Monday, June 6, 2011

Year Two Week Fourteen // First Step To Forever.

One Final RAW.
One Final Week.
One Final time to make an impression.
One Final Time To get the upper-hand.
One More Week until Wrestlemania.

It was all sinking in i guess. This was such a big event and for me, i had probably the best match on the card- Yeah i said it, bigger then Cena's, Bigger then Orton's, BIG. Right next to Edge's title defense, but whatever. Six days away. Right now, i'm just laying in my hotel bed watching Jersey Shore, and Justin's still sleeping. Then, my cell phone went off and i answered it, though i didn't recognize the number on the Caller ID Though.

"You have just received a collected call from County Jail Member Heather..." One of those Voice-Auto mated things said. My jaw just dropped.

"Oh Good Lord no..." I Said.

"Yeah...see..." Heather began. "I'm kind of in trouble..."

"The week before Wrestlemania!?" I Yelled into the phone. "Really!?"

"What's going on?" Justin asked waking up, he sounded pretty groggy.

"Heather's in jail," I Said, pissed off.

"What?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"It's not my fault though!" She defended.

"Who's fault is it then!?" I Asked.

"Riley's..." She said, in a pissed off tone.

"How the fuck is this Riley's fault?" I Asked.

"She's lying," Justin said, showing me his phone.

He used the internet on his phone to go onto TMZ and it's all over about Heather being arrested.

"Hold on a moment," I Said, putting my cell down.

"It says around Midnight last night she grabbed a baseball bat and some car keys and trashed his Mercedes  with the bat, used the keys to put a hole in all four of the tires and she also carved into the seats her name and 'KEVIN KILEY HAS A SMALL PENIS'" Justin said. "Then, she gave his girlfriend a blackeye and hit Him in the gut with the bat until he was on the ground in pain."

"Damn..." I Said, bug-eyed. Then, i picked up my cell phone.

"How  long have you been in jail?" I Asked.

"About 10 hours," I Said. "The only reason i'm actually getting this phone call is because they found my website, otherwise they would have made me stay."

"And out of all the people you know, you chose to call me why?" I Asked.

"Nikie never answers, Jenny probably would have killed me, and i don't remember Jamila's number by heart," She said.

"Well...did they set you a bail yet?" I Asked.

"No," She said. "I Asked them about it about an hour ago, and they said i wouldn't get a bail set for about...another 2 or 3 hours." I Just sighed.

"I'll pick you up from jail in 2 or 3 hours..." I Sighed.

"Thank you SO MUCH!" She said.

"You owe me BIG TIME for this..." I grumbled out.

"Don't worry, i'll pay you back," She said.

"Whatever," I Said, rolling my eyes and hanging up on her.

"So....That was weird," Justin said, getting up and digging for a t-shirt in his wrestling bag.

"I Know right," I Said, laying back down.

"So..." Justin said, putting on a White V-Neck T-Shirt and sitting back down on his bed, i just sat up on mine. "What's going on with you lately?"

"What do you mean?" I Asked.

"I Mean it's been a while since we talked and stuff...i'm just asking," He said.

"Oh...well...It's been okay, i guess..." I Said, shrugging. "I Wish we didn't have to rest of the week off from wrestling though," I Said, shrugging.

During Pay-Per View Weeks, we don't do any shows except Live RAW and Smackdown! Tapings. That's it. We're then free for the rest of the week---Up until Wednesday, The Wrestlemania golf competition, then Thursday and Friday and Some of Saturday, Fan Access, Then saturday night, The Hall Of Fame Ceremony, then Sunday was Wrestlemania. So, technically, i have Tuesday and Wednesday off, and Thursday...Kinda. ANYWAY, that means i'm going back into Chicago with Patrick...maybe. He's not allowing me back into our Condo because of this stalker, who is REALLY scaring me.

"Why?" Justin asked. "Weren't you actually complaining about having to keep wrestling this week?"

"Yeah, i was," I Said. "Which is why i am not wrestling tonight, instead i'm doing commentary in Kristen and Kathryn's match," I Said, sticking my tongue.

"But you just said you wish you were competing..." Justin Said confused. I Just looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Nevermind this shit," I Said. "I Gotta go anyway."

"Where?" He asked.

"What is this, 20 questions?" I Asked. He just looked down, a little embarrassed. I Just sighed. "I'm just going to the gym to get in a workout, relax..."

"Whatever," Justin said, getting up and walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. I Just sighed again and rolled my eyes.

"Fuck my fucking life..." I mumbled under my breath, grabbing my stuff and heading out the door.

*Hours Later, RAW Arena, 4pm*

2-3 hours my ass. After that phone call, it took 6 more hours for this whole situation to KIND OF Get solved enough so she could AT LEAST Get out of jail. She still has charges pressed against her from Alex, and she's also getting a HUGE Fine and being ordered to Court next month to decide her official fate. This is just fucked up. Despite probably getting suspended for at least 60 days, i ended up taking Heather to the Arena with me since i needed to be their. I Took her over into this little corner where no one was at to talk to her. I Didn't know what to say. I Was So Pissed off at her, but she already had a lot to deal with, so i tried to be as kind and considerate as i could.

"So, i have A LOT To say to you..." I Said. "But, i wanna be nice about it, so, i'm gonna say all i wanna say to you, in spanish, so you won't understand a word i'm saying..."

"Lay it on me," Heather sighed. I Took a deep breath then cleared my throat.

"Bitch qué coño te pasa!?" I Yelled at her."Vandalismo un coche!?!? conozco Alex hacerte daño, pero puta que se lo llevó demasiado lejos!"

"Impressive," She said.

"Why thank you," I Said, smiling. Then i just sighed and sat next to her.

"In All Seriousness...." I Said. "Why the hell did you do that?" I Asked. "You've been acting weird for the past two weeks, from snapping at people to this...what gives?"

"Kat, I'm 23 years old!" She said. "I'm starting to mature from my old hooking up partying ways! I'm legitimately looking for something serious in my love life! I Found two guys who i could seriously picture myself with like, getting married and starting a family, and they did nothing but break my heart! I'm just getting sick of this same old shit!" She explained, trying not to completely break down. I Just sighed again. "Kristen and Phil are married, Nikie and John are engaged, God knows how long Jenny and Cody will take until they start to tie the knot, you and Patrick are doing good, and hell, you also got someone else after you, and Jamila is single by choice!"

"Just because you haven't found someone yet doesn't mean your gonna be alone for the rest of your life," I Said.

"I Know," She said. "But when the same shit happens to you one after another,  it get's to a point you can't handle it anymore..."

"Then seek help," I Said. "You seem emotionally wrecked, so you should get some help," I Said. She shrugged.

"Maybe i should..." She said.

"You should," I Said. "You need to get back on your feet from the shit that's been going on lately."

"Yeah, i do," She said. "I Guess i can call a conslor later," She shrugged. "Thanks,Kat."

"No problem," I Said, smiling. "Now, you should probably get out of here now before Stephanie or Hunter sees-" 

I Was cut off by seeing Hunter run all the way to the other side of the arena with a crew of bodyguards behind him. Curious, Heather and I Got up and ran after them to see what was going on. We landed over by the locker room area and there was a group of superstars and Diva's up their, i managed to get up front and see John and Punk were in a fist fight.

"Holy Shit, John's kicking Punk's ass!" I Yelled out loud, laughing a little. Then, the bodyguards broke up the fight.

"What the hell is wrong with you two!?" Hunter yelled out loud, pissed.

"That bastard started it!" John yelled, pointing at Punk. "He had the balls to come over here and talk shit about my girl."

"Your girl was the physco who tried to kill me the other day!" Punk yelled.

"I Don't give a shit about your girls!" Hunter screamed. "You two are looking for trouble? Do it on your own damn time, NOT in my arena!" He said.

"The hell you saying?" Punk asked.

"Get the hell out of my arena! BOTH OF YOU!" Hunter yelled at them, making Punk and Cena breathless, as well as making everyone else around confused.

"The week before the biggest event of the year, your kicking out your biggest stars in your company!?" Cena yelled.

"It's not like you two were headlining!" Hunter laughed out. "Undertaker and Edge are along with Orton and Miz, You two are just another match..."

"You know what," Cena said. "Whatever. Nikie!" He yelled, as Nikie appeared from over and the corner. "Let's get the hell out of here..." John said, staring down at Hunter, as did Nikie, before they both just walked out. Then, Hunter focused his attention to Heather.

"You got some damn nerve showing your face in my arena after what you did last night,Blondie," He said firmly to Heather.

"Relax, i was just leaving, gosh..." She said, rolling her eyes and walking out. Punk was still standing their, trying to process what the hell just happened, when Kristen came up.

"What the hell are you doing!?" She questioned him.

"Don't even fucking start with me!" He literally YELLED at her. 

"Excuse me?" She asked, folding her arms.

"You know you heard me," He said. "God, would you just stop smothering me, please!? Man, your my wife not the host of 20 fucking questions! And your wondering why i've been keeping my distance from you lately..." He said, slowly walking out, and punching a wall while doing so. Enter Jenny.

"Wow..." She said, taking off her sunglasses as she entered. "Such an asshole..."

"Bitch, shut up," Kristen said, actually defending him, even after what he said.

"Um, did you even hear what he said to you?" Jenny asked.

"Don't act like Cody's never lost it with you once..." Kristen said.

"Cody has never yelled at me, purposely tried to ignore me, and he sure as hell has never treated me with so much disrespect..." She said. She's on it today. Kristen just rolled her eyes and walked off.

"That was interesting..." I Said to her. 

It was just her and Me today. Heather obviously couldn't be here, Nikie just got banned...kind of, Kristen just wasn't in the mood, and as for Jamila, she actually called in and said she was sick or something, i don't know what that's about, but yeah.

"Not my fault she's married to an asshole," Jenny said, putting her sunglasses back on, and walking away with pure attitude. I Told you she was on it today. Then, there was just one left- me.

*Later that night, during RAW, Kristen vs. Kathryn Prince*.

"For all our viewers out there, we would like to point out we have the honor of calling this match alongside Number One Contender for the Undisputed Women's title at Wrestlemania, Kasey Angel!" Jerry said.

"Thank, King," I Said, fixing my headset.

"No problem, always a privilege to be on commentary with a beautiful girl," He said, smiling my direction.

"Oh cut the crap you two," Cole said rolling his eyes in the middle of us.

"And of course there's Michael Cole..." I Said, leaning back in my seat and putting my hands behind my neck. "Always a pleasure sitting next to you."

"Of course it is," He said, with a smirk on his face.

"OH! What a hit from Kathryn to the head of Kristen!" King pointed out. "Kasey, you gotta be worried about receiving a hit like that from Kathryn with a steel chair in her hand Sunday night, right?"

"Does it look like i'm scared of that English Muffin?" I Asked. "She was raised in Detroit, so obviously i have nothing to fear."

"You sure?" King asked. "Kristen looked in a LOT of pain from that hit.

"Well this is Brooks we're talking about, remember that," I Said. "Though i'll admit, For a chick from Jersey, she's tougher then most," I Joked.

"Angel, your sure doing a lot of talking when you should be figuring out Kathryn for your match!" Cole scolded me.

"Don't worry," I Said. "I Already got her number, tonight, i'm just observing..."

It was back and forth the entire match, until Kristen locked in a sumbmission and made Kathryn tap and won the match. After Kristen was done celebrating and left, i got into the ring and got face to face with Kathryn one last time. Technically, we cut a promo, but we didn't even say a word, we just stared down eachother. But there was just so much tension, not even 1,000 words could make up the electrifyingness of this. Then, RAW Went to commercial, and we got out of the ring, still staring each other down until we got behind the curtain.

"THANK GOD I'M DONE WITH THAT SHIT!" I Yelled out loud. I Had a 3 hour flight tomorrow to Chicago at 1pm, so i would get into Chicago at 3pm CT and i guess from their, i'll be at Kristen's place. Either way-I Sure as hell wasn't going home. Great. Just. Fucking. Great.

*The Next Day, Chicago, IL, 3:10pm, Airport, Arriving in Chicago*

I Hopped off my plane in Chicago and grabbed all my shit and i WAS Looking for Kristen's Black Bentley, but i found someone else waiting for me instead...

"Hey there Little Mama!" Patrick yelled at across the airport. I Just jogged over.

"The hell you doing here?" I Said, with a smile on my face before kissing him.

"I Called Kristen and told her i was gonna pick you up instead," He said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Because, i got a surprise for you," He said, smiling.

"I Don't like surprises..." I Said, frowning.

"You'll like this surprise though, trust me," He said. I Rolled my eyes.

'"Ugh, Fine," I Said, loading my stuff into the back of the Chevy. I Was about to get in, but he stopped me.

"Put this on," He said, handing me a blindfold.

"Oh Hell no," I Said. 

"Come on, just put it on, for the surprise," He said. I Sighed.

"So far, I'm not liking this surprise..." I Said, turning around and handing it back to him making him put it on me.

"It get's better, trust me," He said. "Grab my hand, i'll help you get in the chevy," He said, extending his hand...i think. I Grabbed something, and it just helped me get in without hitting my head on anything.

We were listening to B96 the whole time, but i didn't really pay any attention to it, i had my mind on where the hell he was taking me.

"Are we almost there?" I Asked.

"Babe, we've only been driving for 10 minutes," Patrick laughed. 

"Well it feels like forever," I Sighed out.

"Just Be Patient..." He said.

"Well i told you i didn't like Surprises," I Said.

"And i told you that you'd like this one," He said.

"Well so far i don't like it!" 

"Be Patient Women!"

There's just no arguing with him. I Just pouted and ignored him for the rest of the car ride, which lasted about ten more minutes. 

"Alright, we're here," He said, stopping the car from what i could hear.

"Good...the fuck we at?" I Asked.

"Hold on, let me help you out," He said. Then he came over on my side and opened up the door and grabbed my hand to help me out. "Just do what i say and you'll be safe," He said.

"Where are we!?" I Whined.

"Just do what i say, women," He demanded. "Alright, step up," He said, as i did.

"What if i dont?" I Asked.

"Well we're on a cliff, so if you don't step up to climb, you'll fall down and die," Kaner said. I Just hit him. "But in all seriousness, we're walking up some concrete stairs, so just do so. Step up," He said as i did. "Step up again," He said, as i did, but i didn't feel any solid ground when i did, and i instantly feared the worst and screamed. He just put his hand over my mouth. "Relax! I Was just kidding!" He said laughing, i hit him again.

"Don't play around!" I Said.

"Well relax, I'm not gonna hurt you or anything," He said.

"How the hell would i know?" I Asked. "I Can't even fucking see!"

"Whatever," Patrick said. "Take a small step," He said, as i did. 

Then, we stopped walking, and he just kissed me. While doing that, he removed the blindfold and i opened my eyes to see where we where, and i had no idea, but it looked BEAUTIFUL Though. There was a black gate surrounding it and there was lot's of plants and trees, and it looked really pretty.

"Where are we?" I Asked.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"Yeah, but where are we?" I Asked. Then, he just smiled.

"We're at our new house," He answered, which made me speechless for a moment.

"Wait, what? Our new house!?" I Said.

"Yep," He said, smiling. I Just folded my arms and raised an eyebrow.

"I Had a creepy stalker, and to get rid of him, you go behind my back and buy a fucking house?" I Asked all serious, but i didn't stay like that for long, i ended up breaking into a smile, and hugging him. "I Love you so much."

"I Love you too baby," He said. Then we kissed again real quick. "Come on, let's go look inside."

Then, he took the key out of his pocket to unlock the door and he lead me inside, and it was just BEAUTIFUL. It didn't have anything in it yet though, but still.

"Patrick this is beautiful," I Said. 

"It'll be even more beautiful once we get all our furniture in," He said smiling. "All we have now is a flat screen in the living room and one down in the basement, a king-sized bed upstair's in our room, a hot-tub out back, beer in the fridge-"

"And a stripper pole..." I Said, looking over at where the Kitchen intersects with out living room. Right in the middle of that there was a stripper pole.

"That came with the house," Kaner said, smirking. I Just laughed. "Anyway, so we don't have any other incidents like that, i decided to get some security camera's and stuff to put up."

"That's great, but, um..." I Started.

"What?" He asked.

"You suck at using technology," I Said to him.

"I Know," He said. "That's why your putting them up," He said with a smile on his face.

"What!?" I Yelled, causing him to laugh.

"Just kidding," He said. "I Know someone who's surprisingly really good at all that tech stuff."

"Who?" I Asked.

"You'll see," He said. "They should be here in a couple minutes."

Pat and I Just started un-packing the boxes full of four security cameras and all these wires we needed when the doorbell rang. I Went to go answer the door, but before i did, i looked out the peephole to see who it was, then i just looked back over at Pat.

"Sarah and Sharpie? Really?" I Asked him.

"Sharp may be dumbass, but he's pretty smart when it comes to technical stuff," Kane said. I Walked over to him and grabbed one of the camera's.

"I think your mixing up the Patrick's again, babe," I Said, walking away and sticking my tongue out at him.

Then, i cracked the door open a little and put out my left arm which had the Security Camera and i stuck it out there and moved it around.

"Oh shit, Patrick," Sarah began. "We're under surveillance!" She laughed.

Then i opened up the door and let them in.

"Yo Sharpay!" Kaner said over in the corner getting out all the stuff for the Security cameras, trying to act all hood.

"Kaner," Sharp began. "Don't even start with me right now, i'm tired."

"Damn Sharpie's cranky?" I Asked.

"Sarah just woke my ass up to tell me we had to come here and help out you idiots, so i'm not exactly in the greatest of moods," He explained.

"Aw, Cheer up, boy," Kaner said, smirking.

"Whatever," Sharp said. "What the fuck do i have to do?"

"Help us, duh," I Said. "But hey, i don't want you being a bitch for the next couple of hours, so here," I Said.

Then, i went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge and pulled out a beer since we had a 6-pack in there. Then i went back into the living room and handed it to Sharp.

"What is wrong with you?" He asked. "If i drink while dealing with electricity and stuff like that, i could screw up and hurt myself!"

"Oh really?" I Asked. "Well the, why the fuck aren't you drinking yet?" Sharp just had his mouth drop.

"What have i done, Kat," He asked, then he looked at Sarah. "What have i ever done to Kat?"

"What has anyone ever done to Kat?" She asked. "She's just a bitch."

"Don't talk shit about me in my own house," I Said.

"Whatever," Sharp said, opening the beer and taking a big sip. "I'll try my best not to be a total bitch to you all."

"Good," I Said. Then, we went outside to the front.

"Just asking...But Kaner, how the fuck did you afford this?" Sarah asked. "Ain't no way you got this much money."

"Think again, Sarah," He said, winking. She just rolled her eyes.

"Alright, where do you wanna put Camera Number one?" Sharp asked, putting his beer down on the steps.

"I Was thinking like in the bushes," I Said, pointing to the bushes surrounding the front of the house.

"Alright, but that's too low and easy to see," Kane said.

"If i was a creepy old stalker person," Sarah began. "FIRST, when i see this camera, i'd do something pervy right in front of it," She said, causing all of us to laugh. "Second, i'd just rip it out."

"How about right up there?" Sharp said, pointing to the top of the house, under one of the windows on the top floor. "You'd need a ladder to get up there and get it out."

"Alright, let's put it up there," I Said. "But we don't have a ladder yet..."

"I Got an idea," Sarah smirked. Then, she whispered something in the ear of Sharpie, who ended up smirking as well.

"OH KANER!" Sharp yelled to Kaner, who looked over at him, a little nervous. "Get your white ass over here," Sharp said, as Kaner did.

"What Sharpie," Kaner asked crossing his arms.

"So, what your gonna do is stand right here while i climb on top of you to reach up there to get this camera hooked up right under that window," Sharp explained. "And here's the funny thing, if you drop me and make me fall right to the ground on my ass, I'm gonna kick your ass," He said. "SO DON'T DROP ME."

"Uh...Sure..." Kaner shrugged.

Then, he bent over to let Sharp climb on top of him to get to the top, and you could tell Kaner was in pain.


"I'M NOT FAT!" Sharp yelled back. "YOUR JUST NOT STRONG, OBVIOUSLY." Me and Sarah were just laughing our asses off.

A Couple minutes later, they were done and Sharp got off of Kaner. Kaner then made me go into the house and get him a bag full of ice for his shoulders. We put Camera's on each side of the house, and by the time the sun started setting in Chicago, we were putting up the last camera for outside the house- we were putting one more in the house.

"Alright, how about we put this one on the Patio shade?" Sharp suggested.

"Yeah, let's do that," I Said.

While Sharp installed the Security Camera there, with some assistance from Kaner, me and Sarah were standing there watching, until something else caught my eye. I Turned over to the left and i saw a little boy, about five years old, standing up on the top of his slide in his backyard watching us. He was wearing a Blackhawks shirt, and i couldn't help but smile. I Nudged at Sarah to show her, and she smiled as well.

"Alright, now all we got left is one more to do in the house and we're done," Sharp said proudly.

"Look over to your left," I Said to the two, as they did, and they just smiled when they saw the kid, who realized we caught him peeking over and quickly sat down and slid down the slide, like he was embarrassed.

"We'll be right back," Kaner said with a smile on his face, speaking for him and Sharp as they headed out. After they left, me and Sarah started talking...

"So," She began. "Why did Patrick REALLY buy you guys this house?"

"What do you mean?" I Asked. "He got it to help get rid of the stalker."

"That's not just why," She said. I Just looked at her funny, she sighed. "I Think he want's to move your relationship to the next level..."

"What?" I Asked. "Like...what level?"

"Well, he's already taking a HUGE Risk," She said. "Only a week left in the regular season, and by the looks of it, Hawks may not make the playoffs, and around this time, he's getting his stuff ready to go back home to Buffalo for his off-season, but this time, he got his own house."

"" I Began, but i didn't really know what to say.

"I Think he Legitimately wants to get serious with you if the season's almost over and he's not yet making plans to go back home," She said. I Just shrugged.

"Who knows," I Said. "What about you and Patrick? You guys going back to Canada whenever the Hawks season ends or what?"

"I Really don't know," She said, shrugging. "It's his call, i really don't care. I Was born and raised in Chicago, but I've spent most of my adulthood in Canada so far for Collage. It's not like it would affect me majorly."

"True..." I Said.

Then, we focused on Spying on Sharp and Kane through the fence. They went into the kids backyard and went to go meet him. They talked to him, signed his t-shirt and took a picture with him. It was too cute. Then they came back and we focused on getting the camera up in the hallway of our house.

"Alright, let's make sure this bitch works," Sharp said. "Sarah, go over there in the hallway and walk out, i'm gonna see if i can see you on this monitor," He said, as Sarah did.

She went over into this other hallway and then walked down the other hallway with the Camera in it.

"Alright, i can see you clearly, Babe," He shouted to Sarah, who heard.

Then, Sarah must have forgotten that me and Kaner were there with Sharpie, because all of a sudden,much to Sharpie's Delight, Sarah started acting.....Not very family-friendly, at all.

"I Feel like a lesbian watching this," I Said.

"I Feel like a bad boyfriend for watching this," Kaner said. Sharpie was just staring, with a big smile on his face. Then, Sarah looked down at her breasts, then she started loosening up the buttons on her shirt, and my eyes just went bug-eyed.

"Oh Hell No," I Said. "Not in my house," I Said while getting up, then running off to the hallway and tackling her to the ground. From their, we got into a little fight.

*No POV, Living room with Sharp and Kane*

"Damn, would you look at that, Kaner," Sharp said watching the monitors. "Kat's a professional wrestler and Sarah's kicking her ass!"

"Kat's just going easy on Sarah since she's a little white girl and couldn't handle a real punch," Kaner smirked.

"Whatever," Sharp said. Then, he focused his attention from the monitors to Kaner. "So, man to-...Man to Almost a Man," He said, causing Kaner to roll his eyes. "Why did you really buy you and Kat this place?"

"I Told you, to get rid of this stalker," Kaner answered.

"That's not the only reason and you know it," Sharp said. "Your wanting to get serious with Kat."

"Aren't we already serious?" Kaner asked. "I Asked her to be my girlfriend and to move in with me late September, and since then, we've done it all," He said, smiling, reminiscing about the times Him and Kat have had together so far.

"You know that's not what i mean," Sharp said.

"Then what do you mean?" Kaner asked.

"You know EXACTLY what i mean," Sharp said. Kaner just sighed in defeat.

"I Don't wanna move things TOO Fast..." Kaner said. "But in all honesty, i've never felt this way before when it came to someone, i truly am in love with her."

"I Know you are," Sharp said, "But man, your really raising your intentions with her..."

"I Know," Kaner shrugged. "Hell, this is gonna be my first off-season i spend in Chicago and not back in Buffalo with my family."

"Wait, what?" Sharp asked.

"Kat's already on the road so much, i don't want to make her have to deal with moving and settling in a new surrounding just for a couple months," Kaner said. "I Haven't told her or my Parent's yet, but i will soon. What about you and Sarah? You guys staying or what? You two are moving pretty smoothly yourselfs."

"You know, i know if i moved her to Thunder Bay with me for the off-season, whenever that may be, next week, later this month, next month, or in June, I Know she wouldn't mind, but her and Kat are just starting to rebuild their friendship that they lost after Sarah left for Collage a couple years ago, i don't want to make them lose it again," Sharp explained.

"Oh..." Kaner said.

Then, the two men sat there for a moment, thinking until Sharp spoke up.

"I Got an idea," He said, smirking. Then, he leaned over and whispered something into Kaner's ear, who was just in shock when he heard it.

"Wait...So...If the Hawks....Do that...then..."

"Yep," Sharp said, cutting Kaner off.

"And that means we should..."

"Yep," Sharp said cutting Kaner Off again. Kaner just smirked at Sharp.

"That's fucking weird," Kaner said. "But at the same actually makes sense, and i like it, and i think the girls will like it too."

"Well we can't tell Kat and Sarah!" Sharp said.

"Why not?" Kane asked.

"What if the first thing DOESN'T Happen," Sharp said. "We tell the girls they'll get all worked up and then just disappointed for nothing."

"True..." Kane said. "If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't."

"But even if it happens," Sharp began. "Kat and Sarah will no NOTHING about this little convo."

"Deal," Kaner said. Then, the two boys shook on it, but were interrupted by hearing some screams from the hallway. They looked into the monitor, and Sarah was on Kat's back pulling her hair.

"I Think we should go break them up," Sharpie said.

"Yeah, we should." Kaner agreed as both of them got up to go break up their girlfriends from fighting.

*Hallway, Kat's POV again*

"You know, i went easy on you..." I said, fixing my hair, which was incredibly sore.

"PFFFT Yeah right, of course you did," Sarah said. I Just rolled my eyes. "ANYWAY, i gotta pee, where's the bathroom?"

"Actually, i gotta pee too," Sharp said as well.

"There's one bathroom back there across the hall from that one bedroom," Kaner said pointing."Then there's one upstairs on the far right side and another one downstairs in the basement."

"Alright," They said. Sarah used the one on this floor, and Sharp went upstairs, leaving just me and Kaner.

"So, can i talk to you real quick?" He asked me.

"Sure, what? I Asked, as we started walking back into the living room.

"You know how during my off-season i go back to Buffalo with my family?" He asked. I Just nodded. "Well, as of right now, Chances of Hawks making the playoffs are slim, so, i feel like i should just tell you now just incase," He began. I Was preparing myself for him to tell me to pack a bag of stuff to bring here for our house and another bag to take to Buffalo for the next 5 or 6 months. "I've decided i'm gonna stay in Chicago this off-season," He said, to my shock.

"Wait, what?" I Asked, shocked. "Your not going back home?"

"Nah," Kaner said. "Your such a busy worker, and whenever you have time away from the ring, i want you to be able to come back home to Chicago and enjoy yourself, i don't want to make you spend it some place your not comfortable in."

"Aw," I Said, smiling. "I Feel like such a bad girlfriend."

"Why?" He asked.

"Your doing so much for me, and i'm doing nothing," I Pouted, purposely. I Don't know why, but when i pout, i don't know if it's my body language or something, but it turns Patrick on.

"Baby," He said, putting his arms around me. "It doesn't matter what we do for each other as long as we're both in love and happy, and I'm in love with you and you constantly are making me happy," He said, causing me to smile.

Then,there was a silence real quick. Then out of nowhere, Kaner grabbed me and kind of slammed me onto the living room floor and pinned me down and got on top of me, and we started kissing. He then took his hands and slid them down my shirt and started caressing my stomach area, slowly moving his way up to my breasts, and before i knew it, i had my hands down around his pants area trying to un-zip his pants.

"AW YEAH KANER'S GETTING SOME!" Sarah yelled, apparently coming back into the living room, we just ignored her and kept kissing and all that stuff.

"OW!!!" Kaner yelled, causing us to stop.

He took his hands out of my shirt and rubbed the back of his head, as both of us looked into the corner and saw a condom there. Then, we looked up and Saw Sharp standing above us. He then bent down so he was leveled with us, and he pulled out a box of condoms from his pocket.

"Kaner," Sharp began. "Don't be a fool, wrap your tool," He said, before dumping the whole box of condoms on Kaner's head, causing all of us to laugh. Me and Kaner then got up fixed ourselfs and Sharp picked up the condoms.

"And to believe Sharp came over here pissed off," I Laughed.

"Yeah, i'm feeling better now," He said smiling. "What time is it?" He asked.

"Holy shit, it's 10pm," Kaner said, looking at his watch.

"Shit really?!" Sarah shouted. "Patrick we gotta get home," She said. RIGHT after she said that, we could thunder from outside.

"Well shit," Sharp said. "I don't wanna drive home in a storm."

"Why don't you two stay here for the night?" I Suggested.

"That cool with you?" Sarah asked Kaner.

"Yeah," He said. "I Don't know about you guys, but i'm hungry."

"Let's order some pizza and watch a movie!" Sarah said.

"I Only got Slapshot here though," I Said.

"Alright, that's a good movie," Sharp said.

"I'll call Little Caesars and order in an Extra-Large Pepperoni Pizza and Kat can go upstairs and get the movie and a blanket and we can watch it downstairs in the basement on the flatscreen," Kane said. I Just nodded and i went upstairs to get a big blanket and the movie, headed down to the basement and got the movie set up and i spreaded the blanket out on the floor.

About twenty minutes later the pizza came, then we all headed downstairs and ate some Pizza while watching Slapshot. Sharp had his arms around Sarah as did Kaner with me. Then, about halfway through the movie, we all ended up falling asleep. This was just perfect.

*No Pov*

Right now, For Kat and Patrick, everything is going GREAT. Little did they know, in only a few days, things in their relationship would take a spin for the worse....

Authors Note-

FINALLY, I'm getting to the Wrestlemania Chapter(s)! I'm SO  Excited to write these ones, they're probably gonna be my favorite chapters so far with everything going on, and i have feeling all of you will like them. ANYWAY, leave a comment and give me feedback please, hopefully i can finish these wrestlemania ones within Two weeks so i can FINALLY move on from this. Anyway, hope you enjoyed Chapter Fourteen!


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