Monday, May 9, 2011

Year Two Week Eleven// Party all night// Part 2

While everyone went to their beds to get some sleep, Sarah, Sharp, and Seabs stayed up a little bit longer and talked.

"So, have you and Kat enjoyed your present so far?" Sharp asked, switching out of the suit he arrived in, as was Brent.

"Eh, i could use a little less Kat," Sarah shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Brent asked.

"I Mean she's REALLY getting on my nerves," Sarah shrugged.

"How?" Patrick asked.

"She's just seemed REALLY Bitchy lately, i don't even know why," She said.

"Wow...maybe, uh, Sharpie should do something about that..." Brent winked. Sharpie just looked up and raised an eyebrow.

"Like what?" He asked. Then, Sarah smirked.

"Let's prank her, Patrick and Tazer!" She said.

"What? Prank?" Sharpie said.

"Dude, for the past couple of seasons, you and Adam were the best prankers there were," Brent said. "Maybe Adam isn't here anymore, but i'm sure you could pull a prank on your own."

"Well, see," Patrick said, taking a seat into a chair by the desk. "In that year away from Adam, i've grown up from my childish pranking days, so, i'm afraid i won't do it. Instead, let's just be the bigger people, and actually do something nice for, order them breakfast!" He said, winking.

"Yes, that would be VERY Nice..." Sarah said, also smirking.         

 Then, Brent went and opened up the door and grabbed the little piece of paper on the knob that you were supposed to fill out for breakfast the next morning and put it back on, then brought it back in for Sharp who just grabbed a pen.

"Alright, let's make sure these kids get some nice nutrition in the morning, they'll need it," Brent said.

"Alright, Guest Initials..." Sharpie said, writing. "Jonny T...Patrick K...And Kat K, because i hear she's going around using Kaner's last name now instead of her own, because apparently that's just how Kat does it..."

"Yeah, she's way over her head," Sarah said.

"Alright, now what time did Toe-s Say we needed to be at the A.C.C For the meeting and skate tomorrow?" Sharp asked.

"Um, i think around noon," Sarah said.

"Alright, so breakfast for them at 6am?" Sharp asked.

"Definatley," Brent said.

"Yeah, we can't have those kids sleeping in on such a big day," Sarah said. "Especially Kat, she's a super heavy sleeper."s

"Alright, so I'm gonna guess that they're gonna wanna start off with the continental breakfast?" Patrick asked. "Maybe some O.J... And grape juice is good for you too."

"I Know Kaner and Kat are both pretty big coffee drinkers," Sarah said. "But give them decafe, we don't want two people like them all hyped up so early in the morning.

"And I Think Jonathan likes tea..." Seabs said.

"Tea? Really?" Sharp asked. He just shook his head and continued writing. "Alright, let's give them some eggs, some protein..." 

"I'm pretty sure all three of them like them Scrambled," Sarah said.

"And get another Orange Juice for them with the eggs," Brent added.

"What about Mangos?" Sharp asked. "Isn't Tazer always yapping about Mangos and Grapefruit or something?" He asked writing down stuff.

"Let's get some more eggs," Brent said.

"Yeah, I Think Kat likes eggs the best, so it wouldn't hurt," Sarah said.

"Sunny side up," Sharp said while writing still.

"Alright..." Sharp said. "Let's add some bacon, sausage,  and what the hell, let's mix it up and add some ham to it as well."

"Don't forget that 2% Milk," Brent added.

"OMELETS!" Sarah yelled. "Tazer likes those, doesn't he?"

"These are a LOT of Eggs, but what the hell, Protein," Sharp said. "Besides it's not like we're picking up the tab for this, anyway."

"Alright, how about some Wheat toast and Rye toast, you know, just in case," Seabrook said.

"How about some Rice Krispies?" Sarah asked. "I'm pretty sure a guy like Kaner likes rice krispies."

"Rice Krispies and froot loops," Sharp said. "The Krispies for Kaner and the Froot Loops for Kat since they're fruity, obviously and i always see her eating those Jolly ranchers, i'm sure she likes froot loops."

"OH! And don't forget the Sugar for the coffee!" Seabs said. Sharp just winked.

Then, he capped the pen and set it down, then leaned back in his chair and looked at it.

"This is a LOT Of food..." He said.

"Well, Kaner and Jonny are hockey players, there supposed to be big, and both of them are barely even 200,and Kat's a wrestler, but that bitch is skinny as fuck, they need some weight added on anyway," Sarah said.

"Yeah, and it'll hold them over until lunch at least," Brent added.

"Overall,i say this is a good meal, and i bet they'll be happy we decided to do such a good deed for them," He said, looking at his piece of work like it was the Mona Lisa, or some other famous painting.

Then he got up and walked out the door and down the hall to Kat, Kane and Toews' room and switched their breakfast order with the one they ordered. He then took theirs and headed back to his room and looked at it.

"Well, i guess they wanted breakfast served at about 9am," He said.

"Well we can't have them sleeping in so late," Sarah said.

"Yeah," Seabs agreed.

"And i guess all they truly wanted was some Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled eggs and coffee..."

"You know..." Sarah said. "That really doesn't seem like too bad of a breakfast..." Seabs nodded in agreement.

"Oh my..." Sharp said. "These rookies wrote this in PENCIL...which means, i can just take this eraser," He said, holding up an eraser," And erase their names, and take this pencil," He said, holding up a pencil "And just add our names onto it..." He said, writing all three of their names onto it. Then, he laughed a little. "Pencils. Such rookies."

Then, he placed their breakfast order outside their door, then they all went to sleep.

*The Next Morning, Kats POV*

 I Woke up to hearing a door slam open. I Rubbed my eyes to wake up to see what it was, and i saw a couple men in uniform walk in with trays of food. I Was confused by this, so i nudged on Patrick to wake up. It took him a moment but when he did, he was equally confused.

"Uh...Hi there," Patrick said.

"Why the hell are you here?" I Asked out.

"We're bringing in your breakfast," One of the guys said. I Looked over at one of the clocks on the footstand between our bed and Jonny's bed, and it said it was exactly 6:03am.

"Again, why the hell are you here again?" I Asked. Then, Toews woke up.

"What's going on?" He yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"We have no idea," Patrick said.

"You guys ordered breakfast, we're just bringing it to you," The guy said.

"Yes we did order breakfast," Jonathan said. "3 HOURS FROM NOW.''

"No you didn't, you ordered it at 6am," He said.

"No we didn't..." I Said, getting more confused.

"Yes you did, here," He said, handing us our order.

Jonathan looked at it first, and raised an eyebrow.

"We didn't order this," He said, then handing it for me and Kaner to look at.

"It's not even our handwriting," Patrick said.

"Well it was outside your door," He said.

"Well i don't give a shit," Jonathan said. "We didn't order this breakfast at all and we damn straight didn't order breakfast this early, so bring us back breakfast about 3 hours from now, okay? Good."

The men just looked at us, then rolled their eyes and left.

"Well, that was some bullshit," Patrick said.

"Yeah, and now i'm wide awake," I Pouted. "I Guess i'll go take a shower real quick," I Said, getting up and grabbing my stuff and taking a quick 20 minute shower. After that, i blow-dryed my hair and got in just some old jeans, a t-shirt but covered up with a red Hollister hoodie,  and then i put on my glasses, i didn't feel like putting in any contacts, but i will for the game tonight.

Then, i walked out and back into where Toews and Kane were. Kane was up and getting a shirt on, but Toews was still in bed, but had a remote in his hand. Then, i heard i knock at the door so i went and answered it.

"Hello guys!" Sarah said, walking straight in, as did Sharpie.

"Not so loud..." Jonathan complained.

"What's wrong?" Sharp asked.

"What's wrong is that some dipshits screwed up our breakfast and ordered it with a shit load of juices and eggs and 3 hours too early," I Complained, laying back down into my bed.

"What?" Sarah said, shocked. "Who would dare do such a thing?"

"I Know right?" Kaner said, laying back down next to me and putting his arm around me. I Just laid my head down on his chest.

"That's just not cool," Sharp said. "I Mean, Jonathan, your the captain of this team, and Kaner, your obviously a huge role in the locker room, that was just, that was un-called for."

"Yeah, what are you gonna do when you found out who did it?" Sarah asked.

"Get back at them," I Said.

"Nah, I'll kill them," Jonathan said.

"Well someones tired and cranky," Sarah said.

"Obviously," He said back.

"Well, what did you tell the guys when they brought your breakfast up earlier?" Sharp asked.

"To bring it back up in 3 hours," Kane said.

"Wow," Sarah said.

"Well, we'll do our best to help you figure out who did it," Sharp said. "Until then..what the hell are we going to do?"

"I'm wide awake, so i feel like going to do something active..." I Shrugged.

"Well, unless you girls wanna come to the team meeting with us or something, then your free until dinner until like, 5pm," Kane said.

"Maybe we can go drive around town and look around? If we find something fun to do, we can do it," Sarah suggested.

"Sure, maybe later today we can go see a movie or something," I Said.

"As long as we don't see that shitty Justin Bieber movie," Sarah said, rolling her eyes. Then, i looked over at Kaner, who just started laughing.

"Never Say Never..." He said, still laughing. I Resisted the urge to laugh as well, but everyone else looked confused. I Guess he didn't say that he took me to go see NSN 3 weeks ago.

"Whatever," Sarah said. "I'll go get out of my PJ's and we can go see if there's anything fun to do in this town," She said.

"Alright," I Said.

Then, i kissed Kaner on the lips and headed downstairs to the lobby and got into some rental car or whatever and waited for Sarah. She came down about 5 minutes later in a simple t-shirt and jeans, then we just headed out for a few hours.


"Hi there, Jonathan," Sharpie said, holding up the 'Sharpie Cam' He was using for BHTV. He was trying to get Tazer on for a moment, but once Tazer saw Sharpie holding a camera, he like, ran away.

"Sharpie stop scaring Tazer," I Said sticking out my tongue.

"Not my fault he's not cool enough to be on the Sharpie Cam," He said. Then, he just wandered around and actually filmed some of the team eating food. Jake Dowell was eating soup and Sharpie planted himself right across from him and filmed him.

"That's not creepy, at all," I Said, watching, then moving on. I Sat over at a table and started eating some Spaghetti i got for dinner, then Kaner came and joined me, with the Kaner cam. What is it about Patrick's and Video cameras?

"Don't worry, i'm not like Sharpie over there," Kaner said. "My camera's off."

"Thank god," I Said laughing.

"OHH Spaghetti!" He said, smiling.

"Want some?" I Asked.

"Sure," He said.

Then, i started feeding him some Spaghetti, kinda lovey-dovey, like all couples do sometime i guess. I Never did this with my Ex-Fiance' though, but obviously he's my ex though. After about feeding him 3 times, i stopped and got another fork.

"I'm your girlfriend, not your servant, you can feed yourself," I Said.

"That's what i like about you," Kaner said. "Your strong and firm, and just because i'm a famous hockey player, you don't give a shit, your real different then other girls in my past," He said.

"You mean puckbunnies?" I Asked. He laughed.

"Yes, puckbunnies," He said.

"Ew," I Said, taking another bite of my spaghetti. "I'm full, i'm gonna go get ready for the game since it's in less then 2 hours," I Said.

"Alright, Babe," Kaner said.

Then i headed out of dinner and upstairs back into our hotel room. I Switched out of my clothes from earlier today and put on another pair of Jeans, My Patrick Kane Jersey-obviously- some make-up, brushed my hair again, put in my contacts and then i grabbed on some new DC Sneakers, then i put on my new "Dangerous" Perfume, the one by Sammi Sweetheart, and then i was ready. I Headed back downstairs to the team dinner and saw everyone socializing. But one thing that caught my eye was over in the left back at the table i was eating at. I Saw Kaner and Sharpie, both with their camera's in hand, and on, and they were laughing and filming eachother, like idiots. I Just stared blankly until Sarah came up and stared blankly with me.

"What the hell is wrong with our boyfriends," I Asked blankly.

"Nothing wrong with them," She said. "They're just a bunch of derps."

"Derps?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yep, not like Tazer, but yeah, their derps," Sarah said. I Just shrugged and kept watching them. Then, it was time to head off the the A.C.C

*Minutes later, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada*

Because this is well, Toronto, not only was it hard to get tickets, but this place would be PACKED with leafs fans, Sarah and i would probably be the only hawks fans in the arena. Lucky for us,Steeger pulled some strings and got us Tickets in the box so we didn't have to deal with the Leafs fans hatin on us. When we made our way up, we got some stares, but we were basically ignored, but whatever.

"Good lord, it's hotter then satan up here!" I Said.

"It's the jersey and the jeans," Sarah said. She was wearing a Jersey too, but she also had some jean shorts on.

"Whatever," I Said, grabbing a Cherry Pespi out of a cooler up there.

Then, after the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada, the game started. And Damn. Optimus Reim wasn't 100% like Crawford was. 2 early goals for the Blackhawks, then at the end of the period, 1 more. Then mid way in the second, Kessel scored for the Leafs, then Bozie scored off of a pass From Verbeauty, and he said we were gonna make him play bad. That was it for the 2nd period. Then in the 3rd period, BAM, hawks scored right away and made it 4-2. Then, they scored again and made it 5-2. But within the last 5 minutes of the game, Luke scored for the Leafs, but it didn't really matter i guess. Either way,Hawks won and got the 2 points and extended their win streak.

After the boys were done talking to the media and stuff, we all went back to the hotel and Me, Sarah, The Patrick's and Jonny hung out in our room for a couple of hours, loaded with beer and ice cream.

"Don't drink too much beer," I Said. "Trust me, you guys will get A LOT Of beer at the concert tomorrow night."

"Oh yeah?" Sarah said.

"Yep," I Said. Kris also got us some tickets to a Down With Webster concert. I'm the one who got him to though. I Heard their song 'Whoa is Me' Back in september on an NHL Commercial, and i've been hooked ever since. "These guys know who to party."

"How would you know?" Sharp asked.

"Youtube video," I Said. "One of them even brings a red cup full of beer with them on stage."

"That's nice," Kaner said.

"That reminds me of something you'd do," Jonny said. We couldn't help but laugh.

"I Totally can picture Kaner showing up some place in public and just drinking," I Said laughing. Kaner rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, good game, boys," Sarah said.

"Thanks," Sharp said.

"Right now, we need all the points we can get if we wanna keep our promise to our fans and bring Lord Stanley back to chicago," Jonathan said.

"It isn't gonna be easy," Kaner said.

"But if we can all get our heads in the game and focus," Sharp said.

"Stanley will be spending another summer in the windy city," Jonathan finished.

"We just gotta get over last season," Kaner said. "Yeah it was great, but this is this season, we wanna relive last season, we gotta focus on this season."

"What he said," Sharpie said.

"Anyway, this whole new road things helping us a lot," Toews said. Their doctor suggested to Coach Q To stay an extra night during road games if possible, because it's gonna end up helping them more, i don't really get it, but whatever.

"Well, it's about midnight now, and i'm personally tired from getting up so early," Sarah said.

"Me too," I Said. yawning.

"We should go to sleep, we got a big day tomorrow," Toews said.

"True that," Sharp said.

Then, he and Sarah got up and headed back to their room. Jonny, Patrick and i got into some PJ's- for them just a shirt and boxers- and went to bed. We already had 2 days of our 3 day weekend completed, and tomorrow would be the last day in Toronto, and not that i don't like watching my boyfriend and my favorite two teams playing a nice classic Original 6 game of Hockey, but i have a feeling tomorrow will truly be the best part of the weekend here in T.O.

To Be Continued...


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