Thursday, May 5, 2011

Year Two Week Eleven // Party All Night / Part One

*The Next Day, 10:30am, NSH, TN, Local IHOP*

"Happy Birthday, Angel!" Jenny shouted as we headed into IHOP.

Yep, today was Justin's 30th Birthday. Damn, he's getting old as fuck. Maybe that's why he grew the beard, to look more like his age and not that Young Former Male Model. Who Knows. Anyway, i wish i could say we had a nice party for Justin's birthday, and really celebrated his coming of age a nice way. But that didn't fucking happen due to the fact we were on the road in fucking Trashville, the fucking Country Music Capital of the world. If it was Jenny's birthday, it'd be okay, but no Justin's normal and doesn't like Country. So this is a shit of a birthday. So we ended up having to go celebrate his birthday in the classiest place there is in this town, and it kills me to say this, but that happens to be IHOP. My Lord.

"Thanks, Country," Justin said, with a smile.

"Why the hell are you so happy?" Punk asked. We actually got Punk to come along, since Justin's in Nexus with him, that's nice.

"I Don't know, maybe because it's my birthday?" Justin said.

"Yeah, but it's your 30th Birthday, and, the worst part," He said. ''WE'RE IN FUCKING NASHVILLE!!!"

"You people are so mean to Nashville," Jenny said, rolling her eyes.

"What the hell do you expect from us?" Jamila asked. "IT'S NASHVILLE! Fuck Country Music, i'll just stand here and jam out to Wacka for all i care."

"I prefer that Justin Bieber shit anyday over country music," Punk said while sitting down.

"Offended," I Said, also sitting down at the other end, in between Justin and Jenny.

"GOOD," Punk said. I Rolled my eyes.

Then, a waitress came and took Mine, Justin, Heather, Nikie, John, Punk, Kristen, Jamila, Cody and Jenny's order for our special little breakfast. It literally took what seemed like an hour for our food to get here, and to top it off, they got Punk's order wrong and screwed it up, and boy, did he let them know it.


"Honey," Kristen said, still sitting down and tugging at him to sit back down. "We haven't paid yet."

"Well i don't plan on paying for this crappy ass service!" Punk yelled out, which caught the attention of a guy who had a name tag on that said 'BRANDON' And under it 'MANAGER'.

"Sir, either you pay or i'm afraid we're gonna have to kick you out," He said. Punk just laughed.

"I'd like to see someone your size kick ME Out," He said, with a smirk on his face.

"Your right, sir," Brandon said. "But, this man, however," He said, pausing.

Then, a HUGE Man, WAY Bigger then Punk, almost a combo of Mark Henry and Big Show, showed up, as Brandon grew a smirk on his face

"He has no problem doing so..." Brandon finished. Punk actually looked like he wanted to fight the bitch.

"Dammit Phil Sit Your Ass Down fool!" I Yelled to him across the table. "Man it's not like your paying for all of this, I Am..." I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Don't be too excited, this is her only good deed of the day, i'm sure she'll go back to being a self-centered bitch after," Nikie joked.

"Damn straight that's what's gonna happen," I Smirked.

Then, Punk's food came, the right order, thank god. We started eating in surprisingly, complete silence, until another WWE Superstar and WWE Diva came in, one who we weren't good friends with, and when i saw them, my eyes widened. I Poked over at Justin and pointed to them.

"What the hell are they doing!?" I Whispered to him.

"What the hell are they doing Here and TOGETHER!?" Justin whispered back. We were so confused. Jamila's eyes must have caught where we were looking, and when she saw it, she had the same reaction and joined in our whispering convo.

"Oh,Heeeeell Noooo!" She whispered, well, kinda.

"What?" Heather asked. What started off as our little quiet convo turned into everyone at the table getting involved.

"Whatever you do, don't turn around," I Warned. Then, it clicked, and i did a huge facepalm. Did i really just say that? Idiot.

Of course, Heather turned around to only see Her Boyfriend Alex Riley with that little bitch, yes i'm talking about Kathryn.

"Um..."Jenny just said, staring at them halfway across the restaurant.

"Well Um, this is fucking awkward," John said.

"Heather, look," I Began. "I'm really sorry-"

"Why?" She asked "He's been hooking up with Sluts behind my back for the past couple of weeks, the only difference is he's now going public,no big deal."

"Wait, he's been cheating on you?" Cody asked. Heather just nodded.

"Bastard," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, i had to deal with him getting him drunk as hell tuesday night, that's why i didn't call back," She said to me. After that, i could've sworn i saw Justin's eyes light up next to me.

"What happened Tuesday night?" He asked me, so innocently.

"Oh, i just got into a fight with Patrick," I Said, then taking a bite from my pancakes, only to look up and see everyone staring at me.

"Well...?" I Asked, confused.

"What happened?" Kristen asked, as everyone raised an eyebrow.

"I Listened to you idiots, that's what happen,'' I Said looking specifically at those idiots.  "You know what you did, and it almost broke us up."

"ALMOST?" Nikie asked.

"Yeah, we talked it out yesterday morning, and we were both wrong in our own ways, then..." I Said pausing and growing a smirk. "Oh, we really, really, really made up."

"'Kay yeah i'm not to hungry anymore," Kristen said, pushing her plate away from her, as did almost half of the table did. I Just rolled my eyes.

"ANYWAY" I Said, focusing my direction to Justin and putting on a nice warm smile. "Happy Birthday Angel, i know this obviously isn't an ideal birthday, but yeah," I Said, still smiling. He smiled back as i started messing around with his fluffy hair.

Then, i stopped messing with his hair, and pushed him face first into his pancakes, which was covered in Maple Syrup, Fruit, and of course, whipped cream.

"Oh, Shit," Jenny said, looking on.

"Shit just got fucking real," Jammy said. This bitch really is a fucking City girl from the fucking streets, i could just tell by the way she said it, like a beast. I Just laughed. Justin looked like such a fucking clown

"Man, Kristen, get a picture of this," I Said,laughing and pointing at that clown.

"Hold on, Kristen," Justin said. "I Know something that'll make this picture PERFECT!" He said.

Then, the Clown did the same to me, and pushed ME In MY Pancakes face first. I looked up after to only see everyone pointing and fucking laughing.

"You two look like complete Idiots..." Punk said, shaking his head.

"Scary mother fucking clowns,'' Jammy said. I Just rolled my eyes and tried to whip some of it off my face, then i looked over by Justin, and he looked back.

"Happy Birthday, Angel," I Said, smiling. He smiled back.

"Thanks, Angel," He said. Then, he looked at his watch.

"I Think we should head out, it's been 2hours," He said.

"What a waste of my two hours," Punk said, yawning.

Then, Jenny and Justin both helped me up---During the houseshow, i tweaked my ankle a little, nothing serious, but i shouldn't really put too much weight on it--- and we headed out, but Justin put his arm around me to help me walk easier.Then, we went our separate ways- They all headed to the nearest gym, and i went back to the hotel and packed my bags. I Had yet Another flight back to Chicago, i would go home for the day---But the Hawks had an away game in Ohio--- And just do whatever and pack, then, friday i had a Plane to Toronto with Sarah. Back in January, Patrick broke the news we couldn't exactly spend Valentines day together,so, to make up for it, he and Sharpie decided to get me and Sarah tickets to the Away game they had in Toronto against the Leafs Saturday night. The Hawks also had a game against the Hurricanes in Chicago tomorrow night at 7, but the Patrick's suggested we leave for Toronto early, watch the game their and they would meet up with us. So yeah, basically, i'll be with Sarah for the next couple of hours, but hey, we're good friends. Should be easy.

*The Next Day, Chicago,IL, 1pm*

"I Don't care, who you are, where your from, and what you did, as long as you love me," I Sang to myself while finishing Packing. Lately, i've discovered a little, 'secret' About Patrick: He has a love for the backstreet boys, and apperently, last season he and Adam would always sing 'As Long As You Love Me'. Interesting. But that's Kaner for ya.

Then, i turned off my IPod and put it into my suitcase, then headed out of my condo, took the elevator to head downstairs to lobby and into the Apartment building's little parking lot to wait for Sarah to pick me up, but she was already there. I Loaded my bags in the trunk, then got into the passenger seat.

"Even when all you have to do is walk downstairs, your STILL Late?" She said, raising an eyebrow.

I Looked at the time and i was just only about 3 minutes late.

"It's only 3 minutes, gosh," I Said getting my seat belt on.

"Well, you were still late, as always," She said starting to drive out to the airport.

"Whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Why the hell do you have so many fucking bags with you? We're only gonna be there until like, late sunday night or early monday morning..." She said.

"One bag is full of my stuff for T.O, the other bag is my wrestling bag, since i'm heading straight to New York for RAW Whenever we head out of Toronto," I Said.

"Oh, isn't it at the Garden or something?" She asked.

"Yeah, and the Hawks have a road game against the Sabres the same night, so yeah, i plan on catching a plane with them or something," I Shrugged.

She just nodded and kept driving.


About 5 hours later we arrived in Toronto from the Plane ride from hell, Literally. I Don't know, but Sarah seems like, really, bitchy, and we ended up arguing a lot. And the Hawks aren't supposed to get into T.O Until like, 4am, so until then, i'm stuck with her. God Help me.

After we got off of the plane and we got all our luggage, the first thing we were gonna do was go get a taxi or something to take us back to the hotel, but that didn't happen.

"What the hell!?'' Sarah said in shock, as was i.

There was a guy right in front of us leaning on his car with a sign that said 'SARAH + KAT' on it, and damn, i couldn't believe who that guy was.

"Hello There, Ladies," Kris Versteeg said, leaning up against his car.

"The hell you doing here Verbeauty?" I Asked, carrying my luggage over.

"What? I Helped get you guys tickets here, now i'm just helping you guys get your way around the city since you'll be here tonight, all of tomorrow and sunday," He said.

"I've lived her for 3 years," Sarah said.

"I Came here for RAW last September," I Said. Kris soon frowned.

"You want me to leave and make you get cabs or what?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, a cab doesn't seem-" I Started, but stopped after Sarah elbowed me in my gut.

I Just rolled my eyes as Versteeg came and grabbed our stuff and piled them into his trunk, and me and Sarah got onto his car.

"Why the fuck am i in the back again?" I Asked.

"Your the youngest," Kris said.

"And you decided to get in the back, dipshit," Sarah said. I just stayed quiet and pouted a little in the back as Kris started driving off to mine, Sarah and the rest of the team's hotel.

For the first 10 minutes or so, it was pretty quiet in the car, but then, Kris decided to turn on the radio, and then...yeah.

"Ain't no way i'ma let you stop me from causin' mayhem cause when i say i'ma do something i do it! I Don't give a damn whatcha think, i'm doin this for me, so fuck the world feed it beans it's gassed up if you think it's stoppin' me, i'ma be what i set out to be without a doubt undoubtedly and all those who look down on me i'm tearin' down your balcony!" Kris rapped along. I Just stared.

"That's Nice..." I Said.

"JUST Nice?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Fine, it was AMAZING Rapping," I Said.

"Damn Straight it was," He said with a cheesy smile on his face.

"You look like such a dork when you smile like that," Sarah said to him.

"A Cute dork, that is," He said, still smiling cheesy. I Just laughed, then, he frowned.

"Your pissing me off, Kat" Kris said.

"OH your not the only one she's been pissing off..." Sarah said. "I Swear, i was so close to throwing that bitch out the plane window, like seriously."

"Since when did Kris rapping turn into hating on me?" I Asked.

"After you started being a bitch again," Sarah said.

"Whatever, your just jealous," I Said, grabbing out my Blackberry and going on BBM With Kaner.

"Heeeey :3" I Messaged him.

"Of What would we be jealous of exactly?" Kris asked.

"My popularity, duh," I Said. Sarah and Kris just laughed, loud.

"WHAT POPULARITY!?" Sarah asked, still laughing. I Rolled my eyes.

"Hey Babe, 'sup? I Only got about 10 minutes, then i'm heading to the U.C To warm up before the game with the 'Canes," Patrick BBMed.

"Kat, your way in over your head if you think we're jealous of you," Kris said. I rolled my eyes again.

"Kris and Sarah are literally annoying the shit out of me -____-" I Replied.

"Well..."I Said, shrugging. "Why wouldn't you be?"

"You wanna get kicked out of this car?" Sarah asked.

"No But-"

"Then shut the hell up," She said. I Just sunk back in my seat and pouted and continued talking to Kaner.

"Why?" He asked.

"IDEK. I Think it's because i'm the youngest one here, but they say I'm apparently being a bitch..." I Typed back.

"PLEASE Don't kill me, but...are you?" He asked. I Raised an eyebrow when i read this.

"Excuse me?" I Typed back.

"Look, i know you, and your not a bitch, but, with your attitude and how you act overall, it may be hard for them to realize that your not serious or anything," He typed.

"Uh, remember, this is Kris and Sarah we're talking about," I Typed back.

Then, i looked up from my blackberry, only to see Sarah staring at me.

"Damn, she actually listened to me!" She said. I Just looked at her for a moment, then went back to BBM with Kaner.

"Yeah, but see, this is what, only your 3rd time with Kris? And Sarah and you were separarted for like, 5 years since she moved to Canada to attend college and you've only been like reunited for 5 months, AND Since your always on the road, it's not like your relationship with Kristen where your always being able to talk to her, you and Sarah are lucky to hang out at least once a week, they probably just aren't used to you," He typed.

"I'm supposed to be the mature one in the come lately you've seemed the wiser one?" I Typed back.

"I Don't know..maybe because i'm older ;)" He typed back. I Pouted even more.

"Don't even go there, son ;)" I Typed back.

":P Gotta go head down to the U.C, text you once we get to Toronto after, love you," He typed back.

"Kay, love you too, babe,X0X0," I Typed back.

"YOU KNOW, KAT," Kris said from the front seat. "The world doesn't revolve around your Blackberry..." I Just rolled my eyes. I Still wasn't in the mood to talk, so yeah.


About 20 minutes or so later, Kris finally took us to the Team hotel in Toronto. When we arrived and walked in, a LOT of people just looked at us, jaw dropped, and stared in Awe. Now, i'd like to say it was because of me, you know, since i'm one of the best Women Wrestlers in the division now-a-days, but then i remembered we were in Toronto, The Biggest Hockey city in the world, these people WORSHIP This sport basically, and we were with Kris Versteeg, a player for their team, The Toronto Maple Leafs. This was all Versteeg. Not me. Then, we got up to the front desk to check in.

"Hello there, ladies," The desk women said. Then, she looked directly at Kris, and looked like she was gonna freak out a little. "And hello...Kris...!" She said, freaking out, of course. Kris just smiled back at her,and i'm positive she was literally freaking out inside, but on the outside, she was doing her best to keep calm and professional.

"These are a couple of friends, i'm just helping them get around T.O," Kris said. 

"Okay! What are their names?" She asked, getting on her computer to look up the rooms.

"Kat...Kat Kane," I Said, not helping but smiling. Kris looked at me.

"Did i miss something?" He asked.

"She's going around using Patrick's last name now," Sarah said.

"Ohhh, nothing wrong with that, at all..." Kris said. I rolled my eyes.

"Alright, looks like your room 101 on the 3rd floor, and i'm gonna guess, your name is Sarah?" She asked.

"Yep," Sarah said.

"Alright, your right across the hall in room 110," She said. "Now, it says here both of you are supposed to have 2 other roomates with you? Do you want their keys now or do you want me to keep them to give until they arrive?" She asked.

"Keep them," I Said.

"Yeah," Sarah said.

"Alright then, here are your keys," She said, handing both me and Sarah our keys.

Then, Kris carried our bags over to an elevator and we got in it, then headed up to our floor level. When we got their, I grabbed my stuff and headed toward's Mine, Patrick and Jonathan's while Kris helped Sarah get her stuff over in her's, Sharp's, and Brent's room.

Once i got the door unlocked and walked in i turned on the light, and i was blinded for words, the room was SO Beautiful, mini fridge, bathroom, closet, lamp, flat screen, desk, chair, but sadly, only 2 beds...Well, since Jonathan's captain, i GUESS He can have a bed to himself and me and Patrick can share one, i'm sure he wouldn't mind, i sure don't. I Put my stuff done over on the left side of my bed, then, i flopped up onto the bed and turned on the tv. The Hawks and Hurricanes game was on in a few. Then, i heard a knock at the door.

"Oh..i already have visitors..." I Said, smirking, then hopping off my bed to answer my door.

When i opened it, all i saw were Sarah and Kris standing on the other side.

"Oh...It's just you guys..." I Said, then letting them in, Sarah came in, Kris stayed.

"So, i don't feel like watching the Hawks game alone, so, wanna watch it together?" She asked, already plopping down on what's gonna be Jonathan's bed.

"What the hell, sure," I Said.

Then, we focused our attention on Kris, who was still just standing their, not really making much eye-contact.

"So..." He began, putting his hands in his pocket, and rocking back and forth on his heels. "I'll see you ladies tomorrow then!"

"Really Kris?" I Said, crossing my arms.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Your just gonna take us to our hotel help us get situated, then just leave?" Sarah asked.

"That's not very classy..." I Said, shaking my head.

"What the..." Kris asked, really confused.

"Who the hell would just do that? Oh, apparently you..." Sarah said.

"Seriously, what the-"

"Oh, so now your not only gonna leave but your gonna try and cuss at us too!?" I Asked, still crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Oh For the love of god..." Kris said. "FINE, i'll stay and watch my rivals play hockey with you two..." He said, coming in and sitting down over on Jonny's bed. When he wasn't looking, Sarah and i secretly high fived, i don't know why, but we just both wanted Kris to stay, maybe to keep us company, and prevent us from killing each other, possibly.

When the game started, i found out Cam Ward WASN'T Starting for the Canes...yay. The Hawks got two goals early in the game, the Canes got one too from Staal, but that was it for a while, and that was all for the 1st period. Then in the second period, right off a face-off, the Canes scored and tied it up. But then, one of the hawks got a break-a-way and scored and make it 3-2. Then, they got another goal within the last 5 minutes of the 2nd period on a power play and made it 4-2 going into the 3rd. But then, i noticed the time during the second intermission and i had to do something real quick. I Turned the channel onto SyFy for Smackdown.

"Why the hell are we watching this shit?" Sarah asked.

"This 'Shit' You speak of is the company i work for," I Said.

"Yeah, i'm highly aware of that," She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Yeah Kat, why are we watching this?" Kris asked.

"I Was told to watch the ending," I Shrugged.

"Well, wake me up when the 3rd period starts," She said, laying down.

Then i turned it on and 'You think you know me', followed by the crowd erupting in cheers was heard on the tv, and Sarah quickly sat back up as Edge appeared on the tv, ready to wrestle with the world title around his waste, then he made his way down to the ring. Then came Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. They walked down the ramp and into the ring together, then, the ref was about to start the match, until Teddy Long appeared. I Don't know, but apparently, something happened, and he wasn't on Smackdown for a while, so, apparently Vickie has been making Edge defend his title against Dolph every episode lately, and he said Dolph Ziggler will no longer be able to compete against Edge for the World title on smackdown no more, then Edge speared Dolph, and it ended.

"Well..that was...nothing that concerns me," I Said, switching back to CSN.

Then the 3rd period started, and it was more physical then the other 2 period, and no goals were scored until the Cane's goalie was pulled out within the last minute of regulation and the Hawks scored the empty-netter and they were just gonna head back into the locker room, address the media, then come down to Toronto with a 5-2 victory.

"Good luck with dealing with those beasts tomorrow night, son," I Said, smirking at Kris. He just shrugged.

"I Have confidence...We'll see what happens," He said.

"Whatever but they're gonna smoke your asses," Sarah said. He rolled his eyes.


For the next couple of hours, it was hard finding things to do, thank god for Kris staying, he kept us entertained, and kept me and Sarah from killing each other. I Don't know why, maybe it's because we've been with each other since 1pm today and it's around 2am now, but we really are getting the best of each other, it's strange. We were tired and bored, and the Hawks had at least another hour or two until their plane would land. Then, Kris yawned.

"I Could be at my house, getting a good night's sleep for a big game tomorrow, but instead i'm up here trying to keep you guys from not killing eachother..." Kris pouted. I Just rubbed my eyes and took a sip of mountain dew. I Wanted to stay awake until the hawks arrived, but it was hard.

"I Want some Cheesecake," Sarah randomly said. "I Think room service is still up..."

"You got cheesecake kinda money?" I Asked. "Man, Room service is already expensive enough, but don't even get me started on chessecake..."

"What the hell are you trying to say?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing, just that room service and cheesecake are expensive, that's all," I Said.

"Really? Cause it sounds like your calling me a broke little mother fucker..." Sarah said.

"Oh Does it?" I Said. "Well i'm not, your just over exaggerating..."

"I'm not over exaggerating! Bitch just admit you think i'm a broke mother fucker!" Sarah said.

"Fine, you wanna know the truth!?" I Asked pretty bitchy. "I Think your broke as a joke!"

''Oh...That's it," Sarah said.

She tried to get off the bed and attack me, but Kris grabbed her and slammed her back into her bed.

"If i play horrible tomorrow, i'm blaming you idiots,'' Kris said, pretty annoyed.

"Not my fault she's being a bitch," Sarah said.

"Not my fault she is a bitch," I Said back.

"Okay, that's it," She said, trying to come at me again, but Kris held her back. "DAMMIT LET ME GET ONE PUNCH! JUST ONE!" I Just laughed.

"Your so pathetic..." I Said, laughing, and grabbing my blackberry. Kris literally flicked out of my hand and across the room. "Dude, what the hell!?"

"Oh, sorry, muscle spaz..." Kris said. "It happens to me when i get REALLY TIRED..." Kris said, laying down next to Sarah. I Layed down as well, but i didn't fall asleep. It was hard, but i didn't.

Then, a couple minutes later, i heard my phone beep, and i saw it was a BBM From Kaner.

"The team bus just pulled up into the hotel :)" I Read. My mouth dropped, then, i smiled.

"OH THANK YOU JESUS!!!" I Yelled out loud.

"WAIT WHAT!?' Sarah yelled, quickly getting up, and rubbing her eyes, Kris did the same. I Think they fell a sleep for a while, and i just woke them up.

"The Team's Bus is outside! That means Jonny and Kaner are here, so they get to be my roomates now and not you two bores!!!! YA SON!!!!" I Yelled out loud, then jumping off the bed and running out the room. Sarah and Kris followed.

We all got into an elevator and went down back to the lobby. Then, when it reached the lobby, we all ran out across it to the doors, ran out to that and saw the team getting off and unloading their bags and equipment. I Just kept running until i saw Patrick, then, i ran toward him and literally jumped into his arms. I Almost knocked him over, but he kept his balance.

"Well...nice to see you too," He said, smiling. Then, we kissed real quick.

"I'm SO Glad your here! I Missed you SO Much!" I Told Kaner.

"Yeah, i'm glad your here too," Sarah said to Sharp.

"I'd LOVE To see this Lovefest continue," Jonathan said. "But we came here to play a game of hockey, so, let's just head up to our rooms, get a good nights sleep and get ready to play hockey, and we gotta meet at the A.C.C by 12:30." Yep, that's Jonathan. Always putting Hockey and his team first. That's why he's our captain.

We just did what he said and went into our hotel rooms, got into bed and got a good night's sleep. Tomorrow was a big day for everyone.

To be Continued...


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