back to the locker rooms real quick and went into my wrestling bag to grab my Laptop, then a ran back out and left the backstage area and sneaked out of the arena, but went a strange way, so no fans could see me---Most of them were lined up at the front waiting to get in for tonights show--- And i went into the arena again another way and ended up in the lobby. There, i ran up about, 4 flights of stairs in order to get up all the way to the top to the Box. Randy Orton likes this place a lot for Pre-Show napping and stuff, and this place has grown on me. It's the only place in the arena Wrestlers and Diva's can truly be alone to concentrate before shows without anyone else around, annoying you. HOWEVER, when i got up there, i shut the door behind me and locked it and was about to sit on the couch, but, for some reason, Deja Vu was happening. Justin was sleeping on the couch. This is how---and where---we first met last year. Only difference-I Let him get his sleep last time, this time, ah, No.

I Put my laptop on a counter nearby and then i picked up a pillow that must have fell on the floor or something. Then, i continuesly beat him with it until he was off the couch, standing up and wide awake. He looked mortified.

"What are you doing!?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Just get out, i need to be alone," I Said.

"No," Justin Said. "You WANT to be alone, but by that look on your face, you really shouldn't," He said. He was half true, half wrong. Of course i wanted someones shoulder to cry on, but stuff like this, you don't want anyone else knowing, too embarrassing.

"Just, please, leave me alone,'' I Practically begged. He just looked at me for a moment, then sighed.

"There's no winning against you..." He said, shaking his head in shame and walking away. Thank you lord.

After he left, i grabbed my laptop, and flopped right down onto the couch and turned it on. After it was on, i went on google, and the first thing i googled was Patrick Kane. Maybe i was over-reacting, but i was getting a little parniod with this whole Possible situation with Kaner. I Just had to find out what was going on.The first thing i saw was images for him which was just hockey pictures, not my concern. Then, i came across "News For Patrick Kane" And just saw two articles concerning him and the Hawks. I Guess Kristen, Heather, Jenny, And Nikie lied and once again tried to get us apart, how did i not suspect this? I Was about ready to get the hell out and pound my fist against their faces, until i saw one more article under the other two. I Clicked on it, and i just couldn't believe it. It was one about him getting drunk out of his fucking mind, had pictures of him being drunk out of his fucking mind, and more importantly, pictures of him with girls ALL OVER HIM That weren't even me. Real Pictures. You can't Photoshop stuff like this. I Didn't know how the hell to react. I Just kept looking at it. I Just couldn't believe it, at all. Then, i heard a knock on the door and got up and answered it.

"Yeah..." I Muttered out.

"Miss Angel, we're about to let fans into the arena, you might wanna get out right now if you don't wanna have to run into them all," One of the staff workers said. I Just nodded, slowly walked back over to go grab my laptop, then walked out.

*Later that night, almost Mid-Way through RAW, Backstage Area*

It was finally time. We were almost Mid-Way through RAW,and Kathryn had just arrived at the arena and was about to go to the ring and cut her first promo since beating me last night. As if i wasn't already glued to the TV, now, there was no way i was taking my eyes off of it. Then, RAW  Came back from Commercial, and Kathryn's music started to play around the arena as she came out in some DC High Tops, Worn out Jeans, and a hoodie with her titles both around her waist. She was just glowing, and had SUCH A Big smile on her face, nothing could bring her down...not even 10,000+ People booing the shit out of her. She purposely decided to just take her time to get down to the ring.

"Damn, could she seriously be any slower?" Kristen asked.

"She's slower then Randy was back when he was heel on '09," Jenny said.

"Yeah, that bitch,"Nikie said.

"I Don't really get what's wrong with her..." Jamila shrugged. We all just looked at her.

"Child, do you even watch WWE Programming?" I Asked while looking at her like she was the biggest idiot on the planet.

"Yeah, but it's a character, maybe she's actually really nice and decent off camera..." Jamila said.

"Maybe she's nice and decent to others, but to me, she's still the same bitch," I Said.

"True," Kristen said. "Once, they got into a verbal and physical fight in catering at a houseshow." I Just nodded.

"Okay yeah, you kinda scare me now," Jamila said looking at me.

"Good," I Said back.

"SHHH Kathryn's got a mic," Heather said, which caused us all to turn our attention back to the tv.

"So, last night, in California, there was a pay-per view going on, called The Elimination Chamber. And well, Yours truly had a match against none other then Kasey Angel. And uh, if you didn't get a chance to see it, here's pretty much how it went down..." She said, with a cocky smirk on her face, then pointing to the tron.

On the tron, it showed a bunch of editted footage from our match. The funny thing was all it showed was her kicked my ass, over and over again. It didn't show how much better i actually did, just her highlights.

"I Find it funny this is making her surprisingly look good, even though she looked horrible last night..." I Observed.

"Kat, she's a heel, what the hell do you expect from her?" Kristen asked.

"Hence, why i stand in this very ring YOUR NEW Undisputed Women's Champion..." Kathryn said with a smirk on her face and glancing down at her titles. "Now, moving on. I'm down with Kasey, i've beaten her ass enough times, i'm ready for new and more important things, like Wrestlemania..." She said, quickly lighting up.

"And i shall return in a few," I Said, getting up and leaving the locker room area.

I Saw on the monitors Kathryn talk about a new #1 contender, but i didn't care. Right in the middle of that, my music blasted through the arena as i ran out from behind the curtain and onto the ramp, getting a pretty good reaction out of the crowd, everyone in the arena was excited to see me, except Kathryn herself. She just crossed her arms in the ring, looking at me. I Just walked straight down the ramp, eyes glued on Kathryn. Then, i walked up the steel steps and got into the ring and requested a mic and then got face to face with Kathryn.

"You Know, it's funny," I Said,. "It's funny how such a hypocrite you are. First you come out here, bragging about how you beat me, then you go around talking about a NEW Number One contender. Well, see, like you first said, I WAS The Former Champ. And uh, as Former champion, I'm entitled to a rematch, so uh, technically, I AM The Number One Contender for your titles," I Smirked at her.

"No, No No No No No!" Kathryn yelled. "That's NOT What's going to happen!"

"Whoa, Calm down! Don't worry, i've figured it out," I Said, smirking again. "Either you can give me my rematch RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW And i can kick your ass, or...-"

"No! I Technically don't have to defend my title for 30 days! It's in the contract!" Kathryn yelled again.

"Oh...Good point..." I Said, looking down. "Wait.,..wait wait wait!" I Said, quickly smirking again.

"Wait what?" Kathryn Asked.

"Do the math, Kathryn," I Said, smirking. "You don't have to defend for 30 days. Well, 30 days from now, guess what that is?" I Said, getting up in her face more. "WRESTLEMANIA."

I Paused after that to hear the Roar of the crowd, and to look at Kathryn's face. She really wasn't happy.

"Now, See, Either you can fight me now, i can kick your ass and win, OR, we can save it until Wrestlemania," I Said. "Now, while making up your mind, i just wanna remind you, only one of us has been to Wrestlemania before, and that one of us is NOT You."

"If i fight you tonight and somehow You win, i still get a rematch i can use at Wrestlemania anyway!" She said.

''OH NO YOU CAN'T!'' I Yelled, smiling. "You beat me LAST Night, So you owe me MY Rematch By Wrestlemania or On Wrestlemania, HOWEVER, if i beat you now, I Won't technically have to defend until The Night AFTER Wrestlemania," I Said, smirking. Kathryn looked extremely pissed off by now. "So, you technically have Two Options. Either you go to Wrestlemania for the first time, or you not, your choice."

Then, her and me Really got face to face, It was intense. She was, i was.  We both had so much hatred toward each other, and you could tell, which is why i think we got the reaction we did from the crowd, which was positive. Then, Kathryn lifted her mic up to her face.

"Kasey Angel," She began. "In 30 Days, I Will Successfully Defend MY Titles against you in Atlanta, Georgia at the grandest stage of them all....WRESTLEMANIA!"

*The Next Day, Chicago IL, 3:30PM*

"I Swear to god, you are the most judgemental person alive, Kat," Sarah said to me over the phone.

"Am Not!" I Said, while walking downtown Chicago back to mine and Patrick's Apartment Building.

"Kat, Just Because Kris is Canadian and lives in Canada Doesn't mean he's tight with a Band From Canada," Sarah said to me. "That's like thinking a white man knows Eminem just because there both white and from Michigan!"

"Okay, maybe that isn't right..." I Shrugged.

"MAYBE?!" Sarah said over the phone. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Will you talk to him about going to Concert Sunday Night while we're in T.O Or not!?" I Asked.

"Remind me again why I Have to ask him this?" She asked.

"Because i had to replace my phone two weeks ago and i never got his number again," I Said shrugging.

"Well if i was Kris I Wouldn't give you my number either," Sarah said.

"Seriously, Your such a bitch today," I Said rolling my eyes.

"Whatever," She said. "You want me to talk to Kris or not?"

"Yes Please," I Said.

"Alright," She said. "Besides, I heard one of their songs before on a commercial, they aren't too bad."

"They're fucking amazing!!!" I Said.

"Yeah, whatever," Sarah said. "I gotta go, I'll talk to you....Bye." She said, hanging up. I Just rolled my eyes. Then, i walked into the apartment building and was greeted by our manager.

"OH! Mrs. Kane!" He said. Now, part of me wanted to correct him, however....Nah.

"Yeah?" I Asked.

"These were sent a couple minutes ago, i was told to give you this ASAP," The manager said.

Then, he went behind his desk and grabbed a trey of brownies and handed them to me. I Just looked at them suspicous.

 "Who sent me these?" I Asked.

"Didn't say," He said. "He left a type note attached to it saying to give them to you ASAP, i guess i was dealing with something else when they arrived."

"Um...Okay then," I Said, shrugging it off.

Then, i got into the elevator with my brownies from...whoever, and i headed up to the top floor to get to my apartment. When i got there, so many thoughts were going through my head- What was i gonna do with Patrick? What if he wasn't there? What if he was there? I Just didn't know. So i just unlocked the door and went in. Whatever happens will happen. I Walked and saw no Patrick. Then, i slammed the door shut, and walked over into the kitchen to put the brownies then, and sure enough, he was there, coming down the stairs.

"Hey Kit-Kat," He said, with a smile on his face coming over to me. Then, he saw the brownies. "OHH, Brownies!!!"He said excited, and reaching to grab one. I Just smacked his hand to his surprise.

"Um...OW!" He said, holding his right hand, the one i hit him with.

"Sorry, but don't eat these," I Said.

"Why not?" He asked, confused.

"I Didn't make these, some random un-known person left this for us in the lobby," I Shrugged. He did too.

"Maybe it was the same person who sent you that stuff on Valentines day too?" He said.

"Maybe," I Said.

"So, what?" He asked.

"I Don't think these are regular brownies. I Think that these know...'Special' Brownies," I Said. Kaner looked confused.

"Special brownies, you know, with Pot in it," I Said. To My Surprise, Kaner was STILL Confused. I Sighed.

"The kind Hyde made on that one episode of That 70s Show,'' I Sighed.

"OH!" Kaner said, finally getting it. Gosh, sometimes, he's such an idiot. "I Know how we can find out if theres stuff in their or not," He said, winking. I Was confused, but went with it.

Then, he took the trey and headed out of the kitchen, i just followed, Confused. Then, i realized something-He was heading straight to the bathroom. Then, it all clicked in my head.

"Oh Good Lord No," I Said out loud. "Patrick Timothy Kane, Don't You DARE Do What i think your about to do!" I Yelled.

"Relax, Babe, I Know what i'm doing!" He said, getting into the bathroom.

Then, he opened up the lid to the toilet. After that, he then dumped ALL Of the brownies onto the trey in there.

"Oh My Gosh..." I Said, face palming.

"It get's better," He said, smiling.

Then, he actually tried to FLUSH The brownies down the toilet. It ended up looking like.....Dookey.  I Just looked at it, disgusted.

"I'll go call the plumber..." I Mumbled under my breath, crossing my arms and leaving.

"Hold on! Look at this again!" Patrick Said keeping me in their.

"I'd rather not," I Said sarcastically.

"You see how at the top there's a thickish Liquid?" He said, pointing to it. I Nodded. "That means you were right. Those weren't ordinary Brownies, they had pot in it," He said.

I Just shrugged. I Didn't get it, who would Purposely try to drug me and my boyfriend? Whoever it is...this is getting creepy, and i'm getting scared.

*Much Later that night, A little after midnight*

After making a rather humiliating call to a plumber and explaining what happened, it took him about two hours to get everything fixed, then I Ordered in some Pizza that me and Kaner had, and ever since, it's just been like a lazy day. We've just been sitting on the couch watching E! And Jersey Shore.

"God, Snooki and Deena really do defy the laws of Intelligance," Kaner said.

"I Can't believe Tazer got you into this show," I Said.

"He watches sometimes at night in the hotel rooms, it's actually entertaining i guess," He shrugged.

"Yeah, it is..." I Said. Pretty much, I've been keeping my distance from engaging like, a real conversation with him all day.

Then, Patrick leaned forward and grabbed the remote and put the tv on mute and then he turned to me.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I Said, looking away from him, He just put his hand around my jaw and turned my head around to face him.

"You know what i mean," He said. "You just haven't been yourself today. You've seemed down and distant. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, i'm fine," I Said, trying to look away again, he didn't let me.

"Stop trying to lie," He said. "Just tell me, come on, you can trust me and you know that."

"Can i?" I Managed to mutter out, but quietly.

"Wait, what?" He asked.

I Didn't really no how to respond after that exactly, so i took a moment to think about it and how i was gonna put what i was about to say next.

"Look..." I Began. "I Was talking to some of my friends...and they heard some stuff about you..." Kaner just sat there.

"Uh, Like?" He asked.

"Like...that while was gone, you went out, got drunk, and did some certain stuff..." I Shrugged. Kaner just had an eyebrow raised.

"Uh, What else did they apparently say i did?" He asked.

"Well, they said you were with, girls, lots of them, and they were all over you..." I Said. At this point, Kaner had a Bigger Pokerface then Lady Gaga.

"And uh, your gonna believe them?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah," I Said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Oh, I Don't know, maybe because there my friends?" I Said.

"Yeah, But i'm your BOYFRIEND," He said. "How many times have i told you that I Wouldn't do ANYTHING Like that?"

"A Lot," I Said. "But you were drunk, i saw-"

"You what?" He said.

"It started getting the best of me, so i went and googled it," I Shrugged.

"Okay, so hold up," Patrick said. "You think I Did something, but instead of asking ME What's going on, you listen to your friends, who hate me, and the internet."

"Whoa, you know i didn't mean it like th-"

"I Don't care how you meant it!" Patrick said. "I Don't care if your friends told you first, instead of letting what they say get the best of you, you should have just fucking asked me!"

"Whoa, Watch it..." I Warned.

"No! Why should i?" He asked, sounding pissed off. I've never seen him so defensive and mad like this. "I Just can't believe when it comes to us, your listening to your stupid little idiot friends instead of me!" Then, he got up off the couch and started walking away, i got up and walked after him.

"Hey! Don't call my friends idiots!" I Yelled

"Why shouldn't i? They are!" He said.

"My friends are the idiots?" I Asked.

"Yes, they are!" He said, still walking. "There the ones who won't stop getting involved in your love life trying to find ANY Reason they can to hate me."

"They don't like you, so what?" I Asked.

"So What? So they don't like me just because you chose me and not that one guy! That's the most shittiest reason i have ever heard to hate me," He said. "Seriously, your friends are truly some of the worst people i have met in my life."

"Hey, at least my friends don't go out to clubs at night and get drunk then go and beat up poor innocent Cab Drivers over a couple fucking Cents!" I Yelled at him.

Then, Both Me and Patrick stopped talking and walking. I Just couldn't believe what i just said. I Just brought up without a doubt the worst moment of Patrick's entire life just because he was mad and called my friends idiots.

"You Know what..." He said, turning around and walking again. "I'm done. I'm done with you and I'm done with this drama," He said walking toward the door. I Didn't walk after, but i turned around.

"So your just gonna walk out just like that?" I Asked.

"Yes, i am," He said. "Watch me!" He yelled while grabbing his jacket.

Then, he opened up the door, walked out, and slammed it shut. I Just took a deep breath and walked back over to the couch and sat down. Was it ironic how when i sat down and looked at the tv, it was Jersey Shore and Sam and Ronnie were fighting? Maybe, maybe not, i don't know. I Don't know anything at this point. I Don't know what i was thinking, i don't know why i just said that. I just wanna blame Patrick for this, saying that he didn't have to get so defensive or do what he did. But sadly, this one was all on me.

To Be Continued...


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