Sunday, May 29, 2011

Year Two Week Thirteen // Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats...

*Next Monday, Noon, Portland, Maine, Second to last RAW Before Wrestlemania*

"So, not only was it bad enough i was being bullied at school, but whenever i came home, my 8 year old little sister and a little 5 year old devil attacked me EVERY Time i walked through the door!" Punk was saying.

We were just arriving at the Arena tonight for RAW, and i carpooled with Punk and Kristen, who are actually starting to talk to each other again on um...a normal basis....kinda. Anyway, when they came into my hotel room to get me, they caught me watching Teen Mom, and throughout the 20 minute car drive to the arena, we talked about how our parents would beat the shit out of us if we showed up pregnant in high school and not get a tv show, and since, we've talked about our childhood, and Punk was explaining how much of a fucking loser he was, getting beat up by his little sister Natalie and Me everyday after school.

"AH, Good times...good times..." I Said, reminiscing with a big smile on my face, then taking a sip of my Gatorade.

"Damn Kat, you were such a bully when you were younger," Kristen said.

"She STILL Is!" Punk yelled.

"Shut up dumbass," I said to him before smacking him in the back of the head.

"What did i say? BULLY," Punk yelled. Kristen just laughed.

"Don't act like you didn't fucking deserve to be jumped," I Said. "Besides, we both lived in the ghetto streets of Chicago growing up, would you rather have it be US who jumped you or a gang? Take your pick, bitch."

"Well, Kat," Punk said. "You know what they say, What goes around comes around."

"Hell no it doesn't!" I Yelled. "What goes around don't come around it stays right the fuck were it's at."

"Trust me, i'll get you back..." He said.

"Of course you will, Phil. It's been what, 17 years? Yeah, 17 years, since all that happened, just let it go, bitch," I Said.

"Whatever," He said, walking off, leaving me and Kristen.

"You really are a bully," She said.

"No I'm not," I Said. "It's different when your with your friends, or in his case, when your the kid next door."

"Whatever," Kristen said. "Anyway, i need your advice."

"Oh really?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow. "On what?"

"On Punk," She said.

"What about that dumbass?" I Asked, taking another sip of my Gatorade.

"Do you think he's being real or fake?" She asked.

"Well, i don't think he's fake, you can't fake those muscles, and if they are fake, he deserves a refund," I Said.

"Not Physically Real Or Fake you Dipshit," She said. "I Mean Like, lately, he's actually...paying attention to me and stuff and talking to me, and actually, last night was the first night since i think, before the Royal Rumble that we actually slept in the same bed together at the same time!"

"Well, that's because right now as of this past week, Nexus has nothing going for them, I'd give it until tonight, then if he still hangs out with you like he used to, then he's being for real," I Said.

"Alright then but-" Kristen began, but was stopped.

"HELP!!!" We heard a scream over from the right, which is where the locker rooms are. Me and Kristen looked at each other real quick, shrugged, then ran over to the locker rooms.

We didn't even walk in, but outside Cena's locker room, we saw Nikie LITERALLY had Punk pressed up against the wall, holding him up by his shirt collar, and she looked PISSED OFF.

"WHOA!!!" I Shouted, sprinting over and grabbing Nikie off of Punk.

"Well... DAMN," Kristen said. I Just looked at her like the idiot she was, then shook my head and looked at Punk. "White boy what the hell did you do?"

"I Didn't do anything!" He said.

"FUCKING LIAR!" Nikie yelled, scaring the hell out of me.

"Okay, what the hell did i do then?!" Punk yelled back, also scaring the hell out of me.

"Your trying to end John's career!" Nikie yelled. I Looked over at Punk, and he just had an unbelievable kind of look of his face.

"Is she serious?" Punk said. "Is she?"

"Babe," Kristen said, trying to calm him down, as i did the same with Nikie.

"So, you attacked him because John chose to challenge him to a Wrestlemania match?" I Said. "Oh, And you attacked him because John chose to put his career on the line?"

"BITCH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!?" She yelled at me, which literally scared me so much i ran and hid behind Kristen for protection.

"Well thanks for the love!" She yelled out sarcastically. "Damn it, where the hell is John when you need him..."

"Did someone say my name?" John said, walking up, to all of our surprise.

"Wow..." I Said.

"Control your women, man!" Punk yelled out, before walking off again, this time into the Nexus locker room and slamming his door shut. John just looked at Nikie, then back at me and Kristen, then at Nikie again.

"Let's go take a walk, babe," He said, motioning for her. Of course, she came over to him as he put his arm around her, and they were off.

*John's POV*

"Alright, so, what the hell was that?" I Asked Nikie. She just shrugged.

"I Don't know...i just kinda lost it..." She shrugged.

"Funny," I Said. "You seem to have been losing it a LOT lately..." I Said to her.

"Well, it's just a complicated time for me," She said.

"No it's not," I Said. "It's a complicated time for ME."

"Well your my Fiance'!" She said. "Starting Next Year when we get married, we're both in this together, your problems are mine, my problems are yours, we're a team."

"I Know," I Said. "But see, Babe," I Said, pausing and stop walking so i could look her right in the eye. "There are some things i gotta deal with on my own, as a man, some things i just don't need back-up on."

"I Know, but..." She said, shrugging.

"Look, i got myself into this mess," I Said. "I Knew EXACTLY What i'm doing. I Started, and i'll end it, one way or another, you don't have to worry about me all the time, babe."

"I Know i don't..." She sighed.

"I'm a big boy, i can take care of myself," He said.

"Oh...Your a big boy alright," She said, looking specifically at a certain part below the waist area and smirking.

"I'm gonna pretend i didn't see that..." I Said, trying to act serious, but i couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Come on, let's go...'talk' some more..." She said, winking at me and grabbing my shirt collar and leading me over by the stairs leading to 'The box'. Oh Hell Yes,

*An Hour Later, Kat's POV*

"The bitch never even went to a school dance because every fucking girl rejected him!" I Said. "Even the losers!" I Said, walking with Kristen and Punk, telling Kristen more stuff about Punk when he was a kid. "And OH MY GOSH, there was this one time where-"

"BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He yelled at the top of his lungs to me, which startled me.

"No need to get shouty..." I Said to him, rolling his eyes.

"Okay You know what you little-" Punk began.

"PUNK!!!" Heath and Justin said running over to us, straight to Punk-well Heath, Justin stopped real quick and smiled at me, but whatever-.

"We were just talking to Stephanie about tonight's RAW," Heath said.

"And we have a match again the Hart Dynasty for the Tag Titles," Justin said.

"AND WE'RE GOING OVER!!!" They both shouted at the same time.

Then, Punk just lit up, slowly growing a gigantic smile.

"YES!!!" He shouted out loud, and literally jumping into the air and running off with Heath and Justin.

"Wait, Phil!" Kristen yelled after him, but he didn't hear her. Then it became slightly awkward. Then Jamila---A Former High School Cheerleading Captain--- Walked into the arena. I Pulled her aside real quick and whispered something into her ear. She just nodded.

"Hey, Jamila," I Said.

"Why, yes Kat?" She asked.

"Can you give me...and 'F'?" I Said.

"F!" She cheered, while also turning her body into an 'F' Shaped figure, like a cheer leader.

"Give me a 'A'!"


"Give me a 'K'!"


"Give Me a 'E'!"


"What's that spell!?" I Said.

"FAKE!" She yelled back, as we both looked directly at Kristen, i just smirked.

"I Think that answers your question from earlier today," I Said. She just rolled her eyes, and ran off.

"So, the hell was that about?" Jammy asked me, as we started walking.

"Punk shit," I Said.

"Gotcha," She said.

Then, Jenny walked up, but i doubt she even knew it, she was caught up in her cell phone, texting...probably her dashing one...or whatever.

"Oh, look what we have here..." Jammy said. " A Little Redneck kid!"

"Speaking of Ghetto ass people..." Jenny said, putting her cell in her back pocket. I Just looked at them.

"I Still can't believe you to are somehow blood related to each other, yet alone John," I Said.

"My dad is John's Uncle, and Her mom and My dad where cousins," Jenny explained.

"Whatever," I Said.

"How's brokeface doing?" Jammy asked Jenny.

"Damn it, Jamila!" Jenny said. "Really, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

"Well if she did that, she'd never talk, Jenny," I Said.

"Very funny, White Girl..." Jammy said, rolling her eyes.

"Man, no need to get-" I Began, but stopped after i heard my phone vibrate in my pocket. "Be right back," I Said, excusing myself real quick.

I Pulled out my Blackberry and it said i had a BBM. When i checked it, is saw it was from Patrick, and i smiled, until i read it.

"What are you wearing tonight when you wrestle." He typed, just that. I Didn't know how to react- be creeped out or worry something was wrong.

"Um...why?" I Typed back.

"Just tell me," He typed back, pretty fast.

"I'll tell you when you tell me why you wanna know," I responded. Then, 'Whoa Is Me', My ringtone, Started playing as Patrick called me. I Was completely confused, but i shrugged it off.

"Okay...what the hell is going on?" I Asked.

"You know that guy who sent you flowers four weeks ago and those brownies 2 weeks ago?" He said. "He's back and creepier then ever."

"Oh God," I Said, feeling my heart beat faster as i got worried.

"And, it hurts me to say this, but i figured something out," He said.

"What?" I Asked.

"He's not after me, He probably doesn't even know who the hell i am," He said. "He's after you."

I Swear my heart stopped right at this moment. I Just couldn't believe it.

"I Came home from practice today and say a sticky note ON OUR DOOR with your name on it that said the most creepiest thing i have ever read in my life." He said.

"Wait he knows where we live!?" I Said, nervous. The other two times before this, he just left the stuff on the front desk when the manager was away for whatever the reason and left it with a note attached to give it to us.

"Yeah, he does," Patrick said, i could hear him sigh over the phone. "Not only that, he also left a little package with a little outfit in you would wear in the bedroom..."

"What did the note say?" I Asked.

"It said, 'Kat, I Can't WAIT To see you in this!" Patrick said. I Just sighed, nervously, and i could here him sigh too. "Look, this just isn't safe for you, and i don't think living in our condo is safe for you."

"So...what's gonna happen?" I Asked.

"Your home in Chicago Wednesday,right?" He asked.

"Yeah, why?" I Asked.

"Look, i think you should ask your friend Kristen if you could stay at her place until i get this thing cleared up, for your safety," He said.

"But i don't want you dealing with this weirdo on your own..." I Said, frowning.

"Well then who is?" He asked.

"The Police!" I Said.

"Alright, fine," He said. "When you get back into Chicago, the first thing we'll do is go into the police station and talk to them about this situation."

"Alright," I Shrugged. This whole thing really was bumming me out and scaring me.

"Look, Babe," He said. "I Swear we'll get through this, just trust me."

I Was just frozen, he can say all he wants, but it doesn't change the fact this is happening to me and how creepy it is.

*Later that night, during RAW, right before Kathryn Prince vs. Kasey Angel*

I Was getting ready to make my way toward the Gorilla Position for my match with Kathryn, but then i noticed a certain someone decided to walk up to me.

"Hello there, Kasey," Stephanie McMahon said, walking up.

"Hey There, Mrs. McMahon," I Said, standing up straight.

"I Hate to bother you before your match, but real quick, i need to ask you something," She said. "Remember back in August before SummerSlam whern we had you go onto 'Chelsea Lately' On E! To promote it?" I Just nodded. "Well, we're in talks with Chelsea Handler again and with Wrestle Mania less then 2 weeks away, i was wondering if you would go back on Her Show Thursday, March 31st to promote Wrestlemania?"

"Are you kidding?" I Said, smiling. "I'd LOVE to go back on!" I Said.

"GREAT!" Steph said, smiling. "I'll make sure to call Ms. Handler and let her know!" She said. Then, she walked away as i made my way to the Gorilla Position right as Kathryn was going out.

Basically- this was the match that was gonna decide our Wrestlemania match Stimulation. We were told to take just 10 minutes, but both of us are great performers, we should be able to pull of a great match.

The match went Good, but within the last 2 minutes, things got bad...

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!" Michael Cole shouted on top of an announcers table with a mic in hand right as Kathryn was doing an Irish Whip on me.

"What the hell is he doing?" I Whispered to her. Then, she Whipped me into the ropes and i came back to her and she clothslined me.

"I Have no idea," She whispered to me as i was on the mat.


Lucky for Cole, while we planned out the match, Kathryn WAS Supposed to defeat me right now. Lucky bitch. She got the 3 count, then slid out of the ring over by Justin Roberts, grabbed her two titles and then went over by Michael Cole and snatched his mic.

"You can wait, Bitch," She said, "I got more important news..." She said. Then, she slid back into the ring and got face to face with me. "Oh Kasey Angel...You are not the average diva, which is why it was tough picking this match type for us. Unlike most divas back their in the locker room, you can actually compete in a normal match yet alone a special match type!" She said, smirking. "Which is why it pleases me to say, that at wrestlemania, if you want these," She said, pointing to the Diva's Title and Women's title, "You are gonna have to go through tables, survive hits from steel chairs, and ultimately climb a Sixteen foot ladder and grab these titles, Because Kasey Angel, At Wrestlamnia, you will face me in a TLC Match for the Undisputed Women's Championship!" She said. I Just smirked at her, with rage, but most of that rage was toward Michael Cole.


I Was walking backstage after my match looking for Stephanie. It took me a while to find her, but then i found her in her office. I Walked right in, then slammed the door shut behind me, which startled her.

"May i help you, Miss Angel?" She asked me, standing up from behind her desk.

"Yeah, you can," I Said, pissed off. "What the hell was that shit with Michael Cole at the end of our match!?"

"Whoa, watch your language," Stephanie warned. "Remember, i AM your boss..." I just sighed.

"Look," I Said. "I Just wanna why Micha-"

Then, Someone else came in-Kathryn Prince. We just started at eachother for a moment.

"I Don't know why she's here," She said, referring to me, "But my reason is more important...What the hell happened with Michael Cole?"

"Obviously whoever went over the match with you didn't tell you," Stephanie said, "We had Cole do that so he could gain some Heat."

"Fine, but why our match!?" I Asked.

"Yeah!" Kathryn Agreed. "Why not someone elses!? Like...Cena's!"

"Ladies, let's be realistic here," She said, kind of laughing and mocking us. "Do something so disrespectful during John Cena's match? Really?"

Me and Kathryn just raised an eyebrow at her.

"So, because Cena's a guy, it's disrespectful to do something like that during one of his matches, but completely fine during a Women's match?" Kathryn asked.

"You both know that's not what i meant," Stephanie said. "I Really don't know why this is such a big problem..."

"We're not upset about Cole doing it," I Said. "We're upset we weren't even fucking told he would..."

"Well i'm sorry," She said. "But there's not much we can do about it, so your both just gonna have to deal with it."

Kathryn and i just stood there for a moment, then walked out.

"That was still pretty disrespectful..." I Said.

"Well duh..." Kathryn said. 

Then, we paused, and slowly turned our bodies so we were face to face.

"Realize that you'll have the same faith come Wrestlemania night as tonight, Angel," She said, smirking. "Only worse..."

"Keep dreaming, devil," I Said to her, with a slight smirk on my face as well. 

Then, we had a quick stare-off, until she just walked away, backwards so she could say something else to me.

"Thirteen more days....Thirteen more days...."

*Wednesday, Chicago, IL*

I Got home in Chicago last night and i'll be here for the next two days til' i have to go back to some Houseshows, the last houseshows til' Mania. Then i got RAW and the rest of the week i spend in Atlanta- Except Thursday for Chelsea Lately tapings, but whatever. Anyway, now, Me and Patrick were in his Chevy on our way to the Police Station to see what the hell we can do about my stalker.

"So..." Patrick said. "I Can't believe i'm willingly going into a Police Department..." I Just giggled.

"We're just gonna go and file a report, relax," I Said. "This should help us."

"Hopefully..." He said.

Then, we pulled up right by our local Police Station and he pulled into the curb and got out.

"Be back soon," He said, getting out.

"Don't lie!" I Shouted before he got out.

"I Shall Not Tell A Lie," He said, sticking his tongue out and leaving to head into the police station.

About Thirty-Seconds later, i got bored, so i pulled out my Blackberry and called up Sarah since i haven't seen her since last week.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey!" I Said, smiling, despite her not seeing me.

"Everything okay or...?" She asked.

"Well, not really," I Said. "I'm outside in the car waiting for Patrick who's currently in a police station."
"Oh for the love of god," Sarah said. "What did that dumbass do now?"

"Nothing too interesting," I Said, laughing. "He's actually reporting someone."

"Who?" She asked.

"That's the thing, we don't really know who," I Shrugged. "You know how i told someone sent me flowers then some laced brownies?"

"Yeah," She said.

"Well, Patrick came home from practice monday only to see the guy came back and this time left something right on our door," I Said, sighing.

"What?" She asked.

"A Creepy note and a box that had like, a little thong and some other stuff in it..." I Said.

"Um...that's creepy," She said.

"Yeah, it is," I Shrugged.

"Well...why don't you guys ask the manager to tighten up Security on your floor?" Sarah suggested. "You guys can catch him somehow, maybe you need extra security."

"Maybe..." I Said. "But we're at the Trump Tower, that place has as much security as it can get," I Explained.

"Well, have them tighten it up or something!" She said. "Either that or get some security or something to watch out during the night or whatever," She said.

"Hm, maybe," I Said, shrugging. "Patrick's on his way back, so i'll see you later tonight for dinner," I Said. 

"Alright, Later," She said, hanging up.

Then, Patrick came back into the car and got his seat buckle on.

"So, how did it go?" I Asked him.

"Not so good..." He said, starting up the car. I Just sighed. "Apparently, you can send flowers, brownies, cake and leave presents and notes like that and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Well ain't this a bitch..." I Said. 

"We gotta do something about this weirdo," He said.

"Well i just got off the phone with Sarah," I Said. "She thinks we should talk to the manager about getting better security and stuff."

"Maybe she's right," Kaner said. "Once we get back we'll go talk to the manager about getting tighter security."

I Just nodded in agreement as we started driving back to our place.

We arrived to our Building about twenty minutes later and walked in and planned to go straight to the front desk, but when we went in, he was nowhere to be seen.

"I Guess he just left again..." I Shrugged. The thing about the manager is he doesn't really give a shit, he's almost never here and when he is, he's bitchy.

"We should just go upstairs and watch some tv or something for a few hours, then come back down," Kaner suggested. I Just nodded.

Then we headed over to an elevator and got in it to take it to our floor. When we got their, we made the long walk down to our room, but when we did, we saw something- An Envelope, with My Name on it, my whole name.

"Katrina Alexis Dawson..." I Said. "How does this person know my whole name!?"

"It's creepy," Patrick said. "I Didn't even know your Middle name was Alexis until now!"

"Named after my Great Grandmother..." I Said blankly, still looking down at it.

Then, i bent down and picked it up, then i just stared at it before looking back at Kaner.

"Let's go inside and read this," I Said. He just nodded.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys to unlock the door. After that, he turned the knob to get it open, but he didn't open the door with his hands, he kicked it open. Then, he peaked his head through and looked around.

"'s safe," He said, as we went in. We headed over by the couch, but we didn't sit down. I Just looked down at the envelope. "You want me to open it for you?" He asked.

"No..." I Said. "I Can do this on my own...I'm a big girl..." I Said. Even though i said it didn't mean shit though. I Was so scared to open it up and see what it said inside, but i gotta do this.

I Took a deep breath, then i slowly started to open it up. Then, it was completely open and i read it, and i just couldn't believe it. I Was breathless. I just handed it over to Kaner and he read it, and he had the same expression.

"I'm scared..." I Said, trying to fight tears.

Patrick just opened up his arms, and i just hugged him as tight as i could. I've been through a lot of shit in my life, from living on the same streets as actual gangs, being in a house with a gun, and all of this scary shit, but none of them compares to all.

*Sunday Night, 11pm, Baltimore, Maine, Local Bating-Range outside, Heathers POV* much has been on my mind lately and i just haven't been able to function right. Last month when i found out Sidney was cheating on me, it struck me hard, and i was vulnerable, and then Alex stepped in to help heel my broken heart, but he was nothing more then another Crosby. I Feel bad, honestly, because i've been taking my frustration out on my friends, and that's just not right. So, i had the night off, so i decided to go to this outdoor bating-range and brush up on my batting skills since i haven't really done this since my Senior Year in high school about...5 years ago or so. I Was actually pretty good. I Was just pretending the balls coming at me were little heads of Alex and Crosby.

"No bitch cheats on me and fucking gets away with it..." I Said, while hitting a ball. 
Then, i couldn't help but notice a car pull up, a car that looked very familiar. It caught my eye and i looked over to see who it was, and i couldn't believe it- It was Alex and Kathryn. Those son of a bitches. They got out of their car and went to an empty batting dugout to practice all the way at the end of the corner---which was bogus and offended me, because no one else was fucking here besides us three. I Doubt they even know i was here though. I just watched them as Kathryn got a bat and tried to act fucking cute and act like she had no idea what it fucking was. So then A-Ry went up behind her, put her arms around her and helped her get in the position, then took a swing at a ball with her, and they were both smiling and laughing. Then, he put the bat down and turned her around so they were face-to-face.  Then, they kissed.
That's it. I've had enough.

Emotionally and Physically, he's hurt me for too long and i've tried to deal with it, but now, i just can't anymore. I Can't. I Looked over to where he parked his car, and grabbed a Louisville Slugger bat and just walked over to it and looked at it nice and long. Then i reached out into my back pocket and grabbed out my car keys. I Looked back over at Kathryn and Alex, still kissing, it made me sick. Then, i looked back over at his car, and just took a deep breath.
"Maybe Next time he'll think before he cheats..." I Said, raising up my arm with the bat in hand.  Look at it this way...I Hear he's been looking for a new car he's gonna get a good excuse......


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