Friday, April 22, 2011

The Extreme Career-Year Two Week Ten Part Two // Baby Please Don't Go

It was 1am, i was all alone. Patrick left and he hasn't come back yet. I'm really starting to wonder if he'll ever come back. I Really wouldn't blame him if he didn't. Tears were just rolling down my face and i was just a mess. I Really care about Patrick actually and i didn't intentionally want to hurt him. He probably feels like, 10x worse then how i felt back when my ex broke off our engagement back on my 21st birthday. I Just feel so bad, and watching Jersey Shore surprisingly didn't help. I Was just a wreck. I Decided to grab my phone and let people know what's happening, i just need help and someone to talk to.

"I Need someone to talk to...I Just got into a HUGE Fight with Patrick and he walked out :\ Please?" I Typed on BBM. Then, i sent it out to about everyone; Kristen, Sarah, Jenny, Nikie, And Heather.

*Same Time, Tampa, FL, Jenny and Cody's Condo, Jenny's POV*

"Honestly i swear to god!" Jammy said over in the kitchen getting a drink. "Cody looks like such an Assclown with that thing on his face!"

"Shut up!" I Yelled back at her, in my living room on the couch.

We didn't have RAW Houseshows until tomorrow night so we got to go home for a day, and since Jammy just got onto RAW, she's not exactly used to our busy schedule yet. So, instead of staying at her place, she'll be here for the next week or two so i can help her adjust to the schedule.

"You know, your just jealous..." Cody said, looking back at her.

"Exactly what would i be jealous of?" She said back, looking at him disgusted.

"Your so sleeping on the couch tonight..." I Said.

"I Bet its more  comfortable then that crappy ass bed in the guest room!" Jamila said sitting down.

"And to think i was gonna compliment you on having a kick ass debut Monday Night..." Cody said, shaking his head.

"Well you just did, so HA," Jammy said sticking her tongue out at him. Cody rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, why can't you two just get along for once?" I Asked.

"I Don't Associate Myself with Idiots..." Jammy said, sitting down.

"Really? Because...You are one!" Cody yelled. We both just looked at him.

"Oh Cody, even i have to say that was a little pathetic," I Shrugged. Cody just crossed his arms and pouted. Too cute, but Jamila just gagged.

"So, what are we watching?" She asked. right after Cody got off the guide and picked the show.

"Did you seriously just ask me that?" He asked her. "Are you mentally retarded or something?"

"The tests haven't come back yet, so we don't know yet..." I Joked. Jammy wasn't too amused.

"Whatever," She said, rolling her eyes.

Then, we all went back to watching TV For a moment until my phone started vibrating. I Checked it and saw it was Kat. At first, i hesitated to answer, since it's Kat. I've never gotten a Real Text from her. Just Forwards and stuff. But, i did anyway, and thank god i did. After i read it, i was just breathless.

"Country, what's wrong?" Cody asked me.

"I Just got a weird text from Kat," I Shrugged.

    "Weird as in?" Jamila asked.

    "She got into like, a fight with her boyfriend or something..." I Said.

    "Wait, Kat has a boyfriend!?" Jamila asked.

    "You may be the only one on the planet who didn't know that," Cody said to her.

    "Damn it! So that makes me the only single one..." She said, pouting.

    "Well, maybe not for long..." I Said. "She said her boyfriend walked out."

    "Damn, yeah she'll probably be single," Cody said.

    "For a while hopefully..." I Shrugged, which got me some looks.

    "Wait, what's that mean?" Cody said, making a cute, adorable confused face.

    "Ew..." Jamila gagged just looking at him. Cody then quickly frowned, and turned over facing Jammy.

    "You Know, Your just jealous that when we get old, Me and Jenny will die in eachothers arms unlike you who will die ALL ALONE," Cody Yelled. Jammy just gasped, then she looked furious. Then, she reached for the Remote over on the coffee table and then hit him with it in the head.

    After that, there was a lot of back and forth yelling between them, to my dismay. I Just lay back in my seat and waited for it to end, but it didn't. It was still going on 5 minutes later.

    "OKAY, YOU KNOW WHAT BASTARD!?" Jammy Yelled. Then, she leaned forward to the coffee table and grabbed the remote, then held it up. I Grabbed a pillow close by and threw it at her.

    "Would you two shut the hell up!?" I Yelled. "Man, this is serious!"

    "No offense, but what has Kat done for me to make me care?" Cody asked. I Smacked him lightly in the face.

    "She barely even knows you yet!" I Yelled at him.

    "You didn't need to yell..." He said, sitting down and pouting. I Just rolled my eyes, then took a deep breath and sat back down.

    "So, explain to me why your so involved with Kat's love life?" Jamila asked me.

    "I'm not involved with Kat's love life!" I Shouted. "I'm involved in Justin's love life..." I Mumbled under my breath.  Jammy and Cody just raised eyebrows.

    "The hell?" Jammy asked.

    "It's a long story," I Said.

    "Don't worry," She said, leaning back with a sly smirk on her face. "I Got time." I Rolled my eyes.

    "See, Justin has a thing for Kat, and deep down inside, i have a feeling she has feelings back," I Shrugged.

    "Jenny, what the hell have i told you about getting involved in other peoples personal lifes!?" Jammy yelled at me.

    "She's right, cowgirl, Your not exactly the best match maker," Cody shrugged, actually agreeing with her.

    "I'm not putting them together! I'm just...helping them," I Shrugged with a slight smile on. They just both rolled their eyes as i grabbed my cell phone and called Justin to tell him the news.

    *Same Time, NY City, NY, Heather's Condo, Heather's POV*

    "Really bitch, it's 2am and your not even home yet!?" I Yelled in my condo, to myself. "We had no fucking houseshows tonight and your still not home!?"

    Alex still hasn't gotten home yet, and last time i checked, this is the 3rd time since last week that we've gotten to go back home to my place in New York---We moved in a while ago--- and he's been out all night.I Was really getting paranoid with this, and for all the right reason.

    Then, i heard the door slam open and saw Riley walk in, completely drunk. He had a huge smirk on his face. Then, he came over to me and just wrapped his hands around me.

    "Get the hell off of me!" I Yelled at him, pushing him off. That made him angry, and you can tell by the look on his face.

    "Don't you DARE Put your hands on me!" He yelled at me, before trying to walk away to the bedroom, but he could literally not walk at all. He just stumbled and had to put his hands against the walls to keep himself up.

    "Don't you DARE Go around with some other Skanks around my back!" I Yelled back. Alex stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, breathing heavy. Then, he stumbled up by me again.

    "Why the hell are you accusing me of cheating on you?" He asked.

    "Why shouldn't i be?" I Asked. "Look at yourself! I Have EVERY Reason to accuse you!"

    "Your only saying that because you know i could do better then you," He said. "And truth is, i could. But I'm with you, be grateful."

    "Excuse me little drunken boy?" I Asked raising an eyebrow and crossing my arms. "Did you just say you could do better then me?"

    "What the hell does it sound like i said bitch!?" Riley yelled at me, getting up in my face. I Pushed him back into a wall.

    "Don't fucking scream in MY Face in MY Apartment!" I Yelled at him. He just looked at me, blankly.

    "You Know what, Heather?" He said. "I'm almost 30 Fucking years old! I Don't need someone accusing me of shit i didn't do!" He yelled.

    Then, he just stormed out of the apartment and slammed the door open, walked out, and slammed it shut. I wasn't done, so i followed him and opened the door back up and peaked my head out.


    I Was just SO Pissed at this point. I Didn't even know what to do at the moment, so i just walked back and forth around my apartment, Raging mad. Then, i flopped onto my couch trying to catch my breath, and just broke out crying from all this stress this ONE Man in this Big world has been causing me lately. Then, my phone went off, but i just ignored it and went to my room, got in my bed and went to sleep.

    *Boston, MA, John and Nikie's House, John's POV*

    "Fucking Rain..." I growled looking out the window real quick, then sitting down.

    We Just got off a flight from CT,and it was raining outside. Nikie and i napped on the plane, so despite how late it was, we weren't tired, at all. So, when we got home, she popped up some Popcorn and we were just gonna watch a movie.

    "Just put down the blinds, you won't notice," She Said, walking over with a bowl of popcorn and turning on the tv before cuddling up next to me on the couch.

    "Whatever," I said, sounding a little annoyed.

    "You okay?" She Asked.

    "Why wouldn't i be?" I Shrugged. "A Perfect night in with my favorite person on the planet, Amazing," I Said, forcing a smile on my face.

    The Dipshits in Creative decided not to air my promo challenging Nexus at Wrestlemania until Next Week's RAW At the Garden, so that was pissing me off. But not just that. Apperently Hunter wasn't happy with my Elimination Chamber match, and since i was the top guy in the match, he felt i should have come to him and have it changed since he didn't like the people in it. Dipshit. WWE's been pissing me off lately, to the point i really do wanna leave. But i'm not letting Nikie know though, she'd be so worried. I Guess she can find out next monday.

    "You just haven't seemed the same lately...'' She shrugged with a frown on her face.

    "Well, it's wrestlemania time, stressful time, and other then Kat's match, nothing really settled, and as one of the top stars, that's just a lot of pressure," I Shrugged. She then got up and got behind me and just started rubbing my shoulders for me.

    "Don't worry, I'm Positive everything regarding the match card will get cleared up soon," She reassured.

    "Yeah, hopefully..." I Said.

    "Fuck no it won't get any better then it is right now," I Said to myself in my head.

    Then, I Heard 'HLR' Playing over in the kitchen.

    "Babe, think that's your cell..." I Said. She went over to go get it. I Took a deep breath and tried to stay calm. This whole thing with WWE Is seriously stressing me out. Then Nikie came back and i acted just like nothing was happening.

    "So..." I Said. Then, i looked up and saw the look on Nikie's face-Mortified.

    "What's wrong?" I Asked.

    "I Feel like such a bitch," She said, sitting down next to me and laying her head on my lap.

    "Your not one," I comforted her.

    "Read this," She said, handing me her phone. I Read a strange text message on it.

    "What the hell is this?" I Asked, confused.

    "It's from Kat, her and Patrick are like breaking up," She sighed out.

    "How the hell does this concern you?" I Asked.

    "See....I'm like, maybe 1/5 of the reason for this happening..." She shrugged. I Just raised an eyebrow.

    "What?" I Asked.

    "I heard he possibly cheated on her, told her, and, yeah..." She said.

    "Well, what if he was?" I Said. "You just had your friend's best interest in mind, not your fault. Besides, it's not like anyone liked him anyway."

    "Well Kat did, obviously," Nikie said.

    "Nik, that girl has absolutely no idea what she wants," I Said.

    "What?" She asked, sitting up and looking confused. I Just shrugged.

    "Trust me, you'll figure out what i mean later," I Said. "Look, she just needs someone who's....not Patrick."

    "What do you have against him?" She asked me.

    "What do YOU Have against him?" I Asked her, raising an eyebrow. She was dead silent. I Just smirked.

    "Look, they just aren't right for each other. Kat needs someone more stable, and Patrick, so does he. They're young have no intention of maturing anytime sooner," I Said.

    "Good points," Nikie said.

    "Besides, it's obvious that-"

    "That Justin and Kat should be together?" Nikie said, cutting me off. I Raised an eyebrow.

    "Girl did you just cut me off?" I Asked. She just smirked.

    "What if i did?" She said, sticking out her tongue. I Smirked.

    Then, i got a hold of her and pinned her down to the Couch and started passionately kissing her. Kissing turned into my shirt coming off, as well as her bra. That turned into full out sex on the couch for about an hour. After that, we reheated the popcorn, snuggled up and actually watched a movie like we planned. I'm happy i helped Nikie out with one of her problems, and she made me feel good for the first time in a LONG Time, well, ever since this WWE Drama. But, i can't run to my women everytime i have a problem. I Really just need to suck it up and be a man.

    *Hotel Room, 2:15am,  Raleigh, NC, Kristen's POV*

    "Dance Hard, Laugh More, Turn the music up now!"

    I Just heard my cell phone going up. I Was so tired, i just moaned while grabbing it. Everyone else in the gang really had the days off, But Punk and Nexus didn't. They had houseshows to do, and obviously since currently our relationship isn't the best, i decided to come along to see if i could help make it any better. So far, no luck. It was about, maybe, 2:30am? I Don't know, but who the fuck is calling me this late at night...Or early in the morning. I Don't know. I Looked over next to me to make sure it didn't wake up Punk, but when i looked over, what was supposed to be his side of the bed was made up, he wasn't there. He was still out with 'The Guys'. Lovely. I Looked at what the message was, and it was a text from Kat. The Fucking bitch. I Rolled my eyes, but when i actually read it, i stopped.

    "Holy Shit..." I Said, kinda blankly. I Didn't know how to react at first, but then, i figured out EXACTLY what to do.

    I Jumped out of my bed and ran out of my room and into the hallway.

    "Room 123, 123..." I Said, looking for Justin's room, 123. Then, i found it.

    When i found it, i slammed open the door and went in, then slammed it shut behind me. Then, at full speed, i ran into his room and jumped on his bed until he woke up.

    "Wake up African Boy!!!" I Shouted while jumping.

    "BRO WHAT THE HELL!?" He shouted, but it didn't sound like Justin. I Stopped Jumping and got off the bed to see his face, and, well...That isn't Justin. It's Zack Ryder.

    "God Dammit..." I Said to myself in my head.

    Then, i ran out and headed back into the hallway fast enough before Zack Realized Exactly who i was.

    "I Swear to god that was Justin's room!" I Said to myself. Then, a lightbulb went off.

    "Room 132!!!'' I Yelled with a smile on my face. Then, i ran down the hall and did the same thing, except this time, with The right superstar.

    *Room 132, Justin's POV*

    "Look, So, I've been thinking..." Kat said to me, getting all cute with her voice and body language.

    "About what?" I Asked, looking as if i couldn't give a care in the world.

    "About that hockey player guy..." She said, getting even more cute and seductive with her body language.

    "Oh yeah, how's he doing?" I Asked her.

    "Okay, +3 rating in the past couple of games, he's been staying sober, and single..." She said. Then, i rose my head up.

    "Single?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "Well, yeah," She said, with a smirk on her face, and getting closer to me. "He just wasn't a serious guy, and wasn't committed, at all. And beneath all of this, i'm a serious girl who's committed..." She said, getting even more closer to me.

    "Well, good for you, you could do better then him," I said, she still was getting closer to me.

    "Yeah, i could, And you could have done better then those past two girlfriends of yours," She said, still getting more closer.

    "Who could be better then  Lara and Barbara?" I Asked. Then, she got closer again.

    "Easy," She said. Then, she was full on me. Chest To Chest, her arms around me, and i ended up putting my arms around her. "The 5'8 Brunette in front of you, that's who's better then those Blonde Bimbos," She said. Then, a smirk grew upon my face and i figured out what was going on.

    "Took you long enough," I Said to her, she just smirked. Then, i twirled her around and pinned her up against a wall and was about to lean in to kiss her.

    "Oh, Justin...Justin...Justin...."-

    "JUSTIN!!!!! WAKE UP YOU STUPID AFRICAN BOY!" I Heard someone shout coming into my room, then started jumping on my bed.

    "Holy shit!!!" I Yelled out loud. I thought it was some crazy fan, so i knocked them over onto the ground, got up and ran over to my suitcase and pulled out some Cologne.

    "I GOT PEPPERSPRAY AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!'' I Shouted. It was Dark. The Fangirl wouldn't know.

    Then, i turned the light on and saw who it was, and i was shocked as hell.

    "Kristen? What the hell are you doing in here!?" I Asked, putting down my Cologne and going over to help her up.

    "Was that REALLY necessary?!" She yelled at me.

    "Well how the hell would you act if someone came running into your hotel room at 2:30am and started screaming and jumping on your bed?" I Asked raising an eyebrow. She was dead silent. "Thought so," I Said. She just rolled her eyes. I Sighed. "Why are you here again?" I Asked.

    "Because, i care about you," She said. I Raised an eyebrow. "Read this text i just got from Kat," She said handing me her cell phone. I Looked at it, then read this text from Kat and was confused.

    "What the hell is this shit?" I Asked. She rolled her eyes.

    "Me,Jenny, Nikie and Heather found proof Patrick got drunk and cheated on her while we were on the road a couple weeks ago, Kat confronted him about it, and it didn't end well," She explained.

    "So...?" I Asked, confused. Kristen just had a pokerface look on.

    "So?! THIS IS YOUR FUCKING SHOT!" She yelled. "Patrick and Kat are DONE. OVER. KAT AND PAT, NEVER AGAIN," She yelled at me. Then, it clicked into my head.

    "Oh My...Your right,'' I Said, sitting down to what's supposed to be Heath's bed, but he isn't back yet. "This is my chance to finally get my girl!" I Shouted with a huge smile on my face, and Kristen had one too. "You know, Back over the summer when Patrick and Kat met and stuff, i remember, Phil told me not to sweat it, his exact words were 'Dude, don't EVER Give up on something, or SOMEONE, you can't go a day without thinking about'. A Couple months later, it's FINALLY Paying off," I Said, smiling.

    "And isn't your birthday this Thursday?" She Asked.

    "Yeah..." I Said, smiling. "I got a lot of stuff as a kid for my birthday, but this will by far be the best birthday present i have ever received." She just smiled back at me.

    "Go get your girl, Angel," She winked, then walked out. I Went back to bed, smiling, and then i went back to having that little dream i was having until i was interrupted with that great news.

    *Back in Chicago, Kats POV*

    "I Just don't get it..." I Said, on the phone with the only person who decided to actually respond back- Sarah.

    "Well, you shouldn't have jumped to some conclusions, and you shouldn't have brought up his arrest back in '09..." She said.

    "I Know i shouldn't have," I Pouted.

    "Well then why did you?" She asked.

    "I Don't know! It's just how i usually react when people are being dicks, getting back," I Shrugged.

    "How the hell was Patrick being a dick if your the one who brought it up?" She asked.

    "Your no help," I Complained. I Heard her sigh over the phone.

    "Look, if it helps, Sharp said Kane has a key to Toew's Place, so if you wanna find him, look there," She said. "I Doubt he's too far away, since the Hawks have a game tomorrow night."

    "Patrick Took the Car," I Said.

    "Walk, A Little excersise never hurts," She said.

    "Says the most laziest human being to ever walk on this earth," I Said sarcastically. "Seriously, you are the most laziest person i know, and yes that includes my lazy self."

    "Oh Shut the hell up, bitch," She said to me. I Rolled my eyes.

    "You still have yet to help," I Pointed out.

    "It's about, what, 2:00am? Yeah, 2am in the fucking morning, i'm tired, i wanna go to fucking bed, it's not like i'm up to giving ideas or advice," She said. I Rolled my eyes.

    "Who the hell is that?" I Heard a groggy voice in the back.

    "It's Kat," Sarah said.

    "Oh My," The Groggy voice said. "Give me the phone."

    "Sharp wants to talk," Sarah said. Lovely, because everyone loves talking to Chicago's Sexiest Athelete when he sounds tired and pissed off.

    "Oh Joy..." I Said.

    Then, there was a silence as Sharp grabbed the phone, but he shortly started talking, but before, he took a big sigh.

    "Miss Kat, it's 2am in the morning, i have a game tomorrow, and your keeping my girl up, which means she's keeping me up too. So, what the hell did that little rat do?" He asked. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the 'little rat' Was Kaner.

    "He walked out on me after a fight," I Shrugged.

    "Alright, now, what did YOU Do to cause him to get so mad to walk out this late of night?" He asked.

    "I Accused him of cheating," I Said.

    "And why would you do that?" He asked. "What happened that you would think this?"

    "I Heard some stuff and-"

    "Did you hear stuff from Patrick?" He asked.

    "No, but, i saw pictures!" I Defended myself.

    "Current pictures?" He asked.

    "I'm pretty sure they were," I Shrugged.

    "That's the problem. You THINK, not know," He said. He's making me sound like such an idiot. "Besides, if that was true, trust me,you'd know."

    "What do you mean?" I Asked.

    "The Team would have fined him, and you would have found out sooner or later he payed money to the team, whether it was looking into your checkbook, or getting bothered by the media about it," He said.

    "Damn,  you know a lot about this," I Said.

    "I've been in the league awhile now, so i'm used to it," He said. "Anyway, it's now...what, 2:05? a nice long 5 minute conversation. Now, i have to play tomorrow, so i'm gonna go, and so is my girl and we're gonna get some sleep before our Morning Skate tomorrow. Now, if you still need someone to consult your love problems to, Down in Dallas, they don't have a game tomorrow, so feel free to call our good buddy Adam Burish if you need more help," He said. I Just giggled a little.

    "Good bye Mr. Sharp," I Said, with a slight smile on my face.

    "Later, Kat," He said.

    "Alright, So, yeah, Good night my hockey buddy!" Sarah said, back on the phone. "Hopefully all this shit with Kaner gets better, and remember, Call Someone else if you need help, because i won't fucking answer. Bye now!" As she hung up, i just had a strange look on my face.

    "It started off good, then it went downhill..." I Said to myself

    Then, i yawned, it was late, and i'm getting tired. For about 15 minutes, i stayed down stairs after that, waiting to see if just maybe i would see Patrick walk through the door, but he never did. So, i just went upstairs, got into my PJ's, set my alarm for noon tomorrow so that way i could get up in time tomorrow to have 2 hours to get ready for my flight to Nashville---I Took the weekend off for that big Toronto trip with the Boys and Sarah saturday night and Sunday night for this Concert that Kris got us tickets to, so there just making me work a house show tomorrow night--- and then i just flopped into bed and went to sleep, all alone. It's one thing on the road, but when me and Patrick are in the same city? This just feels So wrong.

    *The Next Morning*

    "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" My alarm clock rang. It was really fucking noon? Already? Dammit.

    I Tried getting out of bed, but my body felt so weak, i just couldn't. It was weird, i just couldn't move. This really affected me more then i thought it would. But then, i noticed something: There was an arm around me. Scared, i slowly turned my head and saw Patrick right next to me, looking tired, but awake.

    "Damn, it's noon already?" He asked while yawning. He was in a pair of jeans and a blackhawks shirt, i think he just got back from his morning skate. When i saw him, i was speechless, i have no idea what to say. My mouth was open, but no words came out.

    "Look Kat," He said, starting to sit up, as well as i. "I'm sorry," He said.

    "No, i am," I Said. "I Shouldn't have accused you of something you didn't do and bring up your past, it was just getting the best of me, and pissing me off, and i reacted the only way i truly know how to i guess," I Said.

    "Well,yeah, you shouldn't have," He said. "But i shouldn't have just left, and Jonny helped me realize that," He said. I Knew he went straight to Tazer. I Swear, He loves Jonathan almost as much as he loves me. "He also helped me realize i shouldn't have snapped at you and made you cry."

    "How did you know i cried?" I Asked.

    "I Just have a way of knowing things," He shrugged. "But anyway, we both screwed up big time, and i think that's overall a good thing, because it's not one of us against each other, we realize we did wrong, and we're both sorry."

    "Say what you want, but this was on me," I Pouted a little, then i tried to turn the other way, but Patrick firmly grabbed my arms and wouldn't let me.

    "You can't blame this all on you," He said. "If i reacted better, then it could have been cleared up in just a couple minutes, but now it's the next day and we're just now making up, that's just not okay." He said. I Just shrugged, and while doing so, i saw a smile grow on his face. "You realize this was our official first fight, right?" He said.

    "So, this means..." I Said.

    "It means that we went through our first fight and survived, and i think this means were TRULY are a couple now," He said, with a huge smile on his face. After i realized he was right, a smile grew on mine too. Then, we kissed for a moment.

    "I Gotta go take a shower and get ready for my plane," I Sighed, getting out of bed.

    "Hold on," Kaner said, also getting out.

    Then, he walked right over on my side, smacked me hard right on my ass, grow a smirk on his face and pointed demandingly the the bathroom.

    ''Get in there, turn the water on, lose those clothes, and wait for me, I'll join you in a moment," He said still smirking. I Just smirked back and did what he said.

    A Couple minutes later, he did join me as we had shower sex together, though it was 10x better then regular Shower Sex, because it's also Make-Up Sex. Boy, did we make-up alright.

    ******I Shall be posting a separate, Long Authors note tomorrow, VERY IMPORTANT******


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