Monday, May 16, 2011

Year Two Week Eleven // Party All night / Part 3

I Woke up the next morning feeling a little worn out. A Little too much ice cream and beer, i guess. My head was just laying on Kaner's big muscular chest while his arm was around me and i was snuggled up next to him, but he was still asleep. I Didn't wanna wake him up, so i did my best to get out of bed without waking him. When i did, i saw Jonathan up and zipping up his pants. When he saw me, he just looked at me.

"I Didn't wake you up, did i?" He asked.

"Don't worry about it," I Said, getting over toward my bag to dig out some clothes. "What time is it?"

"A Little after 10:30," He said, "What time is the concert?"

"Um, they're letting people in at 8pm i think?" I Said. "I Don't really know, but i'm sure Kris knows."

"And is he picking us up or what?" He asked.

"I Heard he was actually getting us a limo for it," I Said.

"Really?" Jonny asked raising an eyebrow. "Does that mean i gotta dress all fancy?"

"Nah, it's just a Down With Webster concert, just where jeans or whatever," I Said.

"Alright," Jonny said. "But we still have about 10 hours to kill, what do you wanna do?"

"Maybe see who's up, then go out to lunch or something?" I Suggested.

"Sure," Jonny said. "You go see who's up, and i'll wake Kaner up, meet your down in the lobby in 20 minutes."

"Alright," I Said, putting in some contacts then heading out down the hall to Sarah, Sharpie and Brent's room. I Was greeted by a tired Seabs at the door.

"Hi, Kat," He said, yawning.

"Hey, Brent," I Said, walking in to see Sharpie lying in his bed looking through the tv guide.

"Well hello there, Kat, what brings you here?" He asked pleasantly, but not making eye contacting.

"Jonny Kaner and I Wanna go out for lunch or something, you guys wanna come?" I Asked.

"No, i'm good, a little sore from last night, to be honest," Brent said, yawning.

"I Am a little hungry, so sure," Sharpie said. “I’ll get Sarah up in a moment,” He said, looking over to Sarah on his side. She was sound asleep.

“Well of course she would still be asleep,” I Said laughing. Then, I walked out.

Everyone else on the team either wasn’t up, wasn’t hungry, or were sore from last nights game and wanted to get some rest  for Tomorrows game in Buffalo- Then There Was Crawford, Who was wide awake, perfectly fine, and starving. So it was Me, Sarah, Sharpie, Kaner, Tazer and Crawford. Then I headed down stairs to the lobby to meet up with everyone else, but only Jonny and Kaner were down there, everyone else was still getting dressed or something I guess. I Also saw Kaner kind of holding his head, like he was in pain.

“You okay, Baby?” I Asked him, concerningly.

“No, Jonathan hit me,” He said, giving him the evil eye. I Just looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Jonathan said.

“Did you really hit him?” I Asked him.

“Well he wouldn’t get up, I had no other option,” He said.

“Um, how about trying to wake him up gently?” I Asked.

“Tried,” He said. I Looked at him Dumbfounded. He just shrugged. I Rolled my eyes. Then everyone else got downstairs,then we headed to some restaurant in down-town Toronto.

*About 20 minutes later*

“Let’s get some Poutine!” Sharpie yelled walking in and taking a seat at a booth big enough for us all. Me and Kaner sat next to each other  around the corner of one.

“Do they even have that here?” Kaner asked.

“Idiot, this is Canada, of course they do, American Boy,” Jonathan said. Kaner just rolled his eyes.

“So, what’s gonna happen tonight?” Sarah asked.

“Alright, we have to leave for Massey Hall at 7pm, so we should start getting ready at 6pm. Then we should arrive at 7:45, enough time to get whatever food and drinks we need their, then at 8pm is the opening act which is 3OH!3, then about an hour later, Down With Webster  should come on and perform, and by the time that’s done, we should get back at the hotel by 1am, for about a full 8 hours until we have to wake up at 9am and get ready for the plane to get you guys to Buffalo and me to a cab or whatever so I can get to MSG,” I Said.

“Wow,” Sarah said.

“Who coming again?” Jonathan asked.

“You, Me, Kaner, Sharpie, Sarah and Steeger for sure, and we have about one extra ticket, so we can take someone else if we want,” I Said.

“How about you, Craw?” Sharpie asked.

“You wanna come to the concert with us?” I Asked.

“No, I’m good, I think I’m just gonna get some sleep tonight instead,” He said.

“Looks like Kris is picking the other person, then,” Kaner said. Then, we all just got into a completely random convo after we ordered our food.

While waiting for our food, there was a conversation going on, but in the middle of it, I couldn’t help but drift off over to the corner, where there was a family. A Husband and a wife, and two of the most adorable kids ever, a little girl who looked about, 3 and a boy who looked about 5. Both had dirty blonde hair and were repping the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was so cute. I Nudged over on Kaner and pointed to them. I Saw him smile.

“That’s cute,” He said, still smiling. In my mind, I was fighting myself on whether or not to say this, 
but I ended up saying it.

“You think that, um…maybe, you know…that could be us someday?” I Managed to ask. He looked a little frozen after that. Then, he said something.

“Not anytime soon, but definitely eventually, in the future, when everything’s said and done, and the time’s right,” He said.

“I Kinda think the times right now,”  I Managed to mutter out. He just looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“No, it isn’t,” He said. I Just shrugged.

“Look, I know kids are cute, but, now?” he said. “Why? We’ve never even talked about this before.” I Just shrugged again. He sighed.

“Let’s talk about this later,” he said as the food came. “For now, let’s just enjoy some nice Poutine.”

"Whatever," I Said, sighing. "I Guess i can try it, never had it before."

"YOU'VE NEVER HAD POUTINE BEFORE?!" Corey, Jonathan And Sharpie---The Canadians--- Shouted.

"I'm American, so no," I Said.

"American Kids..." Jonathan said, shaking his head.

"Try some, it's amazing," Sharpie said.

"Whatever," I Said. It looked amazing as hell. So it better be good. Sarah tried some first, then Kaner, then me.

"Holy Shit," I Said. "You Canadian Bastards."

"No words," Sarah said.

"This is YUMMY," Kaner said. Sharp, Jonny and Corey just smirked.

"I Know right,eh?" Jonny said in his accent.

"So Kat, real quick," Sharp said. "This concert will be good and fun, right?" I Just looked at him, then laughed.

"Trust me," I Said, "AT Least one of us are leaving that concert incredibly drunk..."

Then, we all looked over to Kaner and raised an eyebrow at him. He just looked at us, then sighed.

"Off season, not regular season," He said.

"Sure..." Sarah said.

"Not buying it," Jonny said. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"I'm staying sober tonight," Kaner said sternly. "Well, i'm not getting completely drunk."

"Whatever you say," Sharpie said.


"Babe, Where's my cologne?" Patrick asked me, in the bathroom getting ready for the concert.

"Since when the hell do you wear cologne?" I Asked, brushing my hair on the bed while watching tv.

It was 6:30 and Kris was heading over here with a limo any second now so we can head down to Massey Hall for the DWW Concert. Kaner was in the bathroom getting ready, Toews was already down stairs in the lobby all ready, along with everyone else who was ready i guess, and I Was brushing my hair, then i had to put on some perfume.

"Since like,forever," He yelled from the bathroom.

"Not since you've been dating me.." I Said, getting up to put some Perfume on.

My Outfit

"Seriously, Where's some cologne!?" He yelled again. I Rolled my eyes.

"You don't need any cologne!" I Yelled back at him. "Just hurry up and get out, i'm pretty sure everyone's waiting for us."

"Well don't rush me..." He said.

"Well i am," I Said, rolling my eyes. I Heard him sigh back. Then, he came out.

Patrick's Outfit

 "Well?" He asked, coming out.

"Lose the hat," I Said. He just frowned.

"Ah, no," He said, smirking. I Just rolled my eyes, then stuck my tongue out. Then we kissed real quick while he snatched off my sun glasses. I Just raised an eyebrow.

"I Can't wear sun-glasses but you can wear your stupid baseball hat?" I Asked

"You can wear them when we're actually outside," He said, sticking his tongue out.

I Rolled my eyes, then i playfully smacked his face, then we kissed again, then headed down to the lobby where we saw Jonathan, Sharp and Sarah.

Jonathan's Outfit

Patrick Sharp's Outfit

Sarah's Outfit
(Minus The Bag)

I Looked over at Jonathan and Sarah and just raised an eyebrow.

"The Hell you looking at?" Sarah asked, taking off her glasses.

"I Told you earlier today this was a Down With Webster Concert," I Said. "And you two are dressed like a bunch of formal idiots."

"How the fuck is this formal?" She yelled at me.

"Well it's not casual for you, that's damn straight..." I Said to her. She rolled her eyes. "And boy, what in the hell are you wearing?" I Said, focusing my attention to Toews.

"What did you expect me to wear?" He asked.

"Something normal!" I Yelled. "Not some expensive ass watch, a tie, and fancy pants..."

"Whatever," He said.

"He's captain series, he's gonna play like a captain and act like one off the ice too," Sharp said. "He's too mature to wear something normal."

"Shut up," Jonathan said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh you know i'm joking, Toe-S" Sharp said. Jonathan looked pissed off, but he ignored him.

Then, Kris walked into the hotel doors.

Kris' Outfit

"Hey Kris," Sarah said.
"Ladies," Kris said, winking.
"Your just gonna not say hi to us?" Sharp asked.

"What do you want me to say, Look at you idiots!" He joked.

"Very funny," Kaner said Sarcastically, then laughing.

"So did you come Solo or bring someone?" Sarah asked.

"I Brought someone," Kris said. "He's just busy trying to doll himself up...he's a pretty boy. I Think Kat knows who it is," He said, looking at me, as did everyone else. I Was just confused.

"I Don't know who the he-" Then, it clicked.

"HIM?" I Asked, trying to hide a smile, especially from Kaner.

"Yep," Kris said, winking.

Then, he walked through the door, and caught the eye of everyone, which made him look a little uncomfortable.

"Did I Miss Something...?" Luke Schenn Asked walking in. I Just smiled, and tried to go up to hug him, but Kaner held me back. Then, he gave Steeger a Death glare, who just smirked.

"Someone's jealous..." Sharpie joked to Kaner.

"Am Not..." Kaner pouted.

"Don't worry, i have a girlfriend," Luke said, smiling.

"Of course you do," Jonathan said. Luke just laughed. 

"You guys ready to go?" Kris asked. "Limo's waiting."
"OOOH Limo!" Sarah said, smiling. 
"Let's go party!" Jonathan said, Fist pumping as we all headed out to the Limo. This is gonna be a long night.

*About an Hour Later, Massey Hall, place where Down With Webster is performing*

We arrived at the Massey Hall at 7:45, like planned. We had 15 minutes before 3OH!3, the opening act, took the stage, so i guess we were just gonna walk around and see what was going on i guess. But soon, we stopped and saw a miracle from God.

"Who Want's Some Free Ice Cold Beer!?" A Man Asked, who was kind of short and had Long red hair---Kind of like Heath Slater---with a Bullhorn in one hand, and in the other hand a cooler full of ice cold beer. I Literally almost fainted, Kaner had to catch me from falling onto the ground.

"Your going around giving free beer?" Jonny asked.

"It's one of my jobs!" He said, putting down the bullhorn. We all raised an eyebrow.

"Alright, let me explain," He said. "My Name Is Kap. I'm the Hypeman for Down With Webster, so basically my job is to go onstage before D.W.W Takes the stage and get you bitches pumped up for a night of partying. And see, we here at D.W.W have one motto everytime we step on stage, which is to Challenge YOU Guys. We always challenge the crowd to see who has more fun. The guys, or you. But see, we're very grateful for all of your support,from buying our songs on Itunes and buying tickets to see us perform live in concert, so, we thank you by giving you on hell of a badass concert, and offering free beer, least we can do," He explained. My jaw was just dropped.

"You are a Saint," I Said. "Someday, they will have a holiday named after you called 'St. Kap's Day."

"Really Kat?" Sarah asked. Kap just laughed.

"Help yourself to all you want, but you might wanna start finding your way in by the stage soon, trust me, you wanna get as close as you get," He said.

"Wait, what?" I Asked.

"Oh yeah, we don't use seating for our concerts," Kap said.

"Um, why not?" Luke asked. Kap just laughed again.

"Trust me, you won't need them..." He said.

Then, we got our beer- Everyone else got one, but i got two, then put one in each pocket then i grabbed two more. Everyone just looked at me.

"Looks like we just found out who's going home drunk tonight..." Sharpie said, as everyone else nodded. I Just rolled my eyes as we made our way out by the stage.

We got up pretty close, so that was awesome. 3OH!3 Came out an performed a couple songs, I Don't really listen to them, so i didn't really get it too much, but when they closed their part of the show with 'Touchin' On My', I Was already on my 2nd beer, so i was a little tipsy, and i ended up grabbing Kaner and did some... 'inappropriate' public dancing with him.

"DAMN YOU TWO, IN PUBLIC!?" Sharpie yelled. Even then we still had trouble hearing him. This place was loud as hell. We Just kinda ignored him though.

Then 3OH!3 Was done, and Kap came on, and well, he hyped us the fuck up.

"LET ME HEAR YOU SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!" He shouted into his bullhorn. And DAMN did we scream, but he just had a poker face on.

"You People Call THAT Screaming? You All Know you can do louder!" He said. "Now, LET ME HEAR YOUR SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" He shouted again. I Swear, the roof fucking flew off.

"Now, Get ready for the biggest party of your life to happen, Bitches, the moment you've been waiting for..." He said. Then, all the lights went out.

They were out for a moment, but then SOME of them came back on, and they were pointing to stage. Before we knew it, we saw Marty---The drummer--- and Tyler---The Bassist and Keyboard dude on Stage and Marty was banging on his drums. Then, we heard some trombones start to play, and Marty continued to bang, but more like he was playing a song, not crazy like before, and Tyler was using his bass. The crowd was going CRAZY. Then, Cam---My favorite--- Came running out onto the stage with a HUGE Flag with the Down With Webster Logo on it and waved it around for a moment, then ran back as Bucky came out from the right with a mic in hand and Pat came out with his Guitar in hand and went up to the mic that was already there and Cam came back out, this time with Nerd Glasses on, a mic in one hand, and a red cup in one hand. From their they went straight into 'Time To Win' As the crowd continued to go fucking wild. About 3 minutes later, 'Time To Win' Was done, so Pat took some time to talk.

"We are Down With Webster," He said, then pausing to listen to the crowd cheering. "We're a band from a small town in Canada, but we didn't get discovered on Youtube like some other certain Canadian Superstar, we got discovered at a fucking High School Talent Show, which we won by the way. Anyway, right here, right now, we issue a challenge to YOU, Toronto. We DARE you to just try and have more fun then us within the next 3 or 4 hours or so," He said, as the crowd cheered. He just smirked.

"Alright, then let's get this bitch started then!" He yelled.

Then, they went into Grind after that, Then Go-Go Girl, which me and Kaner got a little to into, Then  She's Dope, Then 'Let me In',  Which i got into a lot, and did end up dancing a little trashy, but Sarah was too, as was almost every other girl here, so whatever. Then, they got to Parade Music, which got everyone pumped up. Jonny, Kaner, Kris and Luke were fist pumping, and Sharpie was fucking thrusting. That was fun to watch. Then, they were almost about Half-way through the concert at that point, and it was about 10:45pm.

"Alright, so, for the next two songs, i guess we'll try to slow it down a little," Pat said. "Guys, if your here with a girl, trying to impress her or anything, then pull her close, and show her that you wanna be Her Man..." Pat said, with a smirk on his face. Then, of course, they went straight into 'Your Man'. Kaner just pulled me close and wrapped his arm around me, and Sharp did the same to Sarah. Hell, i even Saw Jonathan grab some random women as well.

"And if you want me girl, i will be your man, and if you want me girl, i will be here forever," Pat sang. Then, a minute later or two, they got to Bucky's Part. Kaner leaned in a little closer to me.

"This totally is our song," He said. I Just smiled. Just thinking about it kind of did remind me of are relationship. I Don't know why, it just did.

"Now, i'm sure at least once all of you people have experianced Heart Break by a complete dumbass, and if not, get your ass out of here because your two young for this concert!" Pat yelled into the mic. "But this next one is for you people..." He said, going into 'Back of My Hand'.

"The Back of my hand, the back of my hand, i though i knew you like the back of my hand, you acted so cruel, you know i can't stand the things that you do because you know that you can..." He sang. This song was totally reminded me of my ex.

"Let's make sure we never have to dedicate this song to each other," Kaner joked, i just laughed. 

"I Doubt we ever will," I Said, smiling.

Then, after that was done, Cam stepped up.

"TORONTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He yelled out loud, getting a HUGE Reaction out of the rest of our crowd. "Now, if you have a cup of beer, a can of beer, or a bottle of beer, i want you to hold it the fuck up and say 'FUCK YEAH!'" He said. Half of the crowd---Including Me, Sarah, Sharpie, Kaner and Luke--- Raised our glasses and shouted out loud. Then, Bucky stepped up with his mic.

"And if you don't, i want you to put your Middle Finger Up in the air Because your pissed off you don't got no God Damn Beer!" Bucky yelled, as Jonny and Kris actually did, they finished their.

Then they started playing Rich$ Girl, then after that, two more songs, and then, Pat took the mic again.

"Alright, so, this will be our final song of the night," He said, pausing, as the crowd eurupted in boos. "DAMN Have you Mother fuckers been one hell of a crowd tonight!" He shouted, as the crowd started cheering. "I Say it's been a tie on who's had more fun tonight. Now, let's end this right!" He said.

"Then, he pulled out his Guitar and started playing, and Tyler switched to the keyboard, and i knew exactly what was happening. They started playing probably their most successful song- Whoa Is Me. Then it was Cam's part.

"Whoa Is Me, I'm so whoa, see me decked out from my head to my toe, whoa is me, i'm so whoa, everywhere i go i'm a One Man Show...!" He rapped.

Whoa is me was probably the most craziest song of the night, everyone went CRAZY, and i honestly felt like grabbing Kaner and leaving the stage area and taking him to the bathroom and Boning, but we didn't, too many people. But damn, What. A. Concert.

"THANK YOU, TORONTO!!!!!" Pat Yelled out, As D.W.W Left the stage with the crowd cheering. And we thought we needed some chairs.

*A Couple Minutes Later*

"So Um...We need to go to Down With Webster concert's more often," I Said.

"Of course you would say that, you got wasted as hell!" Sarah yelled.

"No she didn't," Luke said, defending me. "She's tipsy, but not too wasted."

"THANK YOU," I Said outloud. Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I Admit, that was a good concert, and i even have some of the songs stuck in my head," Steeger said.

"So looks like we're getting another mini-concert on the ride back to the hotel," Jonathan joked.

"Well duh," Kris said.

Then, we went out the doors to go to the limo, which was waiting for us exactly on time, about 12:25am. Sharp had his arms around Sarah, and Kaner had his arms around me, and some people were staring at us. I Didn't know how to act. Back in October there was a picture of me and Kaner making out that went viral, but since then, nothing else really. It felt weird just being out in public with all these people around seeing us together. But whatever, it was bound to happen eventually. Then we got in the limo, enjoyed a little mini concert by Kris Versteeg, then we got back to the hotel. Kris and Luke decided to actually be Gentlemen, and Kris stole Sarah away from Sharpie and Luke stole me away from Kaner---Despise the look on his face when he saw Luke playfully push Kaner away from me, and when Luke dared to put his arm around me, in front of Patrick--- And they walked us into the hotel lobby with Jonny and the Patrick's trailing behind.

"You know," Steeger said as we stopped in the lobby, looking at me, "I Don't think i ever gave you my number again when you got your new Blueberry." I Just looked at him. Then shook my head. 

"You Know," Luke said. " I Don't think i EVER Gave you my all," He said, with a smile on his face. So Precious.

"Well-" I Started, getting out my blackberry to let them both put their numbers in.

"Kris can text me his number and i can give it to you," Patrick said, looking right at Luke, who lost that smile on his face.

"But what about Luke's number, Kaner?"  Sharpie asked, with a smirk on his face, being...Sharpie.

"They can get it whenever they see each other again..." Kaner said.

"But, that won't be, for months!" Jonathan said, joining in with Sharpie.

"They can wait...." Kaner said. I Raised an eyebrow,and also listened to Jonny and Patrick snicker from the side.

"Uh, i'll see you guys...whenever," I Shrugged.

"Yeah, i guess so..." Luke said, with a slight smile. I Smiled back, but Kaner saw, and grabbed me up under his arm and we headed into the elevator to get back onto our floor. Then, we got onto our floor and started walking down it.

"Kaner's jealous of Schenner...." Sarah sang tauntingly. Jonny and Sharpie just snickered, but Kaner basically ignored her.

"Would you blame him, though?" Jonathan said. "Look at Kaner and compare him to Schenn, of course he's jealous!"

"If i've been with Kaner this long, trust me, i won't be going to any other guy any sooner,'' I Said Smirking.

"You got some balls for being with that," Sharpie said, referring to Kaner.

"Damn it, Just shut up about it!" Kaner yelled out.

"Shh, our team-mates are sleeping!" Sharpie whispered, and yelled at Kaner. Kaner just rolled his eyes.

"Anyway," Sarah said. "You guys all acted like idiots today," She said, laughing. "I'm used to Kat, Kaner and Sharpie acting like idiots, But you Jonathan?" Jonathan just shrugged.

"I'm always Captain serious on the ice and in the locker room, i don't see why i can take a break from Captain Serious and have fun off the ice..." He said. "But anyway, back in Captain Serious mode, we should get some sleep, got an early plane to catch tomorrow morning," he said.

"True," Sharp said. "We'll see you three in the morning, Night," He said as he put Sarah around his arm and headed to their room.


"So, i figure you two may wanna talk real quick before bed," Jonathan said. "So i'm gonna take a quick shower, you have about 15 minutes of free time," he said. I just smiled.

"Thanks Jonny," I Said, taking off my shoes and putting on a pair of Pajama shorts, then looking for some t-shirt to wear to bed.

Then Jonathan grabbed a robe and headed into the bathroom,and Kaner took off his hat and shoes and un-buttoned his shirt a little, then took of his pants so he was in only his boxers. Then, he got onto the bed and motioned for me to join him. I Did, i got up next to him and just laid down on a pillow and he put his left arm around me as we just laid next to each other.

"I Don't wanna do this," I Said to him.

"Do what?" He asked.

"I Don't wanna go back to everyday life with being on the road with WWE And stuff," I Said. "Spending this whole weekend with you reminded me of how much i love being with you, and how much i hate being on the road so much and not seeing you for days, and sometimes even weeks..." Kaner turned over on his side so he was facing me.

"Don't say that," He said. "Tomorrow night RAW Is in The Garden, this will be a HUGE Moment for you, and i don't wanna ruin it."

"Your not," I Said. "I Just...I'm just getting tired of being away from you so much."

"It doesn't matter how long we're away from each other as long as we make sure every day we are with each other counts," He said.

"Yeah, but see, it's easy for you to say," I Said. "The seasons winding down soon, and even if you do make the playoffs and go all the way to the finals again, you'll be done with Hockey in early June, i'll have no off-season, it's only gonna get worse, and i don't think i'm still 100% in this."

"Your lying," Kaner said. "You are 100% in this. This was your dream, and your less then 24 hours away from performing LIVE In the most famous arena in the world. You really don't know what your talking about. Trust me, once you get there tomorrow, step in that ring again, you'll think differently."

"I Doubt it..." I Shrugged.

"Trust me, you will," He said to me. I Just shrugged again. "Would it make you feel better if i told you i'm gonna plan on watching RAW?" My eyes lit up.

"You are?" I Asked.

"Yeah, i'm gonna try and record it in the hotel room, of course i'm only gonna watch you, i'll fast forward through everything else," He said. I Just giggled a little.

"Maybe it would," I Said. "But who knows. I Guess i'll see what happens once i walk through the curtain in Gorilla Position..."

"I Have a feeling everything will go back to normal once that happens," He said. I Just smiled. Then we kissed real quick. Then we grabbed the covers and got under them, then, we just cuddled and went to sleep.


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