Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen // Part 3 / Viktory March

"Feel like I'm number one, I'm marching to the drums, throw your hands to the sun, we get it done so come on, This is Parade Music, Good grade music, party like you just got paid or got laid music!"

It was Friday morning at 6am and we had the Stanley Cup Championship Parade/Ralley to go to in about 2 hours, that's when NBC Was airing it live. I Was so excited for this, so i'm already ready. I've been up since 4 and i let Patrick sleep, but we gotta get up and moving, so I'm waking him up now by playing "Parade Music" By Down With Webster up loud to get him up.

"Come on, get the fuck up!" I Yelled.

"I'm tired..."He moaned from the bed.

"Too bad, we got a parade to do!" I Shouted, smiling.

"We don't have to be at the United Center for the team picture and to load on the buses until 8," He groaned again.

"Well i wanna be early, and i need to Starbucks while we wait to get on to the bus, then i'll be drinking," I Said. He just smirked.

"We'll have plenty of drinks on the buses, don't worry," He smirked.

"Come on, at least TRY to stay slightly sober this year?" I Said to him. He just shook his head.

"I Love you, but not a chance in hell," He answered. I Rolled my eyes.

"Get out of bed and take a fucking shower," I Said. He rolled his eyes and got out of bed and hopped in the shower.

I Headed downstairs into the laundry room and grabbed Patrick some socks, Jeans for the Ralley when he did his speech, Shorts for the Parade, and his home Jersey. Patrick told me not to wear a jersey, so i just decided to wear a long sleeved red blackhawks shirt along with Short Jean Shorts and some DC Shoes. I Also had my hair tied back in a pony tail and i planned on wearing sunglasses for the parade since it's supposed to be REALLY Sunny outside. Anyway, i took Patrick's clothes upstairs and laid them on the bed for him when he got out of the shower. Then, i headed back down stairs and grabbed my phone. Sarah and Sharpie and Me and Patrick decided to head to the U.C Together and me and Patrick had to pick them up soon, so i was gonna call them to make sure they were up.

"Hello?" I Heard a groggy voice answer. It sounded like Sarah.

"You up?" I Asked. There was a pause for a moment, then she answered.

"No Kat," She said. "I'm talking in my sleep."

"No need to be this sarcastic so early in the morning," I Said rolling my eyes.

"No need for you to be acting so stupid this early in the morning either," Sarah said.

"Look, are you two ready or...?" I Asked.

"Does is sound like we're ready!?" She asked.

"Well it's 6:15 now, Me and Patrick are already ready," I Said. "We'll give you to about an hour and should be at your place around 7ish."

"Alright," She said. "Later."

About 15 minutes later, Patrick came downstairs in Shorts, his Jersey and a backwards baseball cap. Then we got in the Chevy and went to a local Starbucks and i got myself a Double Chocolaty Chip, then we arrived at Sarah and Sharp's place at 7:05am. Sarah and Sharp were sitting outside on the porch waiting for us. Sharp was also in shorts and his jersey and he must have shaved this morning or last night because his beard's gone. As for Sarah, she was pretty much wearing the exact same thing as me, except her hair was down and she had on a different shoe brand.

"You two look like twins," Sharp joked as he and Sarah got in the back.

"No we don't," I Said, taking a sip of my Starbucks.

"That looks yummy," Sarah said, staring at it.

"It is, it's very yummy," I Said, taking another sip.

"Stop taunting her," Kaner laughed.

"I'm not!" I Said.

"Whatever," He said.

Then, we turned on the radio and about 15 minutes later we arrived at the U.C. We also got a glance of where the Parade would basically be, and DAMN. Cops were everywhere trying to control the crowd. Last year it was 2million people at the parade, this year it looks like a LOT more.

"Shit, this Parade's gonna be fun," Kaner smiled.

"Your gonna get drunk out of your mind, i just know it," Sarah said to him.

"Damn straight i am," Kaner smiled.

"I Wonder what buses we'll be on though," Sharp said.

"We're about to find out," I Said as Patrick pulled into the United Center.

When we got in, almost all the management was their already including the Stanley Cup. Player-wise, however, Sharp and Kane were the first players here.

"Well, Sharpie, you got upgraded this year," Kaner said. "You get to ride on the top bus with me and Tazer and the Cup."

"That's nice," Sharpie said. "I Think that they already have the Cup schedule up."

"Well go check!" I Said.

Sharpie and Kaner then headed over to check to see when they would each be able to spend their day with Lord Stanley. A Moment later they came back.

"Babe, We should head up to Thunder Bay soon," Sharpie said. "I Got the cup at the end of next week after Jonathan."

"Really!?" Sarah asked. "Shit, now i don't even have a week to plan your party!" Sharpie just laughed.

"Relax babe, it'll all be fine as long as I Spend my day with the Cup with You and my friends and Family back in Thunder Bay," He smiled before kissing Sarah on the forehead.

"What about you?" I Asked Patrick.

"Mid August," He said. "About two weeks after your birthday. I Think i'll Spend the week in Buffalo with my family and you, then we have the cup on Friday August 12th, i'll spend that day in Buffalo, and i think i can get another day if i spend it in Chicago."

"I Should ask if i can get another day with the cup, that'd be awesome," Sharpie said. "I'd love to take the Cup up on the ledge in the Skydeck."

"OH That's a good idea!" I Said.

"The ledge is scary," Sarah shrugged.

"No it's not!" I Said. "What's the worse that can happen, you can fall?" She just shot me a look. "What? Unless your like, super fat and jump on it, then yeah it may break."

"Just shut up," She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Man, i just noticed we were the only one's here," Kaner said.

"Not even Tazer or Crawford? They're usually the first ones here," Sharpie said. Kaner just shook his head.

"Well that's weird," Sarah said. We all nodded in agreement and continued walking and talked with Coach Q for a few, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The team picture was being taken in thirty minutes, then we'd all head on the double decker buses and drive for a few until we got to where the whole parade was, then we had the ralley. I Was so excited.

*Same time, Chicago, IL, Corey Crawford's Apartment, No POV*

For the past 30 minutes, Chicago Blackhawks goaltender and Conn Smythe winner of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, Corey Crawford, has been up getting ready for the Chicago Blackhawks Championship Parade and Ralley around Chicago. He had just gotten out of the shower and into a bath robe and headed back into his room to get dressed. While he was looking in his closet for his jersey, he noticed some moaning coming from his bed and he just smirked, knowing it was his girlfriend and turned around and walked over to his bed real quick, then sat down on it.

"It's about damn time your up," He laughed.

"Oh Shut up," His girlfriend said to him. "It's only 7am, that's actually early."

"Whatever you say, Jamila," He smirked, getting back up and heading back to the closet.

"What time do you have to be at the U.C?" Jamila asked her boyfriend, as she got out of bed and started stretching.

"WE have to be their by 8am for the Team picture, then we load up on the double decker buses and we're off," He said, emphasizing the word We, as he got on some tan shorts and his Jersey.

"Yeah...about the We part..." Jamila shrugged. Corey just sighed and looked at her.

"You can't come, can't you?" He asked. Jamila just sadly shook her head. Corey sighed. "Unbelievable." He said, before grabbing a pair of sneakers and walking out of the room and downstairs. Jamila quickly followed.

"Come on, you know if i could be there i would," She said to him.

"You Can!" He said back as he grabbed a carton of milk out of his fridge and took a sip of it before putting it back in. "Your just not going because you don't want Kat to know we're dating."

Back in Late April, Patrick Kane---One of Corey's teammates--- And his girlfriend Kat---One of Jamila's best friends--- Had bought a new house together and they had a house warming party in which both Jamila and Corey attended. Late that night of the party, the two met, completely unaware of each other's existence until then---Corey didn't watch WWE and Jamila didn't like the sport of Hockey---. They met and immediately hit it off, exchanged numbers, and slowly started to feel feeling for each other-Secretly. Jamila didn't want her friend to know she was dating one of her boyfriend's teammates for whatever the reason, and Corey completely respected that. However, it's gotten a little out of hand. Because of Kat and all this stuff, Jamila refused to go to any of the games to avoid her and now she's not going to the Parade with Corey because of Kat as well, and Corey's getting quite sick of it.

"Babe, i promise, I'll tell Kat soon," Jamila said to Corey as he went over to the sofa to get his shoes on.

"Yeah, you also said that a month ago," Corey said. She just sighed.

"I Mean it this time," Jamila said to him as she walked over and sat next to him."I Don't know exactly when, but i'll tell her soon."

"I Don't see what the big deal is, to be honest," Corey said.

"It's a long story..." She shrugged. Corey pouted for a moment. "Look, i may not be with you at the Parade, but i promise I'll be watching right here and I'll wear your away jersey, i promise," She said. Corey grew a little smile on his face, but then shrugged.

"It's still not gonna be the same though," He shrugged.

"I Promise, this is gonna be the last event i blow off, cross my heart," She said to him. Corey just smiled.

"I Just can't get mad at you," He smiled, turning towards her, then he started to kiss her.

That lasted for a moment, until Corey noticed the time on a clock across the room.

"Shit!" He yelled, quickly breaking away from the kiss. "I Gotta head out, Love you babe, I'll be home at noon and i'll take you out to dinner later tonight," He said, getting up and grabbing the Conn Smythe trophy on his way to the door. "Love you!" He shouted before opening the door and leaving.

"Love you too!" Jamila shouted from the couch real quick before he left. She just smiled, then got up to go make some breakfast real quick.

*Regular POV, U.C*

The team picture was just taken, and now everyone was getting on the buses. Kaner and I along with Sarah and Sharpie took some seats in the back as well as saved one for Tazer.

"I'm SO Excited!" I Smiled.

"It's gonna be fun for sure," Sarah smiled as well.

"Just watch out for Kaner, he's gonna get drunk, big time," Sharpie said as he pointed to a cooler full of beer.

"Oh yeah!" Kaner smiled, as he kneeled down and grabbed to beers. He opened one with his teeth and took a big drink out of it, then handed the other one to me. "For you, my lady," He smirked. I Just took it and opened it and took a little sip out of it.

"While you two get drunk, we'll just sit back and enjoy some lovely bottled water," Sarah said, as she got into the cooler and grabbed three bottles of Water. "Along with Tazer of course."

"BORING!" Kaner shouted as he took another sip of beer. Then Tazer got on the bus with the Stanley Cup.

"Morning guys," He smiled, placing the stanley cup at the back of the bus and taking a seat.

"Morning Jonathan," I Said to him.

"Hey Sarah, can i have to bottle of water you got there?" He asked her.

"TOLD YOU," She shouted at me and Patrick. We just rolled our eyes.

"Kaner, your a good friend and stuff, but last year...yeah, i don't wanna end up like that," Jonathan laughed taking a sip of his water.

"No one should get that drunk, EVER," Sharpie said, putting on his sunglasses.

"Hey, maybe i got a little too drunk, but i had fun, and that's all that matters," Kaner said, taking another sip of beer.

Then, the parade started. It took us a couple minutes to actually get to where the parade would be, but already we were being chased by Blackhawks fans. Then, we got on Michigan Avenue and WOW. Fans were EVERYWHERE and it was so loud. Fans were by the sides, and some fans were still chasing us. Tazer and Kaner ended up getting up and going to the back and lifting the stanley cup up above their heads for the fans chasing us so they could get a good Picture. Then Kaner lifted the cup above his head and Jonny asked for the cup and Kaner was about to give it to him, but at the last second he pulled it away and continued lifting it. Jonathan then punched Kaner in the back for that, and i swear, Kaner ALMOST dropped the cup when Jonathan punched him, but he got a grip of it just in time. It was just crazy, black and red confetti was everywhere, and as for Kaner...he was super drunk. He was drinking, dancing, and all sorts of things. Then when then parade ended and we got to the staging area for the ralley, he was gonna be the last person off the bus with the the Cup in his hand, and i was literally so worried he would drop it, but he didn't.

Then the ralley started. Along with the other families and girlfriends, Sarah and I got up int he first row for the ralley. Coach Q, Rocky Wirtz, Stan Bowman and DA MAYOR took the podium first, then they started introducing the players. Then, the 4 top guys came up. First Duncan Keith, then Sharpie...

"This man lead the the team in goals this season, wear's an 'A' on his jersey, and we're just gonna call his overtime goal the other night, THE GOAL, you know him as Sharpie, Good ol' Number 10, PATRICK SHARP!" Eddie Olczyk said as Sharpie walked up.

"HEY CHICAGO!" Sharpie yelled. "Who Want's P.Kane's Phone number!?" He asked, taking out his cell phone. I Looked over at Kaner real quick, and he was just laughing. "Alright ladies get ready, 501-50-" He began, but then, he purposely dropped his phone onto the floor of the staging area. Then he shrugged. "Sorry, guess i'll tell you his number next time," He shrugged. "Anyway, i came to Chicago via a trade from Philly back in 2005, back when Home games didn't even play on TV and barely anyone came to the games, and i can honestly say I've loved every second of being here and being able to witness the rebirth of this organization and i love being here in Chicago and i hope to stay here for a couple more years," He said. "Thanks, later." He said, getting off the podiem and joining the rest of the team already called up.

"I'm being told we have a special guest right now," Eddie Olczyk began. "Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome, The MVP of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, COREY CRAWFORD!" He said as Crawford came up, not with the Conn Smythe, but with the belt.

"Alright, see, on the team, we have this belt and after every game, we pass it out to the person who worked the hardest and did the best in the game, but see, after our last game, we got a little caught up in the moment, and i was never able to hand this out," Corey began. "So, uh, Canada, watch out, because this summer, Patrick Sharp's taking home the title," He said, as he handed the belt to Patrick Sharp.

"Alright, this guy lead the team in Assists and finished the season with 73 points, You know him as Kaner, Number 88, PATRICK KANE!" Eddie said as Kaner walked up. You could totally tell he was drunk...very drunk.

"CHICAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He yelled into the mic. "Come on, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! But uh, wow. This is amazing. I'll tell ya one thing, this is the best experiance i've ever been through and i couldn't have picked a better city to go through it with or a better team,and it's really a treat to be here. I'll tell you one thing, i'll try to keep my shirt on all summer, just for you guys, your welcome, and Cab Drivers, I Love Ya! These guys back here are just unreal, I Got my girlfriend down here and that's amazing, but uh, these guys are the guys to do it with, that's for sure. Thank you!" He yelled as he went with the rest of the team.

Then, Jonathan was the last person to take the podium with the Stanley Cup. He talked for about two minutes, then ended his speech.

"You guys are the greatest fans in the world, Thank you very much," Jonathan said. Then, he grabbed the Stanley Cup and lifted it above his head as Chelsea Dagger started playing and Confetti was released into the crowd and throughout the song, each of the players took turns lifting the Cup. Then, the Ralley ended and Sharpie, Kaner, Sarah and I Met up.

"I Think we should go home and relax for a while, then later tonight head to the Navy Pier," I Said. "I'd say we go now, but i'm tired,"

"Well you've been up since 4am, of course your tired," Patrick said, wrapping his arms around me.

"Alright, I Think we could all walk over their since we don't live too far away from their," Sarah said. "We could all meet up their around 6, have dinner and hit some rides."

"I Like that idea," Sharpie.

"Alright, We'll head home for a couple hours then meet up at the Navy Pier at 6," Kaner said. Then, we head into the Chevy and drove Sharpie and Sarah home, then we headed home and we both went back to sleep and took a nap before we had to head to the Pier.

*6pm, The Navy Pier, Chicago, IL*

"I Want a Chicago Style Hotdog!" I Yelled as we were walking down the Navy Pier.

"Alright, you and Sarah can go find us a table and me and Sharpie will go get Hotdogs and some drinks," Kaner said. I Nodded and Sarah and i went over and grabbed a table over by the boats and stuff.

"Look at all these Pigeons," I Said.

"Yeah, there are so many here," Sarah said. I Just smirked.

"I Dare you to go catch one," I Said to her.

"What?" She asked.

"You heard me," I Said.

Then, about 8 feet away from us, a Pigeon landed.

"Go catch that Pigeon over there, i dare you," I Smirked.

She thought it over for a moment, then she shrugged and got up and kind of just stared down the Pigeon for a moment. Then, when it turned around, She ran at full speed toward it, then lunged to try and catch it, but the Pigeon immediately flew off, leaving Sarah on the ground in pain. I Couldn't stop laughing.

"I HATE YOU KAT," She yelled. I Was still laughing.

"What the fuck is going on?" Sharpie asked coming over to us with Two hotdogs in one hand and two drinks in another, as did Kaner.

"Kat made me go catch a fucking pigeon," Sarah said, getting up and rolling her eyes.

"NO," I Said. "I Dared you too, you were the one stupid enough to do it," I Said, sticking out my tongue. Kaner just laughed and handed me my hotdog and a margarita.

"I Love you so much," Patrick said, sitting down next to me as Sharpie and and Sarah sat across from us.

"Cut that lovey-dovey crap you two," Sharpie said, handing Sarah her hotdog and Margarita.

"Whatever," Kaner said, taking a bite of his hotdog.

Then, one of these boats passed by us.

"That's a BIG Boat," Sarah said.

"Yeah, it is," I Said.

"You know, Before the Season starts again, us four should come back here and spend the night on the boat watching the fireworks," Sharpie said.

"Aren't we watching the fireworks tonight though?" I Asked.

"Yeah, but seriously, we should go on the boat for dinner and stuff, that'll be fun," Sharpie said.

"Yeah, how about in September before the Pre-season?" Kaner suggested.

"We'll book it later tonight," Sarah smiled.

"YAY!" I Shouted.

We ate and talked for about two hours, at 8 it started getting dark, and we decided to just kind of walk around for a while, then we did a couple of rides, then watched the fireworks and then we ended our day going onto the Ferris Wheel, Me and Kaner and Sharpie and Sarah. Then, we headed home. The Summer Of Stanley is just beginning, and it's gonna be one hell of a summer for sure.



  1. Of course Kaner would already be drunk off his ass. That would of been bad if Lord Stanley dropped. :o I knew Jamila was secretly dating Crawfish. D'aw Navy Pier love that place. Sarah would try and catch a piegon lOl. Boat ride AWW YEAH. Can't wait for more.

  2. Bahaaha! Oh Kaner and him being drunk already! :P awwwie, sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! Can't wait for more! :)