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Year Two Week Eighteen // It's not over

A/N: I Had trouble writing this chapter, coming up with the plot and the name for the chapter and all that stuff; that's why it took a while to get up, and it's truly not my best, but i did include some Important stuff that's gonna lead to important stuff for the rest of this story, so yeah. I Kinda procrastinated a lot while writing this. Next couple of chapters should be better and up faster. Anyway, enjoy, i guess.

*Monday, Local Mall, Jewelry Store, Chicago, IL, Patrick Kane's POV*

"I Can't believe we're actually picking out engagement rings today," Sharpie said as we walked into some jewelry store.

"I Can't believe we're actually thinking of proposing," I Said.

"Thinking?" He asked me.

"Alright, you know what i mean," I Said to him.

It's about 10pm at night and Kat just left with Kristen and Phil to go drive to St. Louis for RAW and Sarah's too busy trying to put stuff together for Sharpie's day with the cup later this week, and they're both heading up to Thunder Bay tomorrow, so Sharpie and i decided that since we have the free time, and probably the only free time we'll have this summer, we decided to go look for engagement rings.

"But i still have no idea when I'm proposing to her, or how." I Shrugged.

"Same," Sharpie said to me. "But we got about three months until summer ends, we have enough time to think about how we do it."

"I Kinda want it to be traditional, like, on one knee, and i wanna go talk to her dad about it first," I Said.

"You even met her dad?" Sharp asked.

"Nope," I Said. "What about you?"

"I'll meet him soon, get to know him, take him golfing, then ask if i can marry Sarah," Sharp said. "If only i knew where he lived."

"Ask Kat," I Said. "If you call her now, she'll be hesitant and stuff, but if you call her around 3am when they get to their hotel for the night, she'll be all tired and drowsy and she'll tell you without even knowing what she's saying."

"Oh really?" Sharp asked. "Looks like i'm staying up until 3am." I Just laughed. Then, we walked over to the front desk of the jewelery store.

"My name is Emily," She said. "If you'd like me to get you anything out of the case or wrap anything, just let me know."

"Thanks," I Said.

"Hey, you know, that looks like a good ring," Sharp smiled, pointing at this one ring.

"That's about Almost 1 Million Dollars," Emily said.

"I Love Sarah but not that much," Sharpie said, walking away and looking at other ring, but i stayed their, and i looked at it.

"Um, Miss?" I Asked Emily. "Can you get that out of the case so i can look at it?"

"Sure thing," She smiled.

Then, she put on some white gloves and grabbed a key, then opened up the case it was in, and grabbed it real quick.

"This ring is SUPER Valuable, it's a 20.5-carat Lorrain Schwartz diamond engagement ring and if you don't want to buy it after looking at it, we can't risk it getting dirty or anything, so if you would be so nice, put on some white gloves," She said. I Grabbed a pair of gloves on the counter, then put them on, then she handed the ring to me. I Looked at it closely, and it was so beautiful, one of the most beautiful rings i've ever seen, and i wanted it for Kat.

"Is their anyway i could get it engraved?" I Asked. I Wanted to put some lyrics to our song on it.

"It's cost you extra," She warned. I Just took out my wallet, then opened it up and grabbed my credit card.

"Bill it to me later," I Said, handing it to her. "I Want that ring."

"Alright, we'll have it engraved and in a box and you should be able to come pick it up in about a week," She smiled. "Just write right here what you want engraved into it and we'll get it in ASAP."

"Alright, thanks," I Said grabbing a pen and a paper and i wrote down  a lyric or two from our song, Common Denominator. Then Sharpie came up.

"You got your ring?" He asked.

"I'm getting it engraved, so i'm not getting it now, but i have it picked out," I Said.

"Which ring?" Sharpie asked.

"That one you were looking at earlier," I Said. Sharpie's jaw just dropped.

"The One Million Dollar one?" He asked. I Just nodded.

"It's not exactly A Million," I Said. Then, Emily walked by from the back.

"Um, Miss!" Sharpie yelled to get her attention. "Exactly how much does his ring cost?" He asked for me.

Then, Emily told us exactly how much it cost ALONE, then how much it costed with the engraving i was getting, and it wasn't EXACTLY a million...but super close. Sharpie's jaw just dropped.

"Kat doesn't need to know how much this ring cost," I Said, handing Emily the paper with what i wanted engraved on it.

"She'll kick your ass if she finds out you spent that much on a ring," Sharpie laughed. I Rolled my eyes.

"What did you get Sarah?" I Asked.

"Over here," He said. Then we walked over to this case. "It's a one carat cushion cut ring with a open band with diamonds in each of the loops on the band."

"Shit, that looks nice," I Said.

"Yeah, and it's only about 30 hundred," Sharpie said. "Way Below My Budget. Besides, Sarah's not the type to want big things like that ring you got Kat, and if i gave it to her, she'd probably hate it, this ring is total her."

"I Hate to butt in," Emily said, grabbing Sharpie's ring for him out of the case. "But aren't you two both rather young to be getting married?"

"I'm almost 30," Sharpie said.

"Oh, you still look around your early 20s," She laughed, boxing Sharpie's ring and handing it to him.

"He gets that a lot," I Rolled my eyes.

"Well, we should head out, Kaner," Sharp said.

"True, thank you so much," I Said to Emily.

"No Problem!" She smiled. "I'll call you once your ring gets back and you can come pick it up then!"

"Alright, thanks," I Said to her. Then, me and Sharpie left. We have no idea how this will all work off, now, we're just praying to god it'll work out for the best.

*1Am, Kat's POV*

"Are we in St. louis yet," I Asked, half awake and all drowsy.

"No, about 2 hours away," Punk said.

In RAW, i knew a whole group of people, and we had a tour bus and stuff to get us around city to city, so that's how i got around. Here on Smackdown, i know no-one and we barely use the tour-bus since Smackdown events are usually more of a 'Plane' distance. I'm still getting used to my new schedule. I Decided to head to my first show with Kristen and Punk, and we've been on the road for about 3 hours now and STILL weren't in St. Louis. It's right close to the IL border, so it's not THAT Far away, but it's down south, not up north like Chicago is. Punk was driving, Kristen was shotgun, and i was in the back. The first hour i was awake and i was just listening to B96, but then i got tired and fell asleep, and i just woke up from about a two hour nap.

"I Hate Missouri anyway," I Yawned.

"Everyone does," Punk said.

"She awake?" I Asked, referring to Kristen,

"Yeah i am," She yawned.

"I Can't believe your not even tired," I Said to Punk. He's been driving the whole time.

"That's because I've been drinking nothing but Pepsi all day, i should be good until we get to the hotel," He explained.

"Oh, well of course,"I Said, rolling my eyes. Then, Kristen turned her head and noticed this one sign, and looked confused.

"Are you sure your going the right way?" She asked.

"Yeah, i got into Champaign about fifteen minutes ago and went east," He said. She sighed.

"You weren't supposed to go east!" She yelled. "St. Louis is SOUTH of Champaign, NOT East!"

"You dumbfuck," I Said in the back, rubbing my eyes.

"Shut up, Kat," Punk shouted. I Rolled my eyes.

"There's a U-turn coming up, do that and get back on track and in fifteen minutes head south," I Yawned.

"That's illegal though," Punk said.

"So are nearly all of the songs you own," I Said. He rolled his eyes and just took another sip of Pepsi. "Besides, it's 1am, not like any cops are nearby or anything."

"Fine, hold on," Punk said.

Then, he made a quick U-turn and got back on the road so he could start driving south again.

"See," I Said. "Now that wasn't SO Ba-"

I Was cut off by the sound of sirens, and the Punk looked in his review-mirror, and there was a cop car behind us. Punk and Kristen just turned there heads toward me, and i immediately flopped down again and snored and pretended i was asleep. They just rolled their eyes, and Punk pulled over, and pretty soon i fell asleep...again.


I Woke up around...3am i think, still in the car when i woke up from my phone ringing. I Looked at it, and it was dark and I'm still half asleep, so i didn't realize exactly who it was, but my vision cleared up a second later, and saw it was Sharpie.

"Why are you calling me at 3am in the god damn morning," I asked, groggy.

"Trust me, i don't wanna be doing this," He yawned.

"Then why are you," I Asked, rubbing my eyes. I Was so tired.

"I Got a question," He said. "Where do Sarah's parents live?"

"Chicago Heights," I Said. He sighed.

"Exactly, where in the heights do they live?" He asked.

"When you drive into the heights, one of the first things you'll see is a 7-11 on a righthand corner, then from there you take a right turn and you keep driving until you get into this neighborhood of houses, the third house on the left is her parents house, you'll know it's her's because it's brown and actually has this Blackhawks flag hanging there," I Said.

"Thanks Kat!" Sharpie said, hanging up quickly. I Just yawned, and went back to sleep in the back seat again.

*The Next Morning*

"Where the fuck am i?" I Asked, waking up.
"Our room," Kristen said, waking up as well.

"Why? And why am i on your floor?" I Asked.

"You fell asleep before we got to the hotel and wouldn't get up, and you don't have a new roomate over here on Smackdown, so, we snuck you into our room and let you crash on the floor," Punk said.

"There's an empty bed RIGHT There!" I Said, pointing to one.

"Oh, there is..." Kristen said. "Well i'm sure the floor was more comfortable." I Rolled my eyes.

"What time is it?" I Asked

"I Think it's a little past 1pm," She said. "We don't gotta get to the arena until like 6 for tapings."

"I'm gonna head to the gym," I Said, starting to take off my shirt to get on a new one.

"WHOA!" Kristen and Punk shouted.

"What!?" I Asked.

"I Have no idea what the fuck you and Justin did with each other when you were roomies but NOT IN HERE!!!" Kristen yelled.

"YEAH! I've already seen one Dawson girl topless, i don't wanna see another one!" Punk said. Kristen quickly raised an eyebrow at Punk after he said that, and i just smirked.

"I Have an Older sister named Savannah," I Smirked. "She's tall and blonde, and was along WAY before you showed up, and for a couple years, she was that Girl Next Door for him," I Said, pointing to Punk. Kristen crossed her arms at him.

"Like she said, way before i met you..." He said. I Just smirked and grabbed my stuff to head into the bathroom, then changed and headed to the gym before the smackdown tapings.

*Smackdown Tapings*

"So yeah," Christian said. "You might as well just wait in your locker room or something the whole time. They wing everything here on Smackdown, so if they want you, they'll come get you about five minutes before."

"Really?" I Shrugged. "Hunter and Steph always had everything planned out hours before the show."

"Well Hunter, Stephanie and Laurinaitis are on RAW, so of course it's all planned out and stuff," He said. "All Smackdown has is Teddy Long,  so we do a lot of winging. Personally i even have no idea what the hell I'm doing tonight either, But i think your having a match against Prince since, well, Teddy said you guys would this week."

"Oh lovely," I Said, rolling my eyes. "This has been going on for over a year now, can't our feud just end? It should be complete by now."

"Well you were out for three months with an injury, so that didn't exactly help, and Kathryn was also out for a while after Wrestlemania," Christian said. "In all honesty though, don't complain about this program infront of any of the bosses or anything. They put a lot of faith in you and Kathryn for this, and normally they don't put so much faith into their women, but you got a lot of faith and your futures riding on this feud, and this is probably one of the best feuds in women's history. Don't say anything personal to screw it up."

"Your right," I Shrugged. "It is one of the best in a long time, but still..."

"Just take my advice," He said. "I Made one mistake in my career and that was leaving the company because i wasn't happy with what was going on in my career, and this is my first big shot at a world title here. You have something big going on, be grateful and don't complain, Hunter and Stephanie will ruin you just like that."

"Again, your right," I Said. "Thanks for the advice."

"Anytime, Kiddo," Christian said. "Anyway, they're just finishing the NXT Tapings for later tonight so i bett-"

"Kat," Cody Rhodes said, walking up behind me. I Almost didn't recognize him at first without his mask or in his attire---he was dressed in a suit and dress shoes---, but i eventually recognized him.

"What?" I asked.

"Um, Christian," Cody said. "Do you mind?"

"I Had to go anyway," Christian said, heading off.

"Now, can i help you?" I Asked him, crossing my arms.

"Jenny was gonna ask you, but she's not her, and i am," He sighed. "So, here's the story. Nikie's birthday just happened yesterday, and Jenny and John wanna give her a surprise birthday party-"

"If her birthday was yesterday, shouldn't the party be yesterday?" I Asked confused.

"Like i said, they want it to be a surprise," Cody sighed. "Anyway, they want all of her friends here to come, so they were gonna have it next tuesday bu-"


"LIKE I SAID, they want it to be a REALLY BIG SURPRISE," Cody sighed again. "ANYWAY, they want it next wednesday at your house."

"Why my house? And why Wednesday?" I Asked.

"Because Next Wednesday is the only day we're all available since Thursday night the RAW Crew's leaving the country," He said. "And as for your house, i hear they like yours the best."

"Whatever," I Said. "Tell them i said yes, but don't invite too many people."

"Alright, later," Cody said, trailing off.


I Was sitting on a crate watching the tapings in my attire with my titles by my side. Then about halfway, i felt someone smack me on the back of my head.
"OW!" I Yelled, and i turned around and saw no one.

"Come on,Angel!" Kathryn Prince said, walking infront of me, backwards with a smile on my face. "Time to do my favorite hobby!"

"Oh, and what the hell would that be?" I Asked, grabbing my titles and getting up.

"Kicking your ass!" She smiled, before turning around and running up the steps of the Gorilla Position. Well then, looks like i know who's going over in our match.

Overall the match went really good. Nice ten minute match and she eventually defeated me with her finisher. After the match, she went and grabbed a mic, and took my titles from the ref before he handed them to me, and started talking.

"Teddy Long said if i wanted my rematch, i had to beat you, AND I DID," She said. "Just to get this match official, next friday night, i will be in this ring along with my lawyer and YOU Kasey, and we're signing a contract to make our title match at Money in the bank Officially, and i guarantee, no matter who wins, and no matter who loses, this will be our last match we EVER Wrestle against each other, and i mean it." She said, throwing the mic down, and laying the titles down next to me.
I Was actually supposed to get up and attack her, but i didn't. Just think about it, that would be no good, really, it wouldn't, so i didn't. Instead i just laid there and let it all sunk in. If only i knew she was right, this truly would be our last match together, really.

"What was that, Angel!?" Teddy Long scolded me as i got back into my regular clothes and was about to leave.

"What the hell was what!?" I Asked, entirely confused and walking right past him.

"You know exactly what i mean!" He yelled at me. "We gave you orders to do something and you don't do them!"

"Because i don't let people order me around, Baldy," I Said. "Besides, it was a stupid idea!"

"EXCUSE ME?" Teddy Long questioned.

"You know you heard me!" I Yelled, still walking.

"Angel, i have no idea what happened over their on RAW, but here on Smackdown, your insubordination will NOT go un-noticed!" He yelled.
"It's in Insubordination, Dumbass!" I Yelled. "It was a stupid idea! Basically i saved this whole feud, so your welcome!" I Yelled again, beginning to walk out of the arena. 

I Just realized then the whole locker room was watching this fight, and Christian was also watching it and just mouthed the words 'What did i JUST Tell you!?'. I Really have no idea what i did wrong to be honest. I Don't think it's too big of a deal, and it is no big deal. Laurinaitis probably would have yelled at me anyway, or the Smackdown writers because i didn't 'Sell' it good enough. I Just walked out of the area and headed to the parking lot to get into my car and head back to the hotel, when a certain blonde haired women approached me.

"Can i help you?" I Crossed my arms after i put my bags in the trunk.

"Wow, Angel, your first night here and your already getting in trouble with the boss," Michelle McCool said, crossing her arms too. "I Like that."

"Your point?" I Asked.

"Listen, i don't usually take new kids around here under my wing, but uh, you and me, i think we could truly get along," She smirked. "You got a roommate here?"


"Well then, here." She said, handing me a card. "Here's the key to my hotel room, room 78 on the first floor. You can take the empty bed on the right. You and i are gonna become good friends, trust me," She smirked, handing me the key and walking away. I Was confused, but i doubt Kristen and Punk wanted me with them, so i might as well.

My boss already hates me. I Got heat in the locker room, and damn, i just can't stand smackdown. Can i head back to RAW Now?

*Saturday Evening, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, Patrick Sharp's POV*

"Who would have known," I Said. "The first time Chris wins a game of Ping-Pong, it's for the Stanley Cup," I Laughed.

It was my day with the Stanley Cup today and i took it back to my hometown of Thunder Bay. Sarah managed to organize a whole day of stuff for me, and it was amazing. We went all around Thunder Bay with it, to the old baseball field i played baseball at, and i also met the Mayor of the City here. She did an amazing job. Right now, me and my older brother Chris were down-stairs in our basement playing Ping-Pong, for the stanley cup, and he actually won. It was just us in here now, everyone else went upstairs to go get something to eat since Sarah and my Mom were actually cooking dinner for all my friends and family here. I decided to talk to him real quick, it was important.

"Can i get your advice on something?" I Asked him.

"Yeah, whats up?" He asked.

"You know my girlfriend,Sarah?" I Said.

"Yeah," Chris said. "She's really nice and sweet, and well,uh..." He said, trying to hide a smirk. "She's a trophy girlfriend for sure."

"I Know, right eh?" I Laughed. "Anyway, lately, i've been thinking about asking her know, important."

"Like what?" He asked. "You want her to move in?"

"I Already moved her in," I Said.

"You wanna make love to her?" He asked. I Just shot him a knowing look, and he took a hint. "So what is it?"

"Well, i kinda wanna propose...." I Shrugged. "Already picked a ring out."

"Wow, really?" Chris asked. "Well how long have you two known each other?"

"We got set up by a friend back in early October," I Said. "I Really like her."

"Well obviously," Chris laughed. "Anyway, it's a big decision, you sure you ready,man?"

"Yeah, i think i am," I Said. "It hasn't been a year, but just, wow. I've been with quite some girls, and there's just something different about her, and honestly, i think I'll be spending the rest of my life with her, i can already see it."

"I Bet mom can't see it," Chris said. "I Don't think mom likes her too much."

"She hates all the girls we bring home at first, but she'll get used to Sarah after she finds out I'm proposing," I Said. "What about dad?"

"Dad literally loves her," He Said. "I Think it's because she has a huge love for hockey and a lot of knowledge on it, and you know how much dad likes hockey," Chris laughed.

"Well, what about you?" I Asked.

"I Wish i had a girl like her," He laughed again. "Like i said, She's a trophy girlfriend. If i were you, i would propose, and she seems like a nice girl and I'd like her as a sister in law."

"Good, because i seriously want to propose to her," I Said.

"When?" He asked. I Shrugged.

"I Don't know when exactly, but trust me, I'll know when the times right," I Said. "Hey, i don't know WHEN i'm gonna propose, but i know HOW I'm gonna propose. Could you help me propose? Maybe come down to Chicago or something when i'm ready. I'll even pay for your flight."

"Of course i will Patrick," Chris said. "As long as i don't have to do too much shit." I Laughed.

"Relax, you won't," I Said.

Then, our mom came downstairs.

"Are you two ever gonna come up stairs and eat?" She asked.

"I'm heading up now," Chris said, getting up and walking upstairs.

"Me too," I Said.

I Got up, then grabbed the Cup next to me, but before i could take a step, my mom stopped me.

"That girl you brought home...Sarah,right?" She said.

"Yeah, what about her?" I Asked. She just smiled.

"Oh Patrick..." She began. "She sure is a keeper," She said before walking up stairs. I Just smiled, and shortly followed.

My mom's right; Sarah sure is a keeper, for sure.


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